Gallup: Trust in Police Reaches Its Lowest Level Since 1993

But the cops are still among the country's most respected institutions.


According to a new Gallup poll, 52 percent of Americans have either "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in the police. That's a majority, obviously. Only two other institutions—small business and the military—scored better.

But it's also the lowest the number has been in 22 years:

Trust in meeeeeeee/Just in meeeeeeee/Shut your eyeeeeees/And trust in meeeeeeee
Hello, Junior. Observe my freakishly large hand.

Since Gallup conducted its last survey on the subject two years ago, confidence in the cops has declined among Americans of all ages, all races, and every level of income and education; it has fallen in the cities, the suburbs, and the countryside, and it has fallen among both men and women. Only 44 percent of self-described liberals have "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in the institution now—seven percentage points less than in the previous poll. Moderates' confidence is at 49 percent, eight points less than last time. But conservative confidence has grown, rising three points to 63 percent.

Conservatives are one of just two groups in the poll whose faith in the police has increased since last time. The other one? Republicans.

To read the rest of the results, go here.

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  1. The reason for the decline? Smartphones and YouTube.

  2. Show me someone who trusts the police, and I’ll show you someone who has never asked them for help.

  3. Conservatives are one of just two groups in the poll whose faith in the police has grown since last time. The other one? Republicans.

    Because liberals/Democrats have started being critical of their policy enforcement arm. If the left started criticizing Roe v. Wade, a good number of rightwingers would reflexively start praising the decision.

    1. Unfortunately Fist, your observation and prediction is representative of several people I personally know or simply interact with.

      Sadly, I believe that the same phenomenon applies to liberals/Democrats.

      1. Heck, if those on the “right” condemned colon cancer, the “left” would praise it.

    2. That’s how I see it too. “Conservatives” & Republicans support police out of spite.

  4. Alright, Imma do a morning link. This one is good, Tony-level lack of self ?awareness.
    Gizmodo writer wants the internet shame spiral to stop ? after it has wrought sufficient destruction on her desired targets. Unbelievable hypocrisy on display here.
    Yes, that guy should be hounded from polite society for an impolitic remark, BUT HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST WE OVERREACTED!! FUCK YOU AND YOUR SHAME SPIRAL!!!

    1. BTW, the Tony-derp on the gun thread last night was unreal… MATCH GRADE STUFF…

  5. that cop has Dexter Mann hands.


    1. I think I’ll start reading the Alt-Text first to see if I can correctly guess who wrote the article.

  6. It’s the libertarian moment!

  7. Seems the American people are slowly waking up. I would argue though that since the draft ended the voluntary military is little better than cops. The fact that the two main reasons that people join the military are help with college and that they want to go OVER THERE and kill someone is very telling. Neither seems all that patrotic to me. I serve 4 years in the 60s but I still am against the draft and war unless we are attacked by an invading force. And please don’t mention terroism. Saudi Arabia sponsored 9/11 because of our invasion of Iraq so we attack Afganastan while Bin Laden lives in a villa in Pakistan. Sounds like war really is always the answer. Someday people will wakeup to why we are always fighting wars and then banker and thier puppet politicans will rue the day

  8. The current status of American peace keeping is in dire need of a firm boot put on its neck.

    It’s not just the shootings/beatings in the news, it’s the stuff that happens every day all across the country?.every traffic stop, every radar/laser gun, every red light camera, every speed camera, every “checkpoint”?.these people have been allowed far too much power.

    Don’t even start with the “anti-cop” crap. People like me are not anarchists. Civil society needs a cop function. But it needs taken down a few notches.

    A good start is to beat into every k-12 kid’s head, that cops are not your enemy, but they sure as Hell aren’t your best friend. They are NOT your “boss”. Stay away from them. And learn to repeat, over and over and over?.

    Am I being detained?

    Am I free to go?

    No, I do NOT consent to a search of any kind.

  9. One of my wife’s coworkers was recently issued a ticket for talking on the phone while driving. Thing is, that’s legal in this state. I wonder if “There’s no law against that” is a valid defense in traffic court. Probably not. Those judges are the scum of the earth.

  10. That cop’s pimp hand is strong . . . .

  11. This will be the down fall to the greatest country on the planet. too many leaches think they are entitled to other peoples earnings. ????? http://www.Workweb40.com

  12. “Conservatives are one of just two groups in the poll whose faith in the police has increased since last time. The other one? Republicans.”

    I honestly find that a bit surprising, it doesn’t jive with the narrative some push that conservatives are slowly waking up on the issue of law enforcement and its problems. However, I do agree with what other people said elsewhere that it’s likely a kneejerk reaction to increasing criticism of law enforcement by the left in recent years. It’s pretty depressing to think how many people in this country define their politics in opposition to some other group rather than actually abiding by principles.

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