Free-Range Kids

Free-Range Meitiv Family Beats Charges for Good

Sanity prevails



From Danielle Meitiv's Facebook page comes this glorious news:

We received the notice about CPS' findings in the second, horrible incident when the kids were picked up on April 12th. They "ruled out" neglect, which means BOTH cases have been decided in our favor and are now closed. There is more to do to make sure this doesn't happen to other families, but at least for now we can breathe a little easier.

Now that the Meitivs have prevailed, it's going to be harder for CPS officials to charge parents with neglect for letting kids walk or play outside. So we can all breathe a little easier (but just a little). 

Kudos to Maryland for swallowing its pride and admitting that this was never a case of bad parenting or endangering kids. And in honor of this historic day: Parents, please, send your children outside.

Read more about the Meitiv family and Free-Range Kids here.

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  1. So, who’s been fired for malfeasance?


    Where’s the disincentive to act like this again?

    1. There is none, so this will continue to happen. As the recent goings on with Reason prove, you can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride, and they’ll use the ride to punish you.

      (and while this is good news, every time I see good news on Reason it just makes me think they’re getting read for a running nut kick)

      1. Roshambo.

    2. This^ Maryland will be worthy of praise when the castle walls are festively decorated with heads on spikes.

      1. Wait — what happened to the wood chippers? Are they so soon forgotten?

        1. Woodchippers are so. . . small.

          Think bigger.


  2. They “ruled out” neglect, which means BOTH cases have been decided in our favor and are now closed.


  3. I hope they learned their lesson and leave the state.

    1. And go where? This insanity is happening all over.

      1. Hong Kong’s nice.

  4. Now that the Meitivs have prevailed, it’s going to be harder for CPS officials to charge parents with neglect for letting kids walk or play outside.

    This statement seems naive.

    1. What fool would let their children play outdoors with ISIS planning attacks on the homeland daily? You trust our inept government to protect us!!!!

  5. I would relate my own experiences as a child except that ex-post facto laws are all the rage right now and Reason is under scrutiny.

  6. Parents, please, send your children outside.

    Don’t tell me how to parent!

  7. Got into a fight last night with my wife over the idea of sending our 7 year old alone on a flight


    1. I was sent alone on a flight at age 5, which would have been 1977, before computer tracking of passengers an any sort of “unaccompanied minor” system existed. As long as they don’t have to change planes, they should be good to go!

    2. I was flying by myself at 8. Divorce sucks.

      1. Children behave so much better when their parents accompany them.

      2. Yes, this is because my daughter’s best friend’s parents are divorcing.

        1. The only problem I ever had was when I had an Estes model rocket in my carry on. Didn’t want the fins to break off. Took a bit of explaining to get the guy to understand that a cardboard tube with balsa fins isn’t going to take down the plane. That was back in the 80s. I imagine I would be arrested if I tried that today.

    3. Fight or flight is deeply ingrained in our DNA.

    4. We weren’t able to send our 4 year old on a flight because airline policy makes 5 the minimum age for solo travel.

  8. I don’t see where the state of Maryland admitted to anything. Unless there’s a quote from some official I missed? Dropping the charges doesn’t mean they admitted anything. It just means that their trial balloons suggested they couldn’t win.

  9. “Now that the Meitivs have prevailed, it’s going to be harder for CPS officials to charge parents with neglect for letting kids walk or play outside. So we can all breathe a little easier (but just a little).”

    UM, no it won’t. It won’t be a single bit harder and stop lying and saying it will.

    The fact is CPS and the police are utterly free to completely ignore the precedent set by this case and abduct other children for the exact same cause. Sure, IF the parents have the financial and educational resources to fight the case they will win because of this precedent but there will be absolutely no negative repercussions to the officers/case workers and the majority of parents WON’T have both the money to fight it and the knowledge that their actions have already previously been ruled legal and not evidence of neglect so that they can fight it in any way short agreeing to anything the case worker says to get their kids back.

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  11. Sanity prevailing in Maryland is a good title. The fact of such a happening there, on the other hand, is truly amazing.

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