A.M. Links: Dylann Roof's Racist Manifesto, SCOTUS Set to Release Blockbuster Rulings, Obama Appears on WTF Podcast


  • The U.S. Supreme Court will issue one or more opinions this morning at 10 a.m. ET. Here are some of the big cases still left to be decided this term.
  • "Global stocks and peripheral euro zone bonds rose on Monday, lifted by hopes that crunch meetings in Brussels between Greece and its international creditors can still produce a last-minute deal to help Athens avert default."

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  1. Charleston shooter Dylann Roof wrote a racist manifesto.

    Too much free speech.

    1. Yes, Dylann, the confused uber-Jew (with two ns).

      1. Yes, it was more of a speako. He was just trying to impress people. Which case are we talking about?

    2. Hello.

      “President Barack Obama appeared as a guest on Marc Maron’s popular podcast WTF.”

      Be careful Jimmy Kimmel. Harvey Birdman is gunning for your job!

      1. They played excerpts from the interview on the radio this morning. I’m surprised that Maron’s diction was so good with Obama’s cock that far down his throat.

    3. Obama (or a ghost writer) also wrote a racist manifesto. It’s called Dreams from my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

      And he got elected president. The world is a strange place indeed.

      1. Yes, that’s exactly the same thing Mike. Your reasonable complaints about Barack Obama never cease to amaze.

        1. I know that you’ve never even read the freaking book. Obama hates whites as much as that piece of crap Roof hates blacks.

          1. Obama, then, should have done what Dolezal did and DYE HARD!

          2. Nobody has ever read that book…

            1. I ghost read it once.

            2. Like most political autobiographies, it’s far more entertaining if you imagine True-Romance-era Gary Oldman reading it.

  2. President Barack Obama appeared as a guest on Marc Maron’s popular podcast WTF.

    And used the n-word. I don’t know if he was talking race relations or quoting rap lyrics.

    1. Radio Station WGAF

    2. “Nerdist”? I didn’t know Hardwick and Maron had beef.

      1. It was a gag on an episode of Maron, in IFC.

        Maron makes me laugh and so does the president… in different, and sadder, ways.

    3. Yeah, but he used it intellectually which makes it acceptable

      / Every progtard on MSNBC

    4. Obama implied that everyone is a secret racist, they just do not admit to it in public. What a dick.

      1. And what in his own consciousness leads him to believe that people are secret racists?

        1. His white half told his black half what he thought of him.

  3. Authorities in New York are still searching for those two prison escapees.

    What are they waiting for, that guy to paint them a picture of where he is?

    1. If people still went to the post office they’d been caught by now.

      1. Signed, sealed, delivered.

        1. I’ve done a lot of foolish things
          That I really didn’t mean
          Hey, hey, yea, yea, didn’t I, oh baby

    2. Have they checked Zihuatanejo?

    3. Shouldn’t it be “prison escapers”?

      An “escapee” would be someone from whom the prisoners escaped – maybe the warden?

      1. Icecapades? Tanya Harding was a hardened one.

  4. Rickey Caton was having a bad week. The 31-year-old had already allegedly been assaulted and falsely charged by police after cheekily producing his daughter’s toy dinosaur during a roadside police stop.

    Then, he says, the boss called him in to say he was out of a job as a removalist.


    1. But their own colleague, Constable Lucie Litchfield, said that Mr Antram had not threatened anyone and expressed the view that constables Hicks and Finnegan had “corroborated” each other’s stories.

      Constable Lucie is going to be former Constable Lucie soon.

    2. “A NSW Police spokesman said the matter was the subject of an internal police investigation.”

      Ah, they have learned from the American wallopers!

    3. Why are people in Australia always being cheeky? Last week you posted an article about cheeky blokes getting their kits off and now there are cheeky removalists producing dinosaurs.

  5. German Man Takes Revenge on Ex-Wife by Sawing Everything They Own in Half, Selling It on eBay

    Everybody handles breakups differently, and a German man has found a hilarious (albeit demented) out-of-the-box way to express his anger with his ex-wife. The two have been together for 12 years before splitting up, so the handy man took it upon itself to split in half everything they owned with help of a saw and other power tools. And then put his share up for sale on eBay.

    The heartbroken guy posted a video of the feat on his YouTube channel, which shows you that you can practically cut in half any kind of object, regardless if it’s a chair, an iPhone 5, a big-screen Samsung TV or an even bigger Opel Corsa car. In what follows, you can see what Der Juli is selling on eBay, after cutting his half, and how much it’s priced at.

    1. Which was the better half?

    2. the handy man took it upon itself to split in half everything they owned

      did he saw his penis in half too…or did she own that outright?

    3. A family and nation divided. Who gets to be West Germany and who plays East Germany?

      1. They only played that before the divorce.

    4. I think the Greeks may actually take that offer.

  6. Global stocks and peripheral euro zone bonds rose on Monday, lifted by hopes that crunch meetings in Brussels between Greece and its international creditors can still produce a last-minute deal to help Athens avert default.

    Nice to know the market is paying attention to trends.

  7. Bella Thorne stuns in scarlet dress as she cosies up to rumoured boyfriend Gregg Sulkin at the 2015 MuchMusic Video Awards

    Cue up Winger…

    1. the 2015 MuchMusic Video Awards

      Sheesh, how many fucking music awards *are* there?

      1. They’re going to keep creating more until one of them earns general respect, dammit.

      2. Sheesh, how many fucking music awards *are* there?

        clearly there are much music awards

      3. Enough so that they can assure that everyone gets a trophy

    2. Why do some women insist on wearing those impractical high-heeled shoes?

      1. Supposedly those shoes makes their ass and legs look firm. But they only make the woman look like she’s trying too hard. They certainly don’t look good.

  8. It’s bad enough when they get stuck up a tree! Pilots’ shock to find a CAT clinging on to the wing of their glider thousands of feet up in hilarious video
    Moggy had crawled into the wing of an open-cockpit glider for a nap
    It was filmed emerging in the cockpit looking terrified and confused
    After spotting the surprise passenger, the pilot quickly landed the aircraft
    Amazingly the cat escaped from the incident in French Guiana unhurt


    1. How many of its 9 lives did that cat give up in order to survive?

    2. middleearther, Rivendell, United Kingdom, 4 minutes ago
      So a video of a clearly traumatised animal is hilarious is it.

      Reubenene, Victoria, Australia, 19 minutes ago
      So, seeing an innocent animal in a dangerous situation and scared witless is “hilarious”? I don’t think so.

      Oh, DM commenters, you never disappoint.

      Although this is pretty funny:

      DavidManser, Swindon, United Kingdom, 9 minutes ago
      As they did not check the aircraft fully before take off they should lose their licences. What if it had been an important fault like a missing elevator bolt or rudder pin?

      P0rkCh0ps, Dimmi Land, United Kingdom, 4 minutes ago
      What if it had been a lion?

  9. Retired child actor who played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace arrested after car chase that ended when he plowed his vehicle into a tree
    Jake Lloyd, now 26, was driving recklessly in Charleston, South Carolina, when Sheriff’s deputies began pursuing him
    He eventually plowed his car through a fence and into a wooded area
    Lloyd was arrested for reckless driving, failure to stop, resisting arrest and driving without a license
    Was just 10 years old when he shot to fame in the 1999 prequel but he retired soon afterwards saying it made his childhood a ‘living hell’


    1. Good. That was *terrible* acting.

      1. It was good enough to convince himself he was a natural born pod racer, apparently.

    2. Yes, but was he texting. That’s what matters.

    3. Yes, being known as the kid who destroyed a franchise would tend to ruin your life

  10. ‘Do you know what Obama coffee is’? Outrage as wife of Israeli interior minister posts and then quickly deletes racist joke calling U.S. President ‘black and weak’
    Judy Nir Mozes Shalom posted offensive message before deleting it
    She is married to Israel’s Interior Minister Silvan Shalom
    One of his responsibilities is overseeing strategic links with the U.S.
    After causing a storm on social media, she apologized to the President

    I larfed.

    1. Our Best Friend Ever in the Middle East!

    2. The joke is so fucking lame that it is unworthy of attention. That Obama is an enemy of Israel is the other fucking joke.

    3. So, saying Black and Weak is racist now?

    4. How is that even offensive? His being black isn’t tied to his being weak in the joke, and its a blood pastime of every nations populace to call leader weak.

    5. The real joke is that Obama coffee is half cream and half coffee.

    6. I prefer it like my favorite African Warlords… And some joke about your mother

    7. Michalle Obama posted a joke about Silvan Salom, something about smoking a tiny cigar after cutting off the tip.

    8. I like my beer like I like my women, pale and bitter.

  11. Samsung’s new transparent ‘Safety Trucks’ allow drivers to see what is coming up ahead and know when it is safe to pass
    Will help drivers behind semi-trailer trucks on one-lane highways or roads
    Trucks will use cameras, wireless video feeds and huge display screens
    Images shot from camera in front will broadcast to a video wall on the back
    Allow drivers to see what is coming towards them without risking harm


    1. This will probably be wireless, and therefore subject to hacking.

      1. Not that wired systems can’t be hacked, but wireless just makes things that much easier.

        1. Big-screen porno on the highway!

          1. Sir, I like the cut of your jib. Do you perchance have a newsletter to which I could subscribe?

    2. How soon before someone runs into the rear of the truck and claims that they thought the road was empty?

      1. ^This. Inevitably someone will try this. That someone will not have any car insurance and have a history of being unaccountably rear-ended.

        1. I bet this happens to Wonder Woman a lot with that invisible plane of hers.

    3. I have suggested this for years. Glad to see it coming. Now, get it for SUVs.

  12. I’m on the husband’s side (although the passport thing is a dick move)

    Two words on my wedding night ruined my marriage, honeymoon

    1. Taking her passport was probably also a crime.

    2. Man, I was hoping that was gonna be “I’m White”. But yeah, that’s bad. The advice was “Tom” over reacted because of a quirk of the human mind. When that defense works with other words *ahem woodchipper*, I’ll buy it.

      1. He did overreact, by stealing her passport.

        But otherwise, yeah, if you’re going to make a guy wait until marriage to have sex, don’t start it off by screaming the name of the guy you banged without a ring.

        1. Yes, theft. How far would, “I blurted something out bc of quirk of the human mind” get you in other cases? Imagine the N word being blurted out. I doubt you’d get the same waving away of intent.

          1. Don’t know about you all, but i ALWAYS scream the N word when i ‘max.

            1. Doing Dolezal again? C’mon X, get some standards.

    3. I think Tom probably overreacted. Of course at the same time, ugh what a terrible situation.

    4. It’s really only one of those words that was a problem.

    5. I agree. Husband was in the right. You don’t make slips of the tongue like that on the wedding night. Hopefully he can get an annulment considering the timing of all this.

      Also, I’d have to have more details on the passport thing. Depending on how packing was done, grabbing it may have just been a matter of grabbing one of his already packed bags.

    6. Im kind of on the husband’s side, though he did go a little far. Would expect THAT from a woman…

      1. Also: calling your folks to arrange for your divorce attorney. Classy.

        Sounds like her husband had one foot out the door already.

    7. So for everyone out there … Do you go ahead and finish?

      1. In his case, probably so since he was obviously thinking in the moment with no concern for the after-game. He couldn’t have done anything to have made that situation better, but he damn sure made it worse for himself.

    8. Coulda been even worse. She could have said, ‘No anal.’

    9. “I have a penis” is *four* words.

      1. Oh, poppet. To think, when we met, you were so worried that you came from Iran.

        1. +1 Faaattheeerrr!

    10. The advice columnist saying that his love couldn’t have been very deep was utter bullshit. He loved her enough to marry her without a test drive, and who knows how long the courtship was?

      1. Clearly he was just out looking for an easy lay.

  13. WTF with Marc Maron

    “Win The Future” is still a thing?

  14. Five-month-old Japanese golden eagle can’t get enough of having his belly rubbed
    Eagle squeaks and peeps with approval in video as owner rubs his belly
    Bird of prey did not seem very fierce during touching moment with owner
    Only about 500 Japanese golden eagles living in the wild recent study said
    Breeding pairs stake out territory in mountains and remain there for life

    Good thing it likes it. The weapons on that bird are fucking scary.

    1. Or it could be like a cat where they get bored of it after a while and try to rip your face off.

    2. OK, people are questioning how we can know if the bird is really enjoying that.

      Um, I think the 2 frigging inch long daggers and beak that could easily sever fingers can easily answer just how upset the thing is.

      You do something to piss off an animal like that and you’re gonna get hurt

  15. Any Greece deal must match party manifesto, minister says

    Any deal Greece signs with its creditors to avoid default must be in line with the pledges the ruling party was elected on in January, the deputy labour minister said ahead of an emergency summit of European ministers on Monday.

    After months of wrangling that have left Greece on the verge of bankruptcy, its leftist government submitted last-ditch proposals for a cash-for-reforms deal over the weekend that were welcomed by EU officials as a good starting point for talks. The exact contents of the proposal were not divulged.

    You know who else had a party manifesto that had to be followed…

    1. The girls of Delta Pi?

    2. Andrew W.K.?

    3. Manifesto? You sexist monster.

      1. I laughed.

        How long until SJWs start demanding that the next edition of Newspeak switch it with personifesto?

    4. Girl Scouts?

    5. Beastie Boys?

    6. George Clinton?

  16. How climate-change doubters lost a papal fight

    In the name of tolerance and inclusiveness, deniers are not welcome.

    1. It’s an interesting alliance this Vatican and environmental thing given the left is pretty hostile to Catholicism and Christianity as a whole. Mind you, many Catholics probably hold political socialist views; particularly in South America.

      1. It’s better than that, Rufe. Scratch the surface of environmentalism and inevitably some malthusianism starts to bubble up. The only thing I can figure is that His Popiness is using this as a pretext for the church to change it’s stance on condoms and other barrier-method contraception.

        1. I believe their stance is: from behind.

      2. I just love how leftist now cozy up to the Pope because they think soon he’ll grant abortions to nuns and perform gay weddings in the Sistene Chapel. Plus all the socialism stuff.

        1. Or more likely the enviro-left will throw the homos under the bus, to use one of their favorite phrases.

          1. Or more likely the enviro-left will throw the homos under the bus, to use one of their favorite phrases.

            Bu in reality, it depends on whether the bus is diesel, hybrid, all-electric, or fuel-cell.

          2. It’s not like the progressives ever really cared about black, gay, or women’s rights. They simply co-opted those movements as vehicles to advance their own and I have a feeling that gay rights is going to be the first one jettisoned as being no longer useful

            1. gay rights is going to be the first one jettisoned as being no longer useful

              Based on numbers alone, this is the way to bet. You simply can’t get as many votes pandering to gays as you can chicks, blacks, Mexicans, etc. There just aren’t nearly as many of them.

  17. Reposted from the weekend:

    Cop tries to kill family dog for “charging him” (aren’t they always?), misses, shoots 4 year old girl instead, goes home safely.

    1. Monday morning nut punch.

    2. Dead dogs tell no tails.

        1. Mission Accomplished.

  18. I’m not trying to take over the daily fail, but, I’m not sure if sarc will post this.

    just… wow, that’s an impressively bad showing.


    United Passions, the movie about the world’s most powerful soccer organization, has earned the embarrassing accolade of the worst box office opening ever in the U.S.

    The FIFA-financed movie ? estimated to have cost $30 million and staring bona fide big-name actors such as Tim Roth, Gerard Depardieu and Sam Neil – made only $918 over the June 6 weekend.

    The high-priced FIFA puff piece about the soccer federation’s 111-year history, the growth of its World Cup tournament and Sepp Blatter’s rise to power as president wasn’t expected to draw large crowds yet still underperformed alarmingly.

    Just two people showed up to its first screening in Los Angeles.

    1. Why would I post something related to shmortz?

      1. It’s about hollywood.

        Record worst opening in US movie history.

          1. They knew they could make out in peace

    2. Lol. Soccer will soon rival football.

    3. Poor Tim Roth. I know he’s a big soccer fan, but why the hell would he take this role?

      1. Tim Roth as Sepp Blatter yelling “Everybody be cool, this is a robbery” would be an awesome scene

        1. Directed by Scorsese or Tarantino.

      2. Yeah, it’s not like everybody didn’t already know that FIFA is a corrupt cesspool. I guess Tim probably has bills to pay.

    4. And it wasn’t even a legit $918.

  19. The Pope’s prayer:

    Our Gaia, Who art in danger,
    Sustainable be thy name,
    Thy renewable energy resources come,
    Thy IPCC’s will be done
    On Earth as it is in the upper atmosphere
    Give us this day our daily organic ciabatta
    Forgive us our carbon emissions
    Though we can’t forgive those multinationals who emit against us
    Lead us not into excessive plane travel
    Deliver us from genetically modified crops
    For thine is the moral high ground
    The onshore wind farms and the subsidies
    For as long as the taxes can be raised. Amen.

    1. Nice.

      1. Not an original.

    2. So I see you had your Pope smear. (if only more people would do it annualy)

      1. Paging Swiss ….

  20. Glenn Reynolds: U.S. attorney chills Reason-able speech

    What do you call it when a prosecutor forces a magazine to hand over confidential information ? and then orders the magazine not to publish anything about it? Some might call it heavy-handed judicial overreach, but lately it’s just another day at the office for those who purport to administer justice.

    The magazine is Reason, a well-known libertarian publication that has been around for decades. The confidential information was IP and server information that would allow federal authorities to identify certain blog commenters to a story about the verdict and sentence in the Silk Road case. Though I and other legal experts who’ve looked at the situation don’t think those comments could plausibly be considered “true threats” (and thus outside the protection of the First Amendment), Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Niketh Velamoor served Reason with a subpoena ordering it to turn over the IP addresses and other identifying information for those commenters.

    1. This actually got some derpbook traction over the weekend, but only a little.

      1. Authoritarianism is so chic.

        1. You know who practiced stylish authoritarianism?

          1. Miranda Priestly?

          2. Renly Baratheon?

  21. President Barack Obama appeared as a guest on Marc Maron’s popular podcast WTF.

    PABST beer summit

      1. That’s not how this works. Florida Man is often not from Florida.

        1. Florida Man is known to migrate north for the summer.

          From the article: “The first question I would have would be, ‘Why?'” Scott said. “Why would they want to do it?”

          Maybe because they were on fire?

    1. Milk was a terrible choice.

      1. Milk, it does a body good!

    2. I think it is safe to say drugs were involved in this one.

    3. We’ll claim him. Florida Man! Get this mammal his certificate.

      1. *stamps honorary Floridian passport*

        Here ya go.

        1. Excellent, and now let’s take your Air Boat Gunship down I-drive and scare the shit out of some tourists

          1. It ain’t got no gas in it.

            1. I thought it ran on Prog tears?

              1. That’s the swamp buggy. It’s the closest thing to a perpetuation motion machine I have in my Quonset hut. What with the constant butt hurt of enviroprogs.

    4. of course he was on fire.

      he was touching the floor.

      the floor is lava.

  22. Paul Krugman: “Racial hatred” is still the most potent force in Southern politics

    New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote on Monday that while America is “a much less racist nation than it used to be,” that doesn’t mean that “racial hatred isn’t still a potent force in our society” ? a point he illustrates both by noting that social programs deemed by many on the right to help “Those People” are largely being dismantled in the states that committed treason in order to defend the institution of chattel slavery.

    For example, when it comes to the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid ? a program which, if states choose to accept it, will provide health insurance to low-income Americans on the federal government’s dime ? twenty-two states have rejected it. What do those states have in common?

    “Mainly, a history of slaveholding,” Krugnman wrote. “Only one former member of the Confederacy has expanded Medicaid, and while a few Northern states are also part of the movement, more than 80 percent of the population in Medicaid-refusing America lives in states that practiced slavery before the Civil War.”

    1. what does he mean “Those people”?

      1. What do YOU mean, “What does he mean, ‘those people'”?

    2. Very interesting how one douche comes to represent the outlook of an entire geographical area.

      Would this gas bag of a pathetic individual without a conscience say the same, say, a Muslim butchered a couple of people up in the name of some bull shit?

      More like, we shouldn’t rush to judgment because racist.

      1. I called it Saturday.

    3. “more than 80 percent of the population in Medicaid-refusing America lives in states that practiced slavery before the Civil War.”

      See, this is his way of eliding Western states with smaller populations that don’t fall into his narrative. Pathetic.

      1. “more than 80 percent of the population in Medicaid-refusing America lives in states that practiced slavery before the Civil War.”

        More to the point and recent, in states mostly ruled by the Democrat party of the United States in the 20th century.

      2. I like that by this logic every policy that is more common in the South than in the North must be racist, even if they have nothing to do with one another.

        Housing prices are also lower in the South than the North due to lower property taxes, more available territory, and less land regulation, ergo low property taxes and cheap land are racist. LOGIC.

        1. There are parts of Boston that will still not rent out to blacks.

          Last I checked Boston is in the north, correct?

          1. Actually at this point it is kind of irrelevant who they will rent to because there is virtually no rental housing actually available in the Boston area.

            Sorry, griping because my landlord decided she wants to just sell the house instead of renewing our lease and I’m panicking because 5 weeks from the end of the lease and I havn’t been able to find ANYTHING that will fit a family of 6 and accepts pets.

            Not anything “acceptable”, anything.

            1. We bought a 2400 sq ft house that’s less than 3 minutes from a Chipotle for less than $100 grand.

              1. I’m assuming you are nowhere near Boston because you can’t buy a 2400 sq inch house inside the 495 belt for $100k

    4. a program which, if states choose to accept it, will provide health insurance to low-income Americans on the federal government’s dime

      Thus does Krugman display his mendacity. Well, this is just one example of many.

      1. Money isn’t real if it comes from the Feds. It’s like free wealth.

        1. Fiat wealth.

    5. “Only one former member of the Confederacy has expanded Medicaid, and while a few Northern states are also part of the movement, more than 80 percent of the population in Medicaid-refusing America lives in states that practiced slavery before the Civil War.”

      Said Paul Krugman, who writes for a newspaper based in New York City where a draft riot during the Civil War resulting in the mass lynching of black people by Irish immigrants (not my peoples’ finest moment…)

      I find it interesting that the South is just a national scapegoat that northern states use to deny their own racist histories. So the Draft Riots and the racist history of Chicago Unions go down the memory hole because all that matters is that the South owned slaves 150 years ago.

      1. And they never bring up that all of the first African-Americans in the Senate and the House came from former slave states, and the first that DIDN’T (Oscar Stanton De Priest) was a REPUBLICAN from Illinois, of all places!

    6. I like how Krugman says that Medicaid provides health insurance to low-income people ‘on the federal government’s dime’. You would think that an economist would know that the federal government has no dimes.

      1. You’d think he’d also know that Medicaid isn’t insurance. Its welfare.

  23. “Charleston shooter Dylann Roof wrote a racist manifesto.”

    Look, man. It’s simple. Ban manifestos. And bowl hair cuts. Just in case.

    1. Bowl haircuts? It’s just part of the Rhodesian Invasion.

      1. “Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!”

        1. Where were his other two brothers Darryl and Darryl?

  24. Attack Gave Chinese Hackers Privileged Access to U.S. Systems

    Computers at the I.R.S. allowed employees to use weak passwords like “password.” One report detailed 7,329 “potential vulnerabilities” because software patches had not been installed. Auditors at the Department of Education, which stores information from millions of student loan applicants, were able to connect “rogue” computers and hardware to the network without being noticed. And at the Securities and Exchange Commission, part of the network had no firewall or intrusion protection for months.

    “We are not where we need to be in terms of federal cybersecurity,” said Lisa Monaco, President Obama’s homeland security adviser. At an Aspen Institute conference in Washington on Tuesday, she blamed out-of-date “legacy systems” that have not been updated for a modern, networked world where remote access is routine. The systems are not continuously monitored to know who is online, and what kind of data they are shipping out.

    1. she blamed out-of-date “legacy systems”

      More money please.

      1. This is also BS. They already said the problem was that software patches had not been applied. That’s not a problem of having “legacy systems”. That’s a problem of having crappy network admins. The first rule of network security is that unpatched systems aren’t allowed on the network.

        1. Plus thought they keep saying “hackers” in the OPM case, it’s been reported several places they used an IT contractor located in Red China who had full access to the data bases.

          1. it’s been reported several places they used an IT contractor located in Red China who had full access to the data bases.

            If that’s true, it was probably a subcontractor and someone is probably going to jail…

            1. Possibly subcontractors but OPM would have been fully aware of them.

              I used to work for the company that ran the Benefits Open Enrollment and managed the spending accounts for OPM as well as the Federal Judiciary and when I first started there our “database” was based on unencrypted flat files. You could literally just open them in notepad and read all the information in them and when people wanted to test something they just made a copy of the full production database on their local system with absolutely no controls or even logging of who did it and that includes for our off shore “partner” in India.

              When we replaced the legacy system with a modern one based on Oracle databases I tried to at least insist that production data NEVER be allowed into a test environment and made my people develop tools that would allow us to create test data from scratch but it wasn’t long before I was overruled and we were told we had to test with production data and every person on the offshore team had access to tools that could download and decrypt the entire database. Sure their activities would be logged but no one would have ever checked until after we had a problem.

          2. Let’s not overlook that it was discovered via another massive security breach.

            They ran across the Chinese hack when a security vendor was giving a show-and-tell demo of their product.

            Which the geniuses at OPM allowed them to do on live, production systems.

            Think about that. They let a vendor demo a security product on live systems. That “demo” could have delivered an untold number of malware packages. Because it has access to their live production system.

            Christ on a crutch.

        2. That’s a problem of having crappy network admins.

          “Applying patches is below my pay scale.”

          1. Too many chiefs and not enough indians.

            I’m sure your on to something. I’ve read about the number of gov employees making 100K plus in DC and it has skyrocketed under Obama (with and early push from Bush) and so they have plenty of GS14s or whatever they call them now and they don’t do shit, just give contracts to their beltway bandit buddies (who outsource to China maybe?)

  25. Inspiration or plagiarism? Mexicans seek reparations for French designer’s look-alike blouse

    A blouse from Marant’s Etoile collection has been singled out by the community of Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec, which believes it bears striking resemblance to their traditional costume. In a solemn press conference last week they stated: “Isabel Marant is committing a plagiarism because the Etoile spring-summer 2015 collection contains the graphical elements specific to the Tlahuitoltepec blouse, a design which has transcended borders, and is not a novel creation as is affirmed by the designer.” They are now asking for reparation damages from the designer and are looking into the possibility of taking up legal action.

    The traditional dress of the indigenous Mixe community in Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec, Oaxaca, southern Mexico is believed to be a symbol of their identity.

    1. Cultural appropriation!

      1. Kilt manufacturers hardest hit.

  26. 4,400 lose power as naked woman crashes car into pole

    A 24-year-old woman driving around the Shoreline area while naked crashed her car into a utility pole overnight, knocking out power to more than 4,400 customers, officials said.

    A police sergeant patrolling in the area heard the crash, near 155th Street and 1st Avenue NE, and responded to the scene at about 2 a.m. Friday.

    He found a car crashed into a pole and a woman inside who was completely naked. Medics responded to the scene and took the woman to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

    1. no pictures?

      1. I’m sure the cop took a few to share with his buddies

    1. Very classy and to be expected by the AP.

      Is this from the story where Cruz went shooting at a range and the article was all about how terrible it was since it was few days since the Racist Church Shooting?

    2. And Sarah Palin shot Gabby Giffords by putting a crosshair on a webpage.

      It is shit like this that convinced me 30 years ago when I barely paid attention to politics that the Dems are undoubtedly the more unprincipled of the two parties.

  27. Volokh Conspirator explains why libertarians should oppose government flying Confederate Flag

    “It is long past time that state governments stopped displaying the Confederate flag, and otherwise honoring Confederate leaders. We should not honor people whose main claim to fame was waging a bloody war for the purpose of perpetuating and extending the evil institution of slavery. Some still deny that this was the motivation for Confederate secession. But overwhelming evidence proves otherwise…

    Despite claims that the Confederates’ true cause was “states’ rights,” they were in fact more than willing to sacrifice state autonomy to slavery whenever the two conflicted….

    The Confederacy was also a brutal and oppressive regime, even aside from slavery. For example, it had a terrible record on civil liberties, considerably worse than that of the Union during the Civil War.”


  28. Swiss say stray Venezuela golf balls violate Vienna Convention

    A dispute has been tee’d off between Switzerland’s ambassador to Venezuela and a neighboring elite golf club, after a banner appeared at the diplomat’s residence warning that golf balls injuring or killing anyone inside would violate the Vienna Convention.

    The large placard, located on the residence’s fence near the third of the Caracas Country Club’s 18 holes, begins by explaining that the residence is considered Swiss territory.

    “Launching balls into this residence is a danger to whoever is within Swiss territory and a violation of the Vienna Convention if a golf ball injures or kills anyone on Swiss soil.”

    Ambassador Sabine Ulmann told Reuters she had nothing to say on the matter. Her residence is located in a wealthy area of Caracas, alongside the official residences of many other European nations.

      1. *double face palm*

    1. This sounds like a legitimate complaint. You’re in what is legally your territory, minding your own business, when some balls come flying at you and hit you on the head.

      And I’m guessing that the people who still have the time and money to play golf, as opposed to standing in line for toilet paper, are the elite of Venezuelan socialist society.

      1. Yes, and considering how petty and vicious those kinds of lefties are I bet they are whacking balls at her house for sport.

  29. The Obama Gap
    Favorable demographics and a charismatic leader aren’t enough to make a majority party. A case study in electoral failure from Florida.

    But set Obama’s impressive electoral victories aside and the Democrats look less like an emerging majority and more like a party in free fall: Since Obama was sworn in six years ago, Democrats have suffered net losses of 11 governorships, 30 statehouse chambers, more than 900 statehouse seats, and have lost control of both houses of the U.S. Congress. After the 2014 midterm rout, Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg penned a memo deeming it “remarkable”?an understatement?that voters had given Republicans so much control so soon after giving Democrats Rooseveltian wins nationally. The implications, Rosenberg warned, were dire: “The scale of Republican success in recent years outside the Presidency has altered the balance between the two parties now, and may even leave the GOP a stronger national party than the Democrats over the next decade.”

    1. Country got a lot more racist in 6 years.

      1. I think Hilldog is going with that explanation.

      2. Probably also something something war on women

    2. I just wish that goin’ Republican was a good thing.

  30. Reported ‘lifeless body’ was Papa Smurf balloon

    The helicopter crew soon spotted a figure “wearing red pants, blue outerwear, a red cap and a white beard,” police said in a news release.

    The “body” turned out to be a partially deflated balloon in the shape of Papa Smurf, known in Germany as Papa Schlumpf.

    Police shared a photo of the rescued balloon buckled into the seat of a patrol car for safe transport back to police headquarters.

    1. Chicago cops would have shot him…

      1. Then handcuffed him while screaming hysterical, incomprehensible orders…

  31. Bleeding Heart Libertarian explains the blind spots of libertarians defending the Confederacy

    “I take this in part as evidence of the relationship between insights and blind spots. Acton’s pluralism and federalism allowed him to see what John Stuart Mill could not: that the rise of nationalism in Europe, the principle that nations ought to be states and vice versa, was illiberal and dangerous. His understanding of institutional pluralism and competition lent real depth to his understanding of religious liberty. And those same insights led him to analyses of the U.S. Civil War that were not merely wrong, but carefully, thoughtfully, wickedly wrong.”


    1. Nope, no such thing as a principled defense of free speech even if those defenders state they disapprove of the content of that speech. No such thing as staying silent on an issue that doesn’t concern residents of states that don’t fly that flag over government installations.

      1. Don’t feed socks.

      2. What’s the point of a principled opinion if it doesn’t give you license to grandstand and signal your superior moral standing?

  32. Rich people are the f**king worst: The 1 percent’s vile new war on us all

    In any case, I see the decadence of the people in Rancho Santa Fe as a microcosm of America today, particularly corporate America. What these people exhibit, apart from their smugness, is a complete absence of any sense of collective responsibility. They can’t see and aren’t interested in the consequences of their actions. And they can’t muster a modicum of moderation in the face of enormous scarcity. Every resource, every privilege, is theirs to pilfer with impunity. These people are prepared to endanger an entire ecosystem simply to avoid the indignity of brown golf courses; this is what true entitlement looks like.

    The wealthiest Americans ? and their apostles in government ? tell us that it’s the poor people who are entitled, who take and exploit and keep more than they deserve. But that’s a half-truth, and a dangerous one at that. Entitlement has many faces, the most destructive of which is on display in Rancho Santa Fe. These adolescent upper-crusters are entitled because they believe they have a right to everything they can get hold of ? regardless of the costs.

    1. What compels you to go into Salon and share the results here like some half-dead rodent the cat dragged in?

      1. That is a grievous insult to half-dead rodents everywhere.

      2. I don’t have to be here, you know. I didn’t have to show up here. With my vast financial holdings I could have been basking in the sun in Florida. This is just a hobby for me! Nothin’, ya hear? A hobby!

      3. He’s an apprentice to the Derpetologist?

        1. Even I have the decency to avoid salon until PM

          1. Post Menopause?

    2. in the face of enormous scarcity

      Stop right there.

    3. a modicum of moderation

      Nice band name.

    4. Wow. The word scarcity was used.

      1. There is no reason to think anyone working at Salon knows what that word means.

    5. Do you guys ever feel like a defense lawyer whose likely innocent client insists on showing up in court dressed like Charles Manson and shouting “I’M GLAD THE BASTARD’S DEAD!” at every opportunity?

      I’d like to think that I see where you’re coming from but on this, it’s still an amazingly petty issue to try and garner sympathy with.

      1. it’s still an amazingly petty issue to try and garner sympathy with.

        I’m not clear on this part of your comment.

        Who’s attempting to garner sympathy?

        To single out a handful of people in a small community as representative of all the rich as the author does is insane.

        All rich people are bad because some aren’t conserving water.


        All poor people are bad because some abuse the welfare state.

        1. Well, the people being interviewed, of course. Although, I shouldn’t assume Salon didn’t ignore anyone’s remarks that took a more philosophical view of the situation out there.

          1. Plus you have to be a total sucker to buy into the drought hysteria.

            It’s all farmers. Residential use is so miniscule that you could have everyone drop their water use by 90% and it wouldn’t change a thing.

          2. Some little ditty about ass-u-me?

    6. “The wealthiest Americans ? and their apostles in government ? ”

      Soooo, seems like the way to “solve” your “problem” with the rich would be to limit government and its ability to set the rules….

      Although I don’t think that will be the author’s solution…

      1. That would require rational “thought”…

    7. I have noticed that lefties really hate golf courses and the game of golf in general.

      Also, this one percent they are always railing about is largely made up of their political leaders and their cronies.

      1. They hate what they see as any private land which is excessive in size.

        They hate lawns too, particularly big ones like mine (5 acres) because they feel I’m not using it correctly. They have a new slogan – “Grow Food, not grass.”

    8. These adolescent upper-crusters are entitled because they believe they have a right to everything they can get hold of ? regardless of the costs.

      And this, hilariously, accurately describes the writers of Salon and most of their readership, as they sit in some of the most prosperous, safe and open societies in human history and demand extended special treatment, regardless of the cost.

    9. Not to fret, the one who stems the rising oceans was there over the weekend examining the waste of water on the golf courses.

  33. Emails Show MIT’s Jonathan Gruber Had Even More To Do With Obamacare’s Passage Than Previously Thought
    …Gruber, an MIT professor, was hired as a consultant to the Department of Health and Human Services on Obamacare. A number of videos and recordings emerged last year showing Gruber’s disdain for the “stupidity of the American voter,” and expounding on the “huge political advantage” the administration had because Obamacare was passed with little transparency ? leading the administration to distance itself from the professor. …

    1. Guess *that’ll* teach him not to have his own private server.

    2. Yeah, whatever happened to him, anyway? I thought for sure there would be congressional hearings. Waiting for closer to election season, maybe?

      1. He’s been busy planning a raid on the Nakatomi Plaza

        1. He is trying to negotiate the release of the nine members of the Asian Dawn movement?

      2. What difference, at this point, would it make? SCOTUS is about to set us straight on the issue anyway.

    3. I thought Obama had his photo edited out of the Great American Encyclopedia.

    4. I thought Obumbles and Pelosi both said they had never heard of Gruber?

  34. Law student laughs as she walks free from court for hitting aspiring male model over the head with a bottle of champagne cutting his forehead to the SKULL
    …Sarah McKenzie-Ayres was pictured laughing as she walked free from court after being handed a suspended sentence for striking the man in a Manchester nightclub last September.

    1. I wouldn’t and I’m sexually attracted to crazy…and fire.

    2. She won’t be laughing quite so much when she tries to get a training contract or get admitted

    3. Hyphenated. That’s a sure-fire marker.

    4. I guess she got to take advantage of the Pussy Pass.

  35. Greek banks are bleeding money, people are withdrawing 700m euros per day, banks may close tomorrow if no deal today.

    He said that because of the pace of withdrawals of cash from Greek banks by anxious savers – which he said was running at ?700m (?501m) a day – all the banks can only keep going thanks to life-saving loans to them made by the Bank of Greece, with approval of the ECB, under the Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) scheme.

    There was a serious risk, he said, that the governing council of the ECB would end ELA, and terminate Greek banks’ full access to the eurosystem payments arrangements, if there was no sign today that Greece is back on a path to solvency.

    In that dire eventuality, all the banks would have to cease trading, as soon as tomorrow. And they could only reopen as and when the Greek government passed legislation to restrict cash withdrawals, or introduce capital controls, which – he said – would take days.

    Mr Karamouzis said the imposition of capital controls in that way would inflict desperate misery on Greece.

    1. Stock market algos are buying on news of a deal right now.

      1. The Machine has a weakness after all

    2. Why is there any money left in the banks at all? I would have pulled everything on Friday when they announced the banks may not open on Monday. There is no advantage to not putting your money in anything that the greek government can’t touch.

      1. I’m guessing the banks have a limit on how much depositors can withdraw each day.

        1. Why would you ever put any more money into the bank?

          Retorical question, since a majority of Greeks are on the dole, and I doubt the government is gonna deposit your welfare checks into a Grand Caymen account.

  36. The energy revolution that has 1 percenters shaking in their boots
    Shalini Kantayya talks to Salon about the incredible potential of solar power

    “The only time you ever saw Richmond on the news was two things: somebody’s bleeding or somebody’s burning,” Michele McGeoy, the founder of Solar Richmond, tells a class of job trainees at the beginning of the documentary “Catching the Sun.” “I want to create some good news in Richmond.”

    The project in Richmond, and in cities like it across the country, is to shift from what environmental activist Van Jones, who also features prominently in the film, calls a “pollution-based economy,” filled with haves and have-nots, to an economy based on green energy ? the environmental benefits of which are almost second to the creation of jobs, and the improved quality of life, that investment in solar innovation can create. The film follows the stories of the workers, entrepreneurs and political activists who are working to make that happen, and of the forces, both local and global, that can help or hinder the process.

    1. There’s quite a few one percenters leading alternative energy companies. They’re quaking with anticipation, not fear, at statist involvement.

      1. Yep. Just ask the board from Solyndra.

    2. Just like Solyndra wanted to “create some good news” in Fremont.

    3. Yeah the 1% are quaking in their boots that capital inputs could potentially be lowered. Oh the horror.

    4. Err, the 1% are the 1% because they have proven themselves the most adept at profiting from new market trends so the author can rest assured that IF Solar ever does become a game changer in the energy industry that Warren Buffet, George Soros, and the Koch brothers will all profit handsomely from it

    5. Lefties are like a patient I once knew who had brain damage and zero short term memory. You introduce yourself and have a brief conversation then walk out of the room. You could turn around and re-enter the room ten seconds later and he would have no idea who you were.

      If you want o know about the incredible potential of solar panels ask Spain. Or Germany. Or anyone who has ever had solar panels.

    1. Fun fact: Jimmy Carter is related to June Carter Cash on his father’s side, and Berry Gordy on his mother’s

    2. Cool it, Johnny. You know those were before it was a symbol of hate.

      1. Exactly. All politicians are given the benefit of the doubt, that their views can “evolve.”

    3. Since the only coherent principle for so many here to defend the flag as ostensible libertarians seems to be ‘liberals are against it’ this might be helpful.

      1. Go back under the bridge. Nobody’s paying.

      2. Are you talking about people who defend the flag, people who defend others’ rights to defend the flag, or people who defend South Carolina State’s prominent display of the flag?

        1. Also, if the symbol is so fucking racist, why was the Dukes of Hazzard the number one show in America for, like, four years in the 80s?

          1. Half the kids in my class had a Dukes lunchbox. In upstate New York.

  37. At the local Meijer grocery store I saw some construction near the old blue postal mailbox. I edged up and saw they were installing seven Tesla charging stations. I’ve only seen one Tesla in the area – owned by my company owner’s daughter – so I’m wondering what the need is for seven charging stations… and at a grocery store. Weird.

    1. Tax credits.

      1. This.

        Our new building is going to have EV charging spots….nobody is able to tell me if they are going to charge for the electricty.

        1. I have only ever seen gas cars parked in spots equipped with charging stations (because the lot was otherwise fairly full and these were relatively prime spots)

    2. So you are either in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, or Kentucky… my guess is either Illinois or Ohio because both of those states are typically retarded and probably are giving tax breaks for EV charging stations.

      (former Meijer employee, I worked there full time while in college)

      1. Michigan – I once was – in my teenage years – a Meijer employee at their clothing warehouse.

        1. Former Indiana resident — I stocked groceries at Meijer on 3rd shift. The pay was better than a lot of their competitors and their produce was a lot better than even many stand alone grocery stores.

    1. Obviously a false flag operation.

  38. Spot the Not: weird stuff from India

    1. This Indian taxi driver has been driving backwards since his car got stuck in

    reverse 12 years ago.

    2. This Indian civil servant was fired after going on sick leave for 24 years.

    3. This Indian carried a parasitic twin in his belly for 36 years.

    4. This Indian businessman was jailed for making Ganesh PEZ dispensers.

    5. This Indian sadhu (holy man) has held his right hand in the air since 1973.

    6. This Indian sadhu has been silent for 7 years.

    1. I know #1 is real.

      The others… too plausible to guess.

    2. Ima say 4. *Everybody* likes Ganesh!

    3. I know 1 and 2 are real. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of 3. 5 and 6 seem more plausible than 4, so I’m guessing 4.

    4. I’ll say 1. Make him the next Fed chair.

    5. Imma say 4 as I know #2 is real…

    6. 4 – that’s not weird enough for India.

  39. When will the Supreme Court rule on the takings of alt-text?

    1. Wasn’t that covered under the Kelo decision?

  40. “How much longer do you think we can keep this up, Barry? The media scrutiny alone?”

    He pressed his finger against Hillary’s lips. “Hush up, girl. You know I got the media wrapped around my dick. Them niggers ain’t sayin’ nothing unless I tell them to.”

    “You don’t have to act tough around me, Barry. I know they worry you.” Hillary lifted her hips and pulled down her giant panties. Barry took them from her and licked the crotch with long strokes.

    “Yummy. You’ve been using that lavender pussy soap I sent you.” He smelled the panties in long huffs, like he was trying to snort them into his sinuses.

    “Barry, be serious for just a minute, OK? And stop talking like ghetto trash. You’re a Harvard educated lawyer.” Hillary shifted her gunt to one side and began tugging on her inner labia. The cabin began to fill with her menopausal scent, dead roses and medicated cream.

    “I thought you liked it when I talked all street,” he whined, sounding like a surf bum. He scratched at the seam of his scrotum.

    Hillary sank a finger into herself and grimaced. “Hand me the lube, dear. I’m as dry as dick skin down there.” He leaned over and handed the tube to her.

    “Don’t I get you wet?” Barry asked. He absently wiped a single pearl of pre-ejaculate from the head of his engorged glans and tasted it. “Oh, baby. You’ve got to try this. I’ve been eating pineapple all week like you said and it’s delicious.”

    1. “I’ve been will Bill all weekend. Nothing kills my pussy like having to listen to his condescending drawl.”

      “You want to watch a little porn first?” he asked.

      “A little interracial butt stuff, maybe? See what you can find.” She kept tugging and lubing as he clacked away at the keyboard.

      “BBC anal schoolgirl gangbang surprise?” he read. “Or maybe ‘Nigger cock petite training first time anal girl?'”

      “Preview that last one,” she said, leaning forward.

      “Can’t I just click it?”

      “No, just hover the cursor over it. Jesus, it’s like you’ve never porned before.”

      “Michelle doesn’t let me,” Barry admitted. “She says that if I want a big black cock, I can just suck hers.”

      “I don’t know why you married that hideous shemale.”

      “I didn’t have a choice. She said she was pregnant and didn’t want an abortion.”

      Hillary smacked him across the face, leaving a shiny smear of lube.
      “What was that for?” he whined, cradling his offended cheek.

      “That’s for being an idiot. How you beat me in 2008 I will never fucking understand.”

      “People were tired of the Bush and Clinton families forging political dynasties,” Barry said automatically.

      “Did you get that off of the back of a cereal box?” she sneered.

      “What do you mean?” Barry asked.

      Hillary raised her hand to slap him again, but the door burst open before she could strike. A dozen Secret Service agents flooded into the cabin, weapons drawn.

    2. “The perimeter has been breached!” the lead agent screamed, hurtling himself at the two of them. He landed on Hillary with a wet thud, smashing her pendulous breasts beneath him. He screamed “Protect the President’s erection!” A burly agent dropped his submachine gun and began jacking Barry off with a furious determination. The other agents fired their weapons out of the open cabin door until their magazines were empty.

      Deafened by the fusillade, Barry yelled “What is the threat?”

      “Raccoon, sir! Looked rabid. Or maybe racist,” the lead agent reported, yelling into Hillary’s breasts.

      “Get off me, you idiot!” she said, pushing him away. The agents filed quickly out of the cabin.

      “Sir, please resume illicit sexual relations!” the lead agent announced as he did his best to shut the battered cabin door behind him.

      “Aren’t they just the best?” Barry asked no one. Hillary slapped him again.

      1. Thanks Sugar.

        I think.

      2. Please do a Lindsey Graham and Barney Frank one. Puhleeeeeez.

      3. OH MY GOD

      4. Why, oh God, why?

      5. He screamed “Protect the President’s erection!” A burly agent dropped his submachine gun and began jacking Barry off with a furious determination.

        I, for one, nominate Sugarfree for National Poet Laureate. This is genius.

      6. Meh. It is not believable that Obumbles would have sex with a woman.

    3. No. Just… No.

      1. I don’t feel like “no” is a proper response to this one. Not nearly strong enough.

    4. Do not read this while drinking coffee and eating toast. Just don’t.

      1. Do not read this while drinking coffee and eating toast. Just don’t.


        1. Thank you.

    5. Finally something proper to wank to in this chatroom.

    6. How am I going to get that image out of my brain? OMG No.

    7. dead roses and medicated cream


    8. Cool. Please add Chris Christie, Twinkies and a dog leash in the next installment

      1. Don’t encourage him.

        1. this X1000

  41. Spot the Not: cults & cult leaders

    1. This cult leader claims people only needed air and sunlight to survive. Several of her disciples have starved to death.

    2. The devotees of this cult dress as Elvis and eat bacon as sacrament.

    3. The members of this cult donned matching armbands and sneakers and castrated themselves before committing mass suicide.

    4. This cult leader claimed to be the younger brother of Jesus Christ. His movement led to a civil war that killed milllions.

    5. This cargo cult believes a US soldier stationed on their island during WW2 is the messiah.

    6. This cult leader taught that he could make people immune to bullets by anointing them with holy water.

    1. I know 1 is true.

    2. No 2

    3. I’m going with 2. I’ve heard of the others.

      1. Even without looking it up, #4 is the group that started the Taiping rebellion (spelling may be wrong) #3 is Heaven’s Gate, #6 was someone in Africa, #5 was among the many cargo cults left in the wake of the pacific theater, and I vaguely remember #1.

    4. Too.

    5. What is a cargo cult?

      1. Never mind. wikipedia to the rescue: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cargo_cult

        1. I think I’ve seen pictures of the handmade radio control towers some natives built hoping the planes would come back to New Guinea after the war ended.

    6. 7. This cult leader claimed that he would stop the globe from warming, the oceans from rising, and that he would unite America.

      1. Goddammit, Mike, you have to get pretty retarded about Barack Obama to annoy me by criticizing him.

        Not everything is about Obama. Although I am glad you’re no longer calling him Block Yomamma, so at least we’re taking baby steps in the right direction.

    7. I’m such a dork that I actually know most of these:

      1. Of course Breatharians are real. They’re one of my favorite cults!

      2. I think this is fake

      3. Branch Davidians

      4. Don’t know but sounds legit.

      5. I know about this one. I believe they also worship crates of Coca-Cola that they found on the island.

      6. General Butt Naked, I believe. Possibly Joseph Kony though.

      1. #3 was Heaven’s gate.

        Authorities found the dead lying neatly in their own bunk beds, faces and torsos covered by a square, purple cloth. Each member carried a five-dollar bill and three quarters in their pockets?said to be for interplanetary toll. All 39 were dressed in identical black shirts and sweat pants, brand new black-and-white Nike Decades athletic shoes, and armband patches reading “Heaven’s Gate Away Team”

        And #4 was the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

        It was a millenarian movement led by Hong Xiuquan, who announced that he had received visions in which he learned that he was the younger brother of Jesus. At least 20 million people died, mainly civilians, in one of the deadliest military conflicts in history.[5]

        Hong established the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom with its capital at Nanjing. The Kingdom’s army controlled large parts of southern China, at its height ruling about 30 million people

    8. I know one is true, and 3 was the heaven’s gate, and I know 4 was Hong Xiuquan in the Taiping Rebellion and I think 6 was the Boxers for the Boxer rebellion…
      So Imma say 2…

  42. The four main characters in True Detective (hereafter referred to as TD) are really screwed up. But the worst off feels like Colin Ferrell’s alcoholic, corrupt, abusive detective so I’m predicting that he’ll be the only one to live through the end of the series.

    1. If anyone harms a hair on Rachel McAdams’ sweet, Canuckian body I will lose it, man! She is an angel!

      1. I was unimpressed until she was tossed out of the casino and threw the empty beer cup at the bouncers.

        1. I was sure she won over the audience when she exited her bedroom in her underpants after her boyfriend is shocked by her request for a particular sex act.

          1. It is like you can read my mind.

          2. What did she request?

            1. They never said, but butt stuff was heavily implied.

    2. Vince Vaughn’s character was the most sympathetic. His character is a criminal mobster. So….

      The cops are all bat-shit crazy.

      The depressive atmosphere is a bit over the top borderline ridiculous.

      We’ll see.

      1. They tried too hard to capture the feel of season one. Season one was a masterpiece. I predict they can’t top it or even match it.

  43. Speaking of Pope Derp…
    Fuck liberty.

    1. It’s only cool for the left to like the Pope now because he’s a “revolutionary” pope (i.e., he agrees with them more of the time than prior Popes). But what happens when this Pope dies, or decides to quit? (and is replaced by a new Pope who’s more traditional, probably?)

      The left would be better off ignoring Popes entirely, because the only organized religion worth following is their own.

      1. Wait until the find out that the Pope urged chastity on young people during the same speech.


        1. I thought the left was doing that themselves these days. Something about a rape culture.

          1. There’s a difference.

            The progs are thinking in terms of making fornication and adultery more feminist-friendly.

            The Pope was talking about true love; he was talking about sin.

      2. He should put out a call to shut off the air conditioning at all Catholic (especially Jesuit) institutions.

  44. In the eyes of at least one intellectual property academic, the passing of controversial anti-piracy website-blocking legislation in the Senate on Monday night represented “a very dark day for the internet in Australia”.


    1. At least they still have draconian gun control, $6/gallon gasoline, and reptilian predators that weigh as much as your automobile.

      It says something when an entire continent is like a shittier version of Florida.

      1. It’s like if Florida was inhabited entirely by sun-poisoned Irishmen.

  45. “After speaking to the president for an hour, Maron said he was most surprised to learn “just that he’s a guy. He felt very real, very tangible and human. . . .”

    You mean . . . a guy who managed to get elected President of the United States without serving as the executive of so much as a sno-cone stand came across as human and charming?

    Was he still so charming when you asked him about his Star Chamber, the IRS, Snowden, or Syria?

  46. Going though my morning coffee blotter/newspaper and there’s an article on how the local Building Council has come out in opposition to a development in the hipster enclave, the Mission district. I get far enough into the article to see that it is labeled ‘exploitative housing’, and that’s enough for me to stop reading, but I mention it to spousal unit.
    She reads the fire-walled on-line version and is willing to push on further until she finds and ‘aside’ near the end; the developer is not willing to agree to 100% union labor.
    I think I just found what ‘exploitative housing’ really means.

    1. exploitative housing

      “We’ll provide you housing (produced at a lower expense because we do not use union labor) you can afford, and you’re gonna like it!”


  47. Popehat just dropped yet another great article on Mr. Velamoor and the subpoena of Reason. Every time he reports on this the government looks dumber and dumber (like that’s hard). #TeamWoodchipper

    1. subpoena if the government proves the following dangers:

      (1) endangering the life or physical safety of an individual;
      (2) flight from prosecution;
      (3) destruction of or tampering with evidence;
      (4) intimidation of potential witnesses; or
      (5) otherwise seriously jeopardizing an investigation or unduly delaying a trial.

      Number 4 is obviouslt true, becauser the gov was working hard to intimidate anyone with the slightest involvment in this case. The whole purpose of the gag order is witness intimidation.

    2. I’m getting the feeling that the youthful AUSA might have irritated Ken a touch during their phone conversation.

      Nothing like getting two prosecutors together to really get the prosocial feelz flowing.

    3. “Judge Frank Maas, by the way, is a colleague of Judge Forrest, the target of the questioned language and the subject of the subpoena. They work in the same courthouse.”

      I joked several times that there was as chance that Forrest herself had signed it, but I knew it would be something like this. It was signed by a judge that has an office next door to hers and with whom she probably lunches with occasionally.

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