'Tea Party of the Left' Brewing, Delaware Decriminalizes Marijuana, Time for South Carolina's Confederate Flag to Go: A.M. Links



  • Delaware Gov. Jack Markell has signed legislation decriminalizing small-scale marijuana possession, a measure which received no GOP support. 
  • Contrarian and collectivist takes on yesterday's shooting in Charleston are already running amok. For instance, here's The Washington Post's deputy digital opinions editor blaming Dylann Roof's massacre of nine people on "the racism of millennials." 
  • Will Democrats' divide over trade lead to a "tea party of the left?"
  • John Kasich defended calling himself a conservative while promoting massive Medicaid spending increases: "The Republican Party is my vehicle, not my master." 
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates calls for South Carolina to remove the confederate flag from the capitol grounds.
  • The U.S. birthrate was up last year for the first time since the start of the recession, driven largely by women ages 30 to 39 (up 3 percent) and ages 40 to 44 (up 2 percent). 
  • The Hill makes the case that Carly Fiorina will wind up on the GOP presidential ticket—as the vice presidential candidate. "Whatever GOP man is at the top of the ticket, he will need a woman on the ticket to protect him," writes Eddie Zipperer. 
  • The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that Gilbert, Arizona's, Good News Community Church may post signs announcing its worship times; the city had said such actions ran afoul of its sign ordinance. 

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