'Tea Party of the Left' Brewing, Delaware Decriminalizes Marijuana, Time for South Carolina's Confederate Flag to Go: A.M. Links



  • Delaware Gov. Jack Markell has signed legislation decriminalizing small-scale marijuana possession, a measure which received no GOP support. 
  • Contrarian and collectivist takes on yesterday's shooting in Charleston are already running amok. For instance, here's The Washington Post's deputy digital opinions editor blaming Dylann Roof's massacre of nine people on "the racism of millennials." 
  • Will Democrats' divide over trade lead to a "tea party of the left?"
  • John Kasich defended calling himself a conservative while promoting massive Medicaid spending increases: "The Republican Party is my vehicle, not my master." 
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates calls for South Carolina to remove the confederate flag from the capitol grounds.
  • The U.S. birthrate was up last year for the first time since the start of the recession, driven largely by women ages 30 to 39 (up 3 percent) and ages 40 to 44 (up 2 percent). 
  • The Hill makes the case that Carly Fiorina will wind up on the GOP presidential ticket—as the vice presidential candidate. "Whatever GOP man is at the top of the ticket, he will need a woman on the ticket to protect him," writes Eddie Zipperer. 
  • The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that Gilbert, Arizona's, Good News Community Church may post signs announcing its worship times; the city had said such actions ran afoul of its sign ordinance. 

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  1. The libertarian movement gets a little larger today.

    Baby Justice will be here in four hours and change!

    1. Politics aren’t genetic.

      1. But the minds of young children can be molded.

      2. Tell that to Bush, Clinton and Paul.

        Let me have this one, ok?

        1. If politics were genetic then I’d be Tony.

          1. ::sigh::

            Fine, Debbie Downer.

            But the odds are still in her favor compared to the child of two progtards or Neocons.

            1. Are you really naming your kid “Justice”? Cuz that would mean that they have to grow up to be a Texas Ranger.

              1. Yo can’t name a child Liberty and then not name the next one Justice. You just can’t.

                1. Liberty and Justice for all?

                  1. Liberty Ordeth (Cranberry) and
                    Justice Forall ( Sloopy)

                    1. Probably Sloopy.

                      And so you all know, I’m not naming her after myself. She’ll be named after the girl in the song by The McCoys, which is where I took my name from, even though I was born a man.

                      In a way, I’m virtualtransgendered.

                    2. Nice – Metallica fan?


          2. If politics were genetic then I’d be Tony.

            How do we know you’re not?

        2. Fine, I’ll shut up.

        3. All your babe are belong to us!

          1. So you can feed them to the dingoes?

            1. Feeding babies to dingos isn’t fair. Dingos have to hunt them, and then win in a fair fight with the baby before they’re allowed to eat them with a nice chianti and some fava beans. Or tomato sauce. Dingo’s choice.

              1. A pinko raised my baby! /Melissa Harris-Perry world

      3. Actually some have hypothesized that there might be a genetic component to a person’s political beliefs. Personally I don’t really buy it, but who knows.

        1. I’ll bet the people who have hypothesized that were leftists who simply couldn’t understand why anyone could have political beliefs other than theirs, so it must be explained by some genetic defect. Mark my words, eugenics will be back.

          1. Probably it’s would be no different the labeling anyone who doesn’t support the gay agenda “homophobic”, regardless of their actual attitude towards gays.

          2. Pretty much, yeah.

          3. I think it’s reasonable that thinking patterns are genetic. Obviously specific ideas and philosophies aren’t born with us. But some people do really well with analytical thought, some do best at abstract theory, others do better with practical application, and there is a genetic basis for such thought patterns.

            So in a way, a person my be genetically predisposed toward libertarianism, or predisposed towards dumbfuck socialism for that matter, since supporting dumbfuck socialism requires virtually no critical thinking skills whatsoever.

            1. I think the environment you grow up in has a sh1t ton to do with it. All the Indian people I know from my generation and older generations are avowed capitalists because they saw socialism in action. But the kids that were born after the fall of communism and socialism seem to support socialism more, because they just don’t know what the f*** socialism is in real life.

              This Reagan quote comes to mind: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream.”

              Freedom must be taught, like values in general.

          4. Eugenics never left!

            What do you call abortion advocacy?

        2. Some people seem to have an innate anti-authoritarian streak. who knows if genetics has much to do with it.

    2. Also, I beat Fist! Which is damn near as impressive as making all these babies.

      1. Is this your fault?

        The U.S. birthrate was up last year for the first time since the start of the recession

        1. Not my fault at all. We had one the year before as well.

      2. You and twenty other people.

        1. Fist was making his own babies.

      3. Technically, yes, but to truly beat Fist you have to post first with a comment referencing one of the links.

        This is tantamount to overtaking The Stig on Top Gear…

        1. Meh. I would have but I had to try to bring attention to myself. Apparently it’s what I do.

    3. Thanks for the update, sloopy. Wishing Banjos an easy delivery.

      1. C-section. It’ll be a breeze for her just like the others were.

        1. Congratulations and best wishes to the both of you (well, actually to your entire family).

          1. And what are the rest of us, chopped liver?

    4. Hello.

      “Will Democrats’ divide over trade lead to a “tea party of the left?”

      Tea? More like the Mezzo Low fat Frappuccino Party.

      1. needz moar soy

      2. Tea? More like the Mezzo Low fat Frappuccino Party.

        Make that:

        1) organic
        2) fair trade
        3) grown by unionized farm workers…
        4) …in socialist paradise Venezuala
        5) in a rural commune

    5. Good job taking advantage of the morning links/movie review head fake

    6. Congrats to you and Banjos. Buckeye nation growing as well! That’s a twofer:)

      1. It has neither been confirmed or denied that her full name will be Justice Forall Sloopy Spicer.

        1. Also…


          1. I – O:)

            1. Go Bobcats!

    7. As good a time as any to announce a babyc will be coming in late 2015/early 2016.

      1. Awesome news! Congratulations.

        I hope it comes in December so you can give a small middle finger to the IRS.

        1. So do I. She is technically due in early Jan but my wife and my mother are both convinced she is coming Dec 31. And I dont bet against my Mom on these things.

        2. Actually coming in January isn’t a bad thing if he works for a company that offers an FSA and the benefit year starts in January.

          Basically he can elect for the FSA and he is eligible to spend the full amount on day 1 of the plan year so he can use the full $2500 to spend on birth related medical expenses and then right after the baby is born he is eligible to file a change of life event and drop the FSA so they have to stop making withdrawals from his paycheck.

          Basically he could get a free $2300 out of that deal.

      2. Are you auctioning off naming rights? I’ll pay big bucks to call the baby Kochtopus

        1. How about “Chipper” for a boy?

      3. Congrats!

      4. Awesome!

      5. Awesome!

      6. Welcome to the party, pal!

    8. Do I have to teach you people about the pull-out method? Goodness gracious.

      1. Good point. Clearly there isn’t enough ass sex on this blog any more. Making me worry about the level of pot and Mexicans as well.

    9. Congrats!

    10. Congratulations. Newborns are the greatest joy ever.

      Remember to bring Banjos something nice to the hospital – ice cream, chocolate, something she likes. The food is always awful.

      1. Newborns are squawking sacks of meat that shit and piss and puke. At about 1 year old they get fun and cute.

        1. Hush now. We’re supposed to lie to new parents and pretend it’s all wonderful.

          1. +1 lol

      2. I decided that my husband was a keeper when he snuck me a chili dog into the hospital. Unfortunately, he decided otherwise.

    11. Congratulations!

    12. Congrats to the happy parents and siblings!

    13. Hope all is smooth sailing for you & the homies.

    14. I expect so many baby pics.

      1. Children are such awful photographers, especially babies. You’ll have terrible framing, and probably get slobber on the lens.

    15. Congrats!

    16. Rock on with your breeding Sloop…we expect banjos to post as soon as he is out so not slacking over there, giving birth aint that hard.

      1. CORRECTION: She.

        And C section is still surgery so hope everyone stays ok.

    17. Congrats to you and Banjos!

  2. 65) I’ve expressed before my dislike for Easy Rider, probably the most overrated movie of all time. I was thinking today of some other overrated movies, and came up with this list.

    Easy Rider?People talk about how it’s all about freedom and the open road and whatnot, but all I see is a couple low-life drug dealers who annoy every one they meet. By the end, I’m rooting for the redneck with the shotgun.

    The Usual Suspects?One of the puzzle movies that were so popular in the 1990s. The first time I saw this I thought repeated viewing might clear up the opacity and confusion, but nope, that’s just part of the movie. Also, the trick ending doesn’t make you see the rest of the movie in a different light (like Pulp Fiction or the Sixth Sense), it just makes the rest of the movie pointless.

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s?Regarded as a classic romantic comedy, but other than the fun party scene, this movie doesn’t hold up. Jarring shifts in tone and unfunny stabs at humor (Mickey Rooney’s terrible Japanese impersonation!).

    Deep Throat?The 70s are my favorite period for pornos, but skip this one. Despite its reputation, this is just boring. Stick with Debbie Does Dallas or Behind the Green Door or, my favorite of the era, a Taste of Honey.

    Forrest Gump?This movie makes me want to vomit from start to finish. This is the film equivalent of “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” and the use of a retarded man as the main character is nothing but a cynical gimmick.

    1. Easy Rider had a good soundtrack though.

      1. As does Forrest Gump

    2. Damn, Sermon, CATHARTIC morning for you? Glad to get that off your chest?

    3. “By the end, I’m rooting for the redneck with the shotgun.”

      I pulled for the bad guys in Avatar. In fact, whenever there’s a poorly conceived and obtuse enviro-left-wing-anti-corp message in a movie, I go for Mr. Burns.

      1. I pulled for the bad guys in Avatar

        Why would you root for the smurfs?

        1. Except the little shit Jokey. Him I could have some use for. And the girl.

          1. I think we got our wires crossed my little canukistani friend. I was outright stating that the smurfs were the bad guys and wondering why you rooted for them.

            1. And Rufus is saying that he has a fetish for little blue women (even ones that have obviously been passed around as much as Smurfette)

              1. Point?

      2. Dude every one rooted for him in that movie. He was a badass (remember the scene of him holding his breath to get a final shot off at the protagonist). He cared about his men. He was fighting for a good cause (the earth and the billions on it are dying without the stuff his group is mining). And most importantly, he tried to freaking negotiate multiple times. First in their human forms, and when the natives turned out to be too xenophobic for that, he built bodies they were comfortable with. When they refused to respect the negotiation team, because they weren’t warriors, he sent someone they would respect.

        The man may have been the antagonist, but he wasn’t the bad guy.

      3. I laughed when the smurf-tree was blown up and the smurfs started crying. Best movie moment ever.

        1. It was their own damn fault. If they had been willing to negotiate, the state of the humans was such that they would have gotten a grossly lopsided trade deal for the minerals. But no, now they’re going to be made extinct by the retribution force sent after them (a little nudge to an asteroid will beat all the nature masses on the planet)

    4. Of the puzzle movies, I give Cube a huge thumbs up. A torture device created piece by piece by bureaucrats. No one know how the piece they are responsible for will eventually be used in a final product that tortures citizens.

      1. I too loved that movie. I found it to be wonderful analogy to arbitrary evil that is statism.

    5. I’d add “Fear And Loathing” to that list. It was all but unwatchable.

      1. Yeah, that turned a hilarious book into a very…tiresome viewing experience. Still, nobody’s ever told me Fear and Loathing is a good movie, while all the others on the list I’ve heard extolled multiple times.

        1. I like fear & loathing.

          1. The movie, or the emotions?

          2. Where the buffalo roam is better

    6. The 70s are my favorite period for pornos

      So you’re into bad hair in more ways than one

      1. I think in DDD the producers went out of their way to find the most hirsute actors and actresses they could. It really adds to the period atmosphere.

        1. And further cements my belief that America emerged from a dark age right around the time I turned 18. You old farts better start thanking us millennials.

        2. I think hirsute people are attractive, and I for one cannot wait until it trendy again.

      2. At least the tits were real.

        And no tattoos.

        1. What’s wrong with you? Tattoos and fake tits are ART!

    7. Pulp Fiction has a trick ending?

      1. After the credits it cuts to a scene of The Gimp hanging from his straps and quite suddenly, he unzips his eye hole and looks directly into the camera. Still waiting on part two…

        1. I wouldn’t call that a trick or twist ending.

          1. Pulp Fiction: Return of the Gimp

    8. Amen on your review of Forrest Gump.

    9. Agree on DT and 70s porno. Try the films from Alpha France (several available at rarelust.com), many are excellent. Also, a US film “Barbara Broadcast”. /oldpervert

  3. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that Gilbert, Arizona’s, Good News Community Church may post signs announcing its worship times; the city had said such actions ran afoul of its sign ordinance.

    This is good news for IJ… I know they’ve been waiting for this decision in at least one of their 1A cases.

    1. “Today’s decision by the Supreme Court wreaks havoc on the ability of local governments to implement sign code regulations that are responsive to the needs of their communities,” said Clarence Anthony, the chief executive of the National League of Cities.


  4. Will YOUR child witness the end of humanity? Mankind will be extinct in 100 years because of climate change, warns expert

    Writer David Auerbach has highlighted the danger of global warming
    In 2010 a prominent scientist said humanity would be gone by 2100
    The recent G7 summit in Germany sought to address climate change
    But scientists have criticised the lack of meaningful action


    1. Mankind extinct? Isn’t that what the more extreme members of the environmental movement want anyways? They must feel really conflicted over climate change now.

    2. At least this guy covers all the bases.

      Eminent Australian scientist Professor Frank Fenner, who helped to wipe out smallpox, predicts humans will probably be extinct within 100 years, because of overpopulation, environmental destruction and climate change.

      Your guy is such a hack.

      1. IN 1798 Thomas Robert Malthus inaugurated a grand tradition of environmentalism with his best-selling pamphlet on population. Malthus argued with impeccable logic but distinctly peccable premises that since population tended to increase geometrically (1,2,4,8 ) and food supply to increase arithmetically (1,2,3,4 ), the starvation of Great Britain was inevitable and imminent. Almost everybody thought he was right. He was wrong.
        In 1865 an influential book by Stanley Jevons argued with equally good logic and equally flawed premises that Britain would run out of coal in a few short years’ time. In 1914, the United States Bureau of Mines predicted that American oil reserves would last ten years. In 1939 and again in 1951, the Department of the Interior said American oil would last 13 years. Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.

        “Plenty of Gloom”, The economist Dec 18th 1997

      2. Jesus Christ! Fertility rates in the Western world have completely nosedived to the point where Germany, and Italy are already at net population loss, and these idiots still whine about overpopulation? Why does any take these people seriously?

        1. Because it feels right as long as you don’t think about it.

        2. It’s a good question. I don’t have a good answer, but I think that deep down a lot of people are deeply unhappy with western civilization. I don’t know why, but they are. At the same time, a lot of people desperately want to be a part of something larger than themselves.

          So this type of environmentalism satisfies two desires: to castigate western civilization and call for a more “natural” way of life, and to be a part of a larger movement.

          1. I think a more “natural” way of life would probably involve a higher birth rate.

            i can understand people’s aesthetic displeasure with population growth and the development and sprawl that goes with it. I’m an outdoorsy, rural living kind of guy. But I don’t imagine that I can engineer a world to meet my preferences without using unacceptable violence to get my way. People are going to do what they are going to do, as they should.

        3. The global population looks like stabilizing sometime in the not too distant future. Even a lot of developing countries have falling birth rates. at the same time agriculture becomes more productive and energy use more efficient. Malthusian doom is just nuts.

          1. Malthusian doom is just nuts opportunistic.

            Yeah, they’re crazy. Crazy like a fox.

      3. Fenner is 95 and probably just over it all. Or senile. But he really was a top bloke – apart from the smallpox cure, he also developed myxomatosis to kill rabbits (and injected himself with it to proves its safety to humans).

      4. Anytime a person claims that overpopulation is a world ending problem, you know they are totally full of shit. Not one of those people making that claim could have possibly studied the science of population growth. The same thing that enabled humanity to escape the Malthusian Trap will enable humanity to support billions upon billions more humans. Innovation.

    3. Nostradamus sez….
      Tea leaves say….
      Tarot cards reveal…
      L Ron Hubbard wrote…

      and on and on and on the wheel of doom spins.

      1. But this guy is an expert! And expert!

        1. *An*

          1. And he says 2100 so that he won’t be around to hear the hoots and whistles when he is proven crashingly, irrefutably and ludicrously WRONG…

            1. Hoots and whistles? Is that the sound goalposts make when they’re being moved?

            2. Or, he can pull an Ehrlich and say, in a way I was actually right about everything.

              1. The only true failure to people like Ehrlich (and Krugman for example) is acknowledging failure

    4. Yeah, we lived through a major period of glaciation and survive everywhere on the planet that it is remotely possible to survive in, but a little warming will wipe us out.

      Always put your doom predictions at least 100 years out so everyone who hears it will be dead before you are proven wrong.

    5. Does anyone else get nervous knowing that an anthrax expert has gone all apocalyptic on us?

  5. People were quick to complain with such a short delay for the mourning lynx

    1. At 9AM time expansion turns seconds into hours.

    2. Enough with the sad cat jokes

      1. The one consistent trend on libertarian sites is disappointed pussy.

  6. Shocking dashcam shows Chicago cop officer pumping bullets into a car filled with unarmed black teens leaving two wounded

    Dashboard camera video recorded on December 22, 2013, shows officer Marco Proano shooting up a car during a traffic stop
    Three teenagers were injured, two of them sustaining gunshot wounds
    Police later discovered the car they were riding in was stolen
    Retired judge who presided over criminal case involving one of the teens released the dashcam video to the media
    Officer Proano has been assigned to desk duty but has not been disciplined for the shooting
    City of Chicago has tentatively agreed to pay the three injured teens $360,000 as part of federal lawsuit settlement

    And nothing else happened.

    1. Police later discovered the car they were riding in was stolen

      See? Good shoot, haters.





    2. Shit. I should scroll before posting.

    3. Did the hero go home safely? Because that’s all that matters.

    4. Damn. Tubbo was actually holding his gat gangsta style.

  7. The Hill makes the case that Carly Fiorina will wind up on the GOP presidential ticket?as the vice presidential candidate.

    Always a bridesmaid.

    1. I thought we voted on this and decided on Harriet Tubman. I know I would vote for Harriet Tubman. Of course, I would also cheerfully vote for Hitler or Stalin or Mao or Caligula. That’s how we libertarians are – we’ll vote for the worst kinds of statists and fascists and authoritarians. Provided they’re dead.

  8. “The Republican Party is my vehicle, not my master.”

    Can’t someone pimp his ride?

    1. Sounds like he’s pimpin his own ride.

    2. Does anyone in the world outside Politibubble have a clue what this means?

      1. It means that he’s a republican only because being one was his path to power in OH. Had he run for office in CA or MA he would have run as a democrat.

        It’s all about power to him, principles are completely irrelevant.

    3. What does that even mean? He adheres to small-government principles, except when doesn’t feel like it?

      1. *he

    1. Nice. Thanks for the update.


    2. HA! Samwell Tarly only had one job too. Man, that fucker really blew it.

  9. Swedish women get new word for solo sex act

    Members of the Swedish Association for Sexuality Equality (RFSU) selected “klittra” from a shortlist of words put together after launching a national competition last year.

    The group said it wanted to encourage a single, nationally-recognized word for the activity after noting the absence of such a term in Swedish, while there are numerous words that directly refer to men having solo sex.

    1. Wouldn’t true equality mean they share the same words men do? I feel like Sweden has a lot of work to do on this front, maybe one day they can be more like us.

      1. Absolutely, none of this separate but equal words crap

    2. … “klittra” proving the most successful and “pulla” and “runka” the next popular alternatives. The statement noted that one advantage of “klittra” is that it “highlights the importance of the clitoris for pleasure”.

      Pulla seems more, um, manly, anyway.

      1. It was hell assembling the runka. The instructions are not clear at all.

      2. “klittra” was always my favorite ThunderCat.

    3. Can anyone explain to me why Sweden has such a large feminist movement? Is it because all the women are tall beautiful blondes and so the men are willing to put up with their shit?

      1. I think it might be more that all the vikings left and settled elsewhere, leaving behind a population made up largely of betas.

        1. I know a lot less history than other here, but I’m pretty sure the Vikings spread half-Vikings everywhere, collected a lot of protection money and went home.

          1. Look into “Normandy”, “Danelaw” and “Iceland” regarding them returning home.

    4. Klittra barada nikto?

    5. It roughly translates as “making soup.”

      1. Minestrone?

        1. Occasionally tomato bisque.

          1. Occasionally New England clam chowder.

            (Ms. Postrel, feel free to chime in anytime.)

          2. Oyster stew.

            1. It’s really more like scallops than anything else.

              1. There’s really no food group, sexual position or children’s toy you can’t soil

                1. I believe it was Demetri Martin who said “Sometimes the only difference between a children’s toy and an adult toy is location, location, location.”

              2. Hmmm….I really love scallops and so does my new squeeze. What does this mean?

          3. *fights back urge to vomit*

      2. Add yeast for flavor?

    6. Great, now my D and D character needs to change their name.

    7. Klittra? I think I bought one of those from Ikea recently

  10. There’s a subtle clue on this LinkedIn profile about the identity of this guy’s father – can you spot it?

    1. “Son of the first crap Bond”

      1. Well, Timothy Dalton does have one son.

    2. Don’t see it.

    3. Note the difference as compared to this profile. Which is more understated, manly, and Scottish.

      1. Link no work like you want.

    4. I like that under skills, #1 is : “The youngest Son of…”

  11. Venezuelan newseader Yuvi Pallares strips naked to celebrate team’s Copa America win v Colombia

    Before the Copa America started, eight ‘presenters’ from the Venezuelan news program Desnudando La Noticia bared all to support their side in the tournament.

    And now Pallares ? who is believed to have said that she would strip every time Venezuela won in the competition ? has followed through on her promise after they off a shock 1-0 win over Colombia.

    The show’s website claim that their original approach to broadcasting ’empowers women’, although at the moment it’s mostly empowering the Venezuelan players, who next face Peru on Friday.

    1. Copa America’s penchant for dirty play is not disappointing this year.

      1. It’s South America – I wasn’t expecting anything different.

  12. “the racism of millennials”

    Nice band name. But what do millennials think?

    1. Their commentary was a long string of slurs I’m not going to re-print here.

      1. I figured they head the word racism, and hid under their pillows

    2. But what do millennials think?

      That some races are inherently inferior to others?

    1. You see how he is holding his gun in one of the photos? That you, TUPAC? Jesus, he really wanted to BUS’ A CAP!!!!

      1. Have fun picking hot brass out of your eye.

          1. Not for nothing, but he appears to be using his left hand, which would put the brass at his feet…

            He probably practiced that shit, yo! Straight up ganstah!

      2. Heather MacDonald is going to have to explain to me how that guy, and his Chris Christie doppelganger of a partner, are people I should respect.

        1. I really can’t stand that woman, even though I agree with her about a lot of things. On the issue of police, she really is the classic example of someone who doesn’t give a shit about things as long as they happen to other people. She loves stop and frisk. If I ever met her, I would ask her if I could give her a good frisk. Sure I am a total stranger. But I am a professional and am not a criminal or looking to rape her. And if I take it a bit too far she can certainly complain about it. So why not? She is totally okay with young black men being groped by total strangers. Why would she have a problem with a total stranger like me giving her a bit of a grope?

          1. I bet if you were wearing the right uniform she would happily submit.

      3. TUPAC?

        Looks more like Biggie Smalls.

  13. Are Obamacare’s 22 Health Insurance Co-ops Near Financial Collapse?

    Ominous signs are proliferating among 22 Obamacare health insurance co-ops of imminent financial collapses that could leave more than a million Americans without coverage, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group analysis.

    All but one of the federally funded co-ops are experiencing accelerating net losses. President Obama’s signature health care reform program established the co-ops to provide non-profit competition to private sector health insurance providers.

    Many of the 22 co-ops could soon follow an Obamacare co-op that defaulted earlier this year, suffering $163 million in operating losses in a single year. That collapse left 120,000 customers without coverage on Christmas Eve….

    1. I blame obstructionism on the part of the racists who hate poor people and oppose anything our president does.

      1. Like the fast track authorization for the trade negotiations?

    2. About the only “successful” thing to come out of Obamacare in about five years will be putting a shit-ton more people on Medicaid. And since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service shell out about $900 billion more than the FHI fund takes in taxes, putting even more people on a massively insolvent program just speeds up the collapse.

  14. Ta-Nehisi Coates calls for South Carolina to remove the confederate flag from the capitol grounds in Charleston.

    ????? ????, motherfucker

    1. please ignore than SC is the state that elected a black man to the US Senate.

      1. missing “first”? Was that during reconstruction?

        1. Our current, non-Lindsey Graham Senantor, Tim Scott.

          1. South Carolina, that confederate flag waiving racist racist-hole has elected more black senators and female governors than New York and California combined.

            1. Also, Nikki Haley is of Indian (South Asian) ancestry.

            2. Waving the Confederate flag remains a dick move, though.

  15. “Ta-Nehisi Coates calls for South Carolina to remove the confederate flag from the capitol grounds in Charleston.”

    How long do you think Coates has been waiting for something just like this to happen in South Carolina?

    1. Oh, he already had that article written. Was just waiting for the event…

    2. The only people happy about this are racists and progs, for the exact same reasons. They are hoping to touch off something to aid them control the people they hate and fear.

    3. I do not understand why he is considered to be an impressive writer.

      1. Easy — it’s his *name*.

      2. Because he tells guilt-ridden progs what they want to hear.

        1. He’s black Krugman! Beware BLUGMAN!

    4. South Carolina should troll him by taking down the battle flag and putting up the actual flag of the Confederacy. Though he probably won’t know what that is.

    5. Eh. I would take it down. It’s a pointless reminder of a loser past.

    1. “The group of “about 12-15 mates” originally hail from the Central Coast and Newcastle in New South and regularly take their clothes off at various Darwin venues because they “love getting nude”.”

      About 12-15. They’re so busy getting naked they never stopped to count.

      1. Sounds pretty gay.

        1. Nothing sexual, and be sure to underline that.

          1. It’s a biceps.

      2. Buncha meat-gazers should just come outta the damn closet…

    2. Seems to me like lots of Aussie movies feature a scene where people – men, usually – get naked and run in the waves. NTTAWTT.

      1. It’s a winning idea, that’s why. Certainly improved Schindler’s List: The Director’s Cut

        1. *Snorts into coffee*

      2. Given what lives in Australian waters, such an act is courting death and made of foolish bravado.

        1. You’re probably taking your life into your hands when you take a shower, so I guess you become inured to the risk?

  16. The Washington Post’s deputy digital opinions editor blaming Dylann Roof’s massacre of nine people on “the racism of millennials.”

    Maybe someone should poll them.

  17. D.C. Officials Stole $110K From Children’s Program to Fund Obama Inaugural Ball
    Neil S. Rodgers, a former D.C. government official, was sentenced Tuesday for his role in the misappropriation of $110,000 earmarked for D.C.’s Children at Risk and Drug Prevention Fund to cover a deficit for the 51st State Inaugural Ball for President Obama’s inauguration in 2009. Rodgers, found guilty of fraud in March, was sentenced to 36 days (served on weekends) plus two years of probation. Rodgers must also repay the entire $110,000 as restitution for his crime….

  18. This is American terrorism: White supremacy’s brutal, centuries-long campaign of violence
    There’s a war being waged against Black Americans, whether white America wants to admit it or not

    The evidence is clear. The reports are in. There is no other conclusion. It’s 2015, and Black people in America are under a sustained and lethal terrorist attack.

    In North Charleston, S.C., not too far from the place where the A.M.E. terrorist attack on 9 Black church members took place, Walter Scott was shot several times in the back as he fled from police on foot, posing no immediate threat. In Staten Island, N.Y., Eric Garner was choked to death by officers as he gasped for air, exclaiming: “I can’t breathe.” In Baltimore, MD, a frightened Freddie Gray fled from Brian Rice and two other white officers on foot. By the time he was placed in the police wagon, his leg had been broken. By the final time he was removed from the wagon, three of his vertebrae had been cracked and his voice box had been crushed.

    This is a crappily run war.

    1. Dammit, what have I said about trigger warnings on Salon articles, people?

    2. “This is a crappily run war.”

      Seems like waiting on people to be struck lightning would be just a efficient.

    3. Ah yes more victimhood, more identity politics, more blame whitey, yeah sure that will stop the hate. Seriously fuck people who write this garbage.

      1. You think they actually *want* to stop the hate? Much like the cockroach in Men in Black who needed intergalactic war to feed his family of 78 million, the left needs it’s aggrieved coalition to feel besieged and threatened to turn out in ’08/’12 numbers for Hillary!

    4. In Baltimore, MD, a frightened Freddie Gray fled from Brian Rice and two other white officers on foot.

      No matter what, don’t talk about the three black officers who were involved.

    5. LEt the droning commence

    6. How stable is a soapbox that is propped up by dead bodies?

    7. So clearly since nearly all of these events are perpetrated by the police, Salon will be taking the position of “anything we can do, we must do” and will immediately propose the ending of the drug war, eliminating public sector unions and rescinding the protection of qualified immunity.

      1. I’m not holding my breath on that, are you?

  19. Anyone see how Tony DERPED it up on the Stalinist Libertarian thread last night? Fuck’s sake, I think he had some sort of aneursym…

    1. Is it worth going back to read, or is it just run-of-the-mill Tonyderp?

      1. IT’s pretty bad even by Tony’s standards of mendacity:

        Tony|6.17.15 @ 7:56PM|#
        Fairness is essential to liberty. And I don’t know why anyone would be against fairness.

        Tony|6.18.15 @ 12:17AM|#
        I’m for more centrally administered benefits for all humans. See, I actually favor policies that allow capitalism to work in its own sphere, creative destruction and all. But the only way we can do that while still ensuring that citizens of the wealthiest society on earth do not want for basic needs is to socialize access to those basic needs.

        Tony|6.17.15 @ 7:58PM|#
        As you express your contempt for democracy you fail to explain your alternative. Who gets to impose all the true and righteous policies you support and you think nobody should be allowed to challenge?

        1. Tony’s intellect never fails to fail to impress.

  20. Benghazi investigators ponder: Is State Dept lying, or is Hillary?

    The message was clear. Clinton had turned over everything, and the State Department would make it all public.

    Then State sent Clinton’s emails that concerned Libya to the House Select Committee on Benghazi. Chairman Trey Gowdy immediately expressed skepticism about the claim that everything had been turned over. “There are gaps of months and months and months,” Gowdy said.

    Gowdy’s suspicions appear to have been confirmed. As part of the committee’s questioning of Clinton friend and defender Sidney Blumenthal, who exchanged many emails with Clinton on the subject of Libya, Blumenthal turned over a bunch of emails with Clinton that the committee had never seen before. The State Department had not given them to the committee when State originally turned over what were purported to be all of Clinton’s Libya-related emails.

    1. Hey, Trey — have you subpoenaed Hillary’s server administrator(s) yet?

    2. It’s not like Hillary and her crew will ever face any consequences.

    3. I don’t understand the use of ‘or’ in that first sentence.

      The only question is which one is doing more.

  21. Trashy problem repelling tourists along National Mall

    “That’s the first thing that you see and notice,” McDonald noted. “The sun comes up and it’s just trash.” “It’s quite nice seeing the sunrise glisten off the plastic bottles,” Levy quickly added.

    Gotta take the good with the bad.

    1. Then when the test proves they are her parents, she’ll dig herself even deeper.

    2. Government can’t even keep the trashcans properly emptied on the most emblematic public space.

      1. It’s probably 2/3 of the workforce calling in “sick” every weekend – and nothing else happened.

    3. Massive numbers of tourists leave their shit behind wherever they go. Complain when they see it later.

    1. Wanna chip in for contribute to one?

    2. OMG, just when you think it can’t get any better…

      Yeah, I’d love to see some ambush journalist show up with a camera crew, a cheek swab and a release form.

      1. The word “ambush” in the above post is being used as an adjective to modify the word “journalist.” I’m referring to journalists who practice the form of journalism known as ambush journalism. In today’s climate of pants-shitting hysteria it is unfortunately neccessary to point out things like this so that people in the government and media don’t think they’re being threatened.

      2. It will prove her right – she’s really Bill Cosby’s daughter

    3. She could have been my son sister!


  22. My God is Author Chu and depraved retard. We can’t let the fact that Adam Lanza and most likely the guy in Georgia were barking mad get in the way of hating white men and guns. It is just “upside down” thinking for anyone to claim being delusional and psychotic makes you prone to violence. What makes someone “prone to violence” is buying a gun.


    1. Before he delved further into insanity and left twitter, he blocked me over calling bullshit over one of his rants.

      Fucking A, he cheated and won a couple of games of Jeopardy, that’s why he’s popular? At least Ken Jennings is somewhat personable and not an asshole.

      1. How did he cheat at Jeopardy?

    2. Chu Chu Train has a long history of irrational and psychotic howling about subjects he hasn’t bothered researching.

      1. Even the comments at Salon are calling him an asshole for this. Think about what kind of an epic retard you have to be to be the class retard at Salon? Chu is apparently just such an epic retard.

        1. He is right that this one has nothing to do with mental illness in that it has to do with someone being a horrible white supremacist.

          1. I think he is psychotic. If he had just been a white supremacist sociopath, he would have been a serial killer or something. To go in and do this means you have some kind of mental illness.

  23. It has taken the senseless massacre of nine innocent, faithful black Americans and an ongoing manhunt for us to quit talking about Rachel Dolezal. What an awful, community-shattering event, and what an indictment on us. The conversation we want to have and the conversation we need to have are not the same.

    There is a difference between white privilege and white supremacy. “Privilege” evokes images of children getting to stay up after their bedtimes, or maybe concert-goers getting to go backstage after a show. “Supremacy,” though, implies control and dominance. In America, we have established that black citizens can’t sleep, walk down the street, play with a toy gun by themselves in a park, wear a hoodie, and now PRAY IN THE OLDEST AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE SOUTH without feeling as though their lives may be in danger. That is what it looks like for a population to be dominated, and that dynamic of dominance in America is racial in nature.

    This is disgusting, and we as white people MUST do everything we can to change this dynamic. If not, we are passively allowing the lives of our black friends, colleagues, and family members – not to mention the lives of so many people of color – to remain at risk.

    I am so sad. Our prayers go out to the Charleston and Emanuel AME Church community.

    The guilt is strong with this one.

    1. to quit talking about Rachel Dolezal.


    2. Randomly CAPITALIZING words is the BEST way to get your POINT across.

      1. Needs more GAMBOLING.

    3. the lives of our black friends, colleagues, and family members

      Some of his closest friends are black…clearly

      1. I know, most of the people I know that are posting this garbage on facebook don’t actually interact with any black people on a regular basis, they just spew some condescending, racist bs on facebook to feel better about themselves.

  24. Will Democrats’ divide over trade lead to a “tea party of the left?”

    The “Warren Wing” Democrats have gone full retard on trade and their Obama hatred much like the idiot Tea Party back in 2009 for – something. TARP was their excuse back then.

    1. What about separation of powers? Ooops, saw the handle. My bad.

      1. Listen, and understand. It’s a sock. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

  25. Florist’s tip led police to Charleston shooting suspect

    She noticed a car matching the description from the news on Highway 74 near Sparrow Springs Road in Gastonia. She called her boss Todd Frady to see what he thought she should do. She said by looking at her phone, her first call to Frady was at 10:21 a.m. ET.

    “I paid close attention to the pictures on TV, but I thought, ‘No. It can’t be him,'” Dills said.
    Roof’s car pulled over in Shelby

    Frady called the Kings Mountain Police Department.

    “I noticed the car. And I noticed the boy’s haircut,” Dills said.

    1. I assume the boss was a man and he told her what to do?

    2. Yeah, white woman in the south goes out of her way to notice this and call it in. If Coates and Chu were right wouldn’t racist white America have closed ranks and shielded and protected that person?

      1. Even Stormfront has denounced this guy.

        1. Stop with your confusing facts.

        2. Why? You’d think they’d be all for it.

    3. “I noticed the car. And I noticed the boy’s haircut,” Dills said.

      See? Something good CAN be said for the bowl cut now.

  26. Funny article on the currency change


    1. The US Mint doesn’t print anything over $100 anymore. Hasn’t for a while.

  27. Meanwhile: The pathos of Napoleon’s penis

    The owner of Napoleon’s penis died last Thursday in Englewood, New Jersey. John K. Lattimer, who’d been a Columbia University professor and a collector of military (and some macabre) relics, also possessed Lincoln’s blood-stained collar and Hermann G?ring’s cyanide ampoule. But the penis, which supposedly had been severed by a priest who administered last rites to Napoleon and overstepped clerical boundaries, stood out (sorry) from the professor’s collection of medieval armor, Civil War rifles and Hitler drawings.

    1. Napoleon’s penis was not the only Napoleonic body part that became grist for the relic mill.

      Damn! And to think that some call the H&R commentariat, um, ill-mannered.

    2. God, I hope he’s not referring to Mary Todd Lincoln.

    3. What is it about Columbia?

    4. Cobra can use it when they resurrect Serpentor.

  28. Toyota in damage control mode after American exec arrested

    Toyota Motor Corp moved into damage control mode on Friday after its new communications chief Julie Hamp, an American and its first senior woman executive, was arrested on suspicion of illegally bringing pain killers into Japan just two months after her appointment.

    Toyota President Akio Toyoda apologized for the incident at a news conference and reiterated the company’s belief that Hamp had no intent of breaking the law.

    “To me, executives and staff who are my direct reports are like my children,” he said.

    “It’s the responsibility of a parent to protect his children and, if a child causes problems, it’s also a parent’s responsibility to apologize.”

    1. How dare people try to avoid pain. Thank God governments are there to stop them.

    2. ‘To me, executives and staff who are my direct reports are like my children,” he said.”

      Not creepy at all.

      Maybe the message was lost in translation.

      1. Eh, Japan is very hierarchical society, it doesn’t strike me as that creepy from them.

        1. I know it’s hierarchical and not out of the norm.

          But it’s still fun to poke.

          1. something something fun to poke?

      2. It doesn’t sound so bad in Japanese.

    1. “White Liberals. you don’t speak for me. STFU!”

      Preach Eric!

    2. Mary Stack?

  29. Ta-Nehisi Coates calls for South Carolina to remove the confederate flag from the capitol grounds in Charleston.

    It should be a no-brainier for libertarians to support governments not flying the banner of slavery but I won’t hold my breath for that here.

    1. You know, Tulpa, back when you came up with this “Bo” personality, it was at least more coherent than the others. Now it’s sub-PB.

      1. Yeah, I’m Tulpa. I’ve been half a dozen other bogeymen of the worst regulars here. Because goodness knows it’d have to be some insular troll fantasy rather than, y’know, a libertarian who thinks slavery was the worst thing ever!

        1. Wave your own bloody flag, Botard. Wave it! Just be careful – those bodies can be slippery! Don’t fall!

          1. Wave a bloody flag? There’s a state government that’s flying one regularly!

            1. Not too mention all the ones flying at Turtle Bay.

        2. I would think genocide beats slavery, but what do I know.

          1. I’d be against flying swastikas too.

            1. Perfect analogy, fuckwit…

              1. It is perfect.

                Much like the Nazi party’s main motivation in its existence was racial purity via genocide, the CSA’s was protecting slavery.

                Your inability to denounce the CSA speaks volumes about your ‘libert’arian ostensibility

                1. Your inability to denounce the CSA speaks volumes about your ‘libert’arian ostensibility

                  Safe to say that everyone here does denounce slavery. That’s quite a bit different than denouncing a colorful piece of fabric that doesn’t have magical properties.

                2. Right. Because I am so FOR slavery and the CSA. Brilliant parsing of my argument you goddamn moron.

                  Gonna make a helluva lawyer. Better take your first few cases pro bono, because people generally don’t like to pay to go to prison…

                  1. Monty, you probably liked The Dukes of Hazard, didn’t you? You sicken me.

                    1. *hangs outed face in shame*

                  2. Right. Because I am so FOR slavery and the CSA. Brilliant parsing of my argument you goddamn moron.

                    This is what Bo does. He conflates things. I don’t know if he does this on purpose or if he isn’t smart enough to tell the difference.

                    One thing I know for sure – we are all going to get a horrible scolding from Warty.

    2. No, go ahead and hold your breath. We’ll let you know when to stop.

      1. Like I said, waiting for the tribal right leaders passing as libertarians here to find slavery to be the worst thing in our history is not something I’m foolish enough to do. I mean, SJWs hate slavery and all so it’s automatically suspect round here I guess!

        1. Another fact-free petulant tantrum by H&R’s favorite toddler.

          1. Tonio, you and your SoCon pals better get it together!

          2. Fact free? I’ve yet to see one poster here denounce a flag that was the banner of actual slavery in the U.S. You don’t find that fact on a site of people who name their movement after the antithesis of slavery to be worth comment?

            1. Here’s one

              And, for the record, I denounce banners of actual slavery, genocide, totalitarianism, and authoritarianism.

            2. Bo’s initial claim: waiting for the tribal right leaders passing as libertarians here to find slavery to be the worst thing in our history

              Bo’s subsequent claim after being called out: I’ve yet to see one poster here denounce a flag.

              Ok, kids, who can spot the shifting of the goalposts?

              1. Yeah, and that flag wasn’t a symbol of slavery. Deep indeed.

            3. I condemn the flag. It’s tacky and we’ve a perfectly good icon of imperial ambition flying over the rest of the country. Happy?

              I’m just reluctant to condemn decisions made at a state level, presumably by popular referendum, whether or not I’m thrilled about preserving Confederate iconography.

              1. Bingo. Bo CANNOT comprehend this.

              2. “I’m just reluctant to condemn decisions made at a state level,”

                Like Jim Crow? Or for that matter state level gun control? Sheesh.

                1. “Reluctant,” you disingenuous cretin. As in, something should rise to the occasion rather than being the default resort when it’s convenient. I’ve heard very compelling, reasonable defenses of federal intervention during the 60s, all of them from far right-of-center conservatives and libertarians. From the left I’ve heard tepid avowals that opposition to gay marriage and Jim Crow are like totes the same, man. Anything else?

                2. Flying a flag voted on by citizens of the state= Jim Crow poll taxes and state-sponsored terrorism

                  You are some kinda fucking idiot…

                  1. Jesus Christ, Monty – he said slavery was the worst thing in this nation’s history so he obviously thinks the genocide committed againt the natives was a good thing. How can you even bear to speak to someone who as much as said “Redskins should be exterminated like cockroaches”? Or at least I’ve never seen him denounce the idea here. And I’ve never seen him denounce the idea of nuking the Philippines, either.

            4. The USA’s Stars and Stripes was the original flag of slavery. It should not fly over the nation’s capital named after a slave holder.

              1. The USA’s Stars and Stripes was the original flag of slavery. It should not fly over the nation’s capital named after a slave holder.

                For some reason, this is different.

                1. You’re moving the goal posts in the wrong direction.

                  If you don’t get with the program, you’ll soon find yourself on a train, headed off to camp for ‘reorientation’.

    3. That flag directly caused this maniac to murder.

      1. Who cares what motivated its removal?

        People here cry at the least implication from a prof that they support the slightest imposition on liberty, but the banner of the slave states of America, hey no problem!

        1. The Peanut Gallery is mostly knee-jerk conservative masquerading as libertarian.

          And they don’t like it when I point that fact out.

          1. If you go to Cato, Volokh, BHL, etc., the Confederacy and its symbols are easily and readily denounced as no-brainers. This place is bizarrely anomalous.

            1. The word you’re looking for is ambivalent. As in, we don’t go in much for symbolic gestures like whose face the federal bureau of engraving puts on the ten dollar bill.

        2. ‘prog’

        3. What about the banners of other nations and provinces that have a history of slavery and genocide?

          1. The defining institution of the Confederacy’s brief existence was slavery, it’s not comparable to a flag of a nation that, among many other things in its history under that flag, did this or that bad thing.

            1. So you say. Not all agree. Why not move on?

              I find the importance that people put on words and symbols utterly fascinating. It’s akin to the animism that the lefties ascribe to inanimate objects, or the magic they think some words on a piece of paper can do. It isn’t logical or rational at all.

              Besides, as terrible as slavery is, it isn’t the worse thing ever. When you are a slave at least you can be Spartacus, or follow one, and potential win your freedom. Or you can persevere with the hope that your progeny will be free.

              No, I’d say genocide is worse. When you are dead, there is no hope of freedom, and when there is no one to extend your culture into the future it becomes nothing.

              1. Yes Restoras, it’s the side that doesn’t want the flag of a horrible, defeated movement to be constantly flown that can’t move on. Lol

                1. Whatever, bro. You just keep clinging to your belief in magic at the expense of logic and rationality.

                  1. The reason the flag of a movement that lost over a hundred years ago and whose motivating factor is universally condemned is because its supporters can’t move on Restoras.

                    1. Or, maybe they just don’t like being told what to do. You know, kind of a reverse FYTW.

                    2. We, do you know what they were being ‘told to do’ when they put that up?

                    3. As near as I can tell, no one is being told to do anything by the banner. It isn’t animate.

                    4. I can tell you, fuck wit. They’re saying FUCK YOU to assholes like you who routinely hang their blood stained grubby fingers on a magic piece of cloth.

    4. Hey hey now, real Libertarians change their names to wood chipper references around here, and can apparently speak German.

      1. I confess to being busy recently and to neglecting my online community here (kind of a reverse Playa Manhattan move), so what’s this wood chipper business?

        1. You should get even busier, then.

        2. God, you are fucking weasel. I knew it was NO COINCIDENCE that you hadn’t shown your fucking weasel moniker around here lately. What a sad fuck you are…

    5. Maybe some libertarians support SC flying that flag on the “Mind Your Own Business” grounds?

      1. The government flying it on those grounds?

        ‘Mind your own business, this state honors its history of relentlessly defending the forcible and state enforced mass enslavemebt of millions!’


        1. Sure, I think SC should ditch the “dixie cross.” But I’m not an SC resident, and that bit of worthless symbolism is so far down my list of liberty priorities that it doesn’t register.


          2. I live in SC.

            1. So just continue to agitate for the removal of the colorful piece of fabric in favor of another one. I’m sure that with time – as well as a logical and rational argument – you’ll win, especially if you can come up with an alternative that everyone can get behind. SC played a huge part in the Revolution – what colorful piece of fabric did it fly then?

        2. You do understand that federalism is, if not a tenant of libertarianism proper, a least bad alternative to unmediated centralism?

          1. Many libert’arian thinkers see federalism as a means to an end, not an end itself. And no one is telling the Feds to make SC take down the flag. One can respect federalism and still criticize any given state policy, I bet you do it all the time in regards to ‘blue’ states.

            1. Many libertarians can go pound dirt. Society is not a means to an end. That’s whiggish nonsense.

    6. I’m with Bo on this one. Take the flag down.

      1. If people who name their philosophy on the antithesis of slavery cannot bring themselves to denounce a confederation of states formed with the explicit goal of preserving mass human slavery then we deserve every criticism that we’re really a bunch of cranky, conservative white guys only interested in the liberties of our own pocketbooks and hobbies. Sheesh.

        1. We do denounce that confederation. We also respect people’s right to fly whatever fucking flag they want. Maybe you are unaware that courts have ruled flags as speech. You fucking moron.

          1. Individuals flying it, knock yourself out. We’re talking state government

            1. Which is the collection of individuals that live in the state. That includes you.

              Why are you such a damn hypocrite – YOU’RE THE ONE THAT VOTED THAT FLAG UP THERE!!!

              1. Dude, don’t defend the idea that government = the people it supposedly represents. That is some collectivist nonsense that should be self-evidently false to anyone who calls themselves libertarian.

                1. Not federal, no. But local and – to a degree, state- I can somewhat get behind. Especially for the purpose of exposing the mental midget that is Botard.

                  1. I’d even be against a local government flying it. It’s not the number of people voting or how close the government is to the people that is the issue. It is the government’s monopoly on force that is the issue. So year, I’m not really down with any government flying the confederate flag.

                  2. Hmm… No, that’s still dumb and wrong.

                    1. (Response above is to Monty Crisco, not LynchPin. Although “Lynch” is hella triggering, yo.)

              2. Really Crisco? You’re gonna go with the “will of the people” argument?

                1. Depends on what everyone on the commentariat has to say… then I will rule with the majority!!!!

      2. If I was a South Carolina voter I’d be pushing for the government to stop putting its imprimatur on this symbol. But I’m not. So I won’t.

      3. I agree with taking the flag down. All of them.

        1. Except Mexico, an eagle eating a snake is badass.

    7. It’s also a banner of a terrible government, one that continually violated the right of its citizens and ignored it’s own constitution constantly. However, among the Confederate states, South Carolina was the only one that did not provide a regiment of soldiers to the Union, so I guess they fully embraced their loserdom.

      1. Clarification: South Carolina provided 6 Black Regiments to the Union Army. The source I had was apparently showing only White Regiments.

    8. banner of slavery

      The Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia never flew over slavery. Interestingly enough, the Flag of the United States Government did for quite some time. Funny, that.

  30. Eddie Zipperer is not the name of a real person.

        1. *** sputters ***

          Well, at least my face is not the name of a real person! I think …

  31. 7 lies about red meat the food industry wants you to believe

    Yet a quick glance at the medical literature shows nothing nonsensical. The first search term under “red meat” on the U.S. National Library of Medicine website is “cancer” where 1,065 research entries are found. The third search term is for “colorectal” cancer where there are 452 research entries. Other top search choices include “cardiovascular disease,” “heart,” “breast cancer,” “diabetes” and “red meat consumption and mortality.”

    The first entries on the American Heart Association website under red meat are for articles called “Eat More Chicken, Fish And Beans,” “Processed Red Meat Linked To Higher Risk Of Heart Failure, Death,” and “Choosing Healthier Protein-Rich Foods Instead Of Red And Processed Meat.”

    The American Cancer Society says “because of a wealth of studies linking colon cancer to diets high in red meats (beef, lamb, or pork) and processed meats (hot dogs, bologna, etc.), the Society encourages people to eat more vegetables and fish and less red and processed meats.”

    1. Pork? Isn’t that the other white meat?

  32. It’s ‘fake meth,’ man tells deputy

    A man arrested for driving with a suspended license told a Spokane County sheriff’s deputy a bag of white crystals was “fake meth.”

    Thomas Kammers, 42, is being held in the Spokane County Jail on a $5,000 bond after he was pulled over Monday afternoon near North Stevens Street and West Houston Avenue.

    A Sheriff’s Office news release said a deputy “observed a 1992 Honda traveling on a completely flat tire” with license plates that expired in September 2014. The deputy stopped the car and arrested Kammers, who had a plastic bag on him.

    Not believing the fake-meth story, the deputy field-tested the crystals for methamphetamine. They tested positive.

    1. Of course, there’s a very long list of things that aren’t drugs that test positive for being drugs on those field tests, because field tests are completely worthless.

      1. And we all know that the government testing labs are completely honest, and never fudge results to give the results that cops want. Only an anti-government nutjob would think that having testing labs run by the cops or prosecutors is a bad idea.

        1. If you can’t trust federal phrenology labs, who can you trust?

  33. Heinz apologizes for ketchup bottle QR code tied to porn site

    Daniel Korell wrote to the ketchup firm on Facebook, saying the Heinz Hot Ketchup “is probably not for minors” after he scanned the QR code on his bottle expecting to be taken to a label design contest website and was instead taken to a porn site.

    Korell wrote he tried the code with “several phones” and tried manually entering the web address, but he received the same result each time.

    Heinz apologized to Korell, saying the company’s ownership of the website expired after the 2012-2014 contest came to a close.

    1. Good PR stunt. Still prefer Hunts.

    2. According to Gawker

      Fundorado, on the other hand, has turned the error into a promotional tool of their own, proudly running a banner on their site reading, “JA, DAS ORIGINAL VON DER KETCHUP FLASCHE!”

  34. via Balko’s twitter, this is a nut punch-a-thon (autoplay).

    Frost answered four questions from state police at the hospital ? about additional possible suspects and other information ? and then declined to be interviewed, opting instead to submit a report, Lloyd said.

    This is a link to photos that were released of the cop after the verdict.

    This story has everything: evil thc, weisenheimer teen, body camera that gets turned off and slow leaking of information by the police.

    1. Not verdict…the photos that were released after prosecutors declined to file charges.

    2. Same story, different source. And not autoplay.

      I dare anyone with boy children to watch the video, and not chuck up your breakfast. I double dead dog dare you.

      1. Wow. The facebook non-anonymous comments at that site make us look like a bunch of choir boys.

  35. As someone already mentioned in an earlier thread, Popehat has a new post up on the event that we cannot mention.

    1. legal question: If a subpoened party mentions z subpoena in violation of a gag order, and then is later successful in showing that the subpoena that underlies the gag was unlawful, would they still be criminally liable for violating the gag?

      Am I even allowed to ask this question?

      1. I say “no.” On the answer, not on whether you are allowed to ask the question.

  36. This is an old story that somehow got recycled on social media this week. It is a great example of how belief in socialism can become a form of insanity. This guy is not stupid. And he understand nature. You don’t have to understand much about nature to realize both life’s fragility and resiliancy. At the micro level, life is very fragile. We are a lot closer to death than we think. People who believe in the singularity are kidding themselves. Nature is too relentless and too adaptable. We are all going to die at some point. At the macro level, however, that relentlessness and adaptability makes life virtually impossible to eliminate. Mount St. Helens killed every living thing down to the micro level for miles. Yet, life returned to the area almost as soon as the ash and mud cooled. Nothing short of a near by super nova microwaving the entire planet or something going drastically wrong with the sun is going to end all human life. Yet, this guy thinks global warming will. That is because he is a socialist and thinks all consumption and capitalism is evil and will destroy mankind. In this way an otherwise accomplished, intelligent and reasonable man has come to believe something utterly insane. If that is not the definition of insanity, what is?


    1. Though you were talking about the pope before I clicked the link.

    2. Aliens burning Earth down to bedrock is a more likely extinction event than AGW.

    1. Good question. The people at Salon and their ilk have spent decades telling black people the entire country is racist and they have no chance to succeed no matter how hard they try and every bad thing that happens to them is because of white racism. At the same time, they have been telling white people that it doesn’t matter how poor they are or how many bad breaks in life they get, they are by virtue of being white privileged and should feel guilty about being white and accept it that they owe black people reparations.

      And now they are shocked that black people have listened to them and don’t like whites and poor and middle class whites who have seen their real wages and employment levels decline might resent blacks. Their entire political movement and ideology is based around sowing racial division for political gain and they now act shocked that there is so much racial division in this country. And I honestly think they are surprised. They are really that delusional and think black people should be grateful for their help and not hate whites and white people should happily accept their role as villains in society.

  37. Denmark’s prime minister resigns after populist party success

    Instead, the big winners on the right were the Danish People’s party, who beat the Liberals to become Denmark’s second-biggest party behind Ms Thorning-Schmidt’s Social Democrats.

    It remains unclear if the DPP would enter government or seek to support it from parliament as they did in 2001-11. But if they enter a centre-right coalition, it would mark the third Nordic country to have a populist party in government after Norway and Finland.

    Peter Skaarup, parliamentary leader of the DPP, told the Financial Times his party would push to toughen up Denmark’s asylum rules, already some of the strictest in Europe. “We are going to tighten up the legislation regarding immigration and family reunification and bring back border control [with Germany and Sweden],” he said.

    1. “bring back border control [with Germany and Sweden],” he said.”


      1. Cue up “Everything is Awesome”…

      2. Say what you will about Denmark, they at least elected a really hot PM.

  38. This guy has some pretty cool views about black holes.

    Any physicists here know whether this could possibly be true?

    1. Um, you go first.

      1. Should have said “astophysically inclined”

    2. Since they don’t actually explain the physics at all (fuzz-ball, firewall? what the fuck?!?), I have no idea.

      I think it’s bullshit; if you look at black holes that have been observed, the picture is pretty gruesome for human survivability.

      As objects fall towards the black hole the tidal forces become immense (basically, the pull of gravity on the near side of an object is so much greater than on the far side of the object that the object gets ripped apart). The material falling in isn’t generally falling straight into the black hole, but has some sideways motion. It bumps into other material that is also falling into the black hole but with a different sideways motion, and the result of all these collisions is that the material gets forced into a hot disk of gas spinning around the black hole. The collisions heat the material to the point where it is radiating x-rays.

      Closer to the black hole, according to General Relativity, time appears to slow relative to the passage of time far away. What this means to the guy falling into the black hole is that starlight falling into the black hole gets blueshifted into gamma rays. The tidal forces tear apart molecules.

      When one hits the event horizon, according to GR time asymptotically comes to a stop. Nobody really knows what happens at that point. I suppose that’s what they are arguing about.

      Since the article you linked to doesn’t actually discuss physical processes, it’s pretty meaningless.

      1. tarran, a long time ago I read Kip Thorne’s book Black Holes and Time Warps and Michio Kaku’s Hyperspace – has a lot of thinking changed since then? Can you recommend a book for a layman to get caught up? I find the topic utterly fascinating but don’t have the math language skills for anything really technical.

        1. Dude, *my* knowledge is 20 years out of date.

          I found Taylor and Wheeler’s book on special relativity to be very good. They also wrote one about black holes and general relativity that is likely to be what you are interested in.

  39. Millennials have grown up in a world where we talk about race without racism ? or don’t talk about it at all ? and where “skin color” is the explanation for racial inequality, as if ghettos are ghettos because they are black, and not because they were created.

    Jamelle Bouie quote from the WashPo article. You’d think he’d ask himself who created said ghettos before he pulls the lever to vote next time. But nah…

    1. And if the current generation doesn’t take racism seriously and thinks it is a joke, maybe people like those at the Washington Post using it as a political weapon on every single issue year after year has something to do with that. Who could have thought blaming every political difference on racism might cheapen the term?

    2. FDR created a lot of these ghettos because the New Deal actually broke up formerly integrated neighborhoods and created racially segregated public housing.

      1. What?! You can’t say that about a hero of the left! LALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!

  40. “The Republican Party is my vehicle, not my master.”

    Jackie is a mambo, a priestess, the horse of Danbala. Danbala rides her, Danbala Wedo, the snake. Other times, she is the horse of Aida Wedo, his wife.

    1. Agile Cyborg reads from the Sundiata Epic?

  41. This was paraded around my Derpbook yesterday after the South Carolina shooting:

    The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery

    1. They just can’t help but make shit up. If the point was to preserve slavery, they would have wanted a large standing army. And the slave holders ran the government in the South. Since they left the union and went to war because they thought the north might some day be able to ban slavery, I think it is a pretty good bet that the slave holding states were not going to ban gun ownership if it was necessary to preserve slavery.

      1. The argument in that article is essentially that Patrick Henry said some paranoid shit about slave revolts, therefore the second amendment was meant to fight slaves.

        It’s also hilarious because minimum wage was originally meant to keep black people from being able to take jobs from whites. They literally called the minimum wage the ‘white man’s wage’ and it had racist origins in many Western countries including Australia and British Columbia. So you could use the same argument in that case.

        It’s moronic to try and argue that modern arguments about a subject are racist because racists supported the same thing for completely different reasons 300 years ago. It’s moronic whether you’re talking about gun rights or the minimum wage since if you have an argument you should make it rather than engaging in guilt by association by saying racists supported the same policy for totally different reasons 150 years ago.

        1. What is even more moronic is that they make that argument about gun rights with a straight face when nearly every Progressive policy they love was invented by people who were straight up white supremacists who believed in eugenics.

        2. Margaret Sanger partially promoted birth control as a means to eliminate the ‘unfit’ which often included black people. Does her justifications make it inherently racist? It doesn’t really reflect poorly on the concept of birth control itself, just Sanger.

    2. One of my FB “friends” posted this:

      If you’re outraged by something in the news, go do something about it. If you think the issue is too many guns, join the CSGV and volunteer. If you think we need more guns to defend against crazies with guns, go get a CPL and take a live-fire class. If you think racism is the problem, go volunteer for the NAACP. If you think that the problem is that the white man is being held down, go join Stormfront.

      But stop whining from your office chair. You’re not solving anything with your antiseptic solutions. Real life is dirty, and complicated, and you’re usually just as ignorant as the person you’re calling ignorant. Shut your mouth and listen to someone that disagrees with you for two seconds. Mostly, stop pretending you have anything to contribute other than yelling into the echo chamber of your own social media accounts.

      And because I think THAT is a large part of the problem, I’m now going to shut the hell up myself.

      1. Wow – that’s actually quite a good FB post. I’m sure he’ll get a lot of unfriendings for it – and maybe that’s the point?

    3. And was the exact Amendment that the Democrats attempted to deny to the freed slaves after the war…

    4. ‘Jacksh**’ has already been done. The shooter got his gun in a 100% legal way. And if he legally could not get a gun, he would have obtained it illegally.

      An Emotional Jon Stewart Drops the Comedy to Talk Charleston: ‘We Still Won’t Do Jackshit’

      I get the sense that Jon Stewart will run for elected office at some point like Al Franken, maybe to replace Senator Moobs of NY.

      1. And if he legally could not get a gun, he would have obtained it illegally.

        Or done something rather more explosive. I believe there’s a history of that sort of thing.

      2. And I saw this yesterday, and describes the shallowness of people like Jon Stewart.

        Also, note:

        Emotional Jon Stewart
        Rational Charles C.W. Cooke

        None of Obama’s Own Gun Control Proposals Have Anything to Do with the Shootings in Charleston

        The million dollar question, though, is, “Do what?” It is all very well to criticize the National Rifle Association and the Republican party for opposing further gun control, and yet it remains an inconvenient truth that not one of the reforms that the Democratic party proposed the last time it ventured into this debate would have changed the outcome here.

        1. Which you know might lead the more inquisitive mind to conclude that gun control isn’t a silver bullet, so to speak, but for the left it’s a credible excuse to double up on stupid.

    5. Why would anti-slavery Northerner politicians actively support the Second Amendment if it was solely to preserve slavery?

      1. Or how about notoriously racist dictionary maker Noah Webster:

        “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any bands of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States.”

        Or notoriously racist British Socialist George Orwell:

        “That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”

        I didn’t know George Orwell owned slaves.

        1. No one appreciates that quote from Orwell but it has long been one of my favorites…Even though he was an avowed socialist…

          1. This is my favorite gun quote:

            The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.

            -Adolf Hitler

        2. Don’t forget notorious pro-slavery advocate Frederick Douglass:

          “A man’s rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. “

            And the hits just keep on coming!!!

        3. And this, by pro-slavery founding father and writer Thomas Paine:

          “[A]rms like laws discourage and keep the invader and the plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. The balance of power is the scale of peace. The same balance would be preserved were all the world destitute of arms, for all would be alike; but since some will not others dare not lay them aside. And while a single nation refuses to lay them down, it is proper that all should keep them up. Horrid mischief would ensue were one half the world deprived of the use of them; for while avarice and ambition have a place in the heart of man, the weak will become a prey to the strong. The history of every age and nation establishes these truths, and facts need but little arguments when they prove themselves.”

        4. I have no idea what’s the background of the Orwell quote, but it almost sounds as though he’s saying the democratic spirit should be sedated lest the guns come off the walls.

          1. I agree. Pure democracy is just tyranny of the majority.

            The quote makes perfect sense if you replace democracy with liberty.

            1. Sure, but given that Orwell was an old socialist coot it sounds pretty sinister. It’s the job of socialist intellectuals to salve the spirits of their countrymen to prepare the way for a worker’s paradise.

        5. Actually it’s a symbol of freedom, not democracy.

  42. IAMX has a new song out

    And a new album/tour is due in autumn.

  43. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Etsy says no more selling spells on their site. The good news is, there is a petition you can sign to get them to remove the ban.

  44. Democrats May Keep Bernie Sanders Off New York Primary Ballot

    Vermont Senator/Indie Rocker Bernie Sanders is an Independent on paper, which means that he’s going to have a hard time getting his name on the Democratic presidential primary ballot in New York to compete with Taylor Swift fan Hillary Clinton next year.

    Why? Meet Wilson-Pakula, a very obscure state law. The Wilson-Pakula act, which passed in New York State back in 1947, bars any candidate from running for the nomination of a political party that he or she is not officially affiliated with. Unless, that is, he or she manages to get permission from that party’s committee leaders.

    1. HAHAHA.

      Looks like we’ve got a potential spoiler independent candidate.

      It will be fun to see Team Blue blaming Sanders the way Team Red was blaming Gary Johnson during the last election.

      1. If only libertarians would quit putting up candidates voters find palatable they’d have to vote red ticket.

  45. Quick Greece/IMF question. Given the US is the biggest funder of the IMF(*), any estimates as to how much the US stands to lose if/when Greece defaults?

    (*)I’m fairly sure this is true.

    Also, Tyler Cowen linked the following, which are the best few sentences I’ve seen written about the whole Greece issue:

    “What gets forgotten with the ‘fiscal austerity’ label is this. Greece is free to borrow as much as they want on private markets, but private markets were no longer willing to lend to Greece. If Europe and the ECB had not stepped in and replaced much of that lost lending, if the debt terms would not have been renegotiated, it would have had a much more drastic effect on fiscal resources in Greece. So, one could argue (and I think it is fair to argue), that the European policies actually were the opposite of ‘fiscal austerity’ compared to the benchmark case of only borrowing on private markets.” – See more at: http://marginalrevolution.com/…..52nJt.dpuf

    (Direct link is http://uchicagogate.com/2015/0…..ald-uhlig/)

    1. any estimates as to how much the US stands to lose if/when Greece defaults?

      Does it matter?

      The fed will just create money out of thin air to compensate for the loss.

    2. The private lenders Greece previously borrowed from were primarily European banks. When the EU and IMF bailed out Greece by consolidating and supporting debt payments they were really bailing out those European banks. They created a new organization funded by EU countries who issue bonds. Those debts are now off the banks’ balance sheets so a partial default won’t sink them. This was a transfer of Greek debt from European banks to European citizens, although it is largely not understood by Europeans. That process is now complete.

      This has always been a slow motion default. The Europeans wanted and needed time to financially engineer indemnification of their own banks. They’ve done that now.

      One way or another, the Greeks will default. Whether they stay in the Euro or issue their own currency is the question. My guess is they stay in the Euro because issuing their own currency would require real clear-eyed political leadership which doesn’t exist.

  46. I knew the millennials should have never elected Dylann Roof as the spokesperson for their generation. What were they thinking?

    /sarc, by the way

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