Another Reason Not to Draft Millennials: They Are Wisely Skeptical About War

New Cato Institute study shows the future is in good hands.



Earlier this week, I criticized National Journal's Ron Fournier for expressing the desire to enslave millennials in his war of choice against ISIS. Fournier is not the first aging pundit to tout compulsory national service as some magical panacea for all the world's problems, though he might be the first to suggest that disrupting the lives of enterprising young people and forcing them to waste time in public service would somehow cripple ISIS.

Requiring that people give up their pursuits to humor someone else's vague and outdated notions about the national interest is never a good idea. But it's particularly bad in this case, since most young people don't share Fournier's militarism. According to a new Cato Institute study authored by A. Trevor Thrall and Erik Goepner, millennials are less pessimistic about the state of the world than their elders:

Millennials perceive the world as significantly less threatening than their elders do, and they view foreign policies to deal with potential threats with much less urgency. Second, Millennials are more supportive of international cooperation than prior generations. Millennials, for example, are far more likely to see China as a partner than a rival and to believe that cooperation, rather than confrontation, with China is the appropriate strategy for the United States. Finally, thanks in particular to the impact of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Millennials are also far less supportive of the use of military force and may have internalized a permanent case of"Iraq Aversion."

Millennials prefer commerce, diplomacy, and peaceful coexistence. We (That's right, we. I'm a millennial, too!) also correctly understand that these are uniquely prosperous and peaceful times, despite the dire proclamations of pundits. And we realize that a reckless U.S. foreign policy is partly responsible for the current turmoil in the Middle East, which makes us rightly skeptical about further adventurism. Sounds to me like the future is in good hands. All conscription would do is veer us off that course.

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  1. If only Soave didn’t write in such a douchey style.

    vague and outdated notions about the national interest

    This is exactly the same way proggies ‘argue’ against ‘vague and outdated’ notions like ‘meritocracy’.

    1. So wait, am I disagreeing with Robby by analogy now?

    2. How is it “douchey” to describe arguments for conscription as “vague and outdated?” I’d understand a critique of the adjectives on a factual basis, but “douchey?” Because they’re adjectives that progressives might also use? It’s baffling.

      1. I would say it is douchey to insert such a non-argument. It’s his style that’s bugging me.

        1. I think I understand. But, to be honest, the idea of conscription is so flagrantly disgusting to me, I guess I don’t blame a fella for copping an attitude when arguing against it.

          1. Fair enough I just wish Soave would focus in on that instead of throwing little ‘extras’ in there.

            1. Does ISIS prefer commerce, diplomacy, and peaceful coexistence?

          2. Yeah, the idea that you might actually have to fight for the freedoms you enjoy and take for granted – disgusting.


            1. If you are forced to fight, then you are being enslaved and do not enjoy freedoms.

              Conscription = slavery

              1. Either fight for your own freedom or shut the fuck up. The military are not your slaves.


                1. Either fight for your own freedom or shut the fuck up. The military are not your slaves.

                  While it is not chattel slavery, the members of the military are mandatory public servants who voluntarily undertook a non-dischargeable obligation and swore an oath to defend the country. The rest of us pay taxes to ensure they are equipped and remunerated for this purpose.

                  1. ” … who voluntarily undertook a non-dischargeable obligation and swore an oath to defend the country. The rest of us pay taxes to ensure they are equipped and remunerated for this purpose.”

                    Which they did.

                    The U. S. military are not some mercenary force. They are citizens who have volunteered to shoulder the burden of defending the nation. If they are unable to do so, you are on call. That is a fact of life.

                    You have no freedoms beyond those which you are personally willing to defend.

                    1. If they are unable to do so, you are on call. That is a fact of life. You have no freedoms beyond those which you are personally willing to defend.

                      Indeed. That is why we have the Second Amendment. What does this have to do with conscription?

                    2. I’d ask him what the obligations the members of the AVA have taken on have to do with conscription at all.

                      They’re two completely separate issues.

                2. 1. Dude, *Cytotoxic* is telling you that conscription is beyond the pale. This is the guy with the near permanent war-boner and even he thinks its too far. You should probably listen to him here.

                  2. Fighting for our freedom is only a tiny part of what the military does today. Mostly, at best, they fight for other people’s freedom.

                  3. Fighting for *my* freedom is fine – don’t need conscription for that. Making me fight for *your* freedom is where conscription comes in to play.

            2. Yeah, the idea that you might actually have to fight for the freedoms you enjoy and take for granted – disgusting.

              Somewhere along the way we completely lost an understanding of the purpose of the Second Amendment. Not only is talking about conscription in the context of freedom contradictory, any society that requires conscription to defend itself reveals just how unfree it really is. We were born free; the government exists to protect us from those who would take that freedom away, not to supplant them as the instrument of our oppresion.

              1. “the government exists to protect us from those who would take that freedom away, not to supplant them as the instrument of our oppresion.”

                You are the government! The “government” does not exist outside your participation.

                Defending your freedom is your responsibility.

                A “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

                1. I am unaware of how fighting ISIS would constitute “defending my freedom”. Which exact freedom of mine are they realistically menacing?

                  1. Which exact freedom of mine are they realistically menacing?

                    Freedom of speech.


                    If you can’t see that an IS-caliphate will wage war on our freedoms, it’s because you don’t want to.

                    1. If you can’t see that an IS-caliphate will wage war on our freedoms,

                      Based on recent history, an ISIS caliphate will spend most of its efforts on internecine warfare with other Arabs.

                    2. Most =/= all. And then there’s the slim chance they establish their caliphate. Then they can wage war with relative impunity upon our freedoms, like Iran but much worse.

                2. “A “government of the people, by the people, for the people.””

                  “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

                  1. “The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.”

                    You cannot live at the expense of better men forever.

                    1. They get paid.

                    2. Coward.

                    3. Whatever.

                    4. Lol, and I’ll go out with my local militia when there’s an actual ground invasion of the US.

                      You cannot live at the expense of better men forever.

                      I don’t live at their expense. I cannot think of one freedom of mine (speech, bearing arms, right against search and seizures) which was at all defended by sending the American military to Iraq. I am only lighter in the wallet.

                    5. “I cannot think of one freedom of mine (speech, bearing arms, right against search and seizures) which was at all defended by sending the American military to Iraq.”

                      Well, if a genius, like you, cannot think of one …

                      “Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday that his intelligence service had warned the Bush administration before the U.S. invasion of Iraq that Saddam Hussein’s government was planning attacks against U.S. targets both inside and outside the country.”


                      It’s not about you. We have elections. Grow up.

                    6. It’s not about you. We have elections. Grow up.

                      We have elections. The American public voted in a guy who carried out the drawdown of the American presence in Iraq. Whoops.

                    7. That’s right. and elections have consequences. So, if Iraq becomes a problem and we need to send troops in again, I say draft assholes, like you.

                      You only get one bite at the apple, then you have to defend yourself.

                    8. We do not “need” to send troops in, at least to defend our actual freedoms. Certain people are shrieking about the alleged dangers of Iraq, and all I’m seeing is a bunch of factions slaughtering each other in a region of the world thousands of miles away. Maybe we could do something revolutionary and let the region sort itself out into some sort of equilibrium based on the actual ethnic, religious, and tribal divisions in the area, instead of constantly trying to cram these thousand year old domestic disputes into artificial nations.

                      I say draft assholes, like you.

                      Why, besides a desire to appeal to older people who are having patriotic temper tantrums? As a draftee, I’m not going to be a good soldier. Not even a mediocre one. I would do the absolute bare minimum required of me.

                      Sometimes, I just think the core value of people like you is cheapness. You could get all the millennials you want to join the military and slug it out in Iraq if you were willing to offer good pay packages and pensions. $500,000 per year and a pension that vests after 5 years? Sign me up and tell me which Arab faction we’re shooting at this month. But the people who want the draft are CHEAP, and would whine incessantly. “But we don’t wanna PAY for that!” The old farts would have to take out home-equity loans and sell the summer cottage and cancel the retirement trip to Sorrento. So instead they declare their right to cheap labor to fight stupid wars.

                    9. Sod off, slaver. I did my 27.5 years in – got my time in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

                      I never wanted any truck with slave armies. They do not do well, and they are immoral to boot. We have managed to make recruiting goals since ending forced participation in the service, there is no need to enslave people.

                    10. “I never wanted any truck with slave armies. They do not do well, and they are immoral to boot.”

                      Like the “slave army” the U.S. fielded during WWII? Fuck you.

                    11. Yes, except you can’t even claim that ISIS poses anywhere near the level of threat that Germany (a major industrial power) posed to the world. Religious fruitcakes have existed throughout all of history. Sometimes the best thing to do with them is let them conquer some little shithole corner of the world and let them fester in their own stink.

                      And (humerous anecdote from my family history), the wicked Nazis used largely the same rhetoric that you seem to consider so compelling to justify their own draft. When they showed up and forcibly drafted multiple grand-uncles of mine, it’s not like they were emitting witchlike cackles and eagerly discussing the exciting possibilities of a future career in Jew-slaughter. They were largely proclaiming that the patriotic men of German owed it to their country to defend their national freedom from the menace of Judeo-Bolshevism.

                    12. Fighting against other conscript forces. I’ll see your fuck you and raise you a full DD214 right up your backside.

                3. You are the government! The “government” does not exist outside your participation.

                  While this pseudo-philosophical bullshit might give you the warm fuzzies, the government most definitely consists of people who do not vanish into nonexistence when I stop thinking about them.

                  Defending your freedom is your responsibility.

                  I give up some of my freedom so that the government can shoulder some measure of that responsibility. If you are going to say that the government serves no purpose, then surely we can abolish it? I don’t pay taxes every year because I love watching my money disappear.

                  Let me get this straight: according to you, I have a positive obligation to defend others (that is what conscription is about; I can defend myself on my own), despite making no such promise, but the people who swore an explicit oath to that effect (the military) do not bear any responsibility for my defense.

                  Furthermore, why are you so keen on conscripts? They make lousy soldiers. You are talking about the necessity of putting people who had no initiative to fight in the first place, who have no relevant experience, into positions where they can jeopardize the lives of those “better men” who chose to serve.

                  1. “Let me get this straight: according to you, I have a positive obligation to defend others (that is what conscription is about; I can defend myself on my own), despite making no such promise, but the people who swore an explicit oath to that effect (the military) do not bear any responsibility for my defense.”

                    That’s right, it’s an obligation of citizenship. Welcome to the real world.

                    The military are not your mercenarys, (Remember, you guys hated Blackwater) they are patriots that have agreed to stand the wall for a given period of time. Before WWII we had a volunteer force. When the shit hit he fan the government called up guys, like you, regardless of their motivation, or if they would make “lousy soldiers”.

                    Maybe, they do it differently in other countries. You could renounce your U.S. citizenship and hide out there.

                    1. You could renounce your U.S. citizenship and hide out there.

                      Man, I just won “statist cliche” bingo.

                    2. You could renounce!

                      OK, I’m heading up to Canada.


                    3. There was conscription in colonial times, the civil war, and WW1. History is fun!

                      I think the problem is that you believe that since you’re really, really frightened of armies on the other side of the world, everyone should be. But not everyone is as scared as you are. And that’s okay.

                    4. Fuck off slaver. You can shove your ‘obligations’ up your ass too.

                    5. Thousands of well-trained, professional citizen soldiers second the “fuck you” to all conscriptionists.

                      They don’t want it. Conscripts, almost without exception, are spectacularly devoid of anything resembling ethos, skill, or trustworthiness.

                      An Army that was allowed to win wouldn’t need them, because it could curbstomp all comers.

                      I actually have, unlike some (cough Ron Paul cough), fucks to give for people who have to deal with subhuman shitstains harrying them. But I’m also not in favor of shoveling men and money down the pit in trying to be “nice” about said dealing. Find the vermin, drop the hammer, then leave. Repeat until infestation is absent.

                      Even more than this, I’m in favor of preferentially doing business (business being the best guarantor of peace EVER) with those who also fight the vermin, instead of playing nice-nice with “allies” who hardly wait for our backs to be turned to put a shiv in it.

                    6. Find the vermin, drop the hammer, then leave. Repeat until infestation is absent.

                      How do you plan on paying for this?

                      Good luck answering that one without violating NAP.

                    7. That’s right, it’s an obligation of citizenship.

                      I signed no social contract. I have no obligation.

                      When the shit hit he fan the government called up guys, like you

                      It happened before so it’s OK to do? Wounded Knee, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Tuskegee experiment come to mind…

                      You could renounce your U.S. citizenship and hide out there.


                      Go read the 2nd and 3rd sentences of the Declaration of Independence (the Founding document of this country) to see how wrong you are. The ends don’t justify the means.

                      Signed, Ex-Marine, Haditha 2007-2008… punk.

                4. “You are the government!”

                  Nope. This is an out and out lie. Congress doesn’t answer to voters, the national security state doesn’t answer to Congress, and libertarians don’t count for shit in elections anyway. Democracy is just a bullshit word used to shield our kleptocratic police state from well-deserved criticism.

                5. You are the government!

                  Thank God that isn’t true. If I were the government, I would kill myself.

      2. It’s dismissive without really being substantive.

      3. I was going to explain, but since your argument is vague and outdated we can just take it for granted that I’m right and you’re wrong.

        … that, Les, is why it is “douchey”.

        1. I see, thanks fellas.

          I thought his original response to Fournier was substantive enough that he didn’t need to repeat it. But without the background, I understand the impression it leaves.

    3. You’re completely wrong about Robby’s style being douchey. If it were, he’d top his posts with inane, self-absorbed, pseudo-earnest headlines like “I read an article about compulsory service for Millennials. Here’s why.” I find Robby to be head and shoulders above most scribes of his generation simply for the fact that he refrains from employing such vapid, infuriating bullshit. Also, his “vague and outdated” description of Fournier’s central thesis is right on target. Just because some idiot might choose those exact words to describe icky libertarian ideas doesn’t make those words any less apt or useful in this context.

      1. You set a low and oddly specific bar for douchey writing style.

        Just because some idiot might choose those exact words to describe icky libertarian ideas doesn’t make those words any less apt or useful in this context.

        It’s hard for them to be less apt or useful. See above: “It’s dismissive without really being substantive.” & “I was going to explain, but since your argument is vague and outdated we can just take it for granted that I’m right and you’re wrong.”

        That, and the notion that ‘national interests’ are ‘outdated’ is pure fantasy on Soave’s part.

        1. First you’re complaining that Robby’s writing style is dismissive, and now you’re complaining that my example of douchey writing style is “oddly specific”. Okay.

          Do you have a goatee? Serious question.

          1. Yes…I do…have a goatee….weird.

            Sorry, I made a mis-statement. I meant to say that you set a low and very specifically placed bar for *not* douchey. As in ‘just follow this quick guide to headline writing to avoid being a douche! Cytotoxic hates this!’

      2. Thank you!

        1. Seriously?

          1. That was a little douchey, Cyto. Just a heads up.

            1. Yes, Soave’s high-fiving his fanboy was douchey.

      3. I find Robby to be head and shoulders above most scribes of his generation

        Pretty tall for a midget.

        1. Wow. What the fuck?

          Are you all really that demanding, or are you just trying to say that you hate young people?

          As I understand the dude’s in his twenties. I wish I wrote just half as well as he does at that age. Chill the fuck out.

          1. I feel the same way. Robby’s a young punk, to be sure, but he’s smarter and a better writer than this old man ever was.

  2. Not enough gay Mexican sodomy while eating deep dish pizza after smoking pot. Could use more abortion too.

  3. So is “let’s bring back the draft” the speaker/writer being out of ideas, or trying to drum up some cheap attention-getting controversy?

    1. I find it shocking that we had a draft in this country 50 years ago, and that it didn’t lead to a major re-thinking of what the hell we’re doing, at some fundamental level.

      1. Well military conscription is dead in America, or at least in a persistent vegetative state. And national service is an idea that gets flushed by some member of the governing class at least once a year, but it never gets any traction. I would call that a pretty major rethinking from this time last century.

        1. “Well military conscription is dead in America, or at least in a persistent vegetative state.”

          Does this mean Jeb Bush will fight to keep it alive?

        2. Well military conscription is dead in America, or at least in a persistent vegetative state

          The Selective Service has a far better prognosis than Terry Schiavo did.

          $24 million a year gets shoved down its feeding tube.

          1. A) I know it’s still around, that’s why I didn’t say it was dead. But it hasn’t been invoked in decades and is unlikely to be invoked in a Millennial’s lifetime.

            2) $24 million is a lot of money to you and me, but the government finds that between its couch cushions every year.

    2. Next time we are forced to go back into a country because the libertarian-left have joined with the progs to throw away a military victory paid for in American lives and treasure – draft the scum and make them fight. Only this time leave the high tech weaponry that they hate so much at home. Should be interesting to watch.

      Or, you could renounce your U.S. citizenship and leave. Either way, we will all be better off.

      1. ” throw away a military victory paid for in American lives and treasure”

        How much does that go for, in the open market?

        Personally, I’d like to cash in my portion of the military victories.

        1. You never paid for your “portion”. Parasite.

          1. But, I thought it was a gift.

            Indian givers.

          2. Fine, I’ll take my part then. In bitcoin, if you will.

      2. Or better yet, stop invading other countries and let them solve heir own problems.

        1. I guessed you missed the elections and the votes in Congress.

          Tell me, just how will the decision to act be determined in your libertarian paradise? Will everyone just knock at your door? Weasel.

          1. Man I have no idea what you were trying to say in that post, but I’m sure it was devastating.

            1. “I have no idea what you were trying to say in that post”

              At last, something that we can agree on.

            2. Pretty sure this is sarc, Hugh. At least I hope so.

          2. I guessed you missed the 2006 and 2008 elections, where the party that was most strongly pimping for the Eternal Iraq War got run through the electoral woodchipper.

            1. When the war was raging, “the party that was most strongly pimping for the Eternal Iraq War” won the day – and the war. Next time, it’s up to you.

              Hang onto your head, douche bag, or it might just become a souvenir for some Jihadi.

              1. The war was raging in 2006 and that party lost. Then, as you just said, we won the war and left. Thank God.

              2. Personally, I hope that my skull is made into an ashtray.

                Hmmmm. Smoking.

              3. When the war was raging, “the party that was most strongly pimping for the Eternal Iraq War” won the day – and the war. Next time, it’s up to you.

                Or, they managed to repeat the history of the British when they attempted to establish a national Iraqi government. That is, they went in with a mixture of naked greed and fluffy-minded thoughts of nation building, spent years fighting skirmishes until realizing that Iraq is an insane amalgam of various tribes and ethnic groups that hate each other. Unfortunately, both governments had large numbers of dimwit voters who kept slamming down the lever for war. Thus, following an old British maxim, namely “You cannot buy an Arab, but you can rent one,” both the British and the US respectively realized that they could achieve temporary stability by buying off some local tribes (This would be the “Anbar Awakening”, part of the vaunted Surge), giving them political breathing room to claim victory and bail the fuck out. Iraq post-Surge was still a simmering cauldron of intranational hatred.

                It’s not like ISIS is composed of the Hounds of Hell. No, they are not some invincible force capable of invading the US, your paranoid fantasies notwithstanding. Iraq blew apart when ISIS invaded because Iraqis hate Iraqis, and they aren’t about to defend a nation they don’t even believe in.

                1. Thank you, General Patton.

                  1. You’re welcome. I hope that any level of argument beyond “BUT MUH FREEDOMZ” isn’t too harsh on your brain cells.

              4. It’s okay to be afraid. Your fear is probably what makes you so unpleasant. Take deep breaths.

          3. Tulpa?

            1. Oh, we’ve got a live one here, that’s for sure.

            2. Doubtful. This one’s got a few screws loose.

              1. He’s definitely smoked a few too many flags.

              2. “This one’s got a few screws loose.”
                So it IS tulpa?

            3. I thought so too, but Komrade Che has been posting as far back as 2011. So if it is one of Tulpa’s socks, it must be a pair he saves for special occasions.

      3. 75% of Americans supported the troop withdraw at the point it happened. That’s a whole lot of left-libertarians and progressives. Makes you wonder why the two major parties in America aren’t the Democrats and the Greens, really.

        Also, it is a bit silly to call something a “victory” when it fell apart the instant we stopped throwing more “lives and treasure” at it. I recommend you google the sunk costs fallacy.

        1. It’s folly to call it anything other than victory. The Enemy was defeated. Staying would have been treble folly. Win and go home.

          1. Can we have foreign policy based on something more than sports-fan style slogans? “The Enemy was defeated.” Seriously? The country that the US spent billions of dollars on fell apart when a couple thousand wackaloons in pickups drove in. That’s a major fucking indictment of that “victory”. I’d hope if you spent billions on a war effort you’d actually get some positive return on the investment. We spent billions on what, exactly?

            1. “We spent billions on what, exactly?”

              Giving Cytotoxic a chance to do victory laps.

              1. I’m amoral enough, especially when drunk, that I wouldn’t begrudge a man the chance to blow stuff up real good if it makes him feel happy. I just think he should pay for his pleasure out of his own pocket.

            2. You moved the goalposts from where I had set them. I defined victory as crushing the insurgency, and that goal was achieved.

              WTF kind of slogan is “The Enemy was defeated”? That would be pretty lame.

              Giving Cytotoxic a chance to do victory laps.

              I do the same thing running circles around you for free.

              1. For what its worth, Cyto is right – we defeated our enemy, pretty damn decisively too, in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

                I also agree that at that point we should have simply left. Rebuilding a nation while willfully ignoring the history of that nation’s *creation* and the inter-cultural tensions that existed have done nothing but make things worse.

                Far better to have bombed and then sent in the Red Cresent for immediate post-apocalypse aid than stick around and try to hold Iraq together simply because the US likes large nation-states and is afraid of the very concept of secession.

                Where I part ways is
                1. The assumption that *needed* to fight in Iraq in the first place
                2. In the history between the West and the ME that engendered this conflict that we are entirely blameless.
                3. That in defeating this enemy (Hussein) and in sticking around for a decade, we opened a power vacuum for an even worse adversary to rise.

  4. Challenging China militarily is dumb. Viewing them as a “partner” is even dumber.

    1. This.

    2. Why? American companies do a lot of business with Chinese companies.

      1. Because adults don’t trust Chinese. Or some such.

        I don’t view the Chinese as partners. But at a certain point the two economies are so intertwined that war or conflict with one another becomes insane.

        1. I take you missed the First World War.

          1. What word besides “insane” would you pick to describe that one?

          2. The war was insane even if the nations involved were not trading with each other.

      2. I would say that makes for a lot of individual partners but does not necessarily scale to countries themselves being partners.

      3. Government =/= companies

        1. Right, and China =/= the Chinese government

          1. In the context of this article, China = the Chinese government.

            And on a more practical level, anyone who thinks you can partner with individual residents of China without the tacit approval of both the American and Chinese governments has a serious rose-colored tint to their glasses.

            1. I dunno, I “partnered” with several individual residents of China without approval, tacit or otherwise, from any government from 2004 to around 2007-ish.

              Jus’ sayin’

      4. I don’t see what “American companies do a lot of business with X” has to do with a discussion of whether the nation of X makes a good partner.

        The Communist Party of China holds the world record for genocide and is actively trying to expand its territory. Offhand I can’t think of a worse choice of “partner” for our country.

    3. Viewing any government as a partner goes against most of my self-preservation policies.

    4. Eh, we could handle the Chinese.

      Sure, there’s billions of them, but they would fold under the inherent superiority of the white man’s culture and intellect.

      1. I don’t know, Brian. The China-man is well-known to be sneaky.

    5. Doesn’t sound foreign policy run through trade?

  5. You could have saved a lot of energy and simply written the following:

    “We’re cowards.”

    1. In general, I wanted to say something similar. There’s a difference between seriously thinking about war from a cost benefit standpoint and just being a pussy. As a Millennial, I can’t help but think its the latter in most cases.

      I’m not as optimistic about the future with my generation in charge as Reason seems to be. But it would be tough to be much worse than the Baby Boomers.

      1. With my generation I’m inclined to think that the worst proggiest parts are the loudest and technology is amplifying their bubble chambers and making them more hermetically sealed. This makes them stupider, which makes them more dangerous but also maybe easier to beat.

        I think a solid job will cure my generation of a lot of stupid.

    2. Seems to me that refusing to put one’s life on the line for the government’s enemy du jour is less cowardly than it is simply intelligent.

      1. Restating someone else’s point to something it isn’t is also douchey.

        1. Okay, I’m normally a little slow, but maybe more than usual today. Was GMF not suggesting that millennials would resist a draft because they’re cowards?

          1. Yes, and then you had to douche it up with the ‘enemy du jour’ and ‘I’m so intelligent’ bullshit.

            1. If you think that I was claiming to be intelligent (I never avoided the draft and I’m too old to worry about it now) or that “enemy du jour” is douchey, then I’ll just have to wait until Cytotoxic’s guide to acceptable internet exchanges comes out on Kindle before you and I interact again.

              Best of luck!

              1. Well here’s an idea: try not to indulge in too many cliches. It short circuits thought and discussion. Not every enemy is something the government made up to keep us in line. The legit ones are easy to spot. They hate us for our freedoms and murder us for things like ‘Satanic Verses’.

                I like your guide idea though.

                1. try not to indulge in too many cliches.

                  Followed by

                  They hate us for our freedoms and murder us for things like ‘Satanic Verses’.

                  Oh cyto, you’re fucking precious.

                  Even if Saddam Hussein had murdered Salman Rushdie over ‘Satanic Verses’ (spoiler: he didn’t), that would have at best, by your tortured logic, justified the government of the United Kingdom in toppling his regime (Salman Rushdie is a British national). For the most part, Middle Eastern Islamic fundamentalists are about as much a real threat to the United States or Canada as the Reason commenters subject to the grand jury investigation are a real threat to the judge in the Ross Ulbricht case. Once the Mohammedan menace makes it over the border, you’ve arguably got more a case for the existential threat they pose (which is the basis for our modern security theater state), but until then our wars in the middle east are not much more than tilting at windmills (very very expensive windmills).

    3. I would say that a draft dodger is more brave than a conscript who just shows up. It takes acts of bravery to disprove cowardice. The man who volunteers has demonstrated bravery, the conscript who takes valorous action above and beyond simple compliance has demonstrated bravery, and the man who risks life and limb to avoid conscription has demonstrated bravery (albeit not to the same end as the other two).

      However, I think Brochettaward is also right; there is a difference between picking your battles and being afraid to fight.

      1. Put another way, there is nothing brave about scrubbing pots on a ship because you were afraid of jail. For that matter, there is nothing brave about just ignoring the draft because you were afraid to go to war. It takes some measure of personal initiative to show bravery.

        1. So how are you supposed to dodge the draft then, other than just not show up?

          1. I said it was not enough to demonstrate bravery. A draft dodger to me is someone who undertakes, for political or moral reasons, a sincere opposition to the draft and accordingly shows some resolve in executing that decision. Perhaps I’m misusing the term “draft dodger” but I don’t think the point is unclear here.

            1. Yeah I see a draft dodger as anyone who consciously rejects their conscription summons, either by going to Canada or protesting it, or just staying home.

              1. Ok, then not all draft dodgers are brave. Neither are all conscripts. Bravery requires something more than just doing what’s convenient.

                1. A guy I used to work with, years before I knew him, got his draft notice in about 1968. He threw it away. He threw away the next and the next too. When a couple law enforcement officers showed up to deliver the last one he went with them peacefully. He told me that he wasn’t so much against going into the military and going to Vietnam – which he ended up doing. He just couldn’t get himself to go down of his own volition. It was a serious thing to him and he wasn’t going until the government proved it was serious too.

          2. The most practical way is not to register for it in the first place.

          3. You can’t claim to be gay anymore. I’d follow current dingbat SJW-speak and claim to be ISIS-kin.

        2. I think it’s cowardly to draft people to go fight some war for you on your behalf.

          Hey, you really want some unwilling 18 year old to grab a rifle and go on an ISIS hunt? How about a million dollars for a mandatory 2-year commitment?

          Oh, you’d rather just threaten to throw them in jail and ruin the rest of their adult lives if they don’t want to go?

          How brave of you! Truly, you should be proud to be an American!

          1. Yeah, sometimes I feel like a young woman.

          2. I’m not sure if this is meant to be a response to me or just a general musing, but I made it pretty fucking clear from context that I’m not pro-conscription.

            1. General musing. Your posts are clear.

      2. I think bravery and cowardice gets thrown around too much. I think there is a gray area within a lot of people where bravery, cowardice and stupidity co-mingle in the psyche. Depends on the individual viewpoint and outside perspective. One mans hero is another mans coward.

  6. “We (That’s right, we. I’m a millennial, too!) ”

    Yeah, and according to recent events, anyone who wants to be a millennial can be one, too.

    Don’t go bigot on me with your category criteria and restrictions, m’kay?

    1. Yeah, sometimes I feel like a young woman (posted in the wrong place).

  7. Oh, look! The warmongers who want to spend MY money with MY children fighting wars THEY think they should fight are here. Cool. Fuck you.

    1. That’s definitely not what’s happening. There’s a difference between saying ‘war with China would be moronic’ and seriously believing China and America are ‘partners’ when China literally just hacked US personnel files.

      Moreover, the whole ‘international cooperation’ thing is also moronic, unless by international cooperation you mean free trade and capitalist enterprise between free peoples. Unfortunately, that’s not what people mean when they say ‘international cooperation.’ By and large they mean ceding more and more authority to hyper-corrupt bureaucrats in the UN and the EU and then gasping with shock when global economies fall apart because the bureaucratization of the entire planet stifles entrepreneurship.

      So the issue here is that Millenials are not really skeptical about war so much as they’ve mindlessly bought into a host of terrible progressive ideas that only an idiot could believe. You’re not a skeptic if you’ve simply replaced the desire for war with a desire for a thousand other idiotic ides.

      1. I the guy you are responding to might be more of the “anyone who thinks the US military should be doing anything anywhere is a WARMUNGER NEOCON” pinhead. Or you know: a peacenazi.

        1. peacenazi

          You say a lot of silly things. But this is the best silly thing of all.

          1. To me, “peacenazi” conjures up images of Soviet apologists (“the USSR is a peaceful nation!”) or people with a “Make Peace Not War” bumper sticker next to an Obama sticker on their car.

            1. It should also conjure up images of Sheldon Richman, or posters here who have seriously argued that giving Iran a nuke would lead to ME peace.

          2. It’s an accurate and stinging label for the crowd here who I described in my post. That is triggers so much butthurt only demonstrates my point.

            1. Here is where you continue to boast, then declare victory and stride off in self proclaimed glory, right?

        2. That wasn’t douchey at all! You are amazing!

          1. Thank you, thank you. May you continue to follow in my path and teachings.

  8. Second, Millennials are more supportive of international cooperation than prior generations.

    Little snot-nosed “citizens of the world” want to cede sovereignty to the UN? Too bad mom didn’t go all Andrea Yates on their asses.

    1. I don’t know what they said to the pollsters, but international cooperation can mean a lot of things, some of them sinister and some of them good.

      1. I don’t know either (no link) but I expect a poll on “international cooperation” would focus more on the intergovernmental and transnational-political aspects

  9. Actually, I wouldn’t say the reason not to draft millennials is because they skeptical. I would say it’s because it’s fucking stupid.

  10. Um, How many millenials are there worth drafting?

    I mean Drafting anyone over about 26 makes no sense from a purely physical standpoint and the youngest millenials are already 18.

    I mean if they instituted a “draft” to target millenials maybe 20% of millenials would be impacted by it, the ones who would bear the brunt of it are whatever we call the generation after them, the oldest of whom are just 4 years from being draftable.

    1. I mean Drafting anyone over about 26 makes no sense

      Depends on the skills they are looking for. See doctors for example

      1. The military isn’t looking for skills. They’re looking for people too young to know what killing means.

        1. The two are not mutually exclusive, you know. The military is a large organization with many goals.

        2. There are a ton of jobs at the bottom of the ranks that you can do as long as you can walk and lift 25 pounds.

          Supply corps, maintenance, corrosion control, and more. All these are either learned through on-the-job-training or short schools.

          The percentage of ‘tail’ to the percentage of ‘teeth’ in the US military is pretty large.

          If nothing else, there’s a ton of young people who’ve enlisted for those rear-echelon positions who may find themselves in the front with a rifle as some fat 40 year old accountant takes his spot at battalion.

          And, assuming things get desperate, there’s still a lot of fighting older people can do – in *defensive* positions. Guarding outposts and convoys while the fit, young’uns are at the tip of the spear.

          As an example – the US Navy has been providing sailors to go to Iraq/Afghanistan to guard convoys, freeing up trained soldiers and Marines to handle offensive missions.

        3. They’re looking for people too young to know what killing means.

          Um, no. They usually want people too young to know what dying means. Teenagers usually see themselves as immortal.

  11. Soave is a beastly boybear but this is NOT because the bitch is a millennium sploodge with phalanges splayed playing his ruddy fucking keyboard like a goddamn piano for his Reason overlords- the fucking black devil with his fucking jetblack hairs and leathers and the hot queen ENB and the myriad great and lovely brains in that sordid temple of libertarian galaxies of the Reason enclave. My lovers in the commentariat are the worlds 8th wonder of the fucking goddamn globe. Love Soave. Lovya Soave, but Fuck your age. Fuck your pants. Fuck your boots. Fuck your underwear. FUCK Mister MILLENIUM!!!

    FUCK millenials. FUCK them in the FUCKING ass with a pile of screaming hillbillies and Aldous huxley’s frozen penis. Im not entirely sure if someone froze my idol’s penis but I hope someone has… man.. WHAT THE FUCK? why THE FUCK would I hope for this? … moving on…

    What. the. FUCK. do millenials know? Aside from the brilliant Soave clones and the random fucking open-minded motherfucker millenial… Do millenials IN GENERAL understand jackshit about this fucking globe and its goddamn horrible history? How many genocides and frightening horror show governments have these people followed? Do millenials IN GENERAL follow American policing and the politicians that have created the world’s most complex arrangement between psy-freedom and psy-justice?

      1. SIV is a VIS.
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    1. FUCK them in the FUCKING ass with a pile of screaming hillbillies and Aldous huxley’s frozen penis.

      *stands to begin thunderous applause*

      1. Your fucking avatar makes my shit itty bitty motherfucking kitten boobs… man… you goddamn jesus.

  12. Another Reason Not to Draft Millennials: They Are Wisely Skeptical About War.

    Ser Soave, I can’t argue with your portrayal of milennials but I don’t think you quite understand how conscription *works*.

    It doesn’t matter how skeptical you are about any particular conflict you got drafted into, you *will* fight, or you will be shot, pour encourager les autres. You won’t have any civil rights. You are a slave from the second your number comes up.

    Conscript armies are nothing like the modern US AVA. There’s no ‘you can’t hack it so we’re discharging you’. You don’t get discharged for poor performance, for drug use, or for gender dysphoria, at best you get a long prison sentence, at worst you get assigned to deliver messages to a distant outpost through enemy infested territory.

    And in the modern world, Canada and Mexico are not likely to support an asylum claim?

    1. The Ag rocks. Reason devil’s hands- Dual. Peace, brother.

    2. America brings in innocent boys and girls and ruins them with military tyrrany. How fucking exciting and NON Hollywood.

      FUCK HOLLYWOOD and all your shitty fucking usage by the goddamn CIA, US Military, FBI, and general law enforcement.

      Frankly…. HOLLYWOOD might as well be… GOVERNMENTWOOD…..

  13. Millenial freddies are daft on the norm, man.
    Like all the fuck rucking new offsprings after the fucking
    generations fucked in earnest because of wars, blizzards, terrorism, or
    the fucking unveiling of the greatest and newest goddamn car or when
    facebook and twitter got lucky- so did their users?

    All good. Fucking is good. These societal waves are what they may be but
    is cable really FUCKING worth it?

    No. Fuck no.

  14. I see the late-night discussion has begun. Hello, there, AC.

    1. good even, love.

  15. This guy isn’t bad as the last Gosnell who was in the news, but he does have a couple problems……..judge.html

    1. The chromism of bleeding faces should matter to no one.

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    Not so…. you can ride an altar of worship of meditation of stars into an altered state on tea…
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    The brain can be explored like a new jungle.. but the brain has spiders that can ruin you way words than poison, man….

    You can trip so deep in your chemical state without drugs that you can come back and not know your own name for hours…. I do this shit man…. and I do trip on drugs and shit…

    1. Agile, I’m merely slightly drunk right now, with more whiskey to follow. Godspeed on your current journey.

      1. May the lord smash the judge a space martini, love.


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          2. I too, am a friend of Laphroaig…

        2. I was very pleased with myself when I realized I read this comment, and understand what you were saying. Mostly.

    2. “Life is a trajectory of pizzas and orgasms and offspring and then wheeled sad chairs.”

      I am so going to bed with that depressing thought in my head.

      1. Sad? Three of those are awfully good things.

  17. I can type man.. so I am in controlz…. man. so I will lucid travel in this thread or fucking try to on musical notes of alley pigs singing boisterous bologna sandwiches lined with ocean hamsters…. ok so… yea.. I don’t know what happended there…

  18. I am a millennial. The idea that I could, at any time, be called into involuntary service is quite aggravating. Alarming may be a better word choice. I would gladly volunteer if there was actually a threat to us. I can not see ISIS (ISIL?) as one. Not yet.

    1. It’s not just aggravating, it’s wrong. If the old farts want a huge war, they can offer higher and higher salaries until they fill the ranks. And no putting the cost of those increased salaries on the national tab. Fund the entire war through IMMEDIATE TAX INCREASES THAT PAY FOR 100% OF THE WAR. For once in their lives, if they want something they can actually pay right now for what they want, instead of trying to enslave people to do it or by putting it on the national credit card.

      1. Yay! I’ll get to pay for it with my limbs tomorrow and then with my paychecks later (if I’m lucky)

        1. Yes us whippersnappers should get a few brain cells removed via IED, then stagger home drooling to find that General Oldie Von Moldie has retired to Bermuda to take classes on the Feng Shui of Jetskiing, leaving us with a nice trillion dollar Visa bill.

      2. And you are right. Conscription is tantamount to slavery. There are few things further up the list of evil things.

  19. Also AC, you are a god among mortals. I can’t possibly smoke myself to that plane. Dat view doe.

    1. It’s Friday though, so I’ll giver her a go.

    2. wait- man, this dude is a weed on the sidewalks of the whines and shreks of glams, man…. Sir, coloraDOM?,,,, pretty fucking sure goddamn AC is just an oaf fusion boy. I love you, sir.

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    Psilocybin is not addictive but should be fucking treated extremely carefully… I know….

    1. I love magic mushroom, at least the one time I did it. I managed only two comments that evening.

      You’re the man, AC.

      1. Nah, your loving spines are, love

  21. Imagine the FUCKING goddamn AMERICAN DEA giving wonderful Americans tips on drugs.

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  22. OT:

    The wonderful Andrew Ferguson wrote this about Hillary:…..?nopager=1

    Conclusion: Hillary Clinton is a terrible human being. Huh! I knew it all along!

    1. Hillary Clinton is time tap. a fucking lever on the streams of her fucking generation. man.

      Hillary Clinton is a time woman. A fucking woman sorta unparalleled but sadly so because Mrs. Clinton is too powerful.

      Clintons are Bushes. Both equal to doors purchased on the fair market collectives of their chosen.

      Hillary Clinton is perchance a woman alive and rainbowlike… no.

      She is steel and iron and federal.

      Hillary Clinton is iron forged forged from the factories of intelligent disinterest.
      Hillary Clinton has potential but her potential is wracked with political malaise.
      Hillary Clinton is an intelligent woman who has ruined her world through federalization.
      Hillary Clinton no longer understands America and any FUCKING person who votes for her is not voting for a woman but a creature who has LOST the fucking radar on American philosophy.

      Hillary Clinton is a cold scream in a dark alley filled with a rat.

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    2. Whores eye the fucking balls of times, bro
      they live on the gutters of lost planets, dear
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      seconds dictionaries and pulps and brain beats, man.

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  31. Everyone knows ISIS prefers commerce, diplomacy, and peaceful coexistence.

    1. isis has fucking facebook of happy citizens like America man….

      why judge? sarcazm love

      1. FUCK ISIS forever and all the goddamn stars

  32. America is the volcano of trillions of spasm arches in song and math and minds.
    Reason is the outlet of the fist mind and brain arch on the lost mountains.

  33. Is ISIS a distraction?
    the middle earth has never changed.

    No America can change old arab ways.
    Let arabs be



    Let America grow into a better Amerika?
    Fuck Islam.

    Islam will eventually behead itself.
    Islam will eat its own warriors.
    Islams virgins will eat the dead fighters and shit their bones…
    This will happen….

    1. Peace to peaceful Islam….

      man… if your range is fist bumps/vs head removals? right in America?….

      Peace out….brother.

      For reals…. You are worldly islam the practical total rejection of your bible?


  34. I had a hard time tearing myself away from the wood chipping thread. I suspect Reason’s donations are going through the roof. Good.

    “I criticized National Journal’s Ron Fournier for expressing the desire to enslave millennials in his war of choice against ISIS.”

    This is just a trained seal trying to nose Obumbles National Defense Force idea back to the surface. He got spanked when he did it himself before so now the sniveling minions do it to see if it floats.

  35. The middle eastern world is the last pillar on the chinese temple.

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    The middle East is religious quicksand
    Our America is not sure but pretending to be so…
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    lost way because his philosophy is based on weak thought
    NOT unlike here in America

    OUR leaders base their decisions on weak intellectual concepts and philosophies…….

    and the planet is supprosed to survive this shit?

  36. Quick question for those who understand how this stuff works.

    In my handle, I want to link to my blog, but it goes to the ‘send email’ option.

    If I turn off the public email it leaves a blue name that doesn’t go to anything.

    Is there some way to get both? And if not, how do you get it to go to a page of your choice?

    1. Went to your bloc, love.

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    1. So… I am biblical… or islamical…

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  41. What IS an American citizen?

    We are granted a… driving license?

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    I want my cock strokd my my female phuys and I want to lick the re tits….

  48. if nasa desire to walk the gardens of planets
    atoms are deceive and telescope fail.
    space is comet and planet but
    we are space

    the human mind is create from the early on.

    The Early On- it is us. The deep deep brain holds the key.

    Find the interdimensional gene and we find exist.

  49. I feel stars cry to me.
    star seek my heart like a lovely pussy.
    but I cannot fuck a star

  50. The dark energy of star jungles
    on the old planes screems the great galaktic vices
    in terms on tongues screaming a million billion
    loves and fucks
    the empty galaxy holds a single tongue serenading his love….

  51. I want my heart punched with a comic collision of a million old black and white films

  52. strange pianos strike like gold old loves and romances of lost dead lovers seeking to rise from their grounds.

    man, you will all die…

    if your old spirit lies deep alone and gone but hears a valley whisp of the great piano on the heart of sun in a sweet brook of a party?

    I will die as will you…

    but please let us float up from the grave to Michael Dulin…

  53. I’m almost a 12 pack in and I have never read so much jibberish that makes sense. Never change Agile. You should get high on shrooms, watch old episodes of The Twilight Zone and live blog it.

    1. lovely dognut… wat a smashing fuck

  54. the blue lines on this hole into white spaces . I seek to fly into the blue line and beyond lies the next world man … you think i fuk with you…. if i trip to deep I will never come back because there is a place I can go to in the world behind the interstars an states…. behind all of this you can die and relive but don’t die too deeply.die like sleep. dont die like a bullet in the ear…… die ohm the brain and then enter brain state\

      1. smash vect awes..!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. we think space time matter and FUK shit and ALL

    but this shitbrang seeks the particulaz/lax

    no FUKING idea WHAT THE fuckall that is ‘laz/;lop

    i think i will wander into my brain tunnels and find FUCKING gold dicks and massiv vaginas and lovely reason lovers …
    My cocaine brain will alwya s love my reason bras… big tits..threads tits…

    i love to lick small teeny tiny FUCKING ittybit tits… I just ate tiny tits on my delicis Fucking petit fucking wife a minute and I whispered “may the galazy bless my brothers on reason’ and her tit nipples got hard and the brothers and 2.2 sistars on reason received love…..

  56. I want your last thought…. when you’re on your death bed surrounded by your loved ones who are longing for you to keep living and are folded over in pain. As your eyes start to twitch and well with tears of remorse and amazement. As your life starts flashing before your eyes (childhood, relationships, trials and tribulations, shortcomings). As you slightly lift your head just enough to get a glimpse out of the hospital window and see the breeze dancing through the evergreens and realize that you will never feel the atmosphere rolling over your skin again. Right before you give in to everything you have strived against and slide into the unknown abyss that’s looming but never realized and meet whatever maker you believe or disbelieve in, with your last whimper of light that was bestowed upon you, I want your last thought to be…. “oh my god, I’ve beat a dick off more than any gay man ever has”

    1. “There are vampires and vampires, and the ones that suck blood aren’t the worst. If it hadn’t been for the warning of those dizzy flashes, and Papa Munsch and the face in the morning paper, I’d have gone the way the others did. But I realized what I was up against while there was still time to tear myself away. I realized that wherever she came from, whatever shaped her, she’s the quintessence of the horror behind the bright billboard. She’s the smile that tricks you into throwing away your money and your life. She’s the eyes that lead you on and on, and then show you death. She’s the creature you give everything for and never really get. She’s the being that takes everything you’ve got and gives nothing in return. When you yearn toward her face on the billboards, remember that. She’s the lure. She’s the bait. She’s the Girl.

      And this is what she said, “I want you. I want your high spots. I want everything that’s made you happy and everything that’s hurt you bad. I want your first girl. I want that shiny bicycle. I want that licking. I want that pinhole camera. I want Betty’s legs. I want the blue sky filled with stars. I want your mother’s death. I want your blood on the cobblestones. I want Mildred’s mouth. I want the first picture you sold. I want the lights of Chicago. I want the gin. I want Gwen’s hands. I want your wanting me. I want your life. Feed me, baby, feed me.””

    2. I have this fucking story brother….

      last thoughts of the father of my best friend or more lke actions.. we aren’t young or old… in between on the byways of human life

      his father was dying a few years ago from cancer and my frineds father pulled a knife on my friend or his son as the cancer took him… he sought to kill and my friend wrestled the knife from his own dad as he died…. my friends mom also shot herself in the head on the front lawn and he found her dead….

      this is why I will always love and support this idnividual forever until I die, dave… forever…. I understood all the shit you do. Love and peace, brother. please don’t overdose.. please… enjoy-but don’t overdose, brother.

      hurts_donut, peace, love….

      last thoughts for agile cyborg?

      That humanity can love like a giant Pepsi.
      a giant Pepsi makes humans happy.
      a giant Pepsi is the rainbow in a city blocking the storm
      on rain-soaked curbs

      young hearts looking up at the sun past the
      glistening spines hollowed out for the

      young hearts looking down at cracks and scuffs
      shouldering hunger, alley jungles, and wist…

      young hearts wandering through hallways of beige broken
      with stains and tired lights, and echos most empty
      falling on beds of fear and hopelessness under the suns
      the mystical and capital….

      young hearts changed, broken, lost, and spirited by
      servitude in the dearth of love, condolence, and passion

      young lost in the world, perhaps never to be….

  57. I want Agile Cyborg to be the next person I pick up hitch-hiking. What a treat and a trip that would be.

  58. Sadly, war is likely not to be very skeptical of them. Reality is likely to prove a harsh mistress for generation retard.

    Meanwhile, aren’t open borders grand? I am sure these guys overrunning Calais are all rational atheist Libertarians who just want to drive for Uber or open an organic free range taco truck…..ais-France

    1. I’m pretty sure the same goes for Lampedusa as well.

    2. Oh, they just need more welfare. Their poverty is causing them to lash out. / prog

    3. Oh, they just need more welfare. Their poverty is causing them to lash out. / prog

      1. The squirrels have had it out for me lately, I swear

  59. OK, some points;

    1) The military doesn’t want a draft. The people wanting a draft seem to all be Political Class parasites intending to make some point or another.

    2) In the last three decades I have heard more about non-military mandatory service from the Liberal Intellectual Radical Progressive establishment than I have heard about a military draft. The LIRP positively wet their nickers over the idea of shanghaiing all young people between high school and college and forcing them to do “community service” tripe, but when they floated the notion last the public’s reaction was only slightly less hostile than the reaction you get if you bring up eugenics. So they’ve clammed up. But I suspect they still want to do it. Frankly, I’d be happier with a military draft. I trust the military a damn sight more than the LIRPs.

    1. cntd.

      3) It’s all very well to rail against the people who want to use the military to drop groups like ISIS into a deep hole, but they have a point. Negotiation, international diplomacy, and respect for foreign customs has gotten us into the current mess, and what really needs to happen is a long term campaign of using small military forces to up the cost of being an intolerant Islamic fanatic.mSadly what I think is likelier to happen is we will bumble along until some Islamic idiot manages to pull of a REALLY BIG attack in the U.S, and then we will go full Imperial on their ass. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. I think there is a military draft in our future, and I think one of the resins is that a lot of doctrinaire fools don’t want to fight small brush-wars against the barbarians, now. So we will end up fighting a war of outright conquest later, doing much more damage to both ourselves and those in our way.

      1. “[…]what really needs to happen is a long term campaign of using small military forces to up the cost of being an intolerant Islamic fanatic[…]”

        Yeah, ’cause we can tell who that is, right?
        Sorry, we don’t know who is the dangerous fanatic and who is just the whacko fanatic, and we seem to end up handing guns to the wrong ones.
        I’ll let you hop right on that plane and go over there and do that. On your dime.

  60. Well now that makes a lot of sens dude.

  61. I read this entire thread over and came to one conclusion: you are all cowards.

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