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School Won't Let 4.3 GPA Student Give Valedictorian Speech, Made Him Take Psych Eval Instead

He tried to talk to his counselor but was accused of making a threat.



Lodi High School Senior Devan Solanki is headed to Harvard University next fall. He has a 4.3 GPA. He is the class valedictorian. But administrators at his Bergen County, New Jersey, school won't let him give the commencement speech at his June 23 graduation—allegedly because he has a history of disciplinary issues. Those issues don't seem very serious, however, and certainly don't justify the psychiatric evaluation he was forced to take after tersely asking a counselor for help resolving the dispute over his speech.

Solanki was recently informed that the task of giving the commencement address would no longer default to the class valedictorian. Instead, administrators would choose the speaker. Solanki wasn't in the running, according to Principal Frank D'Amico, because of past disciplinary issues. They don't seem like the kinds of issues that should disqualify him from speaking, however, according to

Solanki admits to having disciplinary infractions but insists they're minor – using a cell phone on one occasion, and on two separate occasions, talking back to teachers. He thinks it's his reputation for occasionally being sharp-tongued with Lodi High School staff that's led to the end-of-year graduation woes.

On Monday, Solanki went to speak with a guidance counselor about the situation. He told her, "I'd like to handle this peacefully today." The counselor took his remark as a threat, and Solanki was suspended. He is not allowed to return to school until he undergoes a psychiatric evaluation. He wrote the following the letter to friends and teachers:

I'm writing to you to explain how my valedictorian speech was taken from me.

This past Thursday, June 4th, [Teacher] called me into [Principal's] office where I was told that I would not be permitted to give the commencement speech at my own graduation. They told me that they have been trying to implement a new policy where National Honors Society members apply for the chance to give the speech and now was as good of a time as ever. They said that due to my disciplinary history I would not even be considered in the running. I was told that I had two choices. I could either tell everyone that I decided not to apply altogether or send in an application knowing that my speech had no chance of winning, regardless of its merit.

The thing that hurt the most was the timing of it. They decided to tell me June 4th. Not only was it the day of prom but it was two days after the Valedictorian Breakfast. [Teachers' names removed for confidentiality] had just spent an entire morning telling me just how proud they were of me and of my accomplishments. I don't understand how they could sit by and applaud while I get my certificate knowing that they would soon take it all away from me. After they told me that giving a speech just wouldn't be in my future, they offered to retain the ceremony honoring the valedictorian. What I don't understand is why they thought that the title valedictorian was synonymous with being number one in the class. No it's not. In fact a valedictorian is someone who gives a valedictory, or in layman's terms, a closing speech.

Their reasoning is that since I've faced disciplinary action in the past, I'm no longer fit to hold such an honor. In all honesty, regardless of the credence of the actions that landed me in the vice principal's office, I think "getting in trouble" makes me all the more representative of my class, not less. I am human after all.

I've been lectured time and time again about picking my battled very carefully. To be frank, I can't think of anything else that I'd rather make a stand against. If I've learned anything during my four years at Lodi High School, it's that when you feel you need help, there are people all around you that you can turn to. Whether or not you've had me in class or merely heard about me, I think you should be able to decide for yourself whether or not this is a fair thing to do to a student. I'm not asking you to act, but merely acknowledge and share with me in my plight.

Administrators declined to answer reporters' questions about the case; privacy laws generally prevent them from giving details about students' disciplinary histories. (I reached out to Solanki for comment but did not immediately hear back.) It's possible, I suppose, that there is something truly nefarious in the teen's past that would justify stripping him of the right to give the speech—but students whose behavior is that problematic don't tend to have 4.3 GPAs or gain admittance to Harvard, so I doubt it.

Instead, this looks like a case where a student with a very mildly rebellious spirit provoked unmerited concerns among nervous administrators who changed the rules of the game to prevent Solanki from winning it. And then they treated a perfectly reasonable request as a safety hazard.

Students who express perfectly legitimate concerns to school staff members should not be barred from privileges they have earned, and they certainly shouldn't be considered insane or dangerous. Only in a world where "zero tolerance" school safety paranoia has eroded all distinctions between slight behavioral issues and criminal conduct could Solanki be considered a dangerous person.

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  1. Petty Tyrants are Petty: News at 11.

    1. Agreed. Just be glad to be GONE….
      Their power over you has ended forever. Now they can go on to screw up somebody else’s kids – best of all the make a very comfortable living doing so.

      1. Too bad that more people with authority WILL, in fact, have power over him. For the rest of his life.

    2. Combing this article for maturity. Not finding any.

    3. In a related story, school administrators are petty tyrants.

  2. I don’t understand how they could sit by and applaud while I get my certificate knowing that they would soon take it all away from me.

    Sweetie, looks like you have some Stockholm Syndrome going on. Those people are your prison guards, not your friends.

    1. Seriously. I give it three months out of high school before he realizes how meaningless giving the graduation speech is.

      1. Yeah, but he’s going to Harvard. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

        1. This Devan Solanki character going to “Harvard” only means another garden-variety leftist sphincter is on the way.

      1. What a BROWN-noser. Get it?!?

        I’ll let myself out.

        1. Please do, asshole.

          1. Well now I won’t! So there!

              1. You don’t get to call family meetings.

                1. Nicole, do you want to beat him, or should I?

        2. I am jealous you came up with that and disappointed that I did not.

        3. She is the worst, she should plead Nolan contendere to the charges.

          1. If you guys don’t stop with the puns, I’m going to have a pulmonary ENBolism.

            1. It’s okay to be jealous, guys. Totally understandable.

              1. Have you guys even gone out for Cosmos yet?

              2. Look Nicole, there’s a certain three-named Elizabeth that I have a special relationship with, so we’re really not so different, you and I.*

                *Except that your three-named Elizabeth actually acknowledges your existence whereas mine continuously ignores me, no matter how many Daily Bible calendars I send her and no matter how close the bush I’m hiding in might happen to be to her house.

                1. no matter how close the bush I’m hiding in might happen to be to her house.

                  Expect a visit from the authorities in 3…2….

                  1. “Expect a visit from the authorities in 3…2….”

                    DISCLAIMER: All comments from user “Irish Says Enough Woodchippers” are to be construed as unserious, sarcastic, or possibly absurdist humor. No need for any theoretical New York DAs to send subpoenas relating to the identity of “Irish Says Enough Woodchippers.”

      2. Ugh, ENB’s taste in commenters is almost as bad as Nicole’s entire existence.

      3. No love for me? *shuffles off into corner while plotting his revenge*

      4. A victory for the commentariat! If even the worst among us can be so favored, it means no one is beyond saving!

        1. Alert me when Virginia Postrel posts such a tweet.

          1. Please luv me mom:'(

          2. Tweet? She’s praised a commenter in an article!

            life sentence for providing a platform for people to do what they do regardless — just making it easier,” Lady Bertrum wrote in the first response. “The rightness of his worldview bumping up against his naivety and arrogance is awful.”

            Unfortunately, such ladylike responses aren’t typical of Reason commenters…

            1. Lady B was so disgusted that she changed her handle.

            2. Frankly, I’m surprised nobody jumped down her throat for “Ladylike,” Surely this is oppressive and patriarkkkal and so on. Isn’t “Ladylike” in the same category as “Bitch”? As in, it is praising behavior as better or worse compared to an outdated standard for women?

      5. I guess I’ll never get invited to any of those swell cocktail parties.

        *kicks sand glumly*

        1. Invited? Just find out where they are and show up? It’s Reason, after all, so ya think they’ll actually call the police?

      6. Apparently ENB doesnt know the definition of worst.

    2. Those people are your prison guards, not your friends.

      Thread winner.

  3. Devan Solanki

    Afro-American first name + Polish last name = Indian?!?!?

    1. Devan is A-A? The Devon I went to school with was Indian as well.

      1. *shrugs*

        Pretty much anything can be an “African” name. (e.g. my first name).

        1. I totally thought your first name was Jewish.

          1. Well, considering Rastas view themselves as part of the Tribe….I guess you could say that. But, my first name is Amharic in origin.

            1. Is it Herb?

              1. Yes, Rufus. His name is Herb Goldbergsteinmetz.

              2. Irving.

            2. So, Semitic. I feel like I’m close enough for a consolation prize.

                1. Disappointing… was looking forward to some twerking.

    2. This changes everything. He is brown. Brown people are terrorists. I would feel threatened, too.

    3. Solanki = Gujarati / Rajastani

      1. Are you Indian?

    4. Devan is often short for Devendra.

      Devendra is Deva + Indra.

      Deva in Sanskrit is God, cognate with the Latin word “Deus”.

  4. “Take that, you little wisenheimer.”

    -Envious administration and faculty at Lodi High School

    1. Yeah, Robby, I think saying he “provoked unmerited concerns among nervous administrators” is giving the administrators WAY too much credit.

  5. Just be glad Reason editors haven’t thought of demanding we take a psychiatric evaluation given the rude and crude content of our comments and imaginings.

    /Giggles. Scratches ass.

    1. Oh, it’s not the *editors* who would do the demanding, Rufus.

  6. About this theory that if you’re a good, hard-working person doing nothing wrong, the state won’t harm you…

    This kid sounds like the only adult in the room.

    1. *sighs, nods resignedly*

    2. Libertarians are made, not born. Every time a new one is made, Jesus weeps a little bit.

    3. He did something wrong — he challenged the powers that be:

      on two separate occasions, talking back to teachers. He thinks it’s his reputation for occasionally being sharp-tongued with Lodi High School staff that’s led to the end-of-year graduation woes.

  7. He told her, “I’d like to handle this peacefully today.” The counselor took his remark as a threat, and Solanki was suspended.

    Sounds like the counselor could use some Pscyh Eval [sic].

    1. Sounds like the councilor could use a good, old fashioned horsewhipping. That used to be the socially accepted way of dealing with minor government stooges who got too big for their britches?.

      1. Something about dangling from lamposts…

        Speaking in a purely hyperbolic manner, of course.

      2. String the counselor up by their toes and have them beaten with wife bats by chimps. It seems only fitting for such an absurd individual.

        1. See, this is why need laws regulating the purchase of chimps.

        2. Wife bats? Oh my goddess! All libertarians are monsters! Listen to you, wanting to enslave an animal and force it to hurt a minority with an instrument previously intended to force your will upon womyn?! How horrible are you, you evil white male cis monster. wife bats, indeed. You are as bad as those folks who talk about a rule of thumb.

          Oh wait, it was a typo? It was supposed to be wiffle? No it wasn’t, it was a freudian slip. You are a horrible monster. I have already made up my mind, don’t go manspalining with your REASON and FACTS and LOGICAL CONSISTENCY. You are a monster.


      3. I am reserving them spots in my very special place in hell.

    2. He’s bringing peace! Don’t let him get away!

  8. Here’s a compromise. He can type the speech for the administration, who will edit it in an ad hoc committee, comprised of a diverse selection of teachers and administrators. This speech will be read by the best public speaker in the debate club, made up to look like valedictorian.

    The valedictorian himself will be expelled and not allowed to attend.

    1. “The valedictorian himself will be expelled and not allowed to attend.”

      And he gets to deny he ever had anything to do with what ends up coming out the butt of a committee like that.

      1. No, no, no, that’s not a compromise. That’s violence. He must sign a nondisclosure and a settlement accepting all of the school’s terms, or face jail time.

    2. He can type the speech for the administration, who will edit it in an ad hoc committee, comprised of a diverse selection of teachers and administrators

      So, kind of like the Declaration of Independence.

    3. When I gave my valedictorian speech, they did sort of follow (the start of ) that process. The administration demanded I make it longer and change the content (it included some jabs at the school). So I rewrote a longer form and added some more cliches of wisdom that I’m sure the other students wanted to hear from my wise 17 year old self. They edited a bit more, and said it good.

      Then during graduation I just recited my original speech from memory then went back to my seat, knowing they couldn’t do anything at that point.

      1. I hope one of his friends pulls this off — get selected for the speech by submitted some trite brown-nosing speech and then reads Solanki’s original speech amended with details on what happened.

      2. “When I gave my valedictorian speech…”


  9. He thinks it’s his reputation for occasionally being sharp-tongued with Lodi High School staff that’s led to the end-of-year graduation woes.

    High school administrators don’t like to be questioned by their charges, certainly not in front of a auditorium full of parents and on the last day they have to be there before Summer. Leave that interactive approach to education crap to the professors.

  10. 4.3 GPA. so he’s a B student?

    1. They use a Pass/Fail system obviously.

  11. They were right to stop him from speaking. A GPA greater than 4.0 is a microaggression.

    1. Omigosh! Another example to add to the definition I have been working on!

      My idea of what “micro-aggression” means:

      A person can make a statement or provide a word for definition.

      According to the perception of that person, he/she/it(heshit) has already perceived what the definition of the statement or the word is.

      The person(s) hearing the statement or the word has their own perception; this may or may not agree with the perception of the original perceiver.

      There is an automatic assumption by the original perceiver, here, since heshit assumes that the next perceiver(s) have the same knowledge as heshit to be able to understand what heshit is stating. Therefore, all words and statements can possibly be considered micro-aggressions by the original perceiver; and, in turn, the hearing perceivers.

      I’m just trying to understand something about micro-aggression before I stumble along into macro-aggression, which may need to be defined, yet.

      Can anyone help me out here?

  12. 4.3 GPA? Grade inflation has gotten out of hand.

    1. They must not have the full metal inflation you see in other places. Like here. I’ve seen kids graduate with over a 6.0, with half the class dressed in “honors” white. My class, in the same county, had twenty people who got that honor, out of a class of nearly 900. We could get over a 4.0, but the best possible grade was set at 4.25. Even that was probably dumb, given where things have gone.

      1. “My amplifier goes up to eleven!”

        1. Yes, our educational system is the equivalent of Nigel Tufnel, without the ability to actually play guitar.

          1. Much less the ability to play guitar using a violin.

            1. Exactly. Idiot savant for the win.

        2. ‘Over 9000!’.

      2. Yeah, when I graduated I think the highest you could get was a 4.25 but that required straight A’s with the maximum number of AP courses to boot.

        1. Same thing–had to take all of the AP classes and get all As.

          1. Seems like this was the general model back in the “dark ages” of the 70’s everywhere.

      3. I had a 5.0 my senior year, but that was straight A’s in all APs.

        Should’ve applied to Harvard.

        1. Are you done?

          1. I’m just getting started.

        2. Should’ve applied to Harvard.

          Submit that GPA, and self-identify your current racial-fluid state as “American Indian”, and you’re in!

          1. Better, ‘African-American Indian’. The just hand you a free degree for applying.

        3. Harvard’s undergraduate school is nursery-school for the children of the Upper Crust; it concentrates on trying to teach them to sign checks. It’s the graduate schools that deserve Harvard’s reputation.

        4. Coincidentally, mine was 0.5 at the time I was expelled. I am apparently Bizarro Playa.

          1. Yeah, but you have some fancy letters after your name now.

            1. BFD?

          2. “7 years of college down the drain.”

        5. Yeah, well, my IQ is like, 257.

      4. I thought you were an old dude, Pro.
        4.0 was the absolute max back in my day. (I got it, natch.)

        1. I was also known as a smart-ass. The administration, fortunately, had a few other 4.0 students from which to choose to deliver the valediction.

        2. Yeah, it was 4.0 back in my day, too.

          I fell a little short. I blame the booze. And the pot. And the girls.

          1. I would have traded for a 3.5 plus pot, booze and girls.

            1. Well, to be fair, it was more booze and pot than girls.

          2. One fucking B and I was 35th in a class of 725

          3. I blame high school being boring and stupid. I think my GPA was around 3.

            My GPA went up in college, because it was actually interesting.

            1. Yeah, me too. A “B” average dude, but fortunately I am in the top 1% of looks, so it hasn’t hurt. It is absolutely true: Attractive people make more money on average AND I got all the pussy I wanted! (So F You, Playa, Citizen and the rest of you smartypants!)

        3. I was about to say that 4.0 was the highest you could go. My oldest brother got a 4.0 – my middle brother was a bit lower. And by the time I rolled around I didn’t give a shit. And nothing else happened.

    2. A lot of schools provide extra weighting for AP and honors classes. An “A” in a college prep class might be a 4.0, but an “A” in an AP class in the same subject might be a 4.3. It seems like a reasonable way to acknowledge the differing levels of difficulty in the various levels of the same course.

      1. It seems like a reasonable way to acknowledge the differing levels of difficulty in the various levels of the same course.

        I’ve always wondered why touchdowns were five points in high school, six points in college, and 8 points in the pros.

        1. The uprights in HS are wider in HS than in college or the pros.

      2. Why? If you get a B in AP shouldn’t you be in the college prep track?

      3. Seems more like they ought to just, you know, let you mention you were taking AP classes.

        GPA reflects your grade in your classes, not “extra bonus for taking notionally harder classes”.

        The guy taking shop and nailing it doesn’t deserve a 3.0 “because that’s not academic” any more than the AP guy deserves a 4.3 because “AP is super special and we need to inflate it extra”.

        Pathetic, all of it.

    3. When I was in HS in the early to mid nineties, honors classes got a 1.3 multiplier for your GPA. So an A in an honors class was worth 5.2 grade points instead of just 4, a B was worth 3.9 points, etc. It wasn’t uncommon for students to have GPAs greater than 4. On the transcript, IIRC, it listed both the “unadjusted” GPA and the “adjusted” GPA. I had a 3.14 unadjusted GPA, and a 3.9 something adjusted GPA (without trying). And I was 18th out of 140 someodd students, so I’m sure some of the people ahead of me were bound to be over 4.

    4. Yeah, I see that and I think both “ridiculous overachiever” and “I do not trust those grades to be meaningful”.

      1. Yes.

        I haz a sad that the Reason commentariate went full retard on the overachiever contest and barely touched the ‘Most defiant of authority’ awards.

        3.9 GPA (I aced AP courses and I don’t recall that the school corrected for that) and was told no less than 4 times that, after committing the first offense of an act that there was no discipline for, I would be expelled after doing it again.

        1. This surprised me too. I didn’t get a 4, or even a 3.5. And my school had the rediculous multiplier options.

          Instead, I go down in history of my school for singing the Imperial March as we walked down the aisle to our seats while holding our mandetory American Flag upside down, carrying a 8 lb rock to classes to protest the rules on weapons (a friend was expelled for having a knife in a locked case in his locked car), taking a purse (with a label that defined it as such) to classes because females could have purses and males couldn’t have backpacks, and, on more than one ocasion, vocally encouraging certain “teachers” to evolve.

          I expect this to be the pissing contest here at Reason, not the “I jumped through all the hoops better than you suckers did!”

  13. Those issues don’t seem very serious, however, and certainly don’t justify the psychiatric evaluation he was forced to take after tersely asking a counselor for help resolving the dispute over his speech

    Does he respect authoritah without question? Was his commencement going to be about climate change and social justice?

    If not, then he’s not going to fare well on any university campus.

    1. Does he respect authoritah without question? Was his commencement going to be about climate change and social justice?

      The answer to the 1st question is clearly no. If the answer to the 2nd is also no, he should just be thankful they’re giving him a diploma at all.

  14. If the dude/chick that will give the speech had any balls, they would make it a speech offering congratulations to the class with a special nod to the fellow who ought to be up here, and then list off all of Devon’s accomplishments.

    1. It seems as if they’re saying they plan to select a kid who can be assured of speechifying on the party lines.

      1. Well, that kind of kid can be easily “persuaded” in the parking lot to hew to a different party line, I would expect.

    2. Hahaha.

      Good one. The administration is picking the speaker. You can rest assured they’re most certainly not going to pick someone who would do something like that. They’ll find a sufficiently obsequious little lickspittle to give a sufficiently uninspired mediocrity of a speech.

      1. Isn’t that the entire point of pointless theater like all such speeches?

        The secret is to not even go to the graduation ceremony.

  15. Just proving Gallagher’s observation that nothing gets you in trouble in school faster than “acting smart”.

    1. Or smashing a watermelon with a mallet.

    2. I know Gallagher personally. He’s a crazy person. And not the good kind of crazy. Crazy like repeatedly asking me questions about my child’s poop and demanding that I sell him my family’s land so he can build some kind of crazy person amusement park.

      1. I mean, does your child have interesting poop?

        1. Are there bits of newspaper in there? A piece of a credit card? Maybe some wolf hair?

          1. Wood chips?

          2. +1 bleached asshole

            One of the funniest episodes of any TV show, ever.

      2. To be sure, comedians are like psychologists–virtually all of them have some sort of special mental health issue.

  16. the local sports guy here used to have a scholar athlete of the week each week, usually with ” a 4.3 GPA out of a possible 4.0″

  17. Who gives a shit about a graduation speech? Fuck high school and the dumbasses running it. On June 24th, that kid should forget that school and those people.

    1. Indeed. And not go to Harvard, because they will beat this defiant, brilliant, shining star into something usable in a machine.

  18. I’m sure those administrators will feel sorry when they’re staring down the barrel of the Death Cannon 9000 they just inspired the kid to build.

  19. Why do the people running this school seem like they never left it as students in the first place?

    1. They are probably pissy realizing that the kid at 18 is smarter than any of them could ever hope to be. Can’t let the little turd upstage them just because it’s a graduation ceremony!

      1. “Transfer to Washington. Transfer to Jefferson. No one at Westerberg is going to let you play their reindeer games.”

    2. Probably because they never did, at least not psychologically. These are probably all people who peaked in high school.

    3. “Finally, I get to lord it over the cool kids!”

  20. A mouthy teenager? That’s positively alarming. Call in a team of psychiatrists now. He might snark us all to death.

  21. He must have been a conservative…..

  22. “I’d like to handle this peacefully today.”

    How is that even considered a threat? He specifically said “peacefully.” That’s not a threat. This is a threat:

    “I’ll feed you your own liver, you shit-weasel, then I will rip off your head and shit down your throat.”

    He didn’t say that, or anything even remotely threatening. Christ.

    1. Projection?

      “I’d like to handle this peacefully…but, if not, I shall assault you.”

      1. But the opposite of “peacefully” isn’t “assault” at least not in this context. Peacefully would mean working out a compromise of some kind – a peaceful resolution – rather than escalating the tension and adversarial nature of the discussions that had preceded it.

        1. He might have said mean things. And, well, you know, words can cut like a knife.

          Which, by the way, is something I have learned NEVER to say to a border guard when I asked if I am carrying any weapons at the Canadian border crossing.

          1. lol.

    2. My guess is that the shitheel he was speaking too read something into it that wasn’t there. Like “I’d like to handle this peacefully today… but if not, tomorrow I’ll come back and shoot up the school” or something. Remember, we’re talking about a kid that had a history of not respecting their authoritay. It’s only a short jump from there to rampaging sociopath (in the feeble mind of a school administrator at least)

    3. If there’s anything that the last week or so has taught us here, a “threat” is pretty much whatever the asshole in charge wants it to be.

      1. ^^^^^THIS^^^^^

      2. The Wood Chipper speaks truth to power.

    4. I would interpret that as a threat of legal action, not of physical violence….but then, I’m not a pearl-clutching libtard.

    5. “I’d like to handle this peacefully today. Otherwise you will be hosting a process server.”

  23. HS admins are generally assholes, and there’s no point in looking for logic from them. I skipped school a lot in HS, which was considered “disruptive,” despite the fact that I wasn’t there to disrupt anything. Then they punished me by… (wait for it)… suspending me from school, so I wouldn’t be there.

    1. Educational admins at all levels tend to be dicks or petty tyrants to one extent or another.

      HM excepted of course.

      1. Let’s not be so hasty. You’ve never sat on a curriculum committee I have chaired.

        1. “I know you hate teaching dipthongs, but fuck you. Teach them anyways.”

    2. You owed it to society to be there. To achieve and become the best human possible so you could help mankind. What’s wrong with you?

  24. My nephew was valedictorian of his class and wasn’t even allowed into the National Honors Society by school because he was the wrong ethnicity and didn’t do enough “volunteer” work like picking up trash on the side of the road. Mind you those aren’t honor society terms of admission, the guidance counselor just decided that the NHS representation from his school should feature some more ethnic minorities with at least a B average and those who have done more “community service”. Fake altruism and ethnic classifications matter more to academic achievement than actual academic achievement.

    1. There were many kids at my HS who were in the NHS and graduated behind me, but I wasn’t in it because I didn’t candy stripe cancer wards or some shit, or suck up enough to the shit heads running it. NHS membership always depended more on brown nosing and phony altruism than anything else. Fuck that shit.

    2. The NHS kids in my high school were all cheaters. They were also leftard ass-kissers, so our teachers would give the rest of us condescending lectures about how we should be like the NHS kids.


    3. God damn, we really need to cleanse this country of it’s progressives.

      1. We need to go full Cato (the elder): Ceterum censeo the government-run “public” school system must be destroyed.

  25. double +1 for the alt text

  26. on two separate occasions, talking back to teachers.

    IOW, he doesn’t fellate authority figure’s cocks enough. I wonder if his “talking back” involved questioning some aspect of progressive orthodoxy. I suspect that’s probably the case.

    I also have it on good authority that Principal Frank D’Amico fucks sheep behind the school’s football stadium.

  27. What kind of nerd wants to give a valedictorian speech? I purposely graduated #2 just to get out of that crap. (OK, no I didn’t.)

    1. I agree. Part of me thinks I would want to take revenge and sue these people if I were the kid’s dad. But really, who cares? The kid got into Harvard. They just saved him going to school for a few days and writing a stupid speech and going to a boring ceremony. He should go off to Harvard and do whatever it is kids who go to Harvard do and then in a few years write them a letter telling them its his world and they just live in it and they can go fuck themselves.

      1. whatever it is kids who go to Harvard do


        1. Pretty much. Regardless, the best revenge sometimes is good living. These morons are not worth losing any sleep over.

          1. True. I had a HS teacher tell me to my face once that I wouldn’t amount to anything. I probably make twice as much as that bitch now, have a wife, a house, a nice car. Fuck you, Mrs. Rankin.

            1. I had a teacher who tried to put me on Ritalin. Not sure if that’s worse or better.

      2. No kidding. I would photocopy the acceptance letter from Harvard and send it to the principal with a Post-it note reading ‘I will no longer be requiring your services.’

    2. “Number 2”


    3. “Number 2”


    4. I purposely graduated #11 just so I wouldn’t given the special cap and gown of the top 10. I was top 10 my junior year and as a punishment I was required to be an usher at the senior graduation. I didn’t want to be perceived as a good student when I loathed the place and never brought a book home (all homework assignments were done during the following class, term papers were done during lunch) so I purposely did no work for one class in the second quarter and handed in blank tests after securing an A in the first quarter (thus, securing the “C” for the class). Pissed off the “teacher” but she had no choice but to follow the rules and knew I would have made her life hell if she tried to bend them.

    5. The thesis of mine was “Speeches are dumb are boring”.

  28. The word he was looking for was “amicably”. Still, needing a thesaurus shouldn’t be a crime.

  29. ITT: Privileged, lucky smart kid BAAAWWWs ’cause he doesn’t get to strut on stage. Now considers himself the main character of an Ayn Rand novel.

  30. Simple solution: let him speak after the principal issues a trigger warning.

    1. Or have somebody smuggle in a megaphone, and then at the right time, he can give his speech with the entire graduating class forming a protective ring around him.

      That or organize a party for the seniors where he can give the speech then.

  31. the fact the their top student writes that poorly is a serious indictment of lodi high school.

    1. Meh – it’s probably better than the average Columbia journalism graduate.

  32. “If there is one simple life message I would like to see you, my classmates, take away from your years here, it is this:

  33. Bang up job on the alttext Robby.

  34. To be sure it’s all nonsense, but he should be grateful he doesn’t have to waste his time trying to rewrite the usual cliches into a speech that will inevitably still have all the usual cliches.

  35. While i have no doubt that school admistrators are worst kind of petty tyrants on earth – i see nothing but entitlement pleading by john q overachiever

    A+ students are invariablly sociopathic assholes who freak out at the thought of their own possible imperfections. They become school administrators

    1. My best buddy in high school was an A+ student, perfect straight As. Also a superb guitarist. Took acid daily. Managed to graduate college summa cum laude in physics and math, then physics PhD at Stanford.

      There’s a lesson in this, but I can’t quite figure out what.

      1. If you want to be a successful physics student drop a lot of acid?

        1. Or play a stunning blues guitar. I dunno, it’s all very confusing.

      2. Does he drink Dos Equis?

      3. I knew somebody similar, but he only dropped acid weekly. Extremely talented engineer, won a full-ride scholarship to RPI.


    2. Sounds like someone didn’t make it onto the honor roll.

      1. i once saw a bumpersticker that said “my child beats up your honor-roll student at X High School”

        It was a womann driving. i pulled up next to her and told her i loved her.

    3. Or they’re just smart kids who don’t need to work that much.

  36. I have no clue what my high school GPA was; 1973 is long ago and far away. I graduated in three years, though. I suspect they were not-so-secretly glad to be rid of me.

    1. Did they even have GPA back then? Wasn’t cow-milking a pass/fail class?

  37. The upside is that in a few years when the Chinese own and operate everything they will disappear people like these school admins.

    1. This isn’t true. They will promote them and model the whole education system on petty tyrants like these.

  38. I graduated in 1968 and not once were my grades ever an issue in my life since that point.

    But, in those days almost anyone could get into college, provided you graduated. And, an A meant something. The average kid got a C, as that was an average grade.

  39. He should record his speech and post it on YouTube. It will get far more attention than if he’d just talked to the attendees at his graduation.


  40. The “valedictorian” at my high school graduation was leftard douchebag who used the occasion to sing the praises of tax-funded indoctrination. Fuck that guy.


  41. What you’ll never find in school true RESPECT. I should know my school even used it as a moto with Aretha Franklin’s song blasting in our ears. Teachers so often criticise the public for relating teaching methods to standardized tests yet can’t see past “character flaws” so often.

  42. This kid’s gonna luuuuve Harvard. /sarc

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  44. I make up to $90 an hour working from my home. My story is that I quit working at Walmart to work online and with a little effort I easily bring in around $40h to $86h? Someone was good to me by sharing this link with me, so now i am hoping i could help someone else out there by sharing this link… Try it, you won’t regret it!……

  45. Schools just doing their job. Making good little drones.
    This one just slipped through. In the coming years the consequences will be a tad more involved than losing the podium.

  46. I can attest that they do not trust smart kids with disciplinary problems.

  47. It is sad and unfair, but you have much more interesting things in your future than High School. Go on and be a big success. If you still care about this in 8 years, buy the house next to where the principal lives, and hire some stoners to live there, make a lot of noise and give him a hard time.

  48. “Solanki was recently informed that the task of giving the commencement address would no longer default to the class valedictorian. Instead, administrators would choose the speaker. ”

    Ruled by the arbitrary whim of the Apparatchiks. Progressivism in a nutshell.

  49. this is like one town over from me. Should I remember the administrators’ faces from the school website, and punch them in the face if I ever happen to see them?

    1. ” punch them in the face if I ever happen to see them”
      Metaphorically speaking of course. (got to cover our bases for the NSA)

    2. No. Instead, publish their home addresses, direct line phone numbers, email, etc on Anonymous, gawker, and other anti-tyrant places. Get their personal information into the people who frighten them.

  50. Hey kid, wait until you get to college and everyone is triggered. Instead of being banned from speaking, you will get tarred and feathered for your microagressions.

  51. Well, I looked up the scumbag principal of the school, and sent him the following:

    Mr. D’Amico,

    I’ve read about your churlish, petty, and capricious denial of the valedictorian of the class of 2015 a chance to address his classmates at his graduation.

    Your purpose was to shut up a young man who is a better person than you, but all you have accomplished is to show the entire world what a nasty little apparatchik you are.

    You are a disgrace to your office, and if you had even a modicum of decency you would resign.


  52. Another school taking Harrison Bergeron to heart.

  53. One year, Meridian High School in Meridian, Idaho had (IIRC) 12~17 students who scored absolutely perfect on every qualification to be class Valedictorian.

    But policy dictated “There can be only two” so instead of doing something logical like having the super students decide among themselves which boy and girl would give the speeches, the school administration just had to pare them down to two. I dunno how it ended up.

    Were I in that school’s administration I would have been trumpeting the fact of how many excellent students the school had, instead of trying to find niggling little differences to elevate two above the rest.

  54. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
    This is wha- I do…… ??????

  55. The single greatest lesson to be learned in high school is that it is fucking high school.

    Nothing more than a series of foot snags designed to trip you up on you path through life.

    Get away, get over, get on.

  56. My son was a class rebel. He did the Valedictorian thing at High School and at UChicago. He was all about rebellion. But very humorous. And very personable.

  57. Isn’t being the smartest at Lodi High basically being the prettiest girl in accounting?

  58. Looks like they had one more lesson to teach him:

    “We are administrators. We can fuck you over at a whim, and there ain’t shit you can do about it,”

    1. They’re just preparing him for the pussy administrators, teachers and other students at college.

  59. What kind of moron goes to Harvard anymore? he’s probably a complaining little brat.

    Take your 4.3 to a place that does not brainwash otherwise strong minds

  60. “On Monday, Solanki went to speak with a guidance counselor about the situation. He told her, “I’d like to handle this peacefully today.” The counselor took his remark as a threat…”

    after reading this it hit me, now I know why the colleges are intent on making everyone a pussy, they want to have more hi skrewl teachers and counselors. Silly me, not THAT makes sense.

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