Hey Reasonoids! Have You Heard About Voice & Exit?

Check out this conference/festival of the future in Austin on June 20-21.


Reason is a sponsor of this year's Voice & Exit conference, June 20-21 in Austin, Texas. Interested? Check out the information below.

The post-political era has arrived. It did so without a lot of fanfare. But it's here. People are figuring out how to opt out of old systems and build new ones in parallel. From open source law to crypto-currency, startup cities to seasteading.

It's a simple idea: we can voluntarily exit annoying Facebook groups and unsubscribe from email lists…why can't the same be true of our community memberships and political associations?

It's true that a lot of people are still into the tribal, us-versus-them mentality of elections—that's likely to go on for a while. Increasingly though, people are coming to see voting as a little like going to confessional: you feel better after you do it, but not much changes. The action is in what we call "humanity's great open source project."

We started Voice & Exit because we were tired of the tribalism, weary of the whitepaper-industrial complex, and fed up with the ideological purity tests.

We wanted to celebrate the experimenters, the iterators, the non-conventional sorts who are out there questioning the orthodoxies—making the world better and freer through a hundred little acts of defiance, and a thousand little acts of creation.

Voice & Exit is a conference and festival devoted to those willing to criticize by creating:

  • The biohackers
  • The seasteaders
  • The Bitcoiners
  • The dark web spinners
  • The startup entrepreneurs
  • The psychonauts
  • The singularitarians
  • The burners
  • The agorists
  • The artists
  • The techno-optimists
  • The libertarians

… and anyone fed up with our outdated two-party system. It's for those willing to think, to roll up their sleeves, and collaborate to solve problems. 

This year, Jim Epstein of Reason TV and Lauren Galik of the Reason Foundation will participate. Some attendees drove over 2,000 miles for last year's event, and this year's speaker lineup is just as impressive.

Oh, and there is a special discount pass for Reasonoids, too.

The conference is June 20-21 in Austin, Texas, and let's celebrate the first wave of the post-political era.