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Malaysian officials are detaining two Canadian siblings blamed for causing a recent earthquake in the country. Lindsey and Danielle Petersen were part of a group of tourists accused of showing disrespect to a mountain held sacred by locals by stripping down and posing for a photo there. An earthquake struck the mountain six days later, which officials blame on the tourists.

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  1. I posted this in AM links yesterday.

    Thanks for the h/t …. Oh, nevermind.

    Do they have woodchippers in Malayasia? At least ones not employed by jihadis?

    1. No but they have jihadists employed by the DOJ.

      1. That’s interesting because I had heard that the number one pastime at DOJ offices was to sit around and draw pictures of Muhammad.

        1. Of course I also heard that their number two pastime was having sec with animals so you might be on to something.

          1. Ok. I changed sec to sex and it still posted as sec?

          2. *raising eyebrow…reaches for pen, but reconsiders

          3. Sec with sheep?

            1. My sister had sec with a Moose. It bit her….

        2. I thought their pass time was to read us.

    1. Eighty years ago, Islamic experts blamed Syrian drought on Yo-Yo’s

      1. And these people want us to sell their latex? I don’t think so.

          1. Modern Seinfeld ?@SeinfeldToday Feb 27

            George goes to war with an evil barista who writes embarrassing things on George’s cup instead of his name.

  2. Mountain spirits are such prudes.

    1. Actually the tourists were scapegoats. The locals skipped their annual sacrifices this year…

    2. But wait, wouldn’t that mountain have existed long before primitive man invented clothing? It’s almost like the Malaysians haven’t thought this one all the way through?

      Or was it that thousand of years ago, the mountain was like “hey dude, cover up your junk. Here! I have sewn you a comfortable pair of chinos”?

      1. Maybe Heroic can confirm this but aren’t Malaysians the Newfies of Asia?

        1. Ya hear about the Newife who died drinking milk?


          /from my 30 years playing in Canadian bagpipe bands in Ontario

        2. What’s this?

          *walks forward haltingly, taking a step, stopping, taking another step, stopping….*


          /moar from my 30 years playing in Canadian bagpipe bands in Ontario

          1. “I think your signal’s broken there.”

          2. This is going where I hoped it would.

            1. Around here, a Newfie’s a breed of dog.


    3. “Mountain spirits are such prudes.”…..jAodgnEAtA


  3. Trumped up charges? Glad that doesn’t happen here.

    1. “On the count of Offending a Mountain, how does the defendant plead?”

      1. What if the Malaysian authorities have perceived that these schmucks had Broke it’s Back?

        1. Perhaps the siblings were not only naked, and “backbreakers”, but incectuous as well.

          /AlmightyJB’s spellchecker

    2. Hey at least they have an actual victim

  4. I would like to go ahead and confess to causing that earthquake during sex. You can let the canuks go.

    1. Was it butt-sex with Mexicans on Pot? That’s a guaranteed 7.0 on the Richter scale.

      1. Is there any other kind:)

      2. I think you meant, 7.01 on the scale.


        1. Toujours pret!

        2. I was hinting at 7.0_ club while not breaking the first rule of 7.0_ club.

          1. I hate it when a new context-free reference pops in and I have no clue what’s going on.

            1. DON’T TALK ABOUT THE TIME!

  5. In this day and age, it’s incredible that people in positions of power still believe in mystic nonsense.

    Oh wai…

    1. All praise the Omnissiah and his works.

  6. Posted this yesterday, but awesome enough to repeat:

    Responding to death threats from Malaysian believers, Canadian and fellow tourist Emil Kaminski wrote on his Facebook page: “f*ck your culture.”

    Perfect response.

    1. While true and I’d be willing to say that since I have no intention of ever travelling there. When you do travel someplace it behooves you to pay a little fucking respect to the culture there – something, something about being a good guest.

      And what the hell is this with Canadians suddenly acting like Americans?

      1. If not for the earthquake, these tourists would not have been in any trouble. It is fairly transparent that it isn’t the ‘sacred mountain offense’ that is behind the government action. A natural disaster is bad news for anyone, and the scapegoats are a distraction for the masses rather than a heartfelt belief on the part of the bureaucracy.

        1. ^^^^
          This. These guys are just scapegoats of a superstitious people.

          As to respecting another’s culture, check this out: Writing in the comment section of Malaysia’s The Star, Kaminski states, “If local religion prohibits certain actions, then local believers of that religion should not engage in it, but they cannot expect everyone to obey their archaic and idiotic rules.”

          This seems to imply that locals had no problem going naked on the mountain.

          1. …. but they cannot expect everyone to obey their archaic and idiotic rules.”

            Better watch what he says in an Islamic country. Some of those idiotic rules include death to apostates and those who insult The Prophet?.

          2. From Kamenski’s Facebook page are “responses” by some of the charming locals to the Canadians’ mountainside nudity. What a bunch of fucking racist savages.

            “I wish I could mutilate all of you.”

            “Fuck you whiteman!! See, what the fucking monkey you are done!!!!! No manners primitive!”

            “You motherfucker whitetrash coke of a cunt!! The whole entire Malaysia is looking for your blondie pubes bitchass!! We will fucking chop off your dickhead!! PIG!”

            1. They sound much like the commenters at many a mainstream/statist news site.

              1. good thing these comments weren’t directed toward a judge, or it might just get a little…ahem…chilly around here.

                Did I say too much?

                1. My woodchipper is modified to operate in the coldest of climates.

            2. Stormfront by any other name….

            3. You sure those aren’t from Democratic Underground?

              And what the heck is a ‘coke of a cunt’. Very Agile like.

              1. Agile Cyborg would totally be down with naked photos on mountains.

                And he’d no doubt be investigating the local fungus.

        2. Funny how different things world for different folks. For my part, were I to be a loyal citizen of Malaysia, upon learning of this course of action I would immediately assume that my government had been taken over by dangerously insane people who needed immediate institutionalization.

          It isn’t like Malaysia is this complete backwater mess. Kuala Lumpur is a bustling metropolis. One of my best employees was an immigrant from Malaysia. She was brilliant – and not the only college educated kid from her rural family. It is hard to imagine how something this nutty would play there. Sure, you have a lot of poor people, but is it really enough to survive this sort of nonsense?

          Or is there just enough of a nationalist streak for everyone to just kinda accept a “screw the foreigners” idea of it all.

          1. Italy tried to imprison some geologists for not predicting an earthquake, right?

            1. Fair point.

            2. Tried? I think ‘did’.

      2. I was thinking the exact same thing.

        Ugly Canadians.

        They’re around. Believe me. It’s just that it’s convenient there are Americans for us to smugly mock.

      3. I’m also looking for places to go this summer, and boy do a lot of Islamist countries get crossed off my list.

        1. I compiled a list of potential vacation spots. I excluded anyplace I was likley to get killed (ie, Ireland, Islamist states, South Africa…) anyplace I didn’t understand the language (Canada, Belgium, Australia…) and places run by socialists (California, Venezuela, France…) and anyplace too warm (Texas, Bahama, Somalia…). My list ended up empty.

          1. Yeah those thick Canadian accents from trailer park Nova Scotia can be over whelming.

            Belgian. Now there’s a French accent I struggle with.

        2. Really? I thought it would be the #1 destination place.

          I heard good things about Islamia from my lefty friends.

          1. Did they go to the ‘famous severed heads of the Islamic State’ exhibit?

  7. I’ll have to see the pics before I can determine if a crime was committed.

    1. Here’s the Star piece. All the interesting stuff got blocked, though. Check out the hiker’s blog. I am sure it will tickle our fancy, since he and his friends do this sort of thing other places….…..erstition/

      1. My god, those are the biggest pixels I’ve ever seen!

        1. It’s like they’re wearing boxes.

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