Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Panicking to Discover Voters Just Aren't That into Him

The ultimate Potemkin candidate of 2016?


I always like them better after they retire. |||

In my July-issue Editor's Note column released earlier today, I expressed some skepticism about National Review writer Charles C.W. Cooke's conservatarian project, partly on grounds that libertarians should be wary of a political party that keeps on coughing up government-growing Republicans with the last name "Bush." So it's only fair to point out that, according to the shrewd political Washington Examiner political columnist Byron York, Jeb Bush is floundering to the point of shaking up his campaign staff.

The remedying began Monday with word that Bush has shaken up his campaign before the campaign has even been formally announced. The Bush team sent out word that Danny Diaz, a respected, hard-charging Republican operative, will become the campaign's manager instead of Bush's original choice, the highly thought-of Iowa strategist David Kochel, who will move to another senior position in the campaign. […]

"[The donors] said that in January, Bush laid out a scenario of where he would be by now, and it has not remotely happened," [an adviser to the Bush campaign] recalled. "They said the plan was for Bush to use this period to emerge as frontrunner, and launch as decisive frontrunner with the model, interestingly enough, being George W. Bush in 1999. But that hasn't happened, obviously, and I expect this bloodletting is to show that they are aware and trying to take steps to address."

Jeb Bush shows every outward sign to be the ultimate Potemkin candidate in 2016. His main three (inter-related) selling propositions are his best-in-the-early-field name recognition, his ability to amass the biggest warchest, and his ensuing (theoretical) inevitability. The main obstacle to that plan: actual voters, whose views on ratifying another Bush coronation have been refreshingly hostile. As I argued back in February, 2015-16 is not a good season for a GOP candidate running on "electability."

This reflects positively on Republicans, and negatively on Democrats, who seem to be grimly trudging toward a coronation of their own. I would bet the farm against a Bush-Clinton general election; here's hoping that the latter half of that combo feels the sting of competition as well.

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  1. Bush Vs Hillary 2016.
    Gird your loins america it’s gonna happen.

    1. Everyone here says that like it is some kind of article of faith. Yet, as this and pretty much every other article written about what actual voters think of Bush, Bush has virtually no chance of winning the nomination. It is one of the most idiotic memes people post on here.

      1. Walker has to be the favorite at this point with Rubio in second. I really can’t stand Rubio, I might be able to vote for Walker, but the more he talks about the issues the more he loses me.

      2. Hey John is back. Did you get subpoenaed or something?

        1. No. Just busy.

      3. Around this time in 2007 McCain’s campaign had basically folded. I wouldn’t bet that Bush will be nominated, but he shouldn’t be dismissed as having “virtually no chance.”

        People are really, really stupid.

        1. And yet he still would have probably won if the economy hadn’t gone into the crapper a month before the election.

          1. After 8 years of Bush and his wars? I don’t believe that’s true.

            (Of course we didn’t know that Obama would be worse in many ways)

      4. I agree, John.

    2. His main three (inter-related) selling propositions are his best-in-the-early-field name recognition, his ability to amass the biggest warchest, and his ensuing (theoretical) inevitability.

      Mirror-images running against each other would make for the blandest election in history.

      1. +1 John Jackson and +1 Jack Johnson

        1. That’s exactly what I was thinking of.

          Next thing we know, we’ll have Richard Nixon’s Head for President and the headless body of Agnew for VP.

          1. Which may be better than either Jeb or Hillary.

          2. ‘Good evening, ignorant pigs.
            Put down your crack pipes, and your bongs.’

          3. I’ll send these clowns a message by staying home on election day and dressing up like a clown.

            1. Vote for Rand Paul in the Republican primaries.

      2. Four more years of Obama lite or four more years of Obama heavy?

        1. I’ll have a shot of tequila.

      3. Wait, have Hillary and Jeb ever appeared in the same room together? Is it like that episode of ‘Star Trek’ where the guy is chasing himself through parallel dimensions and the universe will be destroyed if they come into contact?

        1. God, that was a terrible episode.

          “But what of Lazarus?” Shut up, Kirk.

        2. oh yes he did

  2. Jeb Bush can never get elected president (and I’m sure he knows it), and he doesn’t even really want to be the president.

    He’s not really running to get elected; he’s running in order to prevent someone like Rand Paul or Scott Walker from getting elected, at which point he’s going to throw the election to Hillary (which certainly won’t be hard for him to do).

    1. What makes you think Hillary will still be in contention by then?

  3. The nominee will be who the party establishment picks. The will of the voters is not relevant.

    1. Yeah, that is why they nominated McCain in 2008, because the establishment loved him so much. And of course that is why Hillary won the 08 nomination as well. The voters do matter. the establishment realizes that and also realizes how hopeless Jeb is and are fleeing towards Rubio and Walker as a result.

      1. It was his turn. And I only say that half-joking. Money and support from the party will end up starting to stream to a particular candidate (possibly late in the primary), and that someone will get the nomination.

        1. Exactly – – a la Bob Dole in 96. It was his turn.

      2. I still think Walker is going to emerge as the nominee.*

        *Caveat Emptor; In January of 2008, I publicly predicted Al Gore would win the 2008 election.

        1. I think Walker will too. HE is just enough establishment for them to live with him. The problem that Cruz, Rubio and Paul have is that they are Senators and associated with Washington. People hate Washington. This is a year for a governor to win.

          1. A powerful liberty caucus coupled with a not-too-hostile president with the ability to tame the civil service could actually be a great step back from the abyss.

            1. Say what you want about Walker, but he has definitely tamed the civil service in Wisconsin. Yeah, he gave the cops a pass. But nothing is ever perfect. Of course Libertarians will ignore the good he did because he settled and didn’t get everything. But that is what Libertarians do and why they always lose.

              1. That’s what ideological hardliners do and why they’re forever disappointed. The left has its anti-Obama socialists, the right has its tea partiers, and libertarians have themselves.

                1. Yeah, I’ll bet that if every libertarian voted for the GOP instead of the LP, it wouldn’t change the electoral vote in any state. So we might as well indulge ourselves and stand for principles.

                  1. Yeah creech because giving Walker credit for what he has accomplished is so like telling every Libertarian to vote Republican. Be sure to yell “strawman now” because that is not projection.

                    And for the record, I have long been of the opinion that every Libertarian should vote Democrat. The Democrats are much better of gay marriage, which is the most important issue to most Libertarians, and the Libertarians are likely to have more of a positive effect on the Democrats than they are the Republicans.

                    1. John’s vacation did not make him any less obnoxious.

                    2. “The Democrats are much better of gay marriage, which is the most important issue to most Libertarians”


                    3. Only to HyR columnists.

                    4. My grandfather was the most conservative person I knew, and when anyone asked him about his personal affairs, he said: “None of your dam business.” Since when did everyone’s dam business become the purview of the GOP?

                      You are right about Libertarians voting for democrats. It appears their fiscally conservative influence on the GOP petered around the year 2000.

                    5. A libertarian can’t even get an invite to speak to democrats or anyone center-left, much less engage them in any serious way.

                      Say what you will about conservatives, but the Cooke/Meyer contingent of serious conservative seeking to fuse the two philosophies (which are, in the Kirk sense of conservative, probably 80+% compatible) is something that has never happened on the left. Even a “left libertarian” like Long has a snowball’s chance of crashing a lefty get-together, regardless of how much he emphasizes the benefit of libertarianism for the downtrodden. As far as they’re concerned, every time a libertarian invokes markets and freedom of contract as THE chief means of combating poverty, it’s just another idiot trying to pawn off a bill of goods. They *know* that the way to combat poverty is through intervention and planning, our arguments be damned.

                      The left has always been given to utopianism and statism–two philosophies that are at complete odds with the American conservative tradition–and only the most radical lefties bother to oppose wars of aggression when they are of the center-left variety.

                      So no, even moderate libertarians aren’t going to be chumming around with the most hardcore statists anytime soon.

    2. “More and more of our imports come from overseas.”

      – George W Bush

      1. 57 states – Obama

        What’s your point?

  4. Maybe Jeb and Hillary could be co-presidents… you know, because doubling down on the worst idea ever is better than having to pick one.

    I predict that the 2016 Presidential Race will be really, really close… right up until it isn’t (that is once all the billable political ads have been run).

    1. Well said.

  5. They said the plan was for Bush to use this period to emerge as frontrunner

    *outright, prolonged laughter*

    1. *adds sad trombone*

    2. Heh heh, period.

  6. Right now I’d guess Rubio first, Walker second, Paul third.

    Rubio is basically Jeb, but authentically Hispanic. He makes Jeb irrelevant in this cycle.

    1. Rubio’s the flavor of the month. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has actual dead bodies buried somewhere, word on the street is that is why Romney passed on him for vp.

      1. He does have Hillary attention though.

      2. A distinct possibility. But I think there’s tremendous demand for a Bush Republican within the Stupid Party, just as long as his name isn’t actually Bush.

        Rubio fits that bill pretty well seeing that he’s embraced all of Bush’s security state and foreign policy positions.

        He’ll have to sabotage himself to lose the nomination, which he might well do since I don’t think he’s that great a speaker or communicator.

        1. Actually he does have his moments where he sounds okay and he’s bilingual, but his foreign policy positions are terrible.

      3. Maybe, but the best the NYT can do is that he has a few speeding tickets and he is not filthy rich. He, like Walker, has been on the Democratic media hit list for almost six years now. And they have yet to come up with anything. I doubt there is anything to come up with or we would already know it.

        And Romney didn’t pick him because he had no experience. He had only been in the Senate two years at that point.

        1. He had only been in the Senate two years at that point.

          Kinda like the guy who beat him?

          1. Maybe you missed it sarcasmic, but Rubio isn’t a black liberal Democrat. The rules actually apply to him.

            1. Oh yeah. Principals, not principles.

        2. But Rubio borrowed $3,000 to buy a refrigerator. That kind of financial irresponsibility is disqualifying. / progrtards

        3. John says, ” I doubt there is anything to come up with or we would already know it.”

          Not necessarily. If the left does actually have something on Rubio, the better plan would be to hold back on that damaging info until Rubio was actually nominated, and then play that card.

          1. Meh. I think would rather have Bush.

    2. Rand’s problem is, how many Republicans’ 2nd or 3rd choice is he? He might pick some up from Cruz, but then…?

    3. Rubio is unpolished compared to Rand and Cruz, and that’s going to be difficult to hide once the candidates begin chattering into cameras twelve hours a day.

      Candidates always sound like really good ideas right up until they’re exposed to the media. That’s when the Obamas separate themselves from the Hillaries (gods, the plural is horrifying), and Rubio isn’t going to survive extended contact with superior debaters and more confident personalities.

  7. Here’s my advice to Jeb. Run as a crazed libertarian candidate, after firing your staff and confessing that you were led astray.

    1. Maybe he could do something radical, like speak at a black college or call for sentencing reform.

      1. No, even more radical. He needs to make Paul look like a total statist.

        1. Radical like, say, invade Mexico? I like the way you’re thinking.

          1. Invade is a strong word. Do some paperwork to finish the annexation.

      2. Wouldn’t that be considered pandering by many of his detractors?

        Also – didn’t known racists walk past his father and get their picture taken?

        1. If he gets radical enough, they’ll focus on that more than on any pandering claims. Maybe he should run as an anarchist (“Vote for me, and I’ll use the power of government to disband government”).

        2. You know who else got his picture taken with known racists?

      3. Or even crazier, he should come out for or against something.


        Rand Paul’s already getting rid of shitty parts of the Patriot Act–leading to a place where someone named Bush can never follow.

        A scandal might actually help Jeb. He’s kind of a blah candidate. Maybe he should boink a campaign aid or sexually harass somebody. Anything to make him seem more human.

        Seeing him on TV, now, he comes across like a bad CGI rendering of his brother.

  8. Maybe the German voters will like him, and we can let them keep him.

    1. I remember saying the same about Obama when he spoke in Berlin in 2008.

  9. He’s just the mediocrity that the Republican leadership is looking for.

  10. nice alt text

    1. Larry, Moe, and Curly.

  11. Don’t say anything negative or critical that might to be construed as too negative or critical. No one wants to be made an example of….

  12. Caution: idiot crossing

    The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) strongly recommends that collision avoidance systems become standard on all new vehicles.


    You don’t pay extra for your seat belt,” NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart said in a statement. “And you shouldn’t have to pay extra for technology that can prevent a collision altogether.”

    Continuing a two-decade-long fight for life-saving technology, the Safety Board recommends manufacturers start with collision warning systems. They can later add autonomous emergency braking, once NHTSA decides on the necessary standards.

    In the past two decades, the NTSB has submitted 12 proposals in favor of CAS technologies. Progress, however, has been limited, which it blames on a lack of incentives and limited public awareness.

    You don’t “pay extra” for side intrusion protection, or pollution controls, or abs, or any of that other “life-saving technology” (thanks, benevolent all-knowing government bureaucrats!), do you?
    Oh, wait, yes, you do. Why do new cars cost so much? Those costs are all in there, they’re just not itemized on the window sticker. What a retard.

    1. I wish this level of stupid still made me angry. These days I can only muster a sigh and a headshake. These people really believe this rediculously stupid shit they say.

  13. “[Jeb Bush’s] main three (inter-related) selling propositions are his best-in-the-early-field name recognition, his ability to amass the biggest warchest, and his ensuing (theoretical) inevitability.”

    I knew Bush was in trouble early on–leading the field with a twenty-something percent despite all of that name recognition was pathetic. The only one worse was Christie, who couldn’t get into the double-digits despite all the name recognition.

    If 20% of Republican primary voters want Bush, that means the other 80% know about Bush and want somebody else.

  14. OT: Petraeus Had Friends in High Places as Leak Sentence Loomed

    Senator Lindsey Graham and former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair were among almost three dozen people who wrote a federal judge urging leniency for Petraeus.

    Our favorite Senator comes through again!

    Leaking top secret information and lying to the FBI is acceptable as long as you know the right people.

    1. Crusty — The left actually had it correct when they called him General Betray Us.

      Corruption is a very hard thing to turn away from. Especially when it comes in the form of pussy.

      We’re all in trouble.

  15. Jeb doesn’t seem to have seriously considered the possibility that his last name is a liability and not an asset. He’s literate and the former governor of a big state. The only thing holding him back is his name.

    1. Yeah, I’m sure that’s never even occurred to him, Tony.

      How insightful.

      You and Captain Obvious should go bowling.

      1. He should legally change his name to Jeb. Just Jeb.

        1. The J.E.B.

          1. I’m pretty sure “JEB!” was what his bumper stickers read when he ran for governor.

        2. The Politician Formerly Known As Jeb

    2. I think he has he’s just underestimated it, he just thinks he’ll suck up all the money and as a result survive losing the first couple of primaries, pulling support from the constituents of the people who don’t.

      1. I think he thinks he has a shot at Hillary in the General. While I disagree I think you could say he has at least a 35-40% chance at beating her in an all time historically low turnout election.

    1. I really don’t understand the point of that article and it might be one of the dumbest things I’ve read today. But let the record show that I am willing to do anything and everything to not be in a fight, but if it ever came to that A) I am not leaving the establishment I’m in to go outside and get jumped and B) I am not above using anything at my disposal to ensure I don’t get sent to the hospital.

      1. In addition after reading the headlines of his last 10 or so articles I’ll settle for tuffgay.


    2. Just make sure you don’t have any enhancements to defend yourself. If someone gets in a fight, you have to use your bare hands and whatever strength you naturally have, even if you’re a 4’11” wimp.

  16. Are we already preparing the meme that “the Republican candidate lost because of those darn libertarians”?

    1. That’s a part of SOP every 2 years. In case they win, they ignore that in the “if, then” flow-chart. If they lose, they blame us for not voting for their statist. Then they whine about “electability”.

      1. If you lost, you weren’t electable.

  17. His parents aren’t even that into him. They named him Jeb, for God’s sake.

  18. Meh, I agree that a campaign shakeup isn’t great from an optics standpoint, but there’s next to no chance that Bush doesn’t end up as the nominee. The combination of basically unlimited campaign funds and state party apparatuses (apparatii?) that genuflect at the mere mention of the Bush family name will make sure of that.

    1. As John said above, this meme is retarded. Money =/= victory. Walker has as much of an apparatus as he does. Jeb has nothing going for him.

  19. What a fantastic trio of buffoons. Perhaps the most treasonous family in American history.

    1. Treasonous? How?

  20. This is the advice the patriarch of that family?.GHW Bush?SHOULD be giving his family, IF he had a solid, decent core:

    “Family, namely you, Jeb, we are NOT going into the White House anymore. Our family has had far too much direct access and influence in that building, and that is dangerous.

    Yes, I said dangerous. A free country does not operate this way. We are NOT the Kennedys or Clintons. With over 300 million people in the USA, it is extremely dangerous that amount of power is granted such a tiny group.

    Jeb, go do something else. Anything else. But I will NOT support you in this.

    And for the rest of our family, go become plumbers, owners of auto parts stores, architects, electrical engineers, ANYTHING in the private sector. But no more government activity. NONE!

    It’s time to move on.”

    But of course, he’ll never says this. Because?the core is not there.

  21. Whether you’re on the left, the right, or somewhere in the middle, let’s just agree on one thing – no one named Bush or Clinton.

  22. Enough with the dynasties in this country.

  23. The establishment has no interest nominating another Bush. They will throw their substantial weight behind Kasich. Walker will win it in a squeaker.

    1. Got any stock tips?

  24. Jeb horse sh*t Bush must be a toatl idiot if he actually thinks America wants another Bush in the white house.

    Barry Soetoro already flushed the country down the crapper.

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  26. A great uncle was with the Rockefellers in 1870’s Cleveland helping them build “Big Oil” on unredressed murder and arson; his Knight of Malta grandfather – of “Count Dracula,” Khazar Vlad the Impaler – was money conduit from Rome’s American Fifth Column to the author of “I Paid Hitler,” his fellow “papal knight” “baron” Fritz “The Rockefeller of Germany” Thyssen (who got the nickname because all Europe knew Prescott Bush’s money to build the Auschwitz steel plant and forced labor camp was Rockefellers’); his father was, with Nixon, a field supervisor in the Knight of Malta-led, Roman Catholic CIA’s adjudicated assassination of President Kennedy (‘Hunt v. Marchetti’), to restore Rome’s Rothschild/Rockefeller FedScam JFK had ended (EO11,110) and “reverse” his Vietnam withdrawal order (NSAM263) ending our role as military papal catspaw in Rome’s latifundial estate of Indochina; and he, himself, helped cheat his homosexual (viz. James Guckert/”Jeff Gannon”) psychopath brother into the White House to commit 9/11.

    With his daughter a crackhead and wife a jewel smuggler, what good could possibly be said of papist convert Jeb Bush?

    God is not mocked. Causeless the curse shall not come.

  27. You guys do realize some kind of ginned up crisis is going to postpone the 2016 election indefinately, right? It’s Obama until he picks his replacement. It’s historically how these guys operate.

  28. I’m not sure if Jeb lacks brains or just has big cojones, or both.

    Seriously. Who in the hell is going to vote for him? His father and brother both turned out to be miserable failures, so what, now we’re going to want Jeb? I don’t think so.

  29. they are not into himbecause hes an f’ing moron rino

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  32. This is excellent news. Maybe he is just running to improve the family name. Whatever he won’t win.

  33. This is excellent news. Maybe he is just running to improve the family name. Whatever he won’t win.

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