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In Florida, Erlinda Kells says she has gotten about 100 robocalls from the Orange County school system over the last four months, alerting her to everything from fees for the parent-teacher organization to school lockdowns to fundraisers. But she doesn't have children in the school system. In fact, she doesn't even live in Orange County. She lives in Brevard County. She has tried to get the school system to stop calling her. That hasn't worked, so she's suing it under the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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  1. But she doesn’t have children in the school system.

    Well, none that she knows of. Wink wink.

    1. “According to our records, that phone number is associated with the parents of seventeen different children. To stop informing her of school-related events would be a dereliction of our regulatory compliance requirements. It’s not our fault her number is 555-5555”

  2. Great a piece about govt going overboard. I don’t need any nut punchez today after seeing the guys next to me get one square in the box yesterday. Peace to all wonderful miscreants here at H&R.

  3. In fact, she doesn’t even live in Orange County. She lives in Brevard County.

    That’s what Florida gets for printing out their school registration forms in the shape of a butterfly.

    1. Yellow Stars of David would’ve been better.

      1. *facepalm, followed by guilty laughter*

      2. You know the Nazis had pieces of flair, that they made the Jews wear…


  4. To those of you who are currently being targeted by an out-of-control DOJ, I want you to know that I am floored at this latest act of tyranny coming out of New York. I also second what Lady Bertrum posted elsewhere: you have my support–emotional and financial. A GoFundMe legal account is a great idea (hint, hint, H&R) and I will happily contribute what I can.

    1. Saw the Lady’s comment at PH and will donate to support all. Hell, I even subscribe to the dead tree Reason.

      I’m in.

      1. Yup, I will gladly contribute.

    2. “A GoFundMe legal account” is against their terms and conditions as of the latest revision.

    3. I think we’ll all jump on that cause.

      The DOJ – Department of Jokers – need to get a haircut and a real job.

      You know, actually contribute something to society.

      1. I’m in.

    4. Yes, I think we all know what the REAL brickbat is for today…

      It seems that Reason was threatened heavily enough that they won’t even mention it other than indirectly, so I doubt they will take any action until after the dust has settled. That doesn’t mean we blowhards can’t do something. Fighting prosecutorial overreach is what really takes a village.

  5. Will those of us amongst The Commentariat who are not citizens of The USA, and/or who don’t live there, be permitted to speak about The New Legal Clusterfuck Which Shall Not be Named??

    1. Also – The Managemet, Agammamon, Rhywun, et al, have my full support, and I will also gladly contribute to any defense fund should the need arise.

      1. *The Management here at Reason.

    2. What is The New Legal Clusterfuck Which Shall Not be Named??
      I am completely in the dark on this one and I OWN A COMPUTER!!!

      1. Department Of Justice Uses Grand Jury Subpoena To Identify Anonymous Commenters on a Silk Road Post at…..eason-com/

        1. DON’T TALK ABOUT THE WAR!!!

          1. I mentioned the war, but I think I got away with it…

      2. Ok, looked it up. Turns out, the internet works.
        That is some scary shit…

    3. Good question. I doubt it matters to Reason whether we’re in the States or not. Also, being abroad means any fig leaf of 4A rights for us doesn’t exist at all, so we may be the ones that shouldn’t pipe up.

    4. I wonder about that.

      I think we’re shielded from the Dark Force known as the DOJ but Reason’s request is probably a legal one and applies to one and all regardless of nationality or where one resides.

      1. I think we’re shielded from the Dark Force known as the DOJ

        Hahahaha, oh Rufus.

        1. A guy can hope, no?

          1. Of course the DoJ wouldn’t come after you Rufus, you’re the CIA’s jurisdiction. Be careful about ending up on a ‘disposition matrix’

          2. Dude, Our departments of Education and Agriculture have THEIR OWN SWAT TEAMS. There is no escaping the Dark Forces.

            1. I thought the DOA was merely requesting weapons; they got it? And what the fuck does the DOE need a SWAT team for? To kill kids who juke?

              Man, this country is whacked.

              1. And what the fuck does the DOE need a SWAT team for?

                Truancy officers.

                1. And unpaid student loans….

                  1. And unpaid student loans….

                    Actually they just sell those on the open market before they go into default (they did with mine)

  6. Silly woman, the right to be forgotten is a European thing!

  7. I ,for one, don’t see how we CAN’T talk about this….

    Though I do understand the chilling effect now in effect here at the commentariat.

    Seems that Nick talks a good game, but when principled civil disobedience is called for, not only does he NOT engage in it, he exhorts others NOT to as well…

    1. This is now a legal matter. Reason has some great attorneys (Levine, Sullivan, Koch, and Schulz) who know how to navigate these waters. Let them handle it, and respect their requests, as relayed through editorial- assuming you want Reason to prevail.

      1. Well, I WOULD, Old Man, but it seems I already have a full update from COMMENTERS DISCUSSING IT ALL ON THE OVERTIME THREAD!!!!

        So there…

        *sticks tongue out*

        1. We’ll just have to be more creative AND I agree with the Old Man. After all, knows candy.

      2. I should mention that LSKS were the attorneys that James randi used when he beat Uri Geller in the harassing libel suit.

        1. That is a good resume, to be sure…

    2. Doesn’t take a lot of guts to say You, there! With the gun pointed at your head! Disobey!

      These people are real people. I don’t know if Nick has kids, but I know Matt does. We all know they’ll win in the end because this isn’t the USSR, but that doesn’t mean they’d beat the ride. Be understanding.

      1. Here’s the thing, S – things are getting so bad here now, I DON’T KNOW THAT THEY WILL “WIN”!

        Cause that’s exactly how bad things are.

        1. They’ll win by havng to spend money and time to not lose.

      2. But Nick has the jacket.

    3. I agree.

      Asking libertarians to ignore how the government is oppressing you seems a bit much unless the request is no more than a fig leaf. All we talk about all day on a daily basis is government oppression, and we’re supposed to be quiet about it when it’s happening to one of us?

      An this is literal government oppression that’s just busted through the front door, acting as a muzzle on even those of us who aren’t on the chopping block.

      1. That was my point. Don’t know why anyone AT THIS SITE would take objection to it…

      2. They’re not asking you to ignore it, nor even not to discuss it. They’re asking you not to discuss it *on their site* presumably for legal reasons.

  8. The federal government of the United States is purposefully and maliciously persecuting free men unindicted, untried, and unconvicted by a rightfully empowered jury in a court of law under the just purview of due process. Its authority in this criminal endeavor — one absolutely without legitimacy- – is nill. If Reason retains any details of its users’ whereabouts, identities, financial data, or any other particulars previously obtained, it must refuse all demands for its release, deny federal representatives amy cooperation, and sue the Department of Justice for felonious violations of Constitutional scripture.

    1. This. Give them nothing.

      1. This is now a legal matter. Reason has some great attorneys (Levine, Sullivan, Koch, and Schulz) who know how to navigate these waters. Let them handle it, and respect their requests, as relayed through editorial- assuming you want Reason to prevail.

        1. Cut and paste is a wonderful thing…

        2. I’m sure we all want Reason to prevail.

          They will prevail just fine without a total gag on the subject.

        3. Does there truly exist a jury in these United States which would favor the prosecution because we’re sharing our thoughts and outrage openly? If there does, our musings will make bo difference — slavers will be slavers.

          1. our musings will make bo difference

            Interesting typo… and oddly apropo

  9. You know who else spent extensive time and resources communicating with the populace…

    1. FDR?

    2. Aliens, Almanian.


      I thought this was common knowledge.

    3. Typhoid Ma, uh, never mind.

    4. Your mother?

      1. Almanian!’s mother is a televangelist?

    5. Tulpa?

      1. Damn your quick fingers

    6. Satan?

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