University of Wisconsin concludes there was no misconduct on Prof. Alice Goffman's part [UPDATE: this turns out not to be a response to Prof. Steven Lubet's criticisms]

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Apropos the controversy discussed in the post below, The Cap Times (Steven Elbow) reports,

On Wednesday, the UW issued the following statement in support of Goffman:

"The University of Wisconsin-Madison has carefully considered the misconduct claims and found them to be without merit. The critiques are all part of scholarly debate, which the university hopes will be held in keeping with the highest academic standards. The work of Dr. Goffman is important and she continues to have the full support of our university as the conversation on her work continues."

BUT UPDATE [June 3, 9:45 pm Eastern]: I now see this statement linked on Prof. Goffman's page as "The UW's response to anonymous charges"; this suggests that the response might be to something else other than Prof. Lubet's criticisms. I'm checking into this now.

AND A FURTHER UPDATE [June 3, 10:15 pm Eastern]: It turns out that the statement is not a response to Prof. Lubet's criticisms; UW sent me this response to my e-mail asking about this:

The UW statement that was posted today refers to an anonymous critique that was sent to the university and circulated widely on sociology blogs. UW-Madison conducted an informal review of the document and found it to be without merit, hence today's statement.

It does not address the Lubet issues, other than to reiterate our support for Alice Goffman and her work. I believe she has, in detail, [addressed] many of his criticisms in a statement of her own.