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Resolution Calling for the Global Repeal of Blasphemy Laws Introduced in Congress

An attack on free speech is a greater blasphemy than is an insult to the divine.



Republican Rep. Joseph Pitts and Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee introduced House Resolution 290 calling for all countries to repeal of their blasphemy laws. Such laws criminalize saying offensive things about God or religion. Citing Pew Research data the resolution notes that 44 countries had blasphemy laws as of 2012. Blasphemy is outlawed in 14 Middle East and North African countries, 11 countries in the Americas, 9 Asia-Pacific countries, 7 European countries, and 3 Sub-Saharan African countries. The resolution then goes on to list people who have been imprisoned for the offense in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and, most egregiously, Pakistan. 

The resolution then notes that the House of Representatives –

(1) recognizes that blasphemy laws inappropriately position governments as arbiters of truth or religious rightness as they empower officials to enforce particular religious views against individuals, minorities;

(2) calls on the President and the United States Department of State to make the repeal of blasphemy laws a priority in its bilateral relationships with all countries that have such laws through direct interventions in capitals and in multilateral fora;

(3) encourages the President and the United States Department of State to oppose any efforts at the United Nations or other international or multilateral fora to create an international anti-blasphemy norm, such as the 1999–2010 defamation of religions resolutions, or attempts to expand the international norm on incitement to include blasphemy or defamation of religions ….

In my article, "The Human Right to Offend" in which I review Danish cartoon editor Flemming Rose's The Tyranny of Silence where I explain:

As Rose correctly argues, tolerance properly understood is the ability to accept speech one dislikes. "When we focus on non-discrimination and equality, and aim to empower the aggrieved, tolerance is no longer about the ability to tolerate things we don't like," he explains. "It becomes the ability to keep quiet and refrain from saying things that others may dislike." Calls to ban offensive speech sacrifices diversity of expression in the name of respecting diversity of culture. "If we accept the idea that people have a right not to be offended, we will end up with a tyranny of silence, for almost any speech may be deemed offensive," declares Rose.

Insult fundamentalists justify their efforts to restrict speech with the catchphrase, "Freedom of speech is not the same as the freedom to offend." In fact, there is no freedom of speech if people cannot offend those who would deny women equal rights, persecute homosexuals, and commit violence against people who do not share their faith. "The idea that if you say something that might be construed as offensive, you somehow restrict the liberty of others is nonsense," argues Rose. He is entirely right.

For more backgroun, see also my article,"No One Has the Right to a World in Which He Is Never Despised," where I argued:

Reverence for free speech ultimately protects the free exercise of religion. If a believer cannot speak in defense of his faith, then he has no real freedom of religion. That is why an attack on free speech is a greater blasphemy than is an insult to the divine.

Congress should speedily pass this resolution and the Obama administration should see to it that the robust defense of free speech is a cornerstone of American foreign policy.

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  1. As much as I think that repeal would be a good thing, it is not the concern of the US Congress to tell other countries what to do. Not that that principle has ever stopped Congress from meddling with things that were none of it’s business.

    1. I dunno, are they adding a drone process provision to the act?

      1. *And* ‘law enforcement assistance’ – meaning DEA death squads to roam your country.

    2. This is an area where I diverge with many a libertarian on. While I certainly don’t think we should act militarily to change the laws or customs of other countries, I see no problem with using the soft diplomatic influence of the US to advance liberty across the world. Liberty is a human right, not merely an American one.

      1. Yes. A good if symbolic gesture, to make a public stand for free speech.

      2. I like it in theory, but there are still major problems with non-military actions. I don’t want the government employing sanctions for this purpose, or including these conditions in efforts to reduce trade barriers. I certainly want Egypt to change its policies, but I don’t want that to threaten our liberty to buy and sell from Egyptians.

        1. Sanctions, no, but it’s a good excuse to cut foreign aid to those countries.

        2. The thing is such sanctions hurt the same people you’re trying to “protect”.

      3. Liberty is a human right, not merely an American one.

        While I agree with that statement, it’s none of our business how others choose to live. I am not my brother’s keeper. This is EXACTLY the type of endeavor that causes blowback. They choose to live under sharia law, fine, let them. They will resent us for imposing our will on them.

        How would you react if the roles were reversed? You’d tell em to fuck off and mind their own business and you’d resent them for attempting to impose their will on you.

        1. They don’t choose to live under sharia law any more than we choose to live under our shitstain of a government.

          Not that that changes the fact that there’s nothing our government can or should do abut it.

          1. They don’t choose to live under sharia law

            You say that, but then I think about the reports of people dancing in the streets and waving black flags after ISIS took Ramadi.

          2. They don’t choose to live under sharia law any more than we choose to live under our shitstain of a government.

            Fair nuff. But they aren’t jumping up and down to reject it. Ask 1000 of them if they want the right to insult Allah. How many affirmative responses do you think you’d get?

            1. Personally I don’t care if only .1% of the people in that population want to draw a cartoon of muhammed out of shit on a bathroom stall, they still have that right.

              1. Did I say they didn’t?

                What I said was it’s not our place and doing so WILL result in blowback.

        2. It doesn’t matter if it’d be a good thing or not. Fact is that is impossible to impose freedom on anybody, as it’s a state of consciousness, and not anything in the external chain of events that one person might influence to the benefit of another. All one can do is introduce ideas that promote the consciousness of liberty.

          1. And the reality is that merely advocating those ideas in most of the world is what most of the world finds objectionable and arrogant about the US. And that in turn is why attacking the US is viewed as ‘defending our culture’.

    3. It also isn’t our business to give other countries billions in aid, or to make weird trade deals, or to help them defend their borders. But as long as we do that, we can and should also tell them what to do.

  2. Unless the resolution forbids the State Department from handing out checks to the anti-blasphemers, it’s goddamn useless.

    1. I for one encourage it, if all congress ever did was pass useless resolutions we’d be better off.

    2. Yeah if they were really serious, they would use this as a condition in any foreign aid and trade agreement.

      Not that I support them; just saying if they wanted to be consistent

      Although from a libertarian perspective, they could provide real substance for such a resolution in passive manner by shielding and not extraditing mercs protecting blasphemers or traders helping them.

      1. Yeah if they were really serious, they would use this as a condition in any foreign aid and trade agreement.

        It seems to me that as long as we engage in non-libertarian foreign meddling like foreign aid and “trade agreements”, we might as well use those to meddle in other countries’ affairs. After all, their national governments are neither libertarian nor sacrosanct either.

  3. +1 to what is already said. Why is the House doing this? PR stunt.

    1. “PR stunt.”

      Now if Pitts et al introduced a resolution supporting free speech *regardless* of whether it came from an individual or some grouping, I might think it was something other than ‘signalling’

    2. If Congress really wants to take a stand, they should pass a resolution to bankroll the theatrical release of “innocence of Muslims”.

      I’d love to see Obama shit his pants over that.

  4. How would we prosecute climate change deniers?

    1. Prosecute?

      We don’t need no steenkin trials for Climate Deniers.

      Burn them! BURN!

  5. I guess all the real problems are solved?

    1. Real problems, Hugh? What “real problems”?

      (begins spinning hypnosis wheel, cues up Hypnotoad recording)

      Look over here, please. You’re getting sleepy. Very sleepy.

  6. This’ll go over like a fart in church.

    1. He who farts in church,
      Sits in his own PEW!

  7. It’s surprising that we have anyone left in politics that dares to speak about Mooooslim Feelingzzz…

  8. Clearly, this is a plot to discredit free speech supporters by inducing people to mentally associate defense of freedom of expression with Sheila Jackson Lee.

    1. This may be the only sensible thing she’s ever proposed.

  9. Of all the strange ‘crimes’ that human beings have legislated out of nothing, ‘blasphemy’ is the most amazing — with ‘obscenity’ and ‘indecent exposure’ fighting it out for second and third place.
    ~Lazarus Long

    1. I wouldn’t put Lazarus Long at the top of my list of ‘Science fiction leaders to idolize/emulate’.

      1. I like this:

        Any priest or shaman must be presumed guilty until proved innocent.

        Seems to be spot on there.

      2. And this:

        Any government will work if authority and responsibility are equal and coordinate. This does not insure “good” government; it simply insures that it will work. But such governments are rare–most people want to run things but want no part of the blame. This used to be called the “backseat-driver syndrome.”

      3. i would. in fact, i’m doing so right now. *amends list*

        1. *shifts “The Mule” down to position 2*

    2. Like God needs our help policing what people say. If the supreme being finds it unnecessary to immediately zap blasphemers out of existence, why do people feel the need to take on the task? Are they suggesting God can’t handle it? Who is the real blasphemer here?

      1. It’s not that they doubt the ability of He Who Must Not Be Named, it’s just that they want to show themselves as loyal supporters so he won’t Do Unto Them as They Would Do Unto Others.

        1. What’s the point? He’s omniscient and knows what you’re thinking, so He knows you’re killing that guy for the real reason that you feel guilty about fucking that goat last year.

          Acting in place of the deity seems a hell of a lot more blasphemous than a few words.

          1. You are assuming being a Deity is about Benign Rule and establishing a State of Grace.

            It’s actually about power and power is about control. Getting your minions to be accomplices means you have them under control.

          2. What does God need with a starship, ProL?

            1. Exactly. Shatner was wiser than we knew.

          3. “What’s the point? He’s omniscient and knows what you’re thinking,”

            Signaling.. it always comes back to signaling.

      2. Well, you’re the one suggesting God can’t handle it, now aren’t you? We of course think he can handle it; it’s not even a question, at all. Indeed, as should be obvious, God is choosing to act through us.

        Only a blasphemer would think otherwise.

        1. God appointed MEEEEE to be the dictator of the local galactic cluster, actually, is the Sacred Truth of the matter…

          As 2nd in command to God, I command that all beings must Love One Another.

          A butt-load of all of our troubles solved right there… War, poverty, stealing, rape, etc.

          PS… Violators will be shot at dawn! In a loving manner, of course…

        2. I’m right, and you know it, idolator.

        3. Hey, God appeared to me in vision last night and gave me a sacred text. Stop killing people you assholes was the gist I gathered.

      3. God commanded the rulers of ancient Israel to stone blasphemers to death.

    1. Who is the chief god in New Zealand, Il?vatar?

      1. Pan?…..ra3122.jpg

    2. Well, they “have blasphemy laws” but they’re kind of dead letter:

      “The states, the territories, and the Commonwealth of Australia are not uniform in their treatment of blasphemy. Blasphemy is an offense in some jurisdictions but is not in others. The last attempted prosecution for blasphemy by the Crown occurred in the State of Victoria in 1919.[5]”

      “In New Zealand, Section 123[71] of the Crimes Act 1961 allows for imprisonment up to one year for anyone who publishes any “blasphemous libel”. However, these cases are only prosecuted at the discretion of the concurrent New Zealand Attorney-General, who usually cites overriding free speech objections so as not to pursue such a case. To date the only prosecution for blasphemous libel in New Zealand has been the case of John Glover, publisher of The Maoriland Worker (a newspaper), in 1922. Glover was acquitted.”

      So Australia hasn’t charged anyone since 1919 and New Zealand has charged a total of one person who was acquitted.

      1. Well, they “have blasphemy laws” but they’re kind of dead letter

        Tell that to Mark Steyn.

        1. Mark Steyn was penalized under idiotic hate speech laws. It wasn’t blasphemy. Mark Steyn could have said ‘Mohammad was a pedophile’ and he would not have had a problem. He had a problem because the idiotic hate speech commission declared he was being bigoted against Muslims.

          There’s an obvious difference between blasphemy laws (you can’t criticize the doctrines of Islam) and hate speech laws (if you spread hate towards Muslims specifically, we’ll punish you).

          1. I agree with you that there should be a difference between blasphemy laws and hate speech laws. I also believe that there shouldn’t be a law against either. However, our friends in the Commonwealth try to have their cake and eat it too. It’s called “blasphemous libel“.

            Also, Tarek Fatah is a boss.

          2. “Hate speech” is Progressive Theocracy Newspeak for “blasphemy”.

  10. I am not a believer, but I can’t help wondering if putting “In God We Trust” on currency might be considered blasphemous by the guy who supposedly drove the moneychangers out of the temple?

    1. There used to be an “l” in “God.” FDR made them take it out.

      1. But Steve Jobs put it back in.

        *** bites lip ***

        1. iGod? Now in five colors of anodized aluminum.

        1. I saw it as GOD. I thought it was a Yiddish joke.

          1. (dammit G-O-EYE-D)

    2. This has always been obvious to this unbeliever, as it should be obvious to any serious Christian. Not that I’ve ever heard anyone else ever note this.

      Let the interested reader do the math on the likely population of serious Christians.

  11. Of course this is a PR stunt, and of course it won’t do anything? So what? It’s nice to see Congress giving lip service to a good cause for a change.

    1. Plus the time they waste on this is time they can’t spend coming up with new ways to put the screws to Americans.

      1. Exactly. I knew I would regret when the Seattle City Council stopped debating resolutions on the name of Columbus Day.

        1. That’s how $15 minimum wages happen.

    2. Warty, they could actually DO something:
      “Op-Ed: Atheists banned from holding public office in 7 states”
      Read more:…..z3c2KcqGGF

      1. in Tennessee denying the existence of heaven and hell is also ground for disqualification from any government job.

        What about just singing “In Heaven There Is No Beer”?

        1. In Heaven, the beer is German, the women are Italian, the food is French and the grass is Columbian.

          In Hell, the beer is Budweiser, the women are from Feministag, the food is British and the grass is from Scott.

        2. Not sure where they pulled this from but it’s not even remotely true. Plenty of atheists can and do hold public office openly in Tennessee.

          1. That’s because the U.S. Supreme Court made these officeholding bans unenforceable.


          2. The author of that article left out TN Constitution Article 9 Section 1:

            “Section 1. Whereas ministers of the Gospel are by their profession, dedicated
            to God and the care of souls, and ought not to be diverted from the great duties of
            their functions; therefore, no minister of the Gospel, or priest of any denomination
            whatever, shall be eligible to a seat in either House of the Legislature.”

            1. The U.S. Supreme Court struck that down in 1978:


              There are some ministers in the legislature today – the article doesn’t mention priests and rabbis.


            2. Hell, every other pol in NYC is a “minister” of some sort. Mostly they wind up ministering to their slush funds.

        3. In Heaven There Is No Beer,
          That’s why we drink it here!

          (Everyone knows that, yes, but, ya know, some of the Ignoramati out there, are NOT everyone!)

          1. Which is why only the strongest souls with the most spirit get to bide the time till Judgment Day in heaven and why even they get to escape back to Earth on Resurrection Day. Only folks that don’t get to get back to honest terrestrial living with beer and crickets is the most repugnant prideful and jerks who got to stay in hell a while. It takes a puritanical life-hating fanatic to imagine the souls of the saved getting stuck in a colourless, spiritless heaven for all ?ternity. Such as would also quite clearly qualify as jerks.

    3. The gave up on the lip service for tax reform, debt containment, or economic growth – so sure, why not?

  12. 3 Sub-Saharan African countries.


    1. In Libertopia, EVERYONE obeys the NAP, the Non-Aggression Principle… Initiating force, violence, or fraud, is not possible, or not allowed, and everyone obeys. There goes rape, war, murder, and even suicide, since suicide is aggression or violence against oneself.

      That leaves us ONLY the problems of “Acts of God”… Hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and so on.

      So Libertopia will mean HUGE strides forward, BUT… We will ALWAYS have another project in front of us! Libertopians, then, logically, will have to take on, and bring to heel, God Himself / Herself / Itself, who seems to be the dastardly author of these “Acts of God!”

      My own theory is, God does all these bad things, because He is NOT constrained by a belief in a Higher Being, Higher than Himself, by the way… If it is true that the only way we can be moral, is to submit to a Higher Power, then this all makes sense…

      1. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

        … Hobbit

      2. Or maybe he just lets nature take its course and lets all the souls will’e nill’e do as they please, including to terrorise and impugn each other at will. Which would suggest one with a much greater commitment to the nonaggression principle than any of us fuckwads. Part of your thesis also imagines the problem of pain, which may actually not be a problem at all. It certainly wasn’t taken as one by the early teachers, such as Antony and Athanasius. Maybe folks has just got a bad attitude with regards to pain and suffering and random attacks of nature. Sure pain is aversive and certainly has some value as a moral guide in many situations, but is it really some kind of intolerable evil, a thing that is but should never ever be? I think the real problem is a culturally propagated bad attitude toward pain, even a life-denying attitude, one which results in an orientation where pain rarely may be of any use and the sufferer can’t do anything with it: rather, he just has to suffer till he can find an escape, and escape is, in this orientation, the only supportable response, and one which tends to override all other considerations, engendering in turn all sorts of stupid and evil acts, not to mention reducing the main part of human existence to an exsecrable exercise in total vanity.

        1. You might like the writings of M. Scott Peck, a Christian shrink who was a popular writer in late 1980s and in the 1990s. He non-judgmentally facilitated, when seemed to be needed, believers to be non-believers, and vice versa (AKA, he was not much of a Bible-banger). But he wrote at length about the necessity of “honest suffering”, pain worked through head-on… And of suffering under-taken for the benefit of others. But he swore up and down against stupid suffering for no good reason… If you have a headache, take an aspirin already!

  13. As much as I believe this is Ms Lee grasping for headlines, at lease it’s an interesting way to do so. But typical of Lee, she is using the issue mostly to tell others how she wants them behave.

  14. Republican Rep. Joseph Pitts and Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee introduced House Resolution 290 calling for all countries to repeal of their blasphemy laws.

    All right – if that’s not enough evidence to merit summary dismissal I don’t know what is.

    These people are so deluded that they think a resolution *by the fucking House* is something anyone – even in our own country – is going to take seriously rather than deride. They are obviously not mentally competent to hold office.

  15. Resolution Calling for the Global Repeal of Blasphemy Laws Introduced in Congress

    Excellent. Does that mean the world will see the last of calls to jail Climate Change non-believers?

    1. They won’t be charged with blasphemy, at least. RICO charges, on the other hand, are still in play.

  16. Look at the stupid hipster holding up his ironic sign.

    1. Isn’t being ironic part of the Hipster Job Description?

  17. Defense of free speech should absolutely be the cornerstone of American foreign policy. Along with defense of free trade. And defense of unlimited migration of people.

    And then we can find reasons to go to war with everyone who disagrees with those – and make the world safe for democracy – or McDonalds – or something. Or we can make those the cornerstone of our foreign policy and do absolutely nothing except lecture the world about how inferior they are if they aren’t in favor of all those good ideas.

    1. “Defense of free speech should absolutely be the cornerstone of American foreign policy. Along with defense of free trade. And defense of unlimited migration of people.”

      You forget defense of property, but that’s probably because it’s so basic to anybody whose not a sociopathic painmonger. Either way, this approach is one that would actually have a strong likelihood of increasing freedom in the world, as it would ram the free life right up the asses and in the faces of everybody who had any dealings with the country, and everyone would want to have dealings with it, and liberty consciousness would creep in their crasy stupid thoughts and get stuck in the brain hole and they’d start living it before they even knew what it was.

  18. By the way, the guy in the picture looks a little… Millennial-aged, no?

  19. True story =

    an Atlanta airport security person (woman) threatened to arrest me for “blasphemy” in ~2007

    I believe i had made a remark that “this whole goddamn airport is a mess” to some British girls who didn’t understand how to get from one terminal to the next when a flight was canceled and re-routed

    the women pulled me aside and gave me a warning, and that she *could* have arrested me. I asked, “for what?” = Blaspheming.

    I tried not to laugh and just apologized. airport cops are dangerous stuff and you shouldn’t fuck with them.

    1. I tried not to laugh and just apologized

      First they came for Gilmore, and he said nothing…

      1. Yeah. Way to go, jerkface. That’s the kind of pussified pussboyheaded irresponsibleness that destroys freedom for everyone every time it touches something nearby to it. We all got a little less free the spilt second you caved.

        1. See “The Elements of Style”, you fucking moron.

    2. And the city of Atlanta sends their absolute worse cops to the airport. Ya know, so people can be abused and intimidated by mindless apes as soon as they get to the city.

      1. Was in the ATL airport last month. Decent McDonalds.

    3. OT: I saw your comment about not being able to get unfiltered Lucky Strikes anymore. I smoked them for a year or so (I know, what a fucking millennial hipster I am) and was able to buy them at any tobacco shop. Liquor store or 7-11? No. But a tobacco shop would always carry them.

      1. Uh….you just remove the filter.

        1. “The filter’s the best part, that’s where they put the heroin”

          1. +1 hot french semen

      2. Didn’t know that. i did some work for the tobacco industry back in ~2005-2006, and BAT was ‘re-launching’ Lucky Strike in the USA, and they showed me their product line, and it was all filtered cigarettes.

        this was the lineup i recall.

        They had un-filtereds still selling in Asia Pacific; at least that’s what I picked up. Maybe they’re re-imported?

        Now that you mention it, i have a vague memory now of being drunk in vegas in 2010, and buying a pack and being surprised to discover they were unfiltereds. I think the benefit was that no one would bum any off me for the rest of the night. the downside was me coughing up rare-steak the next morning.

        I think the availability might be a state-by-state thing.

        1. I haven’t seen unfiltered cigarettes in a long time in NY. We used to have them – I dabbled in college but no way anymore.

    4. Gilmore, Gilmore, Gilmore. Why do you hate fat court settlements so?

  20. God Dammit!

    1. Jesus Tapdancing Christ? Jesus H. Christ on a Popsicle stick? Blasphemy is fun.

    2. Fuck Jesus! Yeah, I said it!

  21. Anyway, why is Reason so obsessed with religion?

    1. Why is anybody?

      1. That’s a longrunning joke, pay it no mind.

        1. STEVE SMITH, Warty’s basement, FYTW, Epi’s mom… Who can keep up?

    2. I don’t know… Maybe because it’s the single most important human enterprise? Of course, that’s kind of hard to see the now in the fucking USA, where almost all of them have turned into meaningless gumjabbers going on about this and that and nothing at all and never really sticking to anything or hanging themselves up with commitment to any special tree for any length of time but all of them universally and with vigour and grandstanding agreeing on one thing: that violence needs doing to somebody or other.

  22. So SJL thinks anyone should be able to speak ill of God.

    Where is she on speaking ill of POTUS?

    Censorship is censorship, religious or not.

    1. You’re right! I never thought of this…

      Threaten to kill the POTUS, and ten million armed goons will be at your doorstep shortly, and hustle you off into the night and fog.

      Threaten to kill God, and you are just another crazy lunatic to be ignored.

      If I worship Obozo as God, can I THEN threaten to kill Him, W/O being punished?

      How many lawyers would I need to get a firm answer to this question?

      1. “Threaten to kill God, and you are just another crazy lunatic to be ignored.”

        Of course. God is already dead.

        1. “Laplace went in state to Napoleon to accept a copy of his work, and the following account of the interview is well authenticated, and so characteristic of all the parties concerned that I quote it in full:
          Someone had told Napoleon that the book contained no mention of the name of God; Napoleon, who was fond of putting embarrassing questions, received it with the remark, ‘M. Laplace, they tell me you have written this large book on the system of the universe, and have never even mentioned its Creator.’ Laplace, who, though the most supple of politicians, was as stiff as a martyr on every point of his philosophy, drew himself up and answered bluntly, ‘Je n’avais pas besoin de cette hypoth?se-l?.’ [‘I had no need of that hypothesis.’]”
          Still don’t

      2. Holy fuck

  23. Perhaps these cocksuckers should call for respecting inherent rights here in our own country. Either that or they could go fuck themselves with a firehose.

    1. Inherent rights?! You poison society with that crazy talk, citizen.

    2. Indeed. If they ignored the Constitution just half as much as they do now, it would be a HUGE improvement.

  24. Speaking of religions, looks like Jihadi Inc. decided to give Pam Geller some more free publicity.

    CNN’s update this evening is worth noting even without any other major updates to the case of Usaama Rahim. Pushing First Amendment issues in this context is not a risk-free enterprise, which isn’t the fault of the speech. Rahim originally intended to behead Pamela Geller, but got too impatient and decided to go after “the easiest target” instead.

  25. SJW plays Cards Against Humanity, enjoys herself, expresses horror at her racist, racist ways.

    “This folds into the other issue: The bar for acceptable crudeness is set by college-educated white guys. “A big dick” would be a funny enough response card, but Cards Against Humanity (CAH) opts for “a big, black dick” (and, in the expansion pack, “a bigger, blacker dick”). Blackness is what’s supposed to send it over the top. Other white cards considered hilarious include “roofies,” “a sassy black woman,” “praying the gay away,” and “two midgets shitting into a bucket.” The plausibly deniable punchlines of rape culture, anti-blackness, homophobia, and ableism are visible just below the gauze, but hey, you’re the “horrible person” who played them in the first place. It’s not the game’s fault.”

    “So what makes the cut? This year’s holiday pack, titled “Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa,” was a sort of advent calendar where people were mailed daily CAH-themed gifts (including that line mentioned above) for 10 days. I admit it gave me pause, as Kwanzaa is certainly not in the position of cultural power that Christmas occupies.”


    1. My favorite part is where she reveals that what she wanted from the beginning was Apples to Apples, a card game that Cards Against Humanity ripped off by making “edgy” cards in the first place. But she doesn’t even know it exists, because why the fuck should she know anything?

      1. My favorite part is when she says the hardest she laughed in Cards Against Humanity was when the black card was “What ruined the school trip” and one of her friends played ‘the soup was too hot.”

        You can just tell this girl is oodles of fun at a party.

        1. Yeah. That was lamer than anything you can get in Apples to Apples (winning card: Captain Kirk, always), so she may as well play that. And there’s a Junior version, if stuff like Richard Nixon or Margaret Thatcher is too triggering!

        2. “You can just tell this girl is oodles of fun at a party.”

          Displacing all the oxygen more effectively than halon gas…

    2. Oh, and Sargon’s video on the subject is hilarious

    3. Ooh, “anti-blackness,” that’s a good one.

    4. So I guess she won’t be interested in investing in my racist-dunk-tank-clown project:…..weaveable/

    5. SJW should stay far away from Cards Against Humanity. It’s too much fun for them.

    6. Big Black Dick?

      Just wrap your lips around this, honey……..bbean-rum/

      1. By the way, a buddy brought me back a bottle of BBD from his trip to the Caymans. I gave it to my dad (an avowed rummy) for Father’s Day a few years ago and he loved it.

        He has refilled it several times and loves putting it out at the fancy dinner parties they host. My mother on the other hand doesn’t see the humor in it…


    Dr. Ruth Says Women Can’t Refuse Sex If The Man Has A “Very Aroused, Strong Erection”…..-erection/

    1. I’m good with it

    2. “it’s a biological thing, baby.. I could die!”

    3. Wiki:

      Westheimer decided to emigrate to the British Mandate of Palestine. There, at 17, she “first had sexual intercourse on a starry night, in a haystack without contraception.” She later told The New York Times that “I am not happy about that, but I know much better now and so does everyone who listens to my radio program.”[4] Westheimer joined the Haganah in Jerusalem. Because of her diminutive height of 4 ft 7 in (1.40 m),[4] she was trained as a scout and sniper.[2] Westheimer was seriously wounded in action by an exploding shell during the Israeli War of Independence in 1948, and it was several months before she was able to walk again.[3][6]


    4. Wait, it says Dr. Ruth has “antiquated opinions about sex, gender and consent.”

      What on earth is antiquated about saying that if two unmarried college students get into bed and the man gets hard, the coed has to put out? She says that’s in the Talmud, but I’d like a citation on that before I blame Moses and the rabbis for the nonsense the good Dr. utters.

      1. Whenever anyone spouts some retardation about sex, our cultural betters automatically assume said retardation was taught in the benighted past, but no evidence is asked or given.

        1. Frat boys read the Talmud between games of beer pong, brah.

    5. Definitely would.

      1. Sniper Ruth or Pensioner Ruth?

        1. Buzzi?

        2. Babe Ruth?

    6. Fuckin’ A Doc!

    7. I would have to agree, but I think she’s got it a bit wrong. She puts it like it’s some kind of social convention, making it so the man’s arousal is considered to nullify the woman’s retraction of consent. In reality it’s much more real. Fact is that when a woman is under conditions which up to that point at least have been friendly, with a person identified at some level in her mind as a potential inseminator, she WILL consent at the presentation of sufficiently powerful and manfully profferred erection. It’s not that there’s some rule against declining to consent–but that basic human biology and the basest of human drives are such that under those conditions consent will be given. She might wish she changed her mind, afterward, but she sure as the surest fuck won’t do it when it’s in her face.

      1. It can seem crasy to folks here and now because it’s so fucking rare for anyone to experience the power of the unfettered, orgiastic life-affirming, aroused-like-an-aha?karaless-bull-lepus manhead that a lot of folks probably have no idea how it can be like and can’t even hold on to the image in their minds with any clarity or fidelity. You think she’s talking nonsense because she’s seen things you’ve never seen. For that matter, this power is thickly tangible to anybody who’s thoughtlessly considered the fascinator a potential bedmate, male and female alike. It’s all these bashful, namby-pamby muddlehead erections queering the scene and making everybody into a bunch of faggots with no consciousness of the real thing and don’t know dick shooting off their guns about how it’s all so fucking intellectual and intelligible and mundane and anybody can say no to the face of god at any time. Bloody fucking hell. What a bunch of pansies!

        1. Cyborg, is that you?

  27. From the same website as that Cards Against Humanity nonsense comes a porn star telling us we need to pay for our porn or there will be NO MORE PORN.

    “That’s why it’s so frustrating to not see our work respected or compensated fairly. That’s also why I began participating in #PayForYourPorn, an anti-piracy hashtag campaign aimed at convincing fans to pay for their adult content. Many performers who participate in the campaign continue to tweet their concern that if porn piracy continues in this vein, in a few years there will be little to no new pre-recorded content. We’ll all be watching the same stolen clips on tube sites, over and over and over again. Performing in adult films will no longer be rewarding enough, financially or otherwise, for the industry to retain existing stars or attract new ones.”

    Somehow, I don’t think the possibility of running out of free pornography on the internet is very high.

    1. You get what you pay for.

    2. Related: I enjoyed the documentary “Kink” on Netflix about the BDSM site It’s an I-Love-McDonald’s James Franco production, which exhibits men and women in porn as having agency and not as perpetual victims of a male-driven, straight or gay, market. I mean, it is, but the market doesn’t create victims.

      1. It also portrays them as a bunch of fucking insanes. At least in conventional porno, one can entertain the fantasy that the pornsters aren’t all crasy as fuck. But it was interesting to see in that movie, the Pornographer, they used some of the same sets and even some of the same players from Kink.

    3. I don’t think it’s appropriate to attribute the fall in adult DVD sales to piracy. I think that even if you could magically eliminate all porn piracy, DVD sales would still have a strong inverse correlation with high-speed internet adoption rate, because they are inconvenient and (to many) embarrassing.

      The fall in VOD sales without a corresponding uptick in paysite subscriptions is more convincing. Kind of.

      Whereas you can generally (kind of) trust the billing of your cable provider or hotel, people are rightly(-ish) wary of giving their credit card information to porn sites. Moreover, for better or for worse, they are almost always subscription-based, not pay-per-view. So paysites are not exactly substitute goods for VOD.

      Nevertheless I do suspect that tube sites in particular have done a lot of damage, especially because they are so damn convenient.

      Along those lines, I think a big issue is that the industry has not come up with a convincing “Netflix for porn” or “iTunes for porn”, though IIRC attempts have been made. Traditional paysites are just comically overpriced when you compare them to the options for non-adult movies/TV/music; $20-$30 per month for a single studio (granted, they usually let you download the videos to your hard drive — though I don’t know how much that matters, given the popularity of tube sites).

      1. And there’s that porno has really gone to hell in recent years. In my day, they could generate black and white still shots with more erotic can-do than they can get in a feature length film these days. You could feel the Spirit blasting through, hitting you right in the crotch like a sack of potatoes. Now it’s all flat as fuck, soulless, gay, like, Jack fucking Jill. now he doing her sister. They getting the mailman and his mother’s dog in there. And it’s a big rubberised courtesy dildo. X X X. DAP and forced prostate massage. But it’s all like some retarted fourth grader reciting the charge of the light brigade in a bad and entirely inconsistent with the prosody of the piece singsong voice, flatfaced and gutless, staring over the heads of everybody else in class who’d rather be out fishing up a storm or ahorseback stalking some deer with his buds than listening to this crap go on another ten seconds. if I can’t stand ten minutes of this, how am I going to make it ten hundred years in hell?

  28. GO BOLTS!

    1. I prefer my bolts to stay in place, thank you very much. It’s why I put them there in the first place.

    2. Fucking bolts are lightnings, man.

  29. It’s all fun and games until somebody gets an erection:

    Cyclists looking to take part in Cambridge’s first naked bike ride will hope for better luck than one rider in Kent on Saturday, who was removed by police after becoming “over-excited”.

    On June 20 the city hosts the World Naked Bike Ride for the first time, which will see nude riders complete a seven-mile circular route from Parker’s Piece to Regent Street.

    Cambridgeshire police are aware of the event and have confirmed that taking part is not illegal.

    But that didn’t stop the ‘aroused’ male rider being escorted away from the event in Canterbury by police officers.

    One witness said: ”Everyone was taking their clothes off to get ready for the ride. I heard gasps and I turned around – it was a horrible sight.…..z3biYqDvyT

    1. In my defense ugly English women do it for me.

      1. It’s the teeth?

      2. Nothing wrong with a 6 or a 7 if there’s some feature that does it for you.

      3. Crusty Juggler|6.3.15 @ 9:30PM|#
        “In my defense ugly English women do it for me”

        As I recall, so do tree stumps.
        I mean, I’m kinda jealous; I gotta spend more time looking around than you do.

    2. I don’t get it. Was he wanking? They do realize it’s involuntary, right?

      I used to go to the Fremont Solstice ride in Seattle, and you’d see a more-than-flaccid peen every hundred bikes or so. The seat hits you right at the perineum. Combine that with the soft touch of the Pacific wind, and you’ve got yourself a sundial. I posed nude for a sculptor once, and it’s interesting what makes you go hard. Hearing “Smash the Mirror” off Tommy once did it for me. Better than “It’s a Boy”.

      This is just female privilege, is what it is.

      1. Imagine if a woman had her period during the bike ride and a man said it was a horrible sight, and the cops led her away.

        1. Or just a hard bean. Stimulation’s stimulation, right? A punishment proportional to nerve endings? But some blood-filled cavities are more equal than others, I suspect.

    3. man slut shaming!

  30. Well that didn’t take long:

    The Obama administration intends to use part of a law banning the bulk collection of US phone records to temporarily restart the bulk collection of US phone records.

    US officials confirmed to the Guardian that in the coming days they will ask a secret surveillance court to revive the program ? deemed illegal by a federal appeals court ? all in the name of “transitioning” the domestic surveillance effort to the telephone companies that generate the so-called “call detail records” the government seeks to access.…..fisa-court

    1. Obama listens to schmucks like you. This is what you wanted, right?

    2. ” temporarily restart the bulk collection of US phone records.”

      Is there any evidence that it *stopped*, for even a heartbeat?

  31. Fuck my atheist ass with a motherfucking Christian fist clenching a handful of neon-colored misbaha beads bleeding buddha karma leaking atomic orgasm from interstellar fucking alien religions long radiated.

    1. “My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.”

      1. If my brain broke into a million arms called cleopatrics I’d want to juggle a shit ton of crusty beams.

        1. “My mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought careening through a cosmic vapor of invention”

          1. A fucking door cracked a bomb in the realms of tunnels and then a billion rainbows releases like star jizz punk fuck onto the desk of space giants. And this fucking space giants juggled planets and matter like crusty dimensions over intergalaxa java. I love my crusty juggler.

            1. Jesus… get a room already.

              1. Agile cyborgs nook in the hills is always open to added spice and vinegars, man.

            2. a billion rainbows releases like star jizz punk fuck onto the desk of space giants

              I got this one, guys: Christgau’s review of the New York Dolls’ Too Much Too Soon.

  32. Every good religious person should know a blasphemer. Blasfuckingfemurs HATE government fists in their ears, mouth, and eyes and accordingly react vehemently in such a fashion that generally paves the way for heathen pagan alien monster consumers of filth to, um, consume all that we do with abandon and then look at those motherfucking lovely altar kneelers worshipping their lovely gods on the religious drugs of divine books and knowingly appreciate and suck on the fucking artistic bitch of glass we have in our hands. I grew up at christian altars. I TRIPPED at Christian altars, man, having only eaten a goddamn bologan sandwich in the morning and nothing after until next day, bitch. Shit gets weird when you are praising, crying, screaming, kneeling for hours looking at Christian girl ass stretched with 80’s denim and your erection is a 16 year-old 14 hour attack on trying to be like that bitch who created astronomy.

    1. +1 Christmas Eve/Easter morning crowd

      1. So this Myopic strange elephantine diseased brilliant creature under the sack of massive insanity deems my sordid fucking offhand bullshit whateverthefuck it is fucking blase’ bullshit of a worthless expression expressed whilst fucking on a rollercoaster while this FUCKING brain is bracing for certain g-frames and forces and a maybe the occasional FUCKING caterpillar in my teeth….

        I admit to loving all great FUCKING reason creative commentationers…. not all are created samely but all are loved equally by my worthless fucking brain… but

        Monocle of the fucking effulgent eye-rending horror called the sun….you filthy awesome most likey jew… and I am cool with jews or disdaining brain floating bright college boys who escaped an iLLinois suburb and that exact public school being released into the FUCKING world practically knowing nothing except for how to masturbate into a sock and the occasional alley pill behind the house with a beer.. whatever….
        so here’s the deal…

        Pentecostal altar calls happen rarely on jesus eve. love. and easter? no. No alter calls on Easter. FUCKING lovely amazing….. human sinwich? Fuck if I know…

        1. Not Jewish, but Lutheran, so I share an embrace of misery and love of beef wurst with my Old Testament siblings of the Levant. You don’t have holiday Eucharist and we don’t have girls or jeans, so I guess we’re even, brother my brother.

          1. Fucking Jews… ya gotta FUCKING love the Jew cocks and vaginas and math and sammiches and all aroung fucking great fucking greatness.. .Jews are like Liberfreedoms… Fucking questioned goddamned constantly for their fucking lack of subservience to world culture. FUCK THE PLANET EARTH!

        2. Well, isn’t that SPECIAL….

          /Church Lady

          1. I know old church lady I wanted to slide my fat cock consensually into.. like she is 83… and I want to fuck her massive intelligence womanqueenship. She calls me like twice a year and she’s been doing this for 20 years. And as sick as this is.. I want to fuck her… I don’t have the heart to tell her I don’t believe a single fuck in her god but we go back when I was a child into old school religion and I’ve moved on- she hasn’t… and her lovely hubby died when I was 30…. and. I would actually fuck her… I don’t even give a single motherfucking shit what anyone thinks and even my wife who fucks our love toys wrinkles her fucking brow… but… sometimes fucks aren’t about curves and flesh swings… sometimes fucks are about sticking your cock humbly into historic vagina…. fuckit

  33. I would love to fucking be killed by a goddamn vagina tornado.

  34. Living is bullets. Shiny fucking knives. Bullets and lovers and reason. Bullets, knives, spaceships, pussy, cock, and reason and reason thread seers. Hoary fucking heads ramming and slamming rivulets of demands on awkward barships. I would fukcing love to see barships with punk bands and booze and quantum mechanic strange neon and silicon valley app drugs and floating in a lonely asteroid belt with fucking screaming fucked up drunks group fucking on their fav star at universe 2 am.

    1. I want to wake up, one day, hungover on Mars. My drinking life will then be declared a success.

      1. Any human offspring tittled the 12 dimension is rather approved by the life orgasms, correct?

        1. Indeed. Mars or bust.

  35. If you reading this and your parents are atheistic fucks or goddamn agnostic and your are like fucking 15. Man, I have some inside shit for you… escape from your fucking really fucking asshole great parents and get with an evangelical boy or girl and get some serious fucking life experiences young man or woman bereft of life experiences and get to your dates fucking camp meeting… very rare things this day.

    Finding JEHOVAH, jesus christ at an altar…. the sexiness of a weeping shrieking christian altar is unmatched by even ass porn, youngster. Tears, fears, emotional depths felt a million miles deep with a mind screaming I WANT TO FUCK THAT BOYS DICK OR GIRLS VAGINA is really mind-blowing when the pastor is shrieking at one in the morning for hearts to be saved by a FOX Jesus.

    Man, all modern Jesus is Fox and Jesus Fox network is nothing less than pure sexuality. UNLIKE FUCKING CNN… the utter REVERSE of attractive bleeding brain sex wasps.

  36. Carroll smashed stage with his brilliant poetry of ‘friends who died’ and I listened lastly to this song lately while on the backcountry and it made my mind ponder…. on ‘friends at all who live’. what the fucking fuck is a friend? Did Carroll really have ‘friends’ or kinda-sorta friends like us all.

    Man, friendship is rare. It’s not fucking facebook or twitter or even my fuckking hammer/ or drugged ass hanging with my thread dudes on reason…

    Friendship can be a delusion. An illusion. a temp emotion tapped tickey tock like a clock… like a drip drop friendship… an I.V.? friendworld?

    Man, life is odd… Big parties full of happy really is that interested aside from being invited. Invitations amplify friendship. But why amplify emotions that aren’t genuine?

    Friendships may swoop above the clock but this rare. and friendships that swoop below the clock are often tired and tied to old banging reciprocation….

    can humans friend better?

    1. Best friends I ever had are character on TV shows.

      1. The beauty of honesty is unrivaled.

    2. I like temporary friendship, the kind you leave behind when you move. I don’t understand the intent to keep in touch. The longer you’re friends with someone, the more expectations grow and the more opaque their image of you becomes. A year passes after you’re gone and they call you out of the blue and you crawl back into the shell you left behind. The clay’s dried, it’s not gonna change. You love them and care about them, but you never want to see them again.

      The fake friendships form around commonalities, as if kicking the same sized ball somehow sorts souls. I don’t know how to do it better, just keep starting over every two years.

  37. Friend galaxies are as roaming planets burning and rotating finding orbits and then passing into the open mouths of hungry galaxy elves.

    Are humans like planets? Millions upon millions floating in the dark often and rarely connecting and then only on special galactic streams and then eaten by space monsters?

    Are friendships like rainbows… cloudy. floating. intangible. temporary… beautiful after a teary sunlit morning?

      1. You are a beautiful human being, q.

    1. *tackles Agile Cyborg and upgrades his firmware.*

      Could you get an Ethernet or USB port? It took me over an hour to figure out your serial port was using 19200 bps with odd parity. Who the hell uses odd parity and Kermit? Anyway the job is done.

      Oops, I forgot to flash it.

      1. I think this human being forgot to upgrade his brain muscles, agile, This otherwise intellectual creature forgot to flash his piles of semen wherein will lie this wonderful fucking human alien monster answers like a dictionary clutched in the floating hand of a space pirate….

        1. *reads the release notes*

          a bit too late.

  38. Friends live the flight of a yellow bird. And then grow misty in the winds of time, man. Clouds are the humans of the sky- coming and going. Though, clouds look down upon our lives as they flit and swim above us knowingly.

    Man, clouds are our sky friends and metaphors.

    Seeking down and understranding us like nothing in nature…

    clouds live an afternoon in the sun. like us. sweet clouds slip away in the fleeting anger of a majestic storm across the dry gardens of the living. man, the sky is our twin, lovers.

  39. Welp.

    Tamara Holder basically says “sure someone wanted to behead Pamela Geller, but shit happens. Bitch shouldn’t have worn such a short skirt.”

    “Freedom of speech a great American right BUT so is religion & her rhetoric is also dangerous.”

    Yeah, except no one’s freedom of religion is being violated when Pamela Geller talks shit about them you fucking idiot. And where was Tamara Holder whining about freedom of religion during the RFRA debate regarding Indiana?

    1. Pamela is the voice for the pragmatic questioner of the living quest for freedom.
      Pamela is the queen of the freedom canaries.
      Pamela is the greatest test of modern free speech… which was already fought for by the millions upon millions by Larry Flynt and my god Barney Rosset of Grove Press….
      Pamela is a pretty vagina mounted on a viking 10 inch cock of fire who doesn’t GIVE A single motherfucking fuck about your religious god swords- muslim, islam, isis, or otherwise- FUCK YOU

    2. Gavin trolled the hell out of her during this stupid Hannity segment, so if you dislike her you can enjoy her reactions. Even Hannity throws out an “oh boy” or something.

      1. The fun, if we call it that, starts a little after 3 minutes.

      2. I would like Pamela’s soft pussy on my hard cock, juggler.

      3. Heh, that was fun.

  40. File under = Precrime Division Makes Bust

    “Investigators had been watching Usaamah Abdullah Rahim long enough to know about his avid interest in Islamic State militants, but when they overheard him talking on a cellphone about beheading Massachusetts police officers, they moved in, leading to a confrontation Tuesday morning outside a pharmacy here that left Mr. Rahim dead”

    There’s lots of detail in the story – including extensive FBI ‘translation’ of regular spoken English into “terrorist code language” – but the sum of it seems to be, “guy bought knives online, frequently talked about the appeal of jihad with his mosque buddies”

    Nowhere does it seem that he had actually committed a crime (yet). The theoretical ‘cop beheading’ plot is based on some creative-interpretation of the so-called code-talk.

    The question i have is, when they approached him in the above scenario = what exactly were they going to ‘take him in’ for? (if that is indeed what they planned). They ‘confronted’ the guy…but to what purpose? ask him questions? Did they plan to announce he was under surveillance, and hey, maybe he shouldn’t do that plot thing?

    1. Allegedly he’d hatched some sort of plan to behead Pamela Geller but they’ve basically admitted he had no way of going through with that so they allegedly decided to kill cops instead.

      1. “they allegedly decided to kill cops instead.”


        Is Ice T also under long-term surveillance?

        I’m just saying, even assuming the claims are true… what was the point of the ‘confrontation’?

        If they have the guy under constant surveillance, you’d think they might have been able to ‘confront’ him in a manner where they could control the situation. Like grab him before he whips out the rambo knife?

        but then what would they be grabbing him *for*? ‘Plotting’?

        I’m not very sympathetic for the dead guy so much, but i’m just baffled by the M.O. of law-enforcement in this particular case. It seems like they just got fed up listening to his phone calls and decided to have a showdown in broad daylight.

    2. Police wear offended panties constantly so it would take almost nothing to set their cute little team off… buncha org dudes fucking skeered by gubment skeery skeery dreams and then armed with skeery skeery guns these panty wearing skeered cookie cutter cop preschoolers would likely kill the fucking death to even a cow that humped wrong, bro.

      Chalk this up to amazing skeery panty-wad Fraternal Order o’ Police gummie bear steroids and blatant genocie tactics, man.

      1. “I’m the guy who does his job, you must be the other guy”

  41. Shower your liberty with brains, man.

    Few will.

  42. What is American will? Does this collection of fucking hearts will? Hundreds of millions of what?
    What river will they swim on?

    Pure democracy is not ethical.

  43. Majority?

    reason for republic was to break a majority, man. Majorities are right? FUCK majorities….

    Republic checks majoritah and minoritah.

  44. Majorities screw the weak, man. And super-powered minorities screw the majority.

    Modern government has no business screwing anybody. It has lost its compass because life in America has gotten fucking complicated and rich. RICH has no fucking business FUCKING with government and GOVERNMENT has no FUCKING business FUCKING with Rich. And the POOR have no fucking business using the FUCKING guns of government to FUCK over the RICH like a Napolean burn and FUCKING business has no FUCKING business using the violence of government to FUCK with the poor.

    Too many disparate power structures combining to create a force that has ruined so many FUCKING societies since the fucking Egyptians.

    Society should be self-operated. Self organizing. Self-serving and distinct from hierarchy. And hierarchy has no business existing in advance culture. Society is a tribe best realized freely and openly and widely.

    If we can’t get this shit right here on a single goddamn planet what the FUCK is going to happed in 500 hundred years when we get spaceships and solar winds? FUCK government tyranny then… let us create an impetus to rise on solar dollars and space reciprocation NOW!

  45. OUR AMERICAN military sets an example to take a stand against tyrrany……………….



    ALL the big ass trillion dollar military created by your favorite politician creates a so-called world example of ‘protecting what is held dear at home’…?

    Hey, armed forces morons, you know what I hold dear at home?


    Are you fucking jaded jerkballs even TEACHING the FUCKING CONSTITUTION to your military squaws?

    FUCK THE EARTH and it military’s and nasty governments, including THIS government.

  46. You aren’t AMERICAN MILITARY if every one of your soldiers from top to bottom cannot recite the AMERICAN constitution…

    Betcha not a single general can’t recite the constitution… I have the MOTHERFUCKING CONSTITUTION on every level of this FUCKING house…..

  47. The american constitution is a weeping dying widow left alone in her quiet apartment in a million counties where the trees bend outside a single window.

  48. The american constitution is a blank look on a tired and knowing 65 year old widower alone drinking scotch at his local dinner theater on a beach shedding a million suns on his lonely years….

  49. the american constitution is young man in 2014 working at Buffalo Wild Wings in middle america Ohio and tired and exhausted at 2 am serving beers to dudes like me tho I am the most respectful drunk you will ever meet, man I do NOT disrespect these lovely humans serving my cocaine and booze face late into the night- I WILL NEVER FUCKING disrespect young men and women serving my needs so the american constitution it is a complex arrangement of mixing and respectful lifeswangs and I always tip my servers super well and a GREAT AMERICAN open society SHOULD offer hope, love, and respect and unfortunately, america is used by fucking dollar whores and communists and FUCK both of these fucks…. America is about offering hope and a liftup and your FUCKING marxist takes the art and hope and rainbows from free living and loving.

  50. the american constitution is an irritation to local small cops.

  51. the american constitution has never been heard of in most big cities in.America?

  52. the american constitution isn’t a big deal is it? It is an extreme inconvenience in a country. based. on. freedom?

  53. the american constitution. Why? What the fuck is this shit in 2015?

    No sheriff is teaching his fucking dumbasses that he or she hires from the dumbass cop colleges to GET the american constitution.

    Why should this fucking county fuck do this.

    americans in all the million suburbs don’t care

    I don’t use capital A. modern americans do NOT deserve the capital A.

    they are americans and their cops are sniveling anti-constitutionalists.

    why use caps? who the fuck cares? america. i will capitalize FUCK america because she is dead.

    america is vanquished, tired, alone, weary, lost, and broken and even worthless because we have embraced the tyranny of unions with government endorsed machine guns.

  54. the american constitution is an afterthought to local, state, and federal attorneys and their favorite code creations.

  55. my roomate’s mother makes $63 /hour on the internet . She has been fired from work for ten months but last month her paycheck was $16842 just working on the internet for a few hours. check out the post right here … ?

  56. america


    man what is america?

    millions died for america and my fingers struggle to type her.

    modern america…

    what is this place we live in?


    if the universe of the greatest scientists of the past places sat a picnic and their hands jerked off their collective cocks a billion massive IQ sperm volcano will still NOT explain


    I am in love with America.
    NOTHING on this globe compares
    in SPITE of this FUCKING broken garden’s

    The thought of america my home make me swing onto clouds.
    and america should not be
    owned by broken interests and lost politics
    and aged grains and beneath judging minds….

  57. the american constitution is a memory to most americans?

    the american constitution is a memory to most lawyers and judges?

  58. Does that mean now we can all burn the flag if we so wish ? Hypocrisy reigns cats and dogs.

    1. Try to burn the flag of Mohammed in Saudi Arabia, sweet lover.

      Burn their little book without have a Nosea head removed with a sword…

      Nosea would have his delicate neck muscles parted expertly with sharp steel.

    2. I burnt the american flag in my backwoods. Fuck it. it is a cloth.

      america is not cloth.

      america is an ideology most and few will ever recognize because most jet to mailorder politicain thoughts.

  59. are city lights future dreams?
    are future frames wandered rivers?
    and those sunlights on the glass of a million lives
    flash into the eyes of the groggy penthouse dragons
    living on the caves of flashy steel and caviar…

    lonely whistles in the alley will be listened to be no one
    because we don’t listen to lonely whistles because
    our lives are set and a whistle means the blueprint of our
    death changes and we need to get lost in new dreams
    and fast minds unlike our set paces and a billion grins

    fuck… man… feel the songs of this and forever generations

    get fucked up and FUCK…. all the genius of the past ages hit me like tidal
    and mixed with my own witch I lie back and pull a huge cocaine hit on my
    booze and pills and life is matching stars and smart and math keeps my
    fuckface up with its geometry and infinity sets fuck up all the boys and
    monster math will be worse, man… shitm monster sets are like moths
    and poltergeist and pussy waves of my favorite vagina lips man I love pussy and smashing my face into my lovely cunts and my blonde viking warrior finance exsiutive is fucking massive chicago cock a… fuck ok t his shit happens all the time… we are rich swingras

  60. the gleam on the bottle is a wave lapping hthe beach
    and sounds of dolphins caress the winds like a lonely
    swim across the womb of the stars in each
    planet deeply searching the eyes of lovers along on
    star beaches costing only juke box voices long lost

    1. Careful, there, AC. No driving tonight.

      1. love, I experiment often and I NEVER fucking drive love…

        i told a story and deleted it becuase it was awesome and made no sense to me. man tho

  61. my dixieland bottle is empty my fucking lips look away to my beer cave… glory glory hallelujuah….
    BEER JESUS at the ALTAR, ELVIS- HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON TO tears and beers, and all that altered poetry.
    if the dude with Nirvana would have figured this shit out he would not have had to died, man. His surround team was too young.

    Man at this age you can fucking get hit with tidal waves of worship from elvis to that new york girl and enjoy it and not get.well.


  62. saved is ok. man. I think it’s over-rated tho.

    I climb rainbows and I can jesus and a fat muhammad over there trying to do the same but I guess jesus and muhammad aren’t as healthy as this bitch is. google will not bitch at you for not capitalizing its G at the beginning of a sentence but don’t NOT capitalized J and M of the various deities in the MIDDLE of a sentence without the red under line hell.


  63. my fucking mouth is full of neil daimond … I drank a song and my brain is happy but my mouth screaming… and my ears hurt like boats. a million crashing boats in a vortex of fuckin bullshit

    my ears are crying buckets of thoughts and dreams…
    can ears dream?
    Man wong the FUCK?
    can eyes sharp the future.
    can eyes peer into the now
    is the now a real or a laugh
    are laughs real?

    When slap lightning slits the thread
    cant the thread grib wongs?
    and rivers of lights switch tangs
    in the wings of car hawks.

  64. Blow the head off the fuckin agile robot. out on licking space clit.

  65. Man I’m tired of Caitlyn already but I understand the Jenner olympics going with her release into new human engines…

    Sister, I only care about you if I can save you from abuse or a murder. Other than that….

    Man I just want to fuck and suck pussy in my bedroom, read philosophy, draw dumbass crap, and raise a couple of kids in this fucking house……

    Our sexual proclivitis are wide across the spectrum but maybe none of them belong on a mag cover?
    sex is our quietbow lives…. man a lot of secrets life beneath our love lives and shit we have such complexity no dumbass magazine or tv channel will ever get this….

  66. Pure meaningless symbolism. Why don’t they care about various hate speech laws or laws about what you can say about historical events or symbols?

  67. They should say 45 countries, not just 44, and include the United States. Here’s Massachusetts Chapter 272,

    “Section 36. Whoever wilfully blasphemes the holy name of God by denying, cursing or contumeliously reproaching God, his creation, government or final judging of the world, or by cursing or contumeliously reproaching Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost, or by cursing or contumeliously reproaching or exposing to contempt and ridicule, the holy word of God contained in the holy scriptures shall be punished by imprisonment in jail for not more than one year or by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars, and may also be bound to good behavior.”

    Wikipedia lists a few others:…..ted_States

    I know we do not even charge for this crime, much less execute people, but let’s clean our house too on principle while we are at it (along with our archaic fornication, vagrancy, vagabond, etc. laws). Having them on the books can lead to prosecutorial mischief..

  68. Holy shit, Sheila Jackson Lee did something sane!

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  70. She is not a moderate. She is an amoral crap weasel that will say and do anything to continue to suckle on the body public. then check all report news this way….

  71. Obama will never sign it, having supported the Muslim effort to ban blasphemy against their prophet.

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