U.S. Touts ISIS Body Count, Fundraising Shenanigans For Hillary, Nevada Gets School Choice: P.M. Links


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  1. Lincoln Chafee wants the Democratic presidential nomination.

    NEW FRONT – yaaaawn- RUNNER

    1. It’s kind of disturbing how regularly you pull this off.

      1. Or very reassuring.

        1. Like an atomic clock of snark.

        2. When the end times come, I’ll be going by Fist’s bunker first

          1. You’re going to do what in his bunk?!

            1. When the end times come and two commenters love each other very much, they give each other a special hug and wait for nuclear annihilation. The better question is who gets to be the big spoon.

              1. WARNING: I’M MORE OF A SPORK.

              2. I thought the special nuclear apocalypse hug involves putting your head between your knees…

                1. We called that the Ultimate Sit-up or the Final Yoga Pose

                  1. I always liked the final yoga pose. There are not enough hot young college chicks in spandex to make fifty minutes of yoga worthwhile.

                    1. There are not enough hot young college chicks in spandex to make fifty minutes of yoga worthwhile.

                      When you live in a cold climate like my state, and seeing women in form-fitting clothing is traditionally something you get to do about 2 weeks a year, this statement is most definitely false.

                2. You just need some RadX, dude.

                3. I thought the special nuclear apocalypse hug involves putting your head between your knees…

                  “Your own knees, Father.”

                4. I think I’d rather have someone else’s head between my knees…

      2. All the girls appreciate how quick I am.

        1. Are we not doing phrasing?

    2. Yes, let’s mock his pretensions rather than mocking the dishonest and corrupt felon. Ye gods, people.

      1. They’re all that to one degree or another. We can’t mock everyone for the same thing; it gets boring.

        1. It’s like I always say: Most of these guys are corrupt, lying, and breaking the law. The vast majority get away with it. So when we catch them, we should fucking crucify them up and down I-95.

          1. On the other hand, the hardline approach makes it that much more difficult to actually get investigations, indictments, or convictions. Harsh punishments create greater incentives to wheedle behind the scenes to avoid doing jail time, and give insiders a greater incentive to protect one another. Friedman’s old adage about getting politicians to do the right things for the wrong reasons is likely the only hope

            1. Which is why we need an anti-government that has the sole purpose of fucking up the lives of politicians. THE CENSOR!

              1. Oh, hells alive, yes. I would volunteer my time pro bono.

                1. You walk into, say, Congress, you point your Rod of Removing at the offending congressperson, and you say, “Representative _______, you are anathema, you are rejected, you are remov-ed.” Then you turn and walk out.

                  1. At what point in the litany do I trigger the disintegrator on the Rod?

                    1. That’s reserved for special occasions.

                  2. “Representative _______, you are anathema, you are rejected, you are remov-ed.”

                    For a moment I had a vision of Congress being called out to the national mall and singing the aut to anathemitize one of their number, expelling the dissident extramural and out of the concent forever.

                  3. Rod of Removing – what caliber is yours in?

                    1. Rod of Removing – what caliber is yours in?

                      40 watt phased plasma.

              2. What about Busab?

                1. Works for me. Really, any check that’s outside of government that has the power to fuck up government works for me.

                2. Oh she can still post here.

          2. we should fucking crucify them up and down I-95.

            Why do YOU get all the highway improvement dollars?

            1. We’ll raise money from charging admission to see the crucifixions.

              1. Crucifixion or freedom?
                Line on the left, one cross each.

    3. Hello.

    4. Chafee makes as much or more sense than Paul , and is by far the most disinterested man running.

  2. New York City Police Officer Ymmacula Pierre faces criminal charges after buying a $3,200 ring with a stolen credit card. Hey, it cuts out the middle man.

    What are you, an anarchist? We need cops!

    1. Y U upset?

    2. Ymmacula

      Can’t tell whether hispanic or black…

      1. Neither. It’s a Transylvanian Count.

        1. You’re both wrong. It’s a Jewish beanie.

          1. +1 what’sthatthingyouknowontheirheads

  3. Which violates party rules requiring him to be neutral.

    I think there are going to be plenty party rules get broken in Hillary’s campaign.

  4. Democratic National Committee finance chairman Henry R. Mu?oz III has been raising money for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Which violates party rules requiring him to be neutral. Whoops.

    Rules are for little people.

    1. From little states — like Rhode Island!!! Amirite?

  5. Hillary looks nasty in that picture. Campaigning must be rough.

    1. Oh, no you din’t!

    2. I can’t really tell what Chafee is going for with that haircut, but it ain’t presidential. Maybe veep.

      1. He could use some hair style advice from his fellow Rhode Islanders.

        1. It kind of looks like a combination of the two.

        2. It’s either court jester or court eunuch.

    3. I thought that was Caitlin sans wig and makeup?

    4. Hillary looks nasty in that picture. Campaigning must be rough.


  6. Coalition forces have killed more than 10,000 ISIS fighters in nine months, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken boasted. It’s usually not a good sign when politicians start referring to moldering bodies as accomplishments in themselves.

    Because measuring success by the body count worked out so well for the US in Vietnam…

    1. Well it just can’t be your *only* metric of success.

      Also, America defeated its enemies in Vietnam. It was after the US left that the commies won.

      1. Yes and we defeated the islamists in Iraq. It was after the US left that the jihadis won.

        1. “Won”-not quite yet. They have’t beat the Kurds backed with US airstrikes.

      2. Ah yes. America fighting the good fight for the French colonial empire. Such a great reason to go to war.

        1. Why is this in response to me?

          1. You brought up Vietnam. I think it’s apropos since Vietnam also had ill-defined objectives and was doomed to be a clusterfuck just like Iraq is.

            1. 1) I did not bring up Vietnam, that was GMSF.

              2) Vietnam was doomed to be a clusterfuck because of awful ROE restrictions on boming and stuff. Once Nixon got rid of those the Vietcong were plastered and so was North Vietnam

              1. Vietnam was a clusterfuck because if the French couldn’t hold onto their colony, how the fuck were we, as a third party, going to?

                1. By not being French? With a superior military? Like I said: the VietCong were crushed.

                  1. “[…]Like I said: the VietCong were crushed.[…]”

                    Did you clap your hands and click your heels together three times?

                    1. The Viet Cong were indeed crushed. IIRC the South fell to a straight-out invasion from the North, possible because Congress had cut off military aid.

                  2. Yep, crushed. We just sauntered out, no panicked evacuations as things turned sour.


                    1. That “panicked evacuation” was a full two years after the end of combat operations there.

                    2. Facts are for warhawks.

                  3. Like I said: the VietCong were crushed.

                    The VietCong were crushed by their own stupidity in launching the Tet Offensive.

                    Long before Nixon changed the ROE. And ironically, it was their flameout that the media used to turn the US public against the war.

        1. I’m tellin’ ya baby, they kicked your little ass there. Boy, they whooped yer hide REAL GOOD.

            1. You left out the Doppler effect.

        2. Oh no! k-k-k-k-ken’s c-c-c-coming to k-k-k-k-k-kill me!

          1. ok Mr Smithsinginzenson

      3. Is he right? ‘Cause I know that’s the *popular* version of what went on there. And a lot of people like to believe that. I wish I could, but I was *there*. I wasn’t here in a class room, hoping I was right, thinking about it.

        I was up to my knees in rice paddies, with guns that didn’t work! Going in there, looking for Charlie, slugging it out with him while pussies like you were back here partying, putting headbands on, doing drugs, and listening to the goddamn Beatle albums!!!!

      4. Phyrris (or however it’s spelled) should come back from the dead and slap you, cyto.

          1. Missed it by *that* much!

          1. Slapping people with phallus?!?!? RAPE KULTURE!!1!11!!!

        1. For the crime of being right? Of violating PeaceNazi teachings?

      5. Yes and we defeated the Spanish in Cuba. It was after the US left that the socialists won.

      6. America defeated its enemies in Vietnam. It was after the US left that the commies won.

        How can both of these statements be true? They can’t.

        1. Yes they can. America crushed the VietCong and put NV in its place. Then it left like it should have a long time ago, and then the NV invaded the South. Really, America won the (first) Vietnam war and South Vietnam lost the second one.

    2. Were those bodies ISIS fighters before they died? Or did the DoD bring in some Mormons to do their reverse baptism magic stuff on the bodies afterwards to convert them to ISIS fighters?

      “Did you count that 2 year old ISIS fighter private?”

      “Yep, got it LT”

      “How about that ISIS fighter wearing a wedding gown over there?”

      “Got here too”

      1. No need. The government, after long study of the available intelligence and deep consideration has determined that anyone within the blast radius of a Hellfire missile is a terrorist.

        1. Well, they probably are.

          1. And that’s good enough for government work, amirite??

          2. “That’s probably the correct leg we’re amputating.”

            1. Amputate it’s motherfucking leg?

              1. *Applause*

        2. …anyone within the blast radius of a Hellfire missile iswas a terrorist.


      2. “Counted her twice, since she was blown in half.”

    3. Mission Accomplished

    4. Because measuring success by the body count worked out so well for the US in Vietnam…

      The comments concerning the number of ISIS combatants killed in Iraq may be less a “dancing on their graves” boast than it is a strategy for convincing Muslims wooed by radical Islam that going to join ISIS and bring about the caliphate is a sure way to get yourself killed.

      1. These guys don’t seem to mind getting killed. Not as much as I would expect, anyway.

      2. Sprinkling pig blood would probably work better than dancing.

      3. I’d say that putting a number of 10k killed out there is pretty much a direct admission that their estimates of the number of jihadist fighters in ISIL were way, way, way off. If I recall, we were told that estimates of 10k fighters was ridiculous, there were no more than a couple thousand.

        At each turn the official numbers went up, and the unofficial ones stayed well ahead.

        1. If I recall, we were told that estimates of 10k fighters was ridiculous, there were no more than a couple thousand.

          Not how I remember it. I remember estimates that were all over the place.

  7. Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed a law extending school choice to all students in the state through education savings accounts. Teachers union meltdown in 3… 2… 1… (He also signed a law ending Clark County’s handgun registration and expanding self-defense rights.)

    Can we put the teachers unions in timeout when they have their meltdown/tantrum?

    1. So long as it’s a paid timeout.

    2. I think it’s more amusing, and productive, to let them have public tantrums. Then after education doesn’t collapse, indeed improves outcomes for more people, rub their noses in it.

    3. British Columbia has a kind of wily pragmatic center-statist who I would not like if not for her brilliance in destroying teacher strikes: take the money that you’d save and give it to parents. Once she did that, it was game over.

      1. Did you slip an extra “not” in there, Toxie?

        1. No…but it’s pretty awkward. I like her mainly because she found the silver bullet to use against teacher’s strikes.

          1. Its a silver bullet against most strikes.

            ‘You’re not working, so no – you don’t get paid for the time you spent in the picket.’

            ‘Fuck that, I got bills to pay.’

            1. That’s not the magic! The magic is parents getting money during the strike which offsets the pain of having kids at home.

              1. The magic is parents getting money

                Magic to one, theft to another.

                1. IT WAS MONEY THAT WAS ALREADY STOLEN. Cripes talk about missing the forest for the trees.

  8. Florida Court Rules “Off the Grid” Living is Illegal

    Despite his ruling, Eskins admitted to the press that the code may be unfair, “Reasonableness and code requirements don’t always go hand-in-hand.” Despite his supposed sympathies, he still feels compelled to enforce the code.

    1. Compliance is mandatory, even if not applicable.

    2. Despite his supposed sympathies, he still feels compelled to enforce the code.


    3. She should have asked them if they had a 27b/6. That always seems to stop these types in their tracks.

    4. International Property Maintenance Code


  9. Sen. Rand Paul’s civil libertarian and non-interventionist stances are pulling in supporters of his father…

    I was told he was turning them off.

    1. Who told you that? Progs?

      1. Probably. I think I read it on a news site.

        1. Thought so. The stench of fear from the progs is more noticeable every day. Even if he doesn’t even win the nomination he will get some libertarian ideas out there and show people there is an alternative. Also, they’re super pissed that Paul has taken the high ground on some of their (formerly) pet issues.

      2. PJMedia.

  10. Give us money or we’ll kill your dogs. Seriously, that’s what Colorado Springs officials told Caitlin McAdams.

    “Give us money or we’ll break your legs.”

    – Mafia

    1. How dare you compare the police to the mafia. The mafia’s much more truthful about what they do. They admit that they want to be paid protection money rather than calling it “taxes”, and when they rob you, it’s not called “asset forfeiture”.

      1. An enforcer ‘friend’ I grew up with used to joke that it was true mobsters never paid their taxes saying ‘we’re all scrunched up huddled together under the table.’

        Guy was/is hilarious.

        1. Another time I was bugging him about how mobsters never seemed to harbor any real hatred towards the government and he’d respond, ‘bah. They have a job to do. I’d want to put me and all these bozos in prison too!’

          1. It’s strictly business.

        2. Hilarious how? Hilarious like a clown? Do I amuse you?!

    2. I went to college in Colorado Springs.

      Weird town socially. Big evangelical crowd and big military crowd and if you fall into neither a bit isolating.

      That is all.

      1. And then you go 10 minutes West and you’re in a big ole nest of hippies.

        1. Yup. Going to Colorado College made me hate hippies.

          I got a job there about 6 months after I graduated. It was not fun.

        2. All too true of West Point

        3. Manitou Springs!

    3. “If you mention extortion again, I’ll have your legs broken..”

      -Mayor Carmine DePasto

  11. Autopsies of the cat ? which had been kept frozen ? were conducted to be used as evidence, and McAdam’s attorney had gathered expert witnesses to call to the stand.


    1. So it was a cool cat?

      1. You know else was a ‘cool cat’?

        1. Garfield?

        2. The Pink Panther?

        3. Scatman Crothers!

        4. Charlie Parker?

        5. Panthro?

          1. A frozen Sabre tooth?

        6. Sorry boys, the correct answer is “Julie Newmar.”

          1. That would be a hot cat, wouldn’t it?

        7. Pussy Galore?

    2. I have to say, I would absolutely lose it if this happened to my dog.

      Woe be to whomever would be responsible for euthanizing her. So many fires. So. Many. Fires.


      2. I think government has had it so easy what with government employees not being justifiably murdered and stuff that they’ve totally lost all perspective.

        1. I agree.

          I’m honestly surprised sometimes at how many people will accept “But I was only doing my job/following regulations/etc!” as an excuse from, well, anyone–but especially from a government employee.

          You know who else worked for the government and was only doing their job…

          1. Amon Goeth?


      “A necropsy is a postmortem examination that is sometimes called an autopsy, postmortem, or obduction.”

  12. Among the most Democratic occupations: Not-Employed !!

    How Democratic or Republican is your job? This tool tells you.

    If you dig deeper and do the totals for “Not-Employed”, “Not Employed”, “Unemployed”, “Not in workforce”, the Democrats still beat out Republicans and “Other” by a 9-1 margin or so.

    1. Holy shit, Batman, that’s as shocking as that lethal hand-buzzer the Joker almost got you with!

    2. smug is a full-time job

        1. no, but it has great benefits

    3. Census Bureau Report: 52 million receive means-tested benefit in a typical month.

      In 2012, approximately 52.2 million
      people, or 21.3 percent of the
      population, participated in one or
      more major means-tested assistance
      programs, on average, each month.5

      Pretty sure they’re democrats.

      1. There’s even more that aren’t means-tested. I wonder if disability is considered means-tested?

      2. This would explain a lot. I’ve always said that federal employees should not have the right to vote (conflict of interest). Perhaps anyone who cashes a government check shouldn’t have the right to vote.

        I’m serious about this, since we all know a single vote is meaningless — it’s the amalgamation that makes a difference.

    4. Nuclear Engineer is 69% democrat. Interesting….

      1. Jimmy Carter fans?

    5. That is the coolest thing ever. I’ve spent an hour of what should be otherwise productive time on that.

      The big takeaway: while rabbis donate about 85% to dems, catholic priests donate about 66% to pubs. Though in fairness, I think all of those pub donations went to Denny Hastert.

  13. New York City Police Officer Ymmacula Pierre faces criminal charges after buying a $3,200 ring with a stolen credit card. Hey, it cuts out the middle man.

    That article misses the part where she got a six month paid suspension/leave/vacation out of it. Pretty sweet deal, IMO.

  14. Body counts are what you point at when the other side is taking and holding ground from you.

    1. But it’s not another Vietnam.

      1. Of course it’s not. The Vietnamese aren’t stupid enough to get involved in this.

        1. Or the Chinese.

          1. China absolutely got involved in Vietnam after Vietnam invaded Cambodia. Thousands dead.

            1. Vietnam outlasted them, too. Really, if we ever go full empire, I think we need a few divisions of Vietnamese and Gurkha.

      2. Well without ground troops it’s not quite the same.

    2. Body counts are what you get when you something something Ice-T.

        1. Ice love’s Coco

          1. I mean, it’s not like I wouldn’t happily rim that large fake booty.

            1. Coco’s booty is real, doubter.

            2. Where were you during the great rimming thread of 2013?

              1. Typing with one hand?

            3. Um yeah, sure. Let me know what that’s like when she’s 50.

    1. For more information on the Evils of Petting Zoos, please see our news articles on goat farms and suspicious goats in Central Florida.

      1. Wow, that sounds pretty batshit. Parody?

        1. Parody?

          Has to be, the section on “Goat Trauma in Action” sort of gives it away. Then again, you never know…

          1. Didn’t click-through.

          2. In the picture taken just seconds after this one, judged too graphic for the Internet, half of Sean’s arm was ripped off by this goat. Gangrene set in to the remains before he could get medical attention and he ended up losing his entire arm.

            1. What you don’t see here is the goat lurking just below desk-level, gnawing away at this man’s right leg

            2. “too graphic for the Internet”


          3. The T-shirts are a must-have.

          4. The head-butt video is hilari… er… tragic.

      2. suspicious goats

        Fine band name.

    2. Thanks!

    3. But… what about goatse trauma?

      1. Picture a goatse with “Ready for Hillary” written below it.

          1. Do it, for the children.

            1. But.. but.. “Hillary”, Jesse.. “Hillary”.. It.. She just makes it feel so.. dirty.

        1. Now, *that* is funny.

        2. Oh, let’s start a “Ready for Hillary” googlebomb like that.
          (WARNING: Do Not click link.)

    4. I’m guessing that “goat trauma therapist” is up there with the most Democratic occupations.

    5. “If you have been molested by a goat, you may be eligible for a share in a large class-action settlement! Call the number on your screen today.”

  15. Land of the Free!

    FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities

    The FBI asked the AP not to disclose the names of the fake companies it uncovered, saying that would saddle taxpayers with the expense of creating new cover companies to shield the government’s involvement, and could endanger the planes and integrity of the surveillance missions. The AP declined the FBI’s request because the companies’ names ? as well as common addresses linked to the Justice Department ? are listed on public documents and in government databases.

    1. Wasn’t that the same FBI that was wiretapping, and intimidating AP journalists over confidential informants and Obama regime information leaks? Ain’t that sumthun…


    2. I’ve been waiting for Reason to pick this up for two days.

    3. Maybe we could find out the names of the companies…

      1. NG Research


        FVX Research

          1. This is what just 10 minutes on the internet can find…

            1. 10 minutes more and I find someone else who did the research.

              16 companies and 115 aircraft listed

  16. New York City Police Officer Ymmacula Pierre faces criminal charges after buying a $3,200 ring with a stolen credit card.

    Now had she simply beaten a suspect for using a stolen credit card, she might now be in this trouble right now.

    1. Ymmacula?

      That’s a new one.

      1. “I vant to suck your Jewish head covering.”

      2. I’m thinking a misspelling of of “immaculate”.

        1. Excuse me. That was insensitive. Non-normative spelling or derivative of…

          1. No excuses necessary.

            1. But we better see you at Friday’s self-criticism session.

  17. Define failure.

    IMHO, more freedom is not failure.

    Don’t call Kansas’ tax-slashing experiment a total failure quite yet

    First, don’t expect tax cuts to pay for themselves or even come close. They almost never do. That should be clear not only from the Kansas experiment, but the Bush tax cuts in the 2000s and the Reagan tax cuts in the 1980s. Tax cuts need to be accompanied by budget cuts or some other tax increases or risk bigger deficits.

    1. The Reagan tax cuts increased tax revenue, and Bush’s probably did too.

      1. Kennedy’s too.

      2. Setting aide discussions on tax “revenue” (I prefer the term “loot”), it is pure pleasure to watch Krugman wail.

      3. I think with both Reagan and Bush, the receipts fell for a couple years, and then rose above what they were before the tax cut, in both dollar amount and percent of GDP.

      4. Anyone know how accurate Rothbard’s assessment of Reagan’s tax policy is?

        At first, the only “cut” was in Carter’s last-minute loony-tunes estimates for the future. But in a few short years, Reagan’s spending surpassed even Carter’s irresponsible estimates. Instead, Reagan not only increased government spending by an enormous amount ? so enormous that it would take a 40 percent cut to bring us back to Carter’s wild spending totals of 1980 ? he even substantially increased the percentage of government spending to GNP. That’s a “revolution”?

        The much-heralded 1981 tax cut was more than offset by two tax increases that year. One was “bracket creep,” by which just inflation wafted people into higher tax brackets, so that with the same real income (in terms of purchasing power) people found themselves paying a higher proportion of their income in taxes, even though the official tax rate went down. The other was the usual whopping increase in Social Security taxes which, however, don’t count, in the perverse semantics of our time, as “taxes”; they are only “insurance premiums.” In the ensuing years the Reagan Administration has constantly raised taxes ? to punish us for the fake tax cut of 1981 ? beginning in 1982 with the largest single tax increase in American history, costing taxpayers $100 billion.

        1. Rothbard is bullshitting as usual. Reagan’s tax cuts of the highest margins were massive and revolutionary.

    2. I’m more optimistic about Kansas’ long-term economic and fiscal outlook than California’s, that’s for damn sure.

      Also, why is it that left-wingers only understand opportunity cost when it comes to not taking people’s money? Amazing how “paying” for tax cuts is the only time this concept occurs to them.

    3. Was the point to raise revenue?

      1. yeah, funny I would have thought the point of lowering taxes was because the government didn’t need to take that much of the people’s money, not that it is intended to exploit the Laffer Curve to bring more in.

      2. It seems like when it comes to taxes, the only motivation that should ever matter is, “will this bring in more revenue?”

        Sick thinking.




    1. Boston setting? That’s wicked retarded

      1. Why is wicked such a common word there? Back when I had an online dating profile, I got a message from a guy out that way, and he used the word “wicked” about three times–in two short sentences.

        1. Wicked is a wicked good word; wicked ex even.

        2. I blame Newbury Comics.

        3. Old habits ah wicked hahd to break.

      2. It’s got landmarks, and they’ve referenced a successor entity to MIT that builds androids and stuff. I think this was mostly expected.

        Episiarch suggested Disney World as the best location, and he was totally right. EA should spend the next six years negotiating with Disney to get the rights.

        1. EA should commit sepukko.

          1. EA is evil, but they own Bethesda.

            1. Their only redeeming feature..

              1. No, there is another. BioWare. Though EA seems to have damaged them a bit with their evil.

                1. Sorry, but Bioware was going to shit *before* EA acquired them – they’re just getting worse faster now.

              2. Allowing GOG to sell DRM-free Wing Commander, Syndicate and Ultima series is very redeeming, too!

                1. Fuck, why can’t I have Wing Commander back? I loved those games.

                  1. They’d ruin it today, so just get old ones and play them on modern machine with no problem 🙂

                    There’s Star Citizen but who knows what that will end up as. And even in best case, it will be more like Elite/Privateer free-sandbox thing (NTTIAWWT), rather than branching-tree military sim.

                    1. I hope that’s good. Privateer was fun, too.

            2. Motherfucker. When did that happen?

              EA is the fucking borg. Ruined Bioware, ruined Westwood, ruined the Simcity studio…

              I thought Zenimax owned them

              1. 2007, I think. It’s a sad thing.

              2. Simcity studio


              3. Turns out I was confusing Bioware and Bethesda. Only the former is owned by EA.

            3. *Zenimax* owns Bethesda Game Studios (developer) and Bethesda Softworks (publisher), not EA.


              You might be thinking of *Bioware* – EA owns them.

              1. That must be it. Good, at least the evil is limited.

                1. Not as long as EA roams free, PL.. none are safe.. I can’t decide if EA is more like a free drifting bit of gill net, with the carcasses of prior acquisitions strewn about its mass.. or a metastasizing cancer cell swimming within their blood.

                  1. At least it’s a mostly unregulated industry, as much as anything is, so competition will fuck them up if they keep making increasingly bad products.

                    1. It hasn’t for the last 15 years.

                      All the need is to keep tossing out a new FIFA every year (FIFA 2016! Same as 2015 but we changed the roster slightly) and snag the occasional game company that has a good rep with PC gamers, toss out a couple of consolified titles that we’ll buy purely on good-faith from past years until a ME3 is pulled and the punters walk away en masse.

                      Then its time to find a new piece of bait for the honeypot.

                    2. Nah, it won’t last forever. And there are other mammoth companies that could get into the business, too, as far as that goes. But game production doesn’t have to be as ridiculously expensive as it is, which is one reason BIG IS BETTER is working to some extent right now.

                    3. EA also ruined Battlefield. They are the Soviet Union of gaming.

                      Back in 2008 their stock price got hit and they never fully recovered (I think). I honestly think the gaming industry need a ‘cleansing by crash’ and I think it will happen. There’s more mods to get excited about than games.

                      BTW Witcher 3 sounds amazing. It appears to be the game DA: Inquisition was hyped up to be.

      3. I’ve expected Fallout 4 to be based in Boston since Fallout 3. Think about the aircraft carrier, Rivet City. A plot in that location involves the guy from the “Institute” (read MIT) tracking down a android. The whole thing read to me as one giant easter egg about the next game.

        1. I figured they’d eventually get there, but it could’ve been as a DLC–isn’t Pittsburgh handled that way?

          Some day, they should do Florida. The mutant alligators, pythons, and mosquitoes alone would be epic. Not to mention the Skunk Apes.

          1. A full game set in New England could be fun, especially if the player can travel up to NH, which I imagine would be a radioactive wasteland under continual nuclear winter, so the snow is infested with fallout and you have to fight giant Yaoguai. Florida would be fun too, especially with a DLC that lets you go to the Falloutverse’s Cuba, which is basically our Cuba.

            1. I figure they want landmarks. Florida has those, not so much New Hampshire (in alt-New Hampshire, is the Old Man in the Mountain still intact?). I like adding Cuba, which would operate and look exactly the same after the war.

              1. I would assume Florida would be pretty much all Brotherhood of Steel territory considering it’s proximity to Texas. A story revolving around the BoS taking to the Gulf to tame the neo-Pirates of the Main or something would be very cool. Driving a boat around and shooting sea creatures and stuff.

          2. Screw all that.

            The need to get back out west.

            These freaking games *tease* by putting the border of the last one juuuuuuust a little ways from my home.

          3. The Gulf Commonwealth does not appear in any released Fallout games. It was going to appear in the canceled Fallout Tactics 2.

            Florida was also the setting of Fountain of Dreams, a follow-up to Wasteland.


        2. And I fail the refresh test. Fun thing about that quest – you can turn it in to the scientist, but also tell the replicant/droid. You end up getting a cybernetic chip (SPECIAL enhancement) and a sweet unique plasma rifle.

          I’m not a geek, I swear.

          1. I don’t remember what I did, but I probably didn’t Zimmer because I play all my characters as goody-two shoes.

            1. I do, too, though I will play through evil sometimes, to see what happens. One of the worst moments, where I was actually mildly appalled (I mean, it is just a game), was when I played evil in KOTOR II and used Jedi mind powers to get two guys to jump off a floating city. Well, Sith mind powers, I guess.

              1. The secret the Jedi don’t want you to know is that *there’s no difference*.

              2. I would prefer games that tie NPC to alignment, but not make it rewarding to pick a side. If I’m playing as the lone savior of the universe, I’m going to have to wield the carrot and the stick depending on the audience. Then you find out that only a paragon can do the coolest shit in the game. You end up being the most dangerous altruist in outer space (or the wastes, or medieval land mass).

                1. NPC *reactions*

                2. I would prefer games that didn’t make you the savior of the universe and the center around which all the action rotates.

                  Its one of the reasons I’ve liked the Witcher2/3 – its your story and you have influence, but you’re not a real mover/shaker in that world.

                  1. I like being hero of the universe, but I agree, that can get old if it’s in every single game.

                  2. I really do like that about the Witcher series (and I’ve been having a lot of fun with W3). I also appreciate that Geralt’s morals are cloudy – he has to make tough choices – and I find myself making what are basically selfish choices. Do I save the child of some noble, or my hot red-headed lover? I’m saving Triss, to hell with Temeria’s politics.

        3. They should promote it by putting lighted signs all over Boston.

      4. Remember in FO3 when you quest to find the replicant? The scientist is from the Commonwealth – the FO universe replacement for MA. The Commonwealth is known for being tech heavy, so there’s speculation that energy weapons may get special treatment this time around.

      5. Don’t you mean wickid retahded?

      6. Boston setting? That’s wicked retarded retAHded.

        1. refresh fail

      7. You could have gotten bonus points for “retaaaded”

        1. double refresh fail

    2. Fuck yeah!.. that made my day.

      1. I really hope there’s driving. At least we get a color pallette and weather.

  19. Meet the ISIS fighter trained by the State Dept:


    Then, in the most chilling part of the 10-minute video, he looks directly into the camera and says, “God willing, we will find your towns, we will come to your homes, and we will kill you.”

    He then demonstrates his dexterity with a sniper rifle by blowing apart a tomato from a distance of perhaps 25 yards. The scene is played in slow motion.

    1. 25 yards? With a sniper rifle? Do that with a revolver and I’ll be scared.

      1. But slow motion!

      2. Or thrown bayonet..

        1. That’d be totally BAD-ASS!

        2. Or thrown hatchet from backflip!

          1. Wow. He’s another Lee Harvey Oswald.

      3. 25 yards with ANY rifle isn’t that hard.

        1. Seriously. We used to hit tin cans at 20+ yards with spring-action BB guns (daisy red-rider type). Shooting from the hip no less. You had to aim maybe 6-8 feet above the target at that range and we could still hit it, even shooting from the hip.

          Next he’ll impress us with his basketball skills by making a layup….. on the first try!

    2. Huh?

      My kids regularly shoot squirrels in the head at 25 yards. It isn’t that tough.

      Is this another of those deals where reporters are so ignorant about weapons that they think this is really a challenge?

      1. “I think these are rubber bullets. Can someone confirm?”

        1. I was wondering why all the tomatoes in my garden were bruised.

      2. Clearly your kids are highly trained terrorists then.

  20. From the creator of Spot the Not comes the exciting new game of Guess Who? The game that challenges you to guess who said it. The following quotes are from video game villains and Islamic terrorists. Can you Guess Who?

    1. The flames of war are only beginning to intensify!

    2. The fighting has just begun!

    3. Soon, we will be in direct confrontation. So watch for us, for we are with you, watching.

    4. The Prophet will protect us!

    5. Do not think that this ends here. The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!

    6. All your base are belong to us!

    1. # 4 is False Peach.

    2. #6 is from a video game.

      1. Zero Wing?

      2. Somebody set us up the bomb!

    3. 5 is from one of the Wii Zelda games.

    4. The first 3 are from muzzies. The next 3 in order are from Command & Conquer 3, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Zero Wing.

  21. First FIFA guilty plea:


    1. Omerta isn’t their strong suit. Should be fun moving forward.

  22. So I got an email from work with this link:


    Evidently they are putting a bus together to go to Tallahassee and demand other people’s money. Mmm. That’s good cronyism.

    1. Who’s paying for that?

      And color me skeptical about the 1/5 Floridians don’t have health insurance. And color me outraged that lefties are alway implying that “no health insurance” = “no health care.”

      And another thing: we need a meet-up of Florida Reason libertarians!

      1. What? How could 20% not have insurance? The ACA is years old now. Everyone has 2 policies by now.

        1. I have had at least three at once. No lie. In Florida to boot.

          They have so thoroughly screwed up the system that it takes me about 5 months each year to get it straightened out. I’d go around the exchange, but they’ve made that completely unaffordable. I may have to give up on the life of the independent contractor just to get proper health care.

  23. Give us money or we’ll kill your dogs. Seriously, that’s what Colorado Springs officials told Caitlin McAdams.

    Who are the real animals here?

    1. Honey badgers…

  24. …the Internal Revenue Service says it’ll try to button things up a bit more tightly.

    I can’t tell if it makes my tax records more secure or less secure than Lois Lerner’s emails.

    1. The obvious solution is to put our personal records wherever Lerner’s emails were. Now THAT would be secure.

      1. How will they audit you then? Silly Libertarian.

  25. Democratic National Committee finance chairman Henry R. Mu?oz III has been raising money for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Which violates party rules requiring him to be neutral. Whoops.

    FAKE SCANDAL!!!!!1!1111!11111!!11111!!!!!ONE

  26. I will be taking a road trip through New England sometime this month. Ports of call may include Boston and NYC. My destination is Acadia National Park in Maine.

    If you wish to enjoy the privilege of my company, click my handle and send an electronic letter to
    mylastname.myfirstname@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch.

    1. No way! You walk around with an unlicensed derp accelerator on your back!

    2. I’m in boston for the 19th-22nd, it so happens. Wedding. Any chance there’ll be overlap?

      1. Maybe. I’ll let you know.

  27. Give us money or we’ll kill your dogs. Seriously, that’s what Colorado Springs officials told Caitlin McAdams.

    He who kills my dog get fresh fish wrapped in newspaper delivered to their survivors.

    1. Psh. Leaving survivors.

      Go big or go home.

  28. Recently in cheesy jokes from the US govt:

    The complexity of the investigation Lynch described was evident by the federal officials accompanying her, including an assistant U.S. attorney, FBI Director James Comey and Richard Weber, head of the IRS criminal investigation division.

    “This really is the World Cup of fraud, and today we are issuing FIFA a red card,” Weber said.


    1. Did he take off or put on sunglasses after he said that?

      1. Deal with it.

    2. Har, har. Those gubmint lawyers are a regular laff-riot.

    3. Corrupt idiot who doesn’t get soccer tries to make soccer joke about other corrupt idiots.

    4. Did they really say that? Red card. Damn that’s epic in its lameness.

      Because this bunch in the U.S. admin. are pristine angels with clean hands. GTFOH.

  29. It is possible that the AKP (Erdogan’s party) may lose its majority in Turkish elections. Check out the photo. This is how ridiculous Erdogan really is. OTTOMAN EMPIRE UBER ALLES


    The Kurdish HDP bloc might be the ones to keep him out of a majority. Their leader is a self-described ‘libertarian leftist’.


    1. “This is how ridiculous Erdogan really is. OTTOMAN EMPIRE UBER ALLES”

      Well, to be fair.. the Byzantines are not polling so well… and they lack any front runner with enough charisma to draw in the support they need, nor siphon off significant vote count. Sure.. they’re somewhat popular in Cappadocia, but that just isn’t enough to carry all of Turkey..

      1. But how are they polling in Constantinople?

      2. The Armenians should cast the deciding vote…

      3. I’m betting Seljuks are gonna make a surprise comeback!

  30. Lincoln Chafee wants the Democratic presidential nomination. Can you feel the excitement?

    Like the last time I was in the library.

    1. I can’t blame him for running. With HRC sucking all the air (and candidates) out of the room, it would be nice to be in a debate with her in front of the country. Hey, I wonder if I should register as a Democrat and do that?

  31. A nice breakdown of the coming Chicago shakedown:

    Chicago Pensions Move Center Stage

    Chicago most likely will have to pay off $30 billion in unfunded liabilities. These funds can come from cutting all other government spending to the bone or by raising taxes.


    1. Chicago will never cut other government spending (how would they pay all those police settlements?), which means they’ll raise taxes, which means more people will leave Chicago, which hastens Chicago turning into Detroit II.

      1. ” which means more people will leave Chicago, which hastens Chicago turning into Detroit II”

        If only they could erect some kind of barrier, like a wall.. to stop the coming exodus.. And establish “check points”..

      2. You’d think the smart thing to do would be to de-incorporate everything south of 39th street. All the government employees south of there would be jettisoned, along with all the areas that are revenue negative. Since most of that area was its own town called Hyde Park at one point, they can simply re-incorporate as its own town once again. Chicago would still have the shitty West Side so it’s not like the idea is totally racist.

  32. Lincoln Chafee wants the Democratic presidential nomination. Can you feel the excitement?

    It’s like Bill Maher and Jeff Daniels had a baby.



    So how likely is it that the Pentagon sent anthrax to congressmembers and nespapers in Florida as well?

    1. Are Floridians susceptible to anthrax? I’d just assume they’re like Australians where living someplace that’s dead set on killing you makes you immune to everything.

      TRUE FACT.

      1. Only parts of Florida are actively trying to kill you.

        The other parts are where the retirement communities are. Those parts are where you are doomed to an undead existence until cruel gods finally deign to release you from your suffering. And bingo.

        1. What are you talking about? The communities of the undead are arguably some of the most dangerous parts of “developed Florida”. Powered by their Buick, and Cadillac juggernauts, they’ll run you down in the streets like dogs, and behind Walgreens/CVS/Rite-Aid/Grocery store/USPS offices(1st and 15th)/convenient store outer walls are only marginally safer.. Motorcycles are just out of the question completely..

          1. Yeah, I was definitely including zombie New York retirees in “things that will kill you in FL”

  34. The Large Hadron Collider is officially doing science again

    Round two of Humanity vs. Particle Physics has finally kicked off, with scientists at CERN announcing this morning that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is once again delivering data for the first time in 27 months.

  35. Great alt text!

  36. I believe 2Chilli does PM links better than any other.

    So says I.

    “Sen. Rand Paul’s civil libertarian and non-interventionist stances are pulling in supporters of his father who were previously skeptical of the senator’s presidential campaign.”

    FINALLY! Now we’ll get the REAL 9/11 Truth commission we’ve all been demanding.

    “Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed a law extending school choice to all students in the state through education savings accounts. Teachers union meltdown in 3… 2… 1… (He also signed a law ending Clark County’s handgun registration and expanding self-defense rights.)”

    Someone the other day told me Nevada was going to be a Blue State forever…because hispanics, or something.

    1. Hispanics are brown so that doesn’t make *any* sense.

    2. Hispanics hate school choice and self-defense rights (who doesn’t?). So, it’ll be a blue state soon.

      1. “Lady Bertrum|6.3.15 @ 5:23PM|#

        Hispanics hate school choice and self-defense rights (who doesn’t?).”


        The first three things i found were that ‘school choice’ is one of the #1 issues with hispanic voters

        ” Polls show that education is a top issue for Hispanic voters, and conservative positions on this issue ? including vouchers and charter schools ? receive strong support from these voters as well.”


        and they tend to be lukewarm at best on Gun Control issues

        “The results indicate that only 15% of Hispanic voters believe that additional gun control is a good idea. This conflicts with the prevailing views of the Democratic party, where 71% of their ranks believe that stricter gun laws are required.”


        1. Sarcasm, dude.

          1. But you went ahead and provided accurate statistics to back up the point. So kudos.

      2. There are conservaderps here who will parrot that exact line.

    3. I agree, actually clicked on two of the links. Robbo you need to emulate him.

    4. I’m glad he gets them in at 4:30 so I can get a game of shuffleboard in before lights out at 6.

  37. “It’s usually not a good sign when politicians start referring to moldering bodies as accomplishments in themselves.”

    It’s talk like that, J.D., that’s keeping you out of the Republican hierarchy.

    1. Wait – I thought everyone at Reason was a secret Rethuglikkkan!

  38. That’s a mask made out of human skin isn’t it?

    1. That’s a mask made out of human skin isn’t it?

      How else would you make a mask?

      *dons mask*


      1. So discarded foreskin counts?

        1. Welcome the Schmuley and Sons Mohelry and Masque Emporium

          1. Wow. You’re selling out to Big Foreskin?

            1. I go where the money is, Warrren.

        2. But it’s one size fits all. You just have to rub it to increase the size!


        3. It’s not really skin. It’s dried afterbirth.

  39. In February NBC said this:

    U.S. agencies have differed on the overall size of the ISIS fighting force, with the intelligence community sticking with a range of 20,000 to 31,500 while the Pentagon thinks the number could be as low as 17,000. The intelligence community’s estimate is built on reports from other intelligence agencies in the Arab world and the West

    So… does that mean half are dead? 1/3? Or are they zombies?


      That does it. NOW WE’RE FUCKED!!!

    2. If you operate on the assumption that they’re constantly lying, the discrepancies start to matter less.

      the current ‘intel’ on ISIS is on par with 1965 expert-opinion on the Viet Cong.

      This has to do with the fact that what we call ISIS changes depending on whether people are alive or dead.

      if they’re alive, they’re probably not ISIS. But if we drop a bomb, and find some dead people? They’re ALL ISIS.

    3. Well, *officially* we’ve killed several ‘high ranking’ members of terrorist organizations 2, 3, even more times before they finally stopped moving so . . .

  40. More than 10,000 ISIS fighters have been killed since the international coalition started its campaign against the militant group nine months ago in Iraq and Syria, Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Wednesday.

    So Obama has involved us in another shooting war that has a bodycount at 10,000 and there are no protesters in my town? What gives?

    1. Killing in the name of doing nothing is okay, I think. I’m a little unclear on what, if anything, constitutes left-wing morality.

      1. They are herd animals, soo .. general consensus and acceptance is about as close as you’re going to get to true north on a left-wing moral compass..


      Obama has brought Peace in Our Time

      1. You can’t go wrong with horned-rim glasses..

      2. Nice suit. A little twee perhaps.

    1. I’ve been in academe for about a decade now, and the only professors I’ve known who have slept with or dated students were female.

      *Looking up college courses now*

      1. I am triggered by the suggestion that the Hot Pervy (Male) Professor may be a myth.

      2. “Wow, Biff, your report card is filled with Cs and Ds, except for those As you got in gym and…French literature?”

    2. Heh:

      Personally, liberal students scare the shit out of me. I know how to get conservative students to question their beliefs and confront awful truths, and I know that, should one of these conservative students make a facebook page calling me a communist or else seek to formally protest my liberal lies, the university would have my back. I would not get fired for pissing off a Republican, so long as I did so respectfully, and so long as it happened in the course of legitimate classroom instruction.

      The same cannot be said of liberal students. All it takes is one slip?not even an outright challenging of their beliefs, but even momentarily exposing them to any uncomfortable thought or imagery?and that’s it, your classroom is triggering, you are insensitive, kids are bringing mattresses to your office hours and there’s a twitter petition out demanding you chop off your hand in repentance.

  41. I’m sure Reason will be posting this, since it’s virtually next door to its HQ:

    “The city of Inglewood [CA} is suing a longtime critic of the mayor and city officials, alleging he violated copyright law by using footage of council meetings in videos blasting them for abusing their power.”


    1. Geographically next door. Culturally a million miles apart.

    2. “violated copyright law by using footage of council meetings..”

      Sooo.. who would hold the “copyright” on taxpayer funded video of public council meetings? Do they really want to have that fight?

  42. From a gem of an article posted in another thread:

    But the training program skimped on actual teaching and classroom-management techniques, instead overwhelming us with sensitivity training. My group spent hours on an activity where everyone stood in a line and then took steps forward or backward based on whether we were the oppressor or the oppressed in the categories of race, income, and religion. The program had a college bull session, rather than professional, atmosphere. And it had a college-style party line: I heard of two or three trainees being threatened with expulsion for expressing in their discussion groups politically incorrect views about inner-city poverty?for example, that families and culture, not economics, may be the root cause of the achievement gap.


    Clearly, they could solve all these problems if they just paid the teachers more.

    1. And it had a college-style party line: I heard of two or three trainees being threatened with expulsion for expressing in their discussion groups politically incorrect views about inner-city poverty

      Blasphemy shall be dealt with in an expeditious and swift manner.

    2. Lottery winner and pro athlete bankruptcy rates prove that last point.

    3. TL;DR but I glean some reasons I am SO glad I listened to my older brother who from experience advised me to never, ever become a teacher.

  43. “Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed a law extending school choice to all students in the state through education savings accounts. Teachers union meltdown in 3… 2… 1… (He also signed a law ending Clark County’s handgun registration and expanding self-defense rights.)”

    I think there are probably a lot of people in Vegas who want to both have a medical marijuana card and buy a handgun, and I bet a lot of people don’t want to be on both lists.


    I doubt it’ll have any bearing on whether Nevada legalizes recreational marijuana come 2016, but someday, the feds are either going to start prosecuting people in states where marijuana is legal for using marijuana while owning a gun, or the courts are going to have to admit that we don’t forgo our Second Amendment rights just because we use marijuana any more than we forgo our First Amendment rights just because we drink beer.

    1. P.S. If I had to rank the lobbies in Nevada in terms of how powerful they are, the casinos would be first, and the mining companies would come second. The unionized casino worker are about the weakest union imaginable–their members get fired by the casinos at the drop of a hat–and the public employee unions are probably behind the casino workers in terms of their power, especially the teachers’ union.

      The place is full of elderly people from elsewhere (and Canada) who don’t give a damn about the local school system–which is among the worst in the country.

      There was an initiative on the 2014 ballot sponsored by the teachers’ union calling to raise the constitutionally limited tax on mining. Even while Nevada was still suffering from the recession (certainly the hardest hit MSA in the country) and while Nevada’s schools were imploding for lack of funds, Nevada voters voted against raising taxes on mining companies that would have provided more funding for public schools.

      1. Don’t know how it works in Vegas or Reno, but in rural Nevada the schools get a LOT of funds from the mines already, a lot of it donated and not through taxes.

        I was rather miffed when my school turned down a rather nice charter bus one of the mines tried to donate. I know maintenance would have been a bitch, but traveling 4-6 hours in a school bus for football games wasn’t fun, and a charter bus would have been a substantial upgrade…

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