TSA Fails Most Security Tests, Caitlyn Jenner Breaks Twitter Record, Elizabeth Warren Fans Give Up: A.M. Links


  • @Caitlyn_Jenner/Twitter

    Airport security agents at America's busiest airports failed 67 of 70 tests in which undercover officials were traveling with fake explosives and weapons. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced yesterday that the Transportation Security Administration's acting administrator, Melvin Carraway, had been reassigned

  • After joining Twitter yesterday, Caitlyn Jenner broke the record for the fastest attainment of 1 million followers, hitting that mark in about four hours (it took President Obama almost five hours last week).
  • A bill permitting transgender people to change the sex listed on their birth certificates is on its way to the Connecticut governor; at least seven other states have passed similar laws. 
  • Bernie Sanders says he is not and has never been a pothead
  • Elizabeth Warren fans give up on her running for president this go-round.
  • For millennials, Ronald Reagan has about as much cultural meaning as Millard Fillmore. 
  • The truth about false rape allegations. 
  • A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds Hillary Clinton's appeal is waning, with her favorability ratings at the lowest level in a Post-ABC poll since April 2008. Only 41 percent of Americans say she's honest and trustworthy, down 22 points from last year.

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