TSA Fails Most Security Tests, Caitlyn Jenner Breaks Twitter Record, Elizabeth Warren Fans Give Up: A.M. Links


  • @Caitlyn_Jenner/Twitter

    Airport security agents at America's busiest airports failed 67 of 70 tests in which undercover officials were traveling with fake explosives and weapons. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced yesterday that the Transportation Security Administration's acting administrator, Melvin Carraway, had been reassigned

  • After joining Twitter yesterday, Caitlyn Jenner broke the record for the fastest attainment of 1 million followers, hitting that mark in about four hours (it took President Obama almost five hours last week).
  • A bill permitting transgender people to change the sex listed on their birth certificates is on its way to the Connecticut governor; at least seven other states have passed similar laws. 
  • Bernie Sanders says he is not and has never been a pothead
  • Elizabeth Warren fans give up on her running for president this go-round.
  • For millennials, Ronald Reagan has about as much cultural meaning as Millard Fillmore. 
  • The truth about false rape allegations. 
  • A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds Hillary Clinton's appeal is waning, with her favorability ratings at the lowest level in a Post-ABC poll since April 2008. Only 41 percent of Americans say she's honest and trustworthy, down 22 points from last year.

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  1. Elizabeth Warren fans give up on her running for president this go-round.

    That teepee has sailed.

    1. Tribe mourn for many moons. And how.

    2. Hello.

      “Bernie Sanders says he is not and has never been a pothead.”

      “Elizabeth Warren fans give up on her running for president this go-round.”

      This is too much for me.

      1. You must endeavor to persevere, Rufus.

        1. We thought about it for a long time, “Endeavor to persevere.” And when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the Union.

        2. Sweet. A Josie Wales reference is never a bad thing.

    3. Get involved in a personal crisis, and the world passes you by. Last I’d heard this twit was still considering running, which I thought was about as smart as playing on the freeway and likely to hurt more. Guess somebody took here aside and suggested that swallowing lye might be a better option.

    4. Terrible analogy, Fist.

      That canoe has left.

      1. Exactly. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential hopes have drowned in her teepee.

        1. Did it leave a trail of tears?

          1. She couldn’t raise enough wampum to continue

          2. Trail of salty tears.

        2. No, I think she believes Hillary will do enough damage to the Democrat brand (compounded with Obama’s failings) to ensure a Republican wins in ’16.

          She’s in the safest of safe seats for a leftist Democrat and she isn’t ancient, so she can afford to wait until 2020.

          1. Meanwhile she’ll do absolutely nothing in the Senate.

            1. Why would she want to leave a trail of votes and proposed bills for people to tie around her neck? She has her best chance at advancement using the Obama Method.

              1. Present!

          2. She’ll be over 70 in 2020. She’s ancient, by political standards.

    5. Maybe she is hiding some other lies and doesn’t want the scrutiny of a prez run.

      1. She was a serial house-flipper a while back.

    6. If you actually read that piece, they think that, regardless of whether Warren runs or not, her *unique message* of ‘Economic Populism’ has been taken up by every candidate, which is something never before seen in politics.

      “In the six months since we launched the Run Warren Run effort, Senator Warren’s agenda and message have transformed the American political landscape. Echoing Warren’s famous adage that “the game is rigged,” Hillary Clinton declared in her campaign announcement that “the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.” Bernie Sanders emerged out of the gate as a far stronger contender than political bookmakers could have imagined just a few months ago. And Martin O’Malley launched his campaign on Saturday calling for the breaking up of big banks and jailing of Wall Street crooks. Even some Republicans are positioning themselves to run against inequality (although their proposals would exacerbate it).”

      Because NO POLITICIAN has ever before railed about “wall st fat cats taking ur jobs and money”

      Its a completely new political idea!! “They’re Rich and You’re Not!! LETS GET EM!!”

  2. After joining Twitter yesterday, Caitlyn Jenner broke the record for the fastest attainment of 1 million followers…

    So people aren’t sick of keeping up with these people?

    1. “Caitlyn Jenner broke the record for the fastest attainment”

      That’s not the only speed record he’s broken.

      1. Err, *she’s* broken

        1. ^this is the joke!


          1. +1 Accidental punchline

          2. Laugh all of you. I know for a fact some of you weirdos would do Caitlyn.

            1. Maybe if I was back in the slammer, but then it’s not gay, Rufus

            2. ITS NOT GAY IF ITS POST-OP!

            3. Especially f she wrote an approving article about praxeology.

            4. Not me, but as you can see below, I am wondering now how banging a vagina that wasn’t there previously is. Is it just a matter of using plenty of lube?

              1. It really isn’t all that different.

                1. Go on….

                  1. Yeah but how…

                    *Makes several awkward hand gestures, not really sure what he is trying to ask*

                    What Rich, said, Go on…

                  2. Indeed go on, Susan. You’ve aroused our curiosity.

                    1. She’s not coming back, is she?

                    2. Sorry. Busy day! But there’s very little to say, really. The most notable difference is appearance. The actual feel is a little less flexible and lube is usually required but in the throes of passion it doesn’t really take away from anything.

                      If it were radically different, Jerry Springer could never have made a name for himself with “My wife used to be a guy and never told me!!!” shows.

                    3. Seems like you’re better off Solo. Too much work.

                    4. That is not the only thing she aroused.

    2. Where is the sympathy for Kris Jenner? One day she wakes up and finds her former husband is better looking than she is. That’s gotta hurt.

      1. That hurts

    3. Has anyone here ever banged an inverted penis?

      1. Are you…are you offering?

        1. Asking for a friend…

      2. No, but I have stubbed a toe or two.

      3. I think that is referred to as “docking.”

  3. 59) I think what most greens fail to understand is that for centuries economic progress has been mostly good for the environment. In pre-history, humans hunted large mammals to extinction across whole continents, before herding reduced the need for hunting wild game. In the medieval period, Europeans deforested much of Europe burning trees for fuel. The switchover to coal largely eliminated the tree chopping. Humans in the 19th century nearly eliminated many whale species to get the whale oil, but the switchover to petroleum oil pretty much ended the whale hunts. Horses required immense amounts of hay, which required millions of acres of land to produce, and their urine and manure was a huge polluter of waterways. The invention of the automobile was understood at the time as a reducer of pollution. I would argue that the endless capitalist quest for greater efficiency and more advanced technology has been a greater boost for the environment than practically any environmental regulation or initiative.

    1. Nicely preached, er, …. thunk.

    2. Dixie Lee Ray made this case in Trashing the planet.Good book every one here should read.

    3. I’m not sure the large mammals were hunted to extinction by humans. I think that was more of a end of the ice age thing.

      I had a professor back in school who said that the reason the native americans used every part of the buffalo was because their success rate was so poor. With only stone arrows and on foot they had to get very lucky to bring down a buffalo. When they got horses and rifles, they were just as wasteful as the rest of us.

      On the whole, I agree with you. Progress has cleaned up the environment.

      1. I’m not sure the large mammals were hunted to extinction by humans.

        In North America, I think there was a pretty good cohort of large animals that coincidentally disappeared right around the time people showed up.

        Maybe people showed up because of the climate change at the end of the Ice Age, and the animals died of the same climate change, but I seem to recall reading that there’s a lot of those now-extinct animal fossils that showed signs of being killed with weapons.

        1. North American horses, for example. They were eaten, not ridden.

      2. There are some theories that some tribes used the burn the grass, herd goes off cliff method. Poisoning was another method. And the stone tools were meant to bleed the animal so that they could be worn out after chasing them(hence the reason why we are not made to sprint, we were made for long distance.)

    4. I agree. Unfortunately, the enviro movement (as opposed to conservationists) has been taken over by a group of nuts who actually think of humans as some kind of virulent disease. Anything that allows population growth = bad.

      1. The enviro movement is people, and a virulent disease, so… they’re at least partially correct.

    5. Most environmentalist are watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside.

      They don’t care so much about the environment as they do about big corporations and profits. You can see this when “environmental solutions” are presented that do not include toppling Big Oil, Big Coal, and capitalism in general. They are always rejected without any consideration because saving the environment, while being their stated intention, is not their real goal. It’s like that with most issues promoted by the left. When you suggest a different solution to their stated goal, and they reject it out of hand, then you know that their goal is the solution, not the stated goal. They’re after the means, not the end.

      1. I fear, Sarcasmic, you’re not keeping a large enough open mind about such matters.

        1. He needs to concentrate on the error of his ways. Concentrate hard. In a camp.

        2. If you open your mind far enough, your brain will fall out.

      2. Enviromentalism as we know it today is really just a vehicle hijacked by Marxists to keep their ideology alive on the only moral high ground that will have them.

        1. Hence the label watermelon being so appropriate…

    6. Hey, Justathought, I’ve been reading your morning posts for a while now. Keep up athe good work and all that, but are you familiar with the invention of the paragraph?

  4. For millennials, Ronald Reagan has about as much cultural meaning as Millard Fillmore.

    Yeah, but how do you pun Ronald Reagan’s name into sounding like a duck?

    1. But what do Millenials? think ab…..

      Wait. Never mind….

    2. Bee, couldn’t you pun Ronald Reagan into a Bugs Bunny cartoon as a Martian?

      Elmer Fudd could introduce him.

      1. You’re hired!

    3. For millennials, nothing before the last time they checked Facebook has any meaning.

  5. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds Hillary Clinton’s appeal is waning…

    These stories will change when she’s the nominee and journalists are faced with the possibility of a Repug in the White House.

    1. ‘Hillary Clinton’s appeal’

      Is her pant suited villainy!

      1. pant suited villainy

        Nice band name.

      2. Is what follows her conviction.

        1. *drum roll*

    2. No, her appeal is just becoming more selective.

  6. Lindsey Graham May Have Already Won

    And so Republican attitudes have flipped since 2013. According to Pew’s latest data, 57 percent of Republicans believe that U.S. anti-terrorism policies don’t go far enough in protecting the nation, and just 30 percent think we are going too far in restricting civil liberties. The percentage of Republicans who think we do too little to solve the world’s problems is up 28 percentage points, to 46 percent. The share who think we do too much is down to 37 percent.

    Paul may have forced the expiration of parts of the Patriot Act late Sunday night, including the National Security Agency’s ability to collect telephone metadata, but his views haven’t spread to other Republican candidates. All three of the leading contenders have come out against Paul in his fight, even though House and Senate Republicans are a little more split. And Paul has fallen to sixth place nationally, his favorable ratings have dropped more than any other candidate in Iowa and he’s placed first in only one New Hampshire poll over the last year. Party actors in both Iowa and New Hampshire believe Paul is hurting himself with his positions on these issues.

    1. Mimsy (Graham) v Cotton (McCain).

    2. If Graham were to get the nomination, I’m not sure how I would react.

      1. Curl up in the fetal position and cry? Because that’s what I would do.

      2. Go fishing, and get drunk on election day.. Far, far away from the voting booth?

        1. That’s a good plan. As one of this bunch of Reason commenters here, pontificating endlessly, I doubt our venn diagram overlaps much with those libertarians who just ignore all this crap. I admire those folks, and wish I cared less for politics – or at least found politics less entertaining.

          1. The trick is to treat politics and those who practice it with all the respect they deserve, which is none.

            1. I, too, am infected with a continuous curiosity about what the political class is up to. The only way to do this is to keep two things in mind:

              1) Politics sucks.
              2) Politicians are no damn good.

              It’s a cynical, pessimistic outlook, but it is continuously affirmed by the words and deeds of politicians. I am seldom disappointed. However, every year or so, I reflect on what I used to think about politics and ask myself, “How could I have been so naive as to have believed that?” The fact is that one cannot be too cynical or too pessimistic about politics.

      3. chuckle? that’s all it’s worth.

      4. You’d shake yourself awake. Bad dream.

    3. I read this and this is just proof once again that some things are so stupid you have to be a member of the intelligentsia not just to believe them, but to dream them up. That and the “Rand Paul has ended his presidential chances by torpedoing the Patriot Act” are two of the stupidest headlines I have seen in a while.
      God, “journalism” is well and truly dead…

      1. That’s not true, the journalists that wrote those stories did thorough research at several DC bars.

    4. “The percentage of Republicans who think we do too little to solve the world’s problems is up 28 percentage points, to 46 percent.”

      My head just exploded. The party that worships Reagan as a small government type [mistakenly] thinks that our current government and/or military – which is a multiple factor larger than when RR was in office – is not doing enough?

      1. Still less than half.

  7. Unless she wants the Vice position.

    1. Assume you mean Warren. Yes, that’s a possibility.

      1. Maybe she’s allergic to knives in the back.

    2. Well she is a whore

      1. I read Miami Trib for a second, while knowing this was a Warren comment. Reread it just in time to hold back the vomiting.

  8. For millennials, Ronald Reagan has about as much cultural meaning as Millard Fillmore.

    …or Bill Clinton?

  9. it took President Obama almost five hours last week

    And 10 hours to learn about it!

    1. He read about it in the paper, just like you and me….

  10. Motorist cited for driving with car full of bees

    The Montana Highway Patrol received a call on May 22 from another motorist who stated the inside of the car had bees all over the windows and flying throughout.

    The vehicle was driving all over the road. When troopers stopped the car, the driver told them that they were “Russian Honey Bees” and harmless. There were five hives and thousands of bees inside the car.

    The state Apiarist was contacted and troopers learned that although a very unsafe way to transport bees, the driver needed no permits to transport the bees through the state. The driver was issued with a citation for careless driving.

    1. Why? Was the driver doing something wrong? Don’t you have to actually break a rule of the road to get cited for careless driving?

      1. “The vehicle was driving all over the road.”

        Second paragraph

        1. It’s like coloring outside the lines..

    2. Just sit outside a bar at night, you’ll find plenty of people driving with a buzz.

    3. I want the audio of that call to the highway patrol.

        1. I like my women like I like my coffee: Covered in bees!

        2. My eyes! My eyes!

        3. I had forgotten about that bit, good one.

          1. The commie bees are coming! What vile plan has Poooootin come up with?

    4. Who needs a guard dog? Russian Bees are the latest in home security.

  11. For millennials, Ronald Reagan has about as much cultural meaning as Millard Fillmore.

    Mr. Tokugawa, tear down this sea-wall

    1. I got that reference!

    2. I got that reference!

  12. The truth about false rape allegations.

    They’re always true but never aggressively investigated?

  13. Airport security agents at America’s busiest airports failed 67 of 70 tests in which undercover officials were traveling with fake explosives and weapons

    So 3 false positives out of 70. Not bad!

    1. For government work. Hookers and blow for everybody!

  14. Woman tries to sue monkey for sexual assault ? after it tears her bikini off

    She said: “I felt totally helpless as these two monkeys grabbed and pawed me in my most intimate areas.

    “Then, with a yank, one pulled my bikini top straight off.”

    Melissa, from Macclesfield, said other tourists laughed at her.

    She said: “I was being sexually assaulted and these people all thought it was a great joke.”

    1. Never sue poor people.

    2. Dunston goes to town.

    3. Clearly we need to teach monkeys not to rape.

    4. monkey see monkey do?

    5. Curious George?

      1. One was a female monkey, so bi curious George.

      2. One was a female monkey, so bi curious George.

    6. Was it a male monkey?

    7. Macaque is excited.

      1. You got a bonoboner?

        1. Gorrilla my dreams.

    8. Judging by her level of intelligence, she is less criminally culpable than the monkeys.

  15. Meanwhile in my town:

    Animal control mistakes life-sized toy for tiger

    The Grand Rapids Press reports that Kent County Animal Control received a call Thursday about a tiger in the driveway of a vacant Grand Rapids home.

    Supervisor Joe Dainelis (dan-EHL’-iss) responded to the call, and when he spotted the animal, he grabbed his safety gear. Neighbors also thought the life-sized, furry toy was real.

    But when co-worker Rachel Jensen approached from another direction, she realized there was nothing ferocious about the toy feline.

    Dainelis says expects to be teased for a few days.

    1. But did the cops shoot it?

      1. It was a white tiger, so no.

    2. He should apply to the TSA.

  16. For millennials, Ronald Reagan has about as much cultural meaning as Millard Fillmore.

    Whom’s lawn should I remove myself from?

  17. Advocates of the bill say it could save transgender individuals the awkwardness and potential stigma of having to explain to an employer why the sex listed on their birth certificate does not mesh with the identity they now project.

    Isn’t such awkwardness/stigma legally and culturally a thing of the past?

    “The attending obstetrician did not understand the real me, and made a mistake.”

    1. Has anyone here submitted a birth certificate to their employer?

      1. We get ’em occasionally as part of the I-9 proof of citizenship.

        1. How do you square the EEO statistics gathering? I can see the Feds fucking some business over either way. Ignoring the legal paperwork or ignoring the employee’s self report. The numbers are off some way so here’s your fine.

    2. No,he just knows biology,who’s anti science now? Oh ,and Bruce Jenner is the antichrist.

      1. There is no Bruce… there is only Zuul.

  18. Hundreds missing, many elderly tourists, after ship capsizes on China’s Yangtze

    Rescuers fought bad weather on Tuesday as they searched for more than 400 people, many of them elderly Chinese tourists, missing after a cruise boat was buffeted by a freak tornado and capsized on the Yangtze River.

    The accident on Monday night is likely to end up as China’s worst shipping disaster in almost 70 years.

    Divers and other rescue workers pulled five people they found trapped in the upturned hull of the four-deck Eastern Star, a fraction of the 458 people state media reported were on board when the ship capsized.

    1. Were the Medic-Alert phones jammed?

      I’m sorry. Couldn’t resist. Too soon?

      1. You mean Medic- Arert?

      2. I’ve farren and I can’t get up.
        Yeah. I went there.

    2. Wouldn’t 457/458 be a fraction?

      1. They use the metric system.. hick!

  19. Bernie Sanders says he is not and has never been a pothead.

    Good. He was giving potheads a bad name.

    1. There goes the last possibility that Bernie was even remotely an interesting person.

      1. Intoxication is contrary to revolutionary values.

      2. If Bernie really never smoked pot, that means he was one of those ardent New Leftists of the 1960s, the kind of guy who take his bride for a honeymoon in the USSR. I really hope this guy gets the Democratic Party’s nomination.

  20. A gold rush in Texas?

    State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione asked the Legislature to create a Texas Bullion Depository, where Texas could store its gold, which is now in New York, and where others could keep their precious metals.

    The Southlake Republican must have the golden touch, because the House and the Senate have signed off on his plan and his bill appears headed to Gov. Greg Abbott for consideration.

    “We are not talking Fort Knox,” Capriglione said. “But when I first announced this, I got so many emails and phone calls from people literally all over the world who said they want to store their gold ? in a Texas depository.

    1. *starts preparing Operation Grand Slam*

      1. Is alotofvagina available?

    2. Would you want your gold stored anywhere near Goldman Sachs and the New York Fed?

    3. This seems pointless. Keep your gold in a safe deposit box or home safe. If you have too much gold to store, hire a security company.

      1. If you have too much gold

        Does not compute.

    4. I think beef is the gold wrapper, and chicken comes in a silver wrapper..

  21. Supreme Court leaves women vulnerable: The unanswered questions in its ruling on online threats

    The question of whose liberty should take precedent in such a case ? a man’s right to make “parody” threats about murdering his ex-wife or a woman’s freedom to not live in fear of such threats ? and the appropriate remedy, looms large. And if it was wrong to incarcerate Elonis for the posts, what, then, can be done to ensure that women receiving repeated, detailed threats of violence don’t have their own rights ? and physical safety ? trampled in the process of protecting the rights of others?

    The justices opted on a limited ruling about the interpretation of a statute, but the case still raises essential questions about weird legalese (who is a “reasonable person,” what constitutes a “true threat”), tensions in free speech absolutism and the issues women face in their daily lives ? like the burden of living under the threat of violence and the ways that women’s speech and freedom of movement is stifled by online abuse.

    1. I actually do think the Supreme Court made a ludicrous ruling in that case. He actually posted this and sent it to his wife on Facebook:

      “Another post, in response to an exchange his wife had about their children’s Halloween costumes, Elonis said the kids should dress up as “matricide.” ”I don’t know what his costume would entail though. Maybe your head on a stick?””

      How on Earth is someone’s ex-husband sending posts directly to his ex-wife about putting her head on a stick not a threat?

      1. Poor judgment on the part of the ex-husband, but seems to me like it’s squarely in the realm of hyperbole.

        1. He also wrote a poem with this line:

          “Fold up your [protection-from-abuse order] and put it
          in your pocket
          Is it thick enough to stop a bullet?”

          I mean…you can call it hyperbole all you want, and maybe it is, but the only way to know if it’s hyperbole is based on the word of the person saying it. I think a reasonable person would be very frightened by this stuff and would think they were being actively threatened.

          1. ^This^

            I appreciate the fear of our general pussification (and using the courts to punish people for hurting feelings) but I don’t think we need to be obtuse about it. It’s fact-specific but as I understand the case, the sheer number and nature of the threats and the fact that they were sent directly to the ex-wife on a number of occasions weighs against the defendant.

          2. Okay, that line sounds more like a specific threat to me.

      2. That matricide thing is not a good example. A fantasy about your kid killing your ex is not the same as you threatening her. Creepy, inappropriate, but not a threat.

        Other things he said are definitely threats.

    2. I wonder if there has ever been a divorced man in history who didn’t tell a buddy at some point that he felt like killing his ex-wife, or something similar? Prosecuting every such person would put a ridiculous number of guys in jail. I think the Supreme Court is wise not to open that can of worms.

      1. But as Irish points out, integral to the ruling is if the threats were “directed.” Telling your buddy is one thing (and probably of great cathartic value). Sending them directly to the person who is the subject of the threat is an entirely different matter.

        Have to admit I haven’t read the briefs or the ruling. My old Con Law professor was up in arms about this on DerpBook last night though.

        1. Saying “our kids should dress up as “matricide” and his costume should include “your head on a stick” is not the same as saying “I will kill you and put your head on a stick”. One is a specific directed threat, the other is just being a dick.

          1. Yep. Hadn’t seen this when I posted above.

            1. Although reading further I see he did say some things that are more of a specific threat.

      2. I wonder if there has ever been a divorced man in history who didn’t tell a buddy at some point that he felt like killing his ex-wife

        Well, me.

        1. That’s because you didn’t want witnesses. Smart man.

    3. “a woman’s freedom to not live in fear”

      Yep, knew that was from Salon before I moused over the link.

      1. Everyone has the right to never be made to feel uncomfortable about anything.

        1. But, that statement makes me uncomfortable.

      2. Women living in fear makes me horny. My wife looks so adorable as she gingerly comes out of the closet every night I come home from work.

        1. Wait, you give her a WHOLE closet? My God man, what do you think trundle beds are supposed to be adapted for?!

    4. I knew it was fucking Salon before I even hovered over the link. Where was the trigger warning?

  22. Pataki was on Morning Joke, spouting egregious lies about Rand Paul. Rand has single handedly gutted the entire` defense intelligence apparatus, and exposed us to attack from every direction. We’re all going to be blown up, gunned down, poisoned, stabbed, called mean names, and generally maltreated by ISIS operatives roaming freely throughout the land.

    1. Will the ISIS operatives fart in our general direction?

      It’s true. I saw at least 10 buildings explode this morning from car bombs. PAUUUUUUUULLLLL!

    2. Joe still is wanting to bring back stop and frisk,he’s ant ass.

      1. OMFG, the NY Post is on another one of their crusades about this. “How many people have to die!”, “Widow: if only we had stop’n’frisk!” etc etc. I wonder how many of the fucking bootlickers have EVER been harassed by pigs for no reason.

    3. “We’re all going to be blown up, gunned down, poisoned, stabbed, called mean names, and generally maltreated by ISIS operatives roaming freely throughout the land.”

      In that order?

      1. As long as we’re starting with being blown.

  23. Black America is getting screwed: Shocking new study highlights the depths of economic disparities

    The report, released today by the think tank Demos and the NAACP, focuses on African-American and Latino workers in the retail industry. While we’re supposed to believe that e-commerce and Amazon’s dominance has destroyed retail, the industry is actually the fastest growing in America, representing one out of every six new jobs in the economy last year. And while low wages and occupational hazards define retail work generally, that experience is even worse for people of color.

    According to the Demos/NAACP study, black retail workers are nearly twice as likely to be living below the poverty line as the overall workforce. African-Americans and Latinos have fewer supervisory roles in retail relative to white counterparts, and more low-paid cashier positions. Among retail workers of color, there are more involuntary part-time employees, who want more hours but cannot receive them. And Black and Latino workers make less than their similarly situated colleagues ? 75 percent of the average wage of a retail salesperson, and 90 percent of the average wage of a cashier, for example.

    1. Hmmm… I wonder if this has anything to do with Democratic public policies.

      NAH! Just kidding!! Its ALL due to racism!

    2. Among retail workers of color, there are more involuntary part-time employees, who want more hours but cannot receive them.

      There’s a lot of that going around. Some government thingy that makes full-time employees much more expensive than part-time employees.

      1. Clearly, we just need to raise the minimum wage so they make more money with their reduced hours. What could possibly go wrong?

        1. It’s like they want everyone to be unemployed and on welfare. How odd.

    3. “low wages and occupational hazards define retail work generally”

      I’ve worked in retail, and I’ve worked in agriculture and construction. Only an idiot would say that retail is defined by occupational hazards. The wages in retail do suck: that’s why I worked in construction.

      1. -1 referece to color, opinion doesn’t count

  24. Airport security agents at America’s busiest airports failed 67 of 70 tests in which undercover officials were traveling with fake explosives and weapons.

    But the TSA is a vital part of America’s defense, and we’ll all die horribly if we don’t increase their budget immediately.

    1. The TSA’s blog, which generally consists of people calling out the idiocy of security theater and/or the “How dare you question them? 9/11!” crowd, hasn’t posted a single comment since that news came out. Strange, that.

      Before this news, people would call out the most recently known red team numbers from a few years back, which showed a 70% failure rate. The TSA employees would say those numbers are no longer relevant, and TSA is doing a much better job than that.

    2. Sure, at the busy airports. Naturally. What about the far more dangerous less busy airports?

  25. The truth about false rape allegations.

    The truth? No qualifiers, like “the purported truth” or “assumed truth” or “alleged truth” or “possible truth”? It is Vox, after all, so assuming it is the definitive truth seems a little too credulous.

    1. I only made it three paragraphs into that story. I’ve yet to encounter anyone claiming that 90% of rape allegations are false.

      At least outside of Saudi Arabia anyway…

      1. Yeah, I didn’t find anyone actually claiming 90% was accurate or close to it. Every mention that I found of 90% is referring to that one particular “study” and using it as a ridiculous example. No one actually talks about it seriously.

    2. They also make an unbelievably dumb argument right near the beginning:

      “For one thing, research has finally nailed down a consistent range for how many reports of rape are false: somewhere between 2 and 8 percent, which is a lot narrower than the 1.5 percent to 90 percent range of the past.”

      Wrong. Somewhere between 2 and 8 percent is what we can PROVE are false. A lot of rape allegations are dismissed for total lack of evidence, but there’s never any proof that the person lied about it. So they aren’t considered ‘false allegations’ because it’s a he-said, she-said where there’s no evidence that it’s true or false.

      It’s a basic fact that there are more rapes committed in this country than our statistics show because there are un-reported rapes, and it’s also a basic fact that there are more false rape accusations than our statistics show because of the number of charges that are false but are never proven to be so.

      Saying “only 2-8 percent are false” makes it sound like 92-98% of rape allegations are true, but since 92-98% of people accused of rape aren’t found guilty that obviously is not the case.

      1. The number of unreported false allegations must be mindboggling.

        1. That probably depends on the motive that someone would have to falsely allege rape but not report it.

        2. I laughed.

      2. I re-read it several times looking for an explanation of the basis for the 2-8% figure. It just claims that is from numerous studies, but doesn’t explain the basis of the them. It doesn’t define what is determined to be “false”. Yeah, if you only include ones that are definitively proven as false, than 2-8% sounds realistic. The same could be said for almost every crime that is reported.

      3. The part that really stood out was the quote that they chose to make bold and highlighted. We’re supposed to conclude that the number of false claims are artificially high and cops don’t do enough to investigate because, “The more common an officer thinks false rape claims are, the more likely he is to be skeptical of each new allegation; the more likely he is to conclude that the allegation is false; the higher the numbers of false allegations will be.”

        Okay, let’s apply that logic in reverse… The more common an officer thinks TRUE rape claims are, the more likely he is to be TRUSTING of each new allegation; the more likely he is to conclude that the allegation is TRUE; the LOWER the numbers of false allegations will be.

        In summary, if a cop thinks something is true, they are more likely to believe that they see it, more likely to confirm their belief that it is happening, and more likely to report is happened. If a cop thinks something is false, the less likely they are to believe it, the less likely they are to report it, and their doubts will be confirmed by the absence of serious, reported accusations.

        Uhhh… no shit.

  26. Airport security agents at America’s busiest airports failed 67 of 70 tests in which undercover officials were traveling with fake explosives and weapons.

    The real story here is that the absence of terror attacks on US airlines has *nothing at all* to do with the TSA’s security theater.

    1. The bear patrol is working like a charm.

      1. I always carry my tiger terrorist-repelling rock with me when I travel!

        1. It had jolly well better be in your checked luggage!

        2. “Lisa, I’d like to buy your rock…”

  27. Obama: I’ve Restored the US as the ‘Most Respected Country in the World’

    WARNING: Autostart audio.

    And Hillary will restore it even further!

    1. Tallest midget in the room

    2. This guy.

      /takes puff of joint.

      1. INTERECEPTION! *grabs joint*

    3. Aww, it’s so cute that he thinks that.

      1. I wonder if he is really so deluded and narcissistic that he actually believes it, in the face of all evidence to the contrary, or if he is just flat out lying.

        1. He just says stuff because he’s supposed to be speaking.

          1. “Sometimes, when there’s a space, i just say a line.”

    4. I think it’s funny that he thinks being popular is more important than things like economic growth or basic stability.

    5. First of all, we were respected as a gigantic and unpredictable military power and as the world’s biggest economy long before jackass got into office. Yes, even during the Bush years.

      Second, we have nose-dived in respect in the last seven or so years. Respect isn’t European leaders not yelling at us as much.

    6. If nothing else, that man can suck his own dick with amazing skill.

      1. Which is amazing because he has so many people willing to suck it for him.

  28. A bill permitting transgender people to change the sex listed on their birth certificates is on its way to the Connecticut governor; at least seven other states have passed similar laws.

    They should let transchrono people change their D.O.B..

    1. I like it. The next persecuted minority!

      1. That would be brilliant.

    2. What about furries? We should let them change their species. And people who think they’re Napoleon should be able to change their birth certificates as well.

      1. Exactly! And people who self-identify as vampires or zombies should be able to change their *death* certificates.

    3. I really don’t give a shit, to be honest. Want to refer to yourself as a woman? A man? A tiger? A Warty? Why the fuck should I care, and why the fuck should government care?

      1. Just have the government deem everyone to be gender-fluid, race-fluid, and species-fluid, and be done with it.

      2. A Warty?

        Well, there are limits, of course.

      3. Why the fuck should I care, and why the fuck should government care?

        Exactly. I don’t give a shit what you think you are, just don’t have the government mandate that people must go along with your delusions.

  29. I’ve seen my friends harass women on the street. I can’t be silent any more

    Bulk chants of “Ohhhh! Got Damn! Smile baby! Shorty you phat as shit! Bring dat ass over here!” ripped from the corner where about 30 of us stood.

    “Men should call each other out when they see their friends violating women”, Juliana Pache, an activist, told me. The co-founder of Pussy Power, a Philly-based feminist group with the purpose of creating spaces where women can feel safe and free to express themselves, Pache said:

    They should sit them down and explain to them how wrong they are. Just like white people need to call each other out on racism. If you are in a privileged group, and you want to help oppressed people, one of the best things you can do is teach other people in your privileged group. As a person of privilege, you do not have to actually face the oppression, so you have time to teach. Oppressed people do not have the energy to teach everyone about the oppression they have to live through everyday.

    “Man ya’ll sound like Captain Save-a-hoes!” said Travis, pulling a Black-N-Mild from his ear and sparking it: “Lemme get y’all some capes!”

    1. Retards educating retards.

      *grabs popcorn*

  30. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Elizabeth for using a small picture of Jenner today.

    Thank you Elizabeth.

  31. A bill permitting transgender people to change the sex listed on their birth certificates is on its way to the Connecticut governor; at least seven other states have passed similar laws.

    I thought a birth certificate is supposed to be representative of information as it was at the time of birth.

    1. Maybe the birth certificate should just have a copy of your DNA on a thumb drive.

    2. “Take my mother’s name off that thing. We’re estranged!”

    3. The Ministry of Truth says otherwise.

    4. I’m assuming it is a legalized fake-copy.

    5. If a woman gets married, can she change her name on the birth certificate? If a guy somewhere converts to Islam and decided he wants to change his name entirely, can he change the birth certificate as well? I’m genuinely asking.

      1. No.

        1. Well then it sounds rather inconsistent that they’d not let someone change an abstract thing like a name, but they would however let them change an objective thing like genital type.

    6. I’m not sure I like that sort of retroactive change. Seems like a bad idea.

      1. It’s just bad record keeping. And done under the auspices of social justice no less.

        1. Down the Memory Hole!

        2. Altering records like that fucks up genealogy, for one thing.

          1. They can’t be changing the actual original birth certificate. We’re not that fucking crazy, yet.

  32. Berlin rent cap: Capital is first German city to introduce controls on what landlords can charge

    Berlin has become the first city in Germany to introduce a cap on what landlords can charge new tenants.

    Landlords in the capital are now prohibited from raising rent prices by more than 10 per cent higher than the average for that area, according to The Guardian. Residents in Berlin have experienced some of the most rapidly rising rent markets in the European Union, with figures showing a 9 per cent increase between 2013 and 2014.

    “We don’t want a situation like in London or Paris,” he added. “The reality in Paris or London is that people with low income have to live in the further-out districts of the city.”

    1. Oh good, they learned absolutely nothing from East Berlin.

    2. “The reality in Paris or London is that people with low income have to live in the further-out districts of the city.”

      Why, it’s almost as if people can decide for themselves if time or money is more worthwhile. *faints*

      1. When I went to Paris, the cheapest/best hostel I could find was out on the second “ring” of the Paris metro. A pass to ride the metro past the second ring was more expensive, but the hostel was cheaper. There was a grocery store between the hostel and the metro station where everything was half the price we’d pay for water, snacks, etc in the middle of downtown. So we’d stock up before going and doing tourist things.

        I highly recommend staying in the further out districts of the city if you go to Paris.

        1. I recommend going to Lyon instead.

          1. I’d recommend enjoying the company of any other populations of Europe. One’s less overtly hostile to those who don’t speak their language.

            1. I didn’t find them hostile at all. I greeted them in French and they immediately recognized that my French was awful/non-existant and spoke to me in English. :-p

            2. Yep. Pretty much everywhere else in Europe is better than Paris. I’m partial to southern Switzerland. They’re more welcoming than the German Swiss, but they’re still Swiss (which means they don’t feel the need to befriend you and invite you to their house where they will force-feed you til you barf.)

          2. I believe Tip#1 about spending time in France is to minimize your time in Paris.

            1. Paris can be awesome if you do it with insiders. You have to visit Paris.

              But, in keeping with the sentiment here, I really liked Southern France.

              1. Precisement. The last time I visited Paris I was with a Parisienne – well, really a Vincennesienne, as I reminded her from time to time – and it’s not quite the same experience.

                My favourite part of the country, though, is the lower Alps.

          3. Yep, seeing the French country side is on the ole to do list…

    3. “The reality in Paris or London is that people with low income have to live in the further-out districts of the city.”

      Translation: “We want to keep a few token poor people around to look at as objects of curiosity & to feel smug about ourselves.”

  33. Gunplay Rises in New York, Reviving Issue for de Blasio

    Shootings in New York City have been rising for two straight years, the first time that has happened since the end of the 1990s, when the city was still in the early years of a remarkable downturn in crime.

    Homicides by gunfire, seen as a key measure of preventable violence, are up steeply this year. Of the 135 killings through May, 98 involved a gun, up from 69 such killings at this point in 2013 and in 2014.

    Taken together, the trends raise concern heading into the summer months, when street violence is often most pronounced. So far this year, there have been 439 shootings, 20 percent higher than the same period in 2013, which was a historically low year. But this year’s figure is still well under the more than 2,000 logged over the same period two decades ago.

    1. The should pass a law saying that shooting other people is like not allowed and stuff.

  34. Vox: It’s time for the media to admit that Hillary Clinton is popular

    Quinnipiac is out with a new poll that confirms something the national media is loathe to admit, and that essentially never surfaces in their coverage of one of the most-covered people in the world today: Hillary Clinton is the most popular politician in America.

    It would be genuinely silly to think that her early leads in general election polling tell us anything interesting about what will happen in November 2016. But they tell us a lot about how people feel in May 2015, and the way they feel is pretty good about Hillary Clinton.

    According to Gallup, for example, she is the most admired woman in the world. What’s more, she has been the most admired woman in the world for 17 out of the past 18 years.

    You know who else used to be admired…

    1. According to ENB your link should say “The truth about Hillary Clinton”.

    2. Oh, the cocksucking, vapid arrogance of ‘most beautiful or popular person/woman in the world’ memes and polls.

      1. Why am I not surprised it’s Sad Beard?

    3. “she is the most admired woman in the world.”

      That is insulting.

      1. Seriously, what gives? I simply cannot understand this sort of statement. Do they think all of the people who despise her–and that’s a whole lot of people–are going to be influenced by obviously lies about her popularity?

        1. I was more referring to the fact that the idea of her being the most admired woman is insulting to women, but you’re right- the brazen lying is also insulting.

          1. No, I got your point, I was just annoyed at the statement for my reasons, too.

            Seriously, is there any doubt at all that she’s a terrible human being? Even if you’re a leftist?

            1. I’ve talked to a few liberal leaning people who can’t stand Hillary so they’re not all deluded.

              1. I suppose some foolish leftists may be resigned to accepting her–which is stupid, but it’s not the same level of delusion.

  35. http://www.detroitnews.com/sto…../28339017/

    The city of Inkster is seeking a one-time tax hike this summer from residents to help pay for a million-dollar settlement with a motorist filmed being beaten by a police officer during a traffic stop.

    The July 1 tax bill levies 6.45 mills, city treasurer Mark Stuhldreher said Monday. For a resident who has property with a $40,000 market value, that means roughly $130 more, he said.

    1. What? You don’t expect the people who beat that man to pay for it, do you?

      1. Qualified Immunity, BITCHEZ!

      2. It should be the cops who pay, but this may lead to greater accountability. Imagine what the opposition to the Iraq war would have been when the War Tax invoices would go out.

        1. That is true.

    2. Well, maybe this will finally jolt them out of complacency.

    3. “Government is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together.”

      The people of Inkster together chose to beat the shit out of a motorist. It is only fitting that they should pay.

  36. trampled in the process of protecting the rights of others

    The “so called rights” of others.

  37. Idiot makes the argument that since he assumes that government is good, therefore taxes are also good, because they support the good government…

    The fact that this website exists is depressing…

    1. Yeah, taxes like the one Detroit is levying to pay off the victim of police brutality.

    2. Taxes are the lifeblood of government and so if government is basically good, then so are taxes.

      I stopped reading after this. Does he ever answer the question or does he just beg it?

      1. I got to the bottom of the first page and stopped reading because I saw there were 5 more pages. Since the opening argument was circular, I didn’t think it was worth the time.

        That entire website is an exercise in futility.

  38. Outrage after off-duty Florida cop shoots and kills ‘goofy’ rescue dog because it ran into his backyard and wouldn’t ‘back down’

    Sgt. C. Bradley Shivers of Jacksonville Sherrif’s Office told police the dog was ‘barking with aggression’ as his family lounged on the pool deck
    Said he told family to get into the pool and then ran into house to grab gun when he couldn’t shoo dog off with a rake
    When he came back he tried to use rake again but after he slipped and fell the dog ‘lunged toward him’ and he opened fire, the report states


    ‘I need this to get out so that people know this man is a dog killer who is absolutely and completely heartless,’ she [the dog owner] wrote on Facebook.

    Well, yeah. He’s a cop. That’s a requirement for the job.

    1. being a Jacksonville native, I can tell you JSO is terrible, even by cop standards.

    2. And everybody got home safe. The End.

    3. So the dog was so aggressive he had to shoot it… yet he left it for a while, WITH HIS FAMILY OUTSIDE, to go get his gun, and THEN shoot it?

      1. The dog failed to obey. We all know what happens when a cop is not obeyed.

    4. It was a pretty epic telling of events you must admit. The cop was down on the ground, just where the vicious dog wanted him. And as the beast lunged through the air, it’s monstrous teeth gleaming in the sunlight bound for the hero’s jugular, the officer pulled out his gun and sent one fatal shot to the dog’s head. Sending the animal crashing to the ground and ending the threat to the officer and his family. The threatening feeling felt by our hero, has now subsided.

      1. I imagine if someone interviewed the children they’d get a completely different story.

        “Daddy called the dog over to him and then shot him in the head. I asked him why and he said the dog was dangerous. He said he saved our lives. But the doggy was so nice. I wish he hadn’t shot him. He just wanted to play. But Daddy likes to kill. It makes him happy. So he shot the doggy.”

        1. And little Johnny eventually learns to be a sociopath just like daddy, so he can get a job on a police force too.

  39. Jonah Goldberg: Lawfare is killing the death penalty

    Murray’s remedy is to fight back through a mixture of lawfare and outright civil disobedience. He wants to create a “Madison Fund” that would bankroll a massive effort to flood the courts with lawsuits challenging this undemocratic and arbitrary government-within-the-government. The hope would be to raise the costs of regulation to the point that the government could not afford to waste time and effort on stupid rules. Needless to say, the idea is controversial and not without risks or flaws. Even many who are sympathetic to his diagnosis are skeptical of his remedy.

    But then there’s the example of the death penalty. One of the chief arguments cited by conservative Nebraska lawmakers opposed to the death penalty is that capital punishment has simply become too costly.

    It’s true that the death penalty has become wildly expensive. But why? Shouldn’t executions cost less than lifetime room and board? The reason is simple. For decades, the anti-capital punishment bar has flooded courts with expensive appeals and challenges and then used the costs they’ve generated as an argument against the practice.

    1. So with no way to deter people from misbehaving in prison, lets build super max prisons instead. Oh and without the threat of the death penalty and the surety of long sentences, lets encourage criminals to murder the witnesses to their crimes, because incentives only matter when they relate to abortion.

      1. Just put everyone is solitary. Boom. Fixed.

        1. Yeah, that is so much more humane and civilized that the death penalty. People claim to be horrified by making murderers pay for their crimes with their life but are totally okay with any punishment no matter how sadistic of ordinary criminals. Yeah, we have a really sane and rational society.

        2. That actually seems to be the cause du jour now (banning solitary confinement).

          1. God or beast can live alone.

  40. The reaction to Bruce Jenner and the Supreme Court ruling against A&F telling the Muslim woman she can’t wear a headscarf (the same people who think it is okay to make nuns pay for birth control are now all about freedom of religion when there is a sacred Muslim involve) has caused me to conclude that if I ever have a kid, I am encouraging them to be a Muslim transvestite. If I had such a kid, my prog neighbors would hold my family in sacred reference. People would put flowers on our porch every day. Strangers would pay for our dinner checks or show up to mow our lawn and wash our cars. Every kid in the neighborhood would be ordered to be best friends with the “transgendered Muslim”. Every school essay could begin with “as a transgendered Muslim” and be guaranteed an A. What college other than maybe Bob Jones and Ava Maria would turn down an application of a transgendered Muslim? And once there, what professor would risk their career by giving such a person anything but an A. And after that, a Rhoades Scholarship and likely a MacArthur Grant followed by of course a tenured track position at an elite school. And all of that, including tenure, could be accomplished before the kid was 30. After that, fuck it, go back to being a guy or a gal and put on a cross if you want. You have tenure. It is not like anyone can do anything about it.

    1. John is back! *Shaft soundtrack playing in the background*

      1. No, this has Shaft music playing behind it.

        1. Shouldn’t it be George Baker’s ‘Little Green Bag’ from Reservoir Dogs?

          Rand is Mr. Pink, Amash is Mr. Ornage, Massie is Mr. Brown.

          1. I kind of like a lot of wah-wah for that pic.

    2. Look! It’s Mr. I’m too cool for the AM links.

      1. Some of us have to work for a living sometimes.

        1. And just as grumpy as ever!

          1. That is right.

        2. *sometimes*

  41. Bounce house owner arrested after an incident which injured toddlers.

    Note the children were trespassing:

    Authorities said on Oct. 12, two boys aged 2 and 3, respectively, climbed into the ranch’s bounce house, which was not open to the public. A gust of wind blew the house 50 feet in the air with the children inside and it landed about 100 feet from its original spot.

    All of the charges are administrative and are not related to children’s injury.

    The Fire Marshal on Monday said Bergeron was charged with failure to register the bounce house, failure to obtan an amusement park decal, and failure to have an inspection?all misdemeanors.

    Live free or die!

    The comments are mostly good.

    1. failure to register the bounce house, failure to obtan an amusement park decal, and failure to have an inspection

      Jeezus fucking chrysler.

    2. A gust of wind blew the house 50 feet in the air with the children inside and it landed about 100 feet from its original spot.

      I see an new entrepreneurial opportunity here.

  42. Oh, UK, you lovable police state, you.

    Chick jailed for annoying her neighbors with hot sex noises*.


    1. But if she were watching really loud porn, it wouldn’t have been indecent and probably not a crime. So now we are encouraging people to watch porn instead of having actual sex.

      1. Enough of talk of my marriage…

        1. My wife said she wanted to go on vacation somewhere she had never been. I said, how about the kitchen?

          The Borscht Circuit comes to Hit and Run.

          1. 😎

            Rodney Dangerfield joked about putting a mirror on the dining room ceiling so he could watch himself eat.

    2. I once had a neighbor that liked extremely loud (think Disaster Area loud) women. I was about to go and tell him that the next time he brings home a woman that loud, he needs to share her with all his neighbors. He moved out before I could do that.

    3. I can’t express how utterly disappointed I am that there is not a single comment about the chick. What has become of HyR?

      1. I’m still trying to figure out just what in the mother of seven hells she is wearing.

      2. Would. /Crusty Juggler

      3. Borderline.

        Not sure.


        I gotta tell ya. It’s a tricky one.

        Mind you, she seems a little wild…so…

        1. It would take a few drinks furshure

    4. Wait. When my wife and I pass in the hall we like to shout “FUCK YOU” and “Suck my cock” at each other. Does that count as loud sex noises?

  43. In painful news of TOTALLY UNNECESSARY REMAKES – they are remaking ‘Big Trouble’ with the Rock.
    I weep for my nation’s culture.

    1. I will not sacrifice Big Trouble in Little China. We’ve made too many compromises already; too many retreats. They remake our TOS and we fall back. They assimilate entire genres and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! And I will make them pay for what they’ve done!

      1. “I’m a reasonable guy. But I’ve just experienced some very unreasonable things.”

        1. Let me just suggest right now that no one will be quoting this pointless and insulting remake. I hope Lo Pan deals with these presumptuous fools forthwith.

  44. For one thing, research has finally nailed down a consistent range for how many reports of rape are false: somewhere between 2 and 8 percent, which is a lot narrower than the 1.5 percent to 90 percent range of the past.

    Why is this linked? It’s the same old tripe. These numbers are for police reports proven false. Not reports of rape that are false. See all the bullshit coming out of Columbia currently. Isn’t Vox supposed to be all about the numbers?

    1. It is also under the current system. Make it easier to prove rape and put the burden on the accused to prove their innocence and those numbers, whatever they are, are going to go up.

  45. The truth about false rape allegations.

    The article is a series of nebulous claims that it full well acknowledges have mysterious margins of error and never really saying anything conclusive other than ‘rape is hard to prove and it should probably be made easier’. And despite the admittedly unmitigated gray area around claims of rape, ‘over 95% of rape allegations are true’.

    But it’s a Vox article and I cannot for the life of me understand why ENB linked to it nor why I read the entirety.

    1. That article is pretty amazing since the writer apparently doesn’t realize that the 2-8% number is only from cases where a police report is actually filed and which are then absolutely proven to have been false claims. So it doesn’t include a) allegations made publicly which never result in a police report and b) the number of actual false allegations since that number can’t be known.

      1. She also acts like an 8% false conviction rate for a crime that ruins the convicted person’s life and takes their freedom for decades is just no big deal.

        1. Better than ten accused but innocent men go to prison than one maybe guilty guy goes free.

      2. That article is pretty amazing since the writer apparently doesn’t realize that the 2-8% number is only from cases where a police report is actually filed and which are then absolutely proven to have been false claims.

        And something else I forgot to mention, For some reason, they always drop the study that found 10.5% from their range, despite it using the same methodology as the others.

    2. Maybe she wanted us to fisk if for her.
      I shall not enact any more labor for free.


  46. A bill permitting transgender people to change the sex listed on their birth certificates is on its way to the Connecticut governor; at least seven other states have passed similar laws.

    The Ministry of Truth has a process in place.

  47. Here is my question about the bill in Connecticut, what constitutes a “transgender”? If I claim to be one, how am I wrong? Don’t oppress me with your heteronormative thinking and tell me just because I am not on hormones or getting an operation I am not really a woman.

    1. I think you just have to get a physician, psychologist, or nurse to sign off on your claim.

      1. Okay. Sign off by what standards? Who are they to say I am not what I claim?

        1. I’m sure it will be easy to find such a person.

    2. It’s a process where an X chromosome is magically transformed into a Y chromosome.

    3. Me, I’m all man – but I selfidentify as a Princess.
      That should probably go on my birth certificate AND my other government papers.

    4. John! I’m glad you’re not dead.

    5. On a shitty radio show I overheard yesterday they were talking about how poor trans people can’t afford treatment so in the interest of fairness society needs to help them pay for it.

  48. Already added to STEVE SMITH production schedule

  49. Bernie Sanders says he is not and has never been a pothead.

    Would anyone care if he was a pothead (whatever that means)? If there was ever a politician who you would just assume is a pothead, it’s Bernie.

    (fun fact: the only time I ever saw the guy in person was at Reggae Fest in Burlington. Back in his all denim, all the time phase).

  50. Why We’re Suspending the “Run Warren Run” Campaign

    Today we announce the suspension of our campaign to draft Elizabeth Warren into the presidential race. There’s no sugar-coating it: We didn’t achieve our central goal. But there’s a bigger story that gives us tremendous hope: as one headline put it, “Elizabeth Warren may not be running, but she’s in the 2016 race anyway.”

    In the six months since we launched the Run Warren Run effort, Senator Warren’s agenda and message have transformed the American political landscape.

    How about it commentariat? Has Elizabeth Warren been so indispensable to the 2016 Presidential race? Has her totally “new” and “revolutionary” thinking changed the way people see politics and justice?

    1. Let them draft her. Put her in uniform and send her to Afghanistan. Push her out of an airplane at 30,000 feet without a weapon or parachute. We’ll call her our unarmed drone.

      1. Whoa there straffin. The muslims in Afghanistan already have a completely horrible view of females. No reason to give them absolute proof that they are spot on when it comes to equality for females.

        1. I didn’t say she couldn’t take her broom. Badambam.

    2. Transformed what? What the heck has she done?

      1. She said things about justice and economics that no one else was willing to say! She’s a hero!

        1. I don’t feel transformed.

          1. That’s because you’re a racist.

            1. I’m not, but I’m willing to learn.

              1. We all know that you hate blonde haired indians. They’re taking all our tenured jarbs.

    3. She’s 65 and has zero appeal outside of Massachusetts and reliably liberal urban enclaves. I don’t think anyone needs to pay her any heed.

      1. Trudeau thinks she’s hot stuff, and if it weren’t for his propaganda, a lot of people wouldn’t know who she was.

    4. Nope, just face-saving blather.

    5. the only place I have hear her name being mentioned at all is here at reason. Not even my most liberal Facebook friends has said one word about her.

      1. I’ve seen a bumper sticker. That car also has one that reads “Born Noo Yawker”…

  51. The truth about false rape allegations

    So it turns out that the vast majority of proven false rape allegations happen to be rape allegations that are both violent enough to force a full scale investigation and significant enough to leave lots of evidence for investigators to easily prove them false…

  52. Unwelcome mat put out for area cop

    At least two area police departments have sent identical letters to this town’s police chief, Robert Cormier, informing him that Patrol Officer Mathew Dawson’s authority under inter-town law enforcement authority agreements will be limited in their own communities, The Daily Sun has learned.

    The letter, dated May 1, 2014, was made available to The Daily Sun by a high-ranking member of a police department and was authenticated by a high-ranking member of a second department, was sent to Tilton Police after Dawson was reinstated as a patrol officer (he was a detective corporal) following a six-month period of paid administrative leave. During his leave, Dawson’s possible role in brokering a stolen credit card was being investigated by the Merrimack County Sheriff’s Department.

    1. Oooh, a 6 month paid vacation for credit card fraud? How do I get that deal?

  53. When KDW is good, he’s good

    This is a very old and thoroughly discredited idea, one that dates back to Karl Marx and to the anti-capitalists who preceded him. It is a facet of the belief that free markets are irrational, and that if reason could be imposed on markets ? which is to say, if reason could be imposed on free human beings ? then enlightened planners could ensure that resources are directed toward their best use. This line of thinking historically has led to concentration camps, gulags, firing squads, purges, and the like, for a few reasons: The first is that free markets are not irrational; they are a reflection of what people actually value at a particular time relative to the other things that they might also value.

    Bonus content: apparently some lefty site linked to this column.

    bertman1 ? a day ago
    Mr. Williamson has it backwards – Sen. Sanders is here to lead us out of Dark Age Economics and the utter failure of “TrickleDown Reagonomics”. It will certainly be enjoyable watching heads explode of people like Mr. Williamson and the rest of his ilk who are living for an Ayn Rand wet dream. The Revolution is here. Better hang on cause it’s going to be wild fun.
    4 ? Reply?Share ?

    1. This Revolution better be televised. Cuz I’m not getting off my ass.

    2. Thx; good reading.

    3. This article got sent to my Mom for her “encounters with the limousine liberal wing of the family” file.

    4. Practically every paragraph on that article has a gem.

    5. Ask any proggy, in person, to name any other libertarian philosopher/author other than Ayn Rand. It’s like they’ve only ever heard of Reagan and Ayn Rand, so therefore those most be the central figures in libertarian thought. I don’t know of one Austrian economist who describes anything in terms of “trickle down”. It’s like they heard George HW Bush say the term like like twenty something years ago and that has become the sum total of what they know about libertarian economics.

      The gall of the progressives is just amazing. They know absolutely nothing about what their adversaries actually believe.

      1. Lst week I posted the williams article to Derpbook. I had someone accuse me of supporting Rick Santorum.

        There are people who are so disconnected from reality that communication is pretty much pointless.

        1. “Lst week I posted the williams article to Derpbook. I had someone accuse me of supporting Rick Santorum.”

          You sure it isn’t BOOOOOOOOOOOSH you’re supporting?

      2. They don’t CARE what their adversaries actually believe, in my experience. They are right and righteous and anyone who disagrees for any reason with them is arguing in bad faith.

    6. Not to mention “trickle down” isn’t even a real economic theory. No economist invented it or defined it. Will Rogers actually coined the term, and it was sarcasm.

  54. “[…]Only 41 percent of Americans say she’s honest and trustworthy,[…]”

    Proving you can fool at least 41% of the American public if you have a D after your name.

    1. I don’t know if they are actually fooled or are just reflexively rooting for their team.

      1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  55. FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities

    The FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the country carrying video and, at times, cellphone surveillance technology ? all hidden behind fictitious companies that are fronts for the government, The Associated Press has learned.

    The planes’ surveillance equipment is generally used without a judge’s approval, and the FBI said the flights are used for specific, ongoing investigations. In a recent 30-day period, the agency flew above more than 30 cities in 11 states across the country, an AP review found.

    Aerial surveillance represents a changing frontier for law enforcement, providing what the government maintains is an important tool in criminal, terrorism or intelligence probes. But the program raises questions about whether there should be updated policies protecting civil liberties as new technologies pose intrusive opportunities for government spying.

    U.S. law enforcement officials confirmed for the first time the wide-scale use of the aircraft, which the AP traced to at least 13 fake companies, such as FVX Research, KQM Aviation, NBR Aviation and PXW Services. Even basic aspects of the program are withheld from the public in censored versions of official reports from the Justice Department’s inspector general.


    1. Thank god that FBI agents take an oath to uphold the constitution.

      1. I was at a talk the other day wherein the FBI agent speaking straight up said that “the FBI performs the same function as the CIA, but domestically”.

        He followed up that the difference was that the FBI was bound to follow the constitution, and it was genuinely hard to tell (i.e., this is not snark on my part) if that statement was meant to come off as proud or rueful.

  56. So has Tulpa given up on his Bo character yet? I’ve been busy.

    1. Who cares? Filter the worthless bitch and get on with your lives.

  57. The truth about false rape allegations.

    Explains that the data is really, really spotty. Proceeds to confidently explain that it supports the narrative anyway.

  58. So Musk’s “green energy” efforts are spurring a boom in mining, particularly for heavy metals. And Tesla is still just a tiny niche automaker producing vanity vehicles for the upper middle class.

    Mining heavy metals? Oh, so green!

    Lissen, Bub- electric power is clean energy. Batteries come from packages. Electric cars are Zero Pollution Vehicles.

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