20 Years Ago


"The pressure is on, brought in part by a feisty class of 73 GOP House freshmen. In March, the freshman class proposed eliminating the Departments of Energy, Commerce, Education, and Housing. Meanwhile, freshman Rep. Mark Neumann (R-Wis.) has offered a plan that, by eliminating more than 100 agencies and programs, would balance the federal budget in four years. So there's hope."

-Rick Henderson, "Scope Trial"

"Like the rest of the welfare debate, the school lunch brouhaha is, at its serious heart, about how best to help people…whose lives are so disorganized that they have never learned how to put together a decent, inexpensive meal for their children. Knowledge possessed by illiterate peasants all over the world has somehow been lost in America."

-Virginia Postrel, "Food Fight"

-June 1995