Rand Paul

Brawl for Liberty: Watch Rand Paul's Awesome New Wrestling-Inspired Attack Ad

And in this corner... Obama the email reader


Sen. Rand Paul draws first blood this campaign season with an attack ad that riffs off WWE commercials. The ad, paid for by a pro-Paul PAC, promises that Sunday will be the "biggest brawl for liberty of the century." That's the day that Congress will reconvene to debate Patriot Act reauthorization—something Paul and other libertarian-leaning Republicans are fighting against.

The ad notes that Paul's opponents include "Obama the Email Reader" and "his so-called conservative accomplices, the capitulating Canadian, Ted Cruz." Sen. Lindsey Graham also gets a shoutout.

Paul's opponents liked to chide him for supposedly "running to Obama's left" on civil liberties and national security. But it's the other Republican candidates who are marching in lockstep with the president to protect a law that violates the freedoms of every American in service of ever-expanding federal powers. Cruz, Graham, et al clearly have a poor conception of individual liberty if they can't recognize that the Patriot Act tramples the U.S. Constitution every bit as much as Obamacare, something they all oppose.

We'll see if Republican primary voters buy the bogus argument that constantly sacrificing liberty for the federal government's dubious security goals is somehow a conservative position.

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  1. That may be the greatest minute in the history of the universe.

  2. That. Was. Awesome. I giggle to think of the head spinning, frothing at the mouth responses from the establishment.

  3. I predict a lot of sticks up asses and hrumphing from various sectors.

    1. “I didn’t get a harumph out of the guy.”

      1. *that* guy

        1. DAMMIT! You beat me to it!

    2. Yeah, I expect a lot of umbrage at how “immature” Paul is for mocking these sanctimonious jackasses. The great thing about political humor is that it always baits someone into overreacting and looking like a humorless jerk.

      Team Rand is far and away the best at utilizing stuff like this.

      1. The gravity of the office! The gravity of the office!!

        1. The important thing is that the President destroy the Constitution in a cool, charismatic way.

        2. “That’s not the important thing right now, Sully, The important thing is….GRAVITY…..”

    3. I’d harumph a bit if I were stuck in the ass.

  4. These folks give Remy a run for his money!

    1. Paul needs to hire Remy.

      1. That’s a nice idea.

  5. That looks more like an ad for President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

    Except its missing really big guns

    1. At least he don’t talk like a fag! Uhhh hyuk hyuk hyuk!

    2. I was expecting a powerthirst promotion

  6. That is pretty damn awesome.

  7. That was probably fun to make, but I predict it’s effect will be unmeasurable… All of us Rand supporters are just happy to see him get in some body shots on the opponents. Boom!!

    1. It’s like watching Pacquiao throwing jabs for twenty minutes and Mayweather skirting out of them.

  8. Was that Vin Diesel at the end?
    “Don’t miss it”

    1. I think it was Brad Garrett…


    1. As seen on the back of a hot rod on the cover of the most-recent “Ol Skool Rods” magazine:

      “Hell’s Full – I Came Back”

  10. The talking point seems to be that this is embarrassing for Rand Paul.

    7:29 AM EDT
    I am sure Reince will be so pleased to see this ad since it is confirmation that the Clowns are taking over the Big Tent. At least everyone will watch the GOP primaries lowering the viewing age of its broadcast arm, Faux Noise. Always a silver lining if you know where you look.

    1. Shorter griefers: “derp”

      I want to see more of this type of ad!

    2. And yet the ads that showed Paul Ryan literally pushing a granny in a wheelchair off a cliff were OK?

      1. That had gravity!

        1. i hate you.

        2. +100

  11. *prepares to duck and dodge for the near future*

    I like the advertisement’s premise but didn’t like its execution.
    Now, I haven’t watched television in several years and if you inform me that the majority of advertisements are of similar quality then I’ll better understand the ad-makers’ approach.

    Otherwise I can see it only appealing to a) those of us in opposition to NSA/government abuses and who are already in agreement with Paul, and b) the easily manipulated

    1. It’s a near-perfect parody of monster-truck melodrama. And if Washington needs anything, it’s being mocked relentlessly.

    2. Well, the easily manipulated make up a large portion of the swing vote, so it might not be such a bad strategy. Though not many vote in primaries, I would imagine.

      1. Though not many vote in primaries, I would imagine.

        You might want to rethink that. Remember Donald Trump was a figure in the 2012 primaries.

        1. Did he actually make it to any actual primaries? I thought he always dropped out before he has to file financial disclosures.

  12. This is pretty great, but it is a PAC’s ad, right? So it’s not supposed to be an ad that Paul knew about or approved, right? Maybe he does approve of it, but it’s not really “Rand Paul releasing his first attack ad,” right?

    1. Correct MJ:

      “Paid for by America’s Liberty PAC, which is responsible for the content of this message. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. http://www.americaslibertypac.com

      (from the very end of the video)

      1. Riiiiiiight?

        1. Yes, MJ, you are right.

          I bask in your rightness.

          You are so right, in fact, that you reminded me of the admiration beaming from Dante’s face as he is taught dance moves by his best friend.

          Now, MJ, I submit to you that THAT is righteous.

          1. Right!

            I don’t know why, I’m very heavy on “right?” this morning. I apologize to all.

            And that is undeniably Kevin Smith’s one great contribution to mankind. It gives value to his entire career.

    2. And when he gets asked about it, he can just say “Well, unlike some candidates who don’t seem to understand what “independent” campaign spending is, we follow the law. I had nothing to do with this. Pretty funny, though, isn’t it?”

  13. Awesome.

  14. “The capitulating Canadian” – perfect. Cruz really disappointed me on this.

    1. I thought Cruz showed up in support of Paul’s filibuster last week (albeit late)?

    2. By gosh, he did. I missed that.

  15. Ted “The Capitulating Canadian” Cruz…

    It’ll take something really bad to change my mind about Rand right now. Regardless of some of the positions he has which I dislike, he’s still my kinda crazy.

    1. There’s my bumper sticker:

      Rand Paul – My Kind of Crazy

      1. Perfect.

  16. “something Paul and other libertarian-leaning Republicans are fighting against.”

    Actually, iirc, while Paul led the fight more Democrats showed up to support his filibuster than members of the Grand Old Party.

    1. Kudos to them, but I don’t think there is a libertarian leaning Democrat out there. It’s like sometimes they remember they are supposed to be the party of civil liberties (even though they never actually have been).

      1. No, that’s not it. They oppose it because BOOOSH and they want it to be 2004 forever.

  17. The eagle screeching fire was teh awesome!

    I look forward to hearing how unserious Rand’s supporters are because of ads like this.

    1. Check out the HotAir comments. Egads so much butthurt over there.

  18. I can’t decide if the clumsy audio engineering is the product of sheer genius or utter incompetence.

    1. Yeah, I thought the video concept was great, but the writing and production value was pretty low. “Cruz the Capitulating Canadian” means very little to people who aren’t knowledgeable about Cruz. I don’t even think they mentioned what the battle was (showdown over Patriot Act), though with as bad as the audio quality was, I might have missed it.

      For kitsch, it was quite nice. For conveying an actual message, I think it missed an opportunity.

    2. Yeah, the sound was crap for me too. Loved it, though.

  19. At the end, I’d like to see Dana Perrino carried off by the Eagle. One talon, Dana Perrino. The other talon – Nancy Pelosi.

  20. Sunday, blood Sunday . . . tee hee hee

  21. It reminds me of Toby Keith’s song ‘Red Solo Cup’. So outrageously over-the-top it is brilliant.

  22. If only libertarians were excited about Rand Paul as they were about Robert Sarvis and the pizza delivery man.

    “The pizza delivery man participated in the free market, he’s qualified for positions of power!”

    I would vote for Ron Paul (or even Gary Johnson) before I vote for the pizza delivery man.

    1. The most I expect from even the most agreeable politician is less disappointment, so I’m not getting excited. I don’t know who Robert Sarvis and pizza man are, so I guess I must be at least as excited about Paul as about them.

  23. I was disappointed; I was hoping that “wrestling-inspired” point was about how the matches are purely theatrics, the feuds scripted, and the results pre-determined.

  24. I like this guy more and more each news cycle. And I’m kind of a socialist. Fuck.

  25. Of course I’ll like whatever good will is generated for Rand Paul, but this ad is not his style. I don’t believe Rand Paul would have endorsed it.

    Of course in a society of free speech, such ads can get published by almost anyone, but it’s poor taste. Shame on whoever put in the plug degenerating Cruz for being born in Canada. That’s a divisive issue in a political party that Rand is working to unite.

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  28. That was amazing.

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