Rebrand With Rand, Union Strong-Arming Angers Dems, EPA Wants to Sip Your Water: P.M. Links


  • U.S. Senate

    Batches of Hillary Clinton's email must be released by the U.S. State Department every 30 days starting next month, says a federal judge. Oh, this should be fun.

  • Along with criticizing foreign policy hawks, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) casts himself as a conservationist in the process of pointing out "the Republican brand sucks" and needs to be refurbished.
  • Republican hawks, for their part, are quite cross with Paul.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency unveiled rules extending the agency's authority over more of the nation's waterways.
  • Organized labor's heavy-handed lobbying against the Trans-Pacific Partnership leaves Democrats on the receiving end of threats bent out of shape.
  • Should they stay or should they go? Britain's government begins work on a referendum over European Union membership.
  • Greece may have reached a tentative deal with its creditors. Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras swears there's no danger to pensions, salaries, banks, or deposits, so everybody probably should hide a few euros under the mattress.
  • ISIS hasn't destroyed ruins in Palmyra yet, but the people are less lucky.

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  1. Republican hawks, for their part, are quite cross with Paul.

    They must enjoy looking like clones.

    1. Hello.

      1. Hello. David Mellor, chairman of the British government’s football task force on the FIFA scandal:

        You expect to find a skeleton in the closet, but at FIFA’s house they are hanging like candelabra all over the place.

        1. Saw that this morning.


    2. It’s clowns in progspeak.

    3. Split that vote!

  2. Batches of Hillary Clinton’s email must be released

    Or what?

    1. Or…..”fuck you, that’s why”?

      Am I close?

    2. The exact same thing that’s happened with all the other crimes and misdemeanors this woman has committed.

    3. Every thirty days? Why not at all once?

      1. Presumably they need time to scrub sensitive national security info. Which reads: to remove anything incriminating that might land Hillary a jail cell.

        1. That was done before any of the “emails” (translation: PRINTOUTS of emails) were turned over.

      2. She needs time to sort the banal, meaningless emails from the incriminating emails, and destroy the latter.

        1. Why is she not in jail? Or at least indicted? Is the system really this broken?

          1. Fake scandal, bro. You should be in jail for asking!

            1. What the hell happened to us? Even when her husband was president, this kind of brazen lawbreaking would’ve been a bridge too far. He got impeached for perjury, after all, which, given what he was perjuring about, was a far lesser offense than any she’s committed. And just imagine the stuff we don’t even know about yet.

              Grow the fuck up, America.

              1. In America we care about our cell phones, social media, being liked and approved of.

                Take your silly rules elsewhere.

                1. We’ll get far without any morality and ethics, that’s what I always say.

                  Wait, no I don’t.

  3. Republican hawks, for their part, are quite cross with Paul.

    If it moves, bomb it.
    If it keeps moving, annihilate it.
    If it stops moving, nation-build it.

    1. Get a load of Reagan 2.0 over here.

      1. At least Reagan gave the Rooskies 5 minutes before the bombing started. I think his modern heirs would all rain down hell on them while they slept….for the children, of course.

        1. SDI is given a decent amount of credit, rightly or wrongly, for helping to break the Soviet’s financial back. Perhaps we should come up with another technological and expensive gimmick for dealing with terrorists. Like, I dunno, building a giant Jesus space elevator.

          1. Gay porn holograms?


              You could always paint a portrait of Mohammed on the surface of the moon. That might start a space race to get it off there.

  4. Organized labor’s heavy-handed lobbying against the Trans-Pacific Partnership leaves Democrats on the receiving end of threats bent out of shape.

    Ooooo, the unions might start donating to Republican campaigns. Watch out!

    1. What does a bent out of shape threat look like?

      1. Hitler?

        1. ^^ #WINNING

    2. The threat is opposition in the primaries.

      1. They’ll back the person most likely to win in the general, which is the incumbent.

        1. There are plenty of blue states where the primary winner is the general election winner.

          Same threat on the red side of the aisle.

    3. Wow, that article actually made me sympathetic to TPA. Hilariously, if the agreement is really that horrible for the unions, how do they plan to target people “maybe not next election, but when redistricting comes up?”
      It is rather optimistic of Politico to assume Obama will step up to cover donation shortfall by campaigning for people who vote Yes. Once he gets this thing, he’s done with it, and those guys can suck it. He has legacies to build!

      1. Not certain if the legacies of Obama are built, per se so much as left in a steaming pile. When I hear about one of Obama’s legacies, I imagine smelling something rancid and looking over to see my dog curled up with his tail between his legs and that “I’m sorry, I made a boom boom. Please don’t hit me” look on his face.

    4. “Ooooo, the unions might start donating to Republican campaigns. Watch out!”

      Makes elections interesting when you have unflinching support from a specific constituency.

      “You can’t court us and deport us!”

      “Oh, ?Si se puede!”

  5. Senior prank lands two behind bars

    Farrell says his daughter told him about the prank to put alarm clocks in the unused locker and have them go off at different times. He said he thought it was harmless.

    Troutman Police Chief Matthew Selves said, “We take this pretty seriously.”

    Seniors Shannon Farrell and Lekia Hall now face a felony charge of hoax by use of a false bomb in a public building, a “Class H” felony and obstruction of justice.

    1. “Go fuck yourself, chief. We look forward to the jury trial. “

    2. Wasn’t there a time where a “hoax bomb” required that, you know, a person pretend that something is a bomb? Does mens rea even exist any longer? (rhetorical…)

      1. Boston kinda fucked that up with the lighted sign thingy.

        1. BOSTON STRONG!!!!!!

          BOSTON STRONG!!!!!!

          BOSTON STRONG!!!!!!



    3. “Sorry butt it is there own fault no one else’s. What if it was a real bomb how stupid can people get and even those people that think charges need to be dropped. You don’t look at it as what if it was real. Maybe yall should go to jail to if u want to support them for there wrong doing cause the fact of it is that it was not funny and if it was real and the bomb went off and there were dead bodies then that will make u think”

      We’ve found the missing link.

      1. Wow – thanks for staring into the Derp for us, Rufus. That’s a shatload of it, right there.

        Also – “Misspellers – Untie!”

    4. Take what pretty seriously?

  6. Organized labor’s heavy-handed lobbying against the Trans-Pacific Partnership leaves Democrats on the receiving end of threats bent out of shape.

    Let the IRS dogs loose on the unions!

    Just kidding!

    1. Let’s not be hasty, this is a proposal with merit! It’d be quite hilarious to watch, at least.

    2. Ain’t that it in a nutshell.

      It’s the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) against itself. I do a lot a construction related work with IBEW and other union members. This “International” thing is wearing thin, as is the “Brotherhood”. On the local level the IBEW tries to get private contractors to pay middle-class wages and kick out scabs, on the international level the IBEW is trying to lower the scale of these wages. “Do you really want the US to have an electrical infrastructure like India’s”, American electricians wonder. Good question. But the US government, at every level, has become a major employer of electricians. These members get both the IBEW protections and the public sector employee union protections and no longer give a shit about their private sector brothers.

      1. I deal with union electricians on a routine basis at work and I would never hire one to wire anything on my own.

        And I will point out that the people who put out the electrical code, the NFPA, is a private trade organization, not government.

        … Hobbit

    1. Thank God my newest fetish is girls in protective goggles.

      1. This should do ya then

    2. Las Vegas thanks them.

      1. I have a friend who moved to Los Angeles to produce music, which became a job in the adult industry, which became his own production studio in a quiet Las Vegas suburb. I should pay him a visit.

        1. Does his studio double as his living room?

          If so, I may have seen some of his work…

    3. Lemons, lemonade: upsurge in Steampunk porn!

      1. Weird. That was my very first thought as well.

  7. Does anyone else think putting giant envelopes of super flammable hydrogen over the Capitol is a wonderful idea?

    1. Only if one of them steers the blimp into Congress during a joint session with the President there, a la Debt of Honor.

      (I’m going to get put on a list now, aren’t I? Well, another list. I’m sure I’m already on several.)

      1. Oh you’re on a list. Just not the one you’re thinking of.

        1. You’re on [shudder] Warty’s list.

          1. Big deal, everyones on THAT list.

            1. “Everyone”? Seems too restrictive. I doubt that Warty’s list only includes humans.

              1. His refractory period is measured in Planck lengths. It is known.

              2. This is true. I’m on his list and I’m a Denisovan. STEVE SMITH is a sasquatch and gods only know what Episiarch is.

    2. They should use inflammable hydrogen instead.

        1. Wait, wrong link. Dammit! Though that one’s funny too.

      1. What you did. I saw it there. Well done.

        … Hobbit


      1. “It’s helium, you idiot!”

        1. “Seriously, what do you not understand about that?”

          1. Well, obviously the core concept.

    4. “It’s crashing terrible! Oh, my, get out of the way, please! It’s burning and bursting into flames, and the?and it’s falling on the mooring-mastGreat Dome, and all the folks agree that this is terrible awesome, this is one of the worst best catastrophes in the world.

      Oh, the humanity Parasites and all the passengers screaming around here.

      I, listen, folks, I?I’m gonna have to stop for a minute because I’ve lost my voice. This is the worst coolest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

    5. “Drones are just an exploding technology,” she said in a follow-up interview

      Detanashionist Rhetoric!

    6. “Delivery of hydrogen envelopes for Congress? Go right in, Mr. Fawkes, they’re expecting you.”

  8. In a sane world, union lobbying against free trade agreements is used as proof that they don’t give a shit about “the people”.

    1. In defense of lobbying against this agreement, no free trade agreement worthy of its name need be negotiated in secret because it would be about 10 pages long dictating steps for resolving percieved barriers to free trade by one party to the agreement against a second.

      1. Oh, I agree. But they’d be lobbying against that kind of agreement as well.

    2. And all the time we work hard,
      but who’s complaining?
      So always look for,
      the union label,
      it means we’re able
      to make it in the USA!

      /International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) tv commercial from years back

      1. And how many garments are they producing in the USA now, hmmm?


        Go, Unions!!!

        1. And again, people think that western governments won’t torpedo their own economies before they’ll cede one ounce of control…

      2. That was the commercial during the Star Wars Holiday Special, wasn’t it?

        Don’t lie. I know that’s where you saw it.

  9. Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras swears there’s no danger to pensions, salaries, banks, or deposits…

    Because those are already gone.

    1. “Your pensions, salaries, banks and deposits are completely safe in our treasury. They will be made available to you as ROADZ when deemed necessary.”

  10. Dr. Brian Day elected head of Doctors of B.C.

    B.C. doctors have elected one of the country’s strongest advocates for private health-care options to lead their professional organization.

    Dr. Brian Day, who co-owns the Cambie Surgery Centre in Vancouver, was elected yesterday to take over as president of Doctors of B.C. ? formerly known as the B.C. Medical Association ? in 2016.

    The vote was hardly an overwhelming show of support for Day ? only 20 per cent of the roughly 10,000 eligible doctors voted, and Day beat his closest opponent by just one vote.

    1. Good.

      He fights the good fight against public health. I believe he was head of the CMA as well (?)

      Not surprised it was narrow though.

    2. So they’re as invested in their process as libertarians are in ours?

  11. Texas a big step closer to major gun rights expansion

    Texas took a giant step closer to allowing concealed handguns in college classrooms late Tuesday, with House lawmakers giving their preliminary approval to a so-called “campus carry” measure, barely beating a midnight deadline.

    1. Wait, we’re gonna let Gender Studies professors carry legally? Whose bright idea was that?

      1. Honestly, I actually would put my money on a Gender Studies professor being the first campus concealed carrier to shoot a bunch of people. For all their talk, they seem to be utterly devoid of rational conflict resolution skills.

      2. Think about the odds of self-inflicted injury in that demographic.
        Natural Selection and Evolution in the flesh (and possibly artery).

    2. The law applies to private schools too. I’m not comfortable with a law requiring you to let armed people onto your private property against your will.

      1. If we could just weave the baking of a cake into this equation, then it would make the intrusion ok.

  12. “I’m a crunchy conservative and a tree hugger and proud of it,” Paul writes.

    Is it time to back away slowly while furtively looking for the nearest exit? Or even just gazing narrowly?

    1. I don’t mind tree-huggers as long as they don’t want the State to make me hug trees.

      1. They all do. It’s their version of cake.

    2. I love trees but hate the EPA. There is nothing wrong with loving trees. They produce oxygen and fruit.

      1. I love trees too. Except when they fall on my house.

  13. Britain’s government begins work on a referendum over European Union membership.

    They should start their own club. A kingdom united or something not as dumb.

  14. Along with criticizing foreign policy hawks, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) casts himself as a conservationist in the process of pointing out “the Republican brand sucks” and needs to be refurbished.

    It will take a while to wipe the santorum clean and return the Republican party to its classical liberal roots.

    1. That’s OPIM-STI.

  15. The Environmental Protection Agency unveiled rules extending the agency’s authority over more of the nation’s waterways.

    Landowners and developers are in for a soaking.

    1. Paraphrasing Obama:

      Anyone opposing this law is a polluter…pure and simple!

    2. If this goes through, I’m going to become a surveyor. Everyone, from private landowners to developers to local municipalities, is going to have to re-map and re-assess every trickle of water.

    3. Fuck! I waited too long to redo my driveway. Every time it rains I get a tiny pond where it meets the road.

  16. The party of old, white men as perpetuated by the leftist media. Missing from the cover are: Ben Carson, my fellow Injun Bobby Jindal, and Carly Fiorina.

    Latest New Yorker Cover Erases Women, Minorities From GOP Field

    If you look up, you see Hillary Clinton peering through a window into the locker room.

    Anthony Sacramone wonders about the people that The New Yorker made invisible:

    Do you remember that? That was when an Orthodox Jewish newspaper took Hillary Clinton out of the picture showing her observing the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. More recently, Haredi Jewish journalists in Israel removed Angela Merkel and other women from the march following the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Some Orthodox Jews remove women from pictures they publish in their newspapers. Even if they’re high-level government officials. Their defense is that they think it’s immodest to show these women. Their critics accuse them of being terrified of women.

    1. Eh – I think this is much ado about nothing. You could just as easily say that the New Yorker left off the people who can’t win. It’s notable that virtually all the people in the room are actual contenders, except for Christie who at least has lots of name recognition and Dole who is a former vice president. Furthermore, last I checked, both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are not caucasians.

      This is conservatives playing the victimhood game and pretending it’s different than when the left does it.

      1. They are both white Hispanics (unlike others here, I recognize that as a real category as it is used by the Census).

        1. *feels ear twitch*

          1. She said white Hispanics.

            1. One dick rule.

              1. One dick to rule them all?

                1. And in the darkness, blind them.

                  1. Not if you’re wearing goggles.

                    1. You know of little of WhiteSnake as that hobbit.

        2. I’m more aghast that they showed Christie wearing workout shorts. I mean c’mon!.

          Also, why is Jeb Bush wearing throwback Brooklyn Trolley-Dodgers boxer shorts?

      2. Rubio and Cruz are white hispanics.

        I think the New Yorker knew what it was doing.

        1. I think the New Yorker knew what it was doing.

          Exactly, to build that narrative, several candidates had to be unpersoned.

        2. I so hope Nikki Haley is the V.P. choice.

      3. I mean, the three people they explicitly claimed were left out are a) Fiorina (polling at 1.3% per Real Clear politics), b) Jindal (also at 1.3) and Carson (currently at 7.8, but no one thinks he’s a serious candidate and there’s no way he picks up votes from anyone who doesn’t already love him).

        They also didn’t include Huckabee and he’s polling better than any of those women or non-whites that they’re complaining weren’t included.

        1. Huckabee is the simian looking guy in the back reading the Bible.

        2. I think the person you think is Bob Dole is Huckabee, hence him reading a book with a cross.

          1. You’re right. Regardless, no one polling under 8% is included on that list, including white people. Kasich and Graham are similarly not included and both are polling at about the same level as Fiorina and Bobby Jindal.

            I legitimately didn’t even know Bobby Jindal is running for president. I hardly think his exclusion is evidence that they’re unpersoning non-white Republicans. Furthermore, they’re probably doing the GOP a favor by helping them pretend Ben Carson doesn’t exist.

            1. You’re being way too charitable, imo.

      4. I would agree with you Irish except for the Hildebeast peeking through the window. It is clearly saying exactly what that article claims.

        The left never lets facts interfere with their narrative, even if the facts are well known by everyone. They have too much invested in the ‘GOP is a white male club’ narrative to back off of it. They can tell absurd lies like that and the global warming scam and significant numbers of voters will buy into it, even if the reality before their eyes is completely different.

    2. +1 Fuck your wife through a hole in the sheet.

    3. Isn’t Cruz a minority?

      1. Yes, just like Zimmerman. A white hispanic.

        1. I thought he was a Hispanic white?

    4. I’m Jewish, and even I think the Charedi are meshuginah.

    5. Are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio not considered minorities?

  17. Naturally, FIFA and the organizing committee of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar donated to the Clinton Foundation.

    1. The Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee in the list of donors is here.

    2. I guess the US will never be hosting the World Cup again.

      On the other hand, it’s not as if there’s any other country that can host the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

      1. Thing is, the US made a metric fuckton of money in 1994, and no country on Earth has a more lucrative market for the game.

        On the other hand, FIFA was probably a bit miffed that USSF actually ALSO make a filthy amount of money and kept a bunch of it. The US is one of the few places where money can be made for the hosting federation instead of ONLY FIFA.


            1. I was so excited when I got the notification last night that the Swiss arrested a bunch of FIFA cronies that I just HAD to share it in the PM links today. And, naturally, I want everyone to hold the “Why I hate FIFA Reason #3435” convo under my link.

              But I’ll let you slide since you speak and I’m learning jihadi.

              1. The link to it, dummy. Pull out those mad hax0r skillz.

                1. You stay out of this old woman with bad kidneys.


                    Oh, shit, I wonder if only have one adrenal gland, too.

                    1. DO U EVEN DIALYSIS, BRO?

                    2. My ex-wife only has one kidney.

                      I wish that were a joke about how good my divorce lawyer was.

                    3. Did you eat it with fava beans and a nice chianti?

                    4. Doesn’t sound like it, Fisty.

                    5. WebMD agrees. “Symptoms of adrenal agenesis include failure to regularly bold or use caps lock.”

              2. I speak Jihadi?

                I definitely hate FIFA!

                1. Aren’t you the one that spent some time in the ME and therefore speak Arabic perfectly and fluently? Na’am?????

                  1. You’re right on the first part, but way wrong on the second.

                    I was in Abu Dhabi most of the time. You have to learn Hinglish and other weird variations of English.

                    1. Ah, pity. Well, no one likes khaleeji Arabic anyway, so you’re good.

                    2. Hey, I liked Abu Dhabi. Usually had a blast there.

        2. I’d give the USA every other World Cup (alternating with other serious soccer nations) just to piss off the world.

          I honestly don’t think I will watch Qatar from not only a fan’s point of view but a moral one as well.

      2. Unless something changes, I can’t see the US or any country in Western Europe hosting a World Cup or Summer Olympics again. There’s not nearly enough graft to be had there, as compared to what Russian and Qatari oil oligarchs can dish out.

        It’s been said that CONCACAF will host the 2026 World Cup, which really means it’s going to be Mexico, Canada or the US. Going to be Mexico, I’ll bet.

        1. I don’t think Canada hosts on its own. It will be in conjunction with the USA if anything.

          1. Canada host the World Cup? Canada?


            I don’t think they can build an igloo big enough for a soccer game to go on inside. And I don’t think they have any other structures in Canada besides igloos, last I heard.

            You should think of a country that has things like grass on the ground to host soccer games, not an arctic wasteland.

            1. Playing in an ice hockey rink would make the game more dynamic! Particularly since it’s impossible to un-ice the surface.

            2. Easy there fella. We’re not a second-rate country. Sheesh.

              There are stadiums and we can build them. It’s just that we don’t have the pop. mass to justify 100 000 seat stadiums.

            3. Funny you should mention Canada’s grass. They’re hosting the Womens’ World Cup presently, and they’re making them play on plastic grass. This so pissed off many female players that they wrote strongly-worded letters to FIFA, which collectively yawned. Then they threatened to quit, whereupon Sepp uttered something stupid and quasi-sexist.

              To my knowledge, the games will go on. On plastic. So they’ve taken something marginally watchable under the best circumstances and put it on a surface that will make it utterly unwatchable.

              Well done?

              1. No. Not well done. FIFA or Canada.

            4. I’ll watch. I like the US team. But yeah the turf thing is bullshit. The ladies were absolutely right to raise a stink.

              1. It’s weird, because I should very much like them due to my personality (wearing the US shirt = unconditional nutso fandom), but I find the game generally hard to watch. As a sporting contest, it’s still a long way from the mens’ game. There are way too many uncompetetive games. Expanding the tournament is a bad idea.

                And the US women play a DREADFUL style, especially for their level of advancement – totally reliant on athleticism. The men are infinitely more fun to watch, and when it comes to big tournaments, they play like their lives depend on it.

          2. Hey, they’re doing it for the ladies. In, like, 2 days or something.

            On plastic fields.

    3. Wait, wait! This isn’t true. Billy Bob told us that there is not one scintilla of corruption regarding the Clinton Foundation donations so I know that there are no corrupt donors. That just can’t be.

  18. Al Sharpton just said something ludicrously stupid that would be national news if it were a Republican:

    “#KeepingItReal QOTD: Do you think the #TexasFlooding is related to climate control or God’s rebuke?Call 8775325797 or tweet me your thoughts”

    God was all like “Yo Texas, your minimum wage isn’t high enough. HAVE SOME FLOODING MOTHERFUCKERS.”

    1. I love how he refers to it as “climate control.”

      Yes, Al, you fucking lackwit, I adjusted my thermostat and Buffalo Bayou flooded.

      1. “climate control.”

        Bro, do you not even HAARP?

        1. Ha! I love the “For the record, the Haiti earthquake was caused by slippage in a previously unknown fault line.” Because a simple clarification based upon logic and proven science is clearly going to convince the “gubmint has secret weather control weapon” crowd.

    2. Yo Al, come on down. I’ve got a bayou you can inspect the bottom of.

      1. You safe and dry, btw?

        1. Yeah. Pearland is so flat that our foundation is dry or everyone better get to the Ark. Also, the ride to work this morning was 55 mph the whole way in the rain with nobody tailgating me and safe following distances observed. It was amazing.

          1. Driving to Westchase yesterday was interesting. The 1/4 mile stretch of 59 between Weslayan and the 610 interchange took me damn near half an hour to get past. I was trying to figure what the hell was going on until I saw the dozen abandoned cars and two feet of standing water over half the highway.

            Hopefully the rain holds off the rest of the week.

            1. Man, I’m *so* glad I don’t work over there any more. My commute from home to Ellington was as boring as usual (though there was a light flashing red at Space Center & Clear Lake City Blvd).

    3. God, he has a thing for floods.

    4. I am pretty sure the drought was caused by global war….I mean ‘climate control’.

      1. Here in California many people are convinced that our drought is permanent, thanks to ‘global warming’. Just about every day the paper has a letter-to-the-editor admonishing us all to adapt the the ‘new normal’ of constant water shortages.

        Four years ago, we had a record rainfall season. But I guess global warming has progressed so much in the 48 months since then, we’ll never even have an average rainfall year again. And don’t even think anything else is possible, you denier you.

        1. If moonbeam says it, well, it must be gospel.

        2. Mark my words: We’re having a pineapple express next year. And all of the water will flow into the Pacific unused, because our infrastructure sucks.

        3. I remember back in 2006, we came back from our honeymoon to our extra room ceilings bowing under the pressure of leaked water. One friend had an entire house remodeled due to a balcony leak destroying half his kitchen and laundry room. Every. Single. Person I knew complained of one leak or the other that winter, after if rained for 4 weeks straight. I was relatively new to California and asked why the hell every house had such shitty leak protection, and the reaction was, “Well, it doesn’t usually rain in california.”

          I think those 4 – 5 years spoiled people and they forgot they were living in the desert.

          1. AZ is pretty desert-y, and I just can’t find much stuff on them having water issues.

        4. And we’re supposed to start getting dumped on towards the end of the summer as the El Nino returns.

          1. I’m sure Obama has some shovel ready reservoir jobs lined up to catch all that rainwater.

            1. Of course not. You can’t control people as easily when there’s no emergency.

              If we properly impounded the San Joaquin River, we’d have enough water for 100 years.

      2. Nah, it’s just that rain manufacturers are fleeing from California to Texas.

  19. Special “Elizabeth Warren” edition of “Do as I say, not as I do! ”

    Please share on your Derpbook, if you dare.

    Elizabeth Warren Bought Foreclosed Homes to Make a Quick Profit

    That’s part of the reason she’s so surprised her grandmother sold the home in 1993 for a mere $30,000. Despite a debilitating stroke, Martin says Hickman remained sharp, and she had always been business-savvy.

    The home’s new owner: Elizabeth Warren, today a Massachusetts senator who has built a political career on denouncing the sort of banking titans and financial sophisticates who make a buck off the little guy. Five months after purchasing Veo Vessels’ old home, Warren flipped the property, selling it for $115,000 more than she’d paid, according to Oklahoma County Property Assessor records.

    But Warren bought and sold at least five properties for profit at a different time in her life, before the cratering economy and a political career made her a star.

    In her 2014 autobiography, Warren wrote of the events that precipitated the financial crisis that “everyone seemed to have a story about someone they knew who was getting rich by flipping houses.” She omitted a crucial one.

    1. Yeah, I remember reading about this in the Boston Herald a couple of years back.

      Liberals were and are silent on this.


    2. I remember John was talking about this for months as one of the reasons Warren won’t go into the race. Even Hilary isn’t incompetent enough not to shred her with this kind of ammo.

      1. Massachusetts liberals are masters at avoiding paying taxes where they don’t have to.

        Kerry (who now has Harf reporting to him regarding Iran by the way; this will end well I’m sure) registers his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid paying higher taxes in Mass.

        It’s their way of doing their fair share. I mean, RI can use the money more than Mass., right?

      2. Hmmm… Hilary v. Warren, ‘Game of Crones’

        1. Which one gets the Iron Bone?

  20. What’s the worst thing about the UK? Tea, of course.

    Is tea good? We never ask. It is not good. It is exactly fine. And liking it is the worst possible English trait, up there with colonialism and the class system and thinking dentistry is bad.

    Coffee: the beverage of the proletariat…?

    h/t Los Doyers

    1. Fuck Los Doyers. He’s probably Tulpa too.

      1. *stands up*

        I AM TULPA

        1. Goddamnit, Banjos!


          1. Just because you’re wearing something up your ass, that doesn’t make you a puppet.


            1. #NOITDOESNT

            2. #TulpaStrong

        3. Wait, I thought I was Tulpa.

          What the hell?

          1. “Now I’ll show you what I already know.”

            *heats up paperclip with blow torch*

        4. Whoa, sloopy married a dude?

          1. . . .with a functioning womb?

    2. Tea when cold and loaded up with a shit-ton of sugar is a fine beverage.

      And fuck his hat tip. Did he tip his hat to the person who gave him the link? No. And for all you know that person was me.

      1. Fuck you both. I am the one who Tulpas, and I demand respect.

        1. It’s a verb now too? Fuck me with a chainsaw.

          1. Zat arranged, can be.

          2. Fuck me with a chainsaw

            So you want to be “Tulpa-ed”, then…

      2. Tea when cold and loaded up with a shit-ton of sugar is a fine beverage.

        Tea when tossed out of a ship into cold water is also a fine beverage.

        1. T, when followed by H and then C, is a very fine beverage!

      3. Tea when cold and loaded up with a shit-ton of sugar is a fine beverage.

        You are everything that is wrong with Asian America.

        1. And really, just enough tea to give it some color.

      4. Tea when cold and loaded up with a shit-ton of sugar is a fine beverage.

        Tea, when cold, emptied down the sink and replaced with equal parts vodka, rum, tequila, gin and orange liqueur plus some other non-essentials is also dandy.

      5. Your comment gave me diabetes.

          1. Now I have an intense urge to write grotesque Nancy Pelosi slash fic

    3. Uhh. Have these people never tried the food? Because outside of roast beef, it sucks.

      1. To be fair, you can’t beat a full English breakfast.

        1. Imagine eggs benedict but with fried gritcakes instead of English muffins and sausage instead of Canadian bacon with southern style biscuits slathered in cane syrup.

          1. Uhh, I just remember fried bread, beans, MUSHROOMS, and some other good stuff. Gave me the energy I needed to work in the factory all day, unlike those lazy western euros who eat shitty breakfasts because they hate work.

          2. All breakfast is terrible.

            1. You shut your whore mouth, HM!

            2. NUTELLA PANCAKES!!!11!11!11

              Basic overload. Reboot required.

              1. What civilized person is hungry before 10:30?

              2. Pancakes? What kind of pedestrian bullshit is this?

                Crepes with a dash of Cointreau or a cognac that skews vanilla. Then put the nutella on top.

                1. Brioche French toast. Vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, Grand Marnier, orange zest and powdered sugar.

                  1. I used to make my own rich breads for French toast, but Trader Joe’s has thick cut cinnamon swirl and raisin swirl breads that are perfect (rich and sliced about an inch thick) for french toast. You get fried edges with a custardy texture in the middle.

                    Alternately I go with my grandma’s recipe and get Sunmaid raisin bread, grind Nilla Wafers, and make a super basic French toast with orange juice instead of milk and dredge the soaked bread in Nilla crumbs before frying in butter.

                    Both are delightful depending on how much you want to be classy or poor white trash.

            3. It’s like you want us to hate you.

            4. I guess. . .if you’re solar-powered.

              1. A better question is what civilized person is awake and out of bed before 10:30?

                1. One can eat breakfast at any time. The key is that you are breaking the fast you engaged in during the act of sleeping.

                  And breakfast for dinner rules, too.

                  1. You are a horrible human being.

          3. Southern breakfast for the win.

            1. well obviously so, but the rest of the guyz be hatin’


      3. Fish & Chips, Sir! I shall defend it with every ounce of my being.

        Also, curry (or at least its early hominid-like ancestor), before Indians fixed it up properly based on few millennia head start.

    4. Coffee: the beverage of the proletariat…?

      Not in UK. Coffee is still what upper-crust and immigrants drink, proles are solidly for tea. May change in the future of course. So pretty much more Culture War bullshit where English are treated as worst people occupying the Isles.

      It’s always back to Road to Wiggan Pier with these people.

    5. Huh. So the Limey commies are succeeding at destroying every shred of English culture that once made them a great nation, even symbolic shit like this. Imagine that.

      Ours are working hard at it here too.

  21. Organized labor’s heavy-handed lobbying against the Trans-Pacific Partnership leaves Democrats on the receiving end of threats bent out of shape.

    1. I second your comment.

  22. Oops.
    Whatever you do, don’t call them thugs.

    1. Can we call them mugs? Bushwackers? Hornswaddlers? Rustlers? Methodists?

    2. Racist!

  23. Batches of Hillary Clinton’s email must be released by the U.S. State Department every 30 days starting next month,

    What day does she start? You know, just so we can plan our month accordingly.

    1. OMG, misoginy! Are they implying something about Hilary’s “time of the month?!” Outrage! Boycott!

      1. Bonus points if Hilligula can sync her cycle to the release days.

      2. Isn’t that every 28 days? Like the Moon?

    2. Watch State be a complete bunch of twats and just release stuff in completely nonsensical order.

      1. One favorite tactic to fuck with the other side: print the documents and scan them into greyscale tiffs.

        My brother had to deal with that bit of fuckery on five or six occasions. Fortunately there is this open source program called tesseract. 🙂

        1. The ones that were released last Friday where non-searchable pdf.

  24. Along with criticizing foreign policy hawks, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) casts himself as a conservationist in the process of pointing out “the Republican brand sucks” and needs to be refurbished.

    The debates will be quite amusing.

    1. I look forward to seeing which school of thought gets the loudest applause.

  25. Some delicious schadenfreude going on right now with FIFA.

    I’m a little irked that old fuck Blatter wasn’t also dragged out of the hotel by his nutsack.

    1. Patience, my child.

      1. Agreed. This is a classic organized crime roll-up operation. They’ve already gotten four dudes to flip here in the States which apparently helped the Swiss (which, btw, I’m shocked are goring two of their sacred cows – FIFA and their banks).

  26. Everybody shit your pants

    The source was anonymous. But the mouthpiece has a measure of credibility. High profile military analyst and former US Naval War College lecturer John Schindler tweeted last week: “Said a senior NATO (non-US) GOFO to me today: ‘We’ll probably be at war this summer. If we’re lucky it won’t be nuclear.’ Let that sink in.”


    2. If war broke out, it would be really fun watching the total pacifist, anti-war Europeans who are totally unlike we dirty, filthy, warmongering savages in America whining about how the US military juggernaut needs to come and save them.

      Of course, war isn’t actually going to happen and this is just fearmongering, but still.

      1. A war could happen actually.

        First, Obama’s history of drawing bright lines and then buckling like a belt when called on it has ensured that nobody can figure out when he’s serious and when he isn’t.

        Second, my cousin in Estonia reports that the tensions between the abandoned Russian colonists and the native Estonians is at an all time high. The ethnic Russians are not well integrated into the society, often don’t speak Estonian that well, have high unemployment, and hate the Estonians. The Estonians replicate the hatred. He says the Russians have a favorable view of having Russia annex a portion of Estonia to protect them against Estonian prejudice and maltreatment.

        A big flash-point are the gaudy war memorials put up by the Soviets that are adored by the Russians and hated by the Estonians. The Estonians want hem gone or modified to remove the signs that they were once a subject people. The Russians view it as a huge slight against their sacrifices to save the Estonians from the scourge of fascism.

        If this reminds you of Ukraine, you aren’t alone….

        1. I told you guys its the 90s all over again. Time to ramp up tensions in eastern Europe and have NATO jets bombing from 30,000 feet.

          1. Hmmm, I think the next war thingy will be about “migrants” from Africa and the ME entering Southern Europe. My sister was in Sicily last month and the whole island is going apeshit about it. They want patrols to return migrants. The situation is tense and not getting better as long as Syria is in flames which, let’s face it, will be permanent.

            1. Every government on the planet has turned their economy to shit and wonders why there are tensions in every corner of the globe.

          2. The period 2000-2025 will be a reverse replay of the 1980s-2000s: start with war in the Middle East and shitty pop music and end with Cold War and Big Hair.

            1. Did you just call Bananarama shitty?

              I foresee a cruel summer for you, you tasteless savage.

              1. I thought he was referring to the shitty pop music around 2000 – which sounds entirely accurate to me.

                1. I expected better from you, Rhywun. I thought you were made of better stuff.

                  One of the greatest songs ever written came out in the early 2000s.

                  1. Yes to Rhywun

    3. Everybody shit your pants

      Dammit. Has the army finally completed the research on “the brown note”?

    4. Everybody shit your pants

      I was just looking for permission.

      ……[grunts loudly in the library}….

    5. I had a dream a few weeks back where I was out in a parking lot to watch Independence Day fireworks, and instead saw a mushroom cloud in the distance. But I have weird dreams, so eh.

  27. The attacks on Rand are so weird and weak. The ‘hawks’ of the GOP can’t even articulate real ideas. “STRENGTH! RESOLVE! WORDS I LIKE!”. They are at the point where all they can do is put out an autonomic response. This is not how a secure establishment behaves. They are all piling on not because it will work as one poster said but because it very well might not.

    1. Maybe they feel awkward for supporting Obama/Hillary’s wars against ISIS’s enemies, so they resent Paul for bring it up.

    2. And yet they nominated Romney last time because his hair was so goddamned presidential.

      1. They gave every other contender in that B-list of nom choices a chance first.

  28. Some articles ago I heard voice given to the pernicious idea that war should be a ‘last resort’. This is pernicious dogma. War should be used when it is the best option. It is conceivable in the right scenario that a small amount of war immediately could avert a larger amount in the longer-term. Saying otherwise is like saying a doctor should never amputate unless it’s life or death, even if he could save most of an arm by amputating.

    1. You may be astonished to read that I agree, except to the extent the doctor in your analogy employs allopathy in his practice.

    2. Small amount of war, like the $100 billion estimate to fix Iraq?

      1. Or the $1 trillion plus that the “childish” libertarians thought it would cost.

      2. No. What the hell gave you that idea? A better example are the highly effective cheap drone strikes.

  29. Batches of Hillary Clinton’s email must be released by the U.S. State Department every 30 days starting next month, says a federal judge. Oh, this should be fun.

    What difference, at this [redacted]?

  30. Campus activists want information on the prevalence of rape at school. Or do they?

    Advocates have long told colleges that they should conduct anonymous “climate surveys” to better assess the prevalence of sexual assault on their campuses. When the University of Michigan began soliciting responses to both the AAU survey and one of its own creation, some students said the language used in the survey’s questions made them uncomfortable or even triggered dark memories of their assaults.

    My personal favorite part:

    At Penn, some students also complained that they didn’t realize the survey was about sexual assault, as it was referred to as a “climate survey,” as these kinds of surveys commonly are. Thinking the survey was about climate change, the students claimed, they deleted the email.

    1. Rapists and climate change denialists. What kind of school of monsters are they running?

  31. Guess who said the following:

    This is a tactic based on precise calculation of all human weaknesses, and its result will lead to success with almost mathematical certainty unless the opposing side learns to combat poison gas with poison gas.

    Interesting to see how blatant he was.

    1. The Orkin Man?

    2. Chipotle eaters?

    3. The President of a college fraternity?

    4. Eric Ludendorf?

    5. Hitler?

      1. Wait, disregard that

  32. Hey guys, I want to solicit your advice.

    My son wants to get a summer job (yes!). He tells me he wants to get this job on his own without any nepotism/influence.

    It’s been 3 decades since I was in his shoes, and I had really bad luck pounding pavement back then. Thus, while I want to give him some great fatherly pointers and I hope to point him in the right direction so that he makes bank instead of deciding that looking for work is a waste of time.

    Basically, he is interested in anything that allows him to work with his hands and is indoors and doesn’t involve food preparation (he doesn’t want to repeat the ambulance ride he got to have when he accidentally came into contact with cashews). His goal is $150 per week in take home pay.

    So any suggestions as to what sorts of places he should go to ask for work, and how he should ask them for a job?

    1. Does your city offer any summer jobs for kids to sit around and do nothing all day? That was my first foray into the job market. Supervising summer camp brats and getting paid to go to water parks.

      1. That’s what I did one summer. I worked half time at the city assessor’s office snooping around people’s houses to find out if any visible improvements were made, and half time at the local animal shelter cleaning up dog poop, playing with dogs, and helping the visiting vet euthanize dogs. Quite the spiritually invigorating summer.

        1. That you, Cesar Milan?

    2. Does indoors count warehouse work?

      1. Yes. But I suspect that those jobs violate the rules against kids under 16 working near machinery.

    3. Why does he want to be indoors? Tell him to get a job on the delivery crew for a nursery. He’ll get sun, fresh air, exercise, smoke lots of drugs on the job, and if he has half a brain he’ll manage to bang a few lonely housewives.

      1. Stop acting like that’s what you did you fucking poser.

        1. Shut up. Men are talking.

          1. meowwwwwwwww!

          2. I’ll outlift you right now you crossfit wannabe.

      2. if he has half a brain he’ll manage to bang a few lonely housewives.

        Thanks asshole! Now, if he does go that route, my ex’s lawyer will be all over me for encouraging the corruption of a minor!!!! 😉

        1. GOOD. If I got laid when I was 16, I’d want it entered in the court record too.

    4. Indoors…is Best Buy hiring?

      If he’s not deadset against being outdoors, my favorite summer gig of all time was working for a small construction contractor. It was hard as shit but I made double what all my friends did and I could always find someone willing to buy me a case of Beast Lite (probably not what you are looking to hear).

      1. It’s an idea…. There’s a couple of contractors doing work in our neighborhood.

      2. My brother worked for a painting company for several years in college. Loved the hours and the pay.

    5. My son’s worked at Nike and Under Armor – prefers the latter. Stock shelves, unload freight – he gets his physical on while remaining indoors. Loves it. No influence from Mrs. Almanian or me – we don’t know anyone at either store except #1 son.

      1. Do you also rank your children? We have a leader board on the fridge so we can shift ranks depending on most recent performance.

        1. This seems like an excellent parenting technique. Transparent, effective and responsive.

          1. My newest technique: I take them out for dessert, tell them that they were bad, and eat it in front of them.

    6. Craigslist

      1. Always the prostitution with you.

    7. Tell him to get certified to lifeguard and work at an indoor pool.

      1. Best job I ever had (outdoor pool, but still).

    8. The best paying low-skilled jobs I got when I was just out of high school were through temp agencies. Although that was food service. But he can do warehouse/light industrial/ or office work. They are always really desperate for reliable workers.

      1. Most temp agencies won’t touch minors, unfortunately.

        1. Phrasing!

          1. “Jesse’s Temp Agency”

            1. If they look young I ask for photo ID!

        2. he could try retail, but he’ll be competing for those jobs with underemployed grievance studies majors. His best bet is just to go pound the pavement and apply anywhere in the vicinity of where he wants to work. It’s a numbers game.

    9. Gay massage

      1. Nikki covered that above.

    10. Life guarding is the best summer job for a kid. It pays better – well above minimum wage – and the environment is nice.

      He’ll need a Red Cross certification but that’s not difficult to get as long as he’s an average swimmer.

    11. Sex worker?

    12. Your kid’s summer job should be studying during the day for the SAT and taking summer courses during the evening at the community college, like lil’ Ravi Patel and Mei Mei Yin plan on doing.

    13. If he’s just 14 he may have a lot of regulations and company policies that are difficult to overcome to get a w-9 job, but there are several possibilities I can think of.

      How about caddying? That always was open to young guys far as I can remember, and it’s pretty good money, working outdoors, and involves exercise and lifting that can build him up. Also, caddies have a shot at the Chick Evans college scholarships (that’s what Danny was after in Caddyshack) which are a pretty nice way to pay for college — and they give out a lot of them, so the odds are fairly decent to get one (compared to most scholarships).

      The other idea for the summer, and a good one for a 14-year-old, is to make it known that you’re available to do some upkeep for people’s houses while they are on vacation. You go by daily, water the plants, feed the cats, get the mail, etc — and people will probably pay about $10 per day. Get a few of those going at a time, and you can get some pretty good money going. Put up some flyers with some tear-off phone numbers outside of the local grocery stores or community centers. Word of mouth ends up taking it from there, if he does a good job people will tell their friends. Everyone will be gone at some point this summer, so there will be a ton of demand.

      Hope those two ideas help.

      1. Good idea and he could also babysit at night if you are in an area with younger parents.

        My buddie’s daughter in Seattle was making 10 to 15 bucks an hour a few years ago. I used to make 50 cents an hour 50 years ago, but it was easy money. Entertain the rugrats for an hour, get them in bed and watch TV for a few hours til the parents get home. He could probably do 2 nights on a weekend and make 80 bucks.

    14. The one percent always needs a good monocle polisher.

    15. Look for a pool/spa store. You can work moving chemicals around and do lab tests on people’s water, and even get outside working on installations and pool maintenance if he feels like getting outside.

      Alternatively, look for a gas station/repair garage combo. I.did that a couple of summers too, and learned a lot about car maintenance. They had me doing oil changes and tire mount/balancing.

      1. Plus sometimes you get to help the mechanics out on a complex job and learn some real wrenching.

        1. I doubt that labor laws now would allow a 14 y/o to do mechanic work…just saying.

  33. A defense of jokes about killing all white men from an author who decries rape jokes.

    And some commentary from the subject of this defense: There was muted laughter from Mustafa’s supporters when she broached the subject of the accusations of racism and sexism made against her.

    Mustafa flatly denied that it was possible for her comments to have been racist or sexist: “I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender.

    “Therefore, women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system.”

    She described the controversy over her Facebook post as “only one in a series of attacks upon minority women on campus.”

    Notice also that she’s a white chick. Apparently having parents from Turkey imbues her with magical powers.

      1. Read that as “Sauron dissected her” and got nerdily excited.

      2. To me, the best part of that video was when her speech was finished. All the other white girls circled her for congratulations and hugs. The brown-er ladies just left. Especially watch the woman who holds the mic.

    1. “I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender.”

      Someone made a great point, which is that based on this logic, I should be allowed to go to Japan and call everyone a slant-eyed panty sniffing pervert and it wouldn’t be racist because white people don’t have political power in Japan.

      I don’t think progs have thought this argument through.

      1. I found a video once of a person claiming that Japanese people aren’t being racist or even rude if they point at you and yell gaijin because in Japan, white people are like unicorns, so you just need to politely humor their curiosity.

      2. I made a similar point recently saying, noted ‘racist’ societies like Korea and Japan get to come here and be racist because they’re a minority. Win-win for them!

      3. “white people don’t have political power in Japan”

        You’re forgetting the nuclear umbrella.

      4. I should be allowed to go to Japan and call everyone a slant-eyed panty sniffing pervert and it wouldn’t be racist because white people don’t have political power in Japan.

        Yawn. Too easy:

        Since WWII, the Japan has been the pawn of the imperialist US patriarchy. Imposing oppressive structures of privilege was every bit as important to rape-apologist MacArthur as was building roads and factories.

        There’s nowhere you can’t be racist, you racist.

    2. Oooh, can I then not be racist against her because of 500 year of Turkish oppression of my people?

      racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender

      Oddly enough, does that mean it’s OK for Canadians to be bigoted against Australian aborigines? Or Americans against Mongolians? Japanese against Zulus? Russians against Bangladeshi? There’s no way for member of one of those groups to gain power or privilege over targets of their bigotry, provided they stay away from the geographic area they can be found, and no history of oppression either.

      1. Huh. Well, WASP that I am, that means that I can claim the oppression of the Romans against early Christians, right? So no more picking on white men! We’re all oppressed minorities now!

    3. I tell her to suck my dick, if I didn’t think she’d bite it off.

      Bitch needs a good fuckin’, amirite?

      1. Needs a good drawing and quartering

    4. Mustafa identifies as a “queer, anti-racist feminist killjoy.” She got her master’s degree in gender and media studies from Goldsmiths last year, where she performed Foucauldian readings of Japanese anime porn. She uses the term safe space. She is, in short, anti-feminists’ nightmare

      If by “nightmare” you mean “laughing stock,” then sure.

      1. Foucauldian readings of Japanese anime porn.

        Who knew you could make tentacle rape boring. I’m assuming this breaks some fundamental law of the universe, no?

        1. On the other hand, this probably makes her PZ Meyer’s favoritist-person-in-the-whole-wide-world.

      2. It’s Goldsmiths ground zero for that bullshit? I had a lifelong friend go there for her masters in international development (read: telling brown people what to do).

        She came back an awful person. Simply intolerable. I’ve cut all ties.

        1. I dunno. I never heard of it till now.

    5. Would.

    6. So, as a woman, I can tell her to shut up and make me a sandwich?

      1. Somebody needs to.

    7. She appears to be a ginger, did Eire invade Turkey at some point.

  34. Another day, another false sexual assault claim:

    All they’ve done is give scorned women a chance to fuck up guys.

    1. You see the quote from Mellor I posted up top?

      1. Yup. Saw in the AM links in fact.

        1. One of my friends suggested the only way to deal with FIFA is for some of the big associations to form their own group (he suggested UK, France, Spain & I would add Germany) to form their own group. Not sure that that would work given how big the World Cup is.

          1. AMERICASOCCERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. But not Italy?

            Are you guys for real?

            1. He mentions Spain and France over Italy?!?!?

              Excuse me if I take this in the wrong way.

              1. Well, (a) I think he was just throwing names out and (b) he lived in Belfast for 10 years so I think he’s a little myopic on the whole continental thing.

                As for me, I have no excuse.

                *backs out of room with head bowed*

                1. DAMN YOU, Raven!

                  I’m having a bad day. Genius here lost an unsigned business cheque. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I wrapped it around $100 cash.

                  I’ve been fuming since 1pm.

                  1. *Turns to commentariat*

                    “Rufus is having a bad day. I even apologized and he yelled at me. I suggest we all go home and pick things up tomorrow.”

                    1. Heh.

    2. You act like it’s such a small thing!

      1. …but enough about Episiarch’s “man”hood….

    3. Goddammit. That’s my alma mater. Not that I should be surprised. A buddy of mine got railroaded under very similar circumstances while I was there.

    4. There is a New York attorney named Andrew Miltinberg who has been representing a number of men who have been similarly victimized, including a Vassar student, Peter Yu, who really got shafted by the school and then the Obama appointed federal judge who dismissed his lawsuit.

  35. A great Woz interview

    When we start to talk about privacy and I ask him whether he thinks NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is a hero or a villain his answer is prompt and unabashed.

    “Total hero to me; total hero,” he gushes. “Not necessarily [for] what he exposed, but the fact that he internally came from his own heart, his own belief in the United States Constitution, what democracy and freedom was about. And now a federal judge has said that NSA data collection was unconstitutional.”

    “At that point in time (1991), if Apple and Microsoft had built [PGP] into their operating system, it would have been a permanent part of email and all email would have been secure,” he says. “Now we’re talking about making laws that you cannot use encryption. It’s almost like you can’t have any secrets anymore. And the modern generation just accepts this as the status quo.

    1. If we had secrets we would not have the fappening. And really, what was more important than that?

      1. +1 hosed-down JLaw

    2. That’s great, but I could have done without the brown-nosing towards the UAE. Woz seems utterly fucking clueless about the implications of busting on the US for not acting like an authoritarian oil fiefdom just because the sheikhs provided him with a luxe suite to lay his fat ass.

  36. In light of ENB’s article yesterday on the OTC birth control bill, it appears the progs have their talking points all set up, featuring a generous portion of spluttering, question-begging, and appeals to authority:

    Here’s the reality: There are dozens and dozens of types and brands of birth control pills. Estrogen, progesterone or both? If you’re not careful, it can be a life-and-death decision…The chances are not only pretty good, they’re very good that you’d want the advice of a health-care professional as to which pill to choose over a recommendation from a TV commercial or the dude behind the counter at the pharmacy, next to the soda pop aisle.

    By making the pill OTC, the government would no longer require health insurance companies to cover the cost of the drug. So that $10 to $200 a year copay for the pill? Gone ? now you pay about $600 or more for the pill. Maybe you can pick a cheap one and see how that works for you.

    Yeah, because the price of OTC meds goes up when it’s mass-produced, everyone knows that! You can tell Gardner’s got a winner here because progderps can’t make one coherent argument against it that isn’t easily refuted.

    1. What the article really confirms is what some people pointed out yesterday–it’s not access to birth control that progs care about, it’s perpetually growing the central state regardless of the consequences. It’s a hallmark of left-wing double-think that progs argue against businesses getting too big, yet are intellectually incapable of applying the same logic to governments.

      1. Birth control = life or death. Morning after pill…not so much…

      2. It’s amazing how fast they flipped on OTC birthcontrol. Barely 3 years have gone by since some of the very same people were pushing for it. Marcotte, for one, comes to mind.

        1. Thanks to you – and Google – I found it:


          1. “Standing up for OTC birth control pills would absolutely be a hard, long fight, but it would be one that demonstrates that the pro-choice community really means it when we say we trust women with their own health-care decisions. Putting more time and resources towards this also means picking another fight with the right over contraception, and history shows that’s a fight that tends to favor our side in public opinion.”

            1. damn, as little as two years ago.

              1. also, good find.

                1. I typed “Amanda Marcotte over the counter birth control” on Google. The article was the second item found.

                  I mean, yeah, I made a meticulous and thoroughgoing search through back issues of numerous magazines until I found an old magazine squeezed in the back of the shelf, and I blew off the dust and discovered the article. Yeah, that’s it.

        2. Hell, Marcotte was pimping for it as recently as TWO YEARS AGO. If you look at her article on the same site from last September, it was only when those icky Republicans pushed it forward that she started expressing doubts.

          Her recent Slate article on this was a master-class in applying double-think and selective data. She claims that Obamacare dropped the cost of birth control pills to zero for many women, but leaves out the fact that they have to pay the premiums and co-pays for the pills and doctor visits.

          It’s just sad and pathetic to watch these self-described “reality-based” morons actually argue that making birth control OTC is going to increase their cost. That idiot in the article I linked claims that OTC birth control is going to cost $600 a year. Based on what metrics, the ones he pulled out of his ass? (Not to mention that if a woman can’t afford $50 a month for birth control, she’s got bigger issues than how many guys she’s banging. Perhaps downgrading from an iPhone will cover the difference).

        3. The new argument appears to be that women are too stupid to do their own research to determine which OTC pill would be best for their needs. Better that they go to an agent of the state who can decide for them.

    2. My wife was enraged upon moving here and learning that she need a prescription for the pill. In Thailand, a month’s supply was barely 7 bucks.

      1. I have an aunt who used to be in Dubai a lot. She was annoyed when she moved back to the US and had to get a prescription for the pill, and remarked on how stupid requiring prescription for ibuprofen 800 is when only a moron wouldn’t know to take 4x200mg to get the same effect.

        In all fairness, I’ve met such morons.

    3. Pharmacists are just “some dude behind the counter”?

      I’m sure they feel cheated for doing four years of schooling in their field.

      1. It’s a real testament to his ignorance that he seems to believe that pharmacists are glorified stockboys and don’t do anything except fill bottles with his Viagra pills.

        1. Pharmacists tend to be way more approachable than your average doctor and (at least in my experience) are much better informed about the latest on drug interactions and contraindications for taking any given medication. I’ve long thought pharmacists were a better contact point for women to talk to when choosing BC for the first time.

  37. “U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras also set particular targets for the agency to meet each month as it wades through the roughly 30,000 emails totaling about 55,000 pages. (The percentages set for each disclosure can be viewed in the judge’s written order, posted here.)

    The monthly disclosure essentially splits the difference between the State Department’s most recent proposal of releases every 60 days and lawyers for Vice News reporter Jason Leopold, who proposed releases every two weeks.”

    Call me naive,

    but if the fucking material is public, then its public – and if its not, its not. What’s the fucking legal basis for this trickle-stuff-out ‘compromise’ between transparency and political manipulation of public documents?

    It feels like a fucking bad-referee, who makes a shitty call, then whispers to the team “I’ll get you guys back”, promising to deliver a shitty call against the opponents*

    (this actually happened to me in a lacrosse game. the ref was stoned. I knew because i got high with him)

    It seems to make a mockery of transparency…. I mean, we can’t just ‘release stuff’ all at once!!? We need time to destroy the incriminating stuff, and carefully filter stuff that might be embarrassing!!

    1. It smells very bad to me.

  38. Can’t link to it at work, but if someone would be so good as to grab it for me, the famed folksey tech guru Leo LaPorte just accidentally showed everyone a picture of his dick on his show.

    1. Remember when Mr. Rogers…I don’t I’ll continue with that joke.

      1. I had absolutely no idea that there was a website so obsessed with Leo Laporte.

        I am a complete outsider to technology but I do enjoy technology podcasts.

        I still listen to “This Week in Tech” and “This Week in Google”, although it is true that I listen most days to Tom Merritt’s “Daily Tech News Show” than “Tech News Today”

        I never watch live, so all I know is the edited, public facing podcast. In general I am not at all interested in public figure’s private life.

        But apparently there is much to object in Mr Laporte.

      1. short and thick does the trick, that is what my mother always said.

        The gif from Jesse’s link is lol fun.

      2. Jesse for the win.

        1. In all fairness Gawker picked up the story and linked to that site as the originator.

        1. What sorcery did you use to make your text orange, but not a link!?

          I MUST know.

          1. I’m lactose intolerant.

            1. I’ve accidentally bolded an entire comments section before accidentally. Leaving me to mess with this is a bad idea.

              1. Just break a href link by leaving out a quote.

                Hello, world!

                1. Interesting

                  Test test

                2. Wow, it’s like orange bolding

          2. Ancient MySpace html code, bro.

  39. Somehow this appeared in my Youtube =

    Actual Police Officer Interview Questions

    1. Clay Aiken is applying to be a cop?

      1. i kept expecting the thing to be a joke. I guess it sort of is, since they’re *giving you the answers* they expect

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