Rebrand With Rand, Union Strong-Arming Angers Dems, EPA Wants to Sip Your Water: P.M. Links


  • U.S. Senate

    Batches of Hillary Clinton's email must be released by the U.S. State Department every 30 days starting next month, says a federal judge. Oh, this should be fun.

  • Along with criticizing foreign policy hawks, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) casts himself as a conservationist in the process of pointing out "the Republican brand sucks" and needs to be refurbished.
  • Republican hawks, for their part, are quite cross with Paul.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency unveiled rules extending the agency's authority over more of the nation's waterways.
  • Organized labor's heavy-handed lobbying against the Trans-Pacific Partnership leaves Democrats on the receiving end of threats bent out of shape.
  • Should they stay or should they go? Britain's government begins work on a referendum over European Union membership.
  • Greece may have reached a tentative deal with its creditors. Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras swears there's no danger to pensions, salaries, banks, or deposits, so everybody probably should hide a few euros under the mattress.
  • ISIS hasn't destroyed ruins in Palmyra yet, but the people are less lucky.

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