Hillary Clinton Mocks Notion that She'll Answer Questions from the Press

Questions? From the press? Sure, fine, she'll get around to answering one eventually, maybe.


Hillary Clinton is officially running for president these days, but that doesn't mean she's talking to the press. As I noted this morning, she hasn't taken a single question from a reporter since April 21. It's not as if she hasn't had the opportunity either: She's been making campaign stops in Iowa and elsewhere but refusing media questions all along the way. Instead, it seems fairly apparent that she simply doesn't feel it's necessary to answer questions from reporters, at least not right now. 

You can see exactly how disdainful she is of the idea in this brief clip below, captured by C-SPAN during an Iowa campaign stop this morning.

Asked by Fox News reporter Ed Henry about the possibility of responding to a press question, since she hasn't answered one in a month, she says she'll finish talking to the non-reporters in the audience, and then, in a sort of exaggerated brush off, she says, "I might. I'll have to ponder it. I will put it on my list." At the bottom of the list, no doubt.

Watch the clip to get the full flavor of her contempt:  

(Video via oppo research shop America Rising.) 

When Hillary Clinton was gearing up to announce her campaign earlier this year, multiple reports suggested that she hoped to forge a less oppositional relationship with the press. I guess that didn't work out.