Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Mocks Notion that She'll Answer Questions from the Press

Questions? From the press? Sure, fine, she'll get around to answering one eventually, maybe.


Hillary Clinton is officially running for president these days, but that doesn't mean she's talking to the press. As I noted this morning, she hasn't taken a single question from a reporter since April 21. It's not as if she hasn't had the opportunity either: She's been making campaign stops in Iowa and elsewhere but refusing media questions all along the way. Instead, it seems fairly apparent that she simply doesn't feel it's necessary to answer questions from reporters, at least not right now. 

You can see exactly how disdainful she is of the idea in this brief clip below, captured by C-SPAN during an Iowa campaign stop this morning.

Asked by Fox News reporter Ed Henry about the possibility of responding to a press question, since she hasn't answered one in a month, she says she'll finish talking to the non-reporters in the audience, and then, in a sort of exaggerated brush off, she says, "I might. I'll have to ponder it. I will put it on my list." At the bottom of the list, no doubt.

Watch the clip to get the full flavor of her contempt:  

(Video via oppo research shop America Rising.) 

When Hillary Clinton was gearing up to announce her campaign earlier this year, multiple reports suggested that she hoped to forge a less oppositional relationship with the press. I guess that didn't work out. 

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  1. If she get’s elected, it’s all over.

    1. I thought it was all over when Obama got elected. And before that it was all over when Bush got re-elected.

      1. I guess what I mean is, there is no reason to expect things to get better until we really hit rock bottom: fiscal catastrophe, Russian/Putin levels of blatant corruption, European levels of cultural stagnation, and so forth.

        1. Another problem: if a Democrat gets to appoint more Supreme Court justices, the remaining bits of the Constitution will be shredded.

      2. It was all over when you were born, sweet cheeks.

        1. Is Nicole coming on to Hugh?!?

          1. I thought that was in response to me

            /breathes deeply, reminds self that Hugh’s cheeks aren’t the only sweet ones

        2. This commentariat is becoming a hostile work environment.

          1. Work?!?

            1. The curse of the drinking class!

              1. I first read that as “drinking” glass, which also works.

    2. she’ll be more closed to the public than her bush is to Bill

      1. Just like Bill, we will all prefer it that way.

    3. NOTHING is over till WE decide it is!

      Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor???!!

      1. I’m with you!

      2. the Germans didnt bomb Pearl Harbor.

  2. It’s HER turn, damn it! Now you peons get the fuck out of her face and let her rule!

    1. In a way she is the perfect candidate for the Top Men party. The top men have decided Hilary is the candidate so why bother with primary challengers?

      1. Why are we even bothering with an election?

        1. Think of the ego-trip like a drug. You can’t just jump right into the presidency, you’d OD. You need the campaign and the election to build up a tolerance.

        2. Why do we ever bother with elections?

  3. she hoped to forge a less oppositional relationship with the press. I guess that didn’t work out.

    A complete lack of a relationship is * kind of * not being in opposition, since that requires engagement.

    1. You would think Reason would get that isolation =/= opposition.

  4. She just does not have a natural rapport with people. She’s always so stiff & rehearsed, and her trying to sell herself as a “woman of the people” is laughed at even by her supporters. And then there are her Mao-inspired suits. Don’t get me started.

    I’m at a loss to come up with a Dem woman who has a natural gift of gab that can trade banter easily.

      1. …and HOW

      2. I could go on and on about the “fashions” of the DC chick population. Hillary is just the most prominent example. Although she isn’t afraid of non-neutrals like most women here. I’ll give her that.

    1. She just does not have a natural rapport with people

      It seems worse than that: she actively despises people.

      I’m hard pressed to think of group she even likes to pander to! I mean, there must be at least one, but I’m drawing a blank.

      1. Other than Middle Eastern dictators and Clinton family consiglieres, of course.

    2. I read that as Mao-inspired sluts and I um….no further comments.

      1. I read that as Mao-inspired sluts and I um….

        Huma Abedin?

        1. Don’t get me started.

        2. No, she’s inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood.

  5. This is part of the new narrative that leaders must talk over the press and directly to the people. Quite frankly, journalists lately haven’t shown me anything to suggest they’ve earned the privilege of being my intermediary.

    1. I agree. It’s a perfect situation for shitheel politicians. The ineptitude of the press leads to disdain for them in the public which leads to a strategic campaign decision to “go populist, speak to the people directly” which leads to a marginalization of the press…and on and on we go until we are officially just picking “Ford,” “Toyota,” “Kia” based on nothing but the advertisements.

    2. If she were actually talking to the people I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

      But she is being embroiled in scandal after scandal and thinks she can get away with it without offering any explanation whatsoever. And she might be right.

      1. Journalists could start treating her like they would a Republican, and treat the story as true until proven false. Then she’d have to engage. But she’s betting they prefer to remain lapdogs, and so far, she’s right.

  6. condescending bitch. thinks she should be elected just because she is she, and we thought Obama was a narcisit.

  7. Allegedly, here motorcade was running 95+ to escape from journalists


    1. It’s like she’s read every how-to manual on the Iowa caucuses and then decided to violate every instruction.

      1. She’s writing her own manual. That looks suspiciously like the politico’s version of a n00b coder’s Manual To The Next Poor Bastard Who Has to Maintain His Awesome Access-Based Misson-Critical System

        1. +1 spaghetti code

  8. It’s unlikely that a smoking gun will ever be uncovered. But any competent politician should realize that regardless of guilt or innocence the situation looks terrible. Given the optics of her baggage, Hillary has no business running for dogcatcher, much less president.

    The question is she running out of arrogance and a sense of entitlement or because she knows that even a cursory investigation will produce hard evidence?

    1. Maybe she’s trying to stay relevant long enough to broker a pardon from the candidate she retires from the race in favor of?

      1. Hillary 2016: The White House or the Big House.

        1. #IRONVAGINA2016

    2. I think she’s running because she can. Because she feels like she deserves this. Because she sees that she does have a slim chance here, but this is the last time. It’s this time or never. She tried with 2008 and got identity-politicked out by Obama. But there is no Obama this time.

      1. Bernie is Jewish, but I don’t think Jew outranks Chick on the identity politics Scale of Oppression.

        1. “A woman in politics is like a donkey doing calculus.”

    3. The question is she running out of arrogance and a sense of entitlement or because she knows that even a cursory investigation will produce hard evidence?

      Neither. She’s running because her entire network of lucrative financial connections is premised on her proximity to power and the assumption that she will soon wield the most powerful position in the world. It’s not arrogance or entitlement, that’s only how it comes across. And she worries not about investigation because she has sold her soul and global foreign policy stewardship to enough varied monied interests who now have incentive to protect her from any investigation. She continues to run not for power nor influence, but for nothing but naked greed. She is Faust.

      1. It looks like running alone, without winning, can be lucrative, too. Maybe it’s become about that.

    4. But any competent politician should realize that regardless of guilt or innocence the situation looks terrible.

      Dude, she’s a victim of sexist Rethuglicans promoting a fake skandul!

    5. The question is she running out of arrogance and a sense of entitlement or because she knows that even a cursory investigation will produce hard evidence?


    6. Smoking gun? She could shoot the Republican nominee in the head on national TV and her toadies would justify it – and nothing else would happen.

      At this point she doesn’t even acknowledge the laws she breaks.

    7. It’s unlikely that a smoking gun will ever be uncovered.

      Oh, I don’t know. Maybe Wikileaks will publish a bunch of her “deleted” emails.

      1. The awesomeness of that possibility is too much for me to hope for.

  9. A year ago, I knew that Hillary was so completely devoid of personality and so completely saturated with scandal and blatant corruption that I figured there was no way even the Democratic Party would trot her withering soulless form out as their consensus candidate. I also knew that the Democratic Party would need their next candidate to check an identity politics box, and I figured possession of a vagina was the primary criteria for their nomination this cycle around. Putting two and two together, I claimed Liz Warren would be the nominee.

    I failed to see how depraved the Democratic Party has become.

    1. If by depraved you mean their top two choices were Clinton and Warren instead of, oh, anyone else, then sure.

      If you’re implying Clinton is far worse than Warren — not really seeing that.

      1. The true believer is always more dangerous than the soulless hack.

        1. Stalin vs. Lenin begs to differ

          1. Lenin just needed more time.

      2. From a policy perspective, Warren is indeed further left and more doctrinaire socialist. And she’s plenty corrupt herself. But Hillary is banana republic corrupt. She is an animal unlike any we’ve seen in the context of american political culture and her election would represent a true crossing the Rubicon moment in my view. I’d rather be governed by Liz Warren or even Bernie Sanders than Hillary Clinton. Without question.

  10. Paid questions from the audience, eh?

    1. My favorite part about this whole farce is that whenever she shows up in some Iowa or New Hampshire town her team assembles a Potemkin village of “regular Americans” that either work for a pro-Hillary PAC or are donors. She then poses with them and pretends that she just walked into the diner or thrift store to chat.

      1. Just think about how godawful she really is for that to be necessary. She’s so amazingly unsuited for the presidency that you’d think the laughter would drown out all of this serious talk.

      2. All candidates do that, though.

        1. I think they seed events with their own people and send out invitations to their fans, but this sounds like it’s all about keeping the event entirely closed.

        2. But she has to do it. Jeb got caught out by a college girl on Iraq. That’s never going to happen to Hillary.

          1. A cute college girl at that. Just sayin’.

          2. She runs an incredibly tight ship, without error of any kind. Of any kind, SF, do you hear me? OF ANY KIND.

        3. All campaigns manipulate optics but Hillary is quite literally inaccessible unless you already work for her or donate. On the Republican primary side you still have town halls and outdoor events where the interactions with the audience is largely unscripted.

          And certainly the GOP field talks to the press as much as they can given how crowded it is.

  11. I know I should be a little pissed at this, but as insufferable as so many members of the press are I just can’t get too worked up over it. Of course, disclaimers etc.

  12. You can see exactly how disdainful she is of the idea in this brief clip below, captured by C-SPAN during an Iowa campaign stop this morning.

    On a certain level, why shouldn’t she be? Is the press going to scrutinize her? Are they going to fail to act as her cheerleading squad? When you get in bed with people on command, don’t be too surprised when they treat you like a slut.

    She knows perfectly well that she’s got the Democratic nomination locked up. And she knows perfectly well that she could murder their puppies in front of them and the media would still give the full court press in her favor.

  13. No problemo, the press will write adoring fictional screeds about Hillary and support her wholeheartedly anyway, being too stupid too realize that if she wins without press interviews, she’s established a winning precedent that makes them irrelevant.

    1. To be fair, and somewhat surprisingly, the press is not giving her a complete pass. Looks like some normally left-leaning publications are investigating her (and reporting on the scandals) this time around. Not sure I get why, though there’s a point where the need to sell media outweighs the need to kow-tow to the jefe-in-waiting.

      1. Not sure I get why

        They probably see DOOM for the Democratic Party if someone so obviously corrupt and uncharismatic wins. It’s in their interest to have a candidate whose corruption is on the down-low and who can talk like a normal person.

        1. Perhaps. That seems unusually sane and of this world for them.

          1. Yeah, but this is survival, at a primal level. I think some in the media are panicking, so they’re trying to sink her early, before it’s too late. Right now, they have her and Bernie. That’s a seriously laughable ballot, right there.

            1. I love when ppl describe The Media as this monolithic, conspiratorial bloc. Y’all do realize that The Media includes Fox, Al Jazeera, First Look, Wall Street Journal, etc etc – right? You really think those news outlets give a shit about Hillary or the Democrats?

      2. Looks like some normally left-leaning publications are investigating her (and reporting on the scandals)

        And most of those publications get as many eyeballs as Reason. The networks won’t follow up. Nor will most of the press. And when it becomes obvious it’s Hillary or some icky old Republican, those publications will shut up and toe the lion.

        1. Hasn’t even the NYT run a couple of hit pieces on her? I don’t think she’s coming out of this unscathed at all. It’s not like her reputation isn’t in the toilet even more than it already was.

          Message to people who think they’re heirs apparent: Do not start running early.

          1. I think the announcement of actual contenders on the GOP side forced her hand.

            1. Why? She could’ve waited a little longer. It’s amazing the level of hubris she has to have not to have wanted to keep her shenanigans out of the limelight as long as possible. Seriously, why else would she even run, risking her and her husband’s many millions?

              1. The number 1 rule for Bill Clinton was “There is no bad press”.

                Slick Willie could spin the shittiest results so that they always landed and bounced his way. Nothing ever sticks.

                Hillary is completely devoid of this skill. She uses her vagina and the sacrificial lambs around her as armor, absorbing more and more damage. This is going to collapse on her. A real debate against a competent opponent should expose her for the horrible politician and human being that she is.

      3. The actual reporters and pundits out there on the campaign trail and in the newsrooms want, above all else, to be relevant, to feel like they matter and are doing something noble and important for the world.

        If Hillary ignores them, she makes them irrelevant. That can’t stand. If she alienates the press they’ll come after. Then it will be a question of whether or not she can go it alone or if she overplayed her hand. I doubt she has the charisma or personal appeal to go it alone.

        1. Easy now, if you want to be relevant, just donate to the Erect Hillary Campaign, and you’ll be as relevant as Stepanfetchanoplis!

          Wouldn’t you like to be a part of history?

          /Hitlary campaign plan

      4. It’s one thing to choose to toady to the Dem leaders. It’s another thing to have to.

      5. It’s one thing to choose to toady to the Dem leaders. It’s another thing to have to.

        1. Apparently, it’s two things in this case.

      6. The Press hates to be ignored. They are willing to accept her lies and platitudes – but they will eventually get nasty if they are shunned.

      7. I think at least some on the left would like to knock Hillary out in the primaries and bring in someone from the left like they did with Obama. She’s not someone who appears to have a moral compass on policy issues beyond what polls well.

        She was for the Iraq war before she was against it. And two years she was saying that marriage should be restricted to a man and a woman. Does anyone believe her ‘evolving’ on gay issues was because someone made a convincing argument against DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, or did she simply look at the poll numbers and realize that such policies were no longer viable as a Democratic politician?

  14. At this point there are 4 serious GOP candidates (Walker, Rubio, Paul, and Jeb), and all but one (Jeb) would mop the floor with Hillary if this is the way she’ll run her campaign.

    It’s May 2015 and people in the media and her own party are already sick of her and her bullshit.

    1. Wait, I’m sick of her and her bullshit, and I’m not either of those things.

    2. They may be sick of it, but they are still letting her go balls deep in them, so it doesn’t really matter.

  15. You know who else bypassed the press to speak directly to “the people”….

    1. Hitler had charisma. Hillary has all the charm of a chipped bollard.

      1. “Less likable than Hitler.” Wow.

      2. “Nixon Hillary…with charisma? I COULD RULE THE UNIVERSE!”

        1. No. If anti-charisma and charisma meet. . .annihilation, Episiarch. Total, complete, absolute annihilation.

          1. She’s death! Anti-life! She lives to destroy!

            1. Then you’ll join me in my holy cause? Help me in visiting justice and vengeance upon her.

        2. +1 headless body of Agnew

          1. MRAHH!

  16. I’m starting to wonder if Rand Paul’s shushing of women reporters is actually a brilliant campaign strategy. Who wouldn’t want to see him nominated, in the hopes that he will shush Clinton during a debate?

  17. that chinless wonder wearing a picnic blanket shirt with the vapid grin next to her exemplifies her support.

  18. Hillary is a worse campaigner than Bruce Braley.

  19. I can’t wait until Hillary loses 2016, 2020, and 2024. Because you know she’ll still be at it in 2028, all 81 years of her, creaking her way through yet another primary with an oxygen tank strapped to her Hoveround.

    1. creaking her way through yet another primary with an oxygen tank strapped to her Hoveround.

      Nah, I’m sure by then she’ll have bathed in the blood of virgins to restore her youth. Why do you think they had Chelsea?

  20. If she won’t talk to them, it would be reasonable for the press to just quit showing up to cover her campaign events.


  21. Empty pantsuit

    1. No, not empty. It’s full of something.

      1. It’s full of something.

        Something lovecraftian and horrid, with cobwebs and low ceilings, where you bump your head while frantically groping in the dark…

        Where you hear slithering in the darkness and a smell comes creeping out and then place your hand in….

        /screams and runs to certain death

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