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Brickbat: No Good Deed


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Two years ago, some parents donated an equipment shed/clubhouse for the baseball team at Nevada's Arbor View High School. Now, school district officials say the shed has to be torn down because providing a shed for the boys baseball team and not the girls softball team violated Title IX. The parents aren't happy with that decision. They are even less happy that the school system asked only one company to tear down the shed and that company is charging $21,000, a fee the parents will have to pay.

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  1. Canon who tears down and builds homes for a living said he’s stunned that only one company was allowed to request the job. Canon said it makes him feel like somebody’s “palm is getting greased.”

    That’s some fucking expensive grease.

    1. I bet it’s just under what itwould take to build an equipment shed for the girls.

  2. I seems like they checked the balance in the booster fund account and told the demolition company to take it all.

  3. Tearing down what others enjoy is what Title IX is all about.

    1. I wish that was only sarcasm.

    2. The federal government, or any government, shouldn’t be spending on education. But if its going to it should spend equally by gender just as it does by race. The problem here is more an inane application.

      1. Government money didn’t build the shed. Parents’ donations did.

  4. for $21k couldn’t they satisfy Title XI by building another shed for the girls team too? or is “shed” a code word for something much nicer and more expensive?

    1. The point was not to make things equal. The point was to be petty childish tyrants which school administrators excel at.

    2. I don’t think you understand all the work involved. It’s not fair to tear down the boys’ shed when there is no girls’ shed to tear down. Consequently, they had to build a girls’ shed, and tear them both down.

      1. “It’s THE LAW!”

        1. “I am the Law”


    3. Equality is the lowest common denominator.

  5. Calling cops never a good idea. This woman’s son needs his ass kicked.…..e-in-video

    1. from the comments:

      Penny Smith ? Columbus State Community College
      On a 911 domestic call I believe the police are required to see anything they feel is necessary to insure the safety of all individuals within the home. Who in their right mind tries to shut the door on a police officer?

      1. Who in their right mind tries to shut the door on a police officer?

        Who in their right mind would open the door for a police officer?

      2. Knock knock Penny

        1. You’re supposed to do that three times.

          1. He was relying on the squirrlz.

      3. If you’re not doing anything wrong, why wouldn’t you just follow orders? Buncha civil rights extremists around here.

      4. My guess would be that the cops are seriously pressured to make at least one arrest for each domestic-violence call, lest they be accused of covering up/enabling/not doing enough about abuse.

        1. I also guess that they’re told to ignore it when the “victim” pleads with them not to make an arrest, because the victim is simply suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and is in a cycle of abuse which only an arrest can break.

  6. Softball and baseball are not the same sport, ergo the school erred in applying any comparison in facilities between the two.

    1. Nice, um, catch.

  7. For a school district that’s strapped for cash as they are, $21,000 is a lot of money; that’s half a year’s salary for a teacher, I would assume.

    I wouldn’t assume that.

    1. I couldn’t find the data on arbor view, nv, but I could find a few other Nevadan municipalities. With the exception of Caron City, whose median teacher salary is $54K/yr, the median teacher salary in Nevada hung at $52K/yr. So for a ballpark guess, the speaker was only slightly off.

      1. For salary, but you gotta lump on another 50k in bennies. Maybe more, depending on the pension.

  8. Destroy to keep things equal.

    1. So has the government done that to your kitchen yet, Rufus?

      1. DON’T TOUCH MY KITCHEN. I do the cooking around here.

    2. Quite correct, Rufus: “And the trees were all made equal, by hatchet, axe, and saw.”

      1. Even then, for some reason the Balsa and the Ebony are not the same.

      2. I love Rush lyrics first thing in the morning.

        1. And the magic music makes your morning mood. Off on your way, hit the open road. There is magic at your fingers.

  9. Title IX throws like a girl.

    1. They should remove boys elbows so they throw like girls too.

  10. I think it was Slammer who pointed this out last Friday.

    1. hat tips are soooo overrated.


  11. school district officials say the shed has to be torn down because providing a shed for the boys baseball team and not the girls softball team violated Title IX.

    It’s the Glampers that keeps on giving.

  12. Instead of spending tens of thousands to wastefully tear the facility down why not try letting the girls team use it to?

    1. Ah, yes. They could simply self-identify as boys.

    2. Yeah! They need somewhere to scissor between classes.

  13. grrrrrrrrr………

  14. Why can’t the girls’ team just use the same clubhouse?

    1. HM,

      This seems to be about something closer to punishment rather than justice since the girl’s had space in the top portion of the storage shed (2:30 mark):…..-shed.html

      (Thanks to Slammer)

    2. Depending on what they mean by “clubhouse”, it may also be a locker room.

  15. You can send me a check for $1000 for my idea and pocket the remaining $20,000 for yourselves: lock the goddam doors so that the teams with only one X chromosome can’t use it.

  16. Forty years ago I remember gum-chewers being asked sarcastically by the teacher “Did you bring enough for everybody?” before being told to spit out the gum. “If everybody can’t have it, nobody can have it” is hardly a new idea in collectivism. (I’m pretty sure Teacher drank, but the bitch never brought enough vodka for everybody – some animals being more equal than others.)

    1. Dealing with smart-asses like you, I’m surprised she didn’t escalate to heroin.


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  17. The entire baseball team should go tryout for softball. I’d love to see how that plays out.

    Although if it’s fast pitch I could see none of them making the team. Which really means that the baseball and softball teams are co-ed, it’s just a function of mean old gender roles that segregate the kids into each sport.

  18. There has to be something else going on, the Title IX thing seems like a lie. It’s an equipment shed, not a locker room. Outside of the balls and bats, the equipment is exactly the same. The only possible complaint would be that the shed is closer to the baseball fields than the softball fields. And that is a rather common setup at schools because the baseball fields are larger than the softball fields and consequently take more work to maintain which means it makes logical sense that the shed would be closer to the area where the majority of the work is done.

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