Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham Running for President, Because He Thinks 'the world is falling apart'

South Carolina Republican the latest to pre-announce he's running for president.


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is going to be running for president. He's hinted at as much over the last several months, but appeared to confirm it while nailing down the raison d'etre for his campaign in an interview with CBS. "I'm running because I think the world is falling apart," he said.

The tack is nothing new for Graham, who has been somewhat of a John McCain clone since entering the Senate in 2003. Graham's previously supported immigration reform, though of course he wanted something out of it, and worked with Democrats on issues like climate change. He hasn't gotten the "maverick" label from a barely attentive media the way McCain did largely because Graham's defined himself with his stance on foreign policy far more than McCain ever has.

Graham, and other interventionist Republicans looking to run primarily on a campaign of foreign intervention, have already affected the presidential race, pushing the smaller, less interventionist side (comprising of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and maybe someone else?), toward more intervention.

Graham's done this while claiming he's into libertarian ideas and that his only differences with libertarians are tactical. In the past Graham's suggested using the military to force Congress to stay in session until they increase military spending. That idea isn't libertarian, democratic, or republican. That it doesn't disqualify a Republican from being treated as a relatively serious presidential contender says a lot about how deluded the Republican base still is on issues of foreign policy. It helps put the recent fumbling over the Iraq War in perspective: Republican candidates don't know how to engage the issue because while most Americans have to come realize it was a mistake, much of the GOP base, which will be selecting the candidate the rest of us are then going to have as the main Hillary Clinton alternative, has not.

Rand Paul's possible rightward lurch on foreign policy, seeming to abandon a non-interventionist, anti-war strain that once ran strong on the right, could be another barometer of how disconnected the GOP base is from the wider American population on issues of war and peace. Unfortunately, Obama's relative popularity on foreign policy, especially from a left-wing base that professed to be anti-war in 2008, shows there's also cognitive dissonance among Americans who say they support a less interventionist foreign policy. Republicans treating Obama like some kind of through-and-through non-interventionist, when he's done a lot of the difficult work in mainstreaming Bush era foreign policy adds to the political fog.

And while Paul may be tempering his message of non-interventionism and cautious foreign policy in a bid to attract base Republicans, Graham has not had to think about tempering his message of aggressive interventionism. Today's comments about running for president come after Graham commented this weekend that he would use a drone on anyone "thinking" of joining Al-Qaeda and ISIS, crossing a line Paul helped draw in 2013 when he led a 13-hour filibuster on the issue of whether drones could be used against U.S. citizens without due process—Paul was against it and it helped build him some bipartisan popularity, especially among younger people. But Lindsey Graham believes he has scared Republicans he needs to appeal to to remain a serious contender in the growing Republican presidential field.

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  1. The world may well be on its way to falling apart, but there’s no reason to slam the foot on the accelerator.

    1. Nothing puts the world back together quicker than a steady rain of He’ll fire missles, ProLib.

      1. He’s got Greg Stillson tattooed on his ass.

      2. Hellfire. Stupid autocorrect.

        1. It was still accurate

          1. Sadly.

    2. As if I’d vote for a man named Lindsey.

  2. Hey, somebody who will get less votes than Huckster!

    1. *Fewer. You’ll probably be able to count the number of votes this crackpot gets on one hand.

      1. What should I do with my other hand?

          1. *gives PM a hearty handshake and a laurel*

  3. I honestly think I’d rather have Elizabeth Warren in the White House than Graham.

    1. Neither is going to be there except as a guest, or perhaps as a head on a pike if Clinton somehow gets in.

      1. Well, they did just spike the fences in preparation for head placement.

        1. Why not heads on pikes?

      2. Graham will probably drop out before the Iowa caucus, we can’t have that scalawag taking votes away from Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

  4. Graham, the one of many candidates no one wanted.

  5. He’s the Giant Douche from South Park.

    1. No, he’s the Turd Sandwich

      1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  6. Is his campaign slogan – Hey, Let’s Rule the World ?

    1. At least it would be honest.

    2. He’d like to teach the world to sing–the American national anthem–in perfect harmony.

      1. Speaking of the national anthem I recently had to stand thought it for 3 graduations. One was a J.D. So tell me, is it a requirement that every law school graduation has to have some long winded story about Abe Lincoln?

        1. Figures modern lawyers would celebrate someone who suspended the law.

        2. Fuck if I know. I bagged mine, not wanting to fly back to Chicago after I’d escaped.

          1. There was three Abe stories and one really long winded one about him not holding grudges. All I could think is, there has to be other great lawyers to talk about. Spread it around guys.

            1. I know of a really popular aviation lawyer.

              1. Nice. There is a sign here for Ron Shouls. The tag line is “You hurt, we fight.” with a picture of Ronnie rolling up his sleeves. I laugh every time I see it.

              2. Hmm. I gave myself the same nickname.

            2. How about this guy?


              I’m sure the small town he’s trolling with a bunch of ADA suits will soon be building him a statue because they like him so much.

              Before that:

              Hansmeier has been sanctioned across the country for his involvement in a separate series of lawsuits. In those cases, Hansmeier and two partners in the Chicago-based Prenda Law firm sued 16,000 men, accusing them of illegally downloading copyrighted porn. The suits threatened to publicly name the men unless they settled, a tactic that ?netted $15 million, a partner told Forbes magazine.

              A federal judge sanctioned Prenda in 2013, characterizing the firm as a “porno-trolling collective.” The judge referred the case for criminal prosecution, and suggested the principals should be disbarred.

              1. We have one of those guys. He was featured on an episode of “Bullshit!”.

              2. What shit bags. If you can’t get in the building you probably shouldn’t be bowling.

              3. Has anybody told those guys that Hansmeier is likely going to be indicted and convicted of fraud by the feds?

                The copyright-assignment agreements attached as Exhibit B to each complaint in each of these five cases are not what they purport to be. Alan Cooper denies signing either agreement and also denies giving anyone else the authority to sign them on his behalf. AF Holdings failed to produce any credible evidence that the assignments were authentic. The Court has been the victim of a fraud perpetrated by AF Holdings, LLC. The Court concludes that the appropriate remedy for this fraud is to require AF Holdings to return all of the settlement money it received from all of the Defendants in these cases, and to pay all costs and fees (including attorneys’ fees) incurred by the Defendants. [emphasis added]
                The Court further concludes that, once all of the ill-gotten gains are fully disgorged from AF Holdings, it would not be a wise use of the Court’s limited resources to sua sponte attempt to fully untangle the relationship between Hansmeier, Steele, Duffy, Dugas, Lutz and Prenda Law, on the one hand?and the Plaintiff, AF Holdings, LLC., on the other. Such investigation can more effectively be conducted by federal and state law enforcement at the direction of the United States Attorney, the Minnesota Attorney General …

                They just need to hold out until Hansmeier is in club fed.

          2. I should’ve skipped mine. We got to hear about/from our most famous graduate, Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Delaware)!

            1. Johnny Mosely. I never get tired of telling that story.

        3. 3 graduations? Did you lose a bet?

          1. My wife’s family. She had three cousins all graduate from college within the last 2 weeks. They’re goods guys, so I endured.

    3. Great, now I’ll be hearing Tears for Fears in my head all fucking day. You’re a monster.

  7. remain a serious contender in the growing Republican presidential field

    Prediction: Graham will be a serious contender for a shorter period than his Afghanistan tour of duty.

  8. What this campaign needs is more candidates.

    You can really tell the GOP has its shit together.

    1. To be fair, anyone can declare. I’m sure the party would prefer that some don’t. Like Graham or, say, Rand Paul.

      1. Everyone knew Rand was running a year+ beforehand.

        Its not the young ones you need to reign in. Its the old fuddy-duddys who still think their dance moves are pretty fresh and their bass-playing skills impress the kiddies.

        1. I doubt Graham could even win his home state, so he’s unlikely to last long.

          1. My cynical, number-crunching side thinks that the GOP is running all these numbnuts just to torpedo challengers like Rand.

            1. I dunno, is there anybody in this country who doesn’t know if they like Lindsey or Rand more already? This actually seems like a good way to split the neocon vote.

              1. ” the neocon vote.”

                The what?

                I appreciate that people have a limited vocabulary, but for fuck’s sake.

                “Neocon” describes = ‘jewish intellectual foreign policy wonks of the 1970s who migrated from democrat to republican party over the issue of vietnam, anti-communism in general

                it isn’t just another way of saying, “interventionist” (another word which means nothing anyway)

                When you talk about national security, there’s no “vote”. The only difference between the GOP and Dems has traditionally been in style = where GOP people swing their dick around (“I’ll blow up anyone who looks at me funny!”), and Dems flaunt their ‘I know lots of powerful people, you see”, fancy-internationalist credibility.

                in the end they’re saying the same thing. you can’t get elected president without flexing your muscles and saying, “I do not flinch!”. otherwise you get Dukakised.

            2. It could backfire on them though. If Graham, Bush, Christie, Rubio, Huckabee (did I miss anyone?) end up splitting the neo-con/ establishment/ war boner vote, that could end up handing the nomination to Paul (not likely, I know).

              1. if the GOP campaign comes down purely to “national security”, rand will lose.

                The nuance he adds which people here read as “i’m less interventionist” may play well with independents, but it reviles the vast majority of the base.

                The reason he got hawkish over ISIS was for this very reason.

                you can’t get elected president -especially as a GOP candidate – without saying, “I will fight the nation’s enemies with vigor” in one language or another.

                even if we have no fucking enemies and it makes no sense.

                Presidential campaign politics is not “policy” – its posturing.

    2. No sure which is worse, the GOP with a huge field of varying qualities, or the Dems with exactly one terrible candidate.

      1. I’m sure. It’s ridiculous in a country this size, with parties that cover such a wide range of viewpoints, that a political party can only focus on one amazingly tainted and unindicted candidate.

        1. “one amazingly tainted and unindicted candidate.”

          It is remarkable that no one in the Democratic establishment bothered over the past 8 years to consider “what happens after Obama”…. other than to assume that Hillary Clinton would ride a tidal wave of support into office.

          Its a sign of either the terror she inspires in her party members, their utter bankruptsy, or both

  9. Graham’s defined himself with his stance on foreign policy…

    And what a wide stance it is!

    1. No, no! Lindsey has been better about concealment than Larry Craig was…thus far.

  10. Lindsay Graham running for president?


  11. Scarlett O’Hara also promises summary execution for crimethink:

    GOP Presidential Hopefuls Serve Up Ice Cream, Cheese And Red Meat To Iowans:

    Graham, who could announce his 2016 plans June 1, promised that if someone under his watch as president was thinking of joining ISIS or planning a terrorist attack, “I’m not calling a judge” to get a warrant, as Paul called for, “I’m calling a drone and we’re going to kill you.”

    1. Wow. Even within the U.S.?

      1. Please include your Latitude and Longitude in future comments.

    2. I’ll still take that over droning for refusing to cater a gay wedding.

    3. Due process if for pussies.

  12. Is it just me, or does something about his face scream closet homo?

    1. I was thinking more closet lobo.

    2. He’s in the closet? I couldn’t tell.

      1. He’s a very eligible southern gentleman bachelor – still looking for that special lady.

      2. The closet has a glass door.

    3. I was going to say First Gay President vs First Woman Prez….. Let the griefing commence

      1. He’s not a “real gay” though. All “real gays” are diehard progs, just like all “real back people” are. What’s the gay equivalent to calling someone an “uncle Tom”?

        1. “Log Cabin Republican”

  13. I am not reading another “Lindsey xyz Running” story unless xyz=Lohan.

    1. She’s too young. Though I suppose she could run and simultaneously work to have the age lowered to 25.

      1. She’ll be dead by the time she’s eligible.

    2. Mean girls is a funny movie. Also it has Lacey Chabert in it.

    3. What about Lindsey Buckingham?

  14. Wouldn’t it be a strange and wonderful world if the first openly gay president was a war-mongering Republican hack?

    1. A Wide Stance Over the World

    2. 2nd – Buchanan wasn’t in the closet.

      1. But no girl ever killed herself over Graham.

      2. Thanks for that bit of trivia.

  15. You might as well vote for Tulpa.

      1. Well, if you voted for either Tulpa or Graham I’m of the opinion you’d be dead inside, Switzy.

        1. I’d rather be dead inside and out if I did that.


  16. Where’s BCE and PB? This is their kind of post.

    1. I’m surprised Bo isn’t here ripping on all of So Cons for supporting Graham

    2. He’s going to pretend like this post never happened so that he can make wild accusations later on.

  17. I honestly think I’d rather have Elizabeth Warren in the White House than Graham.

    Each, in its own way, would be an effective accelerant.
    For 5those of us who just want to watch the world burn.

  18. If Lindsey Graham really thinks the world is falling apart, why doesn’t he just do the rest of us a favor and paint the walls with his brain instead of subjecting us to his delusions of grandeur?

    1. No, Loki, that would be too easy for us. He must make us pay for our sins.

  19. I look forward to some enterprising outfit digging up those hilarious GQ photos from around 2006-2007.

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  21. We’re going to tell the bigots to shut up!

  22. Wendy Davis has a pair of slightly used pink sneakers she doesn’t need anymore, and I bet they would fit Lindsey pretty well for his Presidential trot.

    1. Could he borrow MHP’s tampon earrings?

  23. “remain a serious contender in the growing Republican presidential field”

    Pretty sure that’s a typo. Should have read “spurious” candidate.

    You have no idea how much Graham is reviled by Republicans here in South Carolina. The only reason he wins the primary elections is because we have open primaries (i.e., Democrats can, and do, vote in the Republican primary). Then the Dems don’t even run an opposition candidate in the general election (and when they do he’s a joke candidate).

    He won’t carry his home state in the primaries, because the Democrats here will be voting for Hillary in their own primary (at least you can’t vote in both).

  24. Lindsey is right . . . but it’s not from lack of foreign intervention. It’s from too much domestic intervention which he and his ilk refuse to comprehend.

  25. Yeah, the world is falling apart, but Lindsey Graham’s time (to address such matters) was over 20 years ago. A day late, a dollar short.

  26. If he would run as the first Gay President he could just win it

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