Campus Free Speech

Nightmare Administrator Thinks Student Waiting Patiently for Assistance Is Harassing Her

'Would you like for me to call campus security?'



A Kennesaw State University student recorded a short video of his unpleasant interactions with a woman named Abby Dawson, who may be the most unhelpful advisor in history.

The student, Kevin Bruce, was waiting in the advising offices of the Georgia university when Dawson accused him of harassing her and ordered him to leave. Bruce replied that he only wished to speak with an advisor, and wasn't harassing anyone. She responded: "Sitting here until somebody is available is harassing. Would you like for me to call campus security?"

We only see 30 seconds of the encounter, and it's of course possible that Bruce did something off-camera that made Dawson's accusation of harassment more credible. But the evidence of Bruce's prior email correspondence with her certainly suggest that she's an irritable and unhelpful administrator. Bruce later clarified on Twitter that he had hoped to avoid her by going to the office to speak with a different advisor since "he found her unhelpful in the past," according to The Huffington Post.

Bruce isn't the first student to complain about this particular administrator:

One student, Amber Wann, said she had difficulty getting into a couple classes she needed and was worried she would fall behind. When she asked if there was a way to avoid the waitlist, Dawson replied in an email, "I will not continue to answer the same question." Wann tweeted a screenshot of the exchange…

Another student, Austin Smith, tweeted about an encounter he had with Dawson during the advisory office's posted open hours. Smith said that he arrived about halfway through the time-slot, but Dawson told him they had finished early and were moving on to a workshop.

The surge in tuition prices over the last two decades is in no small part due to the fact that American universities have created vast armies of administrators to fill out purported "student services" and advising positions. Given how much students are paying for these extravagances, one would expect people like Dawson to be a little more customer-focused in the course of their jobs.

Also, is the definition of harassment now just "anything that bothers anyone" at university campuses?

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  1. Sounds like it was the best lesson he learned from that school: Bureaucrats will be unhelpful.

    1. Unfortunately, expertise is stubbornly non-transferable.

    2. It’s just as likely he’ll decide that DIFFERENT top men are what’s needed.

    3. Even worse is that these human garbage people are the reason tuition costs are rising so much. Administrators hiring more administrators hiring more administrators.

    4. Reminds me of this administrator in the Physics department I had to deal with as an undergraduate. He was super irritable and mean. So one day I had the idea to wear my backpack under my shirt, as a joke pretending to be pregnant (I’m a guy) just to cut the tension and make the guy laugh. He was much easier to work with thereafter.

  2. Also, is the definition of harassment now just “anything that bothers anyone” at university campuses?

    I assume that’s a rhetorical question.

    1. As long as we’re clear that “anyone” does not include straight white male cis shitlord patriarchal oppressors.

    2. That question is harassing me. Do you want me to call campus security?

      1. Straight white male cis shitlord patriarchal oppressors such as you cannot be harassed. because power inequality, or social justice, or something.

        1. White?!? I’m darker than Nicole!

          1. Soooo….where does that put you on the Worst scale?

            1. I can’t be the worst, I’m not female.

      2. Yes, but you cannot print what I want you to call them.

  3. Given how much students are paying for these extravagances, one would expect people like Dawson to be a little more customer-focused in the course of their jobs.

    For that, there would need to be consequences for negative performance.

    1. Oh, I imagine the twitter shitstorm she just brought down on herself can be considered a consequence.

      1. At the point I expect the male cis-gendered shit lord who was “harrassing” her to get more of a twatter shitstorn than her.

        “How dare that PATRIARCHICAL OPPRESSOR microagress her by expecting her to be helpful. What, does he think he owns her or something…”


          1. If people don’t start using this right I’m going to scream.

            1. You fucking idiots, Nikki is not going to enact your labor for you.

        2. He is being driven by the patriarchal white privilege being projected on him intersectionally by his oppressors. He acts out in a conduitive redirection of the imperial impulses of his rape culture bretheren, attempting to appropriate the services of the unwitting victim through microaggression and rape culture stereotyping.

          1. Dude, that’s a Rutgers masters thesis right there.

            1. Hell, that actually makes more sense than most of Brittney Cooper’s (The Shame of Rutgers) rantings.

          2. Are you a grad level instructor in the Anthropology dept?

          3. Nice to hear from a fellow* Mx.

            *TRIGGER WARNING – “Fellow” may imply familiarity, thus othering the alt-friended. “Fellow” may also represent a colloquialism for a cisgendered male, thus othering everyone who ever lived.

            1. My pronouns are pee, pimp, piss, and purr.

      2. That will just earn her a paid vacation for ‘stress.’

    2. “one would expect people like Dawson to be a little more customer-focused in the course of their jobs.”

      haw haw haw haw haw

  4. “Sitting here until somebody is available is harassing. Would you like for me to call campus security?”

    It would be very tempting to say “yes”. I would very much enjoy seeing the cops’ faces when she explains how sitting in a chair waiting for help from people whose job it is to help is “harassment”.

    OTOH today’s college campuses are so fucked up that doing that would probably get me tasered at the least. The campus feminists would all run to their safe rooms to eat Elmer’s glue.

    1. The campus feminists would all run to their safe rooms to eat Elmer’s glue.

      Stop making me laugh

    2. Yeah. The campus cops, like any cops, are there to enforce the will of their peers. In this case her will. Doesn’t matter if what she is saying is completely absurd. The job of the cops is to back her up without question. Because they serve and protect each other.

    3. This, this is why they told us not to it paste in kindergarten. I always wondered. It leads to delusional behavior. oh and LOL.

      1. er EAT paste. No edit button is harassment.

        1. “eat paste” could come out as “it paste” if you’re eating paste.

          1. I’m not ashamed I used to eat paste, but the quality has fallen since the replaced the old collagen (from animal hooves) and starch formula with polymer type crap. It just doesn’t taste right. So apparently my delusions have tapered off, but my typing skills may well be permanently impaired.

  5. I bet she’s a hot date.


      1. all caps is triggering!!!!!!!!!



        2. It is? Crap, now I’m triggered too!

          1. Your trigger is triggering a triggerslide, watch out for the falling microaggressions!


            1. Would you all please stop othering the non-Roy Rogers of the world?!?

    2. RAPE KULTURE! !!!!!!!111!!!!1!!!!

      1. Point we’ll taken. We should be happy that she didn’t accuse him of raping her with his expectations of sitting in a chair in the waiting room.


    3. I bet she’s a hot date

      “Sitting there while I’m trying to eat dinner/watch a movie/play mini golf is harassment, would you like me to call security?”

      1. That’s what I’m talking about! Ups the danger factor.

        1. gives new meaning to BDSM

          Bureaucratic Drone Squabbling Mercilessly

          1. Oh god, what is wrong with me?

            1. Where do you want me to start? With the bedwetting, or the incontinence?

              1. Probably should begin with the night terrors concerning my kindergarten teacher

  6. So expecting someone to do their fucking job is now considered harrassment? I should try that one on my boss sometime.

    1. Client: Do you have a hearing scheduled for my case yet?
      RBS: Stop fucking harassing me, call the office again and I’m calling the cops.

      Should go over well.

      1. ^ As soon as I am ready to quit by job there are a few clients I so want to do this to.

  7. “Sitting here until somebody is available is harassing. Would you like for me to call campus security?”

    The correct answer is: Sure.

    Let the rent-a-cop show up and see you sitting there calmly and her have a hissy-fit about your harrassment-via-waiting.

    My wife once had to deal w/ an unhelpful cunt that worked for Alaska Airlines. The wife arrived 55 minutes before takeoff (Alaska made note of the time) and the lady at the ticket counter refused to give her a boarding pass because it was less than 1 hr before takeoff. Of course, this was a small regional airport. From the location of the conversation, one could see the security checkpoint w/ no line and a TSA agent twiddling his thumbs. Further, one could see past the security line to the gate and see folks sitting around not yet boarding. It literally would’ve delayed no one to let my wife on the plane… but “rules are rules”. Wife asked to speak to supervisor, and was given a “leave now or a I’ll call the cops.” Wife said “Ok”. Cop arrives, immediately sees that Alaska Airlines hired a fuckwit, and tries to convince the lady to just let my wife board.

    Sadly, in this instance, the cop did not get his way.

    Side note: fuck Alaska Airlines.

    What were we talking about?

    1. What were we talking about?

      oil pipelines.

    2. I think in this case it would have gone differently. In the scenario you describe, the Alaska Airlines fuckwit was not employed by the same people as the cop, so the cop wasn’t obligated to back her up no matter what. In the case of a campus cop, their job is to back up university employees no matter how stupid the request.

  8. Uh-oh. The student is a black man and the administrator is a white woman. That’s going to spur competing victim group activists.

    1. In this round of Grievance Olympics, we have black versus woman!

      Ohhhhh, it’s a one hit KO! The black student was just sitting there, and the woman hit him with a harassment allegation! One of the shortest fights in history!

      1. You think its over because you are a racist. #blacklivesmatter

        1. You advocate beating women? You’re part of the problem! #patriarchy #nomore #girlscan

          1. You missed #yesallwomyn

            1. #vaginaisthenewblack

          2. “girl’s can” ? If it is big enough. Colloquially called booty.

        2. You just want the male to win because you share his patriarchal male priveleged world view, you rape apologist, cis-gendered, heterosexual shitlord!

    2. I forget, which one is higher on the permanently aggrieved victim class hierarchy? If race trumps gender, then clearly she’s a racist cunt. But if gender trumps cis-gendered male, then he’s a misogynistic patriarchal male priveleged shit lord.

      1. Let’s see how the Warren vs. Obama grievance showdown turns out on the left.

        1. Native American trumps black, so Warren gets the multiplier bonus. She’ll win this one easily

  9. The clenched hands, the raised eyebrows, the “don’t you know jack shit” posture, it all just screams “I’ve got a corn cob firmly planted in my ass.”

    1. Coal up her ass, trying to make a diamond.

      1. But it’ll only be industrial grade. 🙁

        1. It’s a start….whaddyya want it’s Georgia?!

    2. The body language of the passive-yet-very-aggressive always looks like that, doesn’t it? You see it a ton in schoolteachers and guidance counselors. Even now, all these years since I’ve had to deal with it, just seeing that posture makes me want to do something that will definitely get me detention.

      1. I know, makes me horny too

        1. Great minds think alike. So I have no idea what this is.

          1. Don’t deny it. You want to get one over on her. Bet she’s a wildcat.

            1. HATEFUCK

            2. What is with you guys and sticking it in crazy? She probably collects “just the tip” of every conquest in a jar of pickling juice and has a voodoo doll made of pubes!

              1. It’s a challenge!

                1. It isn’t a challange. “Excuse me, does this does this smell like chloroform?”

              2. I don’t know about Scruffy but I’m just joking. I’m the first person to advocate staying the fuck away from crazy.

                That’s not to say I don’t believe in a good hatefuck…

                1. Chicken

                2. “I don’t know about Scruffy but I’m just joking. I’m the first person to advocate staying the fuck away from crazy.”

                  I believe Crusty Juggler is the one who is attracted to every crazy woman who gets mentioned on H&R. He’s on record as being very pro Anna Merlan.

                  1. I really don’t understand CJs love for Merlan, though. She looks like a concentration camp victim if that concentration camp victim had earlier graduated from Columbia University.

                    1. What the hell is wrong with you? I would make sweet, sweet love to Anna Merlan for days on end. And then I would take her to an endocrinologist, because something is wrong with her thyroid. Look at her recent pics and ones from 3 years ago.

                    2. Yes, I’d say a mild case of hyperthyroidism. But clearly untreated. I also suspect elevated homocysteine levels.

                    3. Damn! I meant to send the Fuck You pic. Oh well, just scroll down for it.

              3. They think they can fuck the crazy out of her, but I doubt that’s possible.

                1. Anna Merlan is all crazy. Well, that’s not quite true. She’s 85% crazy and 15% gigantic, terrifying cartoon eyes.

                  1. If If you want to talk about crazy, crazy eyes in a proggie woman, I still think that Bahar Mustafa wins.

                    Fairly cute. Totally insane.

                  2. Merlan went to Columbia, which is how we know she is intelligent. Intelligent women are usually good lovers. She has a bad tattoo, which means she has questionable judgement, which means that not only could she potentially bone me, she would want to get weird with it.

                    I also like beaker eyes.

                    It is so simple!

            3. baby you know I love it when you harass me good and hard!

              1. Can you imagine how tedious it would be to fuck this chick? She’d tell you that she’s into domination fantasies, but you know that she’d try to top from the bottom and nag you relentlessly until you gagged her with her panties.

                …Wait, that doesn’t sound so bad after all.

                1. Go on…and add something about power bottoms.

                  1. They’re capable of generating an enormous amount of force.

            4. Scruffy, Scruffy, Scruffy, take my word for it. Crazy does not make for good sex. She would lie there hating you for not being Brad Pitt.

              The odd bi-polar woman can be good in bed, but she will end up breaking all your best vinyl, dropping your iPhone in the toilet, and blowing up your espresso machine. So, not worth it. But, of course, I would do it.

              Women like her are cold and mean. Nothing good comes from that.

  10. Can we really blame occupy wallstreeters from wanting their tuition money back, by any means necessary?

    1. So you just sent a complaint e-mail to Kennesaw States Office of the President too?

  11. Also, is the definition of harassment now just “anything that bothers anyone” at university campuses?

    No, of course not! It’s anything that bothers anyone other than a white, hetero, cis-male shitlord. If you weren’t such a white, hetero, cis-male shitlord, you’d know that, you white, hetero, cis-male shitlord!

  12. Cornholio: Are you threatening me?

    1. (hands the Princess some TP)

  13. On one hand, we really need a shakeout of academia. On the other, would it really be a good thing to release these creatures on the rest of us?

    1. If only we could round them all up and confine them to just a few HOAs in Kansas.

      1. Scruffy, please no. I like it here in Kansas. Send them to Canadia, or South Canadia, also called Michigan’s UP. Leave them there to freeze.

    2. We need to make them face the real world some time. Once they have broken down under the uncaring majesty of fact, they have the chance to rebuild themselves in a more useful form – or end up in a field, screaming at abandoned buildings in Detroit.

      1. But, how much havoc to they wreak in the interim? Workplaces throughout the country forced to create “safe spaces”. Customer service denied because privilege! The list goes on.

    1. I didn’t think that was bitchily privileged enough….

      It gets Kennesaw State like about 50 seconds in.

  14. If that woman were to be fired, it would be an affront to freedom. We cannot be a nation where people do not have lifetime employment, free of the pernicious effects of incompetent-shaming.

  15. This makes me almost as angry as the Border Patrol tasing story. Can anyone do their fucking job and just their fucking job anymore? Oh, right, just the cunt at Alaska Airlines is fucking perfect at hers. Follows every rule. And should be crane-kicked in the face. Fuck.

    1. I am superb at my job. And everyone else’s. Which is why I work 60 hours a week.

  16. In the time it took her to be a complete asshole, she could probably have helped the guy out.

    1. Look, BP, union rules are clear that she gets so much play time a day.

    2. That’s often the case. Time and again I see people put much more effort into getting out of work than it would’ve required to just do their job.

      1. Yes, but which option gives them more satisfaction?

  17. Another story sourced from the Huffington Post? I’m beginning to think Reason has become their auxiliary outlet.

    *Swallows large grain of salt*

    1. There is some mysterious alliance there that has never been fully explained.

      HuffPo is listed as an official ‘contributor‘ to Reason – though i think that category includes everyone above ‘hat-tip’ status. I am unclear on the “friend of ours/friend of mine” status of the Huffingtons.

      1. Nothing after about Sept 2014.

  18. I laughed out loud.

  19. more customer-focused
    Any day, now.

  20. Hilarious. If you go to the tweet that Reason links to in this article, it says this:

    “AJ+Verified account
    Black student @IamKB_ was waiting to see a @kennesawstate advisor. He was accused of harassment. #ItsBiggerThanKSU:”

    People then reasonably ask ‘what does the fact that he’s black matter?’ and get responses like ‘CLEARLY THIS WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED IF HE WASN’T BLACK!’ Now that various white students have come forward and said they’ve also had similar problems with her, I’m sure those people will retract their stupid statements, correct?

    1. Retract? Not likely, those people see everything in terms of identity politics.

    2. Irish, what you don’t understand is that there is a scale for the victim-ness level of the aggrieved party in every case. Much like the Richter Scale, it is logarithmic and increases exponentially as multiple victim classes are combined. So being a black male isn’t nearly as victim-tastic as being a female black lesbian midget. By orders of magnitude. Don’t you know anything?

      You know, we need a name like “Richter Scale” for this. Maybe “Andy Richter Scale”? Nah, what did Andy do to deserve that. Maybe the Grievance Scale? The Bitcher Scale?

        1. You know, that game was just way overcomplicated. If I want to learn how to fight with a sword using an XBox controller, I’ll just learn to fight with a sword for real. Oh wait, I already know that anyway.

          1. When are you programming types going to get us full immersion VR, with full sensory engagement, including haptic interfaces? Huh?

            1. We’ve had that forever and you’ve been hooked up to one ever since you were decanted

          2. Andy Dick scale.

            “That was so racist that it rated 9 Dicks.”

            1. That’s one of those logarithmic scales, isn’t it?

            2. Rice Mascot: The dicks won’t hold, Mr. Wong Burger!

              Rice Mascot #2: We’re gonna have to hold these up with something. Maybe with like, a dick.

              Mr. Wong Burger: Are you telling me that I don’t know dick? If anybody knows how to build a ship out of dicks it is me!

              Rice Mascots: Yes, Mr. Wong Burger.

              Mr. Wong Burger: ‘Cause I am King Dick!

              1. SouthPark?

                1. ATHF:

                  Number one in the hood, G!

          3. “I’ll just learn to fight with a sword for real. Oh wait, I already know that anyway.”




            You can’t kill opponents with your real sword learnin, you can with an Xbox controller. It is like you are complaining you have to aim and reload in BF4 when you could just buy a real firearm.

      1. The Oprah Ratio

      2. The Bicker Scale.

    3. Now that various white students have come forward and said they’ve also had similar problems with her, I’m sure those people will retract their stupid statements, correct?

      No, SOP is that they will just continue on, and never acknowledge in any way that they actually made those statements.

    4. Use all the weapons you have. He’s smart to insinuate that she’s racist.

      1. Actually, the dude had this to say…

        Guys It’s not a racial issue . Every Race has this problem .

        The 3rd comment in is from a White female Progsplaining why he’s wrong and it’s all about race.

        1. The stacks of Benjamins in his background…that’s racist.

        2. Now just about every comment is saying the guy’s wrong. Christ.

          1. Fool. Why did he claim the moral high ground when he could have used the power of Grievance to win?

          2. Here he is repeating himself, no one has dropped the “Uncle Tom” bomb…yet.

            1. They’re coming pretty damn close though.

        3. “1. Where r the other races getting the police called on them? Secondly, we live in America, racial undertones r always present.”

          Yes, the police have never been called on any other race.

    5. Your attempts to disprove the narrative using facts and logic is just othering them, you microagressor!

  21. Would you like for me to call campus security?

    No, but you could make me a sammich. And bring me a beer.

    1. Now that would have been a winning retort.

  22. I’ve seen crazier eyes.

    1. ….but nt many

  23. When did we admit Kennesaw as a state???? I was not informed. This is bullshit!

    1. I always found that sort of name odd, too. I mean, I guess any name could be used in front of “State University,” but it’s still jarring when it’s not the state’s name.

      1. What do you mean Ball isn’t a state?

        1. I know! Can you believe it? That’s why Obama got confused about the number of states.

          1. Wait, does THE Ohio count as one state or two?

            1. None. Ohio was never formally admitted to the United States. It’s legally part of Mexico.

              1. Ay Caramba!

                1. It’s funny how few people are aware of this fact. It’s like Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, which is technically a dukedom, not a state.

                  1. It’s “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” you fucking philistine.

                    1. Moron. Did I not say it was a duchy?

                    2. Did you go to THE State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations State University?

                    3. If they called it that and insisted on the full name, I’d fucking go there, just for the shirts and hats.

                    4. You mean Brown?

                    5. THE Brown.

                    6. The Brownian Movement University, to give it its full name.

        2. Each one of *my* balls is its own country.

        3. What about Can’t Read, Can’t Write Kent State? When did that become a thing?

          1. Cleveland State.

            Wayne State.

            1. Wright State

              1. Wright State, wrong school

        4. I’d rather Ball U than Eye U.

          /Hoosier humor

        5. Ball State or Balling State. I know which state I’d rather be in.

  24. Based on this tweet I’m going to switch to Team Abby. I mean, who let’s their phone battery drop to almost dead? That dude is unfit for polite society.

  25. I had someone like this at my first job.

    hell, there was someone like this at every job i’ve had.

    some people have a really weird reaction when given even the slightest bit of authority or command control of any kind of resource to which others need access. They suddenly turn into Nazi prison-camp wardens. Everything is either a threat to their power or an opportunity to wield it arbitrarily. Its bizarre and sickening to watch. I’ve seen little kids do it, and i’ve seen grown ups doing it. I recall a girl in high-school who ran a public-pool-snack-bar like she was commanding a nuclear submarine during the midst of a potential mutiny*.

    my general impression it is that it happens to people who otherwise have low-self-esteem = the ‘role playing’ aspect of being IN CHARGE of something…anything…no matter how small….becomes an all consuming obsession, and they begin to perceive everything around them as potential ‘problems or threats’ that are trying to tear them down.

    (*snack-bar-girl confessed to me that she believed the other employees were leaving napkins everywhere to try and distract her. It was intentional, by design, a conspiracy. my casual observation was that a combination of “wind blowing” and “lazy sloppy people” dropping them everywhere was the more likely cause. She stared at me in horror = “they had gotten to me already, and I was on their side”. This was part of the, “never stick it in crazy” learning-experience. )

    1. Pool girl sounds hot. You should hit that.

      1. Upon finishing your comment, it seems my advice was not necessary. Well done, sir!

    2. She went on to be a senator, didn’t she?

    3. She offered the pool order!

      1. She offered Gilmore more than order…

      2. The last of the pool tyrants to be overthrown.

  26. Kennesaw is the land of Newt Gingrich and mandatory gun ownership for heads of household. If you can’t wait quietly on the group B bench at Kennesaw State without being accused of harassment, where in America can you sit quietly in the designated waiting area?

  27. Breaking: Tsarnayev sentenced to death. Sheldon richman article inbound.

    1. Richman: Boston Worse Than Mogadishu

      1. But Somalia is LIBERTARIAN PARADISE (or so the media tells me)

        1. Wasn’t Lanza a libertarian?

    2. Most of us will probably die of old age before they actually finish the appeals process.

      1. I’ll consider us lucky if Obama doesn’t pardon him on his way out the door!

  28. This case aside, I have to disagree with characterizing advisors as an extravagance. Degree requirements are getting more complicated, and a competent advisor can be a great help in getting students through the curriculum in an efficient way, which saves students a good bit of time and money. They can help students, especially undeclared ones, with decisions about taking general education courses that will count toward several possible majors, which keeps them from having to go back and take more lower-level courses later. They keep up with curricular changes when faculty advisors do not, and the better ones can even handle helicopter parents without succumbing to the urge to use a flame thrower.

    I don’t know what the deal is with this particular advisor, but I must object to tarring them all with the same brush. Maybe this one needs to change to nursing (see yesterday).

    1. Mine was a graduate of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. He was a hardass of the nth order.

    2. The advisors you describe would, in fact, be a helpful contributor to the student. Unfortunately, your description has no basis in reality.

      1. Come visit my university and I will show you several, who actually do exist in real life. At least I’m pretty sure I’m not imagining them.

        1. Fair enough. My experience at three different universities was widespread bureaucratic incompetence coupled with rigid enforcement of arbitrary policies.

          1. Well, that’s pretty widespread here too. Just not by the advisors.

            1. The advisors are thee good guys. The 50 assistant dean’s of [insert bullshit here] are generally not.

        2. And which university is that? (wondering if public or private…)

          1. Public. In Florida, no less.

            1. Your school simply isn’t old enough to have an entrenched bureaucracy yet. It’ll take another 25 years to get all the patronage and fiefdoms established.

  29. Epic bureaucrat photo.

    For the record, campus security are often cops with guns. At least that is how we do it in texas.

  30. In the correct thread this time….

    The most disturbing thing about this case is the advisor’s skeletal upper torso that somehow manages to co-exist with the saddlebags that make up her hips and thighs. How does that happen?

    1. Crazy bitches be endocrinologically fucked up, son.

      1. I’m willing to bet there exists a non-spurious correlation.

    2. It’s called a pear shape. I used to be jealous of that body type, because I don’t have hips, but not so much as I get a bit older. I’ve noticed it doesn’t age well.

      1. This is a pear shape…there is no fruit that accurately describes the abyssal sea creature that is Ms. Dawson.

        1. maybe a partially eaten pear that got away and is now out for revenge?

            1. +1 lolwut

    3. There’s actually a medical condition that can cause this. My best friend in high school had it. This was my first clue that the calorie balance theory of weight loss was not correct. How could my friend be Aushwitz thin on top and Rosie O’Donell from the waist down? Was she eating too much or too little?

      1. Well, blow me down! Huhuhuhuhuh!

  31. Also, is the definition of harassment now just “anything that bothers anyone” at university campuses?

    Yes. Also, your question is harassment.

  32. “Nightmare Administrator Thinks Student Waiting Patiently for Assistance Is Harassing Her”

    How dare a peasant intrude his presence on our ruling gentry?

  33. My college advisor was Nobel prize winner Charlie Cantor. Jus’ sayin’.

    I guess what this case amounts to is that the student called the goldbricking advisor’s bluff. “When we said you could be seen later, we meant for you to fuck off, not sit & wait your turn. Come back later, when we won’t be here, & you won’t see me leave.”

  34. “I’m not harassing no one.”

    double negative, therefore he was admitting that he was harassing someone.

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  36. Sounds like her conscience is ‘harassing’ her.

  37. She is obviously in need of firing. A completely useless bureaucrat. But I repeat myself.

  38. Let me show you the headline that’s made me not give a fuck if this guy was wronged.

    Black student accused of harassment for waiting

    Yes yes. You’re black. Get over it. Not everything that happens or doesn’t happen to you is a facet of your blackness. This shit gets so old.

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