House GOP Vows to Salvage 'Fast Track' Trade Authority, Martin O'Malley Wants Lefty Love, UK Wants Cops to Screen Everybody's Email: P.M. Links


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  1. Martin O’Malley wants Democrat lefties to give up on Elizabeth Warren and support his run for the presidency.


    1. Hello.

      1. I am writing a new kids’ story called:

        The Hare Fist and the Tortoise Tor Network.

        1. I assume this is pettiness. I wouldn’t know for sure since I never engage in it myself.

          1. Will you soon be calling yourself “2nd of Etiquette?”

      2. I won’t be spoiling any results, but then again, the CL ended after 75 minutes on May 6. 🙂

      3. Complimenti!

        1. Heh.

          Masterful, typical, Juve.

          In the heat no less.

          1. Thank Science I’ll have someone to cheer for against Barca.

    2. Catfight in US English generally refers to a semi-serious spat between two women. Or you may be dissing O’Malley.

      1. I think the latter.

      2. I liked Arnold Schwarzenegger trolling Democracts by calling them girlie men.

        1. “You know, dey talk about dis and dat, but really dey are just GIRLIE MEN…”

          Ahnold is so perfect sometimes.

        2. Ah, ok. Should have known better.

    3. Supporting O’Malley over Warren – are leftists going to be *that* stupid?

      1. God, i hope so, if for no other reason than all the progs that will fill my facebook feed with their sweet, sweet lamentations.

  2. Congress is considering cutting Amtrak funding…

    No, you throw money at a problem.

    1. No, Fist. You BURN the money and then throw the ashes at the problem.

      1. No, no, no. You throw money at the problem, then throw more money at the first money to fund the burning.

        1. *puts flipper to chin…nods in agreement*

        2. Really, the best way to put out a big inferno of burning money is to stifle it with a much larger pile of money.

          1. +1 Trillion Dollar Coin Federal Reserve Notes.

    2. I blame Barry and that damned sequester.

    3. Vice President Wrongway Peachfuzz will have something to say about that.

      1. He support moose and squirrel darlink!

  3. The Libertarian Party sued the Republican-Democrat lovefest known as the Commission on Presidential Debates in an effort to gain access to their chats.

    Let the philosophical fights on H&R begin!

    I think this is a good lawsuit. Liberatarian purists disagree.

    1. Wait, why? I thought we opposed closed markets.

      1. Duopolistic SOBs close out markets.

        Upstart new company tries to get in by getting the government to intervene.

        Libertarian 1: Don’t get the government to break up the duopoly.
        Libertarian 2: How else are you going to open up the market?

        And thus begins a fight…


          And THAT’S the kind of leadership you’ll not get by electing me in 2016!

          Almanian for President – 2016
          I Probably Won’t Make It Any Worse

          And I definitely will not nuke you from orbit. Probably.

          1. Almanian for President – 2016
            I Probably Won’t Make It Any Worse

            Put it on a bumper sticker and you’ve got my vote, unless I’ve been nuked from orbit!

            1. Orbital nukings for some, tiny American flags for others!

          2. Well, you lost my vote.

            1. Oh, so you WANT to be nuked from orbit?

              That can be arranged…

        2. Libertarian 1: Hello.
          Libertarian 2: Hi.

          And thus begins a fight…

    2. I think we’re all in favor of increased ballot access. Just some of the folks here will still vote a straight Team Red ticket because they feel that libertarians will never win.

      1. It’s not as if TEAM RED is going to win where I live.

        1. What sad place do you live in? It’s not like TEAM RED is any better, but still…

    3. Who are these “libertarian purists”? M***ael H**n?

      1. Only 91% of him.

      2. Ted, you scamp.

        1. (laughing)

    4. Sooo, here is the website of the foundation that is actually filing suit (and it looks like it’s a Gary Johnson effort vice an LP effort).

      And frankly they should have their asses kicked for filing this unprincipled and stupid tripe:

      1) Basically, they are demanding that the Republicans and Democrats give them a seat at the table.

      2) They seem to be hoping that the judges will decide to come up with some right to be published that in practice will gut the first amendment. What’s next, should Illinois Nazis be given a platform by ny the Bnai Brith folks?

      They have no case as a matter of principle. They have no case as a principle of law. It’s stupid, a waste of money, and if they win will be a step backward for freedom by creating a court manufactured version of the Equal Time doctrine.


      1. But aside from all that, it’s fine, right?

        1. If one can characterize a baseless lawsuit that completely lacks any merit, as being “fine”, then I guess this is a fine lawsuit.

          1. Did you read the complaint?

            1. Nope. All they have is a press release. I can’t find their filing anywhere online, which implies to me that they know it’s an embarrassing train wreck. Their press release doesn’t articulate any libertarian principle other than “Waaaah!!!! Baby wants!!!!!!”

              1. I tried, albeit briefly, to find it as well. No luck.

                Yes, it would appear that what they want to do is premised upon a big whine. Nevertheless, I am interested in actually reading the pleadings to see how they construct their whine.

      2. If it’s okay to force a Christian baker to serve a gay wedding, it should be okay to force CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox News to seat the Libertarians and Greens at the debate. Right?

        1. How dare you lump me in with the likes of Christian bakers.

    5. Here’s a more libertarian way to achieve a similar result: don’t put parties on the ballot and stop having states run party primaries. Why should any political party have any special status beyond what any other social club or advocacy organization has?

      No, that wouldn’t stop the parties from running their own debates however they want to. But it would knock them down a peg and make them pay for their own shit. Why the hell are we all paying to help political parties pick candidates?

      1. Look, silly. If we didn’t fund the primaries and enable the parties to quality of candidates they get on the ballot where would…

        Hey, wait… ?!!?

    6. Who cares about the philosophic argument, what about the practical one? Namely, if the Commission were forced to include lesser candidates, what are the odds both major ones would attend?

  4. …House GOP leaders say they’re on track to give the president renewed “fast track” trade promotion authority.

    And then on to helping him shore up Obamacare.

    1. Unless I’m missing something, all “fast-track authority” means is that the administration negotiates a treaty, and then Congress gets to vote it up or down, without modifications. That eliminates Congress messing with the details, which would require re-negotiating the treaty with other countries. So what’s the objection to fast-track?

      1. Fast track is to legislation what a quickie is to sex.

        1. I get what I want without any bullshit and then light a cigarette on my way out the door?

          1. Plus cab fare as I’m sure this deal requires some piles of cash for favored industries.

      2. I believe the main sticking point is the lack of transparency (to members of Congress).

        1. Fist, how many times do I have to remind you that this the most transparent administration in history?

          1. + ________

      3. PapayaSF|5.13.15 @ 4:39PM|#
        “Unless I’m missing something,”

        “If you want to hear the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the Obama administration is hoping to pass, you’ve got to be a member of Congress, and you’ve got to go to classified briefings and leave your staff and cellphone at the door.”…..z3a3S6nGzu

        Maybe you know something I don’t, but AFAIK, this could easily be O-care II with a funny name.
        Sorry, NOTHING this lying POS proposes gets my backing unless I know every detail.

        1. But the treaty isn’t negotiated yet, correct? So even if there’s secrecy now, that doesn’t mean Congress is “voting to pass something secret.” They were just asked for the fast-track authority, which means once the treaty is negotiated, then Congress and everyone gets to see the whole thing, and vote it up or down without amendments.

          Not that I trust Obama, I just think that a lot of people are confusing fast-track with actually passing the treaty, when they are two separate things.

          1. But the treaty isn’t negotiated yet, correct?

            There are drafts.

            But yes, comparisons to “We have to pass it to know what’s in it” are a bit silly. It will be public when it comes up for vote. Whether or not legislators read it before they vote (hint: they won’t) is independent of the TPA process.

          2. PapayaSF|5.13.15 @ 5:53PM|#
            “[…]They were just asked for the fast-track authority, which means once the treaty is negotiated, then Congress and everyone gets to see the whole thing, and vote it up or down without amendments.[…]”

            I repeat: That is what is claimed for something that gets the secrecy treatment mentioned above, so again, regardless of the claim, it could be O-care II for all I know.
            Sorry, NO support until I can read what the thing actually says.

      4. So what’s the objection to fast-track?

        Hmm, how about – ‘We can pass it and then see what’s in it’, which seems to be the SOP for Congress nowadays.

    2. So, I wonder what all of the people who are convinced that Republicans oppose everything Obama wants to do because they are horrible racists are saying about this fast track thing? Seems like a big hole in their theory.

  5. The Libertarian Party sued the Republican-Democrat lovefest known as the Commission on Presidential Debates in an effort to gain access to their chats.

    A more accurate title would be “Commission on Political Recitals.”

    1. I personally like “Republican-Democrat Duopolistic Circle Jerk”.

      1. “The Major Party”

  6. Former PA congressman talks shit about other passengers willingness to help but obvs he helped everyone…and took the time to tweet pictures from inside the train.


    1. It’s the start of a comeback!

    2. I can’t wait until it comes out that he really acted like George Costanza during a fire.

    3. “I should really help these people out…but first, a tweet about how I’m going to help people!”

  7. Congress is considering cutting Amtrak funding, which may literally prevent a(nother) trainwreck.

    The train was going 107 MPH on a curve. But if we just throw more money at the program we could invalidate the laws of physics!

    1. That’s the plan behind the hyperloop.

    2. Isn’t there a hashtag along the lines of #YOUHAD1JOB!!!

      Seriously. The driver had 1 job, which was to slow down on the curves. It’s not like he had to steer.

      1. The driver was making a phone call from the quiet car.

        1. There was a train accident around here about 8 years ago. The driver was texting.
          Don’t worry, his union protected him.

          1. The driver lawyered up and won’t answer questions apparently.

    3. I just read some comments elsewhere that essentially demanded this. To recap, pretty much all major outlets are reporting these key facts:

      1.) The train engine was a brand spankin’ new Siemens model built just last year.
      2.) The section of track where this incident occurred had just passed inspection by Amtrak one hour earlier.
      3.) The train was TRAVELLING AT 107 MILES PER HOUR.

      Nevertheless, Team Blue fuckwits will not relent in screaming for more funding.

      1. I’m not an engineer…is 107 mph bad or something?

        1. Going into a curve where the speed limit is 50, I’d venture to say so.

          1. Those rails should be banked!

    4. That’s why we need high speed rail.

      Oh, wait…

  8. Britain’s government wants police to screen people’s online communications to sniff out extremism. Which is a perfectly modest proposal.

    The surveillance noose will only tighten with every governmental failure to prevent a terrorist attack.

    1. Or they could just stop importing Muslims.

      1. It would seem that the current Muslim population, including non-arab converts from traditionally christian ethnic groups, are perfectly capable of turning out enough Jihadis and wannabes to make your idea impractical. To say nothing, of course, of the complete abandonment of principle.

        1. My solution is not a cure-all, true. But when your boat is leaking, at least stop drilling more holes in the bottom.

    2. The surveillance noose

      Injun suddenly finds himself on the SPLC watch list.

      1. So, he should feel honored then, right?

    3. Yeah, they’re lacking cameras in the UK. They obviously need more.

      1. Hey, they need those for CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN.

      2. “Your wife – does she like photography?


        I’ll bet she does! I’ll bet she does!

        Say no more! A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind man, eh? Eh??!!”

  9. Britain’s government wants police to screen people’s online communications to sniff out extremism.

    Better than having to sniff what the British call food.

    1. What’s wrong with Indian take-away?

      1. Mostly the peas.

        1. Imagine whirled peas, Tonio.

        2. Yeah, that’s really the mutter.

          1. Mmmm…Matter Paneer…mmmm…

        3. Well-played, lads. But my understanding is that most Indian-style meal served in the UK come with a side dish of bland english-style peas.

          1. Defamation! Great Indian food here.

      2. If I have to explain it to you, you’re not gonna get it.

        1. I’d like to know why everyone I know is broken.

      3. “Curry”.

        And yeah, it’s about the best they have going. Although the sandwiches at Marks & Spencer aren’t bad.

        1. Fried haggis on a stick in Glasgow or GTFO.

          Can we count “Scotland” as “England” for food purposes? Most consider themselves “British”. Just today?

          1. Traditional Scottish diet was very healthy — lots of cabbage, oats, organ meats. Destroyed by the English and their wheat flour in absolutely everything.

    2. Hey, I like British food. Or a lot of it, anyway. Scotch eggs, weird sausages, fish and chips, sausage rolls, English fried breakfasts, Stilton cheese. What’s not to love?

      1. And whatever you think about the rest of it, they definitely get beer and cheese right.

      2. *nods aggressively*

      3. Go eat a spotted dick!

  10. Martin O’Malley wants Democrat lefties to give up on Elizabeth Warren and support his run for the presidency.

    Yes, Lefties, do this thing.

    *Looks at Sudden*


      1. Green is not your color, Los Doyers.

        1. I just want to watch.

          1. Kinky.

            1. +1 wide stance

  11. Britain’s government wants police to screen people’s online communications to sniff out extremism.

    Why don’t they just outlaw extremism?

  12. I’m obviously race baiting!

    University Diversity Officer: Minority Women Can’t Be Racist

    “If you’ve been invited and you’re a man and/or white PLEASE DON’T COME just cos I invited a bunch of people and hope you will be responsible enough to respect this is a BME [Black and Minority Ethnic] Women and non-binary event only,” she said at the time. She later posted a photo of herself wiping away fake tears near a sign reading “NO White Cis Men Please.”

    1. “I am not a racist. I just make judgments about people based on their skin color.”

    2. How can you tell if a white man is cis? Couldn’t he literally just say ‘I am a pre-op transsexual’ and how on Earth could you possibly tell? What are you going to do, question every transsexual who comes in? Wouldn’t that be a microaggression?

      1. Perhaps you could tell if the person is donning a “I Love Renee Richards” t-shirt.

      2. Couldn’t you just identify as a non-cis person? “How dare you call me a cis white man, I don’t identify as cis at all!” Seems easy.

      3. Why not say you are a post-op trams-sexual. Everyone will want your doctors contact info.

        1. “trams-sexual”

          Puts a whole new spin on “A Streetcar Named Desire”

    3. non-binary?

      1. You know, like Hex.

    4. And she looks pretty light-skinned to me in that photo, but I realize “brown” and “of color” are more notional than descriptive terms. Also, her eyes look blue.

      1. She looks pretty cute. And completely insane.

        1. She’s a University Diversity Officer. Crazy can be fun, but never stick it in fucktarded.

        2. Insane is fine….just do anal!

        1. And I also understand that they have contacts which change the apparent color of one’s iris.

          1. Furthermore i also understand that there is a laser procedure that can turn Brown eyes blue…

            It turns out all eyes are blue only dark (brown) pigments cover up the blue color. The laser procedure destroys the brown pigments leaving only the blue color remaining.

  13. …Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) thinks we should set the NSA loose instead.

    Some men take their oaths more seriously than others.

  14. The Libertarian Party sued the Republican-Democrat lovefest known as the Commission on Presidential Debates in an effort to gain access to their chats.

    Surely the LP knows some hackers who can access those AIM logs on the sly.

  15. Did anyone post this already?

    Related to the Jade Helm conspiracy.

    I Challenged a PolitiFact Rating, and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

    1. For an example of PolitiFact’s “fact-checking” skills, check out this one. Romney said that the CBO said that up to 20 million people will lose health insurance due to Obamacare. Politifact investigates, discovers that indeed that was the top CBO estimate, and while Romney did say “up to,” they say “it’s the most extreme outcome of the five presented, and it’s not the primary estimate,” so they rate it as “false”!

      In other words, you can quote a high estimate from the CBO prefaced by “up to,” which is undeniably true, and still be called a liar by Politifact. Amazing.

      P.S. Naomi Wolf is a total babe. Too bad she’s an insane proggy.

      1. Statements by Democrats get “Mostly True” while similar (or even more accurate) statements by Republicans get “Mostly False.”

        See this.

        1. I rate PolitiFact to be filled with Politihacks

      2. She is? I can’t get past the crazy eyes.

          1. Really? They can’t photoshop out the crazy. Those eyes say she’s killed before, and she’ll kill again.

  16. I’ve heard of(but never watched, of course)London cabbie porn.

    But they may be onto something here…

    1. The best part of London cabbie porn is when the two lovers’ jagged teeth get locked together, and then they have to roust London’s only dentist in order to separate them.

      1. I lol’ed!

  17. Martin O’Malley wants Democrat lefties to give up on Elizabeth Warren and support his run for the presidency.

    The race to lose to Hillary is on.

    1. If only she’d just left the tip.

      1. Just the tip? /obligatory

        1. I was moving towards that, but needed someone else to complete the glans chain.

          *ponders new sex device he may have just invented*

          1. I think that already exists. There are indian models with chains, and one-piece modern western designs.

            1. ….pic- er, actually I’ll skip the pics on this one.

    2. She will not go gently. Expect to see scorched-earth tactics worthy of Wm. T. Sherman.

      1. “She will not go gently. Expect to see scorched-earth tactics worthy of Wm. T. Sherman.”

        **orders ton of popcorn**

    1. Jesus.

    2. I hope Virginia is at least going to charge him for three decades of room and board. Try to recoup some of those costs, for pete’s sake.

    3. To be fair, I can’t really fault the original conviction since they didn’t find out about Derr until well after, and the police and prosecuter did the right thing as soon as they did find out about him.

      The fact it took another 13 years after that point to resolve the matter is horrifying.

    4. Va. gov. exonerates sex offender in prison 29 years in mistaken ID case

      Um, headline writer — they didn’t exonerate a “sex offender”.

      the state’s ban on appeals more than 21 days after conviction in cases involving DNA.

      That’s bullshit.

      McAlister was a 29-year-old carpenter living with his mother when he was identified in a photo array, and later in court, by a woman who was assaulted in the laundry room of the Town & Country apartment complex in Richmond on the night of Feb. 23, 1986.

      The 22-year-old mother was able to pull up the plaid-shirted attacker’s stocking mask and get a look at his lower face. McAlister was known to police from a few alcohol-related incidents of public indecency and resembled a police sketch of the attacker drawn from the victim’s description. A detective investigating the attempted rape and kidnapping case asked McAlister to wear a plaid shirt, took his photograph and included it in a photo lineup shown to the woman.

      I hope that was not all it took to put him behind bars, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  18. Britain’s government wants police to screen people’s online communications to sniff out extremism.

    “Extremism” will henceforth be defined as “Tory political positions.”

    1. Um, isn’t the government Tory and about to become even more so?

  19. Kim Jong Un kills more high ranking cabinet members.

    With an anti-aircraft gun, no less.

    1. And yet here in the states I can’t find ammo for an AR-15.

        1. I think he’s being funny. Seems to be plenty available.

          1. I refuse to explain my great jokes.

            1. Could you at least point to them?

    2. He could have gotten a few more style points if he had killed him with a weaponized hat. But still, I’m impressed.

      1. For all we know their AA guns shoot out depleted-uranium-rimmed bowlers.

      2. I’m not sure I believe they have functioning anti-aircraft guns.

        1. They could have rigged the country’s fax machine to explode when it was his turn to use it.

        2. Maybe they just dropped it on him?!

      3. My vote would’ve gone to weaponized hockey stick/puck.

    3. The fattie plus-sized individual will get his payback, and it will be brutal.

      1. Thought he’d be slimmer considering how much he likes to purge.

    4. You know who else killed high ranking members of is organization?

      1. Louis Farrakhan?

      2. Hitler?

        1. No, i don’t think that’s right.

      3. Brutus?

      4. Hitler?

        1. That’s a bingo!

        2. Would you cut that out?

      5. Don Corleone?

      6. King Joffrey?

      7. Ted Kennedy?

      8. Bill Clinton?

    5. the execution of a figure as close to Mr Kim as Mr Hyon was surprising and could give cause for concern about the country’s stability

      Is instability in North Korea really something to be worried about? I mean, how much worse could it get?

      1. NEVER ask that question. You might get an answer.

      2. Starving, dirt poor people with nothing to lose and a nuclear arsenal.

      3. They could tire of only murdering North Koreans and murder more Southerners, too.

    6. The next execution will be handled by Acme Products, Inc.

    7. Close-range AA beats being eaten alive by dogs, at least.

      1. I’d still want the open casket.

      2. They could’ve fed them to the starving peasants.

      1. I really hate the way they say “caricatures” instead of “cartoons”. I guess murder over cartoons would sound silly and offend people.

        1. The exhibition of the blasphemous caricatures was unbearable for Muslims. It was shocking, sad, tragic and intolerable. We have gathered here to pay tribute and to carry out the Islamic rites for the Muslims who tried to stop it and sacrificed their lives and they will now be called ‘Martyrs for the prophet’s honor’.

          They’re really tipping their hand when they give away what is intolerable for them.

          1. Hey Pakistani baker, make me a Mohammud cake.

      2. They smile in your face
        All the time they want to take your place
        The Pakistanis


    1. My wife’s cousin and her husband voluntarily took a job in one of Pakistan’s larger cities.

      I absolutely do not get it. I sort of have to assume it’s not as bad as it seems in the news.

      1. Depends on what kind of security they have.

        1. Uh, I think they are residence life managers at some university. I don’t know what labor costs are like there, but something tells me they aren’t walking around with body guards.

          1. Obama did some visits there, maybe he can give your wife’s cousin some pointers on places to see.

      2. It’s just not as bad in the major cities. There are several major cities in Pakistan that essentially have a middle class standard of living where people are somewhat less insane.

        Most of these really bugfuck crazy stories come from rural and small town tribal regions. The Federally Administered Tribal Regions of Pakistan that are inhabited largely by Pashtuns are completely insane, which isn’t surprising since everywhere they live the Pashtuns are crazy.

      3. From what I understand from a former Pakistani co-worker*…. if you have money, you live in neighborhoods with walls around them, and the police exist solely to keep the rabble away from people like you. Two different worlds

        *She was actually really hot. She married my british buddy.

        1. Huh. Just like my neighborhood.

  20. Pope: Declares End to Crusades, Accepts Truce
    “I think we’ll just agree to disagree” said the Pontiff”

    1. Fuck that, I want a small kingdom in the Holy Land.

        1. “The Vatican is the spiritual capital of the Catholics, and they are recognizing Palestine, that’s the chief importance,” said Mr. Amireh, who is also a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s executive committee.

          The Holy Roman Empire recognizes a region that it used to rule under the same name? I haz a confuse.

          1. In the days of the Holy Roman Empire, there was a certain…*tension* between the Emperors and the Popes.

            So I’m confused at your confuse.

            1. Tongue in cheek comment that could’ve used better phrasing, I suppose.

          2. The Holy Roman Empire never ruled anything in the eastern Mediterranean, it was pretty much Germany and parts of northern Italy.

            The Roman Empire, on the other hand…

        2. tldr – The Vatican has already recognized Palestine as a state. In this treaty, which deals with religious freedom for the Church in Palestine, the Vatican reiterates its recognition.

          “”The treaty, Msgr. Camilleri said, “backs a resolution of the Palestinian issue and of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians within the Two-State Solution and the resolution of the international community.”

          “But the bulk of the agreement regards freedom of religion and conscience, as well as the Church’s freedom of action, its staff and jurisdiction, legal status, places of worship, social and charitable activity, and use of communications media.

          “Msgr. Camilleri added that a final chapter of the agreement regards issues of a fiscal and proprietary nature.

          1. “As the vast majority of the Palestinian population is Muslim, Msgr. Camilleri underscored that “the fact that the agreement clearly recognizes the Church’s status, as well as religious freedom and freedom of conscience, shows it may be followed by other countries, even from those with a Muslim majority, and proves that this recognition is not incompatible with the fact that the majority of the population of a country belongs to another religion.””


            So it seems the Pope wants legal guarantees for the rights of the Church, and of Catholics, in a Muslim-ruled area. And it wants to set precedents for further treaties recognizing Catholic rights. This in the context of militant Islamists who are driving Christian communities out of the Middle East where they have lived for millennia.

            If the Israelis think the Pope can address this situation without recognizing Palestine, let them propose their own ideas for protecting the Middle East Christian communities!

            1. They already have proposed ideas and I think some of them call for killing the militant Islamists.

              1. Maybe the Pope could get his albino monk assassins on the case ASAP.

                1. I ALWAYS KNEW THEY WERE REAL

  21. Jessica Valenti is so mad that she has to hide her nipples from you just because you can’t stop looking at her nipples when they’re just hangin’ out there.

    “The first time it happened to me I was 12 years old and couldn’t quite figure out why so many older men were staring at me ? then I realized I had worn a thin white bra under a white t-shirt. I’ll never forget the shame and embarrassment I felt at the moment.

    It makes sense, then, that so many women jump through hoops (cups?) to ensure that our breasts retain that smooth curved look via specially padded and strategically seamed bras. But like the corset before it, it’s high time we lose the padded-for-modesty bra. Are nipples really so offensive that they can’t make an appearance even under clothing?”

    Hear hear! This is why I purposefully wear sweat pants everywhere but make sure not to wear underwear. I’m not your fucking slave and I don’t know why I should jump through hoops (cups?) to ensure that my nether region retains that smooth curved look via specially padded and strategically seamed boxers.

    1. I support freer nipples.

      1. Really, public nudity is what I look forward to most about libertopia.

        1. …but there are no libertarian women.

          1. There are some, and I assume they are all hot.

    2. Sooooo. She was embarassed that other people looked at her nipples and it’s other people’s problem?

      She doesn’t have to cover up; she can just get over her desire to control what other people are doing. Or alternately, if she doesn’t want to change her attitude, she can cover up. Life is full of choices like this.

      These people are emotionally stuck at age 6.

      1. C’mon tarran, you know these choices have to approved by the Collective by seekrit ballot.

      2. She’s not going to enact the labor of controlling her own emotions when men should enact the labor of not staring at her nipples when they’re right in their fucking faces.

        1. So…we need to teach men not to rape. Nor to look at nipples.

          *puts on more coffee*

          This is gonna be a LONG night…

    3. Are nipples really so offensive that they can’t make an appearance even under clothing?


      1. “Wake up, wake up, Mary Lou. Turn on your headlights! My snake’s crawling in your grass!”

        /5th-grade dirty joke

        1. Twat you say?

          Cunt hear you.

          Got an ear inFUCKshun.

          Bare ass me again!

          /4th grade joke

      2. Someone should explain to Jessica Valenti that when men stare at tits, they aren’t thinking “gee, that’s offensive”.

    4. You might get more respect if you did that with sweatpants that DON’T have holes in them. Seriously, it looks like you sat in gum.

    5. Know what? I think I’d do her.

    6. Why isn’t she really taking a stand and providing us with pictures?

    7. My wife went to her 6 week postnatal checkup last week, and the way she informed me that she had gotten the all-clear was by wearing a thin white cotton bra. I approve of the free nipple movement.

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    1. Maybe fewer cops would help.

      1. May happen in Madison now that the Black DA let the White Cop off for shooting the crazy Mixed Race guy.

        I think those progs should disband the police and go with CCWs for all.

  23. Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee said Wednesday that “it’s beyond belief how little data is a part of the program.”

    I suppose that’s the least untruthful way of putting it.

    1. The pretentious self-importance of state agents never ceases to amaze me.

  24. Appeal to Magic strikes again.

    If Amtrak had the resources to invest in new equipment?particularly newer, straighter tracks?it could be a lot more popular and successful, as well as safer. The company estimates that trips between New York and Washington, and from New York to Boston, could be reduced to about an hour and a half. And with upgrades south and west of the Northeast Corridor, there is no reason why Florida and Chicago couldn’t be within a morning or afternoon’s train ride from Penn Station.
    Straighten the tracks? You mean, displace thousands of people and businesses, at a cost of billions of dollars? Sure, what the fuck. We’ve still got checks, don’t we?
    All I want is a pony; I need to up my game.

    1. The amount of money a train line from Chicago to New York would lose is staggering. There are like 2 profitable train lines in the United States and they’re both daily passenger traffic, not train lines between Chicago and New York.

      Let’s spend billions of dollars completely overhauling the train system so that Amtrak can run even larger deficits than they currently do!

    2. If Amtrak had the resources to invest in new equipment?particularly newer, straighter tracks

      I’m outraged that John Cassidy would use this tragedy to push his heteronormative political agenda.

    3. As we slowed to a crawl somewhere in Delaware, I happened to be reading the China Daily newspaper, which I had picked up at Union Station. It included a color spread on a new superhighway that the Chinese have carved through the mountains in Sichuan province. With great stretches of roadway raised on high concrete stilts, and long tunnels disappearing into the side of hills, it looked amazing.

      I never thought of jingoism as a fetish.

      “If we could only be more like those cutthroat authoritarians!”

      1. Especially awesome given that all that awesome Chinese development has been made possible by a total lack of any concern for the environment.

        The superhighway sure does look awesome on the 7 days a year when you can see it through the smog!

        1. Well enjoy it while you can, because it won’t last a decade before crumbling to pieces.

          Heeeeey, now I get it. It’s just one ongoing stimulus project!

          1. They definitely confuse Opex and Capex.

            When will Friedman come along to join the chorus telling us China is awesome as well.

        2. And I’m sure the highway-building operation in China has a stellar safety record, and the workers hanging off the sides of mountains are making excellent wages.

      2. John Cassidy or Tom Friedman?

        I guess, if it was Friedman, it would have been a Chinese cabbie describing the highway, not something as mundane as looking at a newspaper.

  25. Are nipples really so offensive that they can’t make an appearance even under clothing?”

    No. Next question.

  26. WTF? Harriet Tubman on the Twenny?
    Where did that come from?

    1. It’s pretty random, but then again she is more worth of commemoration than Andrew Jackson.

      1. Considering that Jackson vehemently opposed the National Bank, I always thought his face appeared on the $20 as a “fuck you” to him from the central bankers.

    2. First I heard of it was yesterday. Totally lame. But it’s all just worthless scraps of paper anyway.

      1. How about Neil Fucking Armstrong? Yeah, not a woman. If they want a woman, then send one to Mars and let her be the first to step on another fucking world. Fuck.

        1. Well, they sent a letter to Armstrong asking if he’d be interested, but there was a problem with his mailbox.

          1. What’s the opposite of getting your face on currency? Because that’s what sloopy should get.

            1. I dunno. Having your skin removed and made into currency?

              1. Can you break a sloopy?

    3. Harriet Tubman sounds like a great choice.
      She played Weezy on The Jeffersons, right?

      1. Hmm….but along those lines Instapundit said you’d be putting a gun owning Republican on the bill, so there is that.

      2. She was an armed Republican. Not sure if her advocates know that.

        But I say that if Jackson gets replaced, do it with an idealized Liberty. Something like this.

        1. Louise Jefferson? Really? I always figured her as a liberal.

    4. As long as it isn’t a politician.

      My preference would be to return to putting allegorical representations of liberty on money.

  27. PoC cannot be racist, a ballad in three parts

    Ahead of Modi’s visit to Beijing, a Chinese state newspaper accuses Indians of ‘inferiority’

    “Due to the Indian elites’ blind arrogance and confidence in their democracy, and the inferiority of its ordinary people, very few Indians are able to treat Sino-Indian relations accurately, objectively and rationally,” Hu wrote.

    Ariana Miyamoto, Japan’s Black Miss Universe, Says She Wants To Start A Race Revolution

    “Even though she’s Miss Universe Japan,” one commenter wrote on Twitter, “her face is foreign no matter how you look at it.”

    Side note: even though Ms. Miyamoto is quoted in the article as saying “I’m Japanese”, is Miss Universe Japan, has a Japanese surname, and “calls Japan home”, the author consistently refers to her not as “Japanese”, “mixed race”, or “half-black, half-Japanese”, but as “black”.

    1. How a Japanese American burst Japan’s bubble on racism

      Despite Okinawa’s history, Dezaki’s students viewed racism as an American problem, something they’d seen on TV. Even his coworkers, “the teachers, educated people, really knew nothing about it either.”


      Right-wing extremists online, known as the “net uyoku,” pounced on Dezaki’s video, saying it was full of lies and Japan-bashing.

    2. Ms. Miyamoto is freaking beautiful. Racists are so stupid.

    3. Buried the lede:

      “The beauty queen hit the pageant circuit after a mixed-race friend of hers committed suicide. She also says that she has endured some abuse since being named Japan’s first black Miss Universe….

      “I’m stubborn,” Miyamoto told the AFP. “I was prepared for the criticism. I’d be lying to say it didn’t hurt at all. I’m Japanese ? I stand up and bow when I answer the phone. But that criticism did give me an extra motivation.””

      1. I see a book deal…heck, a movie deal.

    4. Didn’t Lucy Liu already show us the proper procedure for dealing with people who bring up your non-Japanese heritage as a negative?

  28. “If we could only be more like those cutthroat authoritarians!”

    Well, it’s a lot easier to lay the tracks nice and straight if you can just disappear everybody whose house is in the way. And those bridges go up in no time without the fuss and bother of environmental impact paperwork.

    1. Tom Friedman actually said that

      “China is doing moon shots. Yes, that’s plural. When I say “moon shots” I mean big, multibillion-dollar, 25-year-horizon, game-changing investments. ….another is building a web of high-speed trains connecting major cities….”

      Of course, that program of high-speed trains? Was a massive fucking disaster

      “For the past eight years, Liu Zhijun was one of the most influential people in China. As minister of railways, Liu ran China’s $300?billion high-speed rail project. ….

      Today, Liu Zhijun is ruined, and his high-speed rail project is in trouble. On Feb. 25, he was fired for “severe violations of discipline” ? code for embezzling tens of millions of dollars. Seems his ministry has run up $271?billion in debt ? roughly five times the level that bankrupted General Motors. But ticket sales can’t cover debt service that will total $27.7?billion in 2011 alone. Safety concerns also are cropping up.

      Faced with a financial and public relations disaster, China put the brakes on Liu’s program. On April 13, the government cut bullet-train speeds 30 mph to improve safety, energy efficiency and affordability. The Railway Ministry’s tangled finances are being audited. Construction plans, too, are being reviewed. “

      1. Also don’t forget the debt bomb over the Chinese economy and local governments. I guess PBOC can keep it going for as long as the Fed can keep their tricks going.

  29. We’re obsessed with tech startups

    But the White House has made it clear that its focus is actually much narrower. When it comes to celebrating entrepreneurship, our society, led by Washington and Wall Street, has become fixated on the technology industry, funneling money and support primarily into tech start-ups. That myopic focus is misguided. In contrast, most aspiring entrepreneurs dream about starting Main Street companies ? restaurants, barbershops, boutiques and other everyday retail and services.


    If we continue to undervalue the potential of young entrepreneurship, the consequences will trickle throughout our economy. Inaction promises a less robust and less diversified economic recovery, and one in which fewer Americans pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Such inaction is akin to inadequate planning for retirement. At this point in our tenuous recovery, now is exactly the best time to invest in a diversified and inclusive portfolio of entrepreneurs.

    Mostly sensible stuff, but not Word One about onerous regulation, or government at every level making it harder to start and run a business every day.

    1. Good point about the regs. I get depressed reading this stuff as it makes me think the coming medical industry revolutions will happen in other countries first instead of here in the US.

      If I didn’t have the help of the University system here I would never consider starting a lab or anything else related to medical care.

      1. Have you noticed any impact of the medical device tax on university programs? I’d assume that may impact private research funding, but probably more where manufacturing occurs.

        1. It’s funny that you ask that. I was involved in a biomechanical engineering program that focused on the interaction between various experimental implant materials and the human body. The state I live in actually offers huge tax breaks to biotech and implant/prosthetic companies and there is decent support in Congress for repealing the tax completely so not all hope is lost, I suppose.

          Other than that I haven’t really noticed much but then again I attend a state school so I can’t comment much on private research. I’m not sure if my experience with public/private partnerships qualifies. Maybe if I get accepted into one of these internships I can provide more information.

          1. Good luck. Most of my stipend when I was in grad school (ME) was paid by private dollars and this was state school.

            Hopefully the stupid tax will be repealed, but once the Congress gets their hand on the money it’s hard to let go – Red and Blue.

  30. It’s not a suicide pact, just a nudge.

    1. I’m ashamed to share a species with these people.

    2. WTF are they waiting for? If they care so much, they should all just kill themselves now.

      1. Sigh, if you took the time to read the FAQs…

        Q: Why don’t you just kill yourself?

        This could be the most frequently asked question of all. Fair enough question: if we’re so bad for whatever habitat we’re occupying, why don’t we just stop it? There are several reasons why retroactive birth control isn’t a part of VHEMT.

        As explained above, increasing death is like trying to bail out a sinking boat without plugging the leak. People are flooding in twice as fast as they’re bailing out.

        It’s hard enough just to get people to consider not breeding. Advocating suicide, by any method besides old age, would be a particularly hard sell. There’s no way we could convince enough people to kill themselves to make a difference, especially after we’re too dead to talk. Suicide doesn’t set an example others will follow.

        Death comes soon enough — far too soon for many of us. After working most of our lives, a dozen years of retirement isn’t too much to ask. Those years may be dedicated to humanitarian and environmental causes.

        Shortening an existing person’s life by a few decades doesn’t avoid as many years of human impact as not creating a whole new life — one with the potential for producing more of us.

        We have a responsibility to help the world as much as we’re able before we die. Leaving the work for others would be irresponsible.

        VHEMT is a cause to live for not to die for.

        1. OK, spaced on the codes, the whole thing from the “Q” down is from the website.

          TBH, I’m not sure I have a huge problem with them as long as they remain voluntary.

        2. Sigh, if you took the time to read the FAQs…

          Fuck the FAQ. They need to kill themselves now.

          1. But, but, but…

            We have a responsibility to help the world as much as we’re able before we die. Leaving the work for others would be irresponsible.

            1. Kind of like Al Gore flying private jets to solve Global Warming?

            2. If they really want to help the world… yeah, kill themselves now.

        3. “There’s no way we could convince enough people to kill themselves to make a difference, especially after we’re too dead to talk.”


          their only objection is “well, its a great idea…. its just not practical”

  31. Gamergaters = ‘misogynist nutjob psychopaths’…. who wish Labour had won in the UK

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