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Campus Nags Want to Change How Male Students Think

The moral policing and censure of frats and lads is a scandal.


Imagine if radical left-wing students were only allowed to play for their college football teams if they first agreed to attend a class designed to expunge their edgy thinking. We would consider that outrageous, a return of McCarthyism, an intolerable assault on the right of students to think whatever they want. We'd call it thoughtpolicing.

So why is there so little uproar about Oxford University's decision to make its rugby clubs undergo anti-sexism classes before being allowed to compete in major college tournaments?

Replace radical left-wing students with rugby-playing students, and Red thinking with laddish banter, and the nightmarish scenario described above is actually happening on a British campus: students are being forced into thought-washing before being allowed to represent their colleges in sports.

None of the rugby clubs at Oxford has been implicated in any crimes. But the university administration has nonetheless decided to make all of them sit through one-hour "anti-misogyny classes" in an attempt to "combat sexism on campus." Any rugby-playing student who refuses to be lectured about the rottenness of sexist thinking will be forbidden from playing in this year's Cuppers Final, an annual clash of Oxford's various college rugby teams. That is, they're being strong-armed to submit themselves to a moral clear-out of their minds.

Notably, the classes aren't designed to alter any problematic behaviour—they're explicitly about transforming how these students think and speak. As one news report says, it's about educating these guys about the horribleness of their "jokes and songs," which can be saucy and raucous and apparently make some women feel uncomfortable, and getting them to ditch their "lad banter"—the rude chit-chat rugby guys are famous for indulging in.

There's a word for this kind of thing: re-education. British universities no longer simply educate their students, adding bits of knowledge to their brains; they also re-educate them, removing apparently dodgy stuff from their minds.

Oxford's rugby players aren't the only students being cajoled into moral re-education under the guise of combating misogyny. Indeed, on British campuses lads are the new Reds: across the U.K., laddish students (known in the U.S. as jocks or frat boys) are being subjected to the kind of mind-policing and moral censure that would cause a huge stink if it were applied to any other social group.

Last October at the London School of Economics (L.S.E.), the rugby club was disbanded for a year and its members were pressured by the LSE Students' Union, in cahoots with university management, to sign up for "Good Lad" discussion groups at which they are encouraged to fix their allegedly backward ways of thinking. Only when the Union and the university are satisfied that the rugby lads have been remade as "Good Lads" will the club be allowed to reform.

What was the L.S.E. rugby boys' crime, earning them this year-long bout of repentance and re-education? At the Freshers' Fair last October they distributed a jokey leaflet advertising their upcoming social events which said that "mingers" (English slang for ugly women) and "homosexual debauchery" were not welcome. For making this crass but ultimately harmless joke, they were denied the right to play college sports for a year and were pushed into anti-lad re-education.

As part of their re-education programme, the students gather on public streets near the L.S.E. holding placards saying "A good lad…", and then they fill in the blank. "A good lad frees himself of gender stereotypes"; "A good lad understands that feminism isn't a dirty word"; and so on. To see these students holding up self-critical placards in public is extraordinary, and sad. It's like something out of Mao's China, when disobedient professors and artists were likewise paraded in public with insulting placards, usually hung around their necks, identifying them as intellectual reprobates. Fast forward 50 years, and students at L.S.E. are being publicly identified as moral reprobates, sinners against the new orthodoxy of P.C. speech and feministic censure.

The Oxford and L.S.E. punishment of boorish speech is part of broader culture war against lads on U.K. campuses. And often the war is led by students themselves, or certainly by Students' Unions that claim to represent the student body.

The National Union of Students (N.U.S.), the umbrella body for all Students' Unions, had a Lad Culture Summit in 2014—really—to discuss how to hammer the alleged scourge of laddish banter and behaviour. Out of this summit came a National Strategy on Lad Culture, which involves the N.U.S. putting pressure on Students' Unions to clamp down hard on any displays of laddishness on their campuses.

To that end, Edinburgh University's S.U. introduced a policy to "End Lad Banter on Campus." Imagine the tyrannical arrogance it takes to believe you have the right to end an entire way of speaking. Cardiff University has an "Anti-Lad Culture Policy," which aims to tackle the "pack mentality," fuelled by "heavy alcohol consumption," that can give rise to "banter" and the use of "gender-, sexuality- and rape-based humour." Booze, gangs, taboo-busting jokes—to some people that's a night out, not a moral crime. One person's "evil banter" is another person's perfectly acceptable larks.

Cardiff's Anti-Lad Culture Policy was used to ban Dapper Laughs, a saucy comedian, from performing a gig on campus last year. This stuff has a directly censorious impact.

In the name of clamping down on lad culture, other Students' Unions have banned Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and even forbidden the making of "sexual noises." Newcastle University's Students' Union warns students against making "unwelcome sexual invitations" (like asking someone to dance?) and (again) "offensive sexual noises," which can include wolf-whistling and cat-calling. If you can't make an offensive sexual noise while you're a student, when can you do it? Under pressure from the N.U.S, more universities are adopting anti-lad policies.

No matter how much P.C. gloss gets slathered on this war on lads, there's no disguising what it really is: intolerance, plain and simple, of a particular way of thinking, speaking, and socialising. And of course it isn't only Britain: following Rolling Stone's fact-free fantasy about a frat rape at the University of Virginia and the expulsion of frats from the University of Oklahoma after they were videoed making a racist chant, it's open season on U.S. frats as much as it is on British lads.

How long before frats in the U.S. are also made to parade in public with placards of self-disgust? This transatlantic war on male students who commit the ultimate crime of failing to be P.C. is the logical conclusion to the culture of campus censorship: not satisfied with controlling what students say, intolerant student reps now want to police their very thoughts, clean out their grey matter, re-educate them. Mix Mao with Andrea Dworkin, and chuck in a bit of Orwell for good measure, and you have a terrifying new intolerance of maleness that is the match of any mind-policing authoritarianism of the past.

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  1. How long before frats in the U.S. are also made to parade in public with placards of self-disgust?

    Isn’t the real question how long it will be until some of these men tell their schools to fuck right off, thank you very much? Stand up to this shit, people.

    1. Stand up to this shit, people.

      Just don’t do it public or your job prospects will vanish into thin air.

      1. Just don’t do it public or your job prospects will vanish into thin air.


        If standing up to this shit means flushing my future down the drain, then I think I’d just keep my head down and my mouth shut for 4 years. Sure, that makes me a pussy, but I’d rather be a pussy with job prospects and a future than a martyr.

        1. He who would trade essentially liberty for temporary security deserves neither.

          1. as if standing up to these mobs could result in maintaining liberty?

            1. Yes it could. Bullies don’t react well to being punched in the mouth.

      2. Standing up to them out loud (and non-anonymously) may make your job prospects vanish. But there are lots of ways to resist without suffering that penalty. One would be to be aware of this practice before you graduate high school, and not apply to any college that engages in it.

        If FIRE doesn’t publish a list or ranking that would be useful in this regard, someone in the MRA movement certainly will. The SJWs have gone much too far, and we are pushing back.

    2. Every once in a while I don my conspiracy cap and think to myself, “this is why our country continues to push this nonsense that you’re not part of the great American success story unless you attend college.”

      It’s not the increased earning potential. It’s the indoctrination.

      1. You give them too much credit. They’re nowhere near self-aware enough to understand how useless their expensive diplomas really are. They’re credentialists because they were suckered into the process and know little else.

        1. When so much of your identity is tied up in your college years, colored not by objective benchmarks of success but by the subjective imprimatur of professors and peers, you’re naturally prepared to trounce those who haven’t got the sheepskin you have and therefore can’t possibly have earned the fawning approbation of the cosetted university milieu.

      2. “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” – V.I. Lenin

    3. Isn’t the real question how long it will be until some of these men tell their schools to fuck right off, thank you very much? Stand up to this shit, people.

      I’m sure it’s already happening, at least passively. Only losers pay any attention to these harpies.

  2. Do we need to bring back single sex education or something?

    what ever happened to “boys will be boys” now its “boys better be more like girls or else they’re evil”

    1. You know, I feel like this kind of thing must have happened before unwritten human history, and that is why all of the traditional social norms were in place.

      At some point, the men stood up and said fuck this shit. Get out of our education and work environments, and we’re going to re-educate the boys back into being men.

      I’d hate to see that happen for a lot of reasons, but the current trajectory is going to create a huge backlash at some point for the so-called feminists.

      1. I’d hate to see that happen for a lot of reasons, but the current trajectory is going to create a huge backlash at some point for the so-called feminists.


      2. I’d like very much to see it happen, at least if the “get out” comment is directed specifically at SJWs and not all women. I don’t believe that today’s “feminists” represent most women or even close to it.

  3. I bet Steve Smith never had to put up with this nonsense


      1. Finally an example of hands on, practical learning….none of the “pointy headed intellectual” nonsense!

  4. If that dude isn’t holding that sign up ironically, I will chip in to get him castrated.

    1. He looks like he just got punched in the nuts.

      1. He has the kind of face you can’t hit just once.

    2. Dawson’s been going to some pretty depraved lengths to win her back after Katie Holmes dumped him.

    3. I think he’s one of the LSE rugby players serving his time in the 21st century stocks.

    4. Well, assuming that rugby players are uncouth ogres is also a stereotype, and surely this scrubbing of pernicious stereotypes is a two-way street.

      1. Har! Good one.

      2. I always thought rugby was a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen and soccer was a gentleman’s game played by hooligans.

      3. It’s (some of) the fans who are the ogres.

  5. Kid in the photo looks like he wants to cry.

    1. I was thinking he looks like Greg Brady, who always looked like he wanted to cry.

      1. holy shit you’re right


  7. and getting them to ditch their “lad banter”

    How dare they banter! What a horrible crime! It’s almost as bad as gamboling!

    I mean, shit. Is this what glorious empowered feminism has come to? What the fuck happened to “I am woman hear me roar”?

    1. “I am woman hear me roar” That was a lie. The free speech movement was a lie.

      They lie.

      1. The cake is a lie too.

      2. That was part of Second Wave, which championed equal pay and reproductive rights. This is new Third Wave Feminism, where the slogan is


        1. Victimhood is empowering.

          It is the cudgel with which the Progressive Theocracy beats anyone who might oppose them.

    2. I’m sure lass banter is never sexist or rude or offensive at all.

      Sugar and spice and everything nice.

      1. Hah! Good observation. Anyone who thinks that only men engage in sexual “banter” has obviously never worked in a department with all females.

  8. Alright feminists, it’s time to pick a side. Are you strong independent women who “don’t need no man,” or are you overgrown delicate children who need to be coddled and sheltered from the boogeyman?

    That’s my reaction to every story like this. You can’t have both. You can’t claim oppression one minute and then unilaterally enforce a policy like this that demonizes an entire demographic. Either straight while males are your oppressive overlords that dictate your every move, or they’re your scapegoat of choice.

    You. Can’t. Have. Both.

    1. Either you are full social equals, who can cope with the occasional unpleasant encounter, or why the F*ck do we allow you to vote?

      1. Huh, I didn’t know voting was based on being a full social equal. Does that mean we can finally stop morons from oppressing their neighbors?

    2. You. Can’t. Have. Both.

      The more precise statement is “They.Shouldn’t.Be.Able.To.Have.Both.”

      Unfortunately, the truth is they can. That’s what we’ve increasingly seen play out in colleges, in family courts, in the popular culture. A certain group of women have convinced enough people to support this irrationality by imposing its cost on others.

      Sure, it’s irrational. Sure, it’s insane. Sure, it’s evil. But, they most certainly CAN have both.

      1. Fortunately, even fools are starting to understand the costs and (lack of) benefits of college, and are abandoning them in droves.

        I urge libertarians to shun the movement to forgive student loan debt, which would reopen the floodgates to more of this indoctrination. Let colleges die, and it will die with them.

  9. University life is supposed to prepare young people for the real world. Not create an alternative universe to shelter them from the real world. Then they will have no idea how to navigate it.

    1. If anything, universities are gearing up to prepare men for careers in a corporate world filled with racial and gender landmines.

      1. I’m a sailor who happens to work with a woman. While said woman is very cool and speaks like a sailor and jokes around, I keep it PG because I know she has my job by the balls if she just wakes up and decides she would rather not work any more and sue the company for a hostile work environment.

        This is the world we live in. Fucking sailors can’t even be sailors anymore.

  10. I wonder if they do this to Muslims. Some of the Al Qaeda leaders went to London School of Economics, it would be interesting to hear their take on the placard.

    1. That would be racist.

      1. But awesome. Have an interview at the same time, with the same placard, with the neutered puppy in the picture, and his fellow radical Muslim student.

        If BBC won’t do it, Onion should.

        1. If BBC won’t do it

          The BBC is too busy fapping over this shit.

        2. It was the BBC that enabled the Rotherham rape scandal to go on much longer and harm many more victims than it otherwise would, by refusing to inform the public that the perps were all of one nationality (Pakistani). At least the US hasn’t gone that far, yet.

  11. Will the higher education bubble burst affect the British system? I think the coming purge of administrative staff at the university level will do away with much of this rubbish.

    1. Their system is very different, so it’s hard to say. I don’t see how it could go on like this for very long, though.

  12. Teach them not to rape!
    Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

    1. better yet make it illegal oh wait never mind.

      1. Rape isn’t *truly* illegal if accused rapists keep getting exonerated by the evidence. We need to make evidence-proof laws against rape, a bit like Canada’s human rights tribunal does for speech.

        1. This, too, has been tried. It was called the French Reign of Terror. If you really want another, you don’t belong in America.

  13. Looks like a guy nicknamed Captain Capitalism aka AaronClarey on Youtube got some straight points on his video rants about college.

  14. they should all not attend then see how the school reacts.

  15. More pussy for me.

    1. Talking like that? You definitely need to go in for re-neducation.

      A nice long nap, a glass of warm milk, and a full frontal lobotomy will cure you of your illness.

    2. That was true back when women revealed their preferences in private without subsequently airing their grievances publicly. Now you’re taking your life in your hands by bedding a girl growing up in a culture that not only condones but does everything possibly to facilitate “regret=rape” accusations.

  16. How long will it be before 4 innocent college lacrosse players will be falsely accused of rape by a woman who is later convicted of murder?

    1. Murder? Did that happen?

        1. She meant well.

          1. It is so obvious how Jezebel will defend her. She was raped, no one paid attention to her, she lied to make it seem a bit worse than it was, got caught, and then was hounded by the patriarchy. Eventually, she retaliated. And, now they’ve got her where they wanted her all along – an uppity black woman in jail.

            1. I had the same thought and did a cursory search. Some of the commenters took that line, but the Jezebelians who covered it really only wanted the ordeal swept under the rug.

  17. The rugby teams should play their Cuppers Final games in ladies’ field hockey attire; sans knickers.

  18. “A GOOD LAD frees himself from gender stereotypes”.

    I know right. Yet when I tell my wife this exact thing so she can move her own couch (what is it with women and rearrangement of perfectly functional furniture), its like I’ve made an enemy for life.

    I suspect there may be manual labor exemption to feminism that we are not being told about.

    1. Shhhh, we don’t talk about it. There is also my favorite, the spider killing exemption.

  19. With the proper application of force, human nature can be changed. All it takes is the correct policies backed up with real threats of violence, and men will stop thinking like men.


    1. Until we need them to do stereotypical manly, brutish things. But we don’t really “need” them to do them (we can do anything we want, don’t tell us otherwise). We just “want” them to do them. Because these things are beneath us. What we really need is a permanent underclass to be at our beckon call. They won’t be able to think or vote (the horror!) but because of their servitude (it’s for their own good) we will be free to engage in higher intellectual and societal pursuits.

      And sit on our plantation verandas and sip mint juleps.

  20. Every good boy does fine.

    1. I smell trouble, Cliff.

      1. Where’s Switzy and the narrowed gaze?

        1. He’s a good boy. He’ll do fine. Always.

  21. forbidden the making of “sexual noises.”

    So no more womyn’s tennis?

    1. Not for you. There’s a reason the officiator had you thrown off that high school tennis court. Wearing sweatpants without underwear didn’t help either.

  22. Time to bring back the Gods of the Copybook headings.


    AS I PASS through my incarnations in every age and race,
    I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.
    Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.

    1. Actually this is the more relavent part.

      On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
      (Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
      Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
      And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”

  23. Of all the bullshit happening in the world today, I’m perhaps most disturbed by what’s happening to masculinity. I don’t even have words to describe how pathetic/evil/retarded this is. I think I’ll watch a John Wayne movie when I get home tonight. That’ll cheer me up.

    1. John Wayne liked to dress up as Annie Oakley and enact submissive bondage roles. Just so you know.

      What – it *could* happened!

      1. Well, his real name was Marion, which is pretty girly sounding…

      2. Hey, lots of straight guys like to dress up in women’s clothing and watch their friends fuck. Don’t you?

        1. I forgot about that clip…it shows that great minds think alike.

  24. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad to try to teach boys to be less sexist to counter act “lad culture” (think “bro culture” in the US).

    But it ought to be balanced by an equivalent focus on “mean girl” culture amoung young girls. Boys might have a pack mentality guy-culture that excludes women, but girls have an equivalent pack mentality that can be just as bad, and not just for boys, but also other girls. (Just as I’m sure nerdy guys are excluded from the “lads”). It’s just expressed less as singing baudy tunes and more as catting commenting on other people’s clothing.

    Basically what we’re talking about is the normal not-very-nice cliquishness that happens in high school and college.

    1. So reeducation for eveyone!

    2. Uh-huh.

  25. ” university administration has nonetheless decided to make all of them sit through one-hour “anti-misogyny classes” “

    please people.

    This incessant whining about so-called “social justice activism” on college campuses is a bunch of TEAM RED KULTURWARRIOR whining about a nearly non-existent phenomena. You’re acting like you’re all about to jump in your pickup trucks and go save REAL AMERICA from all those faggy book-lurnin types. it is embarrassing, not to mention a a retarded and self-defeating way to think. if the idea of liberty becomes wedded to this kind of asinine and vaguely sinister anti-intellectualism, it’s doomed.

    1. Sarcasm, or did Bo hijack your account?

      1. I think it relates to a dust-up over the weekend. I was too busy drinking at a Brewers’ game to participate.

        1. how much does a beer cost at a brewers game? and is it a proper, 32oz, monster brew in a Styrofoam cup?

          i pine for real america.

        2. Nice stadium they have. We went to a few games there last year and were impressed.

          1. Miller Park is mediocre at best. Try Comerica; Detroit is dump but the stadium rocks.

      2. close!

        No i’m just sharing the conclusions from the weekend threads

        the constant harping about the so-called “left-leaning” academic environment is nothing but overwrought hysteria by a bunch of redneck anti-intellectuals who risk the entire libertarian movement by criticizing what is in fact an insignificant subculture that has no real effect on any students or the larger world.

        1. I could see their point if indeed academia were an insignificant subculture that social conservatives decided, en mass, to pounce on, much like (say) the left did with gamergate. In that case it would look like punching down. And yet we’ve inflated a massive financial bubble subsidizing a cultural powerhouse that sets the benchmark for employment prospects. If we’re calling this a social minority I’m not certain what qualifies as majority status.

          Just kidding, it’s rapey white men who qualify as the social majority.

          1. “academia were an insignificant subculture that social conservatives decided, en mass, to pounce on,”

            i actually think this is in fact the most legitimate angle on Warty’s point.

            its true = the right does, every 10 years or so, highlight the retardedness of academia in order to froth up the masses. Going back to Allan Bloom (great book BTW)…. its red meat for the culturewarrior set.

            in this case, however, that’s not what’s happening. I actually think this fascist mindset is going to spread like a plague.

        2. Mouth breathing. You forgot mouth breathing.

    2. there’s nothing as anti-intellectual as using censors to stifle the speech and actions of individuals expressing viewpoints you disagree with

  26. A GOOD LAD knows when he’s being bullied, and tells the bullies to sod off.


  27. Ugh. Shorter Reason: gross misogynistic verbal abuse is totes okay and doesn’t need to be confronted

    1. OMG I dont even

    2. By the way, i think you do great work. the ughs, the totes…. could use some “toxic”, but you’ll get to it eventually. its effective, doesn’t hit anyone over the head like a Salon headline.

      1. Thanks for mansplaining why I need to be shamed for how I talk. Not okay.

        1. (golf clap)

          i almost want to buy you dinner

          1. It’s a trap – this is the same troller who joined a discussion a few months ago and diverted a few of us from an honest debate.

            1. Stay away – she’s MINE!!

              ignore them, baby. you and me, we’re going to make music together.

              1. So you know a lot of Indigo Girls songs?

        2. Yeah, only mansplaining has the power to address your pitiful use of a strawman argument.

          You poor, poor, princess, you.

        3. Stop punishing the rest of society for your daddy issues.

        4. May I introduce you to my friend STEVE SMITH? STEVE, Alissa. Alissa, STEVE.

          Now for the popcorn.

    3. I’ll bite.

      Verbal abuse?

    4. Misandry is where it’s REALLY at.


      Glad I could help you get the rest of your retarded generational patois on the page there.

      1. ugh, no words

        1. Did you play sports in high school? it shows.

        2. If only.

          1. Few words, at least. It could be worse, it might have been screaming dyejob redhead lunatic suggesting in hysterical tones that you CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE for wanting to discuss her assertion that you’re a PATRIARCHAL SHITLORD TRYING TO SILENCE HER.

    6. I’m invoking Poe’s law.

      You’re either very clever or very, very stupid.

  28. Reason 895,367 why we need to find a way to break the lock colleges and universities have managed to put on the management and professional ranks. Yes, I know, people can do just fine without college by going into the trades or starting their own business. But, until college is no longer seen as a prerequisite for management or the professions (broadly defined) colleges are still going to be the gatekeepers of the middle class. And as long as they hold that role (heavily subsidized by the state), they’re never going to stop pulling shit like this. They simply don’t need to. Guys will still go to college or university and sit through whatever totalitarian nonsense is foisted on them because they know their futures will likely be severely curtailed if they don’t get that piece of paper. Make the schools live up to their self-identified puffery of being “places of enlightenment and education, rather than grubby vocational training for a career” and watch how quickly they abandon this.

  29. And when they graduate and leave campus, they become general nags who want to change how everyone else thinks:


    1. Clearly you need to learn many underlying realities before you can even recognize your inherent privilege, HP.

      Of course, these things you must search for and learn completely on your own….

  30. As always, Brendan, I like your articles, including this one.

    The comparison with the racist chant at the University of Oklahoma in the U. S. is off. Using the N-word in the U. S. is not the same as boorish behavior toward women. At least Americans don’t see the two categories as all that comparable. Also, I believe the university president in Tulsa banned only the offending fraternity, not all fraternities from campus.

    The comparison with the fact-free Rolling Stone report about a supposed rape at the University of Virginia is exactly on point. At UVa, the president closed down the fraternity, and the university community ostracized its members. _Then_ everyone found out it was all a hoax, to promote the concept of a “rape culture” that people on the PC side are sure exists.

    I used to live in China, for two years well after the Cultural Revolution. To see Maoist tactics arrive on our shores, and Britain’s shores, is genuinely depressing.

  31. Not okay.

    1. I suspect Robby dresses up in women’s clothing and posts as “Alissa”

      AND THAT’S TOTALLY ALL RIGHT!! We’re open minded! Don’t let them upset you, sweetie.

  32. But, until college is no longer seen as a prerequisite for management or the professions (broadly defined) colleges are still going to be the gatekeepers of the middle class.

    If only. At this point, a college degree is required just to answer the goddam phone.

    1. And to get my coffee.

      1. I mean, for *male* students to get my coffee. Just to make sure I wasn’t gender-role stereotyping.

        Not that women can’t fetch coffee…or wear a French maid outfit while doing it…if that’s that makes them feel empowered…

    2. I know. But, changing that is the only thing that’s going to change what colleges do. And the reality is that probably about 70% of jobs that demand a college degree don’t require it and make little use of the education. Hell, I work in a fairly technical field, and I can count the number of classes I use my college and grad school learning for on my fingers (and still have enough fingers left over to smoke a cigarette).

  33. More placards:








  34. I attended a small, private, liberal arts university from 2006-2009 (ended up transferring out) and there was quite a bit of these “conversations” and some level of censorship (definitely not this bad) and a general attitude toward men and “rape culture.”

    I was one of those students who would try to take on the entire class AND the professor in argument. It was frustrating to have to do it every day in almost every class but I also took some pleasure in standing up to the little tyrants.

    I never worried about future job prospects being out of reach due to my standing up to them. Luckily some professors respected me for doing it and encouraged me to research more outside of class. I guess that was a blessing.

    And as far as women “black listing” me because I refused to bow down and scrape and adhere to their views, well, luckily there were a lot of sluts at that school so it didn’t matter. 😉

  35. Photo says “Steryotypes”

  36. Don’t bother trying to reason with people that didn’t reason themselves into their beliefs in the first place… your time would be better-spent bashing your head against the wall.

  37. “So why is there so little uproar about Oxford University’s decision to make its rugby clubs undergo anti-sexism classes before being allowed to compete in major college tournaments?”

    Because Sexism is Blasphemy! We can’t have Blasphemers representing in school.

    Burn them!


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  39. Sounds like Britain’s universities are racing against ours to empty their halls permanently.

  40. I agree with the author of the Article. It’s important to pay close attention to this arising problem and therefore support all ideas that have been proposed!

  41. many colleges have tried many methods to change how male students think such as The Oxford , the London School of Economics,Edinburgh University and so on.

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