Court Says PATRIOT Act Doesn't Allow Mass Data Collection, Media Censored as Brits Vote, New York Allows Bitcoin Exchange: P.M. Links


  • BUT 9/11! BUT 9/11! BUT 9/11!

    The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that mass collection of Americans' phone metadata by the National Security Agency is not actually authorized by the PATRIOT Act. The court panel did not address constitutional matters.

  • The Senate overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan bill giving Congress the chance to review and possibly veto any nuclear deal with Iran.
  • While the Brits turn out to vote today, media law there forbids outlets from discussing much about actual election issues and policies. No surveys or exit polls are permitted. There is even controversy surrounding people tweeting whom they've voted for.
  • Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she'll be deciding soon whether she will launch a civil rights investigation into the Baltimore Police Department.
  • Hillary Clinton may complain about all the "unaccountable money" in politics, but it didn't stop her from meeting with potential donors to a Super PAC that supports her.
  • New York has granted a charter to a bitcoin exchange, a first for the state.
  • Mario Kart in real life? Universal has signed a deal with Nintendo to use the video game company's characters on theme park rides.

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  1. …phone metadata by the National Security Agency is not actually authorized by the PATRIOT Act.

    Arrests pending.

    1. Hello.

      ‘While the Brits turn out to vote today, media law there forbids outlets from discussing much about actual election issues and policies. No surveys or exit polls are permitted. There is even controversy surrounding people tweeting whom they’ve voted for.’

      When is it officially acceptable to deem Britain a tyrannical shit hole?

      1. From the Telegraph website, right now.

        As voting closes at 10pm, the counting begins and candidates discover their fates. Join us for live coverage of the exit polls and the results

        Looks like they have exit polls.

      2. I think New Zealand does the same thing. It’s daft.

        Doesn’t Canada embargo general election results until all the polls in BC/YT are closed?

        1. Not that I’m aware of. Could be.

        2. As long as they’re broadcast in both English and French, no.

        3. Yes [for Canada]

        4. They do indeed. There were vapors few years ago when US blogs reported the results live, and, oh no, we can’t regulate them!

        5. I thought Canada ended it’s ban on televising election results from the east coast before the west coast voted?

          1. I thought Canada ended it’s ban on televising election results from the east coast before the west coast voted?

            That is of course to mitigate the influence of fair-weather-voters, the existence of whom to begin with is a direct indictment of democracy’s legitimacy.

        6. When I lived in Oz, there was no election coverage allowed 72 hours prior.

      3. When is it officially acceptable to deem Britain a tyrannical shit hole?

        1774 !!

      4. The UK has always been tyrannical. They just used to make less use of their tyranny. A tyrant is a tyrant whether he uses his powers for good or evil or not at all. Any rights (in the legally protected sense) that British subjects may have have been granted to them by their government and/or monarch and can be taken away at any time.
        Whether or not it is a shithole is a matter of opinion. I think Britain is rather nice for the most part.

        Of course that is the case everywhere. But at least in the US we in theory have rights that the government can’t infringe.

        1. “They just used to make less use of their tyranny”

          There may be a few former colonies who would beg to differ.

          1. Fair enough. I should restate it. They have made varying use of it over the years.

            1. I know what you meant. Just being snarky.

        2. Topographically, compared to Ireland, it is a shithole. But, a 1000 shades of green may not be everyone’s cup of tea, pardon the pun.

        3. Perhaps Zeb. Except when you read English history they do quite a bit of bragging about being enlightened for having fostered liberty.

          /flings pack of mayo at Zeb.

        4. Then mankind is tyrannic. Each of us has the power to kill anyone we can reach, & it’s just matter of how many of us use restraint.

          Every man a king, for as long as s/he can get away w it.

      5. “When is it officially acceptable to deem Britain a tyrannical shit hole?”

        Hell, we are long past that point. They are so far down the rabbit hole that you can’t see them.

      6. But you at least understand the impulse, don’t you? It’s like they want a fair trial, with the jury sequestered and a gag order.

        If we could actually elect public officials like that, with all the voters in a room, no declarations of candidacy outside the room, no news in or out, & nobody allowed out until a result is decided on, I’d prefer it. Anyone known to have expressed interest outside the room in running for the office is disqualified.

  2. There is even controversy surrounding people tweeting whom they’ve voted for.

    So Princess Charlotte got voted out?

    1. You can’t vote for monkeys…well maybe in Britain you can.

      1. They’re changing its name because they can’t prove that monkey’s ancestors are inbred.

    2. If anything, the people would likely vote her in.

      She couldn’t be any worse than the 600+ people who actually will win seats.

      1. “Monarchies are undemocratic, that’s why we have elections between the Bush and Clinton families every few years.”

  3. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she’ll be deciding soon whether she will launch a civil rights investigation into the Baltimore Police Department.

    It’s like they want me to take that department’s side.

    1. Contrarianism will only get you so far, Fist.

    2. You don’t find cuffing, shackling and then rough-riding a man to death a violation of the guy’s civil rights?

      1. I think he was making a L. Lynch joke, not saying the investigation isn’t justified…

        1. Oh, if Fist of Etiquette said it, it must be a joke. He couldn’t possibly be making a valid, cogent point on a controversial topic of the day. He’s just a clown to amuse you.


              1. Meh.

  4. Hillary Clinton may complain about all the “unaccountable money” in politics, but it didn’t stop her from meeting with potential donors to a Super PAC that supports her.

    But at least no one is talking about her email server anymore.

    1. “This is different – you bet this money is well counted!”

  5. Norway strikes down blasphemy laws (Google translated version here

    After the attack on satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris on January 7 this year, however, felt parliament Anders B. Werp and Jan Arild Ellingsen that needed immediate action .

    1. Well, a ray of hope at least.

  6. The Senate overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan bill giving Congress the chance to review and possibly veto any nuclear deal with Iran.

    Open purse, remove balls, eh, Congress?

  7. Hail to the King, baby

    A protester who shouted an obscenity about the Dutch king could face up to five years in prison and a fine of more than 20,000 euros under a 19th-century law against insulting the monarch, prosecutors said on Thursday.

    1. We need a “Everybody Draw Dutch King” day.

      1. We need an “Everybody Shout an Obscenity about the Dutch King” day

        1. They have a king? What a bunch of idiots.

        2. That’s everyday in my household. Fuck the Dutch King.

          1. Shout, not type.

    2. Weg met de koning! Breng terug de Stadhouder!

      1. Dutch is just German with a really bad accent.

        1. To me it sounds a little like German with your throat stuffed with cotton balls plus a perfectly clear English word thrown in here and there.

    3. How’s the rabbit doing?


        Allegedly, his Dutch was initially so poor that he told the people he was the “Konijn van ‘Olland” (“Rabbit of ‘Olland”), rather than “Koning van Holland” (“King of Holland”).

    4. There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.

    5. “The law dates from the 19th Century, but still exists like many other old laws. We have to enforce it.”

      In the country that invented de facto drug legalization, that seems a bit odd to say.

    6. Well, dunno about you, but Queen Maxima scores major points with me on two counts:

      (1) Her name.

      (2) Her milfiness.

      Had to tinyurl the link due to stupid character limit. You can trust me, though. Right?

      1. Holy fuck. I’ll sign up to help produce royal progeny…

      2. She looks like the chick from Scrubs’ mom.

      3. Noice!

      4. It’s good to be the King.

      5. I’d like to ride that Maxima.


        Hey Maxima, let’s repopulate Europe!

  8. While the Brits turn out to vote today, media law there forbids outlets from discussing much about actual election issues and policies. No surveys or exit polls are permitted. There is even controversy surrounding people tweeting whom they’ve voted for.

    It is legal, however, to show up a polling station drunk or with alcohol. You can vote plastered as long as you don’t cause a disruption.

    Explains a lot about UK politics, don’t it?

    1. Is it widespread? I would imagine Farage does better with a drunken populace.

    2. Are you not supposed to vote drunk in the US? No one ever told me.

      1. You can vote with fairly advanced dementia. Mom voted last November.

  9. B.C. First Nation turns down $1B for LNG project

    All of the more than 180 eligible voters at a meeting in Port Simpson stood up to oppose the plan to build a liquefied-natural-gas pipeline and terminal in their territory, said Lax Kw’alaams band member Malcolm Sampson.

    Pacific NorthWest LNG, which is mostly owned by Malaysia-based oil and gas giant Petronas, has applied to build an export terminal on Lelu Island, just south of Prince Rupert at the head of the Skeena River.

    Residents have raised concerns over the project’s environmental impact, citing the site’s problematic location and the threat it poses to the watershed.

    1. Petronas curse!

    2. No more government welfare for them.

  10. Why, hello there, Zeb and Francisco –

    At 2:38, Zeb made certain accusations against me. I asked him to prove those allegations by 4:30. He didn’t. I invoted Francisco to join the party and provide his own proof. He didn’t.…..nt_5285291

    So I’m going to throw this fact in their faces the next time they bring up the same tired allegations. You seem really confident in these charges you aren’t willing even to try to prove!

    1. Wait, you’re the same person who whined for months about me “stalking” you when I did that. And now you’re imitating me? Sincerest form of flattery, and all. Thanks.

      Also, bad form to give them an arbitrary deadline (h/t RC). But any posts they make after the fact are fair game for continuing an earlier discussion.

      1. “now you’re imitating me?”

        By stalking you?

        1. By “stalking” others, using your own definition. Don’t be dense, Eddie.

          1. Just for fun, what is my definition, as you see it?

            1. Are you Bo’s dad?

              1. I don’t know, the DNA tests haven’t come in yet.

                1. come in


              2. Maybe Bo is a clone of Eddie, but raised by Protestants.

                1. Bo’s mother sent in the DNA of several football-team members, and they’ll get to my DNA only after analyzing those other samples.

    2. hmmm, what?

      “The problem is that you introduce religion into absolutely everything.”

      oh, that.

    3. What the? Eddie, please get over yourself.

      1. Nothing worse than an egomaniac, isn’t there, Bo?

        1. It’s a bit crazy to show up on a thread saying “earlier today, at exactly 2:38 EST to be precise, anonymous poster Bill made some Aspersions against me. I’m going to announce now and hereafter that Bill answer for these charges until that occurs!!!’

          You’re coming off as like Harding from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

          1. “I’m going to announce now and hereafter that Bill answer for these charges until that occurs”

            I have no idea what that even means, all I know is I didn’t say it.

            1. Whatever Eddie. Just continue on your, er, Crusade.

              1. Bo: [accusation]

                Me: [refutation]

                Bo: “whatever”

                You will be an ornament of the Bar!

                1. CRIPPLE FIGHT!!

    4. Relax, dude. I do have other things to do besides argue with you. What did I accuse you of? Bringing up religion in every thread, I think? Maybe that is a slight exaggeration.
      Being tiresome? Let’s put that to a vote.

      Just get over it you weirdo.

      1. I was simply using a fairly flamboyant method to show that you had no evidence to back up your accusation.

        ZEB: [accusation]

        ME: [refutation]

        ZEB: Oh, stop worrying about what I said.

        I’m way ahead of you – I won’t take your remarks seriously any longer.

        1. Good. Don’t. This isn’t fucking court. Everyone knows you are the resident Catholic troll. Which is OK. You redeem yourself by being amusing and clever sometimes.

          It’s all a rich tapestry.

          1. From other posters, I got the idea that even *responding* to a religious-themed post or comment would get me classified as “introducing religion” into a secular safe space. For instance, when I made a football joke, another commenter replied with a joke about the Catholic sacraments, and my replies were counted as “introducing religion.”

            And so forth.

            1. Whine louder, Eddie, maybe someone will care.

            2. Got anymore scars you want to count you ridiculous gutter cunt?

        2. Eddie, has your personality disorder been diagnosed? I’m just curious if what you have has a name.

      2. He used to be particularly bad about it in the Saturday threads.

        1. It has been a while since Saturday Morning Abortion threadjacking was a thing. Which is nice.

          1. Numero uno, abortion isn’t religion.

            Numero two-o, after receiving some complaints, I said I’d tone down the abortion posts, unless of course someone else brought it up.

        2. You mean Troll Appreciation Saturday?

          Anyway, the phrase is “used to be.”

          People change. We evolve. Sunrise, sunset.

          1. Now, I’ll say this much: I do like to Google news items on circumcision, deep-dish and the Civil War, just to keep up my trolling. That part is fairly deliberate.

      3. Reasonable dude.

        Eddie, Bo-Bo, and Tulpa version whatever are the only people who’ve merited placement on my list. There are plenty of other trolls, but those three are griefer stalkers who murder threads with dozens of posts of stupid horseshit. They’re nearly as bad as Mary used to be.

        This site really is much more enjoyable if you just block out the griefer shitheads.

    5. This is H&R. It doesn’t matter. None of this matters!

      1. Hmmm…that *is* a good point.

    6. You make me sad.

      1. So maybe I’m a *tad* sensitive…just forget I mentioned it.

  11. This is so pathetic. The IRS files an appeal making a claim that has been specifically been rejected in past cases. The point of course is to halt discovery and to ensure the truth comes out during the last days of the Obama administration so it doesn’t matter and the court media can ignore it as “old news” and tell anyone who is bothered by the fact that Obama weaponized the IRS to go after his opponents and is the most corrupt shit bag ever to hold the office of President that they just need to move on and get over it.…..1430953480

    1. If it came out near the 16 election that’d be interesting.

    2. “If I were you, I would go back and ask your superiors whether they want us to represent that the government’s position in this case is that the government is free to unconstitutionally discriminate against its citizens for 270 days,” said Judge Garland.

      Your honor, that is their position. Don’t be so shocked.

    3. As bad as things can be these days, what the IRS has been used to do is quite shocking. There’s really not much doubt at this point that it was “weaponized” for political purposes. Perhaps in an unprecedented manner, though I hesitate to exonerate other shithead administrations.

      1. Totally unprecedented. Think about it, if Bush had done anything like that, you don’t think we would know about it? The media wouldn’t be making a huge deal out of it to vindicate Obama and attack Bush? If there is any evidence of this shit going on under Bush, I haven’t seen it and I can’t believe the media wouldn’t have found it if it existed.

        1. I’m fine arresting everyone who has done shit like this. And impeaching or otherwise removing those still in office who have.

        2. I no longer believe the media/Bush thing was as it appeared.

          Exhibit A: The media are super-sleuths, from whom no secret or panty drawer is safe, during the Bush administration. The CIA are schmucks by comparison. Any other president, they morph back to mere mortals.

          Exhibit B: Bush. BOOOOSSSHH. Dynastic family of Top Men, and you know that Great Big Club you ain’t in? They aren’t merely in the club, they’re in the shadowy wing chairs by the fire in an unlit room, discussing the future direction of the club with the other few, select Grand High Top Men.

          New theory: The media were useless eaters used during Bush 2.0 as an extremely effective distraction, and very little they published wasn’t just fine by the PTB.

  12. Universal has signed a deal with Nintendo to use the video game company’s characters on theme park rides.

    Italians are the last group you can stereotype with impunity.

    1. Mamma mia!

      1. As between Mario and Luigi, which is the organ grinder and which is the monkey?

    2. No, white, working-class Southerners and Appalachians are.

      1. This. Absolutely.

        1. Yeah, pay close attention next Halloween when the Native Americans start whining about cultural appropriation and stereotyping, yet nobody says anything about “hillbilly” costumes with black stuff that makes it look like you’re missing teeth. No double-standard there.

          1. #punchingdowns

            1. Waffles makes a good point. You can still make fun of retards.

      2. Without a doubt. Hypocrisy galore.

  13. Douchebag Wonders Why People Don’t Celebrate His Awesomeness

    “”A lot of people outside New York City understand what happened in the first year of New York City better than people in New York City,” de Blasio said in the interview, published online on Wednesday. “But I’m convinced something very special happened here.””

    The actual citizens paying to fund his Special-As-Fuck Programs, like former Central Park Carriage Drivers, are less enthused

    1. Yeah, he is special alright, though not in the way the voices in his head say he is.

    2. I love it – let the muttering indifference of a million New Yawkers flow!

      1. The condescension is unbelievable

        Given he’s been in office 1 fucking year?

        …a year noted for silly, petty things like the Horse-Carriage ban

        …his desperation to shut down wildly-successful charter schools to please the Teachers Union masters… and blow a few hundred million on “universal Pre-K” that only a small # really want….

        … his waffling about stop & frisk… basically jumping between pandering to police protestors, then protesting police, satisfying no one and fucking over both….

        oh, yeah, he’s a fucking Superstar. Only Rolling Stone has the literary skills to spin that.

    3. What the fuck special thing does he think happened?

    4. … the first year of New York City…

      The first year? So he declared his election Year Zero? Nice, taking pointers from the Khmer Rouge. Well done, Billy.

    5. I actually think there’s a good chance he’ll get tossed out on his ass next election. His various coalitions are fighting each other and people are starting to realize they elected a full-on communist. I mean, we’re not Berkeley here – there is a limit.

    6. Did he really refer to his administration as “the first year of New York City?” That’s pretty spectacularly arrogant. Almost Obama-esque.

  14. Khadr released:

    Not exactly our finest moment.

    1. He was tried by a kangaroo court at Gitmo. He was tortured.

      What, pray tell, are his crimes? Killing invaders?

      Stop drinking the NSA, CIA, FBI and War on Terrah Kool-Aid.

    2. Why isn’t our finest moment? He never got real due process.

  15. It’s good to be the king!

    1. Dammit, that was supposed to be in response to Dutch king thing above. Oh well, the statement can stand on its own…


    MTA officer graciously gives Sally Kohn a break because she forgot her fair money. Kohn says thank you by calling him a racist on twitter.

    No matter what else media Progs are, they are most certainly absolutely awful people.

    1. I knew her name seemed familiar:

      “I’m gay. And I want my kid to be gay, too….

      “My friend wrote back with a slew of helpful advice, ending with a punch to my gut: “Bet it wouldn’t bother you so much if [Kohn’s daughter’s] crush was on a girl.”

      “She was right. I’m a slightly overbearing pro-gay gay mom. But I’m going to support my daughter, whatever choices she makes.”…..ghter-gay/

      1. That is so fucked up words fail. Andrew is right. That woman is just profoundly stupid.

        1. Utter and complete bitch is more like it.

      2. I’m a slightly overbearing pro-gay gay mom. But I’m going to support my daughter, whatever choices she makes.”

        Interesting choice of words there, Sally. Who wants to bet that either 1) her kid “chooses” to be a lesbian just to get her Mom off her back, or 2) she goes into full on “FUCK YOU, MOMS!” mode and marries a SoCon out of sheer spite?

    2. You just don’t know Sally Kohn’s genius, John. She was able to peer into the MTA officer’s mind and discern that he never would’ve done such a thing for a poor person or a PoC. Ergo, she was right to call him a racist.

      For shame, John. For shame.

      (in all seriousness, Sally Kohn may be the dumbest person on the internet. For real.)

      1. Dumb is giving her too much goodwill. She’s a rank bitch who cares nothing for those around her other than how she can use them to advance her own public image.

    3. This is the same Sally Kohn who argued fiercely that government laws are not backed up by violence or even threats of violence. Which makes me wonder why she didn’t just hop the turnstile since obviously nothing would have happened to her.

    4. They are useful idiots. Their ability to think rationally has been destroyed. They are programmed to respond to any and every situation like this. This is the evil of leftism.

  17. Mario Kart in real life? Universal has signed a deal with Nintendo to use the video game company’s characters on theme park rides.

    Will I get to throw actual turtle shells and banana peels at people? If so I’m in.


  18. Jewish political reporter assaulted by anti-Semitic members of George Galloway’s Islamo-centric “Respect Party.”

    The article also includes the pretty frightening revelation that Pakistani immigrants engage in ‘clan voting’ where basically the patriarch of the family tells everyone else how to vote, so powerful men are capable of turning their families into miniature voting machines and can basically engage in political corruption by promising candidates 20, 30, or 40 votes. When you combine that with postal voting, it’s possible for the patriarch to actually CHECK AND MAKE SURE that people are voting the way he told them before the ballots are sent out, which means the secret ballot is effectively neutered and you’re returned to the era of 1875 political bosses.

    I think Britain might be headed in a bad direction.

    1. That is how it works in tribal societies. If you let these people in your country and not only do nothing to force them to give up their tribal ways and worse encourage them to remain that way, you will end up with a tribal society yourself.

    2. Then George Galloway chimes in and accuses the reporter of being a filthy Jews instigator:

      “This is quite clearly a stunt by you and a deliberate provocation and the timing of it confirms that this is a calculated attempt to smear me and affect my electoral prospects.”

      1. Well George – if your supporters didn’t assault a man then you wouldn’t have been tainted by association now would you?

    3. Lew Rockwell is a big Galloway fan. I suppose Richman and Raimondo and Greenwald are too.

    4. Fuck. It’s too late for England. I hope Scotland secedes for this reason alone.

      1. Scotland is awful in its own way.

      2. No way it will ever happen. Scotland is the New Mexico of the UK–it doesn’t really belong in the country it’s nominally a part of, but it’s such a pathetic welfare state that it would collapse if it ever broke away.

      3. Didn’t Scotland already not secede?

      4. Whut?

        Scotland is worse. The Limeys are just trying to catch up.

    5. Yup. The mayor of Tower Hamlets, “diverse” London township, got removed when journalists launched a private complaint about his behavior. Mass postal voting fraud (in favor of Labour party) has been going on for a decade, and is one of the primary reasons for Labour changing immigration rules to let in millions of third-world (mostly Pakistani and African) immigrants into the country, because as Commonwealth citizens, they get to vote.

    6. I posted this in the mourning lynx. George Galloway is truly an odious human being.

      1. Yeah, Galloway is terrible person even for a politician.

    7. Headed?

  19. Hillary Clinton…meeting with potential donors to a Super PAC that supports her.

    Excellent. Because it will show the usual Democratic hypocrisy when they attack Republicans on this point. Not that they will notice.

  20. The Senate overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan bill giving Congress the chance to review and possibly veto any nuclear deal with Iran.

    Is this what its come to.

    That Congress has so little idea of what their responsibilities and duties are that they actually went and passed a bill authorizing them to do their own fecking job?

    Any *deal* with Iran is a treaty. Its Congresses job to approve treaties.

    1. a bill authorizing them to do their own fecking job?

      Not even that, actually.

      Without this bill, Obama needs 67 votes to approve the Iran treaty.

      With the bill, the treaty is presumptively approved, and it takes 67 votes to disapprove of the treaty.

      1. That’s just insane.

        In a decent world, if that passed, it could be challenged and then thrown out by the SC as unconstitutional.

    2. More like, telling Obama, “hey, dickhead, we get a say, too.”

      Because they know otherwise he’d be all shocked, SHOCKED, that they are obstructioneering him again.

      1. If the Senate says it didn’t ratify a treaty, and the treaty has components that affect citizens directly, such citizens would be fully within their rights to ignore the nonratified treaty, which is not law under the Constitution.

    3. Its Congresses job to approve or reject treaties.


      1. Thanks – I forget how these wankers like to tie grammar into knots to support their own ends.

        To any normal person the power to approve implies the power to *disapprove*. But not to a government apparatchik.

  21. So polls in the UK elections close in about 20 minutes…

    Apparently the SNP is expected to win almost all of the Scottish seats. This is after Independence was defeated. Apparently Scots are pissed at Labour for joining with the Tories to oppose Independence. So did most Labour voters support independence and are now suddenly defecting or are Scots mad that Miliband agrees with them?

    1. I think the UK will soon be ungovernable as long as they keep Scotland attached.

    2. It’s the old Block/Parti Quebecois thing.

      NO to independence, but keep voting the fuckers in to stir the pot and make sure danegeld keeps flowing from ROC.
      Scotts are the same, they want independence they don’t need to pay for, and they have that now. Voting SNP just makes sure they get ever more concessions.

  22. Muslims Get Too Much Shit For Terrorism:

    Better to focus on their far more-common and mundane awfulness, like Horrific, Unapologetic Honor Killings

    1. And genital mutilation (both sexes), and stonings of adulters, hanging of homos, etc.

      1. And genital mutilation (both sexes)

        Uh-oh, you went there.

        Everybody knows there are more than two sexes, and your use of “both” makes you a cis-shitlord.

        1. *whew!*

          For a minute there I thought this was heading to circumcision land.

          The world’s *second* shittiest theme park.

          1. What’s the first?

          2. What’s the first?

            1. Squirrel Land!

    2. I don’t know that this is a Muslim problem so much as a Pakistani problem. The Pakistanis are the absolute worst when it comes to this kind of thing and it’s not a coincidence that the link I posted above also involved violent intimidation by Pakistanis.

      That’s a messed up country, far more so than even the rest of the Middle East. You should read about what they did to Bangledeshis during their war with them – it’s horrific stuff and that culture really hasn’t change.

      1. Good point, Irish.

      2. The same in the UK, mostly tribal stuff from Pakistan, not necessarily Islam-related.

      3. But it was a country “created” by and for the Muslim Indian population. So why would the Pakistanis be remarkably different from Indians, other than their religious beliefs?

        1. Saudis. SA has been Pakistan’s patron and influence from independence.

      4. I am somewhat racist towards Pakis, I’ll admit it.

        1. I like them too. My neighbor is a Paki. He’s afraid of my dog. Sometimes he waves and mumbles something to me which I always interpret as “good morning!”

          1. Obligatory

            “I used to live next to a housefull of Pakistanis in Santa Ana. They were all brothers or cousins or something and ran this pirate cab company, and they fought non-stop ? but I never saw a single punch thrown. It was this weird Pakistani style of fighting: they’d yell for hours before they escalated to slapping ? weird downward slaps, like elephants hitting each other with their trunks. After a couple minutes of that, they’d each retreat about five yards and look around for automotive parts to throw. They’d keep throwing till they were tired, or till they accidentally hit one of the half-fixed taxis parked in the yard. That was the only thing that sobered them up: hurting a car. When they drew blood on each other they’d cheer, but if they broke a windshield they’d instantly stop fighting and run up to the car moaning and sobbing.

            The way those cabdrivers fought is the way India and Pakistan fight ? maybe it’s something in the water there. It’s always low-intensity, low-risk skirmishing,”

      5. Oh, yeah the pakis are the worst, Islam aside. those people are just a fucking disaster from top to bottom. And they’ve mostly been at war *with themselves* as much as they’ve been perpetually at war w/ India since partition.

        One of my favorite short history books is “The Story of the Malakand Field Force” where young Winston Churchill accompanied a campaign into the NWFP in 1898. the amazing thing is how many of his observations then are true today.

      6. THIS. Arabs and Pakis have a degenerate culture. Islam aggravates the problem but is not the real underlying cause.

    3. But….CRUSADES!!!!

      1. -1 High Horse

  23. Hillary Clinton may complain about all the “unaccountable money” in politics, but it didn’t stop her from meeting with potential donors to a Super PAC that supports her.

    “As President, I will do away with all the shameful moneygrubbery which demeans an otherwise noble pursuit. But for now….”

    1. Please. Like her brothers won’t sack the White House a second time.

    2. “and if anyone knows shameful moneygrubbery, its me!”


  24. Rand Paul takes credit for winning ACLU case he had nothing to do with:

    Exclusive ? Rand Paul: We’re Going To Take NSA All The Way To Supreme Court. And Win

    “We initiated a lawsuit on this over a year ago, and we are excited that the appeals court agrees with us,” Paul said.

    1. You know what other politician took credit for policies he agreed with but couldn’t himself enact?

      1. Al Gore?

      2. All of them?

    2. ??? He doesn’t take credit. From the article:

      “”We initiated a lawsuit on this over a year ago, and we are excited that the appeals court agrees with us,” Paul said.”

      He initiated a class action lawsuit on the same subject, the court then agreed with another ACLU case which was substantively similar, so he’s saying the court agrees with his position, not that he personally was involved with that particular lawsuit.

      1. Forget your Highness, its Stormytown.

    3. Since both law suits are about the same issue just in different circuits, I don’t see how Paul saying that is wrong.

      1. It’s stormy. Few people know that her middle name is “Mendacious-Cunt-Smythe”

      2. Ignore the statist troll and save yourself some trouble, John.

    4. I read your link and it doesn’t really suggest any such thing.


    Everybody with a facebook account, go say mean things about the politicians in Granby Canada.

    And *don’t* post a simultaneous french translation.

  26. Still nothing on Wade MacLauchlan? I’m teh disappoint.

  27. I just downloaded Tinder, out of boredom almost more than loneliness. Since I’m sure you’ll be on the edge of your seats, a report will be forthcoming.

    1. Good luck, and may the tentacly other-dimensional gods grant you a quick and merciful death.

      1. Close…. that’s craigslist.

        1. *chokes during frantic laughter*

          1. Don’t worry, I’m the creepy one. Pretty unlikely I’ll meet someone, much less get eaten by them.

            1. …much less get eaten by them.

              Yeah, that’s unlikely. It’s not like you’re in Germany (you’re not in Germany, are you?)

              1. No, I’m more likely to get matched up with Florida Woman.

                1. Yikes – I dunno, Florida is our version of Germany when it comes to fucked-up happenings – I have to think Florida is your best chance at being killed and eaten, domestically.

            2. Tinder is a lot more fun if you’re a chick or you pretend to be.

            3. Eaten or “eaten”?

              1. Eaten or “eaten”?

                The bad kind.

              2. Do you not keep up on your German cannibalism cases?

                On the bright side, it was all voluntary!

    2. 5 minutes in: having to permanently judge these women as worthy or not is nerve racking and unpleasant so I’ve given up for now.

      1. I’m gonna have to score some supply from Agile Cyborg before going. There is a strong possibility that I would die if that was combined with a Cthulu VR Holodeck.

        1. +1 the geometry was all wrong


    “Oldest known galaxy captured on camera”

    1. “Old”? Doesn’t look a day over 30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

      1. Given that the universe is “only” 13,820,000,000 years old, I think you got a few extra zeroes going on there….

  29. Florida Man, parenting edition.

    Chad and Joey Mudd, of Largo, a suburb in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, gave their daughters, ages 13 and 14, drugs as a “bargaining tool” for school attendance and doing chores, Pinellas County Sheriff’s detectives said. They were arrested Monday.

    1. The link is buggered. And everyone knows giving drugs to children is bad, unless it’s social workers and teachers doing it.

  30. The man was apparently a slut. (Is that a sexist comment to call a promiscuous man a slut?)

    A man for all seasons – There was far more to Keynes than being an economist

    It helps that the economist recorded his sexual statistics. In the nine months to February 1909 he records that he had 61 encounters, with 65 more the following year. Like a philatelist, Keynes kept a list of conquests: “?the actor of Whitechapel, 16-year-old under Etna, lift boy of Vauxhall, Jewboy, Grand Duke Cyril of the Paris Baths”. The revolutionary economic thinker becomes “Maynard, the iron copulating machine”, according to an ex-lover.

    1. Animal spirits.

    2. So you are telling me he was a typical gay man.

      1. Well it’s not like there was Grindr in 1909. You have to respect this kind of old-timer, elbow-grease, personal work ethic.

        1. Yeah, you do. Sodomy was a serious crime back then. He did all of that on the down low and managed to ruin the world economy in between sodomizing 16 year old boys. You have to respect his level of effort if nothing else.

          1. Oh, JOHN MAYNARD!

          2. GAY AGENDA EXPOSED!

    3. It’s not well publicized but Keynes would write lurid letters to under aged boys.

      I came across this back in the late 80s before the WWW.

    4. A philatelist? Hmmm.

      1. “Maybe you could get away with phalateling in the colonies, old man, but in England it simply isn’t cricket.”

    5. Pics or it didn’t happen.

  31. “Mario Kart in real life? Universal has signed a deal with Nintendo to use the video game company’s characters on theme park rides.”

    Still waiting for Viacom to make that Dungeons and Dragons ride that will transport me to a world of adventure and Tiamat

    1. SimCity: The Ride

      Make it happen, Universal!

      1. But you have to be online to ride it.

      2. Wouldn’t that be exactly the same as driving to work every morning?

    2. The Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was collectivist propaganda. Mark Evanier’s commented several times how he was explicitly told by the producers that every episode had to include Eric disagreeing with the rest group and then showing that this made him a bad person.

    3. The best amusement park attraction would have to be an IRL version of “Pitfall”.

      The worst is that shit-headed Pac Man thing from that Bud Light commercial.


        1. real pixelated alligators!

  32. Islamofascists love the part of the 1st amendment that allows them to practise their religion freely without government intrusion, but hate the part of the 1st amendment that allows others to speak freely.

    Kansas City Mosque That Wanted to Ban Free Speech Will Hold Funeral for TX Jihadist Nadir Soofi

  33. Wow…..fall-.html

    Charleston Law School May Not Enroll Students In Fall; Owners Who Withdrew $25m In Profits Refuse To Pay $21k For Graduation Reception; Students With $147k Average Debt Take Up Collection

    Charleston may be a failing law school right now ? shortchanging the graduates and turning away 1Ls certainly doesn’t sound like a recipe for success ? and closing up shop may be the right thing to do long-term. What Kosko and Carr should do is wrap-up operations covering the shortfall with the millions in profits they personally collected to ensure every current student gets to graduate with the same dignity as their predecessors

    1. Wow, how?

      Just read the article and I have mixed feelings. To the extent that the owners have been rent seeking, i.e., getting the student loan money made possible by the feds, you probably know that I think they are pretty scummy. You throw in the fact that they won’t pony up for the graduation, that is pretty scummy as well.

      That they were operating on a for-profit basis is something you know that the proggies and other dupes will seize upon in disparaging the owners while you will hear nothing but crickets from that crowd as regards all other schools that get fat on the student loan gravy train.

  34. Patriarchy Hurts Everyone = FDA Likely To Deny ‘Female Viagra’ Approval Yet Again

    Men Everywhere Feel Slut-Rights Are Being Denied

    1. This is why i can’t buy spanish fly anymore. Looks like I’m going to have to rely on my old go to, 4 loco.

  35. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she’ll be deciding soon

    Emphasis added. Just like Holder.

  36. Waah! I am going to move to Canada! Waah!

    Oh wait – I can just ignore the rule of law and bash the country into submission.

    Some progressives grow disillusioned with democracy

    The meltdown of the Obama legislative agenda has fostered, instead, a Caesarism of the Left. This is evidenced, in part, by broad backing for the White House’s ruling through executive decrees. Some progressives even suggest the president, to preserve Obamacare, should even ignore the Supreme Court, if it rules the wrong way in June.

    1. I am pretty sure they never much cared for democracy in the first place. They just pretended to like it as long as they got their way.

      1. +40 000 Reign of Terror

    2. Some progressives even suggest the president, to preserve Obamacare, should even ignore the Supreme Court, if it rules the wrong way in June.

      If that does happen well, um I don’t want the NSA coming for me…

    3. FTA: Left-leaning authors often maintain that conservatives “hate democracy,” and, historically, this is somewhat true. “The political Right,” maintains the progressive economist and columnist Paul Krugman, “has always been uncomfortable with democracy.”

      Well, when democracy is five lazy poor fuckers voting to do with the money of two wealthy hard-workers then yeah, a lot of conservative* people would get uncomfortable with democracy.

      *Fiscal conservatives.

      1. ^This, sloopy, this.

  37. I know this was in Reason, but man, I just thought date rape was bad.…..msi0w:QsW6

    1. Not for nothing, but didn’t Christa Mcauliffe get fucked by NASA?

  38. “Hillary Clinton may complain about all the “unaccountable money” ”

    If it’s unaccountable, can I get away with telling the next president (whoever it is) that I donated $1M to them via a PAC, so that I can get some personal favors?

  39. Spot the Not: Christian Superheroes

    1. Christian Knight

    2. Battle Pope

    3. Mr. Christian

    4. Captain Righteous

    5. The Confessor

    6. Bibleman

    1. What about this one?

    2. Why invent them when there are real historic figures who fought the infidel? Screw Bibleman, give me Jean Parisot de Valette.

    3. Mr. Christian oh the time has come
      And you know that you’re the only one to say

    4. Edward the Confessor was one of the Anglo Saxon kings of England. Whoop.

      1. 4 is Eddie.

  40. FDA Likely To Deny ‘Female Viagra’ Approval Yet Again

    [insert “iron copulating machine” joke]

  41. Stormy Dragon mendaciously makes up shit about a politician who offends her sensibilities.

    Rand Paul takes credit for winning ACLU case he had nothing to do with

    1. Who is worse, Stormy or Bo?

      1. Who is worse, Stormy or Bo?


      2. Stormy doesn’t do vitriolic personal attacks, corpsefuck dead threads, or hijack a thread for 50 posts of goalpost shifting and smug misrepresentation of the opponents’ position. Also is not an outright racist who calls blacks “Uncle Tom” and “boy”. No contest.

        1. What Atanarjuat said. And Stormy comments on things that are not partisan.

      3. Bo is much worse. You’re in between the two, if only because you’re more prolific.

        1. +1 runner-up prize

  42. Via the BBC’s Twitter feed, exit polls from the UK:

    Conservatives: 316

    Labour: 239

    SNP: 58

    LibDems: 10

    Plaid: 4

    UKIP: 2

    Greens: 2

    Other: 19

    1. Huh, disastrous for the Lib Dems. SNP performing as outrageous as many expected.

      Cons appear to perform a lot better than many expected. Not good for Labour.

    2. ConLib majority by 1.

      1. What about the speaker and the Sinn Fein abstentionists?

    3. Oh damn, I hope Farage makes it as one of the two UKIP MPs. He will make Question Time worth seeing!

      1. Oh wait, that’s pre-postal vote. Expect a bit of shift to Labour and ‘Others’ and away from Cons.

    4. Who are the others. 18 Northern Ireland MPs and who else? The Speaker? George Galloway?

    5. YouGov did a poll of their own, and it’s more in line with expectations


      Conservative: 284
      Labour: 263
      SNP: 48
      Lib Dems: 31
      Ukip: 2
      PC: 3
      Green: 1

      (yes, I’m UK politics coinosewer and have been looking forward to this election for a while)

  43. Everything Tom Friedman Says About Germany’s Energy Market Is Wrong

    “On the first point, what the Germans have done in converting almost 30 percent of their electric grid to solar and wind energy from near zero in about 15 years has been a great contribution to the stability of our planet and its climate.”

    The actual total share of “Clean” energy in Germany today is almost exactly the same as in 2000, when they began their phase-out of nuclear power. All the new “renewable” energy is simply catching up with the shutdown of ‘clean’ nuclear. Simultaneously, however, their conventional electricity production got *much dirtier* and more expensive.

    They have actually failed to reduce their net carbon output at all despite nearly half a trillion Euros thrown down the toilet, and the highest energy prices in Europe. In fact, the process has vastly increased imported electricity to offset the variability of “green” output, resulting in increased demand for coal and nuclear power from abroad.

    Basically, Tom Friedman has declared the Iraq War a glowing success and a model for future military engagements.

    1. But CO2 produced in another country is that country’s sin. So importing all of that electricity doesn’t mean the German’s haven’t saved their souls.

      1. Hence why we need a UN enforced CO2 management bureaucracy. We need more rulers.

    2. The sheer and utter waste of government is profound. We could have converted the solar system to a Dyson sphere with the collective waste of the state.

      1. Wait, would that include Pluto? What about Halley’s comet at the extent of its orbit?

        1. Pretty much all of the nonliving mass in the solar system. It’s a big project.

          1. all of the nonliving mass in the solar system

            So Detroit is in then?

            1. Sure. It’ll be on the outside, however.

          2. Psh – halfway measures.

            *all* the mass.

            The ‘living’ part can be run in sim.

            1. As a living organism, I must lodge a formal protest.

              1. Formal protests are to be submitted in person at Alpha Centauri.

                In the cellar

                At the door of the disused lavatory marked “Beware of the Leopard.”

                1. +42 something

      2. I actually thought of this story in the other thread when you pointed out that Progs increasinly have to misrepresent reality to such an extreme that they seem to be constantly in the process of updating and repairing their lies.

        But this shit is a fucking doozy. I mean, I want to go all Millenial and go, “JUST GOOGLE IT!!” because there are 100 articles titled “Germany’s Green Energy Disaster” for every one about its ‘successes’ – and even the latter admit, “it costs way too fucking much”

        1. I guess it must be a form of utopianism. The Khmer Rouge and others who had extreme utopian visions seemed to suffer a similar unwillingness to deal with the real world. Which is a disturbing parallel.

          1. The Khmer Rouge were eliminationist – literally “To keep you is of no benefit; to destroy you is no loss”

            They thought that if they eliminated enemies of society, what remained would be almost a perfect utopia (the nearsighted people bumping into things being the shortcoming).

            Progs don’t want to eliminate people so much as shut them up, and close their businesses, and be smug at them. Fortunately, most of them would quail at the thought of pulling triggers on their enemies.

            1. Crap, hit submit too quickly!

              I left out the bit where I labeled the progs as non-eliminationist utopians.

              1. I’m not accusing them of the kind of murderous impulses the Khmer Rouge had; I’m just saying the delusional utopianism is similar. And, of course, that’s more than a little distressing, even if it turns out our utopians don’t want to kill so many people.

            2. To keep you is of no benefit; to destroy you is no loss

              Well, I think my legal department has a new motto. Thanks, tarran.

              1. This reminds me of a parody called “The One Bullet Manager: Management Secrets of the Khmer Rouge” in The Book of Sequels.

    3. Everything Tom Friedman Says About Germany’s Energy Market Is Wrong

      1. Thank you, Switzy, for saying what needed to be said.

  44. Man beats woman half senseless and is rewarded with short work weeks for the next few months.

    How does “violating the departmental policy on use of force” not immediately trigger criminal assault and battery charges with a firearm enhancer automatically?

  45. Fucking California…that bastion of transparency and equality under the law.

    I’m absolutely sure if Joe Prole was looking at his ipad while driving and mowed down a bike cop that he’d not face any criminal charges.

    Fuck. I miss dunphy twisting in the wind on shitty stories of the two-tiered justice system like this one. He was so much better of a punching bag than our current resident turds. Just kidding.

    1. Do you get a newsfeed of “Cop fucks up, given free vacation time” stories? Is this all secondhand Balko links?

      1. I’ve got my sources. ANd I haven’t been to Balko’s site in quite some time.

    2. “Unspecified discipline” means what, exactly? He had to buy the round of beers for everyone at the “investigation”?

      1. He was told, very firmly, not to do it again.

        Very… Firmly!

      2. ‘yellow discipline’, I’m guessing.

    3. A particularly loathsome statement from the article

      “I can’t speculate on what he should get ? it’s just very unfortunate,” Jakl said of Wood. “He will always have that in his mind that he caused the death of someone who was just riding their bike. I think that’s bad enough, and he has to live with that burden.”

      Some species of sociopathy is probably what brought that guy into police work to begin with. I suspect that he’s more embarrassed than guilty.

  46. Cops help a brother beat a man until he has a broken orbital and receive vacations. Only the initiator of the violence was charged criminally.

    The chief quit after she refused to even discipline the brave officers. Then the video was leaked to the public and the cover-up exposed. I’m sure none of the people conspiring to obstruct justice by withholding the video will face charges either though. They might get a vaation out of it though. That seems to be the status quo.

    1. Best god damned country in the world.

      1. Makes you wonder what kind of horrors the brave heroes are perpetrating in, well, most of the rest of the world.

  47. How does “violating the departmental policy on use of force” not immediately trigger criminal assault and battery charges with a firearm enhancer automatically?

    How does violating policy breaking the fucking law not immediately strip them of immunity?

    1. Indeed. As I learned about this in law school, albeit in somewhat freer times, acting outside the scope of your legal authority totally ended the question of immunity.

  48. Spot the Not: political children’s books

    1. Why Mommy is a Democrat

    2. Mama Voted for Obama

    3. Teach a Donkey to Fish

    4. Little Bastiat and the Broken Window

    5. God Made Mom and Dad

    6. Help! Mom! There are liberals under my bed!

    1. Little Bastiat and the Broken Window

      1. I agree – there is no way such a book exists….yet.

    2. IV. Though I would totally read it if it existed.

    3. 4 is the Not. Prizes for everyone!

      Writer Jay Michaelson, in The Jewish Daily Forward, wrote that criticism of “Pajama Boy” was anti-semitic, noting that Krupp is Jewish and that “Jewish men have been accused of being unmanly for hundreds of years”.

      1. Huh. Someone should tell Michaelson that if Jewish men are accused of being unmanly, its because they’re unmanly, not because their Jewish.

        FFS, *Lena Dunham* made fun of her jewish boyfriend for being a nebbish – in a national magazine -and he’s *still with her*.

        If that isn’t unmanly, I don’t know what is.

        1. Also, I don’t think Jewish men have been accused of unmanlyness for hundreds of years.

          Tons of other horrible stuff, but the unmanliness is, I think, a mid-20th century thing.

          1. Yeah, “unmanly” may be an American Jewish thing, and only a subset thereof. Israeli Jews are often “manly” to a fault – i.e., abrasive douches.

  49. So i just got back from Whole foods where I purchased four cans of pumpkin with my debit card. I an m dressed in formal business attire. Cashier looked like some communist wannabe dude. The other reason I went to Whole Foods was because they let you withdra $100.00 during your transaction and I was looking to get a C-note for a birthday card. I mentioned that to this guy and he said he didn’t have any. I said that’s okay. But here’s the thing, he gave me $100 back in tens and fives when it was clearly obvious that there were twenties in the drawer. What a little prick.

    1. The workers of the world are uniting against you and your bourgeois friends, see.

      1. That was my thinking.

        1. Of course, communists in the U.S. are more likely to limit their violence to serving you decaf instead of the caffeinated drink you ordered–that will show you, capitalist pig-dog!

    2. Why didn’t you ask him to give you a Hundy? Or request the twenties? The boss there would look at him like he was full of shit if he tried to say they needed twenties for change more than they needed tens an fives.

      You should go back and order just a glass of water and berate him mercilessly. Then post it online.

      1. I read this as “handy,” and I was confused…

    3. I really don’t like shopping in Whole Foods. The prices piss me off. The smug of the shoppers as they pick up a fucking cereal that IS FUCKING SHREDDED WHEAT WITH ANTI-GMO BRANDING AND TWICE TEH FUCKING PRICE pisses me off. The pictures of that quack Mehmet Oz peddling the latest quack cure (in this issue of Nature’s Health, copper enemas to cure balding!) are fucking apalling. The smug slogans (“grow up strong and harmless”) irritate the hell out of me. The overpriced fruit locally organically grown cause my Scottish ancestors to scream in fury and my hand to twitch for a claymore sword with which to slaughter the problem out of existence.

      It’s like an expensive shrine to people who never matured past age 6. Except for my fiancee of course. She’s cool. Also, it’s pretty much the only market super or otherwise near my house that reliably carries Grape Nut Flakes – which, when mixed with plain whole milk yogurt, is the fucking ambrosia of the gods.

      1. “Grape Nut Flakes”

        I concur.

      2. That’s why God gave us Trader Joe’s.

      3. Whole Foods – where a libertarian owner milks hipster douchebags. Just like Apple.

      4. WF brand tonic water is really good. It’s about the only reason I go to WF. Because it’s WF branded it’s also competitively priced.

    4. I’m still wondering what the fuck anyone needs 4 *cans* of Pumpkin for. Pie? yick. I never could eat that stuff. I prefer to think its part of some weird sexual kink you have.

      1. And to think that I liked and respected you GILMORE. Anti-pumpkin pie? There’s no way you’re human and don’t like pumpkin pie!

  50. Yesterday, HM seriously stated that Pamela Geller is an Objectivist. This is offensively wrong, and I am offended by it. Geller hates property rights (see ‘Park51’) and is against legalizing drug use. I assume she is against mass immigration from the ‘wrong places’. She is not an Objectivist no matter how much Atlas Shrugged imagery see festoons her blog with.

    1. I see the problem. You’ve inadvertently posted this at, not

      Babies like you make this the chat room Postrel talked about.

      1. Dayum. But never forget that Postrel bit the hand that fed and nurtured her. Never.

      2. Pointing out that someone is wrong =/= being a baby.

        Whining about someone pointing out that someone is wrong = kind of being a baby. I guess awareness isn’t your strong suit.

        Babies like you make this the chat room Postrel talked about.

        No asshole that’s the people with the low-brow raunchy humor and excessive talk of the attractiveness of certain women, here.

        1. “…and I am offended by it.”

          Boo fucking hoo, baby.

          1. I was being somewhat tongue in cheek but it’s ironic that you’re getting all butthurt over that.

    2. Well, I’m sure if you wrote Leonard Peikoff a nice letter, he might consider excommunicating Geller from the movement, like Branden was. However, I would recommend that you back up your claims about Geller with citations and facts. I mean, Geller never said the owners of the Park51 site should be prohibited by law from building whatever they wanted, but that what they were planning to build was offensive. Do you have evidence that she supports the use of force to prevent Sharif El-Gamal from building a mosque on his property? Furthermore, I suspect your “assumptions” about her views on immigration wouldn’t fly with Peikoff. After all, as a man of reason, he would have expected you to check your premises. A=A, you know. Logic dictates that you should actually find evidence from which her views on immigration could be deduced before speaking on the subject. Nevertheless, you are correct that her stance on drug legalization is counter to that of Rand’s, as is her continued religious belief in Judaism. Those would be what I would point to in the letter. However, if she’s associated with Kelley’s Atlas Society and not the ARI, you’re shit out of luck anyway.

      1. Your points are all good, but I am not writing Pope Peikoff a nice anything. Peikoff can pike-off. He is not a man of reason. He gets off on his own perceived power over Objectivism.

        Re Park51: Ms. Geller claims (at about the 1:50 point) that the building that some Muslims want to tear down to build a mosque “should be given landmark status.” In other words, the owners, according to her, should not have their property rights recognized.…..t_att.html

        Unfortunately the link does not quite go where it needs to.

        Actual title of Geller article: Muslim Immigration Poses Serious National Security Threat…..reat.html/

        She actually believes we are going to become Eurabia. She’s nuts. She does not outright come out against mass immigration in the above but it’s clear where she is going.

  51. Any recommendations for a good VPN that works well in China? I’m on a 3-day layover in Shanghai. I signed up for VyprVPN’s 3-day trial, and it was hit or miss for me. Towards the end it started trying to install new certificates (in addition to the ones already installed) that weren’t signed and also still didn’t allow me to access the Internet.

    I’m heading to Sydney tomorrow, where the hotel net is slower but much less restricted. I’d like to sign up with a new provider before heading back to China. I know it’s a constant cat and mouse game here, but I hope there’s a VPN with a good track record.

    Also, reading this site on an iPad is a chore. About every fourth swipe, the device detects a slight right or left vector and sends me to the next article. It took 20 minutes to make it to the bottom of the comments without changing articles.

    1. Reading ANYTHING on an iPad is a chore. That’s what you get for using crAppleware.

    2. It’s probably too late, but Tyler Cohen recently asked his readers that question; you might want to check there. A lot mentioned Astrill.

      1. Thanks, I’ll take a look tomorrow when I get to SYD.

  52. Every time I see this commercial, it bugs me that if the genders were reversed in the last scene, the SJWs would be screaming about rape culture and patriarchy.

    Mindy Kaling is a rapist!

    1. When women are treated differently than men and they like it, it is called progressive.
      When women are treated differently than men and they dislike it, it is called sexist.

      In completely unrelated news, 5 out of 26 female soldiers passed the Army Ranger Prep course, which clearly shows this will not be a waste of anyone’s time.…..-26-women/

      1. It won’t be a waste of time, even if all pass, if the Army will stick to its guns and keep the same standards for men and women.

        But . . .

        The problem is that a Ranger tab is basically required for (male) officer’s who want a career. So once this opens up to women you’ll see pressure on them to get the qual also.

        But . . .

        Your average female officer, though she’s physically able to work in her specialty, even in the infantry, is going to have a tough time meeting the peak demands of the Ranger course.

        So there’ll be pressure to lower the standards to accommodate long before pressure to remove the Ranger tab off the list of boxes to check off during your career.

        1. Uh, even if all *fail*, not pass.

      2. +5 G.I. Janes

        (I cry inside for the Starship Trooper showers that will never occur)

        1. +1 glimpse of Dina Meyer’s pancake titties.

    2. Men are always the butt of the joke in commercials. And whites, too. However, I was surprised the other day when it was a black guy who was being made fun of. Don’t have a TV, so I’m 99% sure it was on Hulu. Anyone seen it? (I seem to remember that is was a small backyard grill party — the black guy was acting prissy and I think had a sweater tied around his shoulders).

      1. Actually, sounds like a backdoor jab at white people – ‘ridiculous’ preppy made to look even more ridiculous when contrasted with another ethnicity.

        1. Only saw it once, so it could be. Wish I could find it again.

    3. Mindy Kaling is a rapist!

      But is it rape if you would have said yes anyway?

      1. What if I’ve had a drink? Can I consent to enjoying Kaling’s deliciousness?

        1. Are you a man? Then you can consent after a drink. A man can consent after passing out unconscious from blood loss due to a missing limb.

          Are you a woman? No. As one of the precious flowers you’re too delicate to consent unless you’re stone-cold sober and can pass a blood draw and urine drug test.

    4. It bugs me that she describes herself as attractive.

      Um, no.

      Even grading on an Indian curve (yeah, yeah, Aishwarya Rai), Mindy Kaling isn’t good looking.

  53. I just read the Bo-splosion that was the “rape ….. in ….. spaaaaaaaace” article.

    Holy fuck, I haven’t seen such wanton idiocy in a while. “waaaaahhh, waaaahh, the planets are too euro-centric for me, you patriarchal cis-shitlord”

    I had to shut my browser and stop the hemorrhaging after that.

    1. Seek medical help now, Trashy, before you go unconscious from shock.

    2. Fucking Bo Quixote and his windmills.

      1. The hilarious part, for me, was going over to Wikipedia and finding that his base assertion was incorrect.

        Shit is named by whoever gets to the IAAA first, regardless of ethnicity.
        IAAA will use any name the discoverer wants – as long as its not patently offensive
        There’s no pressure for people to use the ‘eurocentric’ names – they tend to use the local ones (when they have one) among themselves and only stick to the IAAA registered names when talking internationally to avoid confusion.
        There are already a ton of astronomical objects named for things/people/whatever not of the european tradition – Sedna, Haumea, Makemake, Hi’aka for example.

        The whole argument would never have happened if he had simply googled ‘astronomical objects not named after greeks or romans’ first before making his assertion.

        1. I have pointed out in the past that Bo is the quintessential “Pretentious Illiterate” who routinely claims authority on topics he has a barely-superficial understanding of.

          its his hallmark. if he ‘researched before chiming in’, he wouldn’t be Bo

          1. Jupiter is going to be to Bo what 8% is to Assplug

            1. Jupiter Ass-ending?

              1. Viewed with a Booooosh-nell telescope?

                1. Bo routines observes Redshift on this list

                  1. garblederp “routinely”.

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