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Latanyia Clah says she's tired of getting sent to the principal's office at Tibbetts Middle School in New Mexico. And she says she's tired of school officials asking her if she sells drugs. What sets off such scrutiny? She wears a rosary. Farmington Municipal Schools Assistant Superintendent Frank Stimac says many gang members wear rosaries.

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  1. She should reply that many fascists wear jackboots, but that her school officials prove that appearances aren’t everything.

    1. Well some child molesters get jobs as teachers, so by their logic all the teachers there are child molesters. Quick arrest them.

  2. Since gang behavior is now dictating school policies, if I were a gang leader I could have a lot of fun with this.

  3. Rosaries are worn by Catholics. Catholics are Christians.

    Secular school equates a Catholic religious symbol with drug dealing.

    Imagine. If. This. Was. Muslim.

    Yet, no one gets murdered over it.

    Funny that.

    1. Cool Haiku

      *has no idea what haiku is*

      1. It’s an annoying cadence of speech that has no place in the modern world and makes me want to commit violence.

        1. UnCivilServant
          Despises haiku format
          Wants to hurt and maim

          1. *Smashes folding chair into Switzy*

            1. Swiss Servator – dead.
              Reasonoids mourn his loss now.
              UnCiv laughs aloud.

            2. *takes showy wrestling dive to mat, writhes in dramatic agony*

              1. Holds up large card.
                Turns card around to show gathered crowd.
                “Score: 8.5”

                1. Writhed agony
                  Swiss Almanian sandwich
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  4. As a Catholic growing up, I was always told that the Rosary was not an item of clothing or jewelry and was to be carried respectfully in a pouch, not worn.

    1. As a catholic growing up, I was told a lot of stupid shit.

      1. As a non-catholic growing up, a lot of the stupid shit I heard came from anti-religious people. The faithful mostly kept to themselves.

        1. The great thing about stupid shit is how democratic it is, anyone and everyone is equally likely to be full of stupid shit.

          1. “Here you are all equally worthless!”

            1. +1 for the Corps

          1. This guy is typically religious in his anti-religion. He criticizes what he doesn’t understand and assumes that he is wiser because his arrogant ignorance blinds him.

            Only nihilists believe in nothing.

  5. As punishment, she was sent to serve detention in the Home Ec department, where they just so happen to be baking a cake for the lady gym teacher’s upcoming wedding.

  6. “It hurts inside, inside me, because they say things about my cross and my religion,” said Clah.

    Ok, fuck public schools and all that but really? drama queen much?


    “I don’t see why they say my kids are in a gang. That’s the thing is I don’t understand,” said Delphyina.

    Stupid policy sure, hard to understand not so much.

    1. “drama queen much?”

      I’m an atheist, but I don’t think she’s being a drama queen. Believers can get very, very upset when it comes down to secular vs religious outlooks. In light of the fact that her child actually wears a rosary, I think her response is sincere.

      1. Lib, this is not Protestantism. This is Catholicism. There are rules. Wearing the Rosary as jewelry is over the line.

  7. You know who else lead a gang but used religion in public whenever it was convenient?

    1. The thugee?

      1. Excuse me, don’t you really mean to say “niggerree?”

    2. Madonna?

    3. Grand Master Winrich von Kniprode?

    4. Joan d’Arc?

    5. Cardinal Richelieu?

      1. “Oui, they say I did these things”

    6. Your mother?

      [we really need a script that puts this one in…]

  8. I think the students shouldn’t be prevented from wearing their Rosaries. The principle’s argument is spurious. His point is that some gang members and some drug dealers wear Rosaries and therefore the students in his school shouldn’t wear them (he actually claims this is for child safety).

    Unless and until students commit actual crimes themselves they shouldn’t be penalized.

    With regards to the idea that these sisters are not wearing the Rosaries in accordance with Catholicism: “The only reason a person should ever wear a rosary is that he actually prays it. If you pray the rosary (everyday or close to everyday), then feel free to wear the rosary, just as you might a rosary bracelet or ring.”

    “Of course, it’s not the wearing of the rosary around one’s neck, per se, that’s objectionable. It’s that rosaries are meant to help us pray….”

    This is something the family’s priest(s) should discuss with them, not a school official.

    1. My mom says rosaries are meant to be hung in trees so it doesn’t rain on wedding days. I’m told there are other uses as well.

      1. Yes, they symbolically fall to church floors whenever someone is kill there.

    2. If you wear a rosary, it’s about as much a religious symbol as if you stick a cross in a jar of urine.

      And do you think someone would be allowed to wear a pentagram attending your average Christian school? Of course schools have a right and interest to intervene in the religious displays of their students. The only issue here is that the school is publicly funded, and the solution to that is not to invoke freedom of religion, but to privatize.

  9. after consulting a local priest and finding a prevalence of gang members using rosaries as symbols, school administrators have the right to ask students to stop wearing them

    What if a prevalence of gang members wore underpants?


    1. Yes, go on…

  10. Principles over principals. Or do I have that backwards?

    1. The organization “Principals over Principles” defents blatantly corrupt school administrators from retribution by their communities by finding them new districts to defile when their situation becomes untenable.

  11. They can’t profile based upon race, however most Hispanics are Catholic.

    So instead they profile based upon religion.

  12. Students are bipedal and studies have shown that gang members are also bipedal therefore all students will henceforth be required to crawl on hands and knees anytime that they are on school property or attending a school-sponsored function.

    Further studies are looking at additional linkages such as being carbon-based, air-breathing endotherms and if gang members are so determined to be such the school reserves the right to demand that students change species and/or be downloaded into silicon-based memory.

  13. It was my understanding we’re not to assume all people of the same religion are equal to the worst of their lot.

    1. Why not? A church is an organization with voluntary membership, and if you choose to declare yourself a member, you endorse its current positions and its history.

  14. Everyone knows that wearing rosaries is a gateway to gang membership. Got to nip it in the bud.

  15. Is this a west coast thing? Cuz where I’m from, wearing a rosary means you’re a Goth kid.

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