Dianne Feinstein

The Things That Don't Occur to Dianne Feinstein

Chapter DXXIII


I'm a week late to note it, but this exchange in The New York Times deserves to be highlighted:

"Gentlemen of the press, YOU JUST BLEW MY MIND."When [Sen. Dianne] Feinstein was asked in a meeting with reporters in 2013 why she was so sure she was getting the truth about the drone program while she accused the C.I.A. of lying to her about torture, she seemed surprised.

"That's a good question, actually," she said.

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  1. Was her husband selling them the drones?

  2. Is that an official photo? It’s like her handlers said, “The Senator is going with the deer in the headlights look today. It’s the best we can get from her.”

    1. I believe it’s her orgasm face.

      1. Why would you…What the…what is wrong with…I’m headed to eyebleach.com.

        1. It took me three trips.

      2. orgasm face? it looks like she’s about to rip out the photographers throat with her teeth

        1. +Black Widow

      3. You cannot imagine the level of pity I have for any man who would know that as a fact.

        1. The horror, the horror!

    2. Could have gone with Sith Lord


    3. One eye looks at your face, the other at the meat underneath it she hungers for.

  3. god she is insufferable

    1. her constituents seem to be suffering her well- or at least long term.

      1. Meh, they suffer her because she has been around so long that she has inherited some choice committee seats. Same as for McCain and all the other Senators and Congresspeople that run on “I’m more important than a regular Congressman so reelect me and I’ll bring home the bacon like nobody else can”.

        I’m for term limits for this reason alone. And yes, they can be term-limited by the voters any time, so that makes my argument somewhat shaky from a libertarian standpoint. So as a compromise, I say all Congresspeople and Senators should only be allowed to sit on any single committee for a single two-year stretch.

        1. There’s a much simpler way to handle seniority.

          In MY fantasy government, all legislators would put their own bills out for a one month public review, and other legislators would sign up as approving it. If, at the end of that one month review period, it has a majority of approval signups, it becomes law. If there are multiple chambers, it needs a majority from each chamber. If the author makes any changes, the review period restarts.

          That’s it. No committees, no seniority, no idiotic rules of engagement. Of course, parties culd still tell their members how to run their bills, but it would be strictly between the party and its members, with no arcane government rules getting in the way, and I suspect parties would have less control than they would wish. They already have trouble lining up votes now; it would be much worse without parties controlling committee assignments and leaders controlling which bills can be voted on.

          1. You must be a radical everyone knows it makes more sense to not let anyone read the bill

        2. And yes, they can be term-limited by the voters any time, so that makes my argument somewhat shaky from a libertarian standpoint.

          Since elected officials wield power backed by force over all of us, not just those who elected them, it is not at all “shaky” to suggest that limitations be placed upon them.

          Now, it may be anti-democratic to point this out, but last time I checked democracy was the least bad system of government, not a principle unto itself to be upheld at all costs.

  4. This is news! (that a reporter asked such a question)

  5. My favorite was when she said pistol grips on assault weapons should be illegal because you could shoot them from the hip. Which I guess you can’t do with a straight stock (rolls eyes) and is somehow more lethel than using the fucking sights.

    1. Assault weapons should be in parenthesis

      1. quotation marks?

        1. Yeah those:) Can’t brain today. I’ll blame my toothache.

          1. Is your narwhal horn finally coming in?

            1. Feels like it

              1. You’re becoming a beautiful sea unicorn. Just try and remember that through the pain.

    2. +1 “Say hello to my little friend”

    3. Yes, I love those “shooting from the hip” remarks. Do they understand how accuracy works? Do they understand that you can’t aim for shit while “firing from the hip”? Do they not understand that should a shooter be so inept as to resort to this maneuver, it makes little difference whether it’s a pistol grip or a straight stock?

      1. No, no, and no.

      2. That can’t be true, I’ve seen it on tv all the time.

  6. Heh…Chapter 523…I see what you did there.

    1. Jesse is quite witty most days.

    2. Could soeone enlighten me? Google found some PA legal code, and some online literary masterpiece, but I must have missed something. Is this like 420 for dottering Senators?

  7. The 16th amendment suggested men had finally lost their fucking minds. The 19th utterly confirmed it.

    1. 17th and 18th weren’t exactly high points.

  8. Frankly never struck me as the sharpest knife in the drawer. Or the sharpest hammer, for that matter.

  9. Gee, Diane, ya think???

  10. And what’s worse is that she’s probably the BEST congress critter from the Bay Area.

  11. Just remember, she’s the SMART senator from California. But that’s a pretty low bar when the other one is that imbecile Boxer. The people in my state are so stupid…

  12. Is she wearing a beret, or is that just helmet hair?

  13. “That’s a good question, actually,” she said.

    Then she grabbed the reporter and said, “Darrrrr, I will hold him and hug him and I will call him george.”

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