Seattle Reasonoids: See Anthony L. Fisher's Film "Sidewalk Traffic" on Fri May 8

The film screens as part of the Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival.


Reasonoids and film lovers of Emerald City!

After socializing and imbibing at Reason's Seattle Happy Hour on Thursday,

Little film, big heart
Sidewalk Productions

 you should check out my feature film, Sidewalk Traffic, screening as part of the Seattle Transmedia and Independent Film Festival on Friday May 8.

WHERE: The Grand Illusion Cinema, 1403 NE 50th St. Seattle, WA (University District)

WHEN: Friday May 8, 8p PT

A brutally honest comedy/drama about new fatherhood, bad career breaks, and holding onto your dreams while letting go of your baggage, Sidewalk Traffic has been programmed by more than a dozen film festivals and won the Audience Award at the Lower East Side Film Festival and Best Microbudget Feature at the Berlin Independent Film Festival.

The cast features Johnny Hopkins (HBO's The Leftovers), Erin Darke (appearing in the new Brian Wilson biopic, Love and Mercy), Samm Levine (Freaks and Geeks), indie film legend Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse), Tom Shillue (Red Eye), and beloved Reason contributor Kurt Loder. See if you can spot my cameo as "Hipster Dad."

Check out Sidewalk Traffic's HD trailer below, follow the film on Facebook and Twitter, and click here for tickets to the Seattle screening.

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  1. A brutally honest comedy/drama about new fatherhood, bad career breaks, and holding onto your dreams while letting go of your baggage

    Feels a little too close to home. I’ll pass… I’m looking for something a little more escapist.

    1. “A well-regarded man overcomes the obstacles in his life to achieve financial stability, career success, and fulfilling personal relationships.”

      1. You had me at “well-regarded”

    2. Paul also avoids Falling Down.

      1. For me, that movie would be Falling Up.

      2. Wait Epi, are you saying Paul is the bad guy? How did that happen?

        1. Hugh…it’s Paul. Of course he’s the bad guy. Look at him. Pure evil.

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  2. How much is “microbudget”?

    1. Small enough that it might be interesting? I hope. One of the things I like about Netflix is they do carry a lot of indie movies. I queue up the ones which won’t be uninteresting (no interest in boxing movies or most documentaries, for instance) and when they arrive, play them without reading the blurb. Sometimes 5 minutes is enough to ejetc them, other times they are lots of fun and good surprises.

      So I will probably queue this up if Netflix carries it (hint, hint).

      1. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by many of the independent films I’ve rented.

  3. Netflix doesn’t know about it.

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