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Carly Fiorina Is Running for President, Wants to Be the Anti-Hillary, Needs Better Web Staff

Visit and you'll see the number of people the newly-announced presidential candidate laid off as CEO of Hewlett-Packard.


Carly Fiorina/Facebook

Republican political consultant and former tech executive Carly Fiorina has officially entered the 2016 presidential race. In a Monday morning video announcement, Fiorina announced her intention to run for the GOP nomination and continued a recent push to position herself as the anti-Hillary Clinton.

Fiorina's announcement video opens with the 60-year-old watching Clinton's recent announcement video. "Our founders never intended us to have a professional political class," says Fiorina. "We know the only way to reimagine our government is to reimagine who is leading it." Fiorina also appeared on Good Morning America Monday morning, telling hosts that she has "a lot of admiration" for Clinton, "but she clearly is not trustworthy." 

In the past few months, Fiorina—"the only woman in the crowded field of major GOP candidates," as AP puts it—has been on a strong anti-Hillary offensive. "She tweets about women's rights in this country and [her foundation] takes money from governments that deny women the most basic human rights," Fiorina commented in February. Clinton has been "an inspiration for many women," but her record "lacks accomplishment," Fiorina said more recently. 

Fiorina is best known for serving as CEO of computer giant Hewlett-Packard, starting in 1999. This made Fiorina the first woman to lead a Fortune 20 company. But her tenure is widely considered to be "lacking in accomplishment," if we're putting it nicely. The company's stock plummeted, tens of thousands of employees were let go, and Fiorina herself was forced to resign in 2005. 

At, a URL the Fiorina campaign apparently forgot to buy up, here's what currently appears at the top of the page: 

screenshot from

If you scroll through all the frownie-faces, you'll be scrolling a while. The page concludes with this:

That's 30,000 people she laid off. People with families. And what does she say she would have done differently?

"I would have done them all faster." —Carly Fiorina

UPDATE: The website was created by Michael Link, assistant director of digital strategy with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), though he says it is a personal project and not an SEIU move.  

After leaving HP, Fiorina released an autobiography, worked on Sen. John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign, and was fundraising chair of the Republican National Convention before launching her own attempt at a political career. In 2010, she ran against incumbent California legislator Barbara Boxer for a seat in the U.S. Senate and lost. 

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  1. Okay, so were the layoffs her fault, or did she get hired at a time when there wasn’t a lot to be done?

    1. It’s unclear. She argues that the stock and the layoffs were unavoidable b/c of the early oughts tech-bubble burst. Some people say that’s bullshit. I’m not well-versed in the particulars enough to say which is true — but probably both?

      1. My vague recollection is that “but probably both?” is an accurate assessment. She was hired because HP was already in trouble, but didn’t change the trajectory.

        1. Layoffs are part and parcel of every big corporation. Don’t want to get laid off? Don’t work in the private sector.

          1. It sounds like Carly Fiorina has the “BALLS” to lay off or out and out fire bad Federal Workers including those who have so much time on their hands they surf the porn websites so they won’t get bored. The federal government could be cut down by 50% and if done carefully, the public wouldn’t even notice.

        2. She was part of the whole outsourcing megatrend (defined as stockholders asking “all of the other companies are doing this, why aren’t we doing it too?) and got rid of a *LOT* of the institutional knowledge in the company.

        3. In her defense that’s usually when women are made CEOs.

          1. In her defense that’s usually when women are made CEOs.

            What does that say about Tony’s expectations for a Hillary win?

          2. Cite required. I call Bullshit.

          1. “we do anticipate incremental opportunity for operational improvements identified through the separation process”

            One thing capitalism is definitely destructive of: the English language.

            1. That’s Bureaucratese, Tony. It’s the lingua franca of both big business and big government.

            2. Your comment is proof that you’ve never had to manage any sort of process in your entire life. That’s a perfectly comprehensible jargon statement.

            3. “It was the labor movement that helped secure so much of what we take for granted today. The 40-hour work week, the minimum wage, family leave, health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, retirement plans. The cornerstones of the middle-class security all bear the union label.”

              “Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 will benefit about 28 million workers across the country. And it will help businesses, too – raising the wage will put more money in people’s pockets, which they will pump back into the economy by spending it on goods and services in their communities.”

              One thing Progressivism is definitely destructive of: the English language.

              1. One thing Progressivism is definitely destructive of: the English language.

                Also, logic and experience.

              2. Amazing! Move money from one pocket to the other and, voila!, economic growth. And there’s likely a multiplier in there somewhere.

              3. He needs to read up on the “circular flow of money”

              4. Agammamon …. Why just “$10.10”? Why not lower or higher than that?
                What’s your rationale for choosing that number? Magic 8-Ball? Tarot cards?

                Your belief in ‘pump back into the economy’ fiction belies a misunderstanding of basic economics.

                If $10.10 is “good,” wouldn’t $20.20 or $50.50 be even better? Why not $1,000 an hour, or a Million $/hr?

                You have no idea where the money would be COMING from to pay the hourly minimums you want. No, it would not come from “excess corporate profits” or from the companies’ “shareholders.”

                They are NOT the source of paycheck money… ALL money that flows through a company comes from CUSTOMERS who PAY for the Products or Services.

                If a company takes out a loan or sells bonds to expand the company, the interest on those loans or bonds comes from NOWHERE ELSE but profits from SALES.

                Who the hell didn’t teach you that anywhere in your school career?!
                What DID they teach you instead, and why?

        4. “…but didn’t change the trajectory.”

          As CEO, she:

          Doubled revenues
          More than quadrupled its growth rate
          Tripled the rate of innovation, with 11 patents a day
          Quadrupled cash-flow
          Moved from 28th to 11th largest company in the United States

          That sounds like an improvement, though much of the press would have you think otherwise.

      2. 1999 was not a good year to take over a tech company.

        And I want my printer ink money back.

        1. Daddy, what’s a “printer”?

          1. Seriously. My kid walked up to a fish aquarium and started touching the glass, and was upset when it didn’t do anything.

            I put the iPad in the closet for a month after that.

            1. My best friends kid walked up to.his flat screen tv in the living room.and slapped the shit out of it. She was trying to pause it apparently.

              1. Pausing TV???

                I have mine out of reach for exactly that reason.

              2. “Its “pause”, not “paws”, you idiot!”

            2. My sister, when she had roller skates put on at a rink, asked, “Where’s the key?” She was not asking about a skate key (which locks the extension of it for fit to the foot or shoe), but for a wind-up key. She was used to wind-up toys, thought she could wind the skates up & go.

              So, yeah, the tech that young children get used to changes with the times, but you’ll always have effects like that.

      3. If she could lay-off people then those people weren’t necessary.

        Tech-bubble burst or not.

        If she laid off those people and the company prospered, she did the right thing.

        1. The reason they had to lay off people was bad business decisions. They bought Compaq, which had been buying up geriatric computer companies, paid too much for it, and ended up with a lot of duplication–printers; PCs; mini computers; etc..

          Fiorina doesn’t understand the technology industry because she’s marketing and had only been at HP for a short while. As far as I’m concerned, she’s just a red Hillary.

    2. Hey, if she starts laying off federal employees she’s got my vote.

    3. If she promises to lay-off 100 times that many Federal employees, she’ll have my vote.

    4. If she was firing/laying off after the HP/Compaq merger then that was probably part of the game plan. Compaq made such horrible PCs, there were a lot of people who should have been fired. My recollection is that Compaq made decent high-end (business line) and horrible home PCs. Did they probably overso? Maybe. But it was a hard time to make PCs. Why they didn’t just make printers and sell the ink– the profitable part of their business — I’ll never understand.

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    6. You mean Carly “Downsize to Success” Fiorina? I was with HP during her entire reign and the problems, imnsho, had roots as far back as John “Numbers Man” Young.

      Mismanagement was rife and while most of the head-lopping should have come from management ranks, there just weren’t enough of them to shoot in order to help the bottom line, while the proletariat were numerous.

      Unfortunately, that kind of corporate incompetence is rife within US companies, from large to small, and too many innocents pay the price. Power, control, ‘my way or the highway’ styles ruin peoples’ lives and create unhappy customers, resulting in a downward spiral.

      As a friend puts it, all of the major B-Schools teach from the same Playbook, so all the MBAs they squirt out look around to ‘see what other companies are doing,’ see the same mismanagement practices and say, ‘well, they must be doing the right thing, so I will, too.’

      Massive Fail. The downside of Management by Consensus and lack of Critical Thinking, as I’ve been saying for years, now.

      But, hey, she got paid tens of millions of dollars TO LEAVE HP, so ‘she must have been doing something right’…. right?

      Not necessarily.

      Want some more feedback, poll HP employees and ex-HP employees and retirees who started with HP back when Bill and Dave owned the company and ran the show. THOSE WERE some ‘good old days.’ We all miss the ‘old HP.’

  2. I’m voting with my penis.

    1. So you’re voting for Gary’s johnson?

      1. No, he’s voting for Hillary’s weiner.

      2. For now, unless Longrod VonHugendong runs.

        1. “I’m here to fix the voting machine…”

          1. “You can imagine what happens next.”

            “He fixes the [voting machine]?”

            1. While listening to Autobahn’s album “Nagelbett” in the background, no doubt.

            2. Don’t be fatuous, Xeones.

              1. Who’s the guy with the cleft asshole?

            3. Only in Chicago and New York, and only with the right connections.

        2. Not Hugh E. Rection?

          That dude’s got my vote.

          1. Stop making fun of the Chinee, Pope.

            1. Fuck that. Until those heathens acknowledge that I am God’s spokesman here on Earth, I will continue to belittle them.

              Alternatively, if they want to give me 15% instead of the normal tithe, I’d be willing to let them slide on the requirement to bow down to me.

              1. This reminds me that I am long overdue to rewatch Deadwood in its entirety. Swearenger’s interactions with Wu are priceless.

                1. You heathen cocksucker!

          2. You missed slightly on the pronunciation.

            1. C’mon HP cut me some slack. I went to Memphis State for Xist’s sake. We didn’t focus much on readin’ and writin’ there.

    2. I’ve been an inspector at the polls, and we always tried to provide enough pens, but if you prefer your penis, who would I be to stop you? Not guaranteeing it’d make a machine-legible mark, though.

    3. As in ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead?

  3. But her tenure is widely considered to be “lacking in accomplishment,” if we’re putting it nicely.

    So Fiorina & Hilary start even?

    1. No, Fiorina was at least punished for her failures by losing her job.

      1. To be fair, Hillary had to relocate to a place that would reward her for her failures.

        Otherwise, she’d be writing columns for salon.

    2. Fiorina has better sound bites. She did a good takedown of Clinton’s “accomplishments”, despite having none of her own.

      1. That is bullshit. She didn’t get to be CEO of HP because of who she married. Getting that job alone was a huge accomplishment. Even if you think she did a lousy job once there, it is still an accomplishment just to get there. Hillary in contrast was elected Senator and appointed DOS for the simple reason that she was married to Bill Clinton.

        1. I have no idea if she took on that position when the company was already in free fall. If so, perhaps Fiorina needs to be better at blaming her predecessor. Otherwise, she’s not cut out for presidential politics.

          1. I don’t see why not. If imbeciles like Warren and Hillary or Bernie Sanders can run why not her?

            Moreover, it is not the same job. It is entirely possible that she was a lousy CEO of HP but learned from the experience or is just better cut out to be President than to be CEO of HP. Time will tell.

            1. Good luck with that scenario… If ‘getting that position at HP’ was an “accomplishment,” maybe the folks that let her have that position were just bigger fools than she… Some “accomplishment,” given that perspective…

        2. C’mon, sneaking DOS in there instead of SOS wasn’t an accident.

        3. Actually it’s a frequent occurrence that one’s 1 political job (sometimes 1st job in any field) comes via cx. She just got lucky or had the good sense to connect to someone whose star rose very high & rapidly.

          For activists it’s not completely useless to inquire of politicians how they got onto the 1st rung of the ladder. It’s useless for someone determined to limit hir activity to a minor political party such as LP, however. Usually it’s a matter of getting a job with an already somewhat successful politician.

          When you look at Harry Truman’s career path, it’s downright scary that someone could parlay such luck with ruthlessness to get his finger on the nuclear button?& he actually pressed it!

          1. Funny, but the one pol I see myself enjoying sitting down w & asking if he has advice for aspiring politicians, particularly young ones, is Fidel Castro. Somehow I think he’d be interesting & a lot of fun. He might even have some useful advice, and I know he’d be eager to impart it. Next choice would be Vlad Putin. They’re obviously charmers who each nevertheless had to buck the respective systems in which they found themselves to get ahead. Part of the appeal of Putin is the knowledge that, as was pointed out by an analyst on the radio, most others who were in the KGB as long as he made it to general, while he got only to the rank of colonel.

            This is not just the nicotine vape talking, although I am light-headed from it now.

    3. Fiorina is hotter.

  4. Vagina wars 2016!

    1. I’m envisioning some kind of retro monster movie where instead of Godzilla and Mothra we have two giant cuttlefish, one an engorged red and the other a swollen blue, battling it out with the citizens of these United States being trampled into fruit preserves by their undulating ridges.

      1. I have the weirdest erection right now.

        1. Goddammit, SugarFree claims another victim.

          Bullet to the back of the head. It’s the only cure. I’m sorry.

  5. With that kind of transparency she’s got a good start on being the anti-Hillary.

  6. She who asseverates that “[o]ur founders never intended us to have a professional political class,” probably does not recognize the cognitive dissonance inherent in her desiring to be a standard bearer of one of the two ultimate institutional representations of “a professional political class.”

    1. You mean the one with a built-in 8 year limit? Give an idiot a word-of-the-day calendar, and you get a longer-winded idiot.

      1. Perhaps if one were able to comprehensively read, one would not pen non-sequiturs.

  7. That’s 30,000 people she laid off. People with families. And what does she say she would have done differently?

    Let the company go belly-up so that everyone loses their jobs? What exactly do these idiots think companies exist to do? It isn’t to provide the maximum number of people with jobs to the detriment of everything else.

    1. Let the company go belly-up so that everyone loses their jobs?

      Hey, at least then all the employees are equal! Don’t you see that that is more fair?!?!

    2. I hear you, but her run at HP was pretty damn bad for HP, including the ill-fitting merger with Compaq. She was probably most responsible for many enterprises running for the arms of Dell in the early Aughts.

      1. God I hated Compaq! You could have 4 servers that were all supposedly the same model, but when you opened them up, you would find different components in them.

        And their laptops absolutely sucked ass.

        1. Dell did that shit, too. It was pretty frustrating, but HP had become semi-poisonous by then.

          1. Dell did not. I built computers for them over a summer, and the components were all exactingly specified, especially for business models. If you had two Dells with different components, your IT department ordered them that way.

            1. I couldn’t say if they did it back then, but they definitely do it now. We routinely receive machines from the same order (as in I enter Qty: 5 for a single configuration) with different brands of hard drive, for example.

            2. Dell most certainly did.

              It wasn’t the IT department, it was the Systems Engineer for a couple of different projects, and trust me, he ordered the exact same models.

              We ended up with boxes that had various differences where it was critical that we not have them, often on the motherboard.

      2. We switched to Dell in the early oughts. They were very generous to non-profits, so I switched out 100k worth of equipment in less than a month.

      3. Around the end of her tenure i started doing IT work for a nonprofit that used a lot of HP all-in-ones and oh my god the bloatware that came with those things. Want to install a driver so you can use your new scanner/printer? Here are sixteen different photo-editing programs that all load on startup and randomly crash your computer at least once a day!

          1. PC load letter?!?

    3. Don’t you know? businesses aren’t out to make money, they are out to employ as many people as possible…… right up until they go under and employ zero people

      Businesses don’t create jobs, the government does, duh

      1. Isn’t the solution obvious?
        The government should take over all corporations then everyone would be employed, and there would never be any layoffs!

    4. Usu. that doesn’t happen. Many may lose jobs, but many others will go on to work for whoever acquires the bits & pieces left over.

  8. Guess she decided to go ahead with her plans even though she failed to get to the “be a senator for a couple years to add a modicum of credibility to this” step.

    1. As opposed to being a shitty senator and an ever shittier secretary of state?

      1. Do you really think it’s worth the effort to pretend that “HRC is actually unqualified!” is going to be a winning message?

        1. She has enough rope to hang herself, her opposition doesn’t need to do it for her.

          When she brags about things like “I logged thousands of hours flying around the world as Secretary of State!” as one of her primary accomplishments, it speaks volumes. Flying in an airplane is an activity, not an achievement. She’s basically saying “I showed up for work! Elect me!”

          1. Eh, it’s not like merely showing up and voting ‘Present’ all the goddamn time ever kept someone out of the White House.

          2. Unfortunately, when asked about executive experience, our current president got away with basically saying “well, I AM running a national campaign.” So if running for office is a qualification for winning office, I’m not overly confident that the press will adequately call HRC to the carpet.

            1. I bet she’s not even really running that. Plus, I still get the sense that she’s not really campaigning. Look at her campaign kickoff video again, it’s like they snuck HRC in as “ssshhh…running for president” after showing us all these other interesting people doing interesting things. She doesn’t want it unless it’s handed on a Ag platter, & her team knows that.

        2. I don’t think you ever answered my challenge to name 5 Hillary accomplishments that don’t involve using Bill to attain higher office.

          Come on Tony, she’s been around for ages and ages and you insist she’s talented and qualified. Surely she must have at least 5 notable accomplishments during her 20 years in DC.

          1. 1) She logged thousands of miles of flight as Secretary of State.


            1. She chaired the President’s secret committee to do that which her brown brother did 16-17 years later

          2. So none of her work as First Lady counts, I gather (such as SCHIP)? She had notable individual achievements before becoming First Lady as a lawyer (no coattails there). While in the senate she sponsored or cosponsored 54 bills that became law (some with real meat; look it up). As SoS she opened relationships with Myanmar, negotiated a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas that averted a ground invasion by Israel (she was instrumental in the talks), and for better or worse got the toughest sanctions to date imposed on Iran (getting 11 countries to significantly reduce Iran oil imports). There is also the more or less intangible accomplishment of “repairing badly damaged diplomatic ties” with just about every country on earth following the Bush nightmare. I suppose her work with the Clinton foundation doesn’t count either, since her husband is also a part of that. Are you hung up on this because you can’t wrap your mind around the concept that intelligent, ambitious people might become spouses and accomplish big things as a team? Because Hillary Clinton was mocking housewives baking cookies very early on in her national career.

            1. Sure Tony, lets talk about the incredible success that was her leadership of health care reform. She didn’t have a job after that.

            2. She had notable individual achievements before becoming First Lady as a lawyer (no coattails there).

              Name one.

              1. She was working on Capitol Hill before age 30 (and before marrying Bill). Named one of American’s 100 most influential lawyers twice. Goddamn man, just graduating from Yale and having the last name like Bush is enough for a man.

                1. She graduated from Yale you fucking half wit. Getting a job on capitol hill is not exactly an accomplishment. I worked on Capitol hill before I was 30 too. No kidding.

                  She was named one of the 100 most influential lawyers because her HUSBAND WAS GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS. And oh by the way, her law firm went bankrupt thanks to her S&L shenanigans.

                  Tony, I know you are not very bright and being a hack is all you have. But Jesus, every time I think you can’t get more pathetic and sad, you prove me wrong.

              2. Name one.

                Well, she did get off that rapist whose victim’s smearing she found so funny.

            3. Tony, I know this is going to come as a shock to you, but some of us here actually evaluate women individually based upon their own accomplishments.

              It just so happens that Hillary didn’t need any help whatsoever to be the abject failure she is.

              1. By challenge was to name five accomplishments. I named more. Nobody’s asking you to like Hillary Clinton, but you guys are setting a stupidly high bar. You would not say this about a man with the same resume. Do any of you question Rand Paul’s qualifications to be president? He wasn’t even ever secretary of state.

                1. She got fired from the Democrat caucus’s Watergate impeachment committee for suggesting that Nixon didn’t deserve defense counsel

          3. She used her vagina to menstruate and birth a child according to Dame magazine that’s enough

        3. Winnoing or not, it is the truth. Hillary has failed at every single job she has ever held. She was fired from the Watergate Committee. Her involvement with a crooked S&L sent the Rose Law Firm into bankruptcy. She was a complete disaster running healthcare reform for Bill. She did nothing as a Senator but show up. She failed to win the Dem nomination in 08, despite being a prohibitive favorite. As Secretary of State her failures are too numerous to mention within the 1500 character limit of Reason. It can be summed up by asking how is that reset with Russia going and how are things shaping up in Syria and Libya?

          Hillary has failed at everything she has ever done. The only success she can point to is winning the Senate in New York. Please Tony, do everything you can to get this woman nominated.

          1. John, can you do me a favor? Give me the reader’s digest version on why she was fired from the Watergate committee. I may have to eat crow because of an argument I had with a friend the other day while waiting for the Derby to start.

            1. The chief counsel for the committee made an agreement with then majority leader Tip O’Neil and the House Parliamentarian that there would be no changes to the procedural rules for an impeachment. They had already done an impeachment of William O’Douglass and had a set of rules and the the counsel, O’Neil and the parliamentarian agreed would be too politically divisive to change them.

              Hillary was on her staff and was told not to advocate any changes in rules and she lied and said she wouldn’t. Then she proceeded to draft legal memorandums that argued for just that and also, according to the counsel at least, made dishonest assertions about the state of the law and claimed that Nixon should not be allowed any representation at any impeachment hearings. The counsel found out about this and fired her.

              1. Thanks. I’ll have to eat crow because I insisted that she had not been fired from the committee. The reason for her firing should not surprise anybody. God, is she ruthless or what?

                1. Her defenders claim she wasn’t fired. Her boss claims she was.

              2. Lies.

                Nobody fired her. She stayed with counsel until the end. The guy who claimed he fired her just made it up (and he had no authority to fire her, not being her supervisor). She did draft a memo along the lines you mention, but only at the behest of her actual supervisor (meaning she had no other choice).

                Just because Limbaugh says something repeatedly doesn’t make it true. You’d be better off making the opposite assumption.

                1. The guy who says that is a lifetime Democrat and also says she stole files as well. She claims she only drafted it because her supervisor told her. Yeah, that is what everyone who ever did anything unethical has claimed.

                  Yes Tony, they could have a film of her murdering someone and you would be on here defending her screaming “Limbaugh”. We get that. Everyone on here knows everything you say is a lie. You don’t need to remind us every single day.

                  1. Except you’re the one lying. I just demonstrated it. How about Republicans start thinking about how to improve the country instead of spending all their time inventing Hillary Clinton conspiracy theories?

                2. Interesting. The Snopes article may exonerate Hillary, but it pretty much trashes the shining reputations of Rodino and Doar.

              3. That’s so funny because AIUI, Nixon was a crack lawyer. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone’s representing him to his advantage.

          2. The “reset with Russia” is going just fine in that Putin has lots of admirers in the USA. None of them like Hillary, though.

        4. She has been weighed. She has been measured. She has been found wanting.

          Proven incompetence is a disqualification.

    2. Serious question how do you feel about the democrats field/what candidates you would like to see on your ideal ticket?

      1. I’m fine with Hillary (and whomever–I’d go with the Castro brother who’s in the cabinet right now), but of course am nervous that all the chips are on her, and that she’s vulnerable to even pretend scandals that could eat away at her popularity as time goes on. The only person I might like better is Elizabeth Warren, who while not as accomplished and with no apparent foreign policy cred, doesn’t have the baggage and is a more effective conduit for liberal principles.

        1. Like profiting off of foreclosed homes and supporting the Ex-Im Bank’s continued giveaways to (mostly) Boeing? Those liberal principles?

          1. And don’t forget pretending to be an Indian and taking advantage of affirmative action hiring even though she is whiter than I am.

            1. Shit, my stepkid might be as much as 1/32nd Indian, and you better believe we’re gonna milk that come college application time.

              1. If he is, I don’t blame you.

          2. Xeones, you forgot sweetheart deals for medical device manufacturers (that happen to be located in Mass.).

  9. Of all her crimes, real or imagined, cutting overhead is not likely to be the worst. And every idiot who believes in lifetime employment can fuck off and die starve.

    1. Lifetime? All you have to do is last 20 years or so at a govt job and then sit back and let the retirement checks roll in.

      I’d hardly call that a lifetime of employment.

  10. Re: Elizabeth Nolan Brown,

    It’s unclear. She argues that the stock and the layoffs were unavoidable b/c of the early oughts tech-bubble burst.

    Why would she have to justify those layoffs is something I cannot comprehend. Nobody has a right to a job.

    “That’s 30,000 people she laid off. People with families.”

    Tells me that she’s a woman who is not affected by meaningless emotions. Perfect candidate for president. I want her to lay off about 2 million bloodsuckers who are in the government’s payroll. And she could do it quicker.

    1. Why would she have to justify those layoffs is something I cannot comprehend. Nobody has a right to a job.

      No one has a right to a job, but getting fired entails real hardship. There are good reasons why it’s necessary to fire people, but there are bad reasons, too. Asking someone to justify laying off 30,000 people isn’t unreasonable. A person that can’t provide a good justification probably isn’t a good CEO and probably won’t make a good president.

      1. Re: LynchPin1477,

        No one has a right to a job, but getting fired entails real hardship.

        Tell me again why it is a good idea to give money to someone because you feel sorry for him or her.

        Asking someone to justify laying off 30,000 people isn’t unreasonable.

        It’s VERY unreasonable – it is none of anybody’s fucking business. If YOU happen to own HP stock, then you get to ask.

        A person that can’t provide a good justification probably isn’t a good CEO and probably won’t make a good president.

        There’s a difference between firing people from a company and firing people from government. It is actually quite easy to justify the firings: “They’re all lazy fuckers.” People will believe that because it is more likely than not that it is the truth.

        1. Huh?! You don’t think that’d be a primary Q in any job interview she’d have?

  11. How about a shoutout to her Lucent sales numbers? Solid as Kleenex. She’s lucky the HP gig came along when it did. Otherwise she’d be flipping burgers at McDonald’s right now.

    The real crime with HP wasn’t the layoff numbers themselves but the torching of HP’s culture, which was the source of their success, because Carly was a egotistical asshole who listened only to herself.

    1. Carly is a fabulous self promoter and very good at turning a clever phrase. She really should have gone into politics in the first place.

      And I never realized until I saw that picture above that she had such a rack.

      1. So that’s how she got the job. The rack.

        1. I am sure that didn’t hurt. But CEO is an awful good job and the rack, while nice, isn’t that great. She must have had something else going for her.

        2. And the rack in that picture is a bionic rack her doctors rebuilt after she had cancer. Not sure what the original organic one looked like.

          1. Cancer? That’s very sympathetic. I fully expect Hillary to fake a cancer diagnosis at some point in the primaries.

            1. And not just cancer, breast cancer. Hillary won’t fake a diagnosis, she and people like Tony and his ilk will just claim her surviving cancer makes her unfit for office.

            2. I know it’s silly, & maybe in this case it is the nicotine vape talking, but I think one little reason I liked listening to Terre T. on WFMU so much (besides running such a great show & being on at a good time) was sympathy for her from her breast CA & struggle with her insurer. She talked about it 15 yrs. ago & really got me going; of course I was already a fairly regular listener. I miss her show, & now wonder what’s she’s doing. Probably just a job as boring as that of most WFMU DJs. There’s something about radio that makes it seem so personal.

      2. Oh absolutely. Carly is great at pushing Carly.

        She was bitching in her autobiography about having to wine and dine customers at a strip club as example of how exist telecom is while glossing over her advantage as a female sales exec in a male dominated field, both among her peers and at the customer companies.

    2. The real crime with HP wasn’t the layoff numbers themselves but the torching of HP’s culture, which was the source of their success, because Carly was a egotistical asshole who listened only to herself.

      ^This. Should be the top comment so people can stop with the wondering if it was the tech bubble or the company trajectory. It wasn’t inevitable that HP have so many troubles, even if the times were rough. She fucked up and got the golden parachute for everyone else’s troubles.

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  13. How is Carly Fiorina the “anti-Hillary”? As far as I can tell, the major reason either expects people to vote for them is because they have vaginas.

    Carly Fiorina was a lousy CEO picked in no small part because she was a woman. I say she was lousy, not because she laid people off, but because she substituted fashionable gimmicks for actually having a vision of where she wanted to take the company.

    1. Yeah, everything she did at HP was to further her own interest, not the companies. She is not the anti-Hillary, she is the private sector version of Hillary . An incompetant, ivy league, power hungry, egotist.

  14. Circa 1998 I was a sub-sub-contractor working on a project for HP. A minor style issue came up on the documents I was formatting style sheets for: should there be a hyphen here or not? When I asked my contact at HP, he said: “I’ll have to ask the committee about that.”

    I thought: This company is doomed!

    So I think she was probably right to lay off at least some people. The company was dying of bureaucracy.

  15. I worked for HP at various campuses during Fiorina’s tenure. I will always remember Lou Platt announcing her hire corporate-wide over the PA system as the last moment of the ‘real’ HP.

    The one big thing Fiorina did was buy Compaq. She burned up all her political capital with the board pulling off that contentious transaction, leaving nothing in the tank for future battles. Internally, nobody at HP outside management thought it was a good idea loading up the low-margin commodity-side business of HP when it was printers basically printing checks for HP back then.

    It is testament to Carly’s ‘strategic vision’ that she cobbled together such a corporate mess to make the biggest PC behemoth ever – just in time for the mobile device revolution; which of course HP did not see coming, and has no measurable impact in to this day.

    1. which of course HP did not see coming,

      Eh, they were never going to be a cell phone company, and I loved their Jornada line of handhelds- and those were, IMO, crippled by MS’s OSes, which was not really HPs fault because anything at that time that wasn’t Windows was kneecapped right out of the gate.

  16. It sounds like Carly Fiorina has the “BALLS” to lay off or fire bad Federal Workers including those who have so much time on their hands they surf the porn websites so they won’t get bored. The federal government could be cut down by 50% and if done carefully, the public wouldn’t even notice.

  17. Uh I hope Carly’s lawyers are good.
    The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA), 15 U.S.C. ? 1125(d), is an American law enacted in 1999 that established a cause of action for registering, trafficking in, or using a domain name confusingly similar to, or dilutive of, a trademark or personal name.

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