Meet the Vagina Voters

The women voting for Hillary because she's a woman are setting feminism back a hundred years.


"I intend to vote with my vagina."

Have you ever read a more squirm-inducing sentence than that? It appeared in a pro-Hillary piece in Dame magazine, written by a person with a vagina who intends to vote for Clinton because she also has a vagina.

Let's leave aside the unfortunate image conjured up by that sentence ("You can hold a pencil with that thing?!") The bigger problem with such unabashed declarations of "vagina voting" is that they confirm the descent of feminism into the cesspool of identity politics, even biologism, and its abandonment of the idea that women should be valued more for their minds than their anatomy.

Kate Harding, the vagina voter in question, isn't only going to vote with her vag—she's also going to tell everyone about it. "I intend to vote with my vagina. Unapologetically. Enthusiastically… And I intend to talk about it," she wrote in Dame.

She thinks Hillary would be a great president because she "knows what it's like to menstruate, be pregnant, [and] give birth."

So you're going to pick your leader on the basis of her biological functions, the fact she's experienced the same bodily stuff as you? Imagine if a man did that. "I'm voting for Ted Cruz because he knows what it's like to spunk off. And he knows the pain of being kicked in the balls." We'd think that was a very sad dude indeed. Why is it any better for a female commentator to wax lyrical about voting on the basis of her biological similarity to a candidate rather than any shared political outlook?

The point of Harding's pussy politics, as I think we should call this biologism among some in the Hillary camp, is to say that it would be a brilliant, symbolic breakthrough if the U.S. were to have its first-ever female president.

It would be "enormously important," she says. "American women have been bleeding for over 200 years"—again with the blood!—"and a lot of us have arrived at the point where we just want someone with a visceral, not abstract, concept of what that means."

There's something profoundly sexist in this. Hillary is valued, not for her ability to think abstractly, which is the very essence of politics, but for what she represents viscerally—the visceral being, in the words of the Oxford English Dictionary, the bowels, "the seat of emotion."

A hundred years ago, the precise same view of women as visceral rather than abstract creatures was used as an argument against having them in the political realm.

In 1910, the London-based journal The Anti-Suffrage Review said women have difficulty "forming abstract ideas." "Woman is emotional," it said, "and government by emotion quickly degenerates into injustice." Yet now, a century later, the potential first woman president of the U.S. is hailed by some for her visceral—"not abstract," in Harding's words—understanding of women's lives and everyday issues. To stick with the biological-function theme, modern feminism is pooping all over the suffragettes, who fought tooth-and-nail against the valuation of their viscera over their brains.

Harding's pussy politics is only a more physical, blood-obsessed version of one of the main arguments coming from Hillary's cheerleaders in the media: that she deserves to be elected because she's a woman, because she has a vagina.

In response to the claim that Hillary is "playing the gender card," Jessica Valenti says "good," adding "I hope she plays the gender card so hard…" Valenti writes about "the very important, symbolic and necessary vision of the first woman president," and says "that's a gender card I'd play again and again." In short, she's voting with her vagina.

Chelsea Clinton says her mother's femaleness is "absolutely important for…symbolic reasons." Nancy Pelosi says Hillary's sex should also be a "very major consideration" for voters, because of the brilliant gravity of "what it would mean to elect a woman president of the United States." In short, vote with your vaginas. Or if you're in the unfortunate position of having a dick, then at least give "very major consideration" to the fact that Hillary is a woman and vote for her accordingly. Think about what is in this woman's knickers rather than what is in her mind.

Over at Bustle magazine, Gabrielle Moss continues the suffragette-defaming fashion for elevating women's biology over their brains, admitting she will be "voting with my emotions" and eschewing the "clear-eyed political rationality that so many of the men around me [claim] to possess."

She says her vote for Clinton won't be "based on a clear-eyed, unemotional review of her political track record," nor on a "clear-eyed assessment of all possible Democratic candidates," but rather will be an expression of the "intense personal connection" she feels with Hillary as a woman. They both have vaginas, you see.

Here, again, the very thing the suffragettes street-fought against—the idea that women are too emotional to partake in abstract politics—is bizarrely rehabilitated as a badge of honour. I'm a woman, and therefore I'm visceral, and I will vote for a woman. Vaginas of the World, Unite!

The rise of vagina voting, and the centrality of gender to the whole Hillary shebang, shows how dominant the politics of identity has become in the space of just eight years.

Back in 2007/2008, Hillary bristled at the idea that she should big up her gender and make a major display of her femaleness. "I'm not running as a woman," she told an audience in Iowa. Now, however, she is running as a woman—selling herself as a grandmother, peppering her campaign launch video with women of every age and hue—and she's celebrated for doing so.

In 2008 she "struggled against the idea" that she was representing a particular gender, says the Guardian, among the Clinton family's most fawning fans, but this time she's putting "gender at the forefront of her presidential race," the paper's coverage says, approvingly. Or as one news report put it: "Ms Clinton played down the gender role the first time she ran for the top job. But this time it's expected to be a core plank of her campaign."

This embrace of the gender card by Clinton and her cronies, this move from thinking with their heads to voting with their vaginas, is being celebrated as a great leap forward. It's nothing of the sort. It merely confirms the speedy and terrifying shrinking of the political sphere in recent years, with the abstract being elbowed aside by the emotional, and the old focus on ideas and values now playing a very quiet second fiddle to an obsession with identity.

The celebration of a potential president on the basis of her natural characteristics shows that the growing vacuum where big and serious ideas ought to be is being filled with biologism, with a view of people as little more than bundles of genes, accidents of birth, colors, sexes, genders. The rotten thing that human beings struggled against for generations—the tendency to judge individuals by their biology rather than their talents and beliefs—has made a comeback under the banner of identity politics.

In 2001, The Onion did one of its brilliant "American Voices" polls on the question of Hillary standing for the presidency in 2004. One of the respondents, the white guy in the suit, says: "A woman president? What if she menstruates all over some important legislation?"

So as recently as 2001, talking about Hillary as someone who menstruates was recognised to be a sexist throwback to that old, dark era when women were treated as animalistic, and not as capable of abstract reasoning as men; today, the fact that Hillary "knows what it's like to menstruate" is presented as a serious reason to vote for her. Meet the vagina voters, the new sexists, reducing women to bits of flesh as thoroughly as those hoary old misogynists were doing a hundred years ago.

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  1. “I intend to vote with my vagina” I hope she cleans the machine when she’s done.

    1. Does that leave a snail trail?

      1. Q: Why did god give women legs?

        A: For men to look at, and so that they don’t leave snail trails.

        1. Hasn’t this country and it’s people had enough of these lying corrupt politicians ruining this country. They’re only in it for themselves and their bank accounts. Term limits and family dynasties limits are needed. Surely she isn’t the best the dems. can come up with. Or is she?

          Please, America, save us from the prospect of this witch becoming our next president – if you thought Obama was a failure, this is a serious downgrade! The last thing this country needs is another Democrat in the White House.

          Obama has crippled the US economy. Everybody I know is either out of work or under-employed. I haven’t had a raise in years despite all my expenses increasing from year to year. My health insurance is now up to $400/month. Before the government touched it, it was $250/month! My auto insurance, which the government has yet to ruin, is thankfully only $25/month (from Insurance Panda). Please, Obama! Don’t try to socialize auto insurance!

          The official Clinton motto: “Cheat until caught, and then lie!” The Clintons still don’t think that laws apply to them.

          She cannot be trusted.

          She’s been in public life for over 40 years and needs to go away and be a grandmother for the next 20 years if she lives that long. After all she’s 67 years old and needs to retire . We need new blood.

    2. +1 for comment of the century. Sheesh lefties can be so damn stupid.

    3. #IRONVAGINA2016

      1. “Iron vagina” sounds like Hillary to me.

        1. Consider that term stolen

        2. “Iron vagina? So that’s why she tastes like a bag of rusty coins.” – Bill

      2. I lvoe Iron Vagina! Best female metal band in the world.

      3. Iron it all you want, it will still be wrinkly.

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    5. I make up to $90 an hour working from my home. My story is that I quit working at Walmart to work online and with a little effort I easily bring in around $40h to $86h? Someone was good to me by sharing this link with me, so now i am hoping i could help someone else out there by sharing this link… Try it, you won’t regret it!……

    6. Plus she knows what it’s like to have a hanging chad on her ballot box.

    7. I make up to $90 an hour working from my home. My story is that I quit working at Walmart to work online and with a little effort I easily bring in around $40h to $86h? Someone was good to me by sharing this link with me, so now i am hoping i could help someone else out there by sharing this link… Try it, you won’t regret it!……

  2. “You can hold a pencil with that thing?!”
    Pencils at least make sense. Levers do, too, although I assume would require practice. Touchscreens are now almost universal and Im sorry but that suggests some form of appendage.

    1. Touchscreens are now almost universal and Im sorry but that suggests some form of appendage.

      Nahhh….she can just “kiss” the screen.

    2. Biggest goddam clit you ever did see. 🙂

    3. I remember the first time I saw a banana show in Okinawa. The gal did crap with a banana that this poor kid from NW Minnesota had never even dreamed of. And she was able to pick up a pile of coins from the top of a sake bottle and drop them a few at a time.

      Fucking good times.

    4. Because patriarchy

  3. My take is different. “Vagina voting” is an implicit concession that their is no legitimate reason to support a Hillary presidency. No consistent ideology, no policy agenda, nothing except, “I’m Hillary, and it’s my turn.” Or perhaps, “the blacks had their president, now it’s our turn to have ours.”

    Also shows how dependent Team Blue is on identity politics.

    1. Ugh…”there is,” not “their is.”

    2. Now that I’ve seen the voting lever through a woman’s eyes, I’ll never look at voting quite the same way again. Just goes to prove the Reasonoid premise that voting is remarkably similar to masturbation.

    3. Exactly. It’s 3 things. 1. She lost last time because she lost the female housewife vote because they used their minds and did not trust or like her. So this is mainly a political consideration, probably coordinated by Hilary’s team and many of the women writing these articles are probably in on it or at least caught on right away. 2. If you use your mind and try to figure out why to vote for her, there is not much and then you would (if you were an honest person) have to address all of her flaws and crooked behavior over the years). 3. It’s the identity politics thing run amuck.

  4. Notice they don’t attribute any of Hillary’s failings to her vagina.

    1. Just as Obama is half-white, Hillary is half-male.

      1. Hillary is half-male.

        Expect the Hillary/Jamie Lee Curtis comparisons to start in earnest.

        1. Unlike Hillary, Jamie’s best feature is not her cankles.

      2. She can’t be half male. She’s 3/4 robot.

        1. She’s non-Euclidean.

          1. So she’s spherical? Are you calling her fat?

            1. I was thinking “many-angled”… (that’s a euphemism for “horror from outside time & space”, by the way.)

      3. She is also half-centaur.

    2. If nothing else, a little hysteria might do the Hillary some good. The woman is robotic.

      1. She has to maintain that visage otherwise the mask could slip. If that happens, well, do you remember the scene in “Alien” when you first see the face of the alien?

  5. So should I assume that if the election were to come down to, say, Sarah Palin v Any Male Democrat, that she would still vote via snatch? Or would Palin be labeled as somehow not a real woman?

    They do it all the time with black conservatives (Uncle Tom!), why not conservative women?

    1. Do ‘they’ say Thomas is ‘not really black’ ‘all the time’ or do they see Thomas as Uncle Tom was portrayed in the famous book, as being unacceptably deferential to whites? I’ve read of a silly activist or academic or two being quoted saying things like the first, but the black people I’ve talked to about Thomas only say the second.

      1. Before you get wrist-deep exploring your navel, he only pointed out that the preference for gender (or race) is skin-deep. It seems to line up pretty well with their overall political preference. Almost as if the sexual or racial preference is post-hoc rationalizing for supporting TEAM BLUE.

        1. It’s almost like in the end it’s a metaphorical way if saying ‘I’m inclined to vote for someone who I think is naturally inclined to be sympathetic to my experiences, but if there’s enough evidence to the contrary I’m willing to overcome the inclination.’

          1. You’ve got it backwards, broheim. They’re voting for the lefty and ascribing it to lofty motivations.

            1. Wouldn’t that be an indicator that for them ideas matter most with something like identity as a tiebreaker or ‘plus factor?’

              1. Or that thinking takes a backseat to emoting.

                1. If it’s just emoting the the policy positions wouldn’t overrule the identity signaling I’d think.

                  1. Emoting her support for a candidate whose positions differ very little from other candidates for whom she would vote, all varyingly progressive, and rationalizing it with reference to her vagina, pretty well summarizes the policy prescriptions of the Democratic party.

                    1. She says this. She says that given there’s not much daylight in the Dem candidates in policy there’s nothing wrong with an identifier as a tiebreaker.

                  2. Policy positions overrule the identity signaling. That has been pointed out. They vote for the Canklebeast but not Palin. They aren’t really voting with their pussies.

              2. Not exactly….it is more, team matters more than character or morals or ideas, and if I’m voting team anyway, then let’s add identity into the mix because no one on my team actually has a clue or any ideas anyway.

          2. It’s not like that at all. Because it’s a one-way ratchet when it comes to identity politics, and any sober observer of the political climate for the past 30 years or so knows that.

            1. sober observer of the political climate for the past 30 years

              Sober observers? Here??

              1. I plan on being a sober observer for at least the next hour or so. Till the Bloody Mary’s kick in.

                1. Sober observers?


                  (and only 8:30 am on the left coast!)

          3. Oh, so, you mean, those white people who distrusted Obama because he was white and preferred a white president weren’t really racist, they were just “naturally inclined to be sympathetic to my experiences”? And men who refuse to vote for female candidates aren’t sexist, just want someone “sympathetic to their experiences.”

            No? They’re still bigots? So the rule, as always, when it comes to bigotry is: it’s okay when progs do it.

            1. This is pretty much the same argument the left uses that poor people should vote for the candidate promising them more free shit (the Democrat) and that voting otherwise is simply voting “against their own self-interest”. They simply cannot fathom the idea that there might be principles involved, that even poor people may recognize that taxing the shit out of the rich is wrong, that the rich are not the evil greedy thieving bastards who stole all their wealth from the poors like the left claims and that “income redistribution” is just a $2 word for legalized theft.
              But if you get down to it, why did 90%+ of blacks vote for Obama but McCain or Romney didn’t get 90%+ of white votes? Because white people weren’t voting their own self-interest? What about any male who votes for Clinton, will they be voting against their own self-interest? Of course not! White males favor that well-known “extreme individualism” that lets them form independent ideas and opinions whereas blacks and women are more akin to herd animals who are capable only of groupthink – according to the left. And we’re the racist, sexist ones for thinking blacks and women are individuals just the same as white males.

              1. This is the first time anyone pointed this out, to the best of my knowledge.

        2. Bo’s making a retarded argument. News at 11.

          1. Playa shows up anytime (there really is SOME time of day for your non-virtual family, isn’t there???), ignores what the person he disagrees with says, and just insults. News at 11

            1. The fact that you posted that comment at exactly 11 made me chuckle.

              Everything else you’ve said has made me wince.

              1. I’ll try to take your delicate nature into account in future comments.

            2. Put it this way, shithead…if I had kids and had to choose between you and Playa to care for them if I died, you wouldn’t even be considered, you judgemental, mendacious little fucking douchebag. Playa is 50X the man you are.

              1. Thanks for the penis compliment. But 50x????


                1. Yeah, WTF?
                  You’re at least 100x the man BO is.

                  1. HOW MUCH YOU BENCH, PLAYA???

                    50x more than Bo seems a little high. But plausible.

                    1. Playa can bench 50X the weight of Bo’s vagina. Probably more.

            3. “ignores what the person he disagrees with says”
              You say that like it’s a bad thing. I ignore what flat-earthers and creationists say, and so should everyone else. Because they’re retarded.

        3. Exactly. If the vicissitudes of the respective party primaries result in Biden versus Fiorina, their vaginas will unhesitatingly vote for Uncle Joe, without even a moment spent considering electing a “historic” Carly.

      2. they see Thomas as Uncle Tom was portrayed in the famous book, as being unacceptably deferential to whites

        Whaaa? So I haven’t read Uncle Tom’s Cabin, but clearly neither have you. Stowe declared Uncle Tom to be a noble hero. Tom rejects the idea that he is inferior because he is black. He is most motivated by his religion, thus trying to be loving. He applauds fellow slaves attempts to escape.

        The use of Uncle Tom as a derogatory term came from racist Southerners during Reconstruction who wished to defame and belittle the “noble hero”

        1. HA! Bo pretends to be educated, fails badly. News at 11.

        2. There were also a bunch of plays based on the book where Tom is played as a servile charicature. Think Jar Jar Bink’s in blackface (but I repeat myself).

        3. So progs excoriating blacks who don’t fall in line as “Uncle Toms” are just reflecting their racist proclivity.

    2. “Sarah Palin v Any Male Democrat” Well, even Republicans could agree that the male Democrat is a real pussy.

      1. Bazinga!

  6. I have no words,is it too early too drink? I’m sure there are many people who will vote for a mommy part. BTY ,why does the long time progressive government in Baltimore hate black people?

    1. Too early to drink? Blasphemy.

    2. It’s five o’clock somewhere.

  7. The vagina here in this room just had 12 orgasms within 4 minutes. Goddamn enthralling that is to me.

    1. Tell her I said she’s welcome, by the way. The three other guys send their regards as well.

  8. “I intend to vote with my vagina.”

    God I love niche pornography!

    1. Ugh…I just looked a picture of Kate Harding….there are some niches meant to go unfilled!

      1. “I’m going to vote with my vagina”

        Because she certainly hasn’t used it for anything else.

        1. Contrary to what we’ve been told all these years apparently this is where Kates higher cognitive centers reside.

          My hat’s off to her I can’t think straight when it’s that hot and steamy.

      2. I see what you did there.

    1. That is the face of a scold if ever I saw one.

    2. MMMM Fuck yeah. I’m gonna go get the peanut butter.

    3. I’m even less interested in her personal experiences and opinions than I am in her vagina.

    4. I tried to read that second one but then I died a little inside.

    5. I…I just can’t even!

    6. She Has the Face of a Pit Bull and Has Never Read Any Real Literature

      So, she’s not only a complete fraud, she actually wrote a whole article about it.

      This is just part of the reason we need to throw out the link between employability and a college diploma. That a writer would devote an entire article discussing how they were able to bluff their way through an English degree should tell everyone that a degree is neither necessary nor sufficient for someone to be a good writer.

      1. College is just a Rube Goldberg machine that proves you are able to follow a crazy set of rules and get through the maze. It shows big corporations that you are able to follow the rules and push the right buttons no matter how crazy it is.

        I was talking to a younger coworker a while back and I told him that if I was rich, I would love to go back to college and take courses in things that interest me with no regard to graduating or grades. Simple intellectual curiosity.

        When I attended as a kid, my goal was to graduate as fast as I could with as good of grades as I could with the minimal amount of effort.

        1. College is just a Rube Goldberg machine that proves you are able to follow a crazy set of rules and get through the maze.

          All you’re saying is true. But, the reality is, it’s becoming clear that it isn’t even particularly useful to that end. It’s just become policy that college is now expected. Any rationale beyond, FYTW is becoming a joke.

  9. “So you’re going to pick your leader on the basis of her biological functions, the fact she’s experienced the same bodily stuff as you? Imagine if a man did that”

    It’s not like something like the reverse hasn’t been going on for our history. Women have been at least 50% of the population historically but somehow 0 of our Presidents. For Brendan to suddenly become aware and alarmed of people including sex as a factor in the choice when it suddenly appears it might be a factor in picking the long excluded group is punching down. It’s like a long time baseball fan in 1947 seeing blacks enthusiastically cheer Jackie Robinson and saying ‘oh my goodness, since when did this bad form of taking a player’s race into account come into play!?!’

    1. So you mean we could have been voting for the other 50% of the population all these years and we didn’t.

      I wish I had been informed about vaginas years ago.

      1. Hillary’s about last on my list of people running to vote for. And I do try to talk women I know into not voting for her. I tell them that while it’s certainly long past time there was a woman president if our elections were anything other than historically drenched with sexism, that it’s of course possible that a given current woman candidate is still one that could hurt the country and the cause of women’s rights in the long run. But I’m not silly enough to not get why women think it’s way past time for one, just like I wouldn’t have tried to convince a Catholic in 1960 that wanting to finally see a Catholic president was something awful.

        1. Hillary’s about last on my list of people running to vote for.

          Why? She has a vagina.

          We’re reliably informed that that is that this is the primary requirement.

          1. Not a bad photo here….everybody looks better as blond…for about 6 months!

            Plus I think she can make significant inroads into the “Impressive Rack” voting bloc.


        2. It’s a silly notion regardless, especially coming out of another first-ever presidency which did nothing to suture up the racial divides in our country. Nor should we have expected it to, any more than we can expect women to overcome the myriad gender myths percolating through our culture simply because a Clintonian Freaky Friday role reversal takes place in 2016. And it’s just that sort of thinking?”it’s time, it’s symbolic, it’s historic, it’ll change everything”?that makes their entire pitch look dewy-eyed and feeble-minded. The shouldn’t be indulged, they should be mocked.

          1. If you read the Dame article you’ll see a critical point for her is that overcoming that hurtle will hopefully make it easier for future women candidates. I think she should consider how it could be done in a way that makes it harder for the next woman, in other words Clinton could be a disaster that reaffirms negative stereotypes about women.

            1. That’s the rub. If Robinson had been the first black player and sucked it would have set blacks back. This woman should be screaming for a competent female leader, not I vote with my vag. I’ve been hearing my whole life women are people not objects. Evidently that was a lie. Women have vaginas and that is all that matters.

            2. Which is even sillier. She justifies voting for this candidate on the basis of her tits and vag so that later she can vote for a candidate on the merits of her ideals? She can start doing that now without reference to his or her plumbing arrangement.

              1. No, she’s arguing that it’s hard to break the ceiling but once broken it’ll be gone and easier for future women.

                1. Then find a good female candidate. Are they really saying this is the best women can do? Is this woman willing to let a terrible surgeon do her brain surgery as long as it breaks some stupid ceiling? I don’t want another vile peice of shit in the white house because “it’s their turn”.

                  1. I absolutely am not saying that, in fact my pitch to women supporting her is:
                    I totally get we’re past due for a woman President and understand you wanting to see one, but consider that a bad first woman President can set back women, so don’t take the first offer necessarily.

                    I had this discussion with John recently. If women wanted the first President and wanted it to be a Dem, why not be talking about someone like NH’s governor. She won reelection in a swing state in a GOP wave. But she’s not even being talked about, because they’re not thinking clearly about this (not exclusive to groups in politics of course).

                    1. ditto for a bad non-white president I guess.

                    2. So, we’re supposed to take turns now with the presidency? What other identity groups have yet to be represented? When do they get their turn?

                  2. Dweeb…I’m due for some complicated heart surgery, I’ll die soon, but I’m holding out for a transgendered F-to-M. Because I want the world to see she/he can do this.

                2. Right, and what will it matter if she’s voting (as she claims) on their merits? It’s a gender-blind distinction. If Clinton wins this round but loses in 2020, was it because she’s a woman or because her policies are toxic for prosperity? If she carries 2020 and America votes in no other female president for eighty years, do we get to blame Hillary for setting back women? Or is it because we never truly overcame our cultural sexism? It’s a nicely unfalsifiable and philosophically obtuse theory.

                  1. I wonder how Catholics, who overwhelmingly and enthusiastically supported JFK in a way similar to what this woman is describing, dealt with these questions.

                    1. Are you just trolling Eddie or do you really care? Voting tribe instead of voting of the merits of the candidate is dumb no matter which tribe is doing it.

                    2. Voting tribe instead of voting of the merits of the candidate is dumb.

                    3. True, voting doesn’t accomplish much, but the revolution isn’t here yet, so my rifle remains slung.

                    4. It’s the tragic conceit of liberal democracy: conceived in liberty, gestated in the amniotic fluid of sovereignty, delivered by the cesarean section of revolution (okay, the conceit’s a little overwrought), and finally devolving into a fetish for political posturing. Individualism was meant to be a backlash against classism and aristocracy, and yet we’re back to square one with overbroad racial and sexual identifiers rather than castes. We’re embracing the most myopic, personally indulgent aspects of populist politics and shedding any regard for authentic individualism. Dumb.

                    5. Well, the crux of the notion (and why I find it so insipid and patronizing) is that white men have been voting other white men into office for ages, so if [minority group] acts like white men and votes exclusively for [minority group] candidates, they’ll be as economically and culturally successful as white men. At best, it’s an intellectually vapid parlor game and you can roll your eyes and get on with it, which I mostly do. At worst you end up with cities looking like Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, or St. Louis, overwhelmingly represented by one political ideology because they locked up the minority vote. Identity politics is toxic.

                3. There is no ceiling asshole; it’s a metaphor. It isn’t broken and then suddenly gone. If Hillary wins, then all that is is proof that there was no glass ceiling when she ran, because if there were, she wouldn’t be winning.

                  God, do you even listen to yourself? She and her supporters are openly and proudly using her gender AS AN ADVANTAGE in this race, correctly believing her femaleness will HELP HER, not hurt her.

                  So, if they are correct (and I believe they are), not only is there no glass ceiling with respect to the presidency, there’s a glass elevator. Femaleness is an advantage in running. Which makes your argument not only moot but ass backwards. The problem, clear as day to anyone not shackled to a narrative, is not sexism in the electorate but the fact that few women choose to run, for reasons which also mostly have to do with things other than sexism.

            3. “….make it easier for future women candidates.”

              Yep. Just like we are now living in a post-racial America.


          2. another first-ever presidency which did nothing to suture up the racial divides in our country

            It’s the black man’s fault that white racists refused to shut their faces and become enlightened. He’s such a divisive president.

            1. Don’t think you can skulk in here and get the last word with weak tea bullshit like this. Now sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

            2. Yeah, shame about those white racist rethuglican rednecks romping around Baltimore rioting in black neighborhoods and killing black people. Also about all those right-wing unenlightened white hillbillies mismanaging public schools in black neighborhoods and opposing school choice so they can keep black kids from getting an education. Real shame about that stuff.

              If only we were more enlightened like you and realized fellating the most powerful man in the world is the most revolutionary act one can do.

            3. That is epically stupid, even for you.

            4. i’m not a racist -though i did experiment a little in kindergarten- but even i know that when they start coming out of the woodwork, they aren’t shy about telling you, yes, it’s because of the black man.

        3. And I do try to talk women I know into not voting for her.

          Come on Bo, you’ll never convince anyone here that you know any women or that one would stoop to talk to you.

          1. C’mon Frank. He has to walk right by his mom and her coffe klatch when he leaves his basement for more cheetos.

          2. Maybe he stands in front of the mirror and gives stump speeches. Or Skypes with Tony. Either qualifies.

        4. Here’s a thought: maybe more qualified and educated women should actually take the risks inherent in developing successful political careers and eventually running for president instead of contenting themselves with easy comfortable lives as clerical workers, English professors, and house wives.

          Maybe we should point out to women that, when large swaths of the female population talk about voting with their vaginas, being overtly sexist, and flaunt their irrationalism/”emotional reasoning”, it is the best thing they could possibly do to validate men’s aversion to female candidates.

          It is no exaggeration to say that feminists have done more to justify fear of putting women in positions of power than any amount of residual misogyny. Elizabeth Warren? McCaskill? Gillibrand? Fuck, at least old fashioned misogynist men considered women precious flowers to be protected; as opposed to feminists, who actually seem to regard the male half of the population as an enemy to be defeated.

          Few Thatchers and Merkels on this side of the pond, it would seem.

          1. Old fashion mysogenists hate women. That is the definition of a mysogenist. If they consider them a flower of any variety, it is the kind one crushes and destroys. There is nothing protective about a mysogenist. Go get a fucking dictionary.

            1. Um…excuse me, Zillah…who needs a dictionary?

              1. Funny, and point well taken. But you still got the definition of misogynist dead wrong.

    2. I have for every vaginal candidate for Prez on the ballot so far.

    3. The Jackie Robinson analogy is an especially nice touch of retardation, even for you.

      There’s a difference in cheering for an accomplished athlete being successful because of his skill and voting for a politician because of their reproductive organs.

      1. You think blacks didn’t in part cheer for Robinson because he was a successful player that looked like them?

        1. Sure they did…..right after he used his ability, and solely his ability, to reach the professional level he reached.

          There’s a difference in:
          A: applauding someone’s accomplishments a little more loudly because you share an identifier.
          B: using an identifier in an effort to elevate someone else and help them accomplish something they are unqualified for.

          They wouldn’t have cheered Robinson so much if he was a rag-arm fielder that batted .080. Yet they’re doing the political equivalent of that in supporting Hillary for president.

          1. Whatever happened to that gay football player? Did he do well? I know there was some speculation the only reason he got drafted was for signaling. I don’t follow sports.

            1. He was dropped

              1. So, not good then. Thanks.

            2. Whatever happened to that gay football player?

              Well the one on who the 49ers wasted a first round pick on just got busted for DUI….this after he slapped around his boyfriend at a restaurant a few years back.

              I think the other one was just on “Dancing with the Stars”.

              WOW…..those answers sound like punchlines to gay jokes…..they aren’t!

            3. It seems to me there had to have been a closeted NFL player at some point in it’s history. Pro Wrestling had that guy Patterson who was an IC champ and closeted.

              1. Years ago I was speaking with a woman who was close to the Houston Oilers (I *said* years ago!) organization and swore that a certain running back was pitching for the other team. There was also a lot of speculation about another Oilers player who was involved in a car accident with a friend late one night (the friend was killed in the accident).

                I suspect that any organization as big as the NFL has had more than one closet homosexual over the years. In that particular case, though, the incentive to keep it quiet is huge, and there’s probably some inside help in keeping things on the down low.

                1. Statistically speaking, we’ve probably already had our first gay president. That’s one hurdle overcome, only thing to do is find out which one it was.

                  Millard Fillmore?

                2. Did “the other team” happen to be the Packers?

            4. He had a lot of come-from-behind victories.

          2. You better believe blacks cheered Robinson on day one of his MLB career. If he did bad they would have cheered less, but they started cheering. If this woman supports Hillary after she starts doing bad THEN you’d have something analogous to what you’re talking about.

            1. You’re actually Tulpa, aren’t you?

            2. If she starts doing badly? Dude, it’s 2015, not 1992.

            3. What? She hasn’t been doing bad all along?

            4. I had no idea that you’d turn yourself into a pretzel this early in the discussion.

              You know, you could just once say that your initial assessment on something was wrong and learn from others here. Or you could continue being a pig-headed prick that can’t see the difference in Jackie Robinson and Hillary Clinton.

              1. Learn? Ha.

                He’s here to argue. That’s it.

                It really jumps out at me because I’m in the process of teaching my 7 YEAR OLD not to do the exact same thing.

                The main difference is that my 7 year old actually learns from his experiences, and he’s way more persuasive than Bo.

              2. You know, you could just once say that your initial assessment on something was wrong and learn from others here.

                In Bo’s defense, it’s extremely rare for anybody here (or anywhere on the net) to do that.


            5. Was Jackie Robinson playing a game? Or was he running for office to be the most powerful person on the planet and become responsible for the lives of countless millions of people?

              Only in one of those two situations is it not completely insane to stake one’s pick on something as stupid and superficial as race or gender. Can you guess which one?

    4. It’s not like something like the reverse hasn’t been going on for our history.

      Let me see if I can explain it to you. Non-retards generally assign a behavior as good, bad, or neutral. The premise conveyed by Harding is that treating people differently because of their sex is acceptable. Now, I might not like that in principle. But, I think Harding and a lot of feminists might not be particularly pleased with that notion on practical terms.

      But, enjoy your first stage thinking.

      1. I have to wonder how this guy managed to get a passing score on the LSATs.

        1. Because the whole system is becoming increasingly structured to turning out more like Bo and not to demanding intellectual rigor. The new Professor Kingsfield isn’t some old bastard relentlessly pushing rationality in teaching Contracts, but a professor of “Race, Ethnicity and Gender in the Law” telling the white male students to shut up because privilege.

    5. Clearly then the solution to the problem of bias is to continue to use bias, but in the other direction. Silly idealists who would like to see people judged as individuals and not representatives of racial or gender groups!

    6. Except that nobody voted for any of the former Presidents becaues they were men. Nboody said “Of course I’m voting for him, he has a penis.”. But if they had it owuldn’t justify similar stupidity from Hillary supporters. As for Jackie Robinson he wasn’t hired because he was black but in spite of it. There were plenty of blacks that were qualifed to play the major leagues (hell some say that the Negro Leagues actually had higher standards). Nobody could deny that Robinson was worth cheering.

  10. Well, shit. I was gonna vote for her, but I ain’t got one of them innies.

    1. Well I for one hopes that this removes the last impediment from Americas Sweetheart and her budding political career.

      All hail President Bruce Jenner!

      1. If a tranny ran, I’d vote for her. Any one, doesn’t matter, got my vote, just to see the confusion among the feminists as to whether to declare her the first woman president and pack it in or not.

  11. If she’s voting with her vagina, wouldn’t she vote for that dreamy Rand Paul?

    1. She doesn’t use her vagina, so she’s not too familiar with it’s function

      1. So, she’s into anal?

        1. Nope. She and Bill have long been into oral sex. The kind where they shout “Fuck You!” back and forth at each other.

          1. *tires to decide between narrowing gaze and applauding…. applauds*

  12. What with the modern touchscreen voting machines, it’s a lot easier for me to vote with my cock. #patriarchy

    1. Or your dick, or your rod or your Johnson.

      1. You can call me Ray…

      2. Don’t be fatuous, Sloopy.

      3. I wonder how many cocks, dicks, and Johnsons would vote for this lady.

        1. She won my primary, at least.

        2. I’d first need to see her various positions and then really get to the bottom of some of them. Plus, I’d need to find a way to support her candidacy prior to the election. I’d definitely make a deposit of some sort on her behalf.

          1. There are more revealing pictures of Samantha Justine Rice (the lady in picture to which I linked) The research could be interesting, as well as outstanding…

        3. Johnson?

        4. I vote for both of her

  13. So if Hillary were a socially conservative Republican, would these women’s vaginas demand they vote for her then? Would it still be a “woman’s turn” and their duty to vote for her?

    What a crock. It would be bad enough if they actually meant this bullshit. The don’t. It is just a rationalization to vote for the Democrat even if it is Hillary. As someone points out above, what this is really saying is that even Hillary’s supporters have no coherent reason to support her.

    1. So if Hillary were a socially conservative Republican, would these women’s vaginas demand they vote for her then? Would it still be a “woman’s turn” and their duty to vote for her?

      Don’t go there sister!

    2. If that were true, they could vote for Carly, right?

      But we know it’s not. They’re socialists and fascists who want big daddy government to take care of them, so that the entire country looks more like the riots in Baltimore.

      1. The Dems could nominate a man who had a worse track record with women than Bill Clinton and they would still vote for him over Carly. They are just lying sacks of shit.

        1. Why is this the first time I’m hearing this?!

  14. “Kate Harding also added that Hillary’s major foreign policy experience is a result of her vagina being under sniper attack from Bill Clinton.”

    1. “Don’t worry, ma’am, you’re not the main target.”

  15. The real question is would they vote for Bruce Jenner?

    1. My guess is no. Feminists seem to have a problem with men “playing women”.…..clusionism

      1. I like how feminist take all agency away from women. “Oh you are trying to get in shape because that’s what the porn industry tells you.” Or maybe she wants to be healthy or wants to get the attention of men. Either way it’s her choice.

        1. And do and say to men all of the things they claim are evil to say to women. So, it is evil and oppressive to notice that a woman is morbidly obese but totally okay to make fun of men who go bald or are not perfect physical specimens.

          1. I like the violence hypocrisy best. You beat a hooker in GTA V.
            Feminist: “Omg, violence against women is not ok.”
            Me: “What about the 30 cops I just shot?”
            Feminist: *blank stare*

            1. Me: “What about the 30 cops I just shot?”
              Feminist: “Patriarchy harms men, too.”

          2. ‘Stop derailing women’s issues, you bitchy cue ball!’

            Seriously though, my favorite response is for when feminists accuse a man of having a small penis. I say “So what? What’s wrong with a small penis.” Response: “you couldn’t please a woman!” Me: “well I get off just fine, so that’s her problem.” Lolz

            Or if they call you gay (ever so tolerant the feminists are) you just point out that blowjobs are just another of many things at which men are infinitely better than women.

            1. I read an article back in college about a talk Catherine MacKinnon gave to some Hollywood types. When she got to the bit about how blowjobs are inherently mysoginist and how deep throat could potentially kill the woman being forced to give it (there being no room for consensual oral sex in her worldview), the gay men in the audience laughed her off the stage.

              1. She said blowjobs are misogynistic? And potentially fatal? Jesus Christ. The mixture of stupid and anti-sexuality in that woman is so concentrated, I feel like if I met a person who could say her name without scoffing I would have to never talk to that person again.

                MacKinnon is one of those woman that makes me want to turn gay.

                1. It became obvious to me long ago, being a white male married to a foreign, Asian female, that the poorly repressed negative reaction I get from proggy females was due to their recognition that men might have another choice other than to pair up with a feminazi – even if they did succeed in bringing all American women to their plantation it might not be enough.

        2. Which feminists are you taking about? Name one who wants to prevent us from getting in shape for any reason. One.

    2. The real question is would they vote for Bruce Jenner?

      NEVER! Bruce has a disgusting secret…he’s a Republican.

  16. Have you ever used one of these machines before Miss? Why no, this is my first time. Well, then, the first thing you need to do is pull down your panties and the face the machine….

    1. Grab the lever, firm but not too tight…

      1. Nice variation on the “Female Breathalyzer” joke!

      2. She has no interest or aptitude for politics. Her vagina, however, is in line for a seat on the Democratic National Committee.

      3. Grab the lever, firm but not too tight…

        ….and pull again and again and again and again and again

        1. +1 Spanish fly

      4. If you want to vote for the GOP, pull the lever once.

        If you want to vote for Hillary, pull the lever 500 times.

  17. I’m not sure that the Hildebeast has one of those, and if she does, I sure as hell do not want to think about that, *cringes*…

    1. Looks something like this….…..agina_.jpg

      1. I am soooo NOT clicking on that…

      2. Sigh. *unzips*

        1. Lol

        2. *snort*

      3. I doubt I will ever be curious enough to click on that. That’s the kind of curiosity that turns a cat into a greasy spot in the road.

  18. So that means it isn’t misogynistic now if I accuse a woman of thinking or voting with her vagina?

    1. And evidently since she is voting with her vagina that is an admission that Hillary is running with hers so guess that’s fair game now as well.

    2. No, no no. You see, you’re always misogynistic because … just because! And she can’t be, just because!

      And it is darkly amusing that Sarah Palin got no end of shit from progressive types with nary-a-peep of protest from the Jezebelians. Or how Gloria Steinem & Co explained how it was ok for Bill Clinton to be a serial philanderer/rapist.

      It’s almost like they think with their…oh! That’s right, they just said that.

  19. I actually think she is making a good point. They all are. I have seen how difficult it has been for all the women in my life to really appreciate life and get the most of it. A symbolic gesture of having a woman president is actually a really good thing. Much as having a black president has been so good for the black community.

    1. We shall never know peace until we have our first Black lesbian female left-handed wheelchair-bound autistic President.

      Think about it.

      1. I want a president voted in who is in a coma. At least he or she won’t ever do anything. We’d probably go four years without a war.

        1. Schiavo/Schumacher 2016!

          1. Schiavo/Schumacher 2016!

            Not happening….everybody knows that Schumacher was born in Kenya!

        2. “I want a president voted in who is in a coma.”
          So Biden then?

          1. What’s the world’s greatest politics related disappointment? Getting a disc with “2008 Vice-Presidential Sex tape” and finding out it’s Joe Biden.

      2. Black has been done. Substitute Hispanic Asian and add dwarf. Throw in ginger for good measure.

        1. Look, we’ll take the hispanics, the asians and the dwarves, but we won’t take the Irish!

      3. Maybe you should think about. I am sure it would be a first.

    2. The Presidency is not a place for “symbolism”. OK, how about this. We elect Hillary President right now, then we get a real president after the election. Everyone is happy, vagina-dependent voters and the sane voters.

  20. The women voting for Hillary because she’s a woman are setting feminism back a hundred years.

    That’s right. Women should be forthcoming about their reasons for voting for Hillary, namely that they’re statist authoritarian fucktards just like her, and not because they all belong to the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Vaginas.

    1. You mean by voting for Hilary Cljnton, we are endorsing authoritarian government that deprives us of our rights? How did you come by that opinion? And what makes a Hillary voter a fucktard? What is a fucktard and how does being one relate to an untenable political stance?

  21. Here, again, the very thing the suffragettes street-fought against?the idea that women are too emotional to partake in abstract politics?is bizarrely rehabilitated as a badge of honour. I’m a woman, and therefore I’m visceral, and I will vote for a woman. Vaginas of the World, Unite!

    This idiocy reminds me of feminist care ethics. Justice demands that we ignore the concept of abstract justice, and vote along the lines of favoritism! No way that could ever go wrong.

    1. What do you mean by “abstract” justice? Do you mean deontology or like a Platonic ideal understandng of “justice” as a concept?

    2. Basically, forget any attempts at impartiality or universal standards like deontology or utilitarianism.…..hTheDifVoi

      Platonic ideals are weird and I wouldn’t support attempts to make a functioning system based off of those, but creating a relatively neutral process for people to regulate their relationships with each other is probably a good thing. Balkanization generally hurts those not leading it.

      1. Sorry, I went to pour myself some rum. I see what you’re saying. While I’m not fond of moral relativism, I’m also not fond of moral absolutism either. For example, I accept that some actions may be immoral in an everyday situation, but moral in a lifeboat ethics situation. That having been said, I can’t think of any situations where gender would be a variable in determining the morality of an action.

    3. So, basically, they’re fascists?

      Seriously, can we call it what it is: fascism. Systematic own-group preference, putting the group first rather than the individual; and the group is not define by voluntary membership or even social class, but by birth.

      Fascism. Only based on gender instead of race. They’re fascists. Not analogous to fascists, they’re just plain fascists.

  22. I can think of worse reasons to vote for someone, such as that he claims to be Jesus’s preferred candidate. See, 56 times this country elected a male as president, and that was either sheer coincidence or, by some manner, a vote for a candidate because he had a penis. Think of it this way, since we’re apparently in political preschool: HRC is eminently qualified, even if you don’t like her or her politics, so Democrats have the luxury of considering such things as gender and race. They don’t do affirmative action like Republicans: picking someone only because of her sex, then watching in horror as she reveals herself to be the stupidest candidate for national office in the history of the country.

    1. Projection doesn’t just happen in movie theaters.

    2. We’ve elected 56 men?

      Did voters from all 57 states elect them? Or only 8% of them?

      1. We elected a man in 56 presidential elections. Sometimes the same guy more than once.

      2. While not defending the rest of their answer, there have been 56 elections for president in the USA.

        1. Actually, there have been 57 presidential elections where the public participated.

    3. Sarah Palin would make a better president than Hillary. Not even close. I also think I could randomly pick someone from the phone book and get a better President than either of them. But, if I had to choose – Palin would be better.

      Hillary is an unethical person, Tony. If you can’t see that, then you need to look a little closer at your own ethics. I’ve been in business for over 40 years. DON’T DEAL WITH PEOPLE WITH BAD ETHICS. It never turns out okay. A very competent unethical person will hurt you. An incompetent boob, who is very ethical will not help you, but likely only inconvenience you.

    4. HRC is eminently qualified, even if you don’t like her or her politics,

      Can you even name 5 accomplishments by her that don’t involve leveraging her husband’s prestige to obtain political office?

      Seriously, what has she done that suggests she’s qualified to be president? He entire tenure as SoS was one clusterfuck after another given the current state of Middle East.

      1. He entire tenure as SoS was one clusterfuck after another given the current state of Middle East.

        Not her fault. If Bush was never President she would’ve been able to show how great and capable a SoS she was

        1. Even given the clusterfuck she inherited she made it worse. I mean really why the fuck did she back the Libyan rebels? I mean how the hell was that going to work out? Don’t bother naming an accomplishment, name something that wasn’t actively harmful to the interests of the US populace.

    5. “Eminently qualified” means “has played politics long and hard enough.” There is no other factor in politics. The only qualification that matters a whit is posturing. Our moral and intellectual elites are poseurs.

      1. She’s not even qualified in that sense. She’s ridden her husband’s coattails when it comes to politics.

        Say what you will about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, but nobody would know who their husbands were if it weren’t for those women’s accomplishments.

        1. It’s not as though Laura Bush could make a credible run for office. Clinton jockeyed into position.

    6. I thought you liked penis? Thinking about making a change in your life?

    7. Re: Tony,

      I can think of worse reasons to vote for someone

      Like voting for someone so your little Marxian friends stop calling you a “racist,” for instance…

      Democrats have the luxury of considering such things as gender and race

      Actually, they are trapped in choosing either gender or race, because competence has been overruled by Political Correctness.

    8. Retard, we haven’t elected men 56 times because of their penises. Women have been able to run for office for some time now, and some have, and lost, in fair elections.

      What’s more, empirical evidence shows that, these days certainly, women do not suffer a disadvantage in elections; probability of winning is simply not significantly correlated with gender. Men disproportionately win major elections frankly because they run more than women, not because of a sexist electorate; and a big reason they run more often is in part for the same reason there are more men in prison and dying before 40 than women: men are more risk-seeking than women, at all echelons of society, and running for major public office is a huge risk.

    9. Qualified? Well, she meets the age and citizenship requirements, so I suppose you’re right.

      And Obama’s won two terms with absolutely no relevant experience whatsoever, so there’s a precedent.

      Would she make a good president? That’s the real question. Well, her political experience amounts to being married to a successful politician, then becoming a carpetbagging senator briefly for a state she picked solely for its political benefit (and which was an easy win thanks to her husband’s name), not getting the Democratic nomination, then being appointed SoS by the victor, where she was I daresay not a resounding success. She has no legislative accomplishments, her charity work, shared with her husband, is under intense scrutiny due to–here’s a shocker–ethical lapses, and she’s being investigated for–wait for it–various incidents of misconduct and wrongdoing during her time as Sec’y of State. She can’t even be a corrupt politician successfully without her husband’s name and legacy, and that’s wearing thin.

    10. Palin’s problem was that she didn’t have the experience in sucking up to the political establishment and catering to the media. She didn’t know how to play the game. I tend to think this a good thing.

    11. “HRC is eminently qualified”


      Hillary can’t hold a candle to someone like Carly Fiorina.

    12. As if we needed further proof that you’re just Dem hack, you can’t even admit that HRC is a shit candidate and offer up someone else.

    13. This is the most same comment I have seen regarding the totally inane article about vaginal voting, thank you kindly.

  23. Are we shocked? People voted for Obama just because he was black. Hardly a shocker that Hillary wouldn’t look at that and decide to go for the same shameless manipulation.

    1. And people voted against him just because he was black. It’s shameless manipulation the one time we elect a nonwhite guy, but all the other times we elected a white guy it was in total ignorance of race? Just random chance every single one was white?

      1. That wasn’t my point. My point was that HILLARY looked at what Obama did to win and decided she’d go for the same angle. The fact that people fall for it and vote for or against someone based on their gender/race is sad.

        And I’m sorry, but Hillary doesn’t have the qualifications to be dog catcher. She was one of worst disasters we’ve ever had running the State Dept, as we now see she used the experience to line her own pockets with Russian cash.

      2. Far more people voted for him based on his race than voted against him for that reason.

      3. Did the thought ever cross your mind that we think every person that voted for or against Obama primarily on race is an imbecile?

        1. Of course he knows that. He’s being disingenuous. It’s his MO.

      4. Sigh. Do you even know what a confounding variable is?

        Are you one of those people who believes that every situation in which a group of white people end up in a room together with no minorities, it is inevitably due to racism?

        Love the rationalization though. You just reaffirm what we all already know: that progs don’t want equality in gender or race or anything; they just want to ‘turn the tables.’ That’s basically what you’re admitting, so considering that, why should I side with a movement that is openly bigoted against the race and sex to which I happen to belong? Why, Tony? Because I owe them blood for what some other people did before I was born?

        Btw, go fuck yourself in the asshole with a cactus you pathetic little simpleton.

      5. Excellent.

      6. Obama got well 95% of the black vote and those guys kept supporting him as long as he stayed black. He won 43% of white votes, 2% more than Kerry, and they stopped supporting him after they realised he was horrible. So who’s the racist? Nobody said “Vote for me, I’m white” and even if they had only 57% of whites voted for McCain. Obama did make a somewhat big deal about the whole “first black President” thing. Nobody made voing for a white guy a thing.

  24. We really are living in Idiocracy, aren’t we? It really was just a prescient documentary.+

  25. Remember to vote D because, Vagina

    Virginia Dems: Women Are Only Vaginas That Vote

  26. Not one photo of a vagina voting? Shame on you, O’Neill.

    1. How about an orange vagina?

  27. I’ve never heard of this Gabrielle Moss until that reference in this article, but good god, she’s a moron. Here are a few tidbits. They speak for themselves.

    “Was I a freak and an idiot for voting for with my emotions, instead of the clear-eyed political rationality that so many of the men around me claimed to possess?”

    “I know that by 2015 standards, the idea of the First Lady being the most liberated and powerful woman in the public eye is absurd, but it felt true to me.” (emphasis mine)

    I was heartened. I was excited to have the chance to throw my support behind [Hillary Clinton] for real. And so what if I was voting for her because I connected with her emotionally?

    Why are we so invested in pretending that emotions don’t exist in politics, that all of our political decisions come from a place of peak empirical rationality?

    1. Why are we so invested in pretending that emotions don’t exist in politics, that all of our political decisions come from a place of peak empirical rationality?

      We… we don’t pretend. We don’t pretend at all. Hence, two (4) terms of Obama (Bush).

    2. Why are we so invested in pretending that emotions don’t exist in politics

      *Who* is invested, kemosabe? The people denying that emotions have a prominent place in political discourse are those most stridently afflicted by them.

    3. “Why are we so invested in pretending that emotions don’t exist in politics, that all of our political decisions come from a place of peak empirical rationality?”
      Nobody is denying emotions have a role, hell listen to the anti-Trump people for 15 seconds and you’d know that. What we’re denying is that they should, that political decisions should be made on the feelz rather than the realz.

  28. Is it irony that this vagina post came right after one title: Prying Open Government: The Sunlight Foundation’s Fight for Transparency

  29. I intend to vote with my dick, and I can assure everyone that whoever wins may not have a dick, but will certainly be a dick.

  30. There are tens of millions of women in this country who are eligible for the presidency, most of them more qualified than Hillary. Even if one is intent on voting for a vagina-bearer that doesn’t imply Hillary is the one.

  31. If you like your balls, you can keep them.

    Slick Hilly 2016

  32. Kate Harding makes me embarrassed to be a woman. Brendan, you are so right. It is no better than voting for a man because he’s been kicked in the balls. I’m sure Kate will wonder at one point why women aren’t taken more seriously, she only has herself to blame.

  33. A hundred years ago, the precise same view of women as visceral rather than abstract creatures was used as an argument against having them in the political realm.

    Given the likes of Hillary or Warren and many of their supporters, it appears to have been a rather valid one.

    1. I’m convinced feminism has largely ruined politics for women of the left. One would think that women (and perhaps most still do) would want the first female president to sail into office like Thatcher or Merkel or Meir: for reasons other than her gender; and be regarded as being ‘just another president/prime minister/chancellor.’ That, I would think, would be the goal.

      But due to the latest trends in identity politics, major female candidates on the left seem to get caught up in the vaginal fanfare and render themselves impossible to trust as leaders due to their one-dimensional public obsessions with their own genitalia. Women like Clinton, Warren, etc., are not women who you could discuss matters of policy with and forget that they are women, and gender would cease to color one’s perspective, the way I think one could with Thatcher or Merkel. Feminist identity politics in this country is simply a hurdle rather than an asset for women in politics

      1. Identity politics is pretty much the only thing leftists have to make their politics palatable. Without the noble-sounding lie they’re just a bunch of crooks.

      2. If you believe that women are treated unfairly in politics and voters vote against them because they are female, then it follows that an incompetent female president (or any other office) would merely cement in the minds of those voters than it is a good idea to vote against women because their gender and not bother with whether they may be competent or not.

  34. We can only hope that her voters will split between a vagina camp and a clit wing.

    1. Once again the otherly labia-ed are being pushed to the side?

      Why oh why are the beef curtained being pushed into the – well – the curtains of the Democratic Party?

  35. “I could vote for my ideal candidate, it would be Bernie Sanders’s even more liberal sister; a pro-death penalty Democrat with strong Wall Street ties is not exactly my political twin. But it’s only been a couple of days since Clinton announced she’s running, and I am already so tired of hearing progressives act like it’s all so boring and old hat. The first fucking woman who can win is running for president, and she is at least nominally a liberal! Can we not allow ourselves to get excited about just that?”

    There’s an inspiring slogan to fit on a bumper sticker: “at least nominally liberal.”

    That should rally the progressives!

    Oh, and I like the way the author also sees the election as a chance to stick pins in the “white male” voodoo doll. White men keep telling us who to vote for, so suck it, white men!

    I sure hope a bunch of white men don’t get together and say, “women should bathe at least once a week.”

  36. C*nts voting with their c*nts.

    1. C*nts voting with their c*nts.

      Bastard….you just lit the Ken Schultz signal!

    2. C*nts voting with their c*nts.

      Bastard….you just lit the Ken Schultz signal!

  37. C*nts voting with their c*nts.

    Bastard I just lit the squirrel signal!

  38. If someone describes themselves to me as a “vagina voter”, I take it to mean that they intend to vote for a cunt.


    1. As opposed to those who are going to stay home.

  39. My butthole, and the buttholes of many voters, can be very noisy. And we do elect a lot of assholes.

    So if the vagina voters’ vaginas have a voice, what does that make Hillary?

    1. Your butthole votes in sandwiches and burgers and beers. Your butthole does not vote in assholes.

  40. As a woman I find all of this humiliating.

    I look closely at all exit polls & their demographic breakdowns, and have always noted that I vote exactly opposite what the majority of women vote for. I suppose I’m no true Scottswoman.

    1. Why does vagina voting humiliate a goddess of the thrones? Those vaginas out there vote a vote for a candidate of less vaginal qualifications.. Fine… Hayek bombs who I don’t believe is an actual woman but nonetheless your bombs should penetrate the politicophilosophicati of the new age of freedom and this penetration results in rivers of pounding love and uplifting steppes right into the dark niches of great massive beats…

      1. Wow. I’ve been replied to by AC. I am both happy at my acceptance into the Reasonoid commentariat and baffled by AC’s ravings. You are on some good stuff, man.

        Thanks…I think.

        (Also I am an “actual woman”. Some of us think with our brains.)

  41. Compare the qualifications necessary for a male candidate to compete, versus Hillary’s expectation. Entitled much? Puzzy privilege much?

    Hillary’s attitude is living proof that feminists have destroyed all female credibility by insisting that gender is somehow the highest qualification for anything but insemination and pregnancy.

  42. Those who seem to be voting for Hillary just because she’s a woman are really voting for her just because she’s a democrat. Would a pro-life, republican woman be getting this response?

    1. “Would a pro-life, republican woman be getting this response?”
      If she was HOT!!!!!

    2. Sarah Palin? Republican women aren’t considered real women by most leftists. Any woman not a leftist is a trader to the cause and must be destroyed.

  43. Hillary Cliton, the voice of vaginas everywhere

  44. Brendan: How the hell old are you anyway? Identity politics in America did not start a mere eight years ago, with the election of the first black president. The only people who had the right to vote in this country when it was founded more than 200 years ago were white, propertied men. And guess who they tended to vote for? That’s right — OTHER WHITE, PROPERTIED MEN. You know why? Because white propertied men in power have historically been adept at advancing the economic and political interests (a k a power) of other white propertied men. Why shouldn’t women follow suit? And, why characterize emotion as an impediment to reasoned decision making? Without emotion, we would not be able to get out of bed in the morning. One needs both reason and emotion to make decisions that best advance one’s interests. I am a feminist with libertarian leanings. I won’t be voting for a Republican because the GOP is overly influenced by social conservatives and antagonistic toward reproductive freedom. When I have a choice, I vote for an intelligent female Democrat who has held high office. Given that she may well have experienced motherhood, gender discrimination and, yes, menses, it’s a good bet that she’ll be better at understanding and advancing my interests. Why would find this position reactionary? Perhaps after your scary hallucinations of menstrual blood, chiding vaginas and childbirth subside, you will come to understand why, in America, c–ts count, as well they should.

    1. Derp.

    2. Now, questions for you regarding your claim as a “feminist with libertarian leanings.”

      I don’t really understand how some of what you say lines up with you claim. Most importantly, you say you will vote for an “intelligent female Democrat who has held high office.” How often does this come up? Snark aside, how often have you had that chance? Most of the “intelligent female Democrat who has held high office” I am aware of have had abysmal records from a libertarian perspective. Pelosi, Warren, and, yes, Clinton are hardly libertarian friendly.

      Second, you say you have “libertarian leanings,” but you say you want to vote for women because ” she’ll be better at understanding and advancing my interests.” Libertarians are significantly less interested in promting individual interests than individual freedoms. Saying “I’ll vote for the person who will get me the best deal or most stuff” is decidedly UN-libertarian.

      Finally, you say that white propertied men consistently vote for white propertied men. Fair enough — this is reasonably historically accurate. Buy you say this AND say it is a bad thing. However, in the same breath, you also say that “Why shouldn’t women follow suit?” How you can you say that it is wrong from white propertied men to do this but still acceptable for women, propertied or not. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander? Or did your never hear that two wrongs dont make a right?

      1. Simon: I actually never assailed white propertied men for voting for people like themselves. Where do you read that? Why shouldn’t they vote for candidates are in the best position to comprehend and advance their interests? It seems quite rational to me. And why shouldn’t women do the same?

        The best deal for me IS freedom from religion and guarantees of reproductive choice. Those freedoms apply to at least half the population and arguably the entire electorate. This that too limiting and self-serving for you?

        Libertarianism is not the exclusive province of conservatives, nor do liberals and progressives “own” feminism.

        When I see candidate who will advance rights that I regard as most critical to me, I vote for them. When it comes to reproductive rights in particular I think that cause is best advanced by women Democrats. I am puzzled that you think not a single one makes the grade.

    3. “The only people who had the right to vote in this country when it was founded more than 200 years ago were white, propertied men. ”
      Nope, never was the case. There were periods where only propertied men could vote and periods were only whites could vote, but they didn’t overlap.

  45. I will admit I voted with my cock for Palin for gov. I just thought it would be nice to have an attractive woman in office. She won with the cock vote. It’s Alaska! I know people to this day that jerk-off to her calendar. So the question is, on a national level, could someone like, say, Fiorina win with the cock vote? She’s a hot 60. A long time ago even Pelosi got a little cock vote.

    1. Maybe, possibly a “little cock” vote.

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  48. I’m just wondering how long it will be before the loony left turn on Obama, either because Hillary is better for them as president, or because they blame him for her failure to get elected. I can already see the two direction of attack. Firstly that he’s a man, and worse a hetrosexual, cis gender one at that. The fact he’s a Democrat won’t help him, they have already turned on Bill plenty. The only thing he has going for him is that he’s black, but I can already see the accusations that he’s not been black enough. Hillary is supposed to represent and work for all women voters, yet it would be easy to accuse Obama of not doing the same for black voters.

  49. Kate Harding, the vagina voter in question, isn’t only going to vote with her vag?she’s also going to tell everyone about it. “I intend to vote with my vagina. Unapologetically. Enthusiastically… And I intend to talk about it,” she wrote in Dame.

    The fact that this is illogical and just retarded is bad enough; the “I intend to talk about it” part makes it really painful. One of the things that’s really annoying these days is the tendency of people to widely air every idiotic impulse they have.

  50. Clinton can always count on the aggressively stupid to support her. They wish so badly for the “first woman president” that they don’t care she is an incompetent, corrupt enabler of a sex offender. Bravo! Too bad there are apparently no other women anywhere who could run for president.

    1. What makes her incompetent and the enabler of a sex offender. Has Bill Clinton been convicted of a sexual offender?

  51. Hey! Hillary is one hot babe! I’ll vote with my penis and make her president so I can look at her more!

    See, feminists. Sexism is sexism. Objectification is objectification. Don’t give Hillary the presidential puzzy pass for being a woman and don’t give yourselves the intellectual puzzy pass for being a voter. Voting is a responsibility, not an entitlement. Grow up.

  52. Yet another example of group-think mentality. The best test of Hilary’s merit would be this: if she were Bill Clinton’s brother instead of his wife, but had exactly the same track record in all respects, would you consider him the best candidate?
    Maintaining loyalty to our “group” (our gender, race, political party, etc.) has become more important than impartially scrutinizing the issues. The hostile atmosphere instigated by partisan politics continues to impede our ability to think. More here:

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  54. If only all these vagina voters and the penis voters could really come together, that would surely foster an atmosphere of thrust.

    1. Where’s a snare drum when you need it?

  55. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.
    Feminists have been thinking with their rectum for some time, it’s not that big a jump to vote with their vagina.
    If you want to stay ahead of them, you’d better figure out what use they can put their bosom to.
    I’m afraid to ask.

  56. All these pundits are really just backing Clinton because they won’t have to work. They can just recycle all their “vote for Obama because he’s black” articles and replace “Obama” with “Clinton” and “he’s black” with “she’s a woman”

  57. I don’t expect intelligence from fami-nazis and I am rarely disappointed.

  58. Oops! That is femi-nazis.

  59. Hillary Clinton supports the war on women who smoke weed.

    How can a vagina voter support a sexist woman?

    Only makes sense in progressive communist land.

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  61. This is why our forefathers had the good sense to deny women the right to vote. We went and fucked it up.

  62. i’ll vote for hillary on one condition. she has to, very publicly, and then stand by it faithfully, state that no one should vote for her just because she’s a woman. she should also add that anyone who thinks that’s a worthwhile idea is actually setting women back and she doesn’t want to win that way.

    or she could simply become a worthwhile candidate….that would be cool too.

  63. We call them Ovarian-Americans or occasionally Vulvic-Americans.

  64. This is going to be the ugliest campaign ever. The vagina chicks are going to be everywhere.

  65. ‘Hillary’s sex should also be a “very major consideration” for voters, because of the brilliant gravity of “what it would mean to elect a woman president of the United States.”‘

    Democrats would be stupid to fail to play this card. It’s precisely why the current Oval Office occupant is there now — because brainless voters thought it would be “cool” to participate in electing the “first black president” — and for no other reason whatsoever.

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