Mike Huckabee


The former Arkansas governor prepares to enter the presidential race.


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won't officially say whether he's running for president until May 5, but right now his website features a big countdown clock hovering over the words "Be The First To Know." It also has a place to "pledge to donate to Mike Huckabee," and I don't think he's talking about a pizza fund. And he just put out this video, which adds some new material to bits culled from the clips his proto-campaign has been putting out:

The conservative blogger Allahpundit notes that a few things are missing from that campaign ad:

It's got plenty to offer the blue-collar Republicans whom Huckabee's targeting—promises of wage growth, a solemn vow to protect America's unsustainable entitlements, and a little saber-rattling at ISIS and other jihadi menaces. But…not a word about gay marriage, abortion, or religious liberty. The furthest he goes is noting that he'll "lead with moral clarity" and that comes as a lead in to foreign policy. You can see the Huckabee master strategy this time in that: His problem in 2008 was ending up pigeonholed as a one-trick evangelical pony, a guy whose southern socially conservative appeal was so narrow that he couldn't carry it over to similar demographics who might logically be receptive to him, like Catholics….The answer is to aim for working-class righties on kitchen-table issues, knowing that he'll have lots of chances during the campaign to show off his evangelical cred. At the very least, a Huckabee who can mobilize lower-class conservative whites into turning out is a much more attractive VP candidate than a Huckabee who can mobilize the sort of core Republican evangelical voters who'll turn out for the eventual nominee anyway.

I can't help noticing that Huckabee's chief rival for the religious-right vote, Rick Santorum, seems to be looking at a similar strategy.

For more on the candidate—sorry, probable candidate—here's a piece I wrote last month: "Who Is This Mike Huckabee Guy, and Is He Running for President?"

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  2. Teh Huckster! The only issue is how many votes will he take away from Christie? Christie may have the fat vote in a lock but teh huckulous is a former fatty. Meh. It’s not like fat people vote anyway.

    1. Former? Last time I saw him on TV he was fat as hell – did he slim down for a campaign?

  3. Excellent. Huckaboo will fill the crucial salty socon ham tears role in this race.

    1. I think he’s going to have to share them with Santorum

  4. a Huckabee who can mobilize lower-class conservative whites into turning out is a much more attractive VP candidate


    Any GOP presidential candidate who thinks Huckabee running as Veep will help anyone but the Dem nominee is delusional.

    1. what?

      1. …in the butt?

  5. At this point who precisely does Huckabee think is core constituency is going to be?

    Sure he has slightly better evangelical bonafides than Santorum, Rubio, Cruz, and Carson but he can’t really expect to garner more than a plurality of evangelicals with the rest of them splitting off to the other socon candidates and outside of evangelicals I don’t see ANYONE that would look to Huckabee as their candidate of choice.

    It is also not like he can really be running in hopes of being someone’s VP pick because he really doesn’t offer anything in that role and he’d be a fairly large negative in the general election

  6. Hucksterbee has nothing to offer potential voters? That’s news to me.


    1. motherfucker

      being the second to make the ‘dumbest joke’ is a lonely place

  8. Is the huckster trolling Latinos by announcing on Cinco de Mayo?

    1. It’s sort of an “In Your Face” to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush.

  9. Basically, Huckabee’s taking a page out of the Santorum playbook. At least the last time, Huckabee backed the Fair Tax (which is at least a hell of an improvement over the status quo). Now, he’s just going full retard. These guys are increasingly not even conservatives.

    1. the Fair Tax (which is at least a hell of an improvement over the status quo)

      God! I don’t understand why this stupid idea of a national sales tax just…. won’t…. die!!!!!

      It’s the fucking net neutrality of taxation!

      1. It makes more sense to tax consumption (i.e. sales) than income. That’s just a fact.

        1. A consumption tax on me is an income tax on my suppliers.

        2. Explain why that makes more sense, Bill, because I don’t get it. Every analysis I’ve seen promoting that has been facile. Analyze deeper & it makes no difference.

          Why do people produce goods & services? For people to use. Does it make any difference whether the production or the consumption is taxed?

          1. The only practical dif I see is that because of division of labor, many people tend to wind up working for just 1 concern at a time, and it might be less work for each such concern to compute & file taxes than for each individual to do so. But that dif is so slight, it hardly seems worthwhile to get enthusiastic about & do the work to get it implemented.

      2. Barring abolishing national taxes altogether, a clear and open Consumption Tax that is not hidden like a standard VAT is the best of the worst options.

        1. No, a property tax is. Income and consumption taxes require massive intrusion and bureaucracy to verify and are too tempting to add exemptions and other corruption.

          Whereas property’s size is easily measured and hard to cheat on. The only matter left is the tax rate, and if that is universal per jurisdiction, the tax collection corruption all but vanishes.

          Even if you have different rates for different uses (ag vs homes vs shopping), corruption is harder to hide.

          Once you base it on value vs size, corruption and intrusive bureaucracy begin coming back, but still not as thoroughly as with consumption and income taxes.

          1. Now, see, that makes sense. I’m not saying I necessarily favor it, but a tax on property is at least different form a tax on either prod’n or consumption, while a tax on either prod’n or consumption is effectively the same thing.

          2. Still, it’s Congress, not POTUS, that has the taxing power. POTUS can veto acts of Congress, but can’t substitute for Congress. Hardly seems to make sense for a prez candidate to run on that or any of many other issues they either get asked about or talk about.

    2. I supported Huckabee in the 2008 primaries for 3 reasons…he wasn’t McCain and the FairTax (and the chance to actually vote in a primary that mattered in my then homestate of KS was novel…spent all of a month registered as a Republican so I could vote in that primary)…of course that was before his TV show and he went full SoCon (and the Lib candidate in 2008 was a joke).

      I don’t think his candidacy will go too far this time around because there will be other better “protest” candidates.

      The “real” fight in the Repub primaries will be who will get the crown of mainstream party waterboy, there are a bunch of well known names fighting for that title, Christie, Bush, Walker, etc. and it could be a tight race.

      The Huckster…should have thrown his hat in 2012 he would have been more relevant and could have gotten the SoCon support…now he is just another also-ran.

    1. Because you touch yourself at night.

      1. 🙂

        Warty, you are the best thing about H&R.

  10. What a fuckstick. Still, I’ll enjoy watching as the whole thing crashes as burns.

    I’d LOVE to see a Bernie Sanders/Huckster debate. I would maybe even pay money for that…

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