Freddie Gray's Death Was a Homicide, George Soros Owes Deferred Taxes, Are You There, God? It's Huckabee for President: P.M. Links


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  1. DAFUQ?

    1. Take that, Fist!

      1. Fist has a valid point. Mine’s was not a valid “First”

        1. It was relevent i that it directly addressed the non-links issue.

          1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m still saving this page as a favorite …and including it in my next work evaluation.

    2. Don’t ask for ukulele queens?

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      Don’t you know you can’t be doing shit like this with us?


      For Baltimore. Say it!

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    4. The links were an hour early because the staff had a cocktail party to get to.

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              1. Your knowledge of Canada is a little disturbing to say the least.

                1. +1 Rogers Communication


                2. Everyone over the age of 33 who grew up within 100 miles of a Canada-bordering Great Lake knows about Muchmusic.

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        All your fault.

      2. Just like Rand Paul, you missed your moment and came too soon.

        1. That’s what she said.

      3. Get him!

      4. This is why the libertarian moment is forever doomed to remain momentarily.

        1. Libertarian moments are for CLOSERS!

      5. Now you! go get to your cocktail party you cosmotarian dreamboat!

  2. Hucksterbee, again? Seriously? This is going to be a clown show.

    1. What do you mean, “going to be?”

      1. Its not an official clown show, until all the clowns are present!

  3. What? Robby files the PM links and bails early?

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    1. I wonder how much Media Matters pays Bony to troll us. I’m guessing it works out to a lot less than $90/hr.

      1. Nobody pays Tony for his feeble attempts here……he just puts the ball gag in and accepts his “punishment”.

  5. Hey, Robbie! Il Duce got the trains to run on time; need help?

    1. Actually, no, he didn’t. He just claimed to have done so.

      1. It’s the beauty of tyranny–everything you do is perfect.

        1. Obama – private sector is fine.

          Question: What about the Republicans saying that you’re blaming the Europeans for the failures of your own policies?

          President Obama: The truth of the matter is that, as I said, we created 4.3 million jobs over the last 27 months, over 800,000 just this year alone.

          The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government. Oftentimes cuts initiated by, you know, Governors or mayors who are not getting the kind of help that they have in the past from the federal government and who don’t have the same kind of flexibility as the federal government in dealing with fewer revenues coming in.


          But one thing should be crystal clear: American leadership is the one constant in an uncertain world
          So it is indisputable that our economy is stronger today than when I took office. By every economic measure, we are better off now than we were when I took office. At the same time, it’s also indisputable that millions of Americans don’t yet feel enough of the benefits of a growing economy where it matters most — and that’s in their own lives.

          1. See? Everything is perfect.

          2. who don’t have the same kind of flexibility as the federal government in dealing with fewer revenues coming in.

            *** facepalm ***

            1. Which is why Obama will declare state and local governments null and void under his powers set forth in the Preamble.

              1. Me, psycho repeater guy. 100k women a month are leaving the labor force to do nothing. Like Stevie, my Uber Driver, who had a Mercedes, but no high-end job, and killed herself.

    2. You know who else got the trains to run on time…?

      1. Lionel?

      2. Joe Biden?

      3. Mr. Rogers?

        1. Moonbeam! Well, at least from McFarland to Delano, or some such burgs.

      4. Emperor of the North?

      5. The engineer of the old 97?

        *until that last run

        1. Dammit, I meant Casey Jones.

      6. Those Duke lacrosse players?

        /old news

      7. Ex-lax?

      8. Ryujiro Takami? Well he tried to.

    3. Il Duce got the trains to run on time;

      Not quite true.

      1. Close enough for Italy!

      2. Turns out it’s a lot easier to intimidate the train timing inspectors than to actually get the trains to run on time.

  6. George Soros may have to pay $7 billion in deferred taxes.

    Not if Clinton is going to be president.

    1. Right. He can pay it to one of the Clinton ‘charities’ and he won’t have to worry about a thing!

  7. [The Duke student] is eligible to return to campus next semester…

    …but would be out of his mind to do so. Better off moving out of town, getting plastic surgery, and changing his name.

    1. Good idea. Otherwise they might lynch him.

    2. Why not immediately? He appears not to have done anything the least bit wrong.
      Though I agree he’d probably be better off finding somewhere else to go.

      People seem to have a hard time separating symbols from the things they symbolize.


  9. Mr. Soros, you have disappointed me.

  10. Its a Trap!

    1. That was yesterday.

      1. It’s every day for me

      2. I’m gonna blame that on the time-traveling p.m. links, rather than my own laziness.

    2. Well, they are all rather phallic.

      1. Yeah, In don’t imagine a pudenda shaped rocket would fly that well.

        1. Aerodynamics is simply a tool of the patriarchy.

    3. Warty in Spaaaace

    4. They should have painted veins on it.

      1. Just wait until Jules Jordan starts buying advertising space on the rockets.

    5. I read that as blue organ.

      1. I have a pair of those.

  11. Tomorrow is World Naked Gardening Day. That’s a thing.

    Not so fast:…..-takes-off

    1. Images of naked hippies. Bleyarghhhhh…..

      1. I wish I was on an airplane this instant.

        I would have had a vomit bag right in front of me.

        1. What, you mean Indians (either sort) aren’t as impressed with hippies as the hippies are with them? LOL

      2. You are hanging out with the wrong naked hippies, my friend.

        1. I can see you’ve never hung out where naked hippies congregate. Father Time is an asshole to everyone.

  12. Budget for the National Aeronautics and SPACE Administration slammed because it focuses too much on space. And not enough on AGW.

    LA Times for the derp:

    Living down to our worst expectations, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology voted Thursday to cut deeply into NASA’s budget for Earth science, in a clear swipe at the study of climate change.


    (Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas)) said he was particularly gratified by the support of the Planetary Society, which is headed by the science education promoter Bill Nye and earlier sent out a letter thanking the committee for supporting a “scientifically ambitious, affordable plan of solar system exploration.”

    The Planetary Society blundered in letting itself be exploited in this way. Its actual position on the bill is negative, precisely because of “the cuts to Earth Science,” as Casey Dreier, the organization’s director of advocacy, wrote just before the committee vote, saying that “the Planetary Society cannot support the full bill as written.”

    1. That’s a fucking joke. They’ve been talking non-stop about AGW for years now. They’ve become a propaganda machine.

    2. At least they didn’t slash the Muslim Outreach budget.

      1. [golf clap]

    3. Oh, crap. Why didn’t I realize this before? Next time the Democrats take over, they’re going to create a cabinet-level climate change agency.

      1. Probably. Ugh. I suppose I deserved that after my nut-punch. Cups for all!

        1. The Department of Ambient Climatic Stasis.

      2. Don’t forget the “Department of Peace.”

      3. I was pro-Climate change before it was cool.

      4. What the fuck is the EPA? I mean, its probably under another cabinet level department, but the point stands.

  13. Freddie Gray’s death was ruled a homicide and all cops involved in his death will be charged with felonies…

    Placation: Achieved

    1. Sometimes you have to throw some of your wolves to the lions.

  14. George Soros may have to pay $7 billion in deferred taxes.

    That going to put a dent in the next election of Dems?

    1. Not if he can defer collection until after the next election. I imagine he’ll view investment in his pet politicians as a bargain.

  15. Scientists are figuring out how to change blood types

    The researchers used a technique called directed evolution; they used bacteria to create the enzyme and inserted particular mutations in the bacteria’s DNA to make the enzyme even more powerful. After cultivating the bacteria over five generations, the enzyme became 170 times more effective.

    1. Finally! The morning after pill for men.

  16. Have you been thinking to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be great if Huckabee ran for president?”

    That end of the Republican spectrum will probably be a little saturated. You know, with Santorum.

    1. Eeeeewww!

  17. At this point I’m of the opinion that we should cut the continent in half. On one side you have the depraved and degenerate collection of progs, SJW’s, Marxists and whatever makes up that intellectual sewer and the other would be us.


    Of those who made up ‘Animal House’ who would likely be a libertarian?

    1. We’re going to have a lot of space on our side

      1. Does that mean more or less roads?

        1. Just one, Fury Road

    2. The film’s pot-smoking professor, Dave Jennings? (Donald Sutherland, who btw got only $35k to be in the film and turned down residuals which could have made him $10 million)

      1. “I’m writing a book”
        “How’s it coming?”
        “It’s a piece of shit.”

      2. The professor was undoubtedly a leftist. They always are. Bluto is clearly a libertarian.

        1. Bluto became a senator, so clearly not.

          1. I counter with: Rand Paul.

      1. Him, too.

    3. Within 10 years our side would prosperous and theirs in ruins. Then they’d try to come over and ruin our side just like they did theirs.

  18. The Duke student who hung a noose from a tree branch?prompting an investigation of the racist incident?has explained himself: it was an accident.

    The delicate student body doesn’t care if it was triggered by accident or not.

  19. Tomorrow is World Naked Gardening Day.

    Hoes everywhere.

    1. Ho-dor

    2. Rake-rake?

    3. Lots of bush

      1. And dry shrub.

  20. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse: Baby-stealing ring operating in St. Louis hospital during 50’s and 60’s uncovered, babies stolen from poor black women.

    1. Horrible

    2. I thought nobody wanted black babies.

    3. There was actually a market for black babies? *Mind blown*

      1. James Caan and Tuesday Weld would have gladly taken one in Thief.

      2. Black Market Baby. Decent punk vand out of DC.

  21. You will ache longingly for the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey…

    Try penicillin.

  22. Has Rand Paul missed his moment?

    Somewhere in here is a joke on premature arrival.

  23. You know who else…

    Currently down in Charleston – driving a convertible and enjoying the southern sun. I wonder why I live in that winter shithole called Michigan.

    Doing a biz trip on Sunday so I’ll see y’all sometime next week.

    1. Michigan is the next stop after Wisconsin in the long fight to reclaim limited government. Hang in there buddy!

    2. Go back there during July or August and see how you like it.

    3. Winter builds character. People from warm climates display a distinct lack of moral fiber.

      1. Winter states are for retarded people. No, no, it’s true. Because everyone I talk to who is freezing their ass off during the winter or other seasons that are not, in fact, winter, tells me what an idiot they are for not living here.

        1. Three weeks of moderately cold nights is all a smart man needs.

        2. Not me. I dig seasons. And I don’t like air conditioning. I want my windows to be open all summer.

          1. I dont dig heating. I like to have my windows open all (4 weeks) of winter.

    4. I wonder why I live in that winter shithole called Michigan.

      I understand. I often wonder why I stay in the winter shithole called New England.

  24. Major demerits for not making it 6.66% ABV

    Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH have collaborated with Polish brewery Perun on the band’s own brand of beer, dubbed Sacrum. With 6.2 percent alcohol by volume, this Belgian IPA-style ale will be available on May 11.

    Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

      1. Polonium is evil, man.

  25. Has Rand Paul missed his moment?

    They are concern-trolling the hell out of his campaign. I mean what the hell? One interview with Laura Ingraham in which he wasn’t as forthcoming on the issues as they would have wanted somehow negates two years of solid work towards criminal justice reform?

    Fuck the useless media.

    1. Hillary stole his thunder.

  26. So Rico thinks he can whitewash his crimes with a different time stamp? We’ll just see about that.

  27. RE The Porque Pig vs reason commentariat from earlier:

    Other than some bullshit wordplay I thought PP’s initial point was more or less valid. After all, you CAN think someone is a no good, ignorant, hateful, bumfucking sumbitchin asshole and still recognize their right of expression free of violent recourse, no? A hypothetical: a neo-nazi (of course) pamphlet writer peaceably offering her literature in a real seedy Jewish hood (you know the type) and later being killed in her house by the hasidic mafia. Not a perfect Hebdo analogy of course but the principle is you can strongly dislike the messenger, the message, and the medium while still championing the free expression thereof.

    What am I missing?

    1. Link?

      1. “Read Matt Welch’s awesome takedown of Charlie Hebdo critics.” from above

    2. You know who else was a Nazi?

      1. Prince Harry?

      2. Amanda Marcotte?

        At least, a certain type of Nazi.

        1. who could think you under the table?

    3. After all, you CAN think someone is a no good, ignorant, hateful, bumfucking sumbitchin asshole and still recognize their right of expression free of violent recourse, no?


      What am I missing?

      There are two questions, which the protesting members of PEN have pointed out: is the speech worth protecting, and is the speech worth rewarding?

      The real difference between Der Stuermer and Charlie Hebdo is that most free-speech advocates (real ones) agree that Charlie Hebdo was poking at harmful and contentious ideas–religion, ideology, etc. Whereas Nazi propaganda made claims about people. You can think of it as being related to libel, sort of — Nazis made basic and provably false claims about classes of people. Charlie argued against opinions and ideas.

      1. The primary issue is this: Islam is a religion. Because Islam is a religion, mocking the religious beliefs of Muslims is an attack on religion, not an attack on the Muslims’ racial background.

        In particular, all Charlie Hebdo really did was make fun of Mohammad. What these PEN writers are arguing is that we should not be allowed to mock or criticize Mohammad because the people who believe in him are a ‘minority.’ Of course, people over the age of 10 who believe in the tooth fairy are also a minority, but for some reason if I made fun of people with that idea in their heads no one would try to murder me and on the off chance they did PEN writers wouldn’t then proceed to piss on my grave by calling me a racist.

      2. Umm, I said neo-nazi, not nazi. Huge difference.

        1. Are you joking?

          1. No – jokes are successful.

            The “sarcasmic” handle was taken, apologies.

        2. Dumb-face.

    4. Porque Pig is a disgusting apologist for censorship.

      1. Correction: Tulpa is a disgusting apologist for all manner of authoritarianism.

      2. We’ll see who’s disgusting after YOU’RE the one in the concentration camp, comrade.

        /We Won

    5. Common decency demands, I think, that one dislike the murderous thugs here at least a bit more than he dislikes the pamphleteer. And one can not really be said to champion free speech if he argues for limitations theron or some such qualifications, which is to say, the exact opposite of free speech. If one is adding some kind of qualifier to “free speech” then what he is describing is not free speech. It seems to work the same way with “justice” though I’m not sure if that’s a universal feature or just an appurtenance of every case I’ve seen. Furthermore, approval or disapproval of an article of speech is one issue; murdering people is another. There is no purpose in mixing up discussion of the two except sophistry.

      1. Or, perhaps, if the speaker is a little child and terrified that somebody might take him as a partisan of the article of speech that someone claimed as justification for murder and so must pepper any discussion with constant assertions “But I disapprove!”. Fuck it. I disapprove of people agitating for totalitarianism. Otherwise, free speech is free speech. What difference does it make if anyone approves or not? It might be a true statement. It might be a false one. That’s relevant to some things, but this almost obsessive fixation on approving or disapproving every flipping thing anybody says is idiotic and injures everyone involved. If you have an argument to make or proof contrary that you want to bring up, do so; whether you approve or not is meaningless and stupid.


    6. What am I missing?

      That Tulpa is dishonest scum, primarily.

      Also, to give a shit about the feelings of radical Muslims is…unwise. They have the worst religion in the entire world, by far, and if they get offended when civilized people make fun of it, that’s their problem. Fuck them.

      1. He is Herodutus if Herodotus was far less entertaining. And a dumb-face.

        1. Herodutus was a historian.

          Are you thinking Socrates? because he’s nothing like that either.

          1. also, i always spelled that with an “i”. In fact, i think the annals is around here somewhere and that’s how its written there. meh

          2. There’s a long list of great thinkers that Tulpa doesn’t resemble, now that you mention it.

          3. Well, they both sodomize teenaged boys.

            There’s that.

          4. I was under the assumption that he Herodotus was a dirty liar, but after a little research that is not entirely accurate. Stupid Greeks.

            1. Herodotus was known alternately as “the Father of History” or “the Father of Lies”, IIRC.

              1. an “o”! not an “u”, dammit! that’s what i meant.

                Also, “annals” was tacitus. His wuz ‘histories’

                i learnded the greek real goods.

            2. Thucydides and Plutarch really didn’t like his methodology, which was kind of wonky, but it turns out he was more right than most people through the Renaissance gave him credit for.

            3. If you want shaky biased histories, Cassius Dio and Suetonius IIRC are up there in the sleaze merchant category.

              1. What’s Xenophon – a plate of chopped liver? (Actually, my dog would murder me in my sleep for a plate of chopped liver…)

          5. How about Socrates from The Clouds?

            Oh wait, that guy could actually argue to make weaker case seem stronger…

      2. That Tulpa is dishonest scum, primarily.

        Well, I wouldn’t say I’ve been “missing” that, Bob.

      3. Well, the worst major religion in the world. If the Aztecs or the Thugs or even the old Norse gods were still worshipped as they were, it would be worse.

    7. Hi Rollo 2.0.

  28. For your pleasure: a no-shit Social Justice Professor talks about the evils of being white.…..83710.html

    1. When you add a lack of humility to that illiteracy (because we don’t know what we don’t know), you get the break-down we so often see when trying to engage white people in meaningful conversations about race.

      What’s that word? Porjocktion?

      Individualism: Whites are taught to see themselves as individuals, rather than as part of a racial group. Individualism enables us to deny that racism is structured into the fabric of society. This erases our history and hides the way in which wealth has accumulated over generations and benefits us, as a group, today. It also allows us to distance ourselves from the history and actions of our group. Thus we get very irate when we are “accused” of racism, because as individuals, we are “different” from other white people and expect to be seen as such; we find intolerable any suggestion that our behavior or perspectives are typical of our group as a whole.

      The individual doesn’t exist. How tedious.

      I have a much deeper and more complex understanding of how society works. I can challenge much more racism in my daily life, and I have developed cherished and fulfilling cross-racial friendships I did not have before.

      HA! Of course you have black friends, champ. Because people love having friends who grovel to them about their innate evil, right?

      1. I have developed cherished and fulfilling cross-racial friendships I did not have before

        I keep them all on my little trophy shelf. This one is my black friend. This one is my jewish friend. This one is my left-handed lesbian midget eskimo albino friend…

        1. I have friends of all races, too. Do I get an award? Oh wait, shit, I’m friends with them because we have a common interest. Shit. I’m racist after all.

          1. You’re racist if you’re not friends with them because of their race.

          2. Seriously. Same here. So much so it’s actually retarded to even think about it let alone MENTION it.

            This guy is the epitome of what we define as a ‘LOSER’.

          3. Friends? Or the latest weekend visitors to the dungeon?

            1. Well, we do sweat on each other.

              1. So hot yoga in the dungeon? That’s a thing?

          4. You know what I don’t do? Use my friends to make social points. What a fuck.

          5. What’s your common interest? Racism?

            You and your racist friends disgust me.

      2. I have a much deeper and more complex understanding of how society works. I can challenge much more racism in my daily life, and I have developed cherished and fulfilling cross-racial friendships I did not have before.

        I? There is no I in socal justce professor.

        1. I lolled.

      3. Really has a hard on for collectivism over individualism, huh? Shocking.

        Individualism does not “hide” racism, but rather the opposite, which is why it is hated by collectivists. This guy thinks “the fabric of society” is racist, when in fact individual people are racists. I admit it is difficult for our monkey brains to understand that society is simply a collection of individuals, and that a “hive” conscious is a construct or shorthand for this phenomenon. To modify the NRA: Society isn’t racist, people are racist.

        1. Really has a hard on for collectivism over individualism, huh?


          1. Oh man, that picture at the end. If I collected failures, I would download it.

          2. Oh, and ladies get hard too.

          3. “My area of research is in Whiteness Studies and Critical Discourse Analysis, explicating how Whiteness is reproduced in everyday discourse”

            Shit is real up in this here piece, no doubt

      4. “Whites are taught to see themselves as individuals, rather than as part of a racial group. Individualism enables us to deny that racism is structured into the fabric of society.”

        So this guy wants white people to start viewing themselves through the lens of racial identity? Really? That was the case not so long ago in this country – how’d that work out, champ?

        And you can shove the “where wealth accumulates over the generations” right up your ass. Of my four grandparents:

        One grew up as the daughter of a dirt-poor sharecropper in Georgia (yes, white people could be sharecroppers too!). Not to mention her dad being an alcoholic and two of her sisters dying before the age of 14 because they couldn’t afford to go to the doctor.
        One grew up the son of a immigrant maintenance man at the Plaza Hotel, living in a two room cold-water flat housing 5 people. This was comparative lluxury -their friends and neighbors routinely had 7 or 8 people living in the same such apartments.
        One was orphaned at age 9, being raised by his spinster aunt who had to raise four children by herself, working in a clothing factory.
        My other grandmother had a priviledged childhood compared to the rest – she grew up in relative lower-middle class comfort as the daughter of a milkman.

        A regular fuckin’ Rockefeller, I am!

        1. Michael Rockefeller was the tastiest Rockefeller.

      5. Where the fuck is my accumulated wealth for being white? Is there a special bank account somewhere with my name on it?

        1. Just like what Bobby said, I get my monthly check from the Elders of Zion for spending just a few hours a week on my laptop, harassing Al Jazeera and Taki. I couldn’t believe that last month’s check was $32,679! See how at!

          So don’t complain, white boy, get with a winning program!

          1. Speaking of that, we need a cryptocurrency version of Chanukah gelt.

            1. Canadians do have a lot to be guilty for.

            2. Maybe ah bissel matbeyeh?

          2. I checked the website and subscribed to their newsletter. Thanks!

    2. Any white person living in the United States will develop opinions about race simply by swimming in the water of our culture.


    3. Rand nailed the MO of such people with the concept of “the sanction of the victim”. You can’t control an innocent man.

      I think it bodes well that they’re grasping for new kinds of guilt. The old ones are increasingly less-effective, and the new ones are increasingly ludicrous.

      I just don’t feel bad about the things they say I’m supposed to feel bad about. Not even a little.

  29. This is definitely worth a read and not behind the WSJ’s paywall.

    Ancient DNA Tells a New Human Story

    Armed with old bones and new DNA sequencing technology, scientists are getting a much better understanding of the prehistory of the human species, writes Matt Ridley.…..1430492134

    1. Social scientists understand racism as a multidimensional and highly adaptive system — a system that ensures an unequal distribution of resources between racial groups. Because whites built and dominate all significant institutions, (often at the expense of and on the uncompensated labor of other groups), their interests are embedded in the foundation of U.S. society. While individual whites may be against racism, they still benefit from the distribution of resources controlled by their group.

      In other words, until everything is redistributed, you’re racist.

      1. Missed by that much.

      2. I suspect they’ll still think I’m racist no matter how much of my stuff they redistribute.

    2. The recent research of Dr. Reich and his colleagues supports this latter hypothesis: Indo-European languages probably originated in the steppes just two millennia before the Christian era.

      That doesn’t make any sense. Indo-European daughter languages were already well established by 2,000 BC. The Greeks and Hittites were already building their civilization just a few hundred years after that mark.

  30. This entire PM links is disqualified.


  31. “Read Matt Welch’s awesome takedown of Charlie Hebdo critics.”

    Or as Salmon Rushdie would put it, 145 gigantic pussies.

    1. Probably 143 of whom weren’t on any hit list to begin with.

    2. We’re gonna need a bigger wall for all these assholes

  32. 50 Shades of Grey? Yeeee-haw! The South will rise again! In Dixie’s land I’ll take my stand…long live Johnny Reb and his grey uniform!

    Wait a minute…I don’t see nuthin’ in here about Pickett’s Charge, or Stonewell Jackson…but I *do* see some stuff about bondage, so maybe that’s relevant…

    1. OK, it’s kind of dark, but maybe that there is General Lee…beating off the enemy…

      1. “the enemy”? If that’s what he called it, it explains a lot about what was going to rise again.

    2. I see the “Stonewall Jackson” and “bondage” in the same sentence. I call this a ‘Threadscott”!

  33. Off to enjoy Friday traffic. Ugh.

  34. UGH! That letter from the 145 PEN members is fucking atrocious:

    “In our view, PEN America could have chosen to confer its PEN/Toni and James C. Goodale Freedom of Expression Courage Award upon any of a number of
    journalists and whistleblowers who have risked, and sometimes lost, their
    freedom (and even their lives) in service of the greater good.”

    Uh…you mean like the journalists at Charlie Hebdo who lost their freedom to fucking be alive in service to the greater good of attacking fundamentalist Islam?

    “To the section of the French population that is already marginalized, embattled, and victimized, a population that is shaped by the legacy of France’s various colonial enterprises, and that contains a large percentage of devout Muslims, Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons of the Prophet must be seen as being intended to cause further humiliation and suffering.”

    Hey, you know who’s ‘marginalized, embatteld, and victimized?’ Every single minority group living in majority Muslim countries. But we’re apparently not allowed to insult or demean the reason for their oppression (namely a fundamentalist view of the Islamic faith) because to do so might make various blood drenched sociopaths have a sad that we don’t hold their prophet in quite the same pristine regard as they do.

    Fuck these people.

    1. And in the comments to the Intercept article regarding those 145 idiots, there’s this dipshit missing the point:

      “Like Rushdie, Pollitt feigns ignorance:

      ? “Well, sure, but excuse me: violates the acceptable? The acceptable what? And don’t we need writing and artwork that pushes the boundary of what the acceptable is? “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom,” as Blake put it.”

      Minorities??? Where??? Discrimination??? I don’t see any!!!

      How many French Muslims and Jews have to be driven underground or leave the country before Pollitt and Rushdie discover their “wisdom” through excess, at the expense of the victims of bigotry?”

      LOL, how many French Jews have to be driven underground? The French Jews are being driven out of the country BY THE FRENCH MUSLIMS.

      How dense do you have to be to blame the native French for the oppression of the French Jews when they’re actually being oppressed by the very people Greenwald’s idiots have decided we’re not allowed to criticize?

      1. Good posts. Fuck em. I’m not afraid to say that they don’t belong here as long as their culture comes as part of the package.

        1. I especially love his discussion about French Muslims ‘leaving the country.’

          Hey, you know what’s weird? Muslims are coming to Europe, they aren’t leaving it despite the supposed horrid discrimination they face from those dreadfully racist and xenophobic Europeans!

          Europe (along with America, Canada and a few other cosmopolitan countries around the world) is quite possibly the most tolerant place on Earth – and given that we live in one of the least racist and most tolerant times in history, it’s among the most tolerant places to ever exist in our species’ entire time on this planet.

          Intolerant whiners who can’t hack living in a free western society then come to Europe because they’re fleeing the autocratic, illiberal shitholes from which they originated, and then people have the audacity to attack the Europeans and call them racists for opening their doors to the beleaguered refuges of Middle Eastern and North African theocracies.

          Europeans have done nothing wrong and have helped millions of people fleeing violence and oppression in the worst countries on Earth, yet when fundamentalist Islamists butcher European cartoonists for showing insufficient deference to an iron age mass murderer people like Glenn ‘Shithead’ Greenwald decide the real problem is that Europeans haven’t apologized profusely enough for their continued unwillingness to grovel before the crescent moon.

          1. Well said. If ain’t perfect (as if any human institution could be), feel smug as you cheer it burning to the ground.

          2. Well hundreds and hundreds of French muslims left the country.

            They went to Syria and joined ISIS, but hey, they did leave…

          3. Muslims are coming to Europe, they aren’t leaving it despite the supposed horrid discrimination they face from those dreadfully racist and xenophobic Europeans!

            I truly believe the ‘racist white society’ meme is a ploy in the culture wars to get Europeans and Americans to throw in the towel. Most of the world would be content to see us commit cultural and civilizational suicide. And this isn’t done in the marketplace of ideas, it’s done with public policy and mutliculturalist ideologies produced by the court intellectuals. The state has no allegiance to anyone or anything outside of the opportunism of it’s rulers. Political leaders as we have had them, are content to obliterate their own people, history and society in exchange for petty gains in their careers and paychecks. Our society has an ideological disease that is quite literally going to destroy all that is good about European civilization.

            I for one won’t grovel or be called to account for my race. I thank my lucky stars that I am who I am and was born into a European society. Owing to fortune of my birth, I’m in a position to actually know and love the rich tapestry of liberty that my for-bearers have formulated, fought for and gifted to the world. That inheritance is my white privilege and I’m thankful for it, not ashamed of it.

            1. I’m in the world where pride in race is losing face, but I’m not of it.

      2. How dense do you have to be to blame the native French for the oppression of the French Jews

        Um, you remember the history of WWII? I don’t mean to absolve the moslems, but pretending that the French themselves are not anti-Semitic seems a bit of a stretch.

    2. You know if the “humiliation” of living in a secular, Western society where religion can be made fun of is too much for these poor Muslim immigrants to bear they can always go back to Goatfuckistan where they’re free to impose their religious laws on everyone else.

      What else is there to say about this matter? Either the 145 PEN members have their heads stuck so far up their ass they can’t see straight or they’re just cowards who are genuinely afraid of insulting Muslims because of how violent they get.

      1. Either the 145 PEN members have their heads stuck so far up their ass they can’t see straight or they’re just cowards who are genuinely afraid of insulting Muslims because of how violent they get.

        Talk about a false dilemma!

        1. “Safe! They cannot behead me whilst my head is tucked up inside my colon!”

    3. Tangentially, there’s also that the flipping Muslims tried to colonialise France long before the French ever started their own campaign to colonialise anything.

      1. +1 Charles Martel

  35. This led – completely justifiably — to the student demonstrations, and the school’s expression of disgust of my actions.

    Justifiable? They didn’t even know the context. They didn’t know the reason. Knee-jerk reactions are very often not justified, and this is one of those cases. These people are not being prepared for the real world.

    1. “I had no idea that a noose was a symbol of racial animus until after the fact”

      rank that on a scale of 1 =Bullshit to 10=WTF

      1. I don’t know. The noose has been used for a lot more than racial lynchings. Horse thieves could lay just as much claim to its triggering horrors.

        1. you’re right. He was probably thinking of horse thieves.

      2. 0. Most people under the age of what, 50 are unaware of it now.

  36. Wait, now this is article is timestamped 4:30 PM. But they haven’t disappeard Steve G’s 4:07 PM top comment.

    COVERUP!!1! [puts on tinfoil hat]

    1. “We’re gonna need a bigger boat roll of foil….”

      *rips off piece, fashions own lid*

    2. Don’t use it all up!!!!

      *looks for patch for foil hat*

  37. What this website needs is auto-play ads and pop up surveys to go with the main page which auto-refreshes and tries to download information from my computer. Because that’s how the serious web designers do it.

    1. u mad bro?

    2. anyone who doesn’t have a browser loaded to the gills with adblock and noscript deserves whatever happens to them

      1. My mantra:

        No condoms, no sunscreen, no adblock.

        BRING IT

        1. i admire you

          the term we invented in highschool for doing reckless shit was “Nokondi”

          (prounounced like an african dictator)

          like the time i picked a fight with the entire sideline of an opposing team? I went at it Nokondi

          playing country music really loud in the ghetto? Nokondi

          i.e. ‘no condom’

          1. OK, I now have a name of the leader of fictional African country I plan to set my game in!

            Marshall Nokondi, President for Life of Democratic Republic of Lower Pudendo.

            1. Actually, the character we had conceived (this is what drunk high-schoolers do) was “Miyabanga Nokondi” = the world’s most reckless human being.

              he ruled over a ration populated almost entirely of his own illegitimate offspring. he frequently declared wars against superpowers, confident that they would be unable to find his country on the map. like Mbeki, he asserted that AIDS was prevented by a warm shower after sex. he was said to have invented a sport involving monkeys and hand grenades, but no one had ever seen it played. he had a band that discovered certain rhythmic combinations could inspire spontaneous rioting, and recorded an entire album devoted to that purpose.

              the character was loosely based around the very-real Fela Kuti

              1. My friends and I had a similar meme, but not one I’d share, even pseudonymously on the internet. This guy made the crime section of the local newspaper quite a bit, and they’re still looking for him.

            2. Sounds like AK-47…

        2. obviously married.

          1. Did my 3 kids tip you off?

          2. P.S. my wife is very adamant about sunscreen. I’ll show her!

  38. that “apology” letter by the Duke student (*aka, His Dad’s Lawyer) is a laugh-a-minute. Bad grammar is just a bonus.

    likelihood the individual was a champion social-justicer? guaranteed.

  39. What, no Buttplug?

    Soros never paid taxes…? what do you fund the Center for American Progress *for* George, if not preferential consideration from the powers that be?

  40. From the earlier Charlie Hebdo thread, via Porque Pig, aka Tulpa:

    “Insulting Mohammed is insulting a person who reveres him.

    If you insist on being a prig, change my example to walking down the street in Harlem insulting Martin Luther King.”

    Tulpa has the IQ of a tree stump and the moral sense of a Gestapo commandant.

    1. By this logic I shouldn’t be allowed to insult Charles Manson because Squeaky Fromme thought he was the coolest guy in the universe. Honestly, it’s amazing someone could make such a patently ludicrous argument while still having the intellectual power to tie his shoes every morning.

      1. lawyer. politicians. liars

    2. only douchebags use the term ‘prig’

      1. I assumed it was a small fruit

        1. its one of those words like “Dorky” which is its own definition.

          only priggish people use the term prig, because they think more-vulgar terms are beneath them

          1. You, sir, are a rogue and a scoundrel.

            1. indeed. but no less the gentleman

          2. Prig got a definite meaning that is peculiar and concise and what you cant say easy any way else. It just rarely that folks see nebod using the word “prig” to actually mean “prig” these days. It’s doubly straunge here since that guy sound like kind of a prig in the very sentence where he using the cocksucking whoreson of a word. What a jerk! But what else you gonna do when you stuck, for the duration, and you’re nothing but a nitid ninnyhammer?

    3. There’s another problem with this logic. If I live in Harlem and some guy is running down the street screaming insults about Martin Luther King, he’s pretty hard to ignore, but no Muslim in France had to read an issue of Charlie Hebdo, if they saw the cartoon they had to decide to read it. Furthermore, the problem with someone yelling bad things about Martin Luther King is not the content of the speech, if he were to obviously disturbing the peace that would be a problem, otherwise he’s just a jerk with no sense of tact.

      1. I like the Master & Margarita reference

  41. I just want to say = matt welch’s bitchslap of PEN was the best thing i’ve read in Reason all year.

  42. “Are You There, God?”

    Why is this in the headline?

    1. how old are you?

    2. Sorry, should have included the link

      IOW, its a dated reference

  43. Question and Comment Time With Cytotoxic: when are we going to get a decentralized/Uber-esque mail and package delivery? I imagine in this system, when you go to a place for travel, you can take a bunch of packages with you and get some money, but you have to post a large amount of collateral first. This is most relevant to me because in Canada we’re trapped with a shitty crown corp called Canada Post to deliver their mail. E-mail has been devastating to them and their union. I want to increase the devastation?

    1. “when are we going to get a decentralized/Uber-esque mail and package delivery?”

      When Salon goes out of business?

    2. What are bike couriers for 200, Alex.

      1. I have yet to see a bike courier go from BC to Texas in a reasonable amount of time.

          1. Are you dense? Letters and packages have to travel a ways to get to places.

            1. You seem to have missed his point. I’m not sure what cap, if any, Uber has on distance (other than driver willingness); there was a story a few months ago about a drunk guy accidentally taking Uber (or Lyft, not sure) from Georgia to Mississippi (or vice versa).

              1. “here was a story a few months ago about a drunk guy accidentally taking Uber (or Lyft, not sure) from Georgia to Mississippi (or vice versa).”

                Ah, i recall that one.

                “Hitch-hiker believes there was some misunderstanding”

            2. Uber gets somebody from home to the airport or from the bar to home. It is not a long haul operation. You want a decentralized method to get stuff from BC to Texas, it’s called the trucking industry.

            3. Just shoot it up the pipe.

    3. Roadie sounds like it’s roughly what you’re interested in. Sidecar Delivery is for shorter distances. There’s also UberRUSH, but AFAICT that’s just bike messengers.

      Also, personally, I would not pair “decentralized” and “Uber-esque”.

      1. Thanks that’s exactly what I was looking for.

          1. U wot m8?

                1. Wot? Doesn’t matter the Roadie app isn’t even available in my country.

  44. Who’s drinking? Woodchuck pumpkin cider. It’s actually not bad. It doesn’t have a heavy pumpkin taste, the apple taste is stronger.

    1. Yo! But pumpkin anything is awful. It’s why I get stabby.

  45. Had niggas not burned Baltimore to the ground there would had been no indictment of these officers. Had the attorney been white there would had been no indictment.

    Regardless, the Police officers will not be held accountable as they will:
    1. Go on Paid vacation while being prosecuted courtesy of the tax payer
    2. The PBA will pay their BAIL and all of their legal costs. Something no other defendant gets. And, it’s not going to be some wrinkled up suit from the Public Defenders Officer. It’s going to be strong litigators.
    3. The officers will ask for a change in venue so that they are tried in an ALL WHITE neighborhood. Depending on the Judge, I’m sure this will happen.
    4. The Officers will then waive their right to a trial by jury so that the Judge (effectively another cop) will find them not guilty.
    5. There will be more riots and more expenses courtesy of the Taxpayer.
    6. The family of the Victim (or Thug depending on what color you are) will win a multi million dollar settlement, courtesy of the Taxpayer.

    So there you have it folks. Those that support these officers have nothing to worry about. They won’t see a minute in jail. And those that support the Victim (or Thug depending on what color you are) will be terribly disappointed. But at least the family of the Victim (or Thug depending on what color you are) will get millions.

    1. alice, no one gets your trolling style anymore. and i think that’s sad.

      1. ha?

        This ain’t troll’n. I would had used more CAPs had I’d been troll’n.


        1. “You Just A Big Ol’ Liar” isn’t just a river in Egypt. Wait…. no…… Nigeria.

          Actually you don’t have the script half wrong. As per the “LA Confidential” method, the trick is to hang the thing on the officer closest to retirement, and re-assign the others to different units. The DA gets to sell the win to the proles, and the Chief gets to “rebuild a new city force” up to the task to address the social healing that needs to take place. Throw in some federal money to make everyone play nice, and you have a neat little narrative.

      2. As scary as it may sound Gilmore, this is actually my opinion on the entire thing. And I don’t think it is really far-fetched.

        You’ll see, the cops will be found not-guilty by a judge.

        1. The reason we have these problems is because of assholes like you that turn it into a race thing.

          1. The only thing that makes this a RACE thing is that only Black people are angry at police misconduct.

            The fact is 1/2 of the officers indicted (3 out of 6) are black.

            This is not an issue of racial misconduct by police (other than the usual profiling).
            This is an issue of misconduct by police.

            I live in NYC. The Eric Garner case has nothing to do with Race (other than the usual profiling which we are all use to and have to live with).

            The Eric Garner case is about police misconduct and the corruption between the local DA and the Police.

            1. The only thing that makes this a RACE thing is that only Black people are angry at police misconduct.

              Please tell me this is trolling and you’re not actually this stupid.

              1. That was a purely bonafide Troll !!!


            2. …..and the fact that selling “loosies” is an intolerable crime to NYC.

              1. The sad part is that Officer Papendeo didn’t even see Garner sell loosies that day.

                The police weren’t called over because he was selling loosies either.

                They came and started harrassing him for selling loosies in the past.
                After professing his innocence and stating that he’s tired of being harrassed, the cops got pissed off and then tried to arrest him.

                The arrest itself was illegal. There was no reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

                A cop can’t give me a ticket on Monday for speeding and then harrass me in the supermarket on Tuesday and then arrest me for professing my innocence.

  46. Sounds aliek a real conspiracy to me dude.

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