Kennedy Will Be Gay Marriage Swing Vote, New Dragon Ball Series Expected, Picking Up the Pieces in Baltimore: P.M. Links


  • Dragon Ball

    The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the important Obergefell v. Hodges gay marriage case today. Justice Anthony Kennedy is likely to cast the deciding vote for a divided court.

  • Toei Animation announced a new Dragon Ball series after a 20-year hiatus.
  • The governor of Maryland has declared a state of emergency in Baltimore and issues a curfew in response to the riots. The National Guard has also been deployed.
  • President Obama asked Americans to do some "soul searching."
  • The delayed Orioles-White Sox game will happen on Wednesday.
  • An unlikely critic of John Oliver's anti-sweatshops rant.
  • The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education addresses Paul Nungesser's lawsuit against Columbia University.
  • Cleveland public school teachers fight a proposed dress code… for teachers.