Election 2016

Bernie Sanders is Running for President

Contain yourselves.



Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is going to announce his run for the Democratic presidential nomination on Thursday, according to a report from the Associate Press based on two unnamed sources in the Sanders campaign.

Bernie Sanders has been heavy on the cable news circuit recently, doing things like calling for the "mass mobilization of millions of people" to tell the Koch brothers (David H. Koch is a trustee of the Reason Foundation, which publishes Reason magazine and Reason.com) and other "billionaires" that they "can't have it all."

For now, Sanders is the second candidate for the Democratic nomination, following Hillary Clinton into the race. He's expected to apply pressure on Clinton to move to the left economically. Perhaps it's already working. In any case, Sanders will give voice to the faction of the Democratic Party that's all about naked class envy. How much support he gets could indicate how popular that faction's become among the Democratic base.