Baltimore Cops Face 'Credible Threats', Businessmen Atone for Meeting With Ted Cruz, Hillary's Taste for Censorship Gets a Second Look: P.M. Links


  • Baltimore Police Department

    Baltimore street gangs angry over the death in custody of Freddie Gray have vowed lethal retaliation against cops, claims the city's police department. Gray's funeral was today.

  • The debate over the proposed Iran deal is hot and heavy in the Senate, where opponents plan to do it in with "poison-pill amendments."
  • President Obama's recent use of drones in an incident that killed two hostages received grudging support from…Rand Paul? Paul, known as a drone critic, said the hostage-takers were legitimate targets.
  • The gay businessmen who hosted a meeting with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Uncool-kids) have made the obligatory Maoist self-denunciations.
  • Hillary Clinton's long-standing prudery when it comes to sexual and violent media content gets a little revived scrutiny. She tried to criminalize the sale of some video games to minors not so long ago.
  • China and India are both courting Nepalese favor with earthquake relief efforts. Hey, whatever gets the blankets and rice distributed.

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