See Reason's Jesse Walker Speak at the Annapolis Book Festival on April 25

Discussing "Paranoia, Pranksters, and One Extraordinary Year" with Kembrew McLeod and W. Joseph Campbell


Come for the books, stay for the perdy scenery.
Annapolis Book Festival

Tomorrow at the Annapolis Book Festival I'll be speaking on a panel called "Paranoia, Pranksters, and One Extraordinary Year." They invited me on account of my book The United States of Paranoia; I'll be joined by Kembrew McLeod, author of Pranksters, and by W. Joseph Campbell, author of 1995: The Year the Future Began. There's a fair chance McLeod and I will get into a discussion of the Discordians, and there's a reasonable probability that Campbell and I will chat about Timothy McVeigh.

The panel starts at 10:30 a.m. at the Science & Library Center Library at the Key School. Directions and a map are here, and a schedule of the festival's other panels and events is here.