Reason's Peter Bagge Gets His Words Celebrated, Immortalized in New Book Peter Bagge: Conversations


Academia finally takes notice and pays homage: Reason's graphic journalist/contributing editor Peter Bagge, one of the finest American cartoonists and writers of our time, gets over a dozen of his interviews ranging from 1988 to 2014 immortalized between hard covers by the University Press of Mississippi.

Univ Press Mississippi

The book is edited by Kent Worcester, and called Peter Bagge: Conversations.

One of the interviews was conducted, proudly, by yours truly and published in the lamented zine Ben is Dead back in 1997. I can remember the pleasure and pride of getting to meet the mighty Mr. Bagge in his own studio to this day. Soon, my lucky cup runnething over, I was issuing a 7″ by his band the Action Suits on my record label Cherry Smash, and soon after that he began his long, storied career of commenting and reporting on everything from the Libertarian Party to attempts to unionize community college instructors in the pages of Reason.

Peter is charming, smart, a true supermensch and one of the great voices for libertarianism in popular culture. I highly recommend this book as the next best thing to having him sitting across a table telling you what's what.

The book's Amazon page, and its University Press of Mississippi catalog page.

Peter's Reason contributions.

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  1. Like they always say- if the free market won’t buy your libertarian crap fob it off on a university press. But I bet he really sticks it to those unhip socons so its all good. Prejudices not principles.

    1. Has anyone ever actually said that?

      1. Sam Haysom said it.

      2. Fine let me restate it- no one wants to buy a book of Robert Bagge interviews so it gets fobbed off on a university press. Doesn’t seem any less hypocritical for a libertarian.

        1. Of course, you are either ignorant of the fact, or choose to elide past it, that this volume is part of a larger series. I guess no one wants to read about Chuck Jones, Stan Lee, or Walt Disney either.

          1. Do me a solid and edit “either” out of there.

          2. Talk about eliding an issue. Who cares if its part of a series? No one said he had to be included. If UM press were to release the collected works of Rick Santorum I hardly think you’d find the argument we have to publish this volume its part of a series compelling.

            1. Gee, Sam. A wee bit jealous that someone pays for his comments? And here you spread your shit all over the web and people just point out that you’re not real bright.
              Oh, and fuck off.

              1. Gee Sevo pretty revealing that you seem to think jealousy is the only reason someone would oppose something. Buts that’s a you problem? What exactly am I jealous of again? If anything I’m delighted my tax dollars aren’t paying for this crap. I can see a certain level of jealousy not to mention rage creeping in from the libertarians here who resent the fact I don’t compromise my principles. But you know that’s your guys’ issue.

                1. Sam Haysom|4.23.15 @ 10:25PM|#
                  “Gee Sevo pretty revealing that you seem to think jealousy is the only reason someone would oppose something.”

                  No, Sam, it’s not the only reason, but your whiney approach sealed the deal.
                  Oh, and fuck off.

            2. I would have expected no less from you than the mendaciousness on display here. Like a goldfish removed from its bowl, your gripe has flip-flopped from ‘no one wants to buy a book by Bagge’ to ‘no one wants to buy a book about Bagge’ to ‘There was no reason Bagge should have been included in this series’. And to top it all off, you finish with a non sequitur that is usually only employed by people with senile dementia. Santorum is not a cartoonist; Jones, Lee, and Disney are/were. Not only is Bagge also a cartoonist, but obviously he is one deemed notable enough that he was selected by the editors of the series for inclusion. And you jumping up and down in impotent rage like Yosemite Sam won’t change that fact.

              Or maybe you just think the Koch brothers used their ill-gotten Illuminati Lizard Person Jew gold to bribe the series editors to include Bagge to flatter the vanity of libertarians. I’m sure that makes some sort of perverse sense to your atrophied brain.

        2. no one wants to buy a book of Robert Bagge interviews

          But what about Peter Crumb? Would they buy a cook about Peter Crumb?

    2. How is it fobbed off onto university press?

      I mean, UP must at least think they’ll make their money back, right?

      It sounds more like brand snobbishness on *your* part. Oh, he wasn’t picked up by a *real* publisher. . .

      1. No they most certainly don’t. Uni. of Miss press is subsidized by the state university system. State university presses bleed tax payer money. At least Harvard Press and Penn Press have the decency to waste their endowment money.

        1. Then you should go bitch at U. of Miss. Press then. It wasn’t Bagge that approached UM Press, it was UM press approaching Bagge. Yeah, you can complain that Bagge shouldn’t ever talk to a state U press, but then you shouldn’t ever use public sidewalks or roads.

  2. The book is not BY Peter Bagge—it’s ABOUT Peter Bagge, an edited anthology of interviews with him.

    1. No it’s absolutely by him. I mean its about him and by him in the same way an autobiography is, but to argue that an autobiography or interview anthology is only about and not by someone is completely specious.

      It’s a tiny issue but pretty characteristic of the libertarian clerisy. You think libertarian voices are worth promoting and rightly conclude that most of them would likely disappear in a free market competition. But that’s what every sect thinks. Everybody wants to subsidize their ideas and worries that the free market might not be interested.

      1. Brian, don’t worry about the fucking troll. He’s undoubtedly far too stupid to realize Peter Bagge had a long career prior to becoming a libertarian. (Personally, I read a lot of his comics in Hate prior to becoming a libertarian.)

        1. Srtike “Hate” there, and replace with R Crumb’s “Weirdo” series.

  3. You know who else peddled a book….

    1. Can’t remember the author, but the name was Mein something or other.

    2. Hillary Clinton?

    3. Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie?

      1. Whaaa?!?!?!?!

        How come this is the first I’m hearing about this?

        1. Because Sam Hayseed sabotaged all such announcements.

    4. Abdul Alhazred?

    5. In fairness no one is actually debasing themselves to the point of actually trying to peddle this thing like some kind of rag trader or petit bourgeois merchant. That would be tacky. This is just a vanity project for Bragge and a line on the resume for the editor. Doherty only mentioned it as an excuse to remind everyone that he used to be in a band (maybe still is for all I know) and started a record label to self-publish that band’s records.

      1. You’re not very good at this game.

        1. The only game Tulpa is any good at is Russian Roulette. Hopefully he’ll keep playing long enough for the rest of us to win big.

          1. Tulpa *sucks* at russian roulette – he keeps *losing*.

            Its losing when you don’t eat a bullet – right, or am I doing Christmas wrong?

            1. It’s been a while since I read the Hoyle rules for Russian Roulette, so I’m not sure. But I think we can all agree that it’s high time for Tulpa to upgrade to the 20th century and start playing with a semi-automatic.

        2. In that case I need to get my book published by UM Press that seems to be what libertarain comics do. Of course I’ve generated one more comment from you than copies this books is going to sell so I’d say I’m doing all right. Nothing more gleeful than watching libertarians special plead for why their hypocrisy doesn’t count. Principals not principles all the way down.

          1. I can’t believe that it’s been 2 hours and you still haven’t figured out that the book isn’t by Bagge any more than Walt Disney: Conversations isn’t by Walt Disney.

          2. Sam Haysom|4.23.15 @ 10:19PM|#
            “In that case I need to get my book published by UM Press…”

            You slimy pile, you couldn’t get a ‘book’ published unless you ran it off your printer! Your momma might pay for your drivel, but I doubt you daddy would.

      2. Sam Haysom|4.23.15 @ 9:03PM|#
        “In fairness no one is actually debasing themselves…”

        No one except you, Sam. Fuck off; we’re tired of your drooling.

        1. I’m drooling and yet it’s your computer screen flecked with spittle. Down doggy barking won’t make that feeling of hypocrisy go away.

          1. Sam Haysom|4.23.15 @ 10:20PM|#
            “I’m drooling”

            Yes, you’re drooling. Fuck off.

    6. B. Dalton?

  4. Who is this Sam Haysom dude?? Why the hell is he drooling in front of us!??

    1. They turned down his crayon scrawls and he is throwing a tantrum.

    2. Tulpa. Off his meds again.

  5. Oh wow man! Did he do, like, The Freak Brothers? Far out. Heavy.

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