Loretta Lynch Confirmed, Petraeus Sentenced, Rand Paul Winning the Internet: P.M. Links


  • The Senate voted 56-43 to confirm Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General. Ten Republicans voted for her.

  • But now for the really important news: Jeremy Renner called Scarlett Johansson's Avengers character "a slut," because she had multiple love interests. Internet, attack!
  • Gov. Bobby Jindal penned a New York Times op-ed proposing a freedom of conscience bill for religious entities.
  • General Betray-us (will that ever get old?) was sentenced to probation for two years and must pay a $100,000 fine.
  • Hillary Clinton gave reporters the silent treatment (per usual) regarding her foundation's mysterious finances.
  • Here's an in-depth look at Rand Paul's internet presence.

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