Administration Officials Want Your Secrets, Jeb Taunts Hillary, Saudi Bombs Away in Yemen: P.M. Links


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  1. Happy Earth Day! Awesome greeting from Iowahawk!

    Also, has anyone seen Bill Nye’s earth day tweet? It’s a hilarious mix of irony and authority fellation. I’m sure any plan to #ActOnClimate will include carbon taxes on us little people, while people like Melissa Harris-Perry dodge theirs.

    And per this guy:

    Obama burned the same amount of carbon in one flight as 2 average American families do in a YEAR to give a speech…to 25 kids for Earth Day.

    1. Hello.

      What’s in a name?

      1. Dammit Rufus, exact same timestamp as my post? How can we determine who was first?

        1. Like everything else:


        2. Pan Zagloba said @16:36:02:

          Pan Zagloba|2015/04/22 16:36:02|#5248521

          News from Canada:

          Rufus J. Firefly said @16:36:10:

          Rufus J. Firefly|2015/04/22 16:36:10|#5248524?


          What’s in a name?

          You win..

      2. Tisdale triggering…..NOOOOO.

      3. Hey Rufus!

        I want you to put whatever you want on your club sandwich. As long as it makes you happy.

        However, I do like words that are narrowly defined and specific.

    2. Twitter is blocked at work; what did Iowahawk say?

      1. Happy Earth Day — then linked to a video of a guy doing burn-outs in a high-performance car.

        1. Thank you.

        2. I assume you save the lighting of tires on fire for Al Gore’s birthday?

    3. Between Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson, I just can’t even…

    4. He’s not doing an Earth Day cruise-in this year. Damn.

  2. Regarding the impending and foruitous resignation of DEA chief Leonhart: This provides the perfect opportunity for the president to take executive action to attenuate the WoD. I suspect that this administration will do that so that the president, rather than candidates in the forthcoming election, takes the heat on this. Apologies if someone else has raised this on another thread.

    1. Ha!

    2. I think the chances of this are slim, mostly because President Not My Fault takes the heat for no one. Not even himself, MUCH LESS for his potential successor.

      1. I thought he was the ‘I didn’t do it’ President.

        1. How could he do it when this is the first that he’s heard of it.

    3. Nicole says you’re on crack.

      1. I asked if he was on crack!

        1. No, but thanks for the reality check.

    4. Well, that would be nice. I’m not holding my breath.

    5. How would an agency like the DEA be shut down and disbanded completely? And act of Congress?

      1. I suspect the only way to get rid of it would be to fold it into an existing LEA.

  3. Swords at dawn you two?

    God, I hope so.

    1. Only if Hillary is Oberyn Martell and Jeb is The Mountain.

  4. “A drone containing traces of radioactive material was found on the roof of the residence of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. I hear glowing things about him.”

    You know who else named Abe was targeted for assassination?

    1. HItler?

    2. Simpson?

      1. Ah, Del Monte.

    3. Sal Tessio (Abe Vigoda)?

    4. Your mom?

      So, is that some kind of anti-nuke protest or something? God, people are stupid about that stuff.

      How many people died in the quake/tsunami?
      How many of those were due to radiation from Fukushima?

      1. How many of those were due to radiation from Fukushima?

        Zero, and no one is going to die from nuke radiation except some workers and I’m not even sure about that.

        1. That was the answer I had in mind. Fear of nuclear power is so absurdly out of proportion with the reality. Here is about the worst nuclear disaster that is likely to happen and maybe a hand full of people will die of cancer somewhere down the road.

          1. Chernobyl was the worst and outside of the irradiated workers/firecrews who took a massive dose of radiation, barely a few thousand people got the thyroid cancer and only a few dozen died. It is ludicrous BS. Nuclear should be damned for being an uneconomical subsidy whore not for safety.

  5. Quebec girl told to stop reading book by school bus driver

    An eight-year-old girl in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. was told she’s no longer allowed to read books on the school bus because it poses a risk to the safety of other students.

    He [The bus driver] suggested they might stand up to see what she was reading, or she might poke herself in the eye with the corners of the book.


    1. Or she might poke the bus driver in the eyes with two of her fingers, Moe-style.


      1. “Nyuck nyuck nyuck!”

      2. “Loyal Moronicans shouldn’t read!”

    2. Hail to the bus driver, bus driver, bus driver, hail to the bus driver…

      I presume the book was in French. I shudder to think what would have been the consequences if it was in English!

  6. And…

    NOT A SINGLE MENTION of Melissa Harris-Perry on Slate in the past week.

    Nothing on Salon.

    Nothing on The Nation.

    1. America’s foremost public intellectual just hasn’t done anything newsworthy lately, okay?

    2. So, she’s officially an unperson?

    3. Part of the ignorance of the Left is the intentional omission and misleading work of the media. What a shame.

    4. Has the National Review mentioned Jerry Falwell?

      1. PB,

        Did the good reverend rise from the dead after 8 years? Otherwise, what was your point?

        Also, bag of dicks. Eat them.

        1. Not responding is even better.

          1. Sometimes I rack disciprine, Tonio. Aporogies.

        2. He has this tu quouqe thing down to a science.

      2. Because it’s not like Perry has been dead for 10 years.

    5. I’ve been out of the loop for a week. What did she do?

      1. She and her husband owe back taxes, you know, that thing which proggies shriek about how bad it is when someone they don’t like does it.

      2. The IRS slapped her with a ginormo tax lien.


          Update: Toure also owes back taxes.

          As does Al Sharpton.

          No one at MSNBC pays taxes.

          1. Half the country doesn’t so why should they?

          2. And oh my God Bill Maher is a retard:

            “The liberal comedian Bill Maher recently claimed that Republicans expose themselves to this critique when they champion the value of hard work and perseverance while simultaneously opposing the inheritance tax.

            “If the tough love of cutting off free money for the poor is the right thing to do, how can we stand by and do any less for the Conrad Hiltons of the world? They’ve never known the dignity of work either,” Maher insisted recently. “Shouldn’t we be helping by taxing inheritance at 100 percent?””

            In one of those cases, someone worked for the money and decided to GIVE IT to someone. In the other, someone worked for the money and had it STOLEN from them.

            Progressives are the dumbest creatures on the face of the planet.


              1. I wonder how big the callouses are on his back. He pats himself so much, I would imagine he’s lost all tactile sensation there.

            2. Uh, maybe because it’s their fucking money and it wasn’t “free”? I think part of the value of hard work and perseverance is providing a good life for your family and heirs.

              1. I would rather burn a pile of money with my corpse than have the government get anymore than they’ve already stolen from me. Because it’s mine

            3. You just know if that asshole ever had kids (god I hope not) he’d be trying to figure out a way around the inheritance tax.

              Vile piece of shit.

              1. Of course. Hypocrisy and rationalization are their three chief weapons. I mean two chief weapons.

          3. They all have something in common other than MSNBC paychecks… but can’t say that. Crimethink and all.

  7. Oh yeah. Today is Earth Day. President Obama went to the Florida Everglades and told his audience that his policies will save us all.

    You know who else thought his policies offered a solution?

    1. The man from Nationwide?

    2. Haile Selassie?

      1. wait, that’s my default answer. Get your own.

        1. Pfft. Make me. I drop so many Hamiltons, they call me Aaron Burr.

          1. +1 peanut butter sandwich

            1. -1 glass of milk

              1. I love that I’m not the only person who remembers that commercial.

    3. Sherlock Holmes, with his 7 percent solution of cocaine?

    4. Ross Perot?

    5. Every male politician ever?

    6. Wait, are we talking a final solution or just any old kind?

    7. Did he get a key lime milkshake from Robert is Here? They looked so yummy, but I couldn’t get one, because the line was too fucking long.

  8. Today is also the 15th anniversary of the Elian Gonzales raid.…..selian.jpg

    Check out that hero.

    1. That is one iconic image.

      1. It won the Pulitzer, and for good reason.

    2. At least he’s showing good trigger discipline! What do you think happened to standards since then?

    3. Back when Child Protective Services wouldn’t intervene when a child was being abused by being sent back to a communist hell-hole. Probably still wouldn’t (unless Elian’s grandma let him walk to the park alone.)

    4. Who actually took that pic? Was there a photographer in the house prior to the raid?

      I still have it on my office wall – with the added caption “your tax dollars at work.”

    5. Huh… so you’re saying children should be treated as autonomous individuals who have rights of their own, rather than merely as property of their parents?

      Because when I said that last week, I was told I was crazy to suggest that.

      1. Huh… so you’re saying children should be treated as autonomous individuals who have rights of their own, rather than merely as property of their parents?

        Nope. The development of the prefrontal cortex isn’t finished until an individual is around 25 years old. Until then, I claim patria potestas.

        1. I remain skeptical that the timeline for development of the brain is an immutable fact of nature rather than being a product of environmental circumstances.

          1. I’m going to say it’s mostly genetic.

            Of course, as soon as your brain is fully developed you start to decline, so it’s not much of an argument against more rights for younger people.

            1. I’m going to say it’s mostly genetic.

              I’m not trying to harp on you specifically, but typically when people say this they are really alluding to a bunch of unproven assumptions about genetics.

              We really don’t understand much of how nature works. Yet people take studies with very narrow conclusions and gleefully broaden them beyond all reason.

              1. I certainly don’t claim to understand it. That’s just my hunch. It seems like it is a fairly consistent thing, on average.

                And it seems like the more people learn about how and why genes are expressed the more it looks like genetics and environment are pretty hard to separate out.

                Who knows? Not me.

      2. Has anyone called you scum today? Let me be the first.

        1. That seems a bit harsh.

          1. Probably, but he misrepresents his opponents, never really clarifies what exactly his position is, and then decides to imply that a kid being held at gunpoint is what libertarians believe in. Not to mention just using the incident to shoehorn his pet issue.

            1. Yep. I posted a picture of a coward pointing a submachine gun at a child, and he posts about… fuck, I don’t even know what that was about.

              1. I was referring to the “can parents force their kids to go to conversion therapy” thread last week. A number of commenters response was basically along the lines of “it’s my kid, and if I want to torture him psychologically against his will, it’s none of your business!”

                Well, Elian’s dad wanted to force his kid to go to cuba against his will.

                This is why, as I said then, the question should be what the kid wants to do.

                1. You shat all over the very obvious solution to that problem (legal emancipation) with some nonsense about kidnapping, you can’t seem to understand that a fucking 1-year-old is not the same as a 16-year-old, and now you are trying to connect a kangaroo court with jackbooted thugs to the idea that the raising of children is not the government’s business.

                  1. In other words, the mask slips a little more every time Stormy posts. He’s a progressive concern troll.

  9. My hope is that the failing Greek economy may pull bitcoin out of the gutter as the drachma comes back, then hyperinflates forcing the greeks to use bitcoin.

    1. The problem with bitcoin is that it violates Gresham’s law.

      Everybody wants to be paid in bitcoin, but nobody wants to pay in it.

      1. +1 Panic of 1837

    2. BTC has been stable lately, and even jumped in value yesterday.

      1. Yeah, but I’m too close to my cost basis for me to be all excited about spending my magical internet money and getting “free” goods and services. That was a fun time.

  10. Take the next Grexit! German officials say they have little hope for a deal with the flat-broke and reality-challenged Greek government.


    Because I cannot motherfucking wait

    1. I’m confused is this realy different from previous PIIGS fights?

      1. If the Germans refuse to float them again…yes.

      2. As I like to point out, with the extra ‘I’ in PIGS for Italy. Italy gives more to the EU budget than it takes,has generally met the criteria set (no worse or better than Germany) and has never had a run in with Germany as both countries tend to get along.

        So not sure why they get lumped in.

        1. Because an Englishman made the acronym and the Italians don’t do government “right”? Bunga-Bunga is something that should be done only with Russian spies.

          1. Yeah well, whatever.

          2. Italy is pretty fucked politically. But they have had it together economically more than the other PIGS. When the Lira was still a thing it was a real currency that people cared about.

        2. Because most of its economy is underground and run by Mafiosos with horrendous employment numbers for the above-board.

          1. 30% is said to be black market. And yes, the south drags its unemployment numbers up. The north – the backbone of the economy – has numbers in line with the big zone players and better than France.

            The Mafia plays a big role in all countries in Europe some might argue.

        3. Because their banks are insolvent.

        4. ‘PIIGS’ was entirely used to mean countries with huge debt loads. It has nothing to do with how much money you give to the EU.

          Ireland (the other I) is essentially in the same position as Italy, but without either of them it would just be PGS and who wants that?

          1. Belief is that Italian banks are heavily exposed to Greece. French banks are heavily exposed to Italy. German banks are heavily exposed to France.

            And the walls… come crumbling down.

            1. Let’s call it the Domino Theory…oh wait, that’s taken.

          2. I understand that but Italy’s economy is much more substantial than the other one’s and when it comes to meeting criteria set by the EU they’re not delinquent.

            1. A lot of my info is from ZeroHedge. The story was that Greece was gonna precipitate a cascade of bank failures that would’ve made Lehman look like a cakewalk. Everybody’s had a couple of years to recapitalize (and most of Greece’s money went straight to the banks in that timespan), so perhaps they’re letting Athens fall.

              I really only pay attention ‘cuz it used to be the bulk of my sales were in Euros, and EURUSD of 1.07 represents a significant hit to me, though luckily I signed up with a distributor out of Quebec last summer so am diversified.

              1. A lot of my info is from ZeroHedge.

                Then it’s garbage.

                1. Sometimes, but they called HFT trading years before Michael Lewis, and most recently spotted the true #s of defaults in student loans, a story that was later picked up by the WSJ without proper attribution.

                2. I wouldn’t say ZeroHedge is always garbage, but they do tend to be a bit hysterical.

          3. Ireland is the one that shouldn’t be in there. They are actually producing something and experiencing a recovery.

        5. Because the country is a dysfunctional mess and while it runs an operating surplus it has a large amount of debt. It absolutely belongs in that group.

  11. Today is Earth Day.

    Happy Erf Day. I’m going to celebrate it by soaking an old tire in used motor oil and setting it alight. Hopefully, it will appease the Erf Gods for another year.

    1. Will you be putting it around anyone’s neck before you light it?

      1. This is not South Africa.

      2. only if I run into Al Gore.

      3. Necklacing. Wow. No.

        But you have inspired me to throw pictures of loopy politicians on the pyre.

    2. The Mustang GT is idling away in the driveway as we speak. We’re through about 1/2 a tank so far.

      1. HA. You’re just warming it up because of the damn April snow.

    3. I’m going to completely ignore it.

  12. Take the next Grexit! German officials say they have little hope for a deal with the flat-broke and reality-challenged Greek government

    According to a Canadian friend of mine, hookers in Canada advertise rear-end services as “Greek”.

    Adds a whole new meaning to the Greek Exit.

    1. According to a Canadian friend of mine,

      A friend, huh? Likely story, pal.

    2. That’s not just Canada, it’s been a thing here for a while. Ethnic Greeks hate that, of course.

      1. Term goes back a long way. I have glossaries from “Case History” books–sex books where they added a fake doctor around the narrative to avoid getting arrested. “Greek”‘s been anal and “French” was oral since at least the ’30s.

        1. I have a vague memory of the terms being in Victorian porn like The Pearl and My Secret Life, but I could be wrong.

    3. Injun has a ‘Canadian’ friend that’s not me?

      1. He’s not your fwend, buddy!

        1. I’m not your buddy, guy!

      2. You are my friend, Rufus!

  13. Jeh Johnson said that strong encryption was hampering law enforcement

    Ootay uckingfay adbay, Jeh.

  14. The infighting between Obama and the Squaw and her Progs heats up.…

    I seem to be the only one enjoying this clash. You Peanuts are miffed by it no doubt. Who to hate on? Decisions, decisions.

    1. I still haven’t been able to figure out who is lying most about what the free trade agreement. Depending on which parts of whose story is true, it appears that the agreement might be a gigantic fuckpuddle of special provisos and regulatory capture masquerading as free trade.

      1. That’s what free trade agreements are. But they’re also the closest thing we get to free trade.

        1. NAFTA was a great advance for freedom of trade. Not so sure about the TPP.

    2. I love Elizabeth. We’re allies on a whole host of issues,” Obama told Matthews in an interview last night. “But she’s wrong on this.”


    1. It really upsets a few people to put “seed” on the end? Don’t they know how stupid most people are?

      1. Too many syllables I guess.

      2. Maybe the town has a lot of Ministry fans.

    2. “Land of Canola and Honey” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    3. “Unfortunately, ‘Land of Milk and Rape’ is already taken.”

    4. Ministry is still okay with it, however.

      1. Dammit you beat me.

  15. Surrey shootings leave community concerned over gun violence

    More than 700 people attended a Surrey community meeting on Tuesday to figure out how to stop the violence on the city’s streets.

    Police have declared a gang turf war on the streets of Surrey that has spilled into Delta and resulted in 22 shootings and one homicide in six weeks.

    I wonder if anyone has noticed that brewers aren’t shooting each other, tobacconists don’t engage in turf wars… nope.

    1. Vermont wants to regulate shooting ranges. FYI.

      The same concerned lefty idiots that got Yankee nuclear shut down are now scared of gun ranges.

    2. Police say they are being stonewalled by the families of the victims who are not coming forward with information on the turf war between rival gangs of Somali and South Asian descent.

      Well at least the CBC is honest enough in reporting this information. Expect a letter from the CHRC any day.

      1. Ah, more of the unalloyed benefits of mass immigration!

    3. Wrong Surrey, but I couldn’t help but think about this.

  16. My Islamic Faith Prevents Me From Paying Interest on My Student Loans

    Dear Steve,

    I had two citi-student loans and at some point in time within the last 5 years they went to Navient (Sallie Mae)

    I recently called to ask if I could get a lower pay-off amount as the original loans were 32K and now they are up to about 64K because of deferment and interest. They said no and I believe these may have been private loans.

    My conditions have changed. I was born into Islam, but never knew much about my religion. Since 2012 I have been learning more about my faith and it is strictly forbidden in my faith to have dealings with interest.

    I am offering to pay off the original amount I owe however due to religious reasons would like them to recognize that my awareness and conditions have changed from the time of originally accepting the loan with Citi-Student Loan Corp and not even with them at Sallie Mae.

    Can I get the interest wiped out and close this account and case with just paying the original amount borrowed?

    1. Haha, good luck buddy.

    2. and I believe these may have been private loans

      You believe? smh

    3. Actually, I’d love to see this litigated.

      1. That kind of B.S. was destroyed in the courts long ago. The Muslims aren’t the only ones who object to usury.

    4. Sure, just pay a 100% “convenience fee”

    5. I was wondering when this day was gonna come.

    6. Ya gotta give him points for sheer brazenness.

    7. Like foxholes, it seems there are no atheists in debt.

      Anyway, if they are private, why not refinance with an Islamic bank? That way the loan would follow the laws against “riba“.

      1. So it’s ok for an Islamic bank to pay your interest so that you don’t have to?

    8. As worshippers of the allmighty dollar, we are not permitted to provide non-ursurious loans, regardless of the borrower’s faith.

    9. Dear Student,

      As a compromise, you can pay back the principal, then we’ll sue you for the interest. We’ll have your paychecks garnished until we’ve recovered the interest plus legal fees. Is that preferable to your new awareness?

    10. Dear Amir,

      You’ll be happy to know that Islam only bans collecting interest, not paying it. Feel free to pray for the soul of Sallie Mae CEO Raymond Quinlan as you pay back your debt.

      1. That’s actually not true. The hadith of Sahih Muslim records several individuals attesting to the fact that Muhammad cursed “the accepter of usury and its payer, and one who records it, and the two witnesses, saying: They are all equal.”

        1. Islamic banks go through all sorts of contortions to (in effect) pay interest while being able to claim they don’t.

  17. On the left, the aftermath of the first Earth Day in 1970. On the right, the day after Obama’s 2009 inauguration:


  18. Spot the Not: criminal excuses

    1. I’m a werewolf

    2. I closed one eye to stop seeing double so I could drive drunk

    3. This isn’t a burglary; we were told everything was free

    4. I thought my lucky penny would protect me

    5. I’m not a bad driver; it was a tarantula attack

    6. I didn’t break into this car; a leprechaun let me in

    1. 2 has to be true, who hasn’t done that?

      It’s 6 this time. Leprechauns are elusive and rarely helpful.

    2. 6. It’s not an excuse, it’s an iron-clad argument for innocence.

      1. But did Warwick Davis have the right to grant permission to enter that car?

    3. 6. However, if the car was in the hood…or in space…

    4. Who, at sometime or another, has not used #2?

    5. 4.

    6. #5: the deadliest animal in Austrailia is the huntsman spider. Huntsman spiders are completely harmless, but they’re huge and have a habit of hiding behind the sunvisors of cars, causing many fatal accidents when a driver flips down the visor and dumps a giant spider in their lap and crashes during the ensuing freak out.

      1. Noooo, I hadn’t refreshed yet so I win too.

    7. I’m gonna take a guess and say the answer turns up #4

  19. Illinois House accidentally takes a step toward doing the right thing.

    The Illinois House on Wednesday approved a measure that would ban red light cameras in approximately 35 communities outside Chicago, even as supporters pointed to flaws in the city’s program as reason to do away with the much-loathed devices.…..story.html

  20. White House and Homeland Security officials don’t like it when you keep secrets from them. They want to mandate restrictions on encryption and ensure government access to private information

    I blame Hilary.

    1. It really is the 90s again. Didn’t this ship already sail but it was called PGP?

      1. Yeah, but the NSA et al avoided that by forcing manufacturers to build back doors into the hardware itself.

  21. Florida man bitten while kissing venomous snake

    Hatfield was taken to the hospital in critical condition but is expected to make a full recovery.

    Good think he wasn’t screwing it, otherwise “You gonna *die*!”

    1. “Doc says you’re fucked”

    2. Heroic Mulatto has a video related to this.

      1. Of *course* he does!

      2. The dude fucking a python or the dude getting a blowjob from a river carp?

        1. Dude fucking a python. I have not seen the river carp one.

          1. Dude fucking a python

            Let Graham rest in peace, OK?

        2. *retching*

        3. Why?

    1. One of my colleagues – who is not entirely familiar with the lingo surrounding social media, suggested that our social media coordinator could simply “twat” out the information about a meeting.

      I kid you not.

      1. Twat, past tense of Tweet.

        Sounds right to me.

    2. We need a new twitter that is designed for abuse. Oh wait, that’s 4chan.

  22. Hell of a way for a Green Beret to die: electrocuted in an improperly grounded shower…..rocutions/

    1. That sucks. Not that they couldn’t have played a role in the fuck-up but I have zero doubt that a very vocal contingent will emerge screaming “KBR! War profiteers!”

    2. Had that problem in Afghanistan too.

  23. DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson acknowledges market forces at work trying to protect users from the insatiable maw of government ‘security’

    The current course we are on, toward deeper and deeper encryption in response to the demands of the marketplace[…]

    Oh gee, Jeh, you noticed!

    is one that presents real challenges for those in law enforcement and national security.

    Let me be clear: I understand the importance of what encryption brings to privacy. But, imagine the problems if, well after the advent of the telephone, the warrant authority of the government to investigate crime had extended only to the U.S. mail.

    Our inability to access encrypted information poses public safety challenges.

    Jeh is unclear what “understand” in that sentence is supposed to convey.

    1. Am I to understand that I can no longer encrypt my snail-mail?

    2. What’s funny is this is the kind of thing that used to be discussed behind closed doors. Now they do it out in the open, in the light of day, and are telling is, point-by-point exactly what they want to do.

      To me, that’s telling in a very scary way.

    3. Is “let me be clear” contagious?

      1. I have to admit, I subconsciously recoil every time I hear it.

    4. Has anyone told the CIA that the DHS wants to make their sculpture illegal?

    5. Imagine if it had of? That is an interesting question. One that is so interesting that no one will ask it. Does telephone wire taping, even when done with a warrant, really make us safer? I don’t see that answer as being very obvious either way.

  24. In honor of Earth Day, the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) announced today that it will present its Deal of the Year and Renewable Exporter of the Year awards to Siemens Energy Inc..

    What better way to justify one’s existence with presenting an award to a German company, for a project in Peru, co-financed by the Inter-American Development Bank, with a 20-year power purchase agreement from the Peruvian government. Yes, clearly we need the Ex-Im Bank.

    1. Think of how much Ex-Im could do for the original spirit of Earth Day if they just closed up shop.

  25. President Obama’s cybersecurity co?rdinator said that the White House was looking into what methods could be required in encryption technology to give law enforcement and other agencies a way in.

    These guys really are exactly this stupid? I keep waiting for them to yell “AAApril foools!” but they never do.

  26. The good do die young. SS officer lived to 98 without repenting or being punished:

    Brunner declared that his sole regret was not having murdered more Jews. In a 1987 telephone interview to the Chicago Sun Times, he stated in front of a witness:

    All of [the Jews] deserved to die because they were the Devil’s agents and human garbage. I have no regrets and would do it again.[22]

    1. *low whistle*

      Holy shit. That is some evil.

    2. Now there was a dude with principles!

    3. Brunner lived in Syria for many years, and was reportedly given asylum, a generous salary and protection by the ruling Baath Party in exchange for his advice on effective torture and interrogation techniques used by the Germans in World War II.

    4. At least he had an ethos.

  27. Saudi Arabia is back to blowing stuff?and people?up in Yemen.

    Remind me one more time of how that “Arab Spring” is working out.

    1. Can’t you tell, It’s blooming (into explosions)

    2. About as well as Irish Spring.

    3. It worked great in Tunisia and DID work fairly well in Yemen, until the Houthis and Saleh wrecked it. Egypt is…in flux. Our enemies are killing each other in Syria so that’s good.

  28. IRS Deliberately Cut Its Own Customer Service Budget

    Commissioner Koskinen will appear before the House Ways and Means Committee this morning, one week after the federal tax filing deadline, and he can expect to be asked why the IRS cut its own customer service budget and continues to spend money on other questionable activities.

    Please, PLEASE let him have responded “FYTW”.

    1. In addition to the $11 billion appropriated by Congress, the IRS takes in more than $400 million in user fees and may allocate that money as it sees fit. In 2014, the IRS allocated $183 million in user fees to its customer service budget, but allocated just $49 million in 2015–a 76 percent cut.

      The IRS version of, Government is shutdown, throw a blanket and fence off those statues!

    2. “Back in my teaching days, many years ago, one of the things I liked to ask the class to consider was this: Imagine a government agency with only two tasks: (1) building statues of Benedict Arnold and (2) providing life-saving medications to children. If this agency’s budget were cut, what would it do?
      The answer, of course, is that it would cut back on the medications for children. Why? Because that would be what was most likely to get the budget cuts restored. If they cut back on building statues of Benedict Arnold, people might ask why they were building statues of Benedict Arnold in the first place.”
      -Thomas Sowell-

    3. Koskinen is a vile creature of the underworld.

    4. Koskinen is a vile creature of the underworld.

  29. No mention of indictments in the Great Bourbon Heist?…..cky-today/

    1. It’s all my buddies in KY have been talking about. I was envisioning the Jesse and Walter scene from Breaking Bad where they are stealing the methylamine. Only it’s 500 pounds of bourbon. And Jesse and Walter are wearing overalls and have three teeth between them.

      1. Overalls, three teeth, and lots and lots of bourbon.

  30. Depending on which parts of whose story is true, it appears that the agreement might be a gigantic fuckpuddle of special provisos and regulatory capture masquerading as free trade.

    HO HO HO

  31. the White House was looking into what methods could be required in encryption technology to give law enforcement and other agencies a way in.

    Besides waterboarding?

    1. The a$$ holes are not satisfied with all they know about us. They want to know everything

  32. Presidential almost-hopeful Jeb Bush called out Hillary Clinton for backtracking on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Swords at dawn you two?

    More like “get a room and hate fuck already.” They probably have more in common than not.

    1. Ewwwwww

  33. “If the tough love of cutting off free money for the poor is the right thing to do, how can we stand by and do any less for the Conrad Hiltons of the world? They’ve never known the dignity of work either,” Maher insisted recently. “Shouldn’t we be helping by taxing inheritance at 100 percent?””

    They don’t even pretend, anymore. They explicitly reject the fundamental notion of private ownership.
    Nothing outside the State.

    1. Progs assume any money earned is ill-gotten. One friend said to me “there is no such thing as a rich person who got there honestly”. Except for arteests, of course. Actors and musicians and such.

  34. An old news story that I was reminded of today: Scuffle with lobster man puts students in hot water

    He moved into the half-finished domicile Feb. 1, wearing a lobster suit and vowing to speak to no one for three months.

    1. “This performance artist in my opinion has marvelously captured the pain; the gestalt of solitary life within walls. A lobster does not wish to speak in his enclosure. Nor can a lobster speak,” Cristoph Stoelz wrote in an e-mail to The Pitt News. “In Berlin, we applaud and salute you, Mr. Lobster.”


    2. I’m pleased that the author of that story knew enough not to refer to him as the Lobsterman, capital-L.

    3. Forget Lobster Man. I’m here for Lobster Girl.

  35. Regarding Bill Maher & inheritance taxes: progs do not understand the concept of coercion, or at least they pretend not to. What they see is if it’s OK for someone to inherit money, it should be OK for someone to get welfare. The fact that the inheritance is given freely while the welfare money is taken by force does not register with them. It’s similar to the reason why they think letting people keep more of their own money through tax cuts is the same as the govt giving them money.

    We saw it again recently when that prog writer said laws are voluntary.

    1. They would be fine with a gift to a non profit or what they perceive as a deserving recipient, just not the dirty family members.

      1. Non-profits are credentialed by the government, so they’re A-OK.

  36. Report: JPMorgan Chase Bans Storage of Cash in its Safety Deposit Boxes…..sit-boxes/

    1. They finally watched Breaking Bad, I see.

    2. This seems unenforceable, and what’s the point, anyway?

  37. 91% + 8% + 1% = 100%


  38. So I got my federal brewing license today.

    Local and state permission to go!

    Should be open sometime in July.

    1. Congrats!

    2. Go, and brew some more!

    3. A real libertarian would run a brewery without the govt’s permission!


    4. Good luck!

    5. Sweet. Knoxville, right? I may need a weekend in July, before our 2 on 1 switches to man defense.

    6. Fantastic! Congratulations and good luck!

  39. Get ready for Mr PenalTax contorting logic again wrt the takings of raisons:…..the-facts/

    It was rather unconvincing then, near the middle of the government lawyer’s argument, when Chief Justice Roberts vowed that “[w]e are not going to jeopardize the Agriculture Department’s marketing programs.” That, apparently, will be the core challenge as the Court writes its decision.

    Yes, this case is a takings case that is likely to be ruled unconstitutional, but they just can’t seem to declare the other 10 or so programs the same.

    1. Johnnie wants to remain popular with DC crowd

    2. Yo Roberts: fuck you.

      1. Don’t jump to conclusions:

        At one point during the oral argument in Horne v. Department of Agriculture, Justice Antonin Scalia compared the New Deal era’s “central planning” to what Russia’s communist regime “tried for a long time.” That was more extreme than other comments, but it only made the prevailing sentiment more vivid. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., conjured up a scene of a government truck coming in “the dark of night” to scoop up a farmer’s produce and haul it off ? something that never happens under the program at issue.

  40. progs do not understand the concept of coercion, or at least they pretend not to. What they see is if it’s OK for someone to inherit money, it should be OK for someone to get welfare.
    “The government helps people. Why don’t you want to help people?” ask the simpleton hordes. And, yes, I think the vast majority of them are indeed simpletons, incapable of comprehending secondary effects.

  41. I had really started to respect Ben Affleck after Argo (fuck yourself), but it’s clear he’s a coward pussy.

    Bill Paxton, on the other hand, who I never liked, is up a notch in my esteem (and he’s not the first celeb to show his slave-owning ancestors on national TV. I recall Reba McEntire’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? specifically. I watch all the genealogy shows).

    Lots of Americans’ ancestors owned slaves*. It happened. Deal with it.

    *(not mine, bishes!)

    1. I have slave-owning ancestors. Didn’t know them, of course, but their cursed genes are in me, making me guilty of something.

      1. SO your family has been of the monocled class for, like, a hunnert years?

        (all my family were either immigrants after 1860, townies/tradesmen, woodsy pioneers, or poor folk)

        1. The ones I know about were reasonably affluent but not rich. Mostly farmer types. Of course, we’re talking about great-great-great grandparents, of which I, like most people have 32 of. More or less, assuming no shenanigans.

          1. I did research for a woman in rural (i.e. non-Halifax) Nova Scotia, and even her ancestors owned slaves in Georgia. It’s definitely something shocking and disappointing when you find it out, but it happened. Affleck’s censoring (which PBS went along with, BTW) means he thinks he’s some special little snowflake who is the only person ever with slave-owning ancestors.

            1. Given the numbers, I would imagine a high percentage of Americans have at least one slave-owning ancestor. And that’s only in reference to Americans owning African slaves. Every single one of us is descended from slaveowners and worse if you go all the way back.

    1. transliteration is e-n-t H-m-a-r.

      She meant j-m-ee-l-a = jameela “beautiful”.

      the letters j and H look very similar in Arabic. H has no dot and j has a dot below. The letter kh has a dot on top. The letters l and a also look similar. The letter a does not join on the left side.

  42. Abe-sama’s a cool, old dude.

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