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A.M. Links: Obama's Immigration Rule Lands at Federal Appeals Court, O'Malley Chides Hillary Clinton for Gay Marriage Flip-Flopping, ISIS Attacks Iraq's Largest Refinery


  • Credit: White House / Flickr.com

    Islamic State fighters and Iraqi security forces battled yesterday inside Iraq's largest refinery.

  • Democrat Martin O'Malley criticized Hillary Clinton for flip-flopping on gay marriage and immigration. "I'm glad Secretary Clinton's come around to the right positions on these issues," said O'Malley, who is likely to challenge Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary. But "leadership," he added, "is about making the right decision, and the best decision before sometimes it becomes entirely popular."
  • "As the Missouri National Guard prepared to deploy to help quell riots in Ferguson, Missouri, that raged sporadically last year, the guard used highly militarized words such as 'enemy forces' and 'adversaries' to refer to protesters, according to documents obtained by CNN."
  • According to a new study, e-cigarette use has tripled among middle and high school students.

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  1. Islamic State fighters and Iraqi security forces battled yesterday inside Iraq's largest refinery.

    Someone tried to unionize.

    1. Sounds like an awesome action movie.

      1. Or the premise for the Call of Duty.

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                1. Dude, "Free Society," that was fucking uncalled for. I was a regular here back when the 'plug was still posting as shrike. PISTOLS AT DAWN SIR

                2. Yeah, FS. X isn't just some asshole, he's a pedigreed asshole.

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              1. That is an insult to inflamed assholes everywhere.

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    3. I'm greatly saddened by the lack of alt text...

      Such fertile ground for anything:

      "I can tell you I've known eight presidents, three of them intimately. Want to make it four?"

      1. A more likely conversation:

        I smell toast burning.

        I want cake.

        (Roles are interchangeable)

      2. If they ever make a movie about Joe, John Slattery (aka Roger Sterling in Mad Men) would be the perfect guy for the role.

  2. 43) A few music facts that astound me:
    - After Greg Lake left King Crimson in 1969, the band held auditions for a new singer. One of the tryouts was Elton John.
    - Jermaine Jackson, with his two gold records and half-dozen Top 40 Hits, is only the third-most successful Jackson sibling, and third by a long shot.
    - Mozart was almost as good a violin player as a pianist/harpsichordist.
    - There are more than 1,100 known compositions by J.S. Bach, but hundreds more have been lost.
    - Rachmaninoff did not compose for three years after bad reviews for his 1st Piano Concerto, and it took visits to a hypnotherapist to restore his composing confidence.
    - After his first hit single at age 13 (!), Stevie Wonder had seven Top 10 hits on his own before age 18, and also wrote dozens of other songs for other Motown artists as a teen-ager.
    - Who are three of the ugliest guys you can think of? Ringo Star, Ric Ocasek, and Billy Joel have to be on the list, right? Ringo Starr married Barbara Bach (i.e., the best Bond girl ever, in the Spy Who Loved Me). Ric Ocasek married Paulina Porizkova. Billy Joel married Christie Brinklie and dated Elle McPherson.

    1. Does Britt Ekland not exist in your twisted world?

      1. Britt Ekland dated Rod Stewart, by the way.

    2. I wonder who Lemmy from Motorhead is married to.

      1. He's married to rock 'n' roll

      2. To that mole.

      3. "Trick question: Lemmy is God."

      4. Jack Daniels?

    3. Ocasek is still married to Poizkova and Porizkova is still epically hot. Their marriage is absolute proof that a deal with the devil really is an option.

      1. Hmm, the first three songs on their first album:
        "Good Times Roll"
        "My Best Friend's Girl"
        "Just What I Needed"

        You might be onto something.

    4. Joe Walsh is married to the other Bach sister.

    5. Ohhh Paulina... She was the bomb, diggity.

      How could she marry that goofy looking fuck? Totally ruined it for me.

      And after all the hours I spent, holding her poster up with one hand.

      /Appologies to Steve Martin

      1. And she has stayed married to him. It is even more amazing that even Sofia Loren. She married this guy and is married to him until he died in 2007.


        I bet that guy woke up every morning and laughed his ass off.

      2. Ruined it? It gave men everywhere hope. Paulina is the pinnacle, the trophy wife to end all trophy wives (although it seems they really do love each other).

  3. But "leadership," he added, "is about making the right decision, and the best decision before sometimes it becomes entirely popular."

    O'Malley thinks he's going to be president?

    1. *** trembling preacher voice ***

      "Oh, my friends! The man is here!"

      1. Yeah, doesn't seem like he's a winner. Couldn't keep a blue state blue.

        I will look forward to seeing the dirt and lies Clinton dredges up on him to feed the press which will later morph into Republican smears.

        1. Just wait until his Baltimore prison shit goes national.

          1. He is thinking about putting a tax on internet comments.

            1. The Maryland State Motto: "If you can dream it, we can tax it."

              1. ...and take it.

        2. He's the spoiler. Knows he can't win but will severely damage Clinton and then look for a large role in the actual Dem nominee's administration.

  4. ...the guard used highly militarized words such as 'enemy forces' and 'adversaries' to refer to protesters, according to documents obtained by CNN.

    How else would their law enforcement colleagues understand them?

    1. Exactly. Those are just *technical* terms.

    2. Some lazy dumb ass used a template of an OPORD from Iraq.

      1. Ah, yes. The patented "CTRL-C/CTRL-V" maneuver. Very effective cube-dweller engagement tactic.

        1. Who are you, who is so wise in the ways of the US Army War College?!

    3. And yet when the riots predictably went down, the Guard was missing in action, and didn't protect businesses from being looted and burned.

      Of course, these were minority-owned businesses in the bad part of town, so who really cares?

    4. I would quarrel with the warlike term "enemy," but "adversaries" sounds right.

    5. To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

      1. ^^ This. I guess it is bad optics for the Guard to use terms like this, but what do you expect? When you send in an explicitly military organization into a situation, they are going to plan and execute according to their doctrine. Doctrine that features terms like 'enemy' throughout.

        Of course calling the Guard in the first place and how they executed the mission is the problem, not the terminology they used.

        1. Actually, riot control is specifically in the NG's mission wheel-house. They are better manned and equipped for that mission, but weren't properly used in this situation.

          The terminology was just bad optics, though. But as a retired army guy, we used enemy forces to describe family members when planning X-mas parties. It's what we do.

          1. Oh sure, holiday parties planned using OPORDs always make me chuckle, I always feel kinda bad for the poor 2LT (well, as bad as I can feel for a 2LT) that was tasked to MDMP a holiday party. I've seen full on COA and decision briefs on social functions.

  5. "According to a new study, e-cigarette use has tripled among middle and high school students."

    How is this not anything but good news? The Washington Post has this on its front page as a scare story, not noticing until several paragraphs down that cigarette smoking is at a record low among high schoolers.

    1. "a startling increase that public health officials fear could reverse decades of efforts combating the scourge of smoking" is how the Post puts it.

      1. What they mean is that they would have to reverse their efforts, because e-cigs are doing a better job of stopping teens from smoking than all the PSA ever did combined. This means they might be out of a job, which is, of course, terrifying.

        1. And out a lot of tax revenue.

          1. The master settlement is what's at issue here. Billions upon billions of dollars are at stake, and, of course, the "public health" sector and our tax hungry bureaucrats would rather have that money than allow ecigs to help millions of people quit smoking.

            These are the most evil people in the country.

    1. Sadly, there are no plans to mass produce the mask for retail

      *Damn* it!

    2. This is why I have 2 pitbulls. Short of a panther there aren't too many things that could take them.

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    3. What the fuck is an "Elder Scrolls"?

    1. I soiled my armor I was so scared!

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    2. Protected? It's basically a rodent.

      1. No, not a rodent at all. Order carnivora and therefore much closer to bears, cats, dogs and weasels (carnivores) than to beaver, rats, mice and squirrels (actual rodents).

        1. Badgers are members of the mustelidae, along with weasels, minks, otters, and wolverines, none of which are known for giving a fuck.

          1. Not to mention their crazy, nasty-ass honey badger cousins.

          2. That, too, Xeones. Thanks.

          3. Like I said, basically a rodent.

            1. Carnivora aren't even part of the same mammalian clade as rodents. Us primates are closer to the rodents than mustelids are.

              1. There are two kinds of animals: pets and basically rodents. The badger is not a pet. Ipso facto, basically a rodent. End of discussion.

                1. Your mental acuity is exceeded only by your grasp of basic taxonomy.

                2. Ah, I see the reason for the confusion. The word you are looking for is "varmint".

    3. "The badger didn't attack me, so I didn't seek medical attention, but I was left badly shaken. If I hadn't have had my dog there, the badger could have had me."

      The horror. The horror. The horror.

    4. This is no *ordinary* badger...

    5. The most unbelievable part? Not the pig size or the six inch teeth.

      This: The Jack Russel ran away and dragged him in.


      Terriers are called terriers for a reason. Every example of terrier I've ever seen would fight a buzz-saw.

    6. Badgers? We don't need no stinkin' badgers!

    7. "He was the size of a pig, with teeth about six inches long. They were as long as a lemonade bottle is wide."

      Is this some sort of hip lingo I've missed out on?

  6. Progressives savagely attack Obama and Ron Wyden on Pacific Rim Free Trade Agreement:


    1. "Obama and Ron Wyden" is an anagram for Wynona Ryder, who coincidentally enough will not be starring in Pacific Rim 2: Revenge of the Kaiju.

      1. I regretfully admit to liking that movie.

        1. Seal the breach!

        2. Regret?? Are you mad?? That movie is fucking awesome!!!

          1. But liking it leaves me with no moral authority to slam Michael Bay movies.

        3. I fucking loved that movie. Don't even make a trailer - just tell me when it opens and my kid and I will be there.

          1. I remember watching the first trailer. I was thinking this is going to be fucking dumb, that is until they unveiled the giant fighting robots. Then I was all "Go on...."

            1. Category 10? The dreaded Florida Man kaiju.

          2. There was something endearing about it's gleeful disregard for the laws of physics.

            Not "We're too lazy to figure out if this is remotely plausible", as in a Bay movie, but " We know this is ridiculous, and we don't care because it's awesome! Fuck you Newton! Fuck you right in the ear! "


    1. Canadians must be pretty healthy, eh?

      1. Well they do get maple syrup free as part of their universal health care. That's what i read in Slate, so it must be true

        1. Maple syrup enemas for all !!

    2. So that's why Canadians have longer lifespans than Americans.

      1. You win this one, Jordan. But I've got my eye on you.

        1. I'm a graduate of the "Fist of Etiquette" school of commenting.

            1. Nobody knows; it's folded in half, and when you try to open it, it always sticks and tears.

      2. Here we go with the racist jokes.

        /licks la cire.

        1. Canadians are not a race, they are a species.

          1. A maple-sucking, puck-slapping species.

    3. Maples, always the maples...what about Black walnut, Birch, Sycamore? I'd tap that.

      1. deciduous? more like deliciousness.

  7. I feel like I die more every day: The "bed death" of sexless marriage is real, and it's heartbreaking

    "The mistake was getting married." That's how the post begins. Under the handle forever monkey, the 40-year-old woman continues, "It took almost a month to consummate the marriage," she writes. "We went from twice a month, to once a month, to twice a year, to once a year." Eventually, she resorted to an affair. "We've had sex maybe 4 times since then, over a year and a half ago," she says. "Here's the thing: we are close. He holds my hand, he loves me, he does nice things for me. We have the same interests, we talk all the time. But i'm just sad, there's this huge part that's missing. The kids are almost grown. What do I do?"

    All over the Internet, there are thousands of posts just like this from men and women in sexless marriages. Generally, a sexless marriage is defined as one in which sex happens 10 or fewer times a year, which applies to a whopping 15 to 20 percent of married couples, according to a Newsweek estimate. Despite the popular mythology around "lesbian bed death," it's predominantly heterosexual couples that are flocking online to count the days, months and years since they last had sex.

    1. "It took almost a month to consummate the marriage"

      Lady, your husband is gay.

      1. Either that or he has unimaginable stamina?

        1. "Please excuse the shaky handwriting."

      2. Yeah. I am amazed at how many women marry men that are obviously gay. I have known three different women who married guys that everyone who knew them's gaydar went to 11 over. The signs that they were gay were so obvious and the women ignored them. I just don't get it. And I really don't get how someone in this day and age could be gay and still lie and marry someone of the opposite sex. Talk about being a selfish asshole.

        1. "gaydar went to 11"

          Why don't you just make ten gayer and have that be the top number and make that a little gayer?

          1. Because this one goes to 11.

            1. It's one more.

      3. Or possibly one of those people with low or no sex drive. I feel sorry for those people, but as long as they find someone similarly situated or are willing to make allowances then everything is OK.

    2. "For better or worse"...A suggestion, not a promise?

      1. Yes, No...

        Multiple choice, right?

    3. I'll take a stab at it. You don't have sex because: your husband might be gay or you don't put forth any effort while expecting him to make all the moves all while wearing him down in other aspects of your life.

    4. I have to beat my wife off with a stick /that came out wrong

    5. "It took almost a month to consummate the marriage," she writes. "We went from twice a month, to once a month, to twice a year, to once a year." Eventually, she resorted to an affair. "We've had sex maybe 4 times since then, over a year and a half ago,"

      So their rate of sex is actually increasing and she's still bitching?

    6. "Despite the popular mythology around "lesbian bed death," it's predominantly heterosexual couples that are flocking online to count the days, months and years since they last had sex."

      Maybe that's because 95% of all relationships are heterosexual. Of course most of the people talking about this are going to be straight since most people are straight.

      Once again, Salon shows they have a rough time with probability.

  8. "As the Missouri National Guard prepared to deploy to help quell riots in Ferguson, Missouri, that raged sporadically last year, the guard used highly militarized words such as 'enemy forces' and 'adversaries' to refer to protesters, according to documents obtained by CNN."

    My parents always taught me that honesty is the best policy. It's clear they already see the "people" as enemy forces, so I appreciate that they use the correct language.

    1. My parents always taught me that honesty is the best policy. It's clear they already see the "people" as enemy forces, so I appreciate that they use the correct language.

      Your parents lied to you.

  9. Fed officials lean all ways on rate hikes, data in focus

    Federal Reserve officials on Thursday were again at public odds over when the U.S. central bank should start raising rates, underscoring the difficult task ahead for Fed Chair Janet Yellen as she tries to build consensus for a rate hike sometime later this year.

    Increasingly it appears she may need to play tie-breaker on a committee split over whether the greater risk is in waiting too long to raise rates, or in pulling the trigger too soon.

    And the division among Fed officials over whether recent weak U.S. economic data is a temporary setback or a sign of more persistent sluggishness puts a renewed premium on Yellen's read of incoming data in the next two months.

    1. Don't worry, the masters in their tower know which levers to push and pull.

      Off sarc, this is becoming a joke. They will never raise rates, economy is sliding back and they will use that and crappy job growth to do nothing or institute new QE.

      1. Yep, just think "Japan".

        1. You misspelled Zimbabwe.


    "You clearly are too stupid to realize who you just turned down. You clearly don't understand that I am going to change the world, and I'll be damned if I let you stop me. Now get the hell out of my way while I find somebody worthy of my time and abilities."

    1. Whoever at the company that made the decision to turn this woman down deserves a raise.

      1. Yeah, that looks like a dodged bullet. Late for your interview?

        Entitled Millennial for sure.

        1. I once had a candidate get really mad at me because he showed up more than an hour late and I wouldn't see him. Mostly because I had other interviews with candidates lined up for the rest of the afternoon, but after about 2 minutes of his outrage it became because of his attitude.

          According to the a-hole, our office was not correctly displayed in his GPS and we should look into that.

          This was also a guy who was late 30's/early 40's. So it wasn't a millenial thing.

    2. She's made it very easy for potential future employers to see what a giant fucking baby she is, so that's at least one useful thing she's done in her life

      1. OMG I can't believe you just said that. You sexist monster.

        Australia must have at least one Oberlin equivalent, right? Universities whose sole purpose is to turn decent kids into obese, angry resentment machines can't be a uniquely American phenomenon.

        1. Sorry to disappoint you, but places like Oberlin are the US's unique gift to the world, along with shitty chocolate and Who's The Boss marathons

          1. But what about Charles in Charge??? Does that count for nothing?

          2. I won't let you slander Who's the Boss and awful american chocolate like that. two questions: pistols or swords? and who is your second?

            1. 1. Swords, so I can feel your hot breath on my face as I kill you
              2. Max Rokitansky

        2. From what I've seen, when it comes to non-American universities that's the norm rather than the exception.

    3. "You clearly are too stupid to realize who you just turned down. You clearly don't understand that I am going to change the world, and I'll be damned if I let you stop me. Now get the hell out of my way while I find somebody worthy of my time and abilities."


      /all future prospective employers

      1. Now, now. I'm sure she'll land a choice gig at MSNBC updating their website.

    4. She kinda proved the company right by her ridiculous behavior.

      "I had a huge run in my tights and C: I was late. And I told them I was going to be late,"

      And that's supposed to make it right?

      I think she's missing the point about what punctuality entails. It's not 'just' about being at your desk at 9. It points to a general mentality.

      2 minutes late I get. 20?

      1. And runs in your tights is not how you want to present yourself.

        These kids today.

      2. your just sexist. She obviously has to juggle many jobs it's not surprising she was late, did you even read the link. she has 3, no check that 4 jobs.

          1. How long can a hand job take?

      3. If you can't make it on time, reschedule in advance. Show some courtesy.

      4. I'm suspicious about the reasons for not hiring. I can't believe any company today is dumb enough to ever give a reason other than "we decided on a different candidate." Anything else is just asking to be sued by someone like this person.

        I think it was in the story, but it is probably more likely that the recruiter who was trying to place her told her that shit.

        And you are a dumb shit if you don't listen to someone who gets people hired at jobs all the time.

    5. Now that's someone I will make sure to note to never, under any circumstances, even on penalty of death, consider hiring. That level of entitlement and arrogance is toxic.

      1. She has a friend at Buzzfeed, so look for her working there in the future and being able to read a 20 gif article on how to get a job.

        1. Honestly, I can't help but imagine she might even prove too toxic from them.

          Fired from Buzzfeed. Now, that's rock bottom.

        2. Snippet: "And yeah. Like, totally be on time. Employers are, totally you know, sticklers for that. I know. Losers but remember. You're the one doing them a favor. Also. Make sure you dress like a mother from 1952 because employers are stuck in another time. I know. Losers. They're not with it but they hold all the power. Until, um, you get there. And then you will have the power."

          1. But in gif form.

          2. Well, I wouldn't hire her either since she can't write like a professional.

          3. It takes a true idiot to think that a college degree means you can make an immediate positive contribution in a technical firm. You're looking for an opportunity to learn how to work at that point. College just proves that you can learn, that's about it.

    6. And this is where they lose me everytime:

      If I had been a man would it have mattered what I was wearing?

      why yes it actually does you dumb fuck.

      1. I am a man. I went to my last job interview wear a short, terrycloth bathrobe. My competition was two whiny broads! The interviewer and I laughed about them and their professional, neat appearance. Needless to say I got the job and they made sure to pay me 23% more than all other women, ever. Being a man is awesome.

      2. I remember being in court (to contest a ticket you assholes) and the guy before me got absolutely verbally pummeled by the judge for having shown up in court in bermudas and sandles as if he was going to the beach. It was EPIC. The guy was a douche.

        I was next. Luckily I was wearing fine tailored threads (I had to go to work after assholes) as the judge examined my attire.

        We both one for the record.

        1. Best court chewing out I saw was a defense attorney outside the DUI courtroom bawling out his client for showing up in beat up jeans and a Miller High Life T-shirt.

          1. My first court experience was watching a guy in shorts and a wife-beater trying to plead no contest to a DUI and illegal weapons charge (sawed off shotgun behind the driver's seat, no stock).

            Judge tried to go thru the required questions starting with "Do you understand that you are the defendant?" Couldn't get past question 1 and gave it to the defense attorney.

            Defense attorney came back 20 minutes later and changed the plea after giving up on the questions.

    7. Well, she certainly increased the likelihood of more interviews. /sarc

      This is the second sentence of her rant: "I was denied a programming job..."

      Not a didn't get the job because, but "I was denied".

      Entitled much?

    8. When I was a CS major in college, women were far and few. One was a semi-attractive blonde who I did some class work with doing a project for a company. Of our team of five people, she was the only one offered a job at the place.

      IT places lovvve women hires - good for the diversity er, quotas - real or imagined.

      So she had to have been a real entitled little snit...

      1. Hell of it is, this is part of the normal learning curve of getting into the working world. Only, it's something you'd expect from a teenage dickhead and not someone on their way out of college.

      2. In the late 90's I was on a project for a huge retailer. We were all shocked when we learned that the retailer had decided to bring in a bunch of consultants from AT&T (I think, but not sure) to help them sell CD's on the web.

        We were pissed and puzzled because that project would have been right in our wheel house and we were already in working there. We also found out that the contractors were going to make a huge amount of each cd sold online.

        Then the contracting team showed up and it was 4 supermodels and 2 nerdy guys. The super models went around and interviewed all the business stake holders and the nerdy guys sat in their cubes and implmented the ecommerce pages. But once we saw the BA's we realized how they had gotten the business.

    9. So she received useful feedback. Instead of heeding that feedback, she chose to make a public spectacle of herself and ensure that nobody in their right minds will hire her. Hope she's good at making mochachinos.

      1. She'll change the world one mocha at a time.

        1. Plan for useless, unasked for advice to be written on your cup?

    10. "This is the ball and chain we, as women, must drag behind us. Our beauty is coveted, but criticized; our bodies are honored, but commodified."

      She should have been an English major.

      1. our bodies are honored, but commodified.

        If we're going by the pound then she's already got a leg up on the competition.

    11. Is this the chick that basically went to her job interview in clothes she would just lounge around in?

    12. Come on, I don't get it. It's not hard to dress professionally. Millions of people do it everyday, so why do these girls keep showing up and acting like its some impossible task.

    13. "Who goes clubbing to an interview in a cardigan and a skater skirt?"

    14. She rants like she got a polite "No, thank you" on OK Cupid.

    15. Reading her original post: she spent "hours" getting ready, had to drive in to the city for the interview, etc., but was still 20 minutes late.

  11. Governor Rick Scott to Take Legal Action Against Obama for Stopping Federal Funds to Force State Further Into Obamacare

    Today, Governor Rick Scott announced that he will take legal action against President Obama's federal healthcare agency for stopping Low Income Pool (LIP) healthcare funds to Florida in order to force the state to take Legislative action to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.

    Governor Rick Scott said, "It is appalling that President Obama would cut off federal healthcare dollars to Florida in an effort to force our state further into Obamacare. The President's healthcare agency sent us a letter this week saying the 'the future of LIP' and 'Medicaid expansion are linked.' But, the Supreme Court has already ruled in NFIB v. Sebelius that the President cannot force Medicaid expansion on states. In fact, the Court ruled that the President could not use 'gun to the head' approaches in pushing for Medicaid expansion.

    1. Go Rick, Go!

  12. No, food stamps aren't subsidies for McDonald's and Wal-Mart
    What advocates of a "living wage" get wrong about the labor market

    And that, of course, is exactly how society is currently organized: Wages are (largely) determined by the market, and government assistance ? funded by taxpayers ? is used to help low-income families meet a baseline standard of living. That some low-wage workers receive government assistance isn't a bug in the system; it's a feature. The government isn't subsidizing Wal-Mart; it's not exclusively Wal-Mart's responsibility to make sure that Wal-Mart's workers bring in enough cash every week. Instead, the government is helping workers who can't command adequate wages to make ends meet.

    The system doesn't work perfectly, of course. There are flaws in the assistance we give to low-wage workers, and it is likely the case that at least some government programs do lead to lower wages for some workers. The labor market has flaws in setting workers' pay and hours. And many non-market factors influence these outcomes as well.

    1. Somebody posted this outstanding article here a while back:

      Walmart critics embrace two moral standards: in the first, morality requires payment of high wages to 1.2 million people. In the second, morality can be achieved without employing anyone at all--that is, by paying zero wages. Most of us have chosen to live by the second standard, and from our lofty moral position we can criticize Walmart for not meeting the first standard. How convenient!

      It's just as accurate to say that Walmart is picking up part of the tab for the safety net (by providing jobs for the otherwise unemployed, not to mention low prices) as it is to say that taxpayers are picking up part of the tab for Walmart wage policies. The two statements describe the same reality.

      This is the social safety net. This is the setup that progressives have demanded, yet they complain when it is used. Focus on making a more efficient and effective safety net, and let Walmart make its own factor payment decisions.

    2. That is one of the more maddening proggie lies out there, that food stamps for marginally employed poor people somehow subsidize the employer and not the individual. Here's my response to that, which I've used with mixed results: Ask if the person would qualify for food stamps with no job, or with a different job. If the answer is "yes," as it surely is, then it is clearly the individual being subsidized and not the employer.

      1. It actually is possible welfare subsidizes low wage employers in that employees can demand lower wages because of welfare.

        Employees might require higher wages without welfare.

        1. So welfare drives wages down. Dunno. I hire people for the work they can perform and value they add to our enterprise. The wage is determined by competitive forces - salary surveys and such.

          Of course these are $90k+ jobs so welfare is not an issue.

  13. 40 pound wolverine chews through cage at Newark Airport

    Being on a plane for hours can feel like being inside a cage. So it's not too surprising that a 40-pound male wolverine named Kasper chewed through his metal cage at Newark International Airport Tuesday.

    The New York Times reports that the animal flew in from Norway's Kristiansand Zoo and was passing through Newark to go through U.S. customs and connect flights en route to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

    While the animal did not actually escape (phew!), its growling did spook a representative from the wildlife conservation center, the Times reports.

    But after all that fuss, when the Bronx Zoo provided a new cage, the wolverine did not want to make the switch, and had to be tranquilized for the transfer to happen.


    1. Fine, but does he care?

      1. I suspect he does not give a flying copulation.

      2. Number of fucks given...zero

  14. No, the media isn't biased in favor of Hillary Clinton

    But, to accuse the press of being in the bag for Clinton in this campaign feels totally contrary to the evidence at hand. Clinton seems to me to have weathered more scrutiny in the race so far -- in terms of media attention being paid to her and what she might be like as president -- than any Republican, with the possible exception of Jeb Bush. I think that's entirely appropriate because of Clinton's status as the heavy favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination and her "prime mover" role in the race more generally. She should get a very deep look -- by reporters and the public. And all evidence at the moment suggests she is.

    The coverage, at least all of it that I see -- and I see a lot of it -- doesn't back the "of course the media is working for Hillary" claim up. Might that change? I guess. Is it good politics for Republicans to tell their base that the press is in the pocket of the Clintons? Sure.

    1. more scrutiny in the race so far

      Key phrase bolded - because by the time she has secured the Democratic nomination, is there any doubt that the fruits of all that scrutiny will have become old news?


  15. Europe Stocks Fall Most in Three Weeks Amid Greece as Banks Drop

    Investors are also watching developments in Greece after International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde warned that she wouldn't let the country miss a debt payment.

    Stocks are falling after rallying to a fresh peak Wednesday, down 1.8 percent for the week. The Stoxx 600 has climbed 18 percent this year amid quantitative-easing measures by the European Central Bank. That has pushed the gauge to its highest level relative to the projected profit of its members in at least a decade, data compiled by Bloomberg show.


    2. I laughed.

    3. Now you have done it....Vietnam, prepare to meet your DOOM!

      1. Didn't we try that once?

        1. But this time we have new and better men in charge, a all volunteer army and cooler weapons.

  16. Melissa Harris Perry owes $70000 in delinquent taxes

    MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and her husband, James Perry, owe about $70,000 in delinquent taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, the Winston-Salem Journal reported Thursday.

    The IRS filed a tax lien on the Perrys on April 6 for the outstanding debt, which is from 2013. In an email to the Winston-Salem Journal, Harris-Perry said she was unaware of the tax lien but knew about the debt and that she and her husband had paid $21,721 toward the total owed. She said personal crises had caused them to pay off the debt slower than expected.

    "We were aware that we would continue to need to work to pay off the 2013 debt," Harris-Perry wrote in the email.

    Harris-Perry hosts MSNBC's "Melissa Harris-Perry" show on weekend mornings and is also presidential chair at Wake Forest University, where she attended college.

    An MSNBC spokesperson declined to comment on the tax lien.

    For people who love government, the people at MSNBC sure have trouble paying their fair share.

    1. Progressives are losers:


    2. I'm sure she makes enough on her show to write a check. And I hope she gets called on it live someday.

    3. Honestly, should anyone be surprised that hypocritical liberal elitist tard, is hypocritical?

    4. But I'm sure her good intentions, and the good work she does as America's foremost public intellectual (yes, proggies actually say that) outweigh any mere vulgar compliance with rules.

      1. America's foremost public intellectual

        That has to be a sick joke.

        Nope right here in the Atlantic:

        The Smartest Nerd in the Room
        Why Melissa Harris-Perry is America's foremost public intellectual, and what she means

        1. Yeah, sorry to harsh on your morning, Idle. I wish it weren't so, but there it is.

          1. It's sad indictment of the times we live in that I literally typed america's foremost public intellectual in google and her name and picture was the number 1 listing. We are doomed.

            1. Well, America's foremost public intellectual isn't a common phrase and Coates got shit on for writing that article. Much mockery was had by all.

            2. Wait, I thought there were sad times because passing ruffians can say Ni at will to old ladies.

              There is a pestilence upon this land, nothing is sacred. Even those who lisp their way through talk shows on TV are under considerable economic stress in this period in history.

    5. I liked Anonymous Cowards comment yesterday

      "Lien Forward" Melissa.

  17. The GOP's next 2016 scheme: How right-wingers will try to use Hillary's gender against her

    As we've seen many times over the years, foreign policy and national security are particularly tricky for Democrats even when one is a certified war hero like John Kerry (or even John Kennedy). Even the hardcore Cold Warriors of the Democratic Party suffered for the fact that the right had associated them with socialism during the Great Depression and turned that into sympathy for Communism. By the time the '60s were over, they were routinely portrayed as cowardly and treasonous for opposing the Vietnam War and characterized in "feminized" terms such as "weak" and "emotional." (Here's a particularly crude example of the genre of recent vintage.)

    All Democratic politicians have had to fight that stereotype ever since then. And all Democratic presidents have struggled while in office to deal with it. Even the dramatic killing of Osama bin Laden under President Obama failed to stop them from calling him a weak and feckless leader, even to the point where they are willing to risk nuclear war to make their point. This dynamic has, over time, succeeded in making Democrats more hawkish and Republicans downright reckless.

    1. "a certified war hero like John Kerry"


      1. Didn't he throw his certifications over the fence onto the White House lawn?

    2. By the time the '60s were over, they were routinely portrayed as cowardly and treasonous for opposing the Vietnam War

      Which they'd worked so hard to get us into...

  18. Why do I see multiple articles like this
    Raise my taxes, Please!
    And so few asking for efficiency and accountability in government?

    1. Funny how nobody who writes those articles seems to be able to locate the U.S. Treasury's mailing address.

      1. Seriously, it's not like they couldn't use the extra cash to fund their hairbrained ponzi schemes. By all means send them more money.

    2. Just think of the JOBS!

    3. Why don't they just write a check to cover the part they are being undertaxed?

      I can't choose to pay less in taxes to government or armed men will come to throw me in a cage or murder me if I resist, these fucking mouth-breathers can quite readily choose to pay more.

      I fucking hate assholes who write/say shit like this.

      1. It is because they want to tax all those other people who don't need and didn't earn their money, like *I* did. How does Warren Buffett writing a check to the Treasury stick it to the Koch brothers? It doesn't.

  19. Yemen crisis: Al-Qaeda seizes southern airport

    AQAP fighters have also reportedly took control of a sea port and an oil terminal in southern Yemen.

    As the coalition strikes continue against the Houthis, Yemeni Vice-President Khaled Bahah said he did not want a Saudi-led ground offensive.

    With the raids failing to stop the rebels, there has been speculation a ground campaign could be launched. Yemen's Vice-President, Khaled Bahah, does not want to see a ground offensive.

    1. SUCCESS!

      1. Ask the Brits how long Yemen has been a shit hole.

        As much as I laugh at Obama and his red lines, JV squad, and successful stratergy in Yemen, at least he's staying out of there. Would prefer a more honest policy of "fuck no, we're staying away" rather than the propoganda filled smart power they profess.

  20. More tax malfeasance: Hillary Clinton supports higher death tax, engages in elaborate tactics to shield Chelsea from it

    The Clintons may be stupid-rich, but they aren't stupid ? they're using estate-planning techniques to avoid the estate tax. Bloomberg News reported in 2014 that the Clinton family home has been divided, for tax purposes, into two shares, and those shares have been placed in a special trust that will shield Chelsea from having to pay the estate tax on the full value of the home when she inherits it. Also, the Clintons have created a life insurance trust ? a common tool wealthy people use to provide liquidity for heirs to pay the estate tax.

    The Clintons' games, and the estate-planning industry's interest in the tax, highlights how the tax fails at its stated aims of preventing the inheritance of wealth and privilege. Instead, the estate tax forces the wealthy to play games in order to pass on their wealth. These games don't add anything to the economy, they just enrich the estate-planning industry.

    Those whose wealth is tied up in a small or medium-sized business, on the other hand, aren't always capable of playing the estate planning games. They're the victims of Obama's threatened veto.

    1. Most people are for raising taxes on everyone but themselves.

      1. Wait, this was supposed to be a reply to NebulousFocus' post above.

        Though come to think of it, it works here too.

      2. You just want to give away money to Paris Hilton.

  21. I can't find a video, but did anyone else see Jeh Johnson's "Top. Men." snippy-fit about the gyrocopter incident?

    He really should resign.

  22. http://www.breitbart.com/natio.....overboard/

    Not surprising but still unbelievable.

    1. That's old hat john and your a racist for talking about it.

    2. Maybe the Christians were shaming the muslims by telling crusader jokes or drawing cartoons?

      G. Trudeau will give us his opinion soon.

    3. a European Commission spokeswoman cautioned them not to expect any "silver bullet" solutions.

      How about any "granite rock" solutions?

      1. Napalm solutions? Just send the entire boat back to where it came from. Put the message out that if someone on your boat is going to act like that, no one on the boat gets asylum.

        1. It's even more amazing that they do this while en route to a country that is the historical seat of Christendom, in search of asylum from the shithole of a society their Islamic culture produced back home.

          1. And they will get asylum. Our leaders have lost their will to survive.

            1. If they do face prosecution, there will be light if any punishment because "these poor souls have had it bad enough already". If they don't face punishment, it will be because "these poor souls have had it bad enough already" and of course there will be the claim that they have some natural right to live in Italy, exploit it's welfare system and rape or rob some locals of course. We already know how they think Christians and atheists deserve to be treated.

    4. "Only a tiny minority of Muslims are extremists!"

      1. But that minority sure is uppity.

  23. NEEDZ MOAR intervention!!11!

    Alternatively: I'm kickin my own ass!!

    1. I pooped watching that.

    2. I hope they enjoyed buying the zoo a new pane of gorilla-resistant glass. Stupid cunts.

    3. I like how the kid is all BYE DAD, GOOD LUCK WITH THE APE

  24. "I'm glad Secretary Clinton's come around to the right positions on these issues," said O'Malley, who is likely to challenge Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary. But "leadership," he added, "is about making the right decision, and the best decision before sometimes it becomes entirely popular."

    Should we wager as to whether he has this same problems with Obama's "evolution" on the subject?

    1. Well, Obama isn't running for anything. And I agree that this is totally mendacious. Pretty much anyone approaching electability is old enough and has enough of a track record that at some point in the 80's - 00's that they voiced support for "traditional" marriage.

  25. ESPN suspends reporter after she goes off on parking attendant

    ESPN suspended reporter Britt McHenry for one week, hours after a video surfaced of the reporter dressing down a towing-lot attendant in brutally ugly fashion.

    "I'm in the news, sweetheart, I will f??g sue this place," McHenry, a Washington-based reporter, says as the video opens.

    McHenry vented about getting her car towed in a since-deleted tweet (as caught and saved by ARL Now) on April 6, and that was the cause of her frustration.

    She apologized for the blowup on Thursday evening after the video went viral.

    "In an intense and stressful moment, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things," she wrote. "As frustrated as I was, I should always choose to be respectful and take the high road. I am so sorry for my actions and will learn from this mistake."

    The video, which appeared on LiveLeak, shows McHenry relentlessly mocking the clerk in a nasty attack, bouncing from jabs at her intelligence to insults about her teeth.


    1. In fairness tow companies are nothing but extortion operations. She may have been right to be angry. Maybe she parked illegally and deserved it. It is just as likely, however, that she was parked legally and the company just stole her car and held it for ransom.

      1. Yeah, I do think she was set up here with the video editing. Nevertheless there's a price that comes with being paid a lot of money to publicly represent a major television network, and that means conducting yourself better in public.

      2. Yeah. Fuck that stupid white(?) trash towing company whore. She deserves much worse than a cussing-out from a far more attractive woman.

        1. That is an insult to whores. Whoring is at least honest work. It is hard for me to think of a more loathsome profession than towing company. People who run chop shops are more respectable. At least they admit they are thieves.

          1. They're like repo men for people who pay their bills. Or bail bondsmen for people who haven't skipped bail. Or cops for people who haven't committed any crim....wait a minute.

            1. And when you think about it, who do towing companies work most closely with? Cops.

          2. +1 (or -1?) Lizard Lick

          3. It is hard for me to think of a more loathsome profession than towing company.

            Check the return address on your paycheck stub, John!

            1. I don't work for DOJ.

    2. 1) I didn't like that the video was edited.
      2) Towing people are the worst. Right up there with tax collectors and lawyers.
      3) I still get a sick pleasure from reporters fucking up and looking like jackasses.

    3. Mike Ehrmentraut would never have stood for that.

      1. There wouldn't have been video, just a missing journalist.

  26. U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Agents received weapons from Colombian paramilitary terrorist groups for personal use and engaged in wild sex parties as if they were teens on Spring Break, yet rather than face stiff punishment, they either got a slap on the wrist or were given promotions.

    The longtime practice of ignoring this wild behavior brought DEA leadership under fire from a U.S. Congressional Oversight Investigation.

    Michele Leonhart, the top official in the DEA, testified before the committee trying to defend her agency and her actions; however, given the wild nature of the allegations, her testimony did little to appease the committee.

    Agents assigned to foreign posts in order to conduct investigations into major drug cartels engaged in wild parties with prostitutes dating back to 2001, and obtained weapons from the Colombian Paramilitary groups, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Inspector General.


    Apparently, the Secret Service are amateurs. It is the DEA who really knows how to party.

    1. So THAT'S what they do with all those drugs they confiscate.

  27. Actor: Don't muddle the fight for wage equality with facts

    I read comments that make me want to kick OTHER people in THEIR genitals. Oftentimes, because they're missing big points and focusing on irrelevant details in hopes that it'll support their opposing viewpoints. And frankly, it could be a futile effort to try and address these concerns because they probably mostly come from those people that are stuck in their own ways regardless.

    Instead of the genital jump kicks, I'll try to offer some thoughts instead. Tuesday was National Equal Pay Day and in looking through my post and other people's about it, I've seen some folks arguing that "women making 78 cents to a man's dollar is an outdated fact/false statistic/other irrelevant comment."

    Let's be honest. We all KNOW that women make less than men (and minority women make even less than white women). In an imaginary world, even if the 78 cent statistic wasn't completely accurate, we still KNOW that there's a disparity. And disputing the *numbers* is akin to me telling you, "my neighbor takes down his pants and shits in my front yard every day." And you telling me, "actually, he doesn't sh*t in your yard on the weekends or National Holidays." The dude is still sh*tting in my mother-f**king yard. And if I went and sh*t on your garden gnome, I bet you'd get it.

    Well if he says so.

    1. Actor? I've looked and still don't know who he is.

      But he's got the "you should listen to me because I play dress-up and pretend to be other people" patois down. He'll be the next MATT DAMON

    2. This has to be the worst analogy ever.

  28. Yeah, this might be undercharging. but hey, it beats the misdemeanor they were originally going with!

    Also, the taxpayers have already been punished to the tune of $1,200,000.00. So maybe the cop can use a "double-jeopardy" defense if he's a county taxpayer.

    1. Charged with discharging a firearm into a vehicle while occupied

      WTF? I don't even...

  29. Gawker editor on why they will unionize

    Too much derp to post, but I can't picture this ending well for them.

    1. No, but this will provide many lulz for the rest of us.

    2. I wish them luck. There is not a lot of cash flow in journalism. So the wages are naturally low to begin with. Moreover, there is an endless supply of snarky douche bags looking to write for a website like Gawker. Mouthing the party line and being a shithead just isn't that hard. The are literally a hundred douche bags standing in line for every job at Gawker. Those people are probably the most easily replaced workers in America.

      1. A hundred douchecanoes in line for each job, only to go in and complain about the pay.

    3. Oh god I can't wait. Hamilton Nolan's tuffgai act never disappoints.

      1. That name automatically carries a lifetime -1 tuffgai modifier.

        1. He'll never top his tuffgai work here. I love how he seems to think that picking up 400 pounds is impressive. Oh god it's delicious.

          1. Speaking of curls - I've always been genetically (or whatever) predisposed towards great lower body strength - my legs would make most bodybuilders envious.

            But when I work out, I end up with good shoulder and chest definition, but I'm always disappointed by my (very long) arms. They seem to lag behind everything else. Lately I've gone into heavier curls / smaller sets than before; hoping to break the pattern.

            Long story short - asking for a good bicep/tricep/general arm workout plan.

            1. I have monkey arms too. They're good for everything except lifting weights, aren't they?

              Superset all of your pressing with chinups and/or pullups. Curls of all sorts are good news, especially with a straight bar because then they work the shoulders too, and especially with a fat bar because then they work the forearms too. Bench press with a narrow grip to work the triceps and deltoids more. The press works the triceps a lot, too. Lying triceps extensions are good, but don't do the variant called "skullcrushers" for obvious reasons.

              So a good plan might be to shoot for 100 strict dead-hang pullups every day, or at least every day that you train, once a week do something like 5x8-12 fat bar curls, and once a week do 5x8-12 LTEs.

              1. Thank you!

              2. WTF are the dips? Mix with pull-ups/chin-ups.

                1. W=where, not what, in this instance.

    4. Best of luck to them, Gawker should put its money where its mouth is.

  30. Fucking god damned Swedes!

    Hassling whistleblowers AND corrupting our wonder governor Mark Dayton.

    The Swede's influence is so great that they have caused our Chief Statist to defy a federal mandate!

    But in an announcement that was indignant, a little quirky and very Minnesotan, the governor intervened on Wednesday, releasing a statement that promised that the umlauts on the signs would be restored, and fast. "Nonsensical rules like this are exactly why people get frustrated with government," Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, said in the statement. "Even if I have to drive to Lindstr?m and paint the umlauts on the city limit signs myself, I'll do it."

    1. It's kind of a shame that these little European hamlets have had such a hard time retaining their language and culture.

  31. Even better than titty-milk cheese.

    1. Hovering over that link made me queasy. I can't bring myself to click it.

  32. Minnesoda GOPers in the State House do pretty good.


    In addition legalizing silencers, they also:

    Lawmakers quickly approved a measure removing a requirement that gun permit owners notify state officials before bringing a firearm onto Capitol grounds ? a system proponents say is outdated and unnecessary ? and another clarifying Minnesota residents' ability to buy guns in other states. A third proposal limiting law enforcement officials' ability to seize citizens' firearms during a disaster or emergency also passed.

    To be fair rural Dems crossed lines to push the bill's passage.

  33. Apropos of nothing, but this season of Vikings has been so goddamn awesome. Last night's episode was like an hour long "What the...?"

    1. Do you think Ragnar will die in the finale, either by disease or the sword?

      1. How the little piglets would grunt if they knew how the old boar suffered."

      2. They made it so obvious in the preview, that I can't help but think it's misdirection.

        I freaking love how there's now some kind of supernatural battle starting up. The scenes with the missionary and the one with the Viking prisoner were so crazy and weird and awesome. Like, what does it all mean???

        1. Ragnar is not going to die this year. He doesn't die in France. I won't spoil it anymore but he can't die besieging Paris.

          1. I know how the mytho-historical Ragnar dies.

            I also know that Bjorn is not Lagertha's son, Judith was not Northumbrian, Judith married Ethelwulf when he was an old man (by ancient standards), Judith was not Alfred's mother (she never had children while married to Ethelwulf), Alfred's father was not some monk, and Rollo and Ragnar were not brothers.

            So it's entirely possible Ragnar dies in Paris on the TV show.

            1. No. They want another season at least. You can't kill Ragnar and keep the show together. He can't die for that reason alone.

              1. Ragnar has several sons that will run rampant all over England in future seasons, not too mention northern France which will eventually be ceded to them and come to be called Normandy...
                Normandy (/?n?rm?ndi/; French: Normandie, pronounced [n??.m??.di], Norman: Nourmaundie, from Old French Normanz, plural of Normant, originally from the word for "northman" in several Scandinavian languages)

                1. That said, yes, I agree that Ragnar will be back for another season...

    2. Its been great. My only problem is that I figured out the first season who Rolo had to be and how it was going to work out for him. So, I know how the whole Paris thing is going to work out. But I still love it. The whole thing with Odin showing up and banging Ragnar's wife and whacking Siggy was awesome.

    3. I'm two episodes behind - but yes this season has been awesome.

    4. They were trying to be artsy and show parallel behaviors/situations in three different venues. Cinema 101 stuff.

    1. Holy cow!

      "She went to the station, where she was informed that she was not being detained, but that they were obtaining a search warrant on her home and that she would not be permitted to enter the residence until the search was executed."

      So she was free to "go" and not being "detained" yet she couldn't enter her own house -- even though there was not yet a search warrant????????

  34. "According to a new study, e-cigarette use has tripled among middle and high school students"


  35. Obama must be focus domestic policy....is he doing that?

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