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What's Worse for This Teen's Health: Smoking an E-Cig, or Getting Tackled, Arrested, and Charged?

Watch the video and decide for yourself.


James Craft

Sixteen-year-old James Craft of Mentor, Ohio, will be charged with persistent disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and a tobacco violation after the student was shoved and tackled by a school resources officer at Mentor High School.

Video footage of the incident suggests—to my eyes, at least—that the officer didn't have any reason to knock the teen on the ground, who was caught with an e-cigarette on school property.

According to

Police said Craft ignored instruction from the principal to hand over his e-cigarette because the smoking devices are not allowed on school property. That's when the school resource officer got involved.

According to police, Craft also refused to give up his vape-pen to the officer. Police said he then became verbally abusive and attempted to push the officer out of the way to get on the school bus. 

It's impossible to tell whether Craft was "verbally abusive"—or what that even means—though he does appear to be arguing with the officer. Did he "attempt to push the officer out of the way"? He's blocked from view in the video for a single second in which that might have happened, but it must have been a pretty slight push. The ensuing assault doesn't seem justified to me.

There was also some confusion over whether the teen had been suspended. His mother told local reporters that administrators had suspended him for 10 days, but the school told me that simply wasn't true; Craft is not suspended, and was never suspended, according to a spokesperson for Mentor High.

The district is investigating the incident, and the officer will be on leave from the school until a determination is made about whether his actions were appropriate.

As for the charges against Craft: They are likely to do him a lot more harm than a few puffs from an e-cig. 

Watch the video here.

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  1. OT: Holy Hell! This is the kind of story I depend on Gawker for;

    Horny Mom Threw Teen Daughter A Naked Twister Sex Party

    I love it when “Truth” is stranger than any pornographic fiction.

    1. Oh my God, the mom also got raped by her daughters boyfriend:

      “”Mrs. Lehnardt told [the sponsor] she and her daughter had spoken and that her daughter ‘felt guilty because the 16-year-old was 10 inches long and huge, and if she had just been able to take it, he wouldn’t have needed to rape her mother.'””

      1. Go on….

      2. So the daughter feels guilty for the mother’s rape because she couldn’t handle the LD? Wow! Also, I would bang the mom.

        1. Also, I would bang the mom.

          Rule #1: Don’t stick it in crazy.

          Checklist of Crazy:

          Magical Panties come off to anally penetrate herself in front of her 16 year old daughter’s friends.
          Fucks an 18 y/o
          Blacks out.
          Wakes up to her daughter’s bf fucking her and just goes ahead and takes it.

          She’s attractive enough where I’d otherwise be willing to overlook mere stupidity. But this one has way too many marks of the beast to even consider suffering her presence for any duration of time.

      3. Oh my God, the mom also got raped by her daughters boyfriend

        Let’s be clear… “raped”.

        He was of legal age (16), she was drunk/unconscious and AFAIK, has merely confessed the incident to her sponsor, not filed charges against him. So, any consent (or lack of) in any direction is fuzzy at best.

        Hilarious that this would be one of those cases where it might actually be recognized as an “*very* embarrassing accident”.

        1. That’s a good point. It’s possible when she says ‘woke up’ to her having sex with this kid she simply doesn’t remember initiating the sex because she’d been drinking.

          1. A drunk…blacking out and forgetting what happened…..I don’t believe you.

          2. Well, the police report specifically says that she initially thought she was having sex with the 18-yr.-old that she had just recently had sex with, so it’s entirely possible that she gave consent, just not to the person she thought.

            1. So confusing.

              I don’t suppose there’s any video that would help us get to the, umm, bottom of this?

              1. As pointed out below; This specific incident? No.

                However, if you can’t find years of *highly analogous* video easily, there’s something wrong with your internet.

    2. Coolest mom ever! But how the hell was the daughter not grossed out by her mom masturbating in front of all of her friends?

      1. It’s like when you and your dad tag team a chick. It’s pretty much the same thing. You don’t let the tips touch and avoid eye contact.

      2. Did you see the pic?

        1. I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Yes, the mom is definitely hot, but I don’t see how that would make her own daughter not disgusted to see her masturbate.

          1. If lobstertube has taught me anything, this type of thing happens all the time.

            1. Lobstertube? LOL that’s a new one to me. Pretty soon we’re going to run out of possible tube-site names.

            2. If lobstertube has taught me anything, this type of thing happens all the time.

              Personally, this is backwards. There now exists a police report to validate every ad that runs on xhamster, redtube, youporn, etc.

          2. Yes, the mom is definitely hot, but I don’t see how that would make her own daughter not disgusted to see her masturbate.

            You’ve got the wrong POV. You’re projecting a cultural value/more that just isn’t there and is irrelevant.

            It’s pretty clear that no one was making use of their higher cognitive functions and the whole “you’re too big for me so fuck my mom” dynamic pretty clearly indicates that she probably raised her kids very differently than your parents raised you.

        2. I need to see the body before I pass judgement.

  2. Whoa, whoa, whoa Robby. How dare you suggest we take our opinions from a completely subjective VIDEO; I mean, who knows who could have edited such a thing? We should be taking our opinions here from the clean, believable voice of the police officer.

    Also, what’s persistent disorderly conduct? Is that what happens when the individual refuses to respect the officer’s authoritah more than once?

    1. I love the assumption and understanding that e-Cig/vaping = Tobacco (violation).

      Apparently that distinction was deemed false and I’m a pedant for wondering about the disconnect.

      It’s like the e-Cigs have the demon spirit of tobacco in them and they possess anyone who uses.

      1. Animism at its finest!

      2. Some of the e-juice contains nicotine. Therefore, tobacco violation, QED

  3. It sounds like this all happened as the kid was trying to go home. I assume school was out, and he was heading for the bus to go home.

    But the petty assholes couldn’t let him get away with having an evil totem on school property. Doesn’t matter that he was vacating school property. And now he’s actually being charged with a crime, not a school punishment?

    1. Mentor Public Schools is investigating an incident that occurred between one of our Mentor High School students and a Mentor Police officer, who is assigned as our School Resource Officer, on school grounds on Tuesday, April 14. The officer involved will not be working at Mentor High School while the investigation is ongoing.

      Curiouser and curiouser…

      I’m betting between Officer “Bart McAllister”, the school’s administration, and the student; not everyone is aware of how to handle the situation in any form from e-cigs to arresting students.

    2. You’ll note that not only was it freaking out over an evil totem, that totem was enough of an excuse to beat the kid up and then charge him with a crime. Animists aren’t just stupid, they’re venal too.

    3. I remember lighting up once when I was walking off the ball diamond from my girls’ baseball team. Coach Tightass went into immediate Alert Mode and started walking toward me….”You can’t smoke on the field!!!” Gertsticulating, like that would help.

      I just kept walking, slowly…..staring at him, huffing on the ‘boro.

      Fuck off, slaver! Don’t you know cigarettes are north of $5 a pack, and I AIN’T snuffin’ one out to save those kids’ lungs (who are about 50 yards from where I was).

      Fucking nannies gonna nanny, yo….

      1. Man, times have changed. My old little league coach went through a pouch of Red Man every game/practice.

  4. Who were the two adults that assaulted and battered that young man? They should be arrested and given a high amount of bail… oh never mind.

    I saw this this morning, and since we’re sharing punch stories here it is for all to watch:

    Florida man pulled over by armored personnel carrier for showing middle finger to police in/around carrier and suspicion of receiving a sexual act from a sleeping woman

    Fortunately, I don’t think it was our favorite Florida Man.

    1. Not me, but huge amount of respect for getting road head and insulting an APC full of pigs at the same time.

  5. Rules are rules. No vegetable oil vapor on school grounds.

    1. Does pot count as “vegetable”? Cause the old “Smoke Hole” might be right out if that’s the case…

  6. Police said he then became verbally abusive and attempted to push the officer out of the way to get on the school bus.

    Coming from the cops, this could mean so many different things.

  7. The ensuing assault doesn’t seem justified to me.

    It isn’t, but it makes sense when you consider the kind of person who would be a high school cop. Any excuse to bully and beat will be taken.

  8. Well at least in jail he’ll have access to healthcare.


    1. nice

      +1 Nurse Ratched

      1. Great movie.
        Louise Fletcher in one of best acted roles, in my opinion.

        1. I read the book in HS. Finally saw the movie last year – no words. So. Awesome.

          1. +1 pillow

          2. Ahhhh.. Juicy Fruit.

    2. not sure if you’re old enough or have the memory, but that’s exactly what Eleanor Clift said when the Clinton administration sent Elian Gonzales back to Cuba at gunpoint.

      1. I was a kid at the time. I was referring to some prog a few months back(can’t remember the name right now) who didn’t want to let non violent drug offenders out of prison because they would “loose access to healthcare”.

        1. Oh it’s been said multiple times in many contexts. I just remember that was my of my earliest memories of the “access to healthcare trumps everything” attitude.

        2. I too have loose access to healthcare.

        3. “”loose access to healthcare”.”

          This reminds me of one of my favorite songs. Its about a french painter.

          Born Toulouse

        4. “I was referring to some prog a few months back(can’t remember the name right now) who didn’t want to let non violent drug offenders out of prison because they would “loose access to healthcare”.”

          That was Elizabeth Stoker Breunig.

          If any leftist says something really fucking stupid that you just can’t believe, there’s like a 50/50 chance it’s Breunig.

          1. She’s had quite the run the last few months.

      2. It’s no fun, being an illegal Elian.

        1. Francisco will be shot on sight for his Class 1 pun violation.

  9. What’s Worse for This Teen’s Health: Smoking an E-Cig, or Getting Tackled, Arrested, and Charged?


    Actually, the correct answer is “Racism” and/or “Capitalism”, which are the source of all bad things.

    1. I blame Bush

      1. This is a reasonable conclusion.

  10. In a democratic society the government is not backed by force. He choose to vape, he could have chose not to!

  11. He was probably vaping PCP.

    1. “You see this scar…..”

      1. Where’d you get the beauty scar, tough guy? Eatin’ pussy?

        1. “How you gonna get a scar like dis eating pussy?”

  12. “Police said Craft ignored instruction from the principal’

    You will respect my Authoritah!

    It always comes down to this. Bend over, or we’ll bend you over.

  13. He got tackled for refusing to cooperate, so what? People are so pussified these days. In my day that wouldn’t have batted an eye.

    1. In my day, there wasn’t so much mandated cooperation.


  14. but the school told me that simply wasn’t true; Craft is not suspended, and was never suspended,

    Of *course* he wasn’t suspended. He was merely subject to a Title 42 administrative action, which is an enforced leave of absence from school and school sponsored activities.

    Completely different than a suspension, I assure you.

  15. That is an easy one! The ones completely against vape being good are just dumb! This is just crazy! I buy premium e-liquid, and no one can tackle me and take it away!!

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