It's Tax Day, Guilty Verdict in Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial, Gyrocopter Pilot Lands on Capitol Lawn: P.M. Links


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    Funny or Die

    A jury convicted former pro football player Aaron Hernandez of murdering a friend, Odin Lloyd. Hernandez once played for the New England Patriots.

  • A Florida mailman landed his small gyrocopter on the U.S. Capitol lawn and was promptly arrested. The man, Doug Hughes, was attempting to deliver letters to Congress in support of campaign finance reform.
  • Did you pay your taxes and file your returns? Read Matt Welch on Americans living abroad who have considered renouncing their U.S. citizenship over the matter.
  • The Cato Institute's David Boaz suggests letting taxpayers decide which programs they would like to fund.
  • The gravestone of Hillary Clinton's father was overturned. Vandalism is suspected.
  • Funny or Die released a hilarious video about climate change denialism. Seriously, it's so funny. You won't be able to stop laughing. You may even die.
  • The Washington Free Beacon on "A New Low for Journalism."

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