Senate Foreign Relations Committee to Vote on Iran Legislation, Iraqi PM Asking for Billions from US to Fight ISIS, At Least Nine Killed in Assault on Somali Education Ministry: A.M. Links


  • UK Foreign Office

    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is expected to vote this week, and possibly today, on legislation that would provide Congress 30 days after the U.S. and other powers reach an agreement with Iran over its nuclear program to review that agreement. The measure is supported by every Republican on the committee and a number of Democrats.

  • Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is visiting the U.S. to request assistance, including billions of dollars, to fight ISIS.
  • On the one year anniversary of the kidnapping by Boko Haram of more than 200 schoolgirls from Chibok, Nigerian President-elect Muhammadu Buhari admitted the government may not be able to rescue the girls, but that it would "do everything in its power to bring them home."
  • At least nine people were killed in an Al Shabaab assault on the education ministry in Mogadishu.
  • New York City's Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), who was Hillary Clinton's campaign manager for her 2000 Senate run in New York, says he won't endorse her until he sees an "actual vision on economic change."
  • Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says there's "no doubt" he has more experience than Barack Obama did when he ran for president in 2008.

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  1. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says there’s “no doubt” he has more experience than Barack Obama did when he ran for president in 2008.


    1. Hello.

      /sits backs and allows to get set back an hour again.

    2. That’s a hell of a low bar Marco. I’ve held an actual job for quite a while, so I have more experience than Barry.

      1. I had more experience than Barry by the time I was 16.

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  2. Florida man warned about stalking nuisance squirrels, police say

    It’s not a call that we usually deal with. He had a problem with squirrels in his yard, and he had exterminated one, and his neighbor also had a problem with one,” Melbourne police spokesman Pete Mercaldo said. “The neighbors were complaining about seeing him with a BB gun.”

    It was not immediately known how many squirrels the man — identified by police as the president of the neighborhood association for the area — had killed.

    “We gave him a warning and told him that next time, use a professional service,” Mercaldo said. “He may have been under the impression that if the squirrels were a nuisance on your property that you could take care of it. There are laws that govern these things, and he agreed with that.”

    1. “He may have been under the impression that if the squirrels were a nuisance on your property that you could take care of it. There are laws that govern these things, and he agreed with that.”

      LAND. OF. THE. FREE.

    2. Give it up, Florida Man.

      Every time I shoot a Reason squirrel it just grows more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

      1. There’s your problem. You put them on tiny pikes as a warning to the others.

        1. Reason squirrels follow the rule of ‘conservation of ninjitsu’.

          The more of them there are, the weaker each one is individually.

          By killing them off you’re just concentrating their power in the remaining individuals.

          1. +1 Jet Li

            (because “+1 The One” didn’t look right in my mind)

            1. I like the one where he is Bob hoskin’s dog.

              1. Unleashed.

          2. Rule of ninjutsu you say. Cue 80’s montage of me training to fight the squirrels.

            1. “Cue 80’s montage of me training to fight the squirrels.”

              I was inclined to go with Oingo Boingo, FM, but I think Squirrel Nut Zippers will do given your opponents and what’s at stake:


              1. I can’t wait for lunch so I can watch it.

                1. If you like 80’s videos or Oingo Boingo videos in particular you may enjoy it for its surrealism.

                  (I know you asked for 80’s music and the SNZ is from the early 90’s but I took a chance)

    3. Freedom to ask permission!

    4. Cop: Yeah, I have a buddy who does pest extermination. Give him a call.

      Crony capitalism strikes again? lol

    5. So, why doesn’t he become a ‘professional’ and then go to town?

      Oh, wait – he’d have to get a *license* for that.

      1. He would have to “pay” for a licence for that.

        1. Isn’t it amazing how things that are illegal can become legal if the people who enforce the laws get paid.

    6. You pretty much have to be an asshole to be disturbed by the squirrels. He’s probably one of those idiots who is constantly feeding the birds so that they shit on everything in the neighborhood and they are getting in to his feeder.

      1. I kill chipmunks whenever I see them on my property. They dig into the sill of my house. Squirrels stay in the trees for the most part, so I leave them alone.

        1. I am with you there sarc. Hate the damned things.

        2. WAAAAAA! NOT THE CHIPMUNKS! And now you know why there AREN’T ANY LIBERTARIAN WOMEN!

          You can’t kill chipmunks or squirrels and expect the ladies to flock to your ideology. Chipmunks and squirrels are too damn cute.

          Spiders, however, are a sure fire winner. Real men kill spiders. Bullies kill chipmunks.

      2. Squirrels eat part of the pecans before we can get to them (can’t just eat the whole damn things), chew on the wiring in our attic, eat the bird food, taunt the dogs in the neighborhood making them bark, and probably some other stuff that I just can’t remember off the top of my head. They are a pain and good on this guy for hunting them.

        1. Squirrels are vermin and after repeatedly eating the outside hammock I considered it a declaration of war. Squirrel jerky is good eating.

        2. When I lived in the Atlanta area I had a couple of big pecan trees. The squirrels were so expert at detecting the ripening nuts and so efficient at harvesting them that they were able to strip the trees bare within 24 hours. I would notice they were looking good as I left for work at 7 am and they would be mostly gone when I got home that night around 10.

          Then a golden eagle took up residence in a tree in my back yard. After that I had all the pecans I could carry.

        3. Damn it, why can’t you just get a cat and let Mother Nature do her thing?

    7. Life would be so much less interesting without Florida man.



  3. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is visiting the U.S. to request assistance, including billions of dollars, to fight ISIS.

    Time to embrace your new ISIS overlords.

    1. I’ll worry when they call themselves ISINYC.

      1. I won’t.

        1. Yeah, you’re right.

          Make that ISIMPLS.

      2. They haven’t been the same since Timberlake started his movie career.

    2. Fuck you, cut spending heads off

    3. Billions? Really?!

      My brother’s ex-wife’s cousin makes $47,792 dollars per hour at home by piloting drones over Iraq. He made $2,345,987 just last month, working only 30 hours per week. And he just bought a used Hyundai.

    4. If I left Iraq, I wouldn’t plan on coming back.

      “You know those hotel pool looks really nice. And the booze… and the new cars… and the women…”

      1. +1 bunch of Soviet defectors

  4. Spot the Not: Country Music Songs

    5 real titles, 1 Not

    1. I Don’t Care if it Rains or Freezes ‘Long as I Have My Plastic Jesus Sittin’ on the Dashboard of my Car

    2. The Girl I Love Went Crazy From Book Learnin’

    3. I’ve Been Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart.

    4. I’d Rather Hear A Fat Girl Fart Than A Pretty Boy Sing

    5. Wanna Be A Blue Light Special In The K Mart Of Your Heart

    6. I Spent My Last Ten Dollars on Birth Control and Beer

      1. I forgot to reward you for your victories yesterday:…..nnnnnn.jpg

    1. 2, it doesn’t flow well enough to be a song.

      1. I think this is a fake Country song, but still funny: “The only ring he gave me was the one around the bathtub”.

        1. How about “Meet me at the pawn shop, Honey, and you can kiss me under the balls”?

        2. “I’ve got tears in my ears from lying in bed and crying over you.”

        3. “If I had it to do all over again, I’d do it all over you.”

        4. I Went Back to My Fourth Wife for the Third Time and Gave Her a Second Chance to Make a First Class Fool Out of Me

          1. It’s hard to kiss the lips that chew your ass all day.

            Actual Country song.

    2. Must be 2.

    3. For those dying to know, all the real songs came from this list:

      1. Fun list, but #34 (Going to hell in your heavenly arms) is a parody song. #11 (Bubba shot the jukebox) is up there with Beethoven and Mozart. Change “worst” to “quirkiest” and I’d be happier.

        That acronym STN from yesterday was hilarious, btw.

        1. Well, maybe Austin Lounge Lizards are tongue-in-cheek, not exactly parody.

        2. I do my best, good sir. Here is the master list if you wish to read more:

    4. #1, while a real lyric, immortalized in ‘Cool Hand Luke’ is titled ‘Plastic Jesus’. So technically wrong (the worst kind of wrong).

      But I believe #2 to be the not.

    5. 2 is the Not. I made it up. I figured the sexism and anti-intellectualism would throw off the scent.

      #4 is real:

    6. My wife ran away with my best friend and I miss him….

    7. #4.

  5. New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager for her 2000 Senate run in New York, says he won’t endorse her until he sees an “actual vision on economic change.”

    Nothing short of full retard will do. No half measures from Hillary.

    1. an “actual vision on economic change.”

      WTF? Like Janet Yellen in an evening gown?

      1. I was thinking of some kind of bad acid-trip through hell type experience.

      2. No. Leon Trotsky in an evening gown.

        1. Because mustaches and evening gowns have always been a good look.

          1. Your are not being very gay affirming there Elspeth.

            1. Sorry! I watch a lot of British comedy so does that count? Usually each show has a drag scene at some point.

          2. Something about wearing long black gloves to cover the long black hairs.

      3. Or perhaps Raul Castro in drag?

        1. She’s worst than all that. She’s Hillary Clinton dressed as Hillary Clinton.

    2. LOL.

      Economic change = Turning America into Venezuela or Cuba.

      1. It’s called Progress.

  6. Kentucky judge criticized for telling parents they fostered racist behavior in daughter
    …The parents argued for a tougher sentence for the man convicted of busting into their Louisville home at gunpoint while their daughter watched “Spongebob Square Pants,” according to the Courier-Journal.

    Judge Olu Stevens blasted Jordan and Tommy Gray’s victim impact statement at a court hearing in February and again recently in a Facebook post he later deleted….

    …Stevens contends the statement played no role in his decision to sentence the robber, 27-year-old Gregory Wallace, who pleaded guilty to the March 21, 2013, crime, to only five years’ probation….

    1. There’s nothing unique in a child being wary of a person with a different color than their own. I see this at the daycare all the time. I don’t think it has anything to do with ‘racism’ but rather about the kid seeing someone different from them for the first time. After that, it normalizes.

      Take me for instance. I met my first Jew when I was 18 and couldn’t stop staring at them until the novelty wore off.

      I’m fucking kidding. Relax.

      1. Was it the horns that spooked you? Or the hunched back and clawed hands?

        1. Yes Spongebob is racist. Everyone knows that.

          Spongebob: yellow, can’t drive and likes karate(Asian)
          Patrick: fat and lazy(american)
          Squidward: hates community, turban shaped head( Arabic/muslim)
          Sandy: accent, doesn’t work, patriotic(white trash American)
          Mr. Krabs : long nose, greedy(jewish)

        2. The hooked nose.

        3. He was blinded by the shine of their secret Jew gold.

      2. “I don’t think it has anything to do with ‘racism’ but rather about the kid seeing someone different from them for the first time. After that, it normalizes.”

        Yeah, and if the first time a kid sees an African American is when he’s breaking into his house with a gun, I don’t think it’s particularly surprising he’d be frightened of other black people.

        If he’s still like this at 13 you have a problem, but it’s unbelievable that a judge would criticize the parents in this instance when they don’t seem to have done anything.

        1. It’s obscene that a judge A) would feel personally offended. Fuck you, it’s not about you asshole and B) would ignore that little tidbit about the black dude unlawfully breaking into a house where a little child happens to be. It’s as if he refuses to comprehend and compute a basic human element of fear during a traumatic episode especially in children.

          Instead, he made it about his fucking feelings. FUCK. HIM.

        2. but it’s unbelievable that a judge would criticize the parents in this instance when they don’t seem to have done anything.

          It’s unbelievable until you hear the judge’s name is Olu.

        3. The nurses at my pediatrician’s office managed to engender my 3 year old with a fear of people from the caribbean. They are wonderful nurses and terrifically nice, but they gave him every injection he ever had, and then had a really hard time getting a vein when he needed a blood draw for some testing when he was 3. Even a hint of island accent would have him cringing in fear for the next couple of years.

      3. Rufus Racist Daycare?

        “It’s OK though, because there aren’t black people in Canada.”

        Not a very catchy jingle, but Rufus’ ad account is sorely underfunded.

        1. And if there are black people they head to the NBA.

          I’m taking donations by the way.

      4. My 17-month-old just doesn’t like adult strangers. This is aggravated when they are men, of a different race, or seem like they might touch her. My Asian brother-in-law, who she’s only seen for a few days, was not popular those few days.

        We went to the house of some Indian people, who are friends of my wife’s family. The woman had known my wife since she was a small child and so naturally hugged my wife when we came in. I was holding our daughter, but she lost her shit anyways. She got over it in ten minutes or so.

        Oddly all kids are OK by her.

        1. Imagine how age-ist she’ll be in a few decades when she’s paying a not inconsequential fraction of her income to fund Medicare as it bankrupts the country.

        2. My daughter was terrified of adult strangers when she was about 3-4 years old.

          She was fine with kids, too.

      5. Descendants of European and Asiatic Jews hardly have features distinguishable from other European groups they lived among. So either her was wearing jew curls, a jew hat and a jew beard or he looked exactly like a caricature taken from the pages of Der St?rmer.

    2. I know kids who get scared of all men with certain facial hair because of something that happened to them involving someone with that type of facial hair, be it a full beard, or mustache, or goatee, or whatever. It’s not always a color thing.

      In fact, some kids have a fear of all adults of a certain gender because of something that happened to them involving an adult of that gender.

      Should parents be admonished for their children’s fear of such people because of a very traumatic experience?

      1. Some of kids take a while to get used to me. Some are naturally friendly and others just stare at you as if you’re gonna take them away. Once they see you a few times – IE breed trust – they’re like your best friend showing you their dirty stuffed animals or some incoherent picture they drew.

      2. Yup. My little sister was super afraid of bald men, for a long time.

        1. She had a bad run in with Lex Luthor?

          1. Daddy Warbucks dumped her for a redhead?

    3. Here is what I imagine is the offensive quote from the victim impact statement:

      “”Whenever we are running errands, if we come across a black male, she holds me tight and begs me to leave,” Gray wrote in February of her daughter. “It has affected her friendships at school and our relationships with African-American friends.””

      This seems to be saying that the daughter’s fear of black people is one of the *bad consequences* of the break-in, and should be a factor in enhancing the guy’s sentence.

      But what do I know, I’m not an emotionally fragile, easily-offended judge.

    4. This is unfortunate. I had occasion to speak with Judge Stevens several times right after he first made the bench while clerking for another Jefferson County judge. He came off as a very good guy. 5 years probation for armed robbery and home invasion is outrageous. Making the primal associative fears of a small child an indictment of the parents moreso.

  7. Spot the Not: More Country Music Songs

    5 real titles, 1 Not

    1. You Tore My Heart Like Buckshot Through A Stop Sign

    2. You’re a Hard Dog To Keep Under The Porch

    3. Queen Of My Double-Wide Trailer

    4. She Broke My Heart, I Broke Her Jaw

    5. Thank God And Greyhound She’s Gone

    6. Redneck Martians Stole My Baby

    1. 6?

    2. 3 and 5 are real songs, that I’ve heard. I’m going with #6 being the “not”.

    3. Imma say 4, I believe 6 could be real kitsch?

    4. The Not is #1. Made that up myself.

  8. Chelsea Clinton buys new $10.5 million apartment across the street from her husband’s $4 million ‘starter pad’ bought just before they married
    Most young couples could only dream of buying a luxury four-bedroom apartment in the centre of Manhattan.

    But Chelsea Clinton, 33, and husband Marc Mezvinsky, 35, are about to swap their $4 million pad for a huge new $10.5 million one nearby….

    …According to a Douglas Ellisman listing, the couple’s ‘starter pad’ has a powder room, an open chef’s kitchen with beautiful bluestone countertops, oak floors, Italian marble bathrooms, huge windows and scores of other luxury finishes….

    1. It’s amazing what hard work and no connections can earn for you these days.

      1. And, honestly, good for them. It’s just he hypocritical BS we’ll be hearing from mom (and her, I assume) for the next 50 years.

        1. And, honestly, good for them.

          Errr….no. No, not “good for them”. How the hell is it you think they afforded that condo? Savvy, hard work and brilliance? They had the money for that condo for one reason and one reason only. Because they have connections to people who can order people with guns to take shit from some people and give it to others. And the fact that they do so well of that really is disgusting.

    2. if you’re a Democrat, you’re NEVER the 1% because of goodthinkful rhetoric.

    3. They’re part of the 99%.

    4. Thank God Hillary has pledged to do something about income inequality.

    5. Ah, to a young aristocrat…

    6. DEAD BROKE!

    7. Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?

      Because Janet Reno is her father.

      1. Chelsea looks just like what you would ecpect a child of Bill and Hilary to look like…with all the horror that entails.

  9. Why Marco Rubio May Be the GOP’s Strongest Candidate

    “Rubio is both electable and conservative, and in optimal proportions. He’s in a position to satisfy the GOP establishment, tea party-aligned voters and social conservatives. In fact, Rubio’s argument for the GOP nomination looks a lot like Walker’s, and Rubio is more of a direct threat to the Wisconsin governor than he is to fellow Floridian Bush.”

    “To win a presidential nomination, you need to make it past the party actors (i.e., elected officials and highly dedicated partisans). You can have all the strong early poll numbers in the world (hello, Rudy Giuliani), and your candidacy can still fail if party bigwigs come out against you. Rubio has a real chance of surviving ? or even winning ? the invisible (or endorsement) primary.”

    1. Only if you ignore his attempted sell out on immigration. I can’t believe many people are going to forgive him for that. Rubio is just Bush with a better sense of self identity. He really is Hispanic rather than just wishing that he were.

      1. I really don’t like Rubio. He also probably has more than a few skeletons in his humidor.

        1. He is not the worst. I would take him over Jeb Bush or Fatso and more than a few other Republicans. But he is not the best either.

          1. He’s pro NSA, Patriot Act and virtually any other federal usurpation of the enumerated rights of the people. And from what I’ve read of his new tax plan, he want’s to nominally lower the top income tax rate while hugely expanding the class of income earners forced to pay it.

            And since he doesn’t seem to be operating from any kind of principles, I’ll assume his list of “likable” positions and qualities is nothing but rhetoric. Granted he’d be better than Bush, Santorum, Graham et al, but that’s not saying much.

            1. As I say below, he is likely to be the establishment fall back candidate when Jeb Bush inevitably implodes.

    2. I was going to guess “bench-press”.

    3. Considering I’ve heard all the major right-wing talk shows trash Rubio, I think that person is full of shit. Tea Party voters won’t vote for him over Rafael Cruz.

      1. Exactly that. Rubio screwed himself when he sold out on immigration. No one trusts him now. Though I imagine he will be the life raft the GOP establishment goes to when Jeb finally figures out no one wants to vote for him.

  10. New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager for her 2000 Senate run in New York, says he won’t endorse her until he sees an “actual vision on economic change.”

    There were no Kulaks and wreckers in her video, de Blasio has a sad.

  11. …he won’t endorse her until he sees an “actual vision on economic change.”

    For the better or worse?

    1. It’s de Blasio. Definitely worse.

  12. Black people are not here to teach you: What so many white Americans just can’t grasp

    The problem with those teachable moments is that the same people always end up doing all the teaching. In matters of race (and sex, disability, gender and sexuality, but let’s stick to race right now), the marginalized are tasked with being educators. That is, people of color (POC), are expected to be patient and polite racial and cultural ambassadors who provide white people new to this whole “thinking critically about race” thing with a “way in.” The role entails charitably and unselfishly engaging questions, assertions and doubts from white people who’ve previously done precious little thinking about racism and privilege, but often have quite a bit to say on the topic.

    When POC refuse to take on this dual role of spokesperson and resource library, they’re often accused of having shirked an assumed responsibility. The idea seems to be that we’ve missed an opportunity, that it’s our duty to hold white people’s hands and educate them, that we’re condemning some poor white person to a continued life of ignorance.

    1. No they are not. They are not there to be props in your own little personal morality play or weapons to be used to assert your superiority over other white people either.

      1. So Whitey can’t understand because of ‘privilege’, and expectations of being taught are immoral. OK, we’ll never understand. So shut the fuck up.

        1. No, only racist evil whiteys like you and I will never understand. Enlightened white folks like those at Salon are better and get it.

    2. So it’s not rAcist to say you don’t want a black teacher.

      Got it.

    3. Um, what white people want you to lecture them? This article is a reply in desperate search for an argument.

      1. The self-flagellating leftists this guy hangs out with, I would imagine.

        Being lectured on your white privilege is to SJWs what beating yourself with a scourge was to the Flagellants.

        1. We should bring back the hairshirt and bastinado.

          1. SugarFree,

            I heard that they were bought or bartered for fairly by a (commentator who shall remain unnamed) from (another commentator who shall also remain unnamed).

            1. That’s balls nasty, Rob.

          2. Hairshirts are for clothing impenitent bigots like Brendan Erich. Why would a conscientious lefty need one? He atoned already. Didn’t you read his blog post on privilege?

            1. A white man can never truly atone for his birth. Only reincarnation as one of The Holy Victims can purify him.

              1. Well, sure. But in life they impute their punishment to others. Why else work so hard to out alleged bigots? Altruistic punishment allows them to shirk the discipline. No sense being uncomfortable as an elite while striving to better the unwashed masses.

              2. There is one possible atonement – bein’ HELLA gay.

      2. They’re making excuses for why they don’t want to explain their position in debates.

    4. The idea seems to be that we’ve missed an opportunity, that it’s our duty to hold white people’s hands and educate them, that we’re condemning some poor white person to a continued life of ignorance.

      “The marginalized” that are in this white male patriarchal hellscape of a society because the evil creators of said society have built the most tolerant, prosperous and inclusive society in human history. It’s the white males, if anyone, that are tasked to be the hand holding educators on the proper conduct in human action. As they have done since the Enlightenment at least.

    5. The role entails charitably and unselfishly engaging questions, assertions and doubts from white people who’ve previously done precious little thinking about racism and privilege

      That is, people who have not thought about racism in the way I think they should.

      but often have quite a bit to say on the topic.

      That is, have ideas different from me and actually question what I tell them.

      Arrogant sumbitches.

  13. When the Islamists recruit drag queens we’ll be in trouble:

    two male suicide bombers set out to blow up a religious school.

    For disguise they got dressed up in burqas and, to complete the outfit, they added pairs of high heels. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t practice walking in them. The first bomber fell over, detonated himself and took out the other one with him.

    The school is still standing.

    (via Popbitch)

    1. Beautiful, if true.

    2. What’s next? An Islamic suicide bomber with Semtex instead of silicone implants?

    3. “Now you’ve done it!”

      “Done what?”

      “You tore off one of my chests!”

    4. What is the fucking point of high heels in a burka? For the love of houri, if you can’t see their calves or asses what woman is going to torture herself with heels?

      1. Sounds like even Islam has frat boys. Jezebel should be thrilled to hear about it.

  14. Woman slashes husband for not washing his hands after using toilet

    According to police, the woman, identified as Emi Mamiya, got into an argument with her 34-year-old husband in the second-floor apartment at around 1 p.m. Sunday, Sankei reported. The woman told police later that she got mad at her husband because he was going to touch their 3-year-old son without having washed his hands after using the toilet. She also complained that he left the toilet smelly and that her child could not use it in that condition.

    Police said she threatened her husband with an 18-cm-long knife and when he dared her to kill him, she slashed his left cheek.

    1. That’s one classy lady. Washes her hands AND owns a knife that’s measured in centimeters.

      1. I give stupid/brave points to the husband for daring his armed, germaphobe-crazed wife.

        1. Good god, it’s a good thing that I’m making a second pot of coffee. I read “germaphobe-crazed” as “gramaphone-sized.”

  15. This eyewitness is strangely credible (scroll down for picture)

    1. I, uh


    2. Is that a pic of our resident brony?

    3. “You don’t expect this sort of thing to happen in a leafy suburb of a seaside town,” the traffic officer said, adding: “This is not a zoo.”

    4. I’m certain that I could round up 299 other people and we could conquer that nation in less than a month.

      1. If I can have a chunk of Wales, I am in.

      2. “Man walks down the street wearing that… Floks know he ain’t afraid of no one.”

    5. Should have gone for the aardvark.

  16. Get Ready to Hang Out at the Naked Beer Fest in the Poconos

    At this beer fest, guests are not only permitted to let it all hang out, but are required to do so. Go ahead, take a moment to let it sink in.

    Yep, that’s right. Nudity is a requirement for Sunny Rest Resort’s fourth annual Bare Beach Beer Bash, which takes place on Saturday, June 27, from 1?5 PM.

    Guests are allowed to wear a robe, towel or even suit up elsewhere at this clothing-optional vacation destination in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, but birthday suits are the only suits allowed on site of the annual brew fest.

    1. Nothing says fun like beer guts and nudity.

      1. I cannot imagone there are many people you want to see naked at a place called “Sunny Rest Resort”.

        1. Two words; old hippies.

    2. Um, where are people supposed to keep their smokes?

        1. “It’s a *codpiece*!”

    3. I read that as “Naked Bear Fest”.

      1. That too, probably.

  17. Homeless agency spends $600K on office upgrades

    the lavish expenditures included two 75-inch Samsung 3-D TVs that cost $3,297.99 each ? even after a $500 rebate.

    In all, the department spent $90,000 on high-tech gear and furniture for its offices at 33 Beaver St.
    That’s on top of $171,000 to create additional offices at the Financial District building, and $150,000 on a paint job for the seven floors the department occupies.

    At one of the worst shelters, the Brooklyn Acacia Cluster in Brownsville ? where investigators found one elevator broken, and the other fouled with a large puddle of urine ? residents were outraged at the DHS spending.
    “When we moved in, they gave us a broken bed, a broken dresser, one chest that has two of the drawers broken,” said Denise Annisa, 49, a mother of five whose previous apartment was destroyed by fire.
    “We’ve requested new stuff, but we haven’t gotten anything. It’s been over a year.

    1. A year. With a broken dresser. A YEAR. The HORROR. And fuck Dept. of Homeless services, too.

    2. Wow.. Nothing left to cut. Imagine what good that money could have done if the department actually cared about helping people.

      1. What are you saying, that they don’t care for the people that work in that office? How would they be able to get along without 75″ 3-D TVs?

        You are a hating monster!

    3. “We’ve requested new stuff, but we haven’t gotten anything. It’s been over a year.”

      So, stop waiting and get on Craigslist.

  18. In interview with Religious Right group Jeb Bush touts his role in Schiavo case and giving taxpayer dollars to anti-abortion groups

    “‘We’re the only state, I believe, to have funded with state monies crisis pregnancy centers to provide counselors so that these not-for-profits that in many cases aren’t as well funded as many others could act on their mission, which to provide broader support, but the actual counseling was done, paid for by the state,’ he said. ‘It was a godsend for these crisis pregnancy centers and a lot of babies’ lives were saved.'”…..-interview

    1. Since when is counseling against abortion something the government can’t do? I thought abortions were supposed to be “safe legal and RARE”. The only reasons someone would object to this is if they thought abortions were great and that there should be more of them, which is of course what Progs like you think. If the government starts discouraging abortion, we will end up with more of the wrong kind of people having children and we can’t have that.

      1. The only reasons someone would object to this is if they thought abortions were great and that there should be more of them, which is of course what Progs like you think.

        Umm, no. Taxpayer dollars should not be paying for anything related to abortion (or healthcare in general, of course).

        1. Sure Jordan. There is that. I was thinking more of why a non-Libertarian would object to the program. Sorry not to be clear. The point is that if you think it is okay for the government to be providing counseling services to people, and most non libertarians and certainly every liberal does, then why would you have a problem with government provided counseling against abortion unless you thought abortion was really great and we needed more of them?

          1. If you think abortion is the kind of thing that reasonable people differ on then maybe you don’t think your tax dollars should be used to ‘put the thumb on the scale’ (or transvaginal wand as the case may be ).

            1. If you think it should be “rare”, then yes you would. If you think it is a good thing, then no you wouldn’t and in fact you would want to provide counseling the other way, which is in fact what liberals do. They are totally happy with paying Planned Parenthood to encourage abortions.

              1. You’re hilarious working that Clinton quote as if it’s some command all pro-choice people adhere to.

                And, you misunderstand it. It doesn’t mean women who would be in a bad situation sans an abortion should be talked out of it and that’s how it becomes ‘rare’ it means that we should make it so women aren’t in that bad situation and need to consider an abortion in the first place.

                Liberals that push for taking my tax money and giving it to PP for abortions are of course making the same mistake.

      2. So when people complain about taxpayer money being involved in the controversial decision of abortion that only goes one way. Gotcha.

        1. No. The question is why would someone not want counseling to be anti-abortion unless they thought abortions were good? If abortions are supposed to be safe legal and rare, why would you not support government counseling against them in most cases? You would support that. And people like you don’t support it and in fact are fine with counseling going the other way because you don’t want them to be rare. You want a lot of them and view them as a good thing and a way to keep the wrong people from breeding. Your and your ilk’s embrace of abortion has nothing to do with freedom or rights. It is just eugenics cleaned up and pretending to be concern for liberty.

          1. John, I think most abortions have no moral implications to me, it’s like removing a cyst in the very early cases which predominate. Stopping someone from taking that option can have incredible negative impact on their life for what I, and many, see as little to no moral gain the other way. So of course I would have a problem with government using my dollars to put their thumb on that scale.

            1. You think abortions are great, which is my point. Thanks for playing and being honest.

              1. Captain False Dilemma is reporting for duty I see.

        2. The hypocrisy is from the left here. They want PP to be government-funded but go batshit if a pro-life group gets similar funding even though their mission is to also help in crisis pregnancy situations.

          libertarians want a level playing field with NONE of them funded by taxpayer dollars. And conservatives want a level playing field that funds their pro-life facilities just like pro-abortion facilities.

          1. Exactly Sloopy. Moreover, it also points out what a lie it is when they claim they are not “pro abortion”. They sure as hell are. They want more abortions and fewer of the wrong people having children.

          2. The hypocrisy would then be on the left and right sloopy, as the right wants funding for the anti-abortion centers but of course opposes the funding for PP.

            1. Except it doesn’t work that way. The gate is already opened to funding PP. And it ain’t closing anytime soon.

              1. So let me get this straight: if the government does something unlibertarian already, we should be ok with them doing something equally unlibertarian to ‘offset’ the former?

                1. You mean like recognizing gay marriage?

            2. So the right wants funding for counciling and the left wants funding to pay to kill babies and you find those positions equal.

              BTW, most of us agree the government should be out of either side but your endless rants about the right while dismissing the abuses of the left are pretty transparent.

              Concern troll gonna concern troll

              1. ‘Kill babies’, ah, now I see.

                1. If you really think that the only position one can have as a libertarian is to be pro choice then again, you seem like a concern troll who spouts libertarian party talking points so you can bash the right. There are well reasoned and argued libertarian positions both pro and anti abortion. I can be against abortion and still understand and respect the libertarian position to be pro choice. Most people here that are on either side of the argument are able to understand the other sides reasoning and although they disagree don’t dump the other side into the collective they think they belong too.

                  The fact that you equate paying for the ending of life to talking shows the lack of thinking on your part. Again, you are just a concern troll from the left who uses libertarian talking points to bash the right.

              2. So the right wants funding for counciling and the left wants funding to pay to kill babies and you find those positions equal.

                The PPs do more than “kill babies”. They also donate to non-profits and Democratic politicians.

    2. Shorter Bo:
      Funding abortion good.
      Funding life bad.

      1. Hahaha

        Actually, its more like: reasonable people have different ideas on this, so how about the government get out on both sides?

        You know, like the LP Platform says.

        1. You’re right. And I’m sure you will reference all your teeth-gnashing comments from days past about the funding of PP with tax dollars. Right?

          1. It’s become crystal clear that the Botard is a progressive playing concern troll. I think he’s been outed by someone as playing the same game on other sites.

            1. If you can find where I’ve advocate a non-libertarian position I’d love to see it.

              1. Bo wants cake. They all want cake.

                1. First off, the retarded don’t rule the night. They don’t rule it. Nobody does.

        2. Do you seriously adhere every single thing the LP platform says? Because if so you should like I don’t know form some of your own opinions on like things.

          1. Actually, I come pretty close. It’s a pretty well hashed out document that tries to adhere to first principles. What’s wrong with that?

      2. Even shorter Botox: 2 legs good, 4 legs bad.

        Well, it used fewer characters, anyway.

    3. Evil SoConz coming to kill us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Wow, who would have thought a bunch of libertarians (smirk) would be so upset about criticizing a politician who brags about taking taxpayer money to fund a pet cause?

        1. (snicker)

          Who would have thought that our pure libertarian would be so upset at only half the problem all the time?

          1. I’m no fan of taxpayer money going to pro-abortion groups either.

            1. Maybe, but I do not recall you trying to take that hill.

              1. By that logic, since I don’t recall you criticizing taxpayer funding of anti-abortion groups what can I conclude about you? That you support it?

        2. I wouldn’t call a bunch of libertarians John, but okay.

          1. Private FUQ, sloopy

            1. Most of us are consistent about being against government taking taxpayer money for pet causes. We typically show up in any thread that the topic is about a politician of either party doing this. You seem fixated on putting links to rightwingwatch in just about any thread. Your principled stance always seems to be right wingers are evil and silence on the left. Your so called libertarian views seem to talking points straight from the Libertarian Party which makes me think you just spout the libertarian line so you can bash the right. You have no reasoned arguments. You hate the right and seem oblivious to the left. Most of us tend to see that both sides are equally wrong. The reason some of us like to pound your head over this is because of your consistent whining about the right and the belief you have that we are a bunch of right wing nuts.

  19. Don’t Let Science Be Settled with Political Intimidation
    …Congressman Raul Grijalva has been writing universities, demanding financial records showing who is financing the research of dissenting scientists, and demanding their internal communications as well. Mr. Grijalva says that financial disclosure needs to be part of the public’s “right to know” who is financing those who express different views. He is not the only politician pushing the idea that scientists who do not march in lockstep with what is called the “consensus” on man-made global warming could be just hired guns for businesses resisting government regulations. Senator Edward Markey has been sending letters to fossil-fuel companies, asking them to hand over details of their financial ties to critics of the “consensus.” The head of the National Academy of Sciences has chimed in, saying: “Scientists must disclose their sources of financial support to continue to enjoy societal trust and the respect of fellow scientists.”…

        1. Who had side businesses in astrology.

      1. Galileo was put under house arrest for challenging the scientific consensus of his day.

    1. yes, let’s do this. I want to know exactly who only takes money from NOAA, NFS, IPCC, and other openly watermelon sources.

  20. Neighbor forced man onto high-rise balcony, microwaved his wallet

    Tampa Fire Rescue officials say Mohammed Almarri illegally entered his neighbor’s apartment on the 30th floor of the luxury Element apartment building at 808 N Franklin St. He then forced the owner to retreat to his balcony, put the owner’s wallet into the microwave and turned it on.

    The victim told officials Almarri also took the victim’s collection of lighters, piled them on the floor next to a small electric heater and turned the heater on.

    Firefighters were dispatched to the scene around 8:45 a.m. to investigate a report of a man trapped on his high-rise balcony. They smelled smoke, but found no active fire, and the victim was not injured.

    1. Ah, Florida – that is more like it!

      1. I was getting nervous myself. I was fixin’ to walk off this job and do sumptin’ stupid.

  21. How the FBI is whitewashing the Saudi connection to 9/11

    Agents identified persons of interest in the case, establishing their ties to other terrorists, sympathies with Osama bin Laden and anti-American remarks. They looked into their bank accounts, colleges and places of employment. They tracked at least one suspect’s re-entry into the US.

    The Saudi-9/11 connection in Florida was no small part of the overall 9/11 investigation. Yet it was never shared with Congress. Nor was it mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.

    Now it’s being whitewashed again, in a newly released report by the 9/11 Review Commission, set up last year by Congress to assess “any evidence now known to the FBI that was not considered by the 9/11 Commission.” Though the FBI acknowledges the Saudi family was investigated, it maintains the probe was a dead end.

  22. Mother-of-three released on bail on assault charges after squirting breast milk at a police officer during strip search


    1. Hey, Erica seems like she could be a real sport!

  23. We’re Calling It Global Warming Again, But Only Because It’s ‘Scarier’
    …Scientists typically prefer to talk about “climate change.” That’s because humans don’t “feel’ temperature on a global scale. For people to want to take action, they’ll have to notice and understand local changes, so the reasoning goes. For decades now, scientists and climate communicators have spent untold effort in demonstrating the link between rising greenhouse gas concentrations and the countless less well-known aspects of “climate change” that are much more personal than numbers on a global temperature chart. But “climate change” is a complex and nebulous term, with less vivid imagery than “global warming.”…

    1. Why not call it the wrath of the sun god? Or Sutyr’s return or something. Even scarier, and just as scientific.

      1. Ragnarok? End Times? .4?C-mageddon?

    2. The science is settled!!!111!!!

    3. Climate Change was to easy a name to argue against. It was to easy to point out that the climate is always changing.

    4. climate communicators

      AKA Cheerleaders for progressive change?

      “RAH, RAH, REN!

  24. Hamilton Nolan’s (for Irish) latest, You Are Paying Billions Because McDonald’s and Walmart Won’t:

    That is to say that we, the taxpayers, are paying $153 billion per year to supplement the very low wages paid to our fellow working Americans by many large, profitable corporations. That is an amount roughly equal to the entire annual budget of the US Department of Agriculture.

    It is one thing to say, “Fast food workers don’t deserve $15 per hour.” But realize that what you are saying really amounts to, “I prefer to pay the difference between what fast food workers earn and what they need to live myself, rather than making their employers pay it.” Framed that way, some Americans might start thinking about this wage issue a bit differently.

    Quick, what would happen to the employees if McDonald’s and Walmart went out of business tomorrow?

    1. And the derpiest thing you will read in the next 10 minutes:

      You don’t understand capitalism and the concept of creative destruction. In a capitalist system, businesses which make a profit by using labor efficiently and charging customers prices that fully cover expenses will continue to operate. Therefore businesses which are not able to be profitable should fail and therefore make way for more efficient businesses to take their place. We drive cars instead of a horse and buggy ( unless we’re going on a romantic ride through the park) because cars were produced efficiently and thus eventually supplanted horses. By keeping wages in any industry or business unnaturally low we are de facto propping up inefficient businesses which SHOULD be getting destroyed/displaced by more profitable ideas and businesses. Keeping wages unnaturally low makes the labor market inefficient by not allowing labor costs to rise to equilibrium and keeping workers in industries where their labor is not as profitable as it could be elsewhere. Basically, wage suppression leads to more profits accruing to the already rich, while another class of people is maintained as low wage workers.

      1. That makes my head hurt.

        1. It shouldn’t – it makes no sense whatsoever so no effort at comprehension is required.

        2. That’s because it’s fucking illogical.

          If labor is more in demand in a machine shop than stocking shelves at walmart, the machine shop owner will offer higher wages to attract talent, and the workers will quit the low paying job at walmart to go work in the machine shop.

          Offering subsidies to low income workers doesn’t prompt walmart to offer low wages. What it does do is encourage people to *accept* lower wages than they otherwise would accept.

          But the author doesn’t want to go there, because that road leads one to the conclusion that welfare breeds dependence, and writers from the Salon would stone him and set fire to his corpse for apostasy if he were to express that heresy.

      2. Efficiency means increasing your labor costs and costs of production overtime. Brilliant.

        Now to this charge a progtard will respond that if workers made a “living wage” they’d be able to buy more of their company’s product. So does that mean Hamilton Nolan and the Gawkerites want more fat people to eat at McDonald’s?

      3. Just *give* *everyone* a “living wage” and be done with it.

      4. But realize that what you are saying really amounts to, “I prefer to pay the difference between what fast food workers earn and what they need to live myself, rather than making their employers pay it.”

        This is the mask slip.

        1. It’s also saying ‘I prefer that unemployed poor people not have their savings eaten up by overinflated prices and that I don’t want more people to become unemployed due to their labor being overpriced.’

          But Gawkerites have a difficult time understanding arguments.

      5. The first half of that paragraph was written by someone who has never even talked to whomever wrote the 2nd half?

        Isn’t that some kind of creative writing exercise?

    2. fast food workers earn and what they a family of 5 need to live myself

      Because poor life choices are obviously McDonald’s fault.

    3. Here is what is funny about that, among a lot of other things. One of the great liberal minds of the 20th Century was John Kenneth Galbraith. Galbraith’s big idea was a government guaranteed minimum income. He thought the government should ensure every adult in America had enough money to live on no matter what. Here we are in the 21st Century and we have the new Prog position, which is that any job that doesn’t pay enough is effectively costing the tax payers money. I suppose, but isn’t that the entire point of these programs? If you don’t like spending money to give people money, why do you think they are such a good idea?

      1. I think they might see it as a ‘necessary evil’ John.

        1. Yeah, they think it is evil, that is why they only want to programs to get bigger.

          1. They think the programs are tied to need, and they think they don’t match the need. I think they’re wrong, they’re bigger than any real need. But they’re not hypocrites for saying that they’d prefer that people not need the programs.

      2. The only reason it ‘costs’ the taxpayers money is because of government – not anything to do with the market. Remove government from the equation and it will cost the taxpayers nothing.

        1. ^^^^THIS^^^^

          I think the smart move is to stop the programs where government is handing money out to people. Tax payers would then be off the hook!

      3. I wish someone anywhere could define what exactly a livable wage/income is.

        1. FWIW, for most of the 20th century it was defined in Australia thus:

          surely the State in stipulating for fair and reasonable remuneration for the employees means that the wages shall be sufficient to provide [proper food and water, and such shelter and rest as they need], and clothing and a condition of frugal comfort estimated by current human standards.

          1. That sounds pretty subjective, Why can’t someone just give me a number? Why is it never a mathematical formula derived from any economic factor?

            1. Because it’s not about economics, it’s about feelings

        2. Everybody should be able to buy a Ferrari. Those things are hand made – do you have any idea how many jobs that would create?

          Everybody should be able to buy a 4,000 sq.ft. house. Just think of all the construction jobs, and all the jobs created by demand to fill up those huge houses with appliances and stuff!

          Everybody should be able to take six weeks of vacation a year. Just think of all the jobs airlines, hotels, and car rental companies would create!

          So, about $250K a year? If we do that on a household basis

      4. If you don’t like spending money to give people money, why do you think they are such a good idea?

        Because they really, really hate poor people who don’t do as they’re told.

        Look at the jeremiads against Walmart; the nasty put downs of people who shop there. Walmart has done more to raise the standard of living of low income americans then all of LBJ’s stupid welfare programs. According to their stated goals, progressives should be cheering it. Instead they chant “No Big Boxes!” and try to stop their expansion at every turn.

        The poor who shop at Walmart aren’t doing what they are told!!! They aren’t supposed to consume stuff that makes them happy, but buy the serious shit that the progs think they should buy. No more cheetos, more Pirate’s Booty (which is the same fucking thing but more expensive!). No more cheerios, more Kashis. No more American cheese, more artisinal provolone locally made.

        The poor are supposed to live mean little lives and be grateful for the guiding hand of their masters that give them not what they want, but only what they truly need.

        1. I can’t find the quote but sarcasmic had a beautiful one on here a few years ago from Ayn Rand that called these idiots out perfectly. It was from The New Left and the Anti-Industrial Revolution. It said something to the effect that once it dawned on the Marxists that a single shoe factory couldn’t give shoes to the world and that the communist countries could never compete with the capitalist ones in terms of material wealth, the left just discarded wealth and standard of living as being a good at all. “When they discovered the facts of reality involved, they declared that going barefoot was superior to wearing shoes.” The American left’s hatred of Wall Mart and the “consumer culture” and indeed its embrace of the AGW cult is just another example of what Rand was talking about.

          I am not an objectivist and likely never will be. Rand, however, absolutely understood the Left better than almost any other thinker.

          1. “The old-line Marxists used to claim that a single modern factory could produce enough shoes to provide for the whole population of the world and that nothing but capitalism prevented it. When they discovered the facts of reality involved, they declared that going barefoot is superior to wearing shoes.”

            There are a few other selections here, but they’re not truncated quotes in the way I would have made them. I need to grab my copy and make my own selections.

            Old-line Marxists claimed [falsely] that they were champions of reason, that socialism or communism was a scientific social system, that an advanced technology could not function in a capitalist society, but required a scientifically planned and organized human community to bring its maximum benefits to every man, in the form of material comforts and a higher standard of living . . . . [T]oday we see the spectacle of old Marxists blessing, aiding and abetting the young hoodlums [of the New Left] (who are their products and heirs) who proclaim the superiority of feelings over reason, of faith over knowledge, of leisure over production, of spiritual concerns over material comforts, of primitive nature over technology, of astrology over science, of drugs over consciousness.

            1. That’s the one, thanks. And it describes the post war left perfectly.

          2. In particular regard to Wal-Mart and such:

            If concern with poverty and human suffering were the collectivists’ motive, they would have become champions of capitalism long ago; they would have discovered that it is the only political system capable of producing abundance. But they evaded the evidence as long as they could. When the issue became overwhelmingly clear to the whole world, the collectivists were faced with a choice: either turn to the right, in the name of humanity?or to the left, in the name of dictatorial power. They turned to the left?the New Left.

            Instead of their old promises that collectivism would create universal abundance and their denunciations of capitalism for creating poverty, they are now denouncing capitalism for creating abundance. Instead of promising comfort and security for everyone, they are now denouncing people for being comfortable and secure.

            And thus the transition from the leftists who held industrial production as a value to the watermelons of today.

            1. TRACTOR PULLLZZZZZ!!!!!!!

    4. I’m glad you posted the picture, but I’d prefer the one where he’s wearing a Batman mask.

      1. Noted, we will always use Batman then.

    5. The problem is, to extent that this is true, that we are subsidizing Wal-Mart and McDonald’s employees to be able to accept a lower wage than they require to live on. Forcing the employers to a higher wage without an increase in the value of the work provided by the employee, will result in less people working and more cost to the public fisc. Like most progressive ideas, it is dependent on a static economic model, one where things like employment remain relatively unaffected by changing input variables. Which is despite living in a workd where it demonstrated over and over as not being true.

  25. Ackman Says Student Loans Are the Biggest Risk in the Credit Market

    “If you think about the trillion dollars of student loans we have outstanding, there’s no way students are going to pay it back,” Ackman, who runs $20 billion Pershing Square Capital Management, said today at 13D Monitor’s Active-Passive Investor Summit in New York.

    The balance of student loans outstanding in the U.S. — also including private loans without government guarantees — swelled to $1.3 trillion as of the second quarter 2014, based on data released by the Federal Reserve in October. The rising level has prompted investors and government officials to draw parallels to the subprime mortgage market before housing collapsed starting in 2006.

    1. I keep hearing about how the student loan bubble might be the next one to pop. For those who are more savvy than myself in such matters, what will such an implosion look like, and more importantly, how can I cash in on it?

      1. Buying up stressed loans for pennies on the dollar and squeezing quarters on the dollar from the former student.

        Risky but profitable (currently) .

        If the chosen one waves his economic wand and pays off loans by fiat, could be very profitable.

    2. About all this debt problem.

      I’m almost of the opinion of just forgiving it. History is littered with ‘moments’ of debt forgiveness because in the end, no one is paying jack shit for anything anyway – particularly corporations, banks and governments.

      I understand the part of ‘enabling’ or sending the wrong signal but that falls dangerously along the lines of how a malicious and ambitious prosecutor goes after the small-time pot user to ‘send a message’.

      Forgive the debt and these unaccountable doofuses go away. Just try and teach them to not take out loans they can’t pay back.

      1. Forgive the debt and these unaccountable doofuses go away come back and buy a house they can’t afford or lease a BMW or go back to get their masters in english.

        1. My suggestion:
          1) Anyone holding a loan may not discharge it for a period of seven years after the last student loan is initiated.
          2) Schools will be responsible for up to 20% of the principle left unpaid for any loans initiated after this act
          3) The Federal government will only act as the EEOC supervisor

          Expect fewer 4 year degrees and a sharp return to focus by community colleges on vocational programs.

          1. I say jack #2 up to 40% to make it even more painful for schools to rope idiots into getting worthless degrees that will never get them employed. I suspect this would mean the end of all those “Studies” degrees and put the hammer down quite hard on a a lot of liberal arts ones a s well…

  26. Dalrock: Choosing last sucks
    …Unfortunately, for all those women who thought a man would come later, other women capitalized on their youth, snatching up all the boyfriends and husbands while they focused on building their careers….

    1. Cue a Nelson Muntz “Ha-ha!”

  27. About that artificial sweetener weight gain..

    Excellent comment I ran across:

    Luis Pedro Coelho says:
    April 7, 2015 at 4:56 am ~new~
    A few notes on the microbiome/artificial sweeteners:

    1) the problem with artificial sweeteners is mostly compensation (Oh, I had a diet soda, so I might as well splurge on dessert). In studies where the sodas are double blinded, you don’t see these effects [ /article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0078039 ? I’ve seen other studies agree]. Just giving people aspartame pills [] did not change their weight gain either (tested against placebo).

    1. 2) The paper you linked to has two big weaknesses: (A) although the paper is titled “artificial sweeteners”, they only actually see their effect with saccharin. I suspect a paper that was more honestly titled would not have had the same impact however. I do think this is mild evidence against saccharin, but grouping things as “artificial sweeteners” is not helpful; those are marketing categories, not those that nature respects (B) the doses in the study are pretty large. A friend worked it out that it was about 10 to 20 sodas a day for weeks.

      You should probably limit your consumption of sweeteners, but the worst is probably fructose, glucose is not great and saccharin might have issues. Artificial-vs-natural is not a useful distinction (e.g., the trend to move towards “natural” agave is bad one as agave has the highest concentration of any natural sweetener)

    2. How do you double blind a test with diet soda?

      Regular soda tastes good.

      Diet soda tastes like the effluent of a paper factory.

      You’re not *not* going to know which you’ve gotten.

      1. Use an unfamiliar flavor?

        1. Slurm?

          ‘It’s Highly Addictive!’

  28. ‘Slicing and dicing’: How some U.S. firms could win big in 2016 elections

    The companies, typically privately held and staffed by 30 to 100 people with engineering and developer backgrounds, will operate in the background of election campaigns. But their influence will likely be felt in millions of households as they help candidates tailor online adverts for specific groups of voters.

    Their analytical wizardry enables them to “slice and dice” the electorate so precisely that they can zero in on voters in a single apartment block. A candidate’s ability to micro-target likely voters with adverts on issues they care about is crucial in a modern American political campaign.

  29. Cop accused of tickling feet of man killed by police

    He reportedly told another officer that he “loves playing with dead bodies”. A trainee apparently was so disturbed by Stringer’s comments that she reported it to her superiors.

    “Jeez, can’t a guy have *any* fun?!”

    *** tickles pebble ***

    1. A trainee apparently was so disturbed by Stringer’s comments that she reported it to her superiors.

      She’s lucky she didn’t get the Dorner treatment.

      1. ^THIS

      2. Or that woman in Florida who pulled over an off-duty cop doing 120.

    2. cooca-coopa-packa-pooko-yabba-dabba-doo.

  30. The Private Man: What does she offer?
    …A post-50, post-divorce woman must bring something to the relationship table that a man wants. If she’s not prepared for that, then she is not ready for dating. Here’s the reality: A 50-something Prince Charming is dating 30-somethings and the sooner a 50-something woman realizes that’s her competition, the sooner she’ll be successful in realizing her relationship goals. She can loudly and proudly (“I’ll never settle!”) take herself out of the dating market, that’s her option. Attractive men do what they want with whom they want no matter how a 50-something woman “feels”….

    1. Indeed.

    2. You can sum that article up in one sentence; Ladies, you have to make up for what you have lost in physical attractiveness with effort in bed and by being sane, stable and supportive out of it in ways that younger women are often unable to be.

      Its really that simple.

  31. Navy builds a ship just for F-35s, it returns to dry dock after only months of operation… for 40 weeks of upgrades for it to be able to handle F-35s.

    Not too astonishingly, the Navy and Big Defense, both of which seem to have a very loose grasp of the idea of budgets, play this off as an exciting thing, getting ready for the big game-changing F-35B. That is true, but almost another year in dry dock equates to big dollars and considering we already spent close to $7 billion on this design, of which only two ships will be made of it before returning back to the well deck concept, this seems outrageous.

    1. The F35 just keeps on giving.

      1. And taking. It seems to do more of that than anything else.

        1. The money fires are beautiful this time of year…

            1. Never gets old.

          1. Almost literally, since the problem seems to be that the F-35’s engine exhaust burns through the deck. Which was built for the F-35.

    2. The F-35 has to be the biggest testament to bureaucratic ineptitude and incompetence of the last 20 years or at least in the top 25

      1. That’s why the MV-22 guys love it.

        Its taken the focus off of them.

        ‘Course, the Navy has more than its share of boondoggles in the last decade – the USS America is a small one compared to the LPD-17 and AKE-1 classes and the Littoral Combat Ship is shaping up to be another example of modern procurement.

  32. Glenn Beck v. Grover Norquist

    “On April 11, the NRA board of directors were announced at the Nashville convention, and they included Grover Norquist, the NRA board member over whom Glenn Beck threatened to quit the NRA.”…

  33. Orgasm, Mazen and Gennah Tyles: Idiotic first names

    1. More than a few users mentioned the name Obamaniqua

      I’ve always been partial to “Placenta”.

  34. Hillary Clinton: The first presidential candidate of the trolled
    She’s put up with decades of online abuse — which makes her a lot like plenty of us now

    When she announced her candidacy for presidency over the past weekend, Hillary Clinton made history. Not just as, you know, the first woman in American history with a real shot at winning the White House. Not just for creating such a conspicuously ethnically diverse, clearly pro marriage equality announcement message. But along with all the other ways that Hilary Rodham Clinton’s run is groundbreaking, there’s this ? she’s easily the most trolled person ever to run for the nation’s highest office. And that makes her, in that unique distinction, the quintessential early 21st century candidate.

    Hillary Clinton has been trolled since before trolling even entered the common vernacular. Back in 1992, as a potential First Lady, she faced a “heady backlash” for defiantly casting herself as a successful career woman, admitting, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies.” When her husband was accused, during his own presidential campaign, of infidelity, it was she who faced for a deluge of fury for saying, “I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette.”

    1. The defense of such a transparently awful person is nauseating.

    2. So she made history in 2015… but not in 2007, when she was also expected to be nominated and then easily win the White House?

  35. Shale Oil Boom Could End in May After Price Collapse

    Output from the prolific tight-rock formations such as North Dakota’s Bakken shale will decline 57,000 barrels a day in May, the Energy Information Administration said Monday. It’s the first time the agency has forecast a drop in output since it began issuing a monthly drilling productivity report in 2013.

    Deutsche Bank AG, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and IHS Inc. have projected that U.S. oil production growth will end, at least temporarily, with futures near a six-year low. The plunge in prices has already forced half the country’s drilling rigs offline and wiped out thousands of jobs. The retreat in America’s oil boom is necessary to correct a supply glut and rebalance global oil markets, according to Goldman.

    1. But, we’ll still have it in the ground when we need it.

      1. Exactly. And there is always the motivation to find cheaper ways to get it out. The long term price of oil is whatever the cost of fracking is. And that is likely to only get cheaper as time goes on.

        1. They’ve been reducing costs every year in the Bakken, with companies employing different technologies, some with ceramics, some with specialized sand, etc. There are also a couple more pipelines (not Keystone) coming into play that will make the area more profitable. I don’t think it’s so much a crash, but guys who were marginally attached to the industry, when firms were looking for warm bodies, may well find themselves out of luck.

  36. Simplistic arguments which are nonetheless essentially true
    …Walmart critics embrace two moral standards: in the first, morality requires payment of high wages to 1.2 million people. In the second, morality can be achieved without employing anyone at all?that is, by paying zero wages. Most of us have chosen to live by the second standard, and from our lofty moral position we can criticize Walmart for not meeting the first standard. How convenient!…

    1. Good article.

  37. UPDATED: Elle Mallon’s additional grievance against We Are Oregon
    …6:21 ? Mallon files a response accusing Allison of sexual harassment because she referred to Mallon as “Ms.” when Mallon identifies with the use of “Mx.”

    7:30 ? Allison apologizes in an email, saying:

    “In every situation I’ve been in with Elle, Elle has said Elle’s pronouns were “She, Her, Hers,” including on the Ducks F.I.R.S.T website. With that information, I used “Ms.” when addressing Elle.”

    April 8:

    Mallon submits a second grievance saying Allison chose to misgender her.

    She cites the apology email from Allison as evidence saying that:

    “Allison found a place where my pronouns were listed and then chose to misgender me anyway (My pronouns also include xe xem hyr and they them their).”…

    1. “(My pronouns also include xe xem hyr and they them their).”


      1. Xff-xck-hff

    2. How the shit are you supposed to pronounce “xem”?

      1. chem

        or ugly motherfucker in a dress

      2. Fella?

    3. Maybe she should use these as they are not gendered:

      uva?a – I, me
      uvaguk – we (dual), us
      uvagut – we (pl), us

      ilvich – you
      iliptik – you (dual)
      ilipsi – you (pl)

      ilaa – he, she, it, him, her
      ili?ik – they (dual), them
      iIi?ich – they (pl), them

    4. So Mx-Master Mallon gets to punish people for *not* being insane?

  38. What you always knew about metastudies

    You might remember Bem as the prestigious establishment psychologist who decided to try his hand at parapsychology and to his and everyone else’s surprise got positive results. Everyone had a lot of criticisms, some of which were very very good, and the study failed replication several times. Case closed, right?

    Earlier this month Bem came back with a meta-analysis of ninety replications from tens of thousands of participants in thirty three laboratories in fourteen countries confirming his original finding, p < 1.2 * -1010, Bayes factor 7.4 * 109, funnel plot beautifully symmetrical, p-hacking curve nice and right-skewed, Orwin fail-safe n of 559, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

    1. By my count, Bem follows all of the commandments except [6] and [10]. He apologizes for not using pre-registration, but says it’s okay because the studies were exact replications of a previous study that makes it impossible for an unsavory researcher to change the parameters halfway through and does pretty much the same thing. And he apologizes for the small effect size but points out that some effect sizes are legitimately very small, this is no smaller than a lot of other commonly-accepted results, and that a high enough p-value ought to make up for a low effect size.

      This is far better than the average meta-analysis. Bem has always been pretty careful and this is no exception.

      So ? once again ? what now, motherfuckers?

      1. Yep, science if fucked. We already knew this. They’ll continue making noise about making it better, but its not going to go anywhere.

    1. Is confusing a Cuban for a Messcan racist, or just dumb and offensive? Also, that was more likely an autocorrect fail.

    2. Is confusing a Cuban for a Messcan racist, or just dumb and offensive? Also, that was more likely an autocorrect fail.

      1. Oh I don’t doubt it was an autocorrect fail and no one is accusing him of saying something intentionally racist.

        It’s just funny when smug hacks make mistakes like that given how quickly they lecture on racism and cultural sensitivity.

      2. If you are a Cuban it is absolutely racist and offensive. If there is anything you can do to a Cuban, other than maybe calling his mother a whore, that is more likely to offend them than confusing them with a Mexican, I can’t think of it.

  39. Greason bug fixed.. There was a problem trying to get youtubemultiplier links to appear in the page, resolved by not trying too hard..
    I apologize unreservedly..
    Note: I have a new support option for bug reports, an IRC channel

  40. Think Progress desperately wants black people to stay in their place and not vote for Rand Paul

    While Romney simply wrote off 47 percent of the nation, Paul calls for a philosophical sea change in how Americans view the role of government ? and he offers the poor and people of color a devilish deal: allow Paul to dismantle the American welfare and regulatory state, and he will free them from the all-too-common stories of police brutality and overincarceration. Before anyone agrees to buy what Paul is selling, however, they should understand the full contours of his proposed deal.

    Genocide by Neglect

    The degree to which Paul proposes to tear down the master’s house with the master’s tools cannot be overstated. Though Paul now presents his anti-government philosophy as the antidote to a society which dooms far too many poor people of color to a life behind bars, that philosophy has far more insidious roots. As I explain in my book, Injustices: The Supreme Court’s History of Comforting the Comfortable and Afflicting the Afflicted, economic libertarianism was not built on a foundation of empathy for the poor and the downtrodden. To the contrary, the social theorist who is arguably the father of modern libertarianism literally argued that the impoverished and the unfortunate should be left to die in order to purify the human race.

    IT’S A TRAP!

    1. Dear Caged Bird,

      Freedom is scary and bad.

      If you stay in your cage, I will provide you with all the comforts you want.


      Your Owner

    2. Paul proposes to tear down the master’s house with the master’s tools

      OK, people of color doomed to a life in the master’s house? That is racist as fuck.

    3. “To the contrary, the social theorist who is arguably the father of modern libertarianism literally argued that the impoverished and the unfortunate should be left to die in order to purify the human race.”

      So he agreed with progressives then, so long as you replace ‘impoverished’ with ‘mentally unfit.’

    4. So Think Progress looks at sticking huge numbers of black people in prison as a necessary price to be paid for the regulatory state. How noble of them to ask someone else to pay the price for their vision of a great society.

    5. At the time, America looked much like the kind of libertarian paradise that the Pauls offer up as utopia. The Industrial Revolution and the railroads enabled a single business to serve an entire nation, and that, in turn, enabled the owners of those businesses to grow wealthier than anyone who had ever previously lived.


  41. Exorcists warn Vatican over ‘beautiful young vampires’

    “There are those who try to turn people into vampires and make them drink other people’s blood, or encourage them to have special sexual relations to obtain special powers.”

    Emphasis added. We know who!

    1. Special sexual relations?

      Where can I sign up?!!

      1. Uh-oh. *Now* you’ve gone and done it.

      2. Where can I sign up?!!

        Sounds like your local catholic church.

        Priests have been doing things to young boys to protect them from vampires? Who knew?

    2. “Please send me to test beautiful young women who miht be vampires. Of course I won’t be able tell until coitus is joined…”

  42. FYI: I bought a Reason t-shirt via Zazzle. The ‘M’ I ordered was too fitted so I asked they send me a ‘L’ in exchange. I was informed they will send me the new one PLUS I get to keep the medium.

    Life is sweet.

    /shakes pepto-bismal.

    1. Well what are they going to do with a rejected t-shirt crawling with Canadian cooties, apart from burn it in a medical waste facility.

      Which one did you get?


        The basic t-shirt with the Reason Free-markets, free shit logo or something.

    2. But did they send it USPS?

      1. Yes.

        1. Well! I’m cancelling my subscription then.

  43. Powerful photographs captures just how pervasive everyday sexism is and how it makes women feel

    A striking photo series shows the sexism women face in their everyday lives.

    “Boundaries,” by artist and photographer Allaire Bartel, is a jarring visual symbolization of male entitlement in a woman’s everyday life.

    “In this series you will see one woman, an average young professional, depicted in routine daily situations,” Bartel’s website explains. “The concept of male entitlement is represented by male arms and hands performing a variety of actions that are overwhelmingly intrusive on her body and her life. In each situation she maintains a blank expression, a visual choice that demonstrates how conditioned we as women have become to accept this atmosphere as excusable and even normal.”

    Bartel produced the series through 2014 Young Photographers’ Alliance Mentoring Program, working with her model to come up with situations where they had felt oppressed or singled out because of their gender.

    “Every photo in the series, while not an exact replica of an event, is modeled to represent a situation in which [myself or the model] had experienced sexism or harassment,” Bartel told The Huffington Post.

    1. OK, *now* will you wear a burqua?

    2. Collectivising people is fun. One creepy yoga instructor = all men think they can fondle me at all times!

      1. Supposed to be a greater than sign, making that an arrow. I’m not trying to steal GILMORE’s shtick.

        1. If i abuse punctuation, its because they deserve it.

          1. That semicolon was asking for it.

    3. “Every photo in the series, while not an exact replica of an event, is modeled to represent a situation…”

      So, fake.

    4. I always wondered what happened to ‘Thing’ after the Addams Family…

  44. The older I get the more I appreciate Tolstoy for being one of the great geniuses of human history. Here he is on the mentality of intellectuals.

    Unlike the book’s other educated characters, the agrarian intellectual Levin thinks for himself. Instead of just adopting approved enlightened opinions, he actually learns both sides of an issue. When the progressive theories he adopts to modernize his farm and improve the peasants’ lot fail, he does not change the subject or seek some ad hoc justification of progressivism. Rather, he admits his mistake and seeks some other solution, however unconventional it may be. How many intellectuals can ever admit that their critics were right?

    Here and elsewhere, Tolstoy is concerned with how intellectuals think. Can they really be concerned with helping the poor peasants if they do not bother to consider whether their reforms would actually work? If they really cared about their professed aims, wouldn’t they learn to consider disconfirming evidence and invite criticism? Could it be that, instead of helping the poor, their real concern is to think well of themselves? In focusing on the inauthenticity of the educated, Tolstoy dissected the intellectuals of his day?and ours.

    1. Reason won’t take the link to commentary magazine. The essay that is from is on ALDAILY and is fourth link on the far right column.

    2. Of course, Tolstoy was a perfect example of the kind of intellectual he criticizes. See Paul Johnson’s chapter on him in his book about the subject.

      1. So what? Ad Hominem is still Ad Hominem. More importantly, he was not. Tolstoy was a nut who couldn’t manage his own life. He never made it his mission in life to use the force of government to manage other people’s lives. So he was not that kind of intellectual and even if he were his point would be just as valid.

        1. Without ad hominems, Bo would have no arguments.

          1. No, he also has outright lying, obfuscations, and meaningless nitpicking.

            1. True.

        2. He’s feeding on your attention, John. Your words and arguments mean nothing. You might as well be typing out a phone book for all he cares.

          1. So you decided to combat that by putting up a post paying attention to me?

            SF, you don’t need to impress Warty that much.

            1. They all want cake.

          2. You might as well be typing out a phone book for all he cares.

            That’s a futile argument. If John interacts with the non-sentient shriek, why would Bo’s notorious inability to learn give him pause?

            I think John enjoys wrangling, and Bo is actually feeding *him*.

            1. So, you’re saying the human centipede is really a ouroboros?

        3. Where’s the ad hominen? I’m not saying Tolstoy’s observation is wrong because he epitomized what he was describing, just noting the irony.

  45. ‘Equal pay day’ this year is April 14; the next ‘equal occupational fatality day’ will be on July 29, 2027
    …As in previous years, the chart above shows the significant gender disparity in workplace fatalities in the most recent year: 4,101 men died on the job (93.1% of the total) in 2013 compared to only 302 women (6.9% of the total). The “gender occupational fatality gap” in 2013 was considerable ? nearly 14 men died on the job last year for every woman who died while working.

    Based on the most recent BLS data, the next “Equal Occupational Fatality Day” will occur about 13 years from now ??? on July 29, 2027. …

  46. Debbie Wasserman Schultz hits back at punts on abortion question after fight with Rand Paul

    Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has spent the last week sparring over reproductive rights with Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, who challenged her to say “if she’s OK with killing a seven-pound baby that is not born yet” when pushed to clarify his own position on rape, incest, and health exceptions for the abortion. And while the Florida congresswoman told msnbc she’s all too happy to go another round, she added that the issue would not ultimately determine who wins the presidency in 2016.

    “Whether they happen to be pro-choice or what their position is on a host of important, but not central, issues isn’t going to drive their vote,” Wasserman Schultz said, saying the economy would be the main issue in the campaign.

    “Voters are going to go to the polls and they’re going to choose who they want for president based on who has their back, who they believe has their back, and whether they perceive the candidate they’re choosing for president is going to help them reach the ladders of success,” she said.

    LOL. You better hope that isn’t the case Debbie or your party is going down again. Maybe they’re starting to realize that they can’t win solely on Kulturkampf bullshit.

    1. I try to keep my back to the wall around the DWS types.

    2. In the latest couple of elections, the Dems ran on “they’re coming for your contraception!” and “they will take away your [imaginary] Planned Parenthood breast exams!” They generally avoided specific mention of abortion, just winks and nods that the Republicans were using anti-abortion to hide their agenda of chaining women to kitchen stoves.

    3. I hope Rand takes a victory lap on this. Talk anout pulling your opponent’s teeth.

  47. New police brutality outrage as video emerges that claims to show two California cops CLUBBING DUI motorist as he lays on ground
    Sean Reardon was stopped by police on suspected drunk driving charges
    He claims once he got out of the car he was wrestled by two police
    Mr Reardon said he was beaten as he lay on the floor in Chico, California
    Said he suffered broken bones and ribs as well as breathing problems…..round.html
    No mention of the guy’s race. Guess that means he’s white. Nothing to see here. Doesn’t fit the narrative. Move along.

    1. It’s a fair complaint, but if the current media trend causes police brutality to lessen against blacks, and stay the same against all other groups, that will be an improvement. Personally I take a lesson from the statists and be patient and satisfied with incremental improvement. Perfect the enemy of good, and all that.

  48. Madness! Coalition creates 1,000 laws in just four years including a ban on washing clothes or flying kites in Trafalgar Square

    Splurge is equivalent to introducing a new law for every working day
    Include diving into the Thames without authority and hogging middle lane
    Meanwhile other antiquated laws remain in force that are simply baffling…..quare.html

  49. Girlfriend whose boyfriend pretended he had put her dog in a washing machine gets her own back by gluing him naked to a chair with waxing strips

    Dominika Petrinova glued naked boyfriend to a chair as painful revenge
    Erik Meldik cried as he tried to free his genitals from the waxing strips
    Eventually he had to rip himself off the chair leaving behind hair and skin
    Prank came after he claimed Ms Petrinova’s dog was in washing machine…..trips.html

    1. If she’d skipped the genitilia that would have been a good prank, but the first rule of pranking is nothing that causes real harm. And damaging reproductive organs is real harm.

      1. And that night the little doggie got to experience the spin cycle.

      2. Violence against men is funny. Violence against women, even digital depictions of women, needs to be eradicated.

  50. Bo’s fishing hard today. Stop chasing those lures, suckers.


    2. Yes, a post about a politician who brags about diverting taxpayer money to a private pet cause of his is ‘fishing’ on a libertarian website.

      Bizarro world.

      1. It is because you are not a free mind. All you ever do is muck up the threads with pedantic points, concern trolling and question begging. Make better points and people won’t call you a troll.

    1. This not even remotely Punk. It is however badly played, nonsense. Detroit Proto-Punk? Try The Stooges & MC5. (and yeah, I’m from Detroit and a punker)

  51. It finally dawned on me the other day why I can’t stand Rush. They are all good musicians and I should like their music but never have. I think the reason is Neil Peart lets the entire band down. Yes of course Peart is an amazingly skilled drummer and that is the problem. Peart seems incapable of just playing a steady beat. Every song has to showcase his ability. So they rarely have for lack of a better term a rhythmic key. There is never one basic rhythm that drives each song. The songs are constantly jumping all over the place. For example, the Pink Floyd song Money is almost entirely in 6/8 time. That is what gives it its sing songy beat. It goes to a 4/4 during the guitar solo but it comes back to 6/8. Rush songs rarely have that kind of continuity. The songs constantly skip around and change beats as Peart shows the world how wonderful he is. The problem is that screws the rest of the band, especially Alex Lifeson. If you ever listen to the first Rush record, the one done before Pert joined the band, Lifeson can shred it. He is a fantastic guitarist. He never lived up to the first record after Pert joined. This is because Pert can never just step back and let him play and lay down a decent beat. The songs end up sounding disjointed and don’t really swing. There are a few of them that do, but they are rare. And I think that is mostly Peart’s fault.

    Anyway, that should piss off a few Libertarians. But there I said it.

    1. This is why I listen to bluegrass. No percussionist as a safety net.

      1. In Rock and Roll a good drummer can really screw the other musicians by either not keeping a good beat or not understanding how to do that while properly backing them and not taking the listener’s attention.

        One of the reasons why Eric Clapton had so often disappointed over the years even though he is unquestionably a supremely skilled musician is that he very rarely had a drummer who knew how to back a lead guitarist behind him. When he did, most notably with Cream and Derrick and the Dominos, he was great. It is why Mick Taylor sounded so good with the Rolling Stones. Listen to any of the live bootlegs when he was with the band. He was amazing. He is able to show it because, though Charlie Watts isn’t the most skilled drummer, he knows how to properly back a guitarist.

        1. I agree about Clapton, though I never really analyzed why. I really like Cream, but his solo stuff blows.

          1. It is because he needed to be in a band. Even his solo stuff was better when he played with Leon Russell.

    2. If you think Rush is bad, stay well away from radiohead.

      1. They are a good example. When they stop trying to show off and just play, they can be good. High and Dry is a great pop song. It is, however, the exception to the rule with them. Most of their songs are meandering messes with no real coherent beat driving it.

        1. It started organically in live shows, but now it’s as complicated as an orchestral movement.

          1. Yes. And there you have the problem with Prog rock. It is just fine until it goes too far and the complexity becomes an end rather than a means to make an interesting song.

    3. I couldn’t disagree more. Also, just to nit pick, Money is in 7/8, not 6.

      1. For example I was listening to The Spirit of Radio on the drive in, and couldn’t help but marvel at that breakdown where all three of them are playing to the same rhythm. I think it’s cool how Pert can keep the beat going while also accenting what the other guys are playing. Not my favorite band, but they’re up there.

      2. Yeah, 7/8. You are right.

        Take Tom Sawyer. That song has some good guitar riffs in it. But it goes nowhere. Why? Because Peart can’t fucking stick to a time signature. Hell, he is playing a different one from the rest of the band for half the song. That is all musical and all and a great exhibition in skill on his part. It kills what might have been a much better song, however. It kills the the musicality of it. In contrast, a song like Limelight, where Peart for once in his life just plays the fucking drums, is a much better composed song. Everything in it fits together and it doesn’t grate the way Tom Sawyer and a lot of other of their songs do.

        It is a question of taste, sure. And I won’t deny the skill on Peart’s part to do it. It is however just grating and frankly takes away from the other two musicians. Rush is forever the Neil Peart show and that is not a good thing usually.

        1. That’s funny, because one of my favorite things about Tom Sawyer is the constantly changing drums. To each their own.

          You must like The Cult. They’ve got one of the most unimaginative drummers in music. Though I still like most of their hits.

          1. No. They are too loud and grating. They should be okay but really are not. The band that is the “anti Rush” is ACDC. And I would take them over Rush all day long and twice on Sunday. I don’t care if every song is 4/4. Their music swings and is fun where Rush’s is not.

            1. AC/DC is meat and potatoes. Can’t argue against that.

              I like rock with crazy drums. Presence is my favorite Zeppelin album.

              1. I like them too. Interestingly, they in some ways sounded better in their O8 reunion show with Jason Bonham on drums. If you listen to the bootlegs of the old shows from the 70s, Bonham is just incandesent. I have never heard anything like him. The studio recordings don’t even begin to do him justice. He was so powerful, however, he nearly overwhelms the band. You get the feeling that Paige and Jones, who are both great players, were just barely hanging on to keep up with him. He played so loud and so fast he owned any song he played on. And that was of course pretty awesome. His son is not like that. He is plenty good but is more understated. That allowed Paige and Jones some more room to play. I thought they sounded fantastic in the 08 show. And better still, they sounded fantastic in a different way than what they did with John Bonham. I am still pissed at Plant for refusing to tour. So fucking what if it is being a juke box. It is a great juke box and only you can play it. Plant should have gotten over himself and taken the $800 million dollars and done it.

                1. I’ve seen Plant solo, and I caught the Page/Plant Unleaded tour twice in Denver. Good shows.

            2. Now you’re just being racist against Canadians.

              1. Of course Rufus, but Canadians really are inferior.

                1. Jumping on late to this, but the Who kind of fall in here somewhere.

                  Keith Moon was notorious for being unable to maintain a beat, but could play drums like any two great drummers.

                  John Entwhistle was one of the greatest bassists ever and ended serving as the guy keeping the beat in addition to playing brilliantly.


                    The camera doesn’t even look at the star of this tune.

          2. If Rush had a proper drummer instead of an ego maniac and a better singer, they would be Kansas. Listen to Kansas sometime and it is very similar to Rush, they were also very skilled musicians, but they just have a drummer who didn’t take over the band.

            1. Here’s my favorite Kansas song.


              1. I like that song too. Everyone does. How could you not? But in terms of drumming, that is primitive compared to the stuff Rush does. And that is not a bad thing. If Peart had played on that record he would have fucked it up by changing the timing signature 12 times.

                1. I was attempting to be a smartass. I hate Kansas, and pretty much every band named after a geographical location.

                  Yeah, Peart’s style wouldn’t have worked in that band. But it works in Rush.


                  1. Europe, Asia, Boston, Kansas, Styx, America… barf.

                    Chicago and Nazareth had some good songs though.

                    1. Boston is horrible. I suppose you could say Peart saved Rush from being those guys. The overall problem is with 70s Prog rock in general. Yes and ELP were not any better. Really, with the exception of Pink Floyd, they all sucked.

    4. That is a good point…. but

      Anyway, that should piss off a few Libertarians. But there I said it.

      Everything pisses off Libertarians. They argue about everything. You can’t even say “the sun rises in the east” without some smartass observation.

      1. “the sun rises in the east”

        Yeah and it sets in the West, so what?

        *You didn’t give me much ammo here, but I tried to be as smart-assed as possible.

      2. It’s mostly north of east or south of east depending on where you live in the world. The problem with you statists is you try to dictate the east that everyone should live by!

    5. I just don’t get Rush… or any other artists in the same type of (prog rock?) vein. It just seems to damn constructed… or maybe it’s the singing that puts me off. Dunno.

    6. John, all three of the members of Rush are highly skilled in their respective instruments. The point of their music is often that there are three geniuses collaborating on a single performance. It’s as if each song is a melding of three virtuoso performances, complementing each other. The ridiculous notion that a percussionist is there merely to keep time for the rest of the band is outdated and a crutch for lead guitarists and rhythm sections that can’t do it themselves.

      1. . It’s as if each song is a melding of three virtuoso performances, complementing each other.

        Except that they don’t. They think they do but they really don’t. And even when they do, they complement each other in a bunch of noodling that goes nowhere. I get the concept. In fact, when done well, it can work. The problem is that when it does, it is called Jazz. And Rush is not John Coltrane or Miles Davis. They are poor copies of those guys doing it in a genre that is not conducive to such a technique anyway.

        Rock music is in many ways more primitive than jazz. That is what makes it more listenable and in many ways more emotional and fun than jazz. And as far as a guitarist needed a “crutch”, Lifeson certainly needs one because Peart has been screwing him for 30+ years now. Lifeson has never sounded as good as he did on the first Rush record.

    7. I like Rush, but that’s just because the music is cool and I usually can’t understand the lyrics. I’d probably be irritated at some of them.

      Basically, I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like. There.

  52. Ramsey Orta, the guy who took the Eric Garner video, finally released on bail yesterday.…..ased-jail/

    1. This is the best part

      Since 23-year-old Orta was taken into custody in February on drug charges, a page was set up in his name to raise bail money. Prosecutors questioned whether the $52,500 raised for his $12,000 bail was crowd-sourced legally?which District Attorney Dan Donovan says is a common query when dealing with drug cases?but last week, a judge ordered his release after reviewing donor profiles.

      Thanks to forfeiture laws, it is now almost if not quite illegal to help someone get out of jail because that might be ill gotten gains you are using. And of course, what would the DA’s do if people were able to make bail and hire a good attorneys. I mean, some of them might be acquitted or get a fair trial and we can’t have that.

      1. I’d assumed that donors were anonymous. And what, exactly, is a donor “profile” that would be available to a judge?

        1. Zip codes? Ages? Genders?

  53. A question for Jimbo and Tundra:

    Today I learned that the Metropolitan Council has 4,000 employees. Were you aware of that and have you ever met someone who worked for the Metropolitan Council?

    1. I have an aunt who is big into waste water treatment. I can’t remember if she is Met Council or State of MN.

      I don’t know of any other acquaintance who works for the Met Council. I did know that they have a bunch of people and a big budget, though.

      It was one of the reasons I was so disappointed to see Jeff Johnson lose the gov’s race. One of his planks was to eliminate the council.

      It is the perfect statist creation. Big budget, lots of power and never has to face any voters.

  54. Just poked my head in to say I found a picture of Bo
    The two are almost identical, but I’m leaning more towards him being the one on the right.

    1. Was expecting this?

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