Libertarianism? There's an App for That.


Originally released April 9th, 2015.

Here are 8 great  apps that make your world a little freer—and a whole lot easier to navigate.

Waze is a real-time, crowd-sourced map that not only tells you about traffic jams and finds the cheapest nearby gas station for you but also warns you of speed traps, police checkpoints, and ticket cams. Get this: The info is so good that the National Sheriffs Association is pressuring app stores to shut Waze down. 

Open WhisperSystem's Red Phone and Text Secure provide easy end-to-end encryption for phone calls, text messages, and chats. If you're on Apple iOS, check out Signal. 

Meerkat and Periscope allow you to livestream everything from your kids' soccer games to police stops directly to Twitter. The only thing blocking these apps is that they're only available on Apple's iOS for now. 

The Peacekeeper Emergency Response System app cultivates "benevolence" and independence in communities by allowing you to create your own personal emergency response network so that friends, family, and others can come to your aid at a moment's notice—and you can come to theirs.

And then of course there's Uber, the ride-sharing app that almost singlehandedly undermined taxi cab cartels all over the world. Uber is driving down a dark road by collaborating with state and local governments to keep out new competitors, but it's also true that its ease of use and superiors product has brought safe, affordable rides to neighborhoods that never knew them before.

Here's a bonus app: Reason's mobile app is super-light and fast-loading—and constantly updated with our latest blog posts, videos, and articles about "Free Minds and Free Markets."

What are your favorite freedom-increasing apps? Let us know in the comments.

About 2 minutes. Produced by Nick Gillespie and Joshua Swain.