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Pentagon Gets Serious About Laser Guns, Rand Paul Gets Serious About Presidency, Brooklyn Gets Serious About Snowden: A.M. Links



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  1. I say we boycott Reason until they bring back brickbats. WHO'S WITH ME?

    1. Enough of your boycotts. They're little more than whining.

      1. Boycotts got Indiana to change Riffrah!

        1. Here's a brickbat to salve your cravings:

          Prosecutors in Miami declined to file charges against police officers running a sting operation who were caught on video killing surrendering burglars, including their confidential informant. The prosecutors said that 3 of the four killings were not legally justified, but they didn't have enough to convict.

          This despite videos going missing, the informant's special watch that recorded the audio of the incident going missing, the officers declining to be interviewed by prosecutors, prosecutors finding that they lied on their reports..... Here's a more detailed and skeptical report.

          1. "Here's a brickbat to salve your cravings"

            - with a vengence.

            1. And for those who didn't read further, the confidential informant (who was wearing a wire at the time) was shot 40 times while curled in the fetal position at the base of a tree - after being seen on video on his knees with his hands in the air.

          2. Scary comments.

          3. "Welp, they wouldn't confess, and they destroyed all the evidence. If only it were illegal to destroy evidence, we might be able to charge them. But, its perfectly legal to do so (says right there in the union contract), so we got nothin'. Hell, we can't even fire them. Just have to put them back on the street, with a bonus for all the pain and suffering they endured."

            1. More than "put them back on the street"... I hear they promoted one of them to be head of the homicide division.

    2. Hello.

      Because we never cease filling our voracious appetite for knowledge and information in the early morning, here's an interview with Paul H. Rubin.

      "...Envy evolved in a zero sum society, so that if I had more you probably had less. In today's non-zero sum environment, I might have more because I am more productive, but you might view my wealth through the zero-sum lens. Thus, there is probably too much envy today, and too many decisions are based on envy."


      1. And so many people seem to think that envy is a virtue.

      2. Nice approach: bitch-slapping the redistributionists with evolutionary biology.

      3. Man... that Pee-Wee Herman is really insightful.

    3. Kill off the server squirrels first.

    4. WHO'S WITH ME?


    5. You first. Oh wait ....

  2. Drink every time you see the phrase "daddy issue."

    As long as his old man plans on detonating a money bomb.

  3. "'Bees are good,' Obama says as children scream."

    Especially the drones?

    1. Those are the best kind and, indeed, his favorite.

    2. Nicely done, Fist.

  4. Robot spiders. In space.

    And I for one...

    1. the fact that I could automatically fill in the rest of that sentence is either cool or depressing, but I'm not going to think about it much.

      1. Quick, think of something different. Something pleasant.

        Now, Notorious, if the first image that entered you mind was Lobster Girl, I posit that it is proof positive that we are now part of a collective mentality and subject to mind influencing propaganda anytime our subtle Reason Overlords (sRO) decide to manipulate us into achieving their agenda.

  5. Sen. John McCain will seek a sixth U.S. Senate term in 2016.

    Maverick, engage!

    1. Haven't we suffered enough McPain yet? The old coot is senile to boot. Hopefully there is at least a primary challenge.

      1. There is - how successful they will be remains to be seen

      2. I don't think age is the problem here. It's what the jester said to Lear: McCain should not have grown old before he grew wise.

    2. Term limits of one 36 year term. Save some money.

      1. No shit, I seem to remember him basically fucking up his presidential campaign in 2000 by dieing on the term limits hill.
        he made it his number one priority that no one gave a shit about.

        At that time he was still the maverick, and was considered to be a moderator of the right.

    3. Anyone ever read Michener's Space? There are some parallels between McCain and one of the characters in that book.

      1. Werner Braun?

        1. No, there's a guy who becomes famous as an astronaut, gets elected to Congress from a western state, outstays his welcome, and then a newcomer does so well in the primaries they party forces the old guy to retire.

          1. That is not how you play the game...

            Hitler was in that book, you know?

    4. It is sad seeint a man waste his golden.uears this way. Can't someone find him a productive hobby?

      1. Why spend your golden years playing Risk when you can do it for real?

    5. Oh, fer fuck's sake.

      Silver lining: now that I live in Arizona, at least I can vote against him.

  6. Astronomers See Robotic Mowers Invading Their Space in FCC Fight

    The timeless quest for the perfect lawn may be putting at risk efforts to unlock the secrets of the universe.

    Scientists at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory have objected to a proposal by iRobot Corp. to sell lawnmowers guided by radio waves. The scientists say the machines may interfere with the ultra-sensitive radio telescopes they are using to scan the heavens.

    "We'll see the whole thing with our electronics," said Harvey Liszt, spectrum manager for the observatory, which is funded by the National Science Foundation. "It's a distortion."

    1. Get off our lawn!

    2. The Aliens are out there, but their signals are washed out by a white noise of their robo-mowers and bluetooth-enabled margarita machines. It's like trying to find white rabbit in a snow storm.

  7. It's an honor to stand before you as HnR Bracket champion. I would like to congratulate my opponents for a hard fought tournament. Special thanks to BigT for setting up the competition, the NCAA, my parents and, of course, the fans.

    1. Booo, be less dignified and gracious it's more becoming.

      1. And more entertaining!

      2. Your Booo has two "o"s too many. (One coach or one contrarian, you decide).


          1. ....SSSSSHHHHH!

    2. I finished last in my work bracket...but the best loser gets their $10 back, so I win!

      1. I finished dead last in the HnR bracket!

    3. You're no Mitt Romney

  8. but by the afternoon NYPD had it removed.

    When did they start frisking with a chisel?

  9. How bout those Blue Devils? Didn't realize their school colors were also in black along with the blue and white.

  10. speaking of beeeezzz:

    Would-be thieves stung in attempt to grab honey

    Thieves' attempt to steal honey from a hive of domesticated bees resulted in dozens of stings, authorities said.

    Three men had as many as 50 stings each after climbing up a tree to try to get some free honey. They were transported around midday Sunday to an area hospital, according to Pasco County Fire Rescue.

    "They were covered in bees, their beards, their hair, their clothes," neighbor Tom Johnson said. "Bees were everywhere."

        1. -1 Slymenstra Hymen?

    1. Knowing GWAR, I'm pretty sure the theft of his ashes was according to the son's sincere wishes.

      1. The ashes'll probably be the guest of honor at this year's GWAR-B-Q.

  11. The Simple Reason Mohamed El-Erian Has Most of His Money in Cash

    Q. Where is your money? Stocks? Treasuries? Bonds?

    A. It is mostly concentrated in cash. That's not great, given that it gets eaten up by inflation. But I think most asset prices have been pushed by central banks to very elevated levels.

    Q. So we're nearing a bubble?

    A. Go back to central banks. Central banks look at growth, at employment, at wages. They are too low. They don't have the instruments they need, but they feel obliged to do something. So they artificially lift asset prices by maintaining zero interest rates and by using their balance sheet to buy assets.

  12. Drink every time you see the phrase "daddy issue."

    The phrases are coming from inside the reason website!

    1. Have you checked on the CHILDRENZ!1!

  13. In the wake of the Rolling Stone article completely disintegrating, I greatly enjoyed going back to the Jezebel thread where Anna Merlan kicked herself in the dick.

    'Is the UVA Rape Story a Gigantic Hoax?' Asks Idiot

    The comment thread where Robby replies to her accusations is a hoot.

    1. Hi Robby! Thanks for stopping by! One small correction: I don't think you've ever "reported" a goddamn thing in your life. (And because I know you're going to do this, either here or in my Twitter mentions, which you and your friends are currently stink-clouding up with your Feelings, I have a master's degree in journalism from Columbia and I write investigative stories. Have done for years, both at Jezebel and before I got here. Thanks for asking!)

      A parody of her couldn't have done that any better.

    2. If we were to keep linking this article in all threads regardless of topic until Reason - may the world - ceases operation I wouldn't mind.

      She's typifies all we detest in modern public intellectual discourse.

      Same with Sally Kohn. How someone can be paid to utter her crap is beyond me. She was the dingbell in class people would look at from their corner of their eye snickering.

    3. This response from Merlan is priceless...

      I have a master's degree in journalism from Columbia

      Neeener neeener!! I went to Columbia School of Journalism!! What a cunt.

      1. Anna Merlan spent nearly $100,000 to get paid $150 per article in Denton's word mines, you illiterate buffoon. And Slate will tell you why it was such a good idea!

        Criticizing Columbia Journalism School's $92,933 Price Tag Is Easy. Here's Why You Shouldn't.

        1. TL;DR Don't criticise J-school because it helped me work out my kiddy life crisis.

          J-school graduates write the most pompous bollocks, but it's allegedly all worth it because they're ethical and accurate. So when they can't even manage being ethical and accurate, well yes, it does look like a giant waste of money. You might as well be the classic Australian / UK journo: didn't finish high school, and endowed with rat cunning, aggression, and a forte for hilarious puns

          1. You left off venomous fangs.

    4. Things were said, people did things. Can't we just put it behind us?

    5. Look at pictures of her now and pictures of her in 2012 or so. She's become noticeably gaunt and pale and bugeyed and generally unhealthy looking. Eating disorder or thyroid problem?

    6. Anna Merlan. Thyroid problem, eating disorder, or just an insufferable bitch? Taking all bets.


        1. Damn it. Warty has bookmaking dibs on this issue.

      2. In 2012. I say thyroid plus some sort of idiotic diet. Let's say...um...how about macrobiotic.

        1. Based on her necklace, I can only assume that the dread lord Cthulhu is draining her of life for his own dark needs.

        2. Vampire?

        3. Looks like a poorly disguised grey alien to me.

          Sure, I'd hit it.

      3. I say she is a beautiful lady.

        1. big eyes...

          1. Yes. Unfortunate tattoos, aversion to the sun...she is my kind of woman.

            1. dated a tattooed goth girl in college - she was - and still is - a knockout. Completely and utterly crazy but it was worth it.

              1. Only Lord Humungus can get away with sticking it in crazy.

                1. That's 'cause he knows to just walk away.

        2. That trashy tattoo though. And the cat-eye makeup is an almost 100% sure indicator of an unpleasant type of crazy.

          1. The tattoo means she is prone to making regrettable decisions...

    7. I'm keeping that to my favorites--whenever I'm feeling down or just having a bad day, I'm going to read it and take solace in the fact that I'm nowhere near as stupid, hysterical, and superficial as a Jezbel commenter.

  14. The Pentagon is getting serious about developing laser weapons before China out lasers us.

    Obama being Raygunesque.

      1. Just remember that sharks are out with regards to naval warfare, and we'll have to use ill-tempered sea bass instead.

  15. The All Wise and Powerful Administers of Good Government in Westchester County, NY, have graciously and generously granted my request for a pistol permit.

    I'll go and pick up my Remington 1911 and Sig P226 later this week.

    What else should I buy? Was thinking of a Bersa Thunder .380, or maybe a .357 magnum as rounds for that can also be used in a lever action rifle.

    Just want to be prepared for the financial Armageddon zombie apocalypse....

    1. I'm a fan of the ruger GP100 for .357 mag.

    2. You need a shotgun, and you should probably get a cheap Mosin and a few cases of surplus ammo too.

      1. I think my Mosin Nagant cost $79. I have some 600 rounds of Bulgarian ammo for it. I spent $75 getting the action smoothed out some (it was a royal pain to cycle.) and spent $20 on sandpaper and wood finish to redo the stock (that Soviet shellack was flaking off on my hands)

        I still need a shotgun.

        1. I still need a shotgun.

          I recommend a Mossberg 500.

          20-gauge is more than enough for home defense, according to Massad Ayoob.

          1. No! Remington 870.

          2. I thought about a Mossberg when I was looking - I liked the pistol grip. However, given the idiocy thoughtfulness of NY politicians I grew concerned that a pistol-grip shotgun would be outlawed so opted for the Remington.

            1. Do they make one of those super ugly thumbhole stocks for it? They might be an option in New York. Or of course you could just break the law, since that law is an illegal violation of the constitution any how. Weird how the government basically forces us to comply with illegal activity.

              1. Thumbhole stocks are also banned by 'SAFE' Act until the courts toss it out.

                1. Fuck New York. Damn not even a fugly thumbhole stock. And here I thought Ohio sucked, but it's almost Libertopia compared to that shit. Well maybe a crappy 3rd world rust belt version of Libertopia with the shittiest weather in the United States, but still.

        2. A few years ago I would have recommended a Saiga they were only $300, but sadly I don't think we'll be seeing any more of those on our shores for quite some time.

          1. I have a Saiga-308. Nice gun.

            Saiga-12s are not 'SAFE Act' compliant, so until it gets tossed out in court (and the import issues clear up) they won't be back.

          2. Glad I bought and converted two of them back when they were cheap.

      2. I've got a Remington 870 tactical shotgun and a Remington 700 BDL in .30-06. An AR platform is out of the question at this point though I am considering a Ruger Gunsite Scout in .308 for the 10 round magazine - or should I get the 5.56mm version to diversify my calibers better?

        1. I really want a .308 Scout, so get that. I imagine a suppressor is impossible to get in New York, right?

          1. The following jurisdictions have explicitly banned any civilian from possessing a suppressor: California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont,[43] and the District of Columbia.

            Wikipedia says illegal in New York. I believe them. I couldn't be arsed to find the actual statute reference.

            1. A friend of mine works at a gun factory. He made his own suppressor. He was liberal and open with using it. He is now a convicted felon.

            2. It was fun as fuck to shoot though....

            3. You can buy suppressors over the counter in Arizona. If they weren't so goddam expensive, I'd have one for the M1A, to thin out the coyotes and javelinas around the Hacienda Dean without alarming the neighbors.

          2. Yes, at least in part because threaded barrels are illegal.

          3. I have a Ruger Gunsite Scout and I absolutely love it. Replaced my Marlin .30-30 and my Remington 700 BDL in .30-06 for when I'm hunting. The Scout is light and fast and perfect in every way (Leupold FX-II scout scope on quick detach rings).

      3. Yeah don't let the cheap price fool you. Those Mosin-Nagants really are great bolt-actions, and there is still a ton of cheap surus ammo out there for it.

        1. I was in a Gander Mountain last summer and the store had racks of them for sale at $120 a piece. I should have picked one up...

          1. Yeah the price has been inching up every yeah. I paid $90 for mine about 5 years ago. Now I see them going for $150 at my local gunshow. I should have bought more, but I didn't think the price would rise so quickly.

          2. Also I think Yugo mausers are still pretty cheap. They're a superior gun to the Mosin-Nagant, but the ammo is pricey, and surplus ammo has dried up quite a bit. Still can't beat 8mm, I mean look at what the Germans were able to accomplish with it.

            1. I'd love to get a k98 someday - I think Sig is remaking it? Not sure what the price is. But an original would be cool.

    3. If a range near you rents handguns, I would recommend trying them out yourself.

      The Glock G26 was best for me. I tried a the G17, a S&W pistol, and a snub-nose Taurus and then chose the G26.

      1. I had a g26. To thick to conceal in shorts and a T-shirt so I got the walther pps.

        1. *bows down to Florida Man*

          My next purchase. The wife has a P99 and it's a sweet little thing.

      2. I don't think any ranges in NY rent handguns, at least the ones near me do not.

        1. Weird.

          1. Not necessarily, Florida Man. Progtard, downstate NY wants to do everything it can to discourage gun ownership so by making it illegal and/or extremely difficult to rent handguns people with no experience can't try it - and discover they like it and then want to exercise their 2A rights.

            Plus, part of the SAFE Act states that any transfer of a handgun to an unlicensed individual is illegal, with the definition of "transfer" also including handing an unlicensed individual a handgun for any purpose whatsoever. So, if you and I werre hanging out in my apartment and I wanted to show you my Remington 1911, and I handed it to you, and you are an unlicensed individual, that is illegal.

            1. I can't even imagine. I refuse to buy guns in broward county because they have a 10 day hold.

              1. Strange... because at least some of the ranges in Broward do have rental guns. Although I don't think Bass Pro does.

    4. All good suggestions. FM is correct on the Ruger. The GP-100 is indestructible, super reliable and accurate.

      I am gonna strongly endorse Warty's suggestion though. Both the Mossberg and Winchester (models 500 and 870 respectively) are very reliable. If you only have one gun for utilitarian purposes it should be a good, solid pump shotgun. And get the 12 ga, not the 20. 12 has more different types of ammo readily available. I recommend Remington 3" #4buckshot, and 3" #00s. Both of those spit out insane amounts of shot and will kill the hell out of anything inside 100 yards. Buy your buckshot in bulk. Get a few hundred #4 shot and a few slugs for hunting game.

      With that single gun you can survive any apocalypse.

      1. Has anyone here tried ball-and-buck?

        I've heard it's the nastiest stuff out there.

        1. I'm assuming this refers to the new defense rounds? If so, they are very effective short range rounds, especially in the lower caliber shotguns. The Taurus Judge (when firing .410) would be a basically a maiming insrument without these rounds.

  16. How Rand Paul differs from his dad on economic issues.

    Daddy economic issues? or Economics daddy issues?

    1. Whose your daddy?

  17. Rand Paul tries to broaden libertarian appeal

    The firebrand who wants to scale back the authority of the Federal Reserve has been quietly courting Wall Street donors. The anti-war agitator who mounted a 13-hour filibuster to call attention to the United States' use of drones recently proposed a boost to military spending.

    And the 52-year-old former eye surgeon who harnessed the anti-establishment energy of the Tea Party movement has been raising money for fellow Republicans, at times upsetting the grassroots activists who have made him a national figure.

    His expected announcement on Tuesday will make him the second major Republican figure to announce presidential ambitions for 2016 - after Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. The field is expected to be crowded, and candidates will be competing hard for constituencies ranging from the Christian right to traditional Wall Street Republicans.

      1. They are the experts

        1. I hate to admit it, but their criticisms are valid. However, why that would make candidates who are even less libertarian than Paul more attractive than him goes unanswered.

        2. So many of them are former libertarians, so who would know better than them?

      2. I think Salon demonstrates on a daily basis, that they don't understand the meaning of 'libertarian'. But it's telling that the only time they make a good faith attempt at describing the ideology is when it serves to smear someone they don't like.

      3. Only Salon's many ex-libertarians know what libertarianism is.

    1. and candidates will be competing hard for constituencies ranging from the Christian right to traditional Wall Street Republicans.

      Wall street republicans are the traditional republicans? Maybe if "traditional" means the Hollywood caricature of republicans.

  18. Can't somebody pass a law or something!

    Study: Breast Milk Bought on the Internet Might Not Be Legit

    1. Why would you buy anything perishable online?

  19. Breast Milk Sold Online May Not Be 100 Percent Human Milk

    Buying breast milk online in order to nourish a baby with important nutrients that are not available from formula may not always be the safest choice, a new study suggests.

    Researchers found that one in 10 samples of breast milk that they bought over the Internet and tested contained genetic material from cow's milk. They said it was likely that the cow's milk was intentionally added to human milk, to stretch its volume.

    "Purchasing breast milk online is not a good idea and introduces too many risks for infants," said lead author Sarah Keim, a principal investigator at the Center for Biobehavioral Health at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Cincinnati.

    1. pwn'd

      antipodal pwn'd

      1. The best kind of pwn'd

      2. At least I can still eat licorice, hell spawn of Warty's loins.

  20. Robot spiders. In space.

    A future without Garfield? No thanks.

    1. 50 Shades of Black and White

    2. Ru Ru..he so horny

      1. Lu Lu Snu Snu you long time.

    3. He's the Ron Jeremy of the panda world.

      1. Well a less hirsute and less chubby Ron Jeremy

  21. From steak to mangoes, here are some water-hogging foods

    "Almonds are especially thirsty in the southern San Joaquin. But there's a lucrative overseas market for them so growers have been planting more and more trees. Basically, one almond requires a gallon of water to produce," wrote Times columnist George Skelton.

    But almonds are far from the only thirsty foods. Others include beef, pork, lamb, chickpeas, lentils, peas, goat, mangoes and asparagus.

    Less thirsty crops? Cabbage, strawberries, onions, lettuce, carrots, eggplant, grapefruit and tomatoes.

    1. But almonds are far from the only thirsty foods. Others include beef, pork, lamb, chickpeas, lentils, peas, goat, mangoes and asparagus.

      Less thirsty crops? Cabbage, strawberries, onions, lettuce, carrots, eggplant, grapefruit and tomatoes.

      Of those on my commonly consumed foods list: Beef, Pork, Mangoes, Onions, Lettuce, Tomatoes.

      Huh, I thought I'd end up with something sarcastic about wanting more water usage.

  22. I have found the Fountain of Derp and Sally Kohn is part of it:


    The thing that bothers me is not that there are people out there deliberately - or not - misinterpreting statistics, I accept they're are fools, it's that they're given a major platform (jn this case CNN) to display their ignorance. Which makes me wonder about who runs CNN. It makes no sense to have such a clown represent their brand.

    To quote Karl Kraus: To know nothing and be able to express it!

  23. The Pentagon is getting serious about developing laser weapons

    I have a sad. I wanted a rail gun!

    And something that has always bugged me about the way lasers are depicted in movies: Shouldn't they superheat the air around them and create thunder, much like lightning?

    1. If you trigger a plasma bloom (or otherwise dump heat into the air along the path) you're wasting energy. An efficient laser weapon is silent and invisible.

      1. Like the weaponized farts of Warty Hugeman.

    2. I'm not a scientist, but isn't Lightning electrons and lasers photons?

      1. Yes, but I would expect both to heat the surrounding air.

        1. if the laser is not in the wavelengths absorbed by nitrogen and oxygen, it should have minimal effect on the air temperature, allowing you to get the energy where you want it - to the target

          1. So is the radiative heating simply not efficient enough?

            1. Oh, never mind. I think you're right.

            2. You really do not want your shot exploding the air at the tip of your fancy flashlight.

        2. No. Lasers are photons above mictowave wavelengths. Lightning is plasma formed by dielectric breakdown of air

          1. Above=shorter, i.e higher energy

    3. Here's your rail gun, motherfucker!

  24. Boy were Wisconsin hooooossssssed at the end there.

    1. Agreed. There were a couple missed calls at the end of the game that were pretty bad.

      On the other hand, it is good that the Badgers didn't win because it probably saved Ted S's liver. Who knows how much paint thinner that cheesehead would have drunk if they had won.

    2. Duke got a few buckets after bad calls (how could they not see his finger move?) but I can't be too mad about the Badgers losing. That Jones kid just kept hitting big shots. Not much you can do about that.

      Other than not take Koenig out of the game when you open up a 9 point lead and he's on a roll.

      1. Agreed. Of course, I liked it because I didn't particularly like either team, so it didn't really matter who won to me. That is always nice.

        The best is that both teams were pretty disciplined. I enjoy teams who don't crumble mentally.

  25. The Snake That's Eating Florida

    This is some snake. At full maturity, a Burmese python routinely reaches lengths of 12 feet or more. Twenty-footers weighing 250 pounds are not unheard-of. The pythons are prodigious breeders, with voracious appetites to match. They are believed to have eaten their way through the Everglades, bringing about startling changes in the ecosystem. Some mammals native to those marshes, like foxes and rabbits, seem to have disappeared, researchers say. Other species ? among them raccoons, deer, opossums and bobcats ? are close to being wiped out. Pythons that migrated from the mainland to Key Largo have put indigenous wood rats in mortal peril.

    1. I went on the Python hunt. Thousands of people hunting pythons over 2 months and only 86 were harvested. I can't help but think these numbers are over blown.

      1. Mounty Python's got there first.

        "Python on a stick, anyone?"

    2. This part made me laugh:

      Some experts say the best hope to kill these creatures en masse may be a deep and prolonged freeze in southern Florida. Of course, everyone would then worry about the devastating effect on the state's citrus crop.

      It's either kill the snakes or no oranges.

      Also, I really don't get snakes as pets.

      1. How the hell do you freeze the Everglades?

        1. With enough government, we can do it.

          1. Currently, the government is engaged in trying to burn the Everglades. You'll have two competing jurisdictions.

        2. Tap into my ex-wife's negarive libido

          1. Bleah... "negative"

    3. They just need to create a Gatoroid to combat the pythons.

      1. But the Gatoraid has what plants crave.

  26. Palin was really on his game yesterday:

    "Politifact is apolitical"

    "Israel is a creation of the UN"

    You have a lot of work today to outderp this, sir.

  27. Arab nations' donations to Clinton Foundation: Curing world's ills or currying favor?

    Four oil-rich Arab nations, all with histories of philanthropy to United Nations and Middle Eastern causes, have donated vastly more money to the Clinton Foundation than they have to most other large private charities involved in the kinds of global work championed by the Clinton family.

    Since 2001, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates gave as much as $40 million to the Clinton Foundation. In contrast, six similar non-governmental global charities collected no money from those same four Middle Eastern countries; the International Committee of the Red Cross was given $6.82 million. Since 2001, these global foundations have raised a staggering $40 billion to $50 billion to fund their humanitarian work.

  28. NYPD "questionable expenditures"

    The department has dropped more than $13,500 on eight McGruff costumes in just one of several unusual purchases in recent years.
    The life-size costumes of McGruff, a cartoon character that sports a trench coat and teaches youngsters to lock their doors and avoid gangs, are used by cops when interacting with kids.... An NYPD spokesman said the McGruff outfits are "pretty sophisticated costumes."
    "We use them to go to schools and say, 'Trust the police. Police are your friends,'?"

    Cops also spent more than $13,000 on enough psychedelic drugs to host their own Electric Zoo, according to DNAInfo, which first reported the expenditures.
    More than $13,000 was shelled out on the compound in mushrooms that makes users hallucinate.

    The amount spent on ecstasy was not disclosed in the records. The samples were purchased so that they could be compared to the drugs cops seize.
    Other odd buys include $69,000 worth of shoeshine machines over four years.

    Fucking NY post. Every BS expenditure is followed by a sentence saying they neeeeeeeed it!!

    1. McGruff was shot in a no-knock raid.

    2. "We use them to go to schools and say, 'Trust the police. Police are your friends,'?"

      So they use them to lie to children. Ohhhh taxes, what will you get into next?

  29. Gawker: The 'Food Babe' Blogger Is Full of Shit

    Vani Hari, AKA the Food Babe, has amassed a loyal following in her Food Babe Army. The recent subject of profiles and interviews in the New York Times, the New York Post and New York Magazine, Hari implores her soldiers to petition food companies to change their formulas. She's also written a bestselling book telling you that you can change your life in 21 days by "breaking free of the hidden toxins in your life." She and her army are out to change the world.

    She's also utterly full of shit.

    I am an analytical chemist with a background in forensics and toxicology. Before working full-time as a science writer and public speaker, I worked as a chemistry professor, a toxicology chemist, and in research analyzing pesticides for safety. I now run my own blog, Science Babe, dedicated to debunking pseudoscience that tends to proliferate in the blogosphere. Reading Hari's site, it's rare to come across a single scientific fact. Between her egregious abuse of the word "toxin" anytime there's a chemical she can't pronounce and asserting that everyone who disagrees with her is a paid shill, it's hard to pinpoint her biggest sin.

    1. Problem is, you're the enemy now; the alchemist and the shill for big business. They've taken the narrative away and good luck trying to get it back.

      The key phrase they have mastered is 'keep an open mind' and people, not wanting to be seen as parochial, do. Right into the kingdom of derpy idiocy.

      My personal favorite of scientific illiterates is 'artificial or man-made chemicals' to describe how bad, you know, earth's elements are in some way.

      1. I'm reminded of an old Mike Royko column on a materials safety data sheet some company did on water to comply with OSHA regulations. One of the lines read, "Effects of overexposure: none known", to which I immediately thought about drowning.

        Royko had the same thought, although he expressed it rather more interestingly with his comment that the people who did the MSDS had obviously never heard of what the Chicago police refer to as "floaters".

        1. One of the lines read, "Effects of overexposure: none known", to which I immediately thought about drowning.

          By that logic banana "over exposure" would be the effect of having bananas crammed into your airways until you suffocate. Perhaps the warning on bottle of viagra shouldn't just mention the dangers of a 4 hour boner, but also the danger of trying inhale viagra in place of air.

          1. You have to admit that it is at least an aspiration/inhalation hazard.

          2. You can die of water poisoning (drinking too much at one time, not drowning).

        2. I remember reading that column in the paper.

      2. Demonizing chemicals is why Patrick Moore left Green Peace (which he helped found).

        The breaking point was a Greenpeace decision to support a world-wide ban on chlorine. Science shows that adding chlorine to drinking water was the biggest advance in the history of public health, virtually eradicating water-borne diseases such as cholera. And the majority of our pharmaceuticals are based on chlorine chemistry. Simply put, chlorine is essential for our health.

        My former colleagues ignored science and supported the ban, forcing my departure. Despite science concluding no known health risks ? and ample benefits ? from chlorine in drinking water, Greenpeace and other environmental groups have opposed its use for more than 20 years.


        1. Someone trying to be 'balanced' in critisizing political wings for their individual anti-science foibles used GMO opposition for the left and 'Climate Denialism' for the right. Which is more than a little bullshit.

          I have no doubt that a real example could be found on the right, but my perspective is not the best. Anyone who is not a troll care to weigh in on a replacement for 'climate denailism', you know, something where the scientific facts aren't in favor of the right wing position.

          Note - social 'science' and moral policy issues don't count as this is about science.

          1. Sadly, a lot of the right wing do hold very empirically incorrect views about global warming.

            For example, I have heard a few people promote the idea that the Climate Gate scandal had to do with scientists hiding the decline in temperatures.

            In reality there was nothing of the sort; the "The Trick to Hide the Decline" referred to the Mann tree-ring proxy based reconstruction of historical temperatures diverging from the actual temperature record in the 1960's and falsely reporting that in 1960 global temperatures started to crash when they did no such thing.

            In this day and age, the dominant group are people prefer immediacy to accuracy.

            1. Accepting that, that still doesn't leave climate denialism as a strictly right-wing ailment, there are just two flavors of denialism (warmism is a form of denial too). I'm seeking something not shared/reflected across the aisle.

              1. Evolution.

                1. How many on the left believe a trivial fact entailed by evolution - racial differences in achievement?

                  Creationism is strong on the left.

            2. No. The problem was splicing the instrumental temp record onto the tree ring proxy right when the proxy started to show declining temps thus hiding the fact that the dendro was of questionable value. Even worse is the sloppy way Mann documented this splice when he even bothered to do so.

              1. You're right about what Mann did, and I apologize for my sloppy language.

                My focus is on the fact that it was a proxy for temperature that was declining, and not temperature itself.

                But yes, they hid the decline by truncating the graph where the divergence started and spliced in actual temperature data. Naturally this made the proxy look far more accurate than it actually is, and calls into question whether any of its outputs for times before people started recording thermometer readings that are intelligible to us in the present are actually accurate. If there is a divergence (the decline) now, how do we know there wasn't one earlier?

        2. Moore, naturally, is now a heathen to the Gaian believers.

          I heard him in an interview a couple of years ago asserting that the people who took over the environmental movement do it for political-ideological reasons; not environmental. It's not 'climate' change; it's system change.

          Moore is an honest lad.

          1. Yup. The reason I was able to find that link is because I remembered him ranting on an interview about the chlorine ban.

            He was gobsmacked that his colleagues would try to ban an element.

          2. He seems a lot like the founder of MADD. We got serious about DUIs, she had no interest is prohibition, she left the org.

  30. The Brontosaurus Is Back
    Decades after scientists decided that the famed dinosaur never actually existed, new research says the opposite

    The first Brontosaurus was named in 1879 by famed paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh. The specimen still stands on display in the Great Hall of the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. However, in 1903, paleontologist Elmer Riggs found that Brontosaurus was apparently the same as Apatosaurus, which Marsh first described in 1877. In such cases, the rules of scientific nomenclature state that the oldest name has priority, dooming Brontosaurus to another extinction.

    Now a new study suggests resurrecting Brontosaurus. Turns out the original Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus fossils appear different enough to belong to separate groups after all. "Generally, Brontosaurus can be distinguished from Apatosaurus most easily by its neck, which is higher and less wide," says lead study author Emanuel Tschopp, a vertebrate paleontologist at the New University of Lisbon in Portugal. "So, although both are very massive and robust animals, Apatosaurus is even more extreme than Brontosaurus."

    1. Does this mean the Bedrock Drive-In will have yummy, yummy Brontosaurus ribs again?

      1. YABA DABA DOO!!!

    2. Who cares? Triceratops is where it's at.

      1. They certainly are horny.

  31. OT, ICYMI:

    Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig had a meltdown on Twitter yesterday, after a hoarde [sic] of people criticized her ridiculous article, then her ridiculous style, then her ridiculous spelling, then her ridiculous comebacks. It culminated in:

    Elizabeth S. Bruenig on Twitter: "I typed something wrong on my phone & now the NRO and WSJ are playing that game where they all jack off on it and the last one has to eat it"

    This tweet had mysteriously disappeared by this morning.

    1. Sane person: But commies built fences, camps and gulags to destroy the human spirit.
      Crazy person: Yeah but...capitalism builds metaphoric gulags!

    2. That was one of the great meltdowns of all time. When people are being that mean to you on twitter, there's an obvious solution: Walk away. Just go outside. Take a nap, maybe.

      The solution is not to keep arguing with people and then talk about eating cum.

      1. The solution is not to keep arguing with people and then talk about eating cum.

        If we all followed that rule Hit & Run would be a sad empty place

      2. I always had to eat the cookie.

      3. I still don't know what it's supposed to mean. Why would they be playing that game because you typed something wrong on your phone? (Someone responded: "you typed your whole article on your phone?") What does "it" refer to? The phone?

    3. Here's a good link to it: fail

      1. Wow. Sohrab Ahmari and Sean Davis are an extraordinary trolling tag team.

    4. Sally Kohn tried the old "government isn't force" one yesterday, too. Funny shit when I woke up this morning.

      1. That seems to still be going on. I think there's something wrong with her brain.

  32. 6 modern-day Christian terrorist groups our media conveniently ignores

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently released an in-depth report on terrorism in the United States. Covering April 2009 to February 2015, the report (titled "The Age of the Wolf") found that during that period, "more people have been killed in America by non-Islamic domestic terrorists than jihadists." The SPLC asserted that "the jihadist threat is a tremendous one," pointing out that al-Qaeda's attacks of September 11, 2001 remain the deadliest in U.S. history. But the study also noted that the second deadliest was carried out not by Islamists, but by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995?and law enforcement, the SPLC stressed, are doing the public a huge disservice if they view terrorism as an exclusively Islamist phenomenon.

    The report, in a sense, echoed the assertions that President Barack Obama made when he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in February and stressed that Muslims don't have the market cornered on religious extremism. In the minds of far-right Republicans, Obama committed the ultimate sin by daring to mention that Christianity has a dark side and citing the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition as two examples from the distant past.

    1. This is why progressives and people who accept their stupidity are evil.

      Their moral and historical relativism is beyond the pale.

      Last I checked, Army of God doesn't have an army the size of ISIS or has committed similar crimes against humanity or gained territory.

      1. Army of God has killed like 8 people in 30 years.

    2. McVeigh wasn't a Christian terrorist. Sure the circles he ran in included white supremacists some of whom used their own variant Christian theology to justify their racist views on how society should be ordered, but that's about it.

      By that standard the Weather Underground was a band of Christian terrorists.

      1. The SPLC assumes all white people are Christians. I mean, they have to be, right?

      2. He was an atheist who turned on the US government during the first Gulf War. His views on foreign policy were right out of Murray Rothbard or Norm Chomsky.

        I think part of the problem is that people like the SPLC can't comprehend the idea that McVeigh could be outraged and want to avenge what happened in Waco without being a Christian himself. They are happy to see anyone they don't like killed. So they assume that since McVeigh wasn't happy, he must have been one of them.

        1. Norm Chomsky

          Damn that Norm guy. He crashed my Fourth of July cookout a couple years back and ate ALL the bratwurst. What an asshole.

    1. Only a stupid mutha f***er

    2. You missed the real crux of it.

      Who would want 17 ASIAN mothers-in-law?

      That would bring a tear to the eye of Satan himself.

    1. Gotham is in China?

  33. 7 ludicrous Rand Paul moments that tell you everything you need to know
    Today Rand Paul announces his candidacy for president, so we've compiled a crash course on the Republican senator

    His (really bad) brush with poetry

    His bonkers anti-vaxx comments

    That time he shushed a female CNBC anchor on live TV

    His ties to the "Southern Avenger"

    When he was so irritated that people found out he was plagiarizing.

    When he whitesplained civil rights to students at the historically black Howard University.

    Oh, and by the way, he would have "tried to modify" the Civil Rights Act, had he been in Congress when it passed.

    more detail in the - TRIGGER WARNING - Salon link.

    1. Let the attacks begin in earnest!

    2. So you don't need a single moment that involves his stance on the issues? Not surprised.

  34. Snowden in Brooklyn? He would have been better served, I mean received, in Silicon Valley.

  35. Tales From Those Non-Ideologues at The Nation

    This part rings very true.

    What seems to bother liberals about conservative ideological positions is not that we have them, but that they are in conflict with liberals ideological positions. The difference, ultimately, is that conservatives admit we have ideological principles, liberals pretend they don't ? preferring to prattle on about their much-vaunted empiricism.

    One more thing about the left is their insistence that "bipartisan" and "compromise" is NOT having everything their way, although in reality it is.

  36. Obama's regional war kicks off; 16 million Yemenis now without electricity.

    1. Wait, wait, Yemen had electricity before the bombing?

      1. There are 16 million Yemenis?

    2. This would not have happened if the President of Yemen had passed an individual mandate saying that every citizen must get electricity or pay a fine.

    3. I know rates are supposed to necessarily sky rocket, but come on! No electricity?

      1. Yemen is just doing its bit to save Gaia.

  37. and one last Salon:

    The quiet Social Security revolution: How Democrats learned to stop loving benefit cuts
    For the first time in decades, dangerous myths about "insolvency" are fading away. Here's how it happened

    From the time Social Security was first proposed, the right wing has opposed it. It has always been, in their minds, a collectivist plot to put American on the path to socialism, and eventually a Communist government dedicated to sending God-fearing, liberty-loving Real Americans to the gulag. (Well, in America we now call those FEMA camps, but you get the idea.) Of course, they did agree to collect their benefits ? even the very rich ones ? because otherwise it wouldn't be fair at all, but they never stopped their proselytizing against it. In fact, opposition to Social Security became an organizing principle of the modern conservative movement, knowing as they did that this highly successful program flew in the face of their fundamentalist faith in the inevitable failure of government.

    But they had to change their tune once it became obvious that the program had lifted massive numbers of elderly out of dire poverty and made middle class retirement more secure. They began the long road to convince everyone that the program was on the verge of insolvency.


    1. What's up with you and Salon this morning man?

      It's not Ashura today even if you're into the whole self-flagellation thing.

      1. He eats licorice voluntarily. Enough said.

        1. Black licorice consumption is a Dutch inheritable trait; as natural as Aussies consuming tank trucks of beer.

      2. After visiting Salon I feel like damaged good. A quick drink is required to strengthen my will to live.

  38. Narrative, Not Facts, Matter to the Left

    But who cares about the facts as long as awareness has been raised? Take the case of Ellen Pao, who filed suit against her former employer, venture-capital group Kleiner Perkins, for gender ?discrimination.

    Two weeks ago, a jury decided her claims were completely without merit. And yet from the media coverage, you'd think Ellen Pao successfully exposed a Silicon Valley ripe with discrimination.

    Here's Farjad Manjoo in The New York Times: "The trial has nevertheless accomplished something improbable.?.?. The case has also come to stand for something bigger than itself. It has blown open a conversation about the status of women in an industry that, for all its talk of transparency and progress, has always been buttoned up about its shortcomings."
    In a Bloomberg article called "Ellen Pao Lost, Women Didn't," Katie Benner declared: "The case broke wide open the issue of sexism in a powerful, influential industry."

    Or take the Atlantic, which declared, "Ellen Pao's claim against top venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins seems to have come up short, but it's brought heightened attention to gender discrimination in tech."

    Come up short?

    There was no merit to her claims. If Silicon Valley is so filled with sexist pigs acting illegally, perhaps we could find a case where they actually did that.

    1. This story is nuts. Women lose a battle but the war isn't over when some woman files a merit less lawsuit? "We lost this bogus attempt, but that doesn't mean we're finished!"

    2. At some point, you have to produce an actual verifiable example of the pervasive problem you claim exists.

      1. No you don't. The wheel turns, the machine moves on. Think of all of the moral panics we've seen in our lifetimes.

        Were any of them resolved in any way? Or did folks just move along as the messy details started competing with their conspiratorial notions?

        Think of the "preschool sex abuse" panics of the 80's/90's. Every news show and magazine did extensive features on satanic rituals and rapes with butcher knives.... yet after ruining quite a few lives, everything went back to normal and nobody ever gave their mea culpa.

        We get our panties all in a twist about stuff, eat up a bunch of stories on 60 minutes and then move along to the next thing without ever considering that everything we just heard was a load of horse shit.

  39. The Pentagon is getting serious about developing laser weapons before China out lasers us.

    There's a Star Wars joke in here somewhere.

  40. Gun rights harms the rule of law

    But this clashes with gun-rights advocates' worldview. They imagine some kind of libertarian paradise where government retreats?where law remains widely acknowledged and respected?and individual gun owners are free to enforce the law if and when they deem it necessary. But Oakeshott understands that an armed and potentially violent public only goads the government into action and force. Law enforcement knows that gun owners may use their weapons recklessly, and prepares itself accordingly. Oakeshott's strongest point is that an over-armed society makes government bigger, more intrusive, and more aggressive in carrying out its vested duty of maintaining order. It goads government, and the law enforcement officials who work for it, towards arbitrary shows of power and force. In this way, too, the gun rights movement makes its wishes and warnings come true. The NRA says citizens must be armed to combat government tyranny. But an over-armed society ensures that government will be anything but restrained.

    You hear that gun-nuts? By arming yourselves you're just asking for the government to crackdown on you and abuse everyone's rights! Stop being menacing by acting like you're all free individuals with rights!

    h/t for this one and the last link I posted to Charles Cooke

    1. If this is true, then why did Europe spend most of the 20th century overrun with various tyrannies while America did not?

      1. Bad Luck?

      2. The Koch brothers?

    2. individual gun owners are free to enforce the law if and when they deem it necessary

      Since when is the prospect of defending oneself equal to "enforcing" the law?

      Oakeshott's strongest point is that an over-armed society makes government bigger, more intrusive, and more aggressive in carrying out its vested duty of maintaining order.

      I suppose this is an extension of the "owning a gun means you're automatically violent (unless you're a gov't agent)" stance taken by some in the anti-private firearms ownership crowd. I wonder how this person would define "over-armed". Also, the purview of the US gov't and that of the several States is supposed to be protection of individual rights, not "maintaining order".

    3. Basically, he's in favor of the heckler's veto, only for guns?

      Because the government will go apeshit about people exercising their rights, we have to take those rights away?

      1. This genius argues that only the cops should have guns using a case where a retired cop shot a guy who threw popcorn in his face. How tha- wha tha- huh?

  41. 'We're no angels!' Plus-size clothing company Lane Bryant hits out at Victoria's Secret with provocative lingerie campaign

    Paging all you chubby chasers!

    1. Lane Bryant

      aka - Lane Giant

    2. Come off it. One of those ladies flutters her eyelashes at you and laughs at your jokes, and you'd be up for it.

      1. Mopeds. The ride is nice, though being seen riding one is embarrassing.

        1. The ride is nice? Really?

          I am not convinced.

          1. I trust the urban dictionary.

    3. I assume France will be outlawing these dangerous and healthy presentations of women any day now.

    4. I used to work with homeless kids. One, a young woman, worked at Lane Bryant. They are a good company and they were intrumental in hlping this young woman rise out of poverty and homelessness.

  42. We live in time warp homes! Meet the women who've turned their homes into authentic shrines to their favourite decades
    Claire Nugent and Nigel Morter restored a 1940s airfield control tower and now run it as a B&B
    Emma Edwards runs a vintage website and spent ?10,000 converting her home into a 50s haven
    48-year-old Ursula Forbush likes to come home and switch on an old record player like in the 60s


    1. Fucking liar. That "vintage website" is a "website that sells vintage crap", not some awesome GeoCities page with heavy use of the blink tag.

    2. Only fucking hipsters are into mid-century crap.

      The teens and twenties are where it's at.

      1. You're not into steampunk?

        1. Fuuuuck no.

          I'm into Paul Poiret and Elsa Schiaparelli.

          1. I just looked them up. I can see why that style is making a comeback.

  43. High schooler, 17, killed by cops who shot him twice in the back 'had just stolen a handgun', police say
    Justus Howell was shot dead on Saturday afternoon in Zion, Illinois
    Police now claim he was fleeing after trying to steal a handgun
    Tramond Peet, 18, said he met Howell in Zion in order to sell him the firearm
    But claims Howell tried to take it, and pointed weapon at him during scuffle


    he heard officers shouting instructions, then opening fire.

    Obey or die.

    1. Gotta explain the throwdown gun somehow.

  44. To Fight the Drought, Stop Recycling?

    California, where I live, is in the middle of a bad drought. The governor has ordered unprecedented mandatory water restrictions with the aim of reducing water use by 25 percent. Restrictions on watering lawns, washing cars, and even showering are expected, as well as price hikes.

    Here's another potential water-saving idea: A moratorium on mandatory recycling. I would guess at least 10% of my water use comes from washing/rinsing all the recyclables I am required to separate out from the regular trash. We single yuppies use a lot of plastic take-out containers. Rinsing them makes recycling them easier and, more important, avoids having the recycling bins become a magnet for rats. All that rinsing is a huge hassle. I assume it is normally worth it because it cuts down on land fill use and conserves raw materials like aluminum.

    1. Cook for yourself rather than getting takeout.

      1. Ted, good to see you here. I was worried that you would be a hungover puddle this morning after the Badgers lost last night.

        My kid and I were pulling for your team. That is probably what doomed you.

    2. WTF? Does anyone else rinse their recycling?

      Our recycling bin is right next to our regular garbage bin, so maybe I don't get the nuances of the CA setup. I can't see how throwing unrinsed plastic containers in a garbage bin is less ratty than putting unrinsed plastic containers in a recycling bin.

    3. Why the hell is he/she rinsing his/her recyclables? Like, WTF?

      1. Thanks. I was worried for a minute that I might be some sub-human who didn't wash his recycling and all the workers down at the recycling plant were laughing at me.

  45. Suicide at Las Vegas resort blamed on man's loss of free buffet for life

    In his final, angry message to the world, delivered to the newspaper Monday morning, John Noble blamed his suicide on depression that set in after the Henderson resort awarded him free meals at the buffet for life then banned him from the property in 2013 for harassing some of the women working there.

    "Today, I end my life due to the M Resort Spa Casino and its employees," the 53-year-old Noble wrote in one of two suicide notes he included with an obsessively detailed dossier on the people he blamed for destroying his life.

    At about 4:50 p.m. Sunday, Noble shot himself in the resort on south Las Vegas Boulevard near St. Rose Parkway. Henderson firefighters were already at the resort's parking garage extinguishing a burning vehicle police now say belonged to Noble.

    Henderson police said Monday that unidentified items left in the vehicle prompted a response from Metro's hazardous and explosive material response team, which deemed the vehicle safe to be towed from the scene. The garage and part of the resort remained closed until 11:15 p.m. Sunday.

    Noble's hand-bound stack of notes and documents stretches on for more than 270 pages and includes a table of contents, photographs and a two-hour DVD of him talking about his troubles.

    I'm guessing he had issues.

    1. Well, it was in fact, 'for life'

    2. Wow, what a cheerful story, thanks!

  46. Video: JON STEWART TOTALLY DESTR--oh, no, he actually embraces Trevor Noah and sheepishly asks everyone to give him a chance

    As the show was off the air last week, Jon Stewart hasn't spoken publicly about his replacement or the furor that erupted when some deemed Noah's jokes on Twitter to be offensive.

    But on Monday night's broadcast, Stewart addressed what he called "the elephant in the room" and asked viewers to give Noah a chance.

    "Trevor Noah will earn your trust and respect -- or not -- just as I earned your trust and respect... or did not. Or sometimes earned it and then lost it. And then kind of got it back," Stewart said. "I do hope you give him an opportunity to earn that trust and respect because my experience with him is that he is an incredibly thoughtful and considerate and funny and smart individual, and man, I think, you give him that time, and it's going to be well worth it."

    Amazing how two guys's who's job it is to be unfair to people demand that they themselves be treated fairly and not have things they say taken out of context.

    1. The stuff Noah tweeted was first and foremost rally unfunny. Beyond that, Donald Sterling was run out of the NBA for saying a lot less. That said, I am happy to see the Progs embrace a double standard. It just increases the number of people who will stop paying attention to them.

      1. Donald Sterling was not run out of the NBA for 'saying a lot less.' Donald Sterling told his girlfriend not to bring blacks to his basketball games.

        That's far worse than making jokes on twitter.

        1. NO. He told her not to be public about it. And talk to any interracial couple and they will tell you that is a sentiment shared by about half of the country regardless of race. Moreover, he said it in private not on twitter.

          Beyond that, I think saying Asians cry mist because their eyes are so slanted, is every bit as racist as saying thinking your g/f cuckholding you with a black man is bad. Hell, there are thousands of porn sites out there dedicated to white people with a fetish for the sort of special humiliation it somehow creates.

          1. "It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people", and, "You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want", but "the little I ask you is ... NOT TO BRING THEM TO MY GAMES"

            Emphasis added. How do you interpret that?

            You have a league where the players are 80% black and you have an owner telling his girlfriend not to bring blacks to his games and that she shouldn't broadcast that she's 'associating with them.'

            The difference here is that Noah is a comedian who was making jokes - shitty jokes, but jokes. There's no evidence he actually has any animus towards Asians. It's obvious Sterling actually has terrible racial attitudes towards blacks. You can't compare the two.

            1. I interpret that as he doesn't like interracial couples, which a lot of people still don't. It doesn't make it right but it is hardly shocking. And you can totally compare the two. What if Sterling has told her about how all of his players had big lips and noses and like eating watermelons? That would have been much worse. And that is exactly the same thing Noah said about Asians.

              You find what Sterling said worse only because racist insults against Asians are more acceptable in this society than ones against blacks. Change the races around and have Sterling saying that he didn't want her dating Asian men at his games and Noah making fun of black women having big butts and eating Fried Chicken and you would be all over Noah.

              1. I interpret that as he doesn't like interracial couples, which a lot of people still don't.

                This and, as you pointed out before, Sterling's outburst was very *personally directed at his girlfriend* and very confined to a private conversation. Sterling seemed, to me, emasculated, possessive, and injured more than anything.

                Regardless, Sterling's gone and Noah's using his position of power to be a rather blanket racist with little rhyme or reason except to encourage others to find it funny and, questionaby, do similarly.

              2. Sterling had some weird hangups, but he was essentially telling her not to publically cuckold him in his own seats.

                Secondly, his girlfriend was not white, so it was quite that he had a problem with interracial couples.

                Again, the man was weird and uncouth.

                1. Yeah, I thought it was pretty obvious that he didn't want his bought-and-paid-for arm candy showing him up by bringing around her "real" boyfriends. I have a hard time seeing how you could read any wider context to it than that. Taking the strange world they live in as a given, I have a hard time finding fault with his reaction.

                  In absolute terms, everyone involved is a creep. But in the context of their relationship, he was probably in the right, and she was probably completely in the wrong.

    2. "Thoughtful and considerate" are not qualities I look for in a comedian.

  47. How our NOSE shaped the human race: Ancestors lost their ability to detect sex pheromones to make men more faithful - and create the stable family unit

    Book tells the story of how the sense of smell evolved from the earliest beginnings of life, to enable humans to develop a 'smell culture'
    Our sense of smell evolved to make human pheromones undetectable
    This may explain why humans are mainly monogamous and thrived
    Removal of instinctive reactions to smell make it possible for us to live in close proximity to many of our fellows, in relative, if not total, harmony

    Interesting article.

    1. Maybe there is some truth to that. I mean, if we could use our noses to find sexual partners, there would be a lot more fish fuckers than sheep fuckers.

      1. Nothing like the smell of swamp pussy in the morning.

        1. Sigh, between swamp pussy and xactly breath, it doesn't matter where I kiss my wife in the morning, I can't win.

          1. Boobies?

            1. Are you serious? Didn't you read Lord H's link about fake human milk?

              Only a sucker would go for the boobies after reading that story...

          2. Sounds like a medical issue.

    2. Another interesting factoid: human females have a better developed sense of smell than human males. To the best of our knowledge, that isn't true for any other mammals.

  48. If you view life as a morality play, apparently you don't like it when your morality plays have unnecessarily complicated morals.

    Despite the black eye of the discredited Rolling Stone article about an alleged gang rape at a frat house at the University of Virginia, sexual assault on campus - and the refusal of college administrators to deal with the problem - continue to be a national scandal

    But in the script's greatest flaw, Raul is the most compelling creature in the play, creating something of a dramatic conundrum.

    We can't keep our eyes off him and that's good theater - but hardly the point.

    1. Isn't about 90% of the drama ever created at least in some part an examination of the conflict between the desire to condemn evil and the attraction we feel to both it and the people who perpetrate it?

      I guess this woman thinks that any drama that doesn't make its villains one dimensional and boring is bad drama. Well, not exactly.

      1. I read it as her saying that this drama, while good art, is harmful to society by encouraging critical thought. It's an unsettlingly totalitarian thing to say.

        1. God that is.

    2. Despite the black eye of the discredited Rolling Stone article about an alleged fabricated!!!, fictional!!! gang rape at a frat house at the University of Virginia,

      I guess if you allege it was perpetrated by someone and that someone turns out not to exist, the allegations still stand... technically.

    3. Despite the black eye of the discredited complete retracted Rolling Stone article

      Fixed it

      1. Maybe a:

        self-inflicted black eye


  49. Dukes Of Hazzard star James Best who played bumbling Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane on the hit eighties TV series dies at the age of 88

    Roscoooooooo P Coltrane!

    1. Get him Flash!

    2. Sad to hear. I loved that show.

  50. If Rand Paul is elected (hahaha!), can Snowden come back? I mean, has Paul expressed any specifics about Snowden and whether he'd immunize him from prosecution?

    1. Even if he was immune from prosecution, someone from an alphabet-soup-agency would kill him.

      He embarrassed people in power. The penalty for that is death.

      1. If they wanted to kill him, like him being out of the country would prevent it.

        1. Well it is a lot easier when there isn't an ocean and a foreign government between you and the guy you want to kill.

          1. Tell that to Al Alwalaki's son.

            1. Um, yeah. Because there's no difference between operating in Russia vs Yemen. Sure.

  51. Excellent Wall Street Journal article on the "Libertarian Moment":


    Central thesis goes that it isn't just social conservatives that are defending the freedom of religion--it's the libertarians, too.

    Suggests that treating young libertarian minded voters as if they were vile social conservatives may not be a smart strategy if you're a Democrat.

    1. "Now, some of those opposed to same-sex marriage, such as Princeton professor Robert George, believe it na?ve to have expected otherwise?i.e., that once same-sex marriage becomes legal the legal attacks on Christian-owned bakeries or Catholic adoption agencies are inevitable.

      "Perhaps. But same-sex marriage is becoming a fact of American life."

      So, the author doesn't rebut Prof. George, simply signals that it makes no difference and he (the author) doesn't care.

      1. "So, the author doesn't rebut Prof. George, simply signals that it makes no difference and he (the author) doesn't care."

        That isn't the way I read it.

        After that, her writes:

        "But same-sex marriage is becoming a fact of American life. For many communities with unfashionable views on issues from marriage and contraception to homosexuality and abortion?not just Christians, but Mormons, Orthodox Jews and organizations from Hobby Lobby to the Boy Scouts?the priority is no longer whether their views will be reflected in the social order.

        For these people, usually characterized as social conservatives, the question is more fundamental: Will they retain sufficient freedom to live their lives and run their institutions in accord with their faith?

        The irony of Indiana suggests that it may be the libertarians who have the strongest arguments for defending them"

        He cares about it. He's just saying that the protecting of those social conservatives' rights aren't going to be protected or properly "defended" by social conservatives.

        Those social conservatives' rights are only going to be defended amid the onslaught by libertarians.

        1. According to this guy, the question may no longer be whether the social conservatives will be able to impose themselves on the rest of us in the future; the question may now be whether free exercise for social conservatives will survive into the future at all.

          It's a warning to social conservatives that they need to morph into libertarians.

          I suppose that puts John in the vanguard.

          1. Except that I am not a social conservative. It is funny that even Libertarians can't seem to conceive that someone could defend the rights of a group without being one themselves.

            You are right that that is the question. But the importance of it is not whether social conservatives turn into Libertarians. The importance of it is whether everyone else realizes what is going on and puts a stop to it before the fascist left moves on to them.

            The other thing is that most of the country still self identifies as Christian. And oppression has a way of drawing soft believers in a faith towards it sometimes. The hard left are still a very small minority in this country. They only are able to do what they do because they control the media and most people want to fit in and don't really understand what is going on. That is gradually changing. People are figuring it out.

            Frankly, I think the people who are in greater danger by all of this are the social conservatives. It is the hard left and by association the gays. If the majority of this country ever gets pissed off enough to go on a real rampage, the hard left isn't going to stop them and the gays are a tiny minority that has generally been despised everywhere in history. You guys think the social pendulum only goes one way. It doesn't. It swings back sometimes. And if it ever does here, the left and especially the gays are going to be very sad that they destroyed the rule of law.

            1. "Except that I am not a social conservative."

              Read what I wrote again, John.

              I didn't say you are a social conservative.

              I think you used to be what most people are talking about when they talk about a social conservative. How do you feel about gay marriage, gun rights, and abortion?

              I think of you as a libertarian that either used to be a social conservative--a libertarian with libertarian arguments to support what most people think of as socially conservative positions.

              According to the article I linked, the social conservatives need to become more like you in order to survive as a political force--that's what I mean by saying you're in that vanguard.


        2. "Those social conservatives' rights are only going to be defended amid the onslaught by libertarians."

          So you're saying SoCons are screwed.

          To libertine-ians, SoCons are like Illinois Nazis without the charm - "oh, well, I suppose we may as well defend your rights, just so long as we constantly signal that we hate your guts."

          1. ("libertine-ians" is the term I use now that "cosmotarian" is ruled out of order.)

          2. I have little doubt that the social conservative couldn't read the writing on the wall if god put it in neon letters for them.

            But the writing is on the wall, and they'll have to wake up to reality some day.

            The more they emphasize social conservatism, the more they lose. The more libertarian they get, the less they fail.

            Gay marriage is done as an issue--especially if the Supreme Court puts a stake through its hears, what--a few weeks from now?

            Gay marriage as an issue is dead, but free exercise rights can still be alive and well--if the social conservatives are smart about it, they may live to fight again.

            Otherwise, they're the Whigs.

            1. Lincoln was a Whig.

              1. Lincoln was a Whig who transformed into something that made the Republicans competitive.

                That's what the socons need to do, too.

            2. The better comparison would be the Quakers during the slavery era - it took quite a lot of time for their critique of slavery to filter down into the political nation.

              Or the Catholics during the era of "eugenic sterilization" - for years they and the ultra-fundie Protestants were lone voices opposing the latest "wave of the future."

            3. Ken,

              You assume all trends go on forever. You are wrong. They don't. At some point people just get tired of things and look for something more. Whatever the future is, it isn't going to be some enlightened 2014 ideal of American political correct tolerance. That is just not how people are wired and even if they were, they would move onto something else because that is how things work.

              I think we are seeing the high water mark of gay acceptance in this country. I see a pretty dark future for a couple of reasons. First, people are not going to give up their religion. They will just get more radical about it the more you oppress them. Second, people on the other side are eventually going to start playing dirty on the other side.

              SOCONS if things don't change are going to figure out that blowing people's heads off has worked well for the Muslims and can work well for them. And there won't be a damn thing the government can do about it. We can't stop Muslim terrorists and they are aliens with no support in the general community. Christian ones would be Americans and have huge support. The government and the liberals would be fucked.

              1. Fifty years from now, I expect homophobes will be thought of the way racists are today--50 years after the Civil Rights Act.

            4. As I say above, the country is still largely Christian and at least a third social conservative. If you think a third of the population, who by the way tend to be armed and transcendent in large portions of the country, wouldn't be a disaster for the Progs and especially the gays, you are kidding yourself.

              Also, SOCONS have kids and gays and progs do not at anywhere near that rate. And we are in an immigration boom from places that are very socially conservative. Why do you think importing millions of Muslims and Central Americans is not going to make the country more socially conservative?

              1. OK, John, predictions are hard, especially about the future (as Yogi Berra pointed out), but I can't see a scenario where SoCons are going full ISIS on the culture.

                I *do* see a situation where SoCons have lots of kids and gays and secularists have lots of cats, reversing some of these demographic trends where "OMG gay marriage is inevitable!"

                1. Except the kids of SoCons do not necessarily stay SoCons

              2. Remember that data I linked last week?

                57% of white mainline protestants support gay marriage.

                60% of Catholics support gay marriage.

                Christianity is evolving on the issue. Why pretend that voters will be immune to that?

    2. Democrats believe that Libertarians are just an off-shoot of Conservatives, but even worse. They do not care that we agree with Dems on some issues. We are the Devil's offspring, who is even worse than the Devil.

      Republicans demand our support. Democrats expect our extinction.

      1. Libertarians have a chance to become the Republican party.

        If the writing is on the wall for social conservatives (and it is, isn't it?), then there's going to be a new dominant constituency in the GOP.

        We'll fight for their free exercise rights, of course, but there's something about "Get a job, you lazy bum" that appeals to social conservatives, too. We're about more than just making the world safe for stoners and LGBTQXYZ.

        1. If libertarians and SoCons don't hang together, they will hang separately.

      2. "Democrats believe that Libertarians are just an off-shoot of Conservatives, but even worse."

        That is because a Heretic is infinitely worse than a Heathen.

        The Heathen can be excused for their ignorance and misfortune of upbringing that they were not raised in the one true faith. The Heretic should know better and threatens to lead the faithful into sin.

  52. "May Satan capture your soul and make it his plaything if you think you and your publication are incapable of such journalistic malpractice. Editors and producers at the highest ranks of journalism have fallen again and again during the past few decades, committing crimes against journalism that match or surpass those of Rolling Stone and Erdely. Here's just a partial list: Janet Cooke at the Washington Post; The Hitler Diaries (various publications); Stephen Glass at the New Republic, George, and, um, Rolling Stone; Jayson Blair at the New York Times; Jack Kelley at USA Today; NBC's "exploding pickup truck"; CNN's Tailwind story; CBS's "Rathergate" coverage; Mike Daisey's Apple story on This American Life; Jonah Lehrer (fabrication in his book), and CBS again (Lara Logan on Benghazi). And as long as we're building out a listicle, let me mention that when I worked at Slate, I edited and published a sham story by a liar."


    1. Scumbag Nicholas Kristof falsely accusing Steven Hatfill of being the anthtrax letter mailer, the vermin at NBC deliberately editing the George Zimmerman audio to try and make him look like a racist, the Duke lacrosse rape fiasco...

      1. Don't forget Richard Jewel. The guy finds the bomb and saved multiple people and his thanks was to have NBC accuse him of being the bomber. He was a white male who lives with his mother, he had to be guilty.

        1. Good one. NBC "News" really is one of the vile entities in existence.

        2. I don't think you can pin Jewel on the media, at least not in the main. The FBI had a grand old time leaking bits and pieces about their investigation of him to the press. They made it pretty clear that he was the guy. Until he wasn't the guy any more.

          Still, the press was epicly, historically irresponsible in their handling of the case. They brought in tons of experts to tell us all about his pathological hero complex and how he perfectly fits the profile. I even remember some talking-head former-FBI analyst telling me that the amount and location of the tupperware removed from his apartment was evidence that he fit the profile of a bomber and opining that they'd be charging him in short order.

    2. Brian Williams....?

    3. committing crimes against journalism that match or surpass those of Rolling Stone and Erdely.

      Hmm. Not so sure that the fake rape story wasn't in the very top tier of crimes against journalism.

  53. KDW: There's always an excuse for totalitarianism

    My Hillsdale students were by turns horrified and amused by the lurid and not coincidentally cinematic tales of improbably theatrical abuse in the Little Rascals case ? children claimed, among other things, to have been thrown into tanks of sharks and to have been spirited away via hot-air balloon, but there were (and this detail seems to matter more than a little) no sharks or balloons to be found. My students laughed at how odd and unlikely it all sounded, because they are too young to know what the outcome of that case was. Everybody was convicted.

    There was no epidemic of Satanism or occultism in the 1980s, though media accounts of the time were full of stories about cults and secret rituals, as was the popular imagination. Everyone knew it to be true, but it was not true. Tipper Gore could not make it true, lawsuits against Ozzy Osbourne could not make it true, and even throwing daycare operators into prison based on preposterous testimony could not make it true. There is no epidemic of rapes on American college campuses. And Rolling Stone cannot make that true, nor can 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 student activists, bloggers, administrators, compliant law-enforcement agencies, feminist scholars, or New York Times columns.

    1. I was also reminded of the daycare moral panic era. But in this case I'm more than a little suspicious that this isn't an endemic moral panic, but rather a planted storyline that is being pushed at various levels in an orchestrated effort to gin up "war on women" emotions and create a desired political fallout.

      There are lots of willing "useful idiots" who have a native affinity for the agenda (such as the crowd over at Jezebel) and a political class cloying about for a wedge issue that will put their candidate over the top. They have clearly decided that the gender gap is their ticket to winning the next round of elections. My only question is whether they jumped in front of the parade, or if they called up a bunch of people to come and be in their parade.

  54. The Pentagon is getting serious about developing laser weapons before China out lasers us.

    If we could get Iran on board with sonar weaponry and N. Korea working on the Disco Ball defense project, the next World War should be pretty bitchin'.

    1. I thought Canada had already perfected Sonic based weaponry with Nickleback, Beiber, and Dion

      1. There is always an excuse for totalitarianism!

        I'm thinking even in Europe we'd need a wall along the 49th parallel. With checkpoint charlies every few miles manned by American men between the ages of 30 and 50, ordered to fire at will upon musicians.

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