Rand Paul Teases (Likely) Presidential Campaign Announcement With Tweet

Something is happening...tomorrow.


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is making a big announcement tomorrow. A very big announcement, about…something. And he just posted a cryptic Tweet telling everyone to watch out for whatever it is that's going to happen tomorrow. 

So what's the announcement about? Officially he's not telling, but I'm pretty sure that it rhymes with Punning For Resident. 

It is interesting to see how much campaign business is now conducted online, on social media. This is the second Internet tease from Paul today, the first being his short pre-announcement video "A Different Kind of Republican Leader," which Nick Gillespie noted this morning. 

Paul follows Ted Cruz, who made the first official announcement that he was running for president with a Tweet and a short, embedded video. Eight years ago, the campaigns, especially on the GOP side, were struggling to figure out what to do with Facebook and the rest of the social web, especially compared with the Obama campaign operations, which were of course minor compared with what we see now, but still far ahead of what Republicans were doing. There was still a sense within parts of the GOP political class that the online component didn't matter all that much. Now social media and online organizing are a huge component of every campaign, and in most cases the primary way that campaigns communicate with the public.