Stop Pretending to Be Offended by Everything

The problem with prefabricated outrage is that it crowds out legitimate grievances.


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Lena Dunham received plenty of criticism for her insufferable New Yorker piece titled "Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz." In it, the creator of Girls weighs the pros and cons of getting a pet or keeping her Jewish boyfriend: "He doesn't tip," and "he never brings his wallet anywhere," and so on. The jokes may tell us something about her comedic abilities, her audience, and The New Yorker, but despite much hand-wringing, it tells us nothing about anti-Semitism.

The Anti-Defamation League's national director, Abraham Foxman—the unelected voice of American Jewish conscience—argued, "The piece is particularly troubling because it evokes memories of the 'No Jews or Dogs Allowed' signs from our own early history in this country, and also because, in a much more sinister way, many in the Muslim world today hatefully refer to Jews as 'dogs.'"

"Anti-Semitism" is rooting for Hamas. Making fun of your nebbish boyfriend is lame, but it should not make any rational person think of Iran's supreme leader. I've heard plenty of malicious and offensive anti-Semitic jokes in my life, but it would be tough to conjure up the indignation to believe that Dunham was flirting with anything resembling bigotry. Making fun of innocuous stereotypes—and Dunham is part Jewish and lives in a world teeming with Jews—in the pages of a friendly publication evokes memories of subpar Catskill comedians, not long-dead nativists.

In fact, why should Dunham—or anyone else—have to worry about inadvertently evoking memories of ancient wrongdoings that disturb the sensibilities of the professionally aggrieved? She's a 28-year-old actress. Not every ethnic, religious, regional, and racial idiosyncrasy has to be off-limits. If both sides are going to prosecute entertainers for thought crimes and failed jokes, our culture is going to become even more tedious.

Take Trevor Noah, the South African comedian picked to replace Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. He seems to have a habit of making wincingly bad jokes about Jews, women, fat people, Asians, and many others on social media. Salon predicted a wave of "right-wing rage" after his announcement. But as is often the case these days, it was the left that turned on him. And the right.

A sample of his Jewish jokes:

"Behind every successful Rap Billionaire is a double as rich Jewish man. #BeatsByDreidel."

Is that really anti-Jewish?

"Almost bumped a Jewish kid crossing the road. He didn't look b4 crossing but I still would hav felt so bad in my german car!"

You get the picture. At worst, those tweets reflect the work of an untalented comedian. At best, they are a trivial sample of what is an otherwise impressive comedic mind. I imagine the market will decide soon enough. Mostly, though, it's worth remembering that Noah is a TV comic, not a nominee for the Supreme Court.

If I treated The Daily Show as a serious news program, I'd probably note the irony of Noah's replacing a didactic scold whose entire shtick is predicated on making fun of people whose statements he has taken out of context. And though Noah asks for understanding, it's unlikely he will be extending the same to conservatives. But just as no one is coercing liberals to listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck (although the left has campaigned to banish both from the airwaves), it's easy to ignore The Daily Show. I do it almost every day.

The problem with this kind of prefabricated reaction is not that it emboldens haters but that it crowds out legitimate grievances. Everything begins to stink of politics, and we start sounding like a bunch of humorless protesters. There is nothing wrong with calling out people for the things they say, but there is something fundamentally illiberal about a mob's hounding people for every stupid tweet or making snap judgments about entire careers based on a few comments. Most often, the purpose is to chill speech. At some point, Americans decided they were going to be offended by everything. And, I guess, that's what really offends me most.

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  1. somehow i know lena dunham has hideously hairy nipples

    1. (thats the sting of jewish retribution Lena, you grating pear person)

    2. Why would you make me think about Lena Dunhams nipples at all?

      1. At least he did it at a time of day you are unlikely to be eating or operating heavy machinery.

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      1. Sweet

    4. They’re no more hairier than the stomach beard that stretches from her perineum to her solar plexus.

    5. She is a funny one to be comparing someone to an animal. She has certain talents it seems, but when I see her naked jiggling pink body on “Girls,” I always think of a piglet.

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  2. Agreed: More like man-hating than Jew-hating. Also agreed: not all that funny.

    1. Of course, man-hating is entirely acceptable, quite often encouraged.

      1. Hah, so true!

      2. The heterosexual white male. The only group it is still socially acceptable to discriminate, criticize, or otherwise hate against.

  3. I imagine the market will decide soon enough.

    It’s easy if you try.

  4. *a didactic scold whose entire shtick is predicated on making fun of people whose statements he has taken out of context.*

    Christ I thought I was the only person on earth who thought this.

    1. Many people feel the same.

  5. Although, the one thing that made me laugh in this article is Foxman’s use of the “dog whistle” trope. With actual dogs!

  6. Foxman is the Jewish equivalent of Jesse Jackson and ADL is the equivalent of Rainbow/PUSH. Permanently perturbed charlatans fronting extortion outfits. Fuck the lot of ’em.

    That said, Dunham is an utterly talentless nothing, and her career trough can’t come soon enough.

  7. The Anti-Defamation League’s national director, Abraham Foxman?the unelected voice of American Jewish conscience?argued, “The piece is particularly troubling because it evokes memories of the ‘No Jews or Dogs Allowed’ signs from our own early history in this country, and also because, in a much more sinister way, many in the Muslim world today hatefully refer to Jews as ‘dogs.'”

    *shrugs* I see nothing wrong with Lena Dunham being labeled as the “ISIS Rose” of our times. In fact, I hope it leads to a conviction for treason.

    1. Oh shut the fuck up. Being a stupid TV celebrity is not treason, you assbutt.

      1. I’m thinking that assbutt is redundant.

    2. I would be satisfied with her just getting run over by a bus.

  8. the creator of Girls weighs the pros and cons of getting a pet or keeping her Jewish boyfriend:

    I think the first thing we need to ask, before we get all ragey on anyone:

    Do we even know the boyfriend actually exists?

    I mean, its not like Dunham has a record of spotless honesty you know.

    1. Or the dog, for that matter.

    2. she’s apparently dating the lead guitarist of the band fun. this goes to show that that guy has horrible taste

      1. this goes to show that that guy has horrible taste

        He’s with her in earnest, or is it a career move a la Tom Arnold?

        1. My bet is he’s deep in debt with his bookies and drug dealers (rockstar lifestyle ya know) and he’s paying it off by being the male hooker Dunham keeps on retainer.

    3. Did she claim that he’s a Republican and that he raped her at a frat party at UVA?


      1. racist Republican

        1. Redundant. See “assbutt” above.

    4. “Do we even know the boyfriend actually exists?”

      or the dog? They probably both left her but she clings to the delusion that they’re still there and that she’s the one who’s going to leave. Then she wrote an article about it, and everyone thought her hallucinatory rantings were supposed to be humorous. This version of her is definitely more interesting. I like it.

  9. Alt text:

    “…and THAT’s why I decided to keep him.”

  10. no its real crime was just not being funny at all. seriously that woman was the case of Hollywood nepotism run rampid

    1. Rampid, you say?

  11. While I agree with David’s point, I can’t help asking if Dunham and her political allies would be equally tolerant of a male comedian who did a “dog or my girlfriend” routine.

    1. But as a woman she is a powerless victim of the patriarchy. She thus is allowed to make jokes where straight men cannot.


      1. ‘Punching up.’

        Dunham wishes she had a man to punch up her…

      2. Good point

    2. This. I don’t like the constant mobs of victims, but people should at least be held to same standards they hold others to.

      1. It might be better if they were just ignored completely.

    3. Incidentally, I think taking the ethno-cultural aspect away makes it funnier because it becomes fairly self-deprecating. There’s a certain shame associated with people who prefer the company of animals. So the idea of someone trying to justify that is funny. The original version isn’t funny because it sounds like an excuse to recycle Jewish stereotypes.

      1. and from what little I know of Lena Dunham, there’s no way she could be self-deprecating, which is probably why she had to add the “Jewish” bit. Her style is more self-defacing, if anything, she’s a gross shameful slob but she’s proud of it.

  12. The culture and Outrage Response Flying Teams have been very, very tedious for some time now.

    Nothing new.

  13. Hate the racism, not the racist.

  14. This “Lena”‘s father?Carroll Dunham?.makes a career of drawing vaginas.

    Don’t believe me? Simply google his name and “images”.

    The entire family is psycho.

    1. Let’s not take your word on it. Let’s run down the biographical data birth to presence of all branches of her family. And never, never loose faith that we may yet find one sane soul to save, or if not, which evil man to send to hell.
      -[(note to self, rephrase this in a more politically accepted manner before it is found by insurance agencies or the NSA)

      1. Just be glad you were not born into that regrettable bunch.

  15. You know who else lived in a world teeming with Jews?

    1. Titus Flavius?

    2. Ron Goldman? No wait. Forgot that the Juice killed him.

    3. Bilbo Baggins?

    4. Palestinians?

    5. Moses?

  16. Next week in The New Yorker, Saul Steinberg’s long lost portfolio of Nuremburg Dog Law cartoons.

  17. Did Lena Dunham is offended by Encyclopedia Dramatica’s entry about her?

    I guess Lena lost her sense of humor when she see Steven Crowder and Julie Borowski parodying her.

  18. ” At some point, Americans decided they were going to be offended by everything.”

    Those people remind me of the ones who bitch about everything in restaurants, or their daycare,
    on flights, at the grocery store, etc..

    They no more have better etiquette in their own homes than the man on the moon. But they will scream at the daycare worker who makes minimum wage and then expect their child to be taken care of better than the parent does at home. I imagine it is the same types of people who are offended by everything.

  19. fundamentally illiberal

    As a hammered fellow of the wood… these two chunks of letters strike me out of the entire piece. Speech is fluid. It emits from the various devices from tongue to finger. From thought to deed. Um, our speech individually is a genetic liquid. The molecules and atoms of the ‘us’ and ‘our’ environment’ is a gun barrel of letter bullets. And these things fly from all the brains.

    Or are smart sites liberal and conservatives tapping into the power of millions and their energies to derive thousands if not hundreds of thousands from links?

    Is modern day politics online becoming a race for sweet cash? Because I may be fucked up but I am starting to see the business plan in all of this…

  20. Obligatory Lenny Bruce Post.

    Also. You can all suck it. =D

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      I remember a bunch of black dudes beat my friend almost to death in a gang initiation in front of Libbey high school in Toledo… Libbey has been bulldozed, sadly.. I painted murals as a young man all over the walls of that marvelous horrid place. I just realized this just now… and my eyes are crying… Bro called me a few months back and told me… Libbey was bulldozed.

      my wife never allowed by to bring my children in to deep toledo because she feared the ghetto… I understand this…

      but all this is a flow of time rapids… We live on rapids and die on rapids…

      1. Agile, you need to add some music to your poetry!

      2. AC You are a true poet.

      3. Chris Rock said it best… “I love black people, but I hate niggas!”

  21. How many sites do you visit per day? 15? or less?

    Multiply this by millions.


    Information on the first page of google or bing.

    Who controls that first page?

    1. AG. Evertime I read your poasts. I put this song on. 😀

      1. You know J, you can trip on that song, babe? For real, be hungry not full, lie on a sofa with very few cloth on and point the bass and put that shit on replay for at lest 20 fukin times… stroke the wawa… you WILL fuckin float right off the coach dear fudgsicle.

    2. I do. Do you have a problem with that?

  22. A true comedian hurls flaming molotov cocktails of truth in the face of the humorless. You do not tell the Emperor that he has no clothes, you set his naked ass on fire.
    Overload the red button of nuclear outrage until the machine breaks, and your enemies grant you the martyrdom you force upon them.
    Set her naked ass on fire !!!

    1. Communication is a pull.

      It groans. like a god. it ratchets into the Emperor crowds.

      1. It feels like a syn.

        It falls. feels. And gets fucked like a fiery ass, J.

        1. Life is deep and that pulls into a lightning goal, Py. It cuts into the myriad rainbow mind. We flow and deal. Feel and fly. Jump and leap. Into the open call.

        2. Like one of Rickies Knock Knock jokes.

    2. Or satirists like Juvenal.

      1. Rufus if I were to take up the satirist mantel Juvenal would be my template.

  23. My sense is that it’s more about people who enjoy getting attention and being antagonistic than some wave of hypersensitivity.

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      1. I once staggered when the future cried.

        1. Do you and Roy Batty have the same drug dealer?

  25. Is this offensive?…..on-figure/

    1. Nothing can be offensive

  26. music is a strange valet.

    One time a ghost parked my car in chicago. I wanted to fuck that ghost.

    1. I’m beginning to think you might have a problem

      1. Agile is actually one of the reason editors. But I can’t say which one as they have a dossier on me.

      2. Maybe you should stick to limericks.

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    1. I’m thinking King Crimson…

      1. I’m thinking Charles Manson…

  33. On the same note, can we stop defending offensive humor by pretending to be above-it-all sophisticates who always find the comics in question to be untalented hacks?

    C’mon, the crack about the Rap Billionaire with #BeatsByDreidel was funny.

    1. This. I’m glad Lena Dunham is getting raked over the coals for this because, well, I don’t like her.

      But comics like Sarah Silverman take the refuge in audacity and do it pretty well, though it does smack of “See? I can say these things because I’m a right-thinking prog.”

      1. That is mostly what she is. Her cheap jab at Andrew Breitbart on Bill Maher’s show was so fucking cowardly. She was interesting a very long time ago. now she is just a smug, smarmy cunt. Whatever talent inhabited that husk departed some time ago. She is just a soulless snide progressive like al lhe rest now.

        Just another carcass for the landfill when the revolution comes.

        1. She was interesting a very long time ago.

          How metrosexual of you.

          She was never interesting, nor was she ever “interesting.” Perpetually fat, sloppy, self-impressed, sweaty, hairy, disgusting, sexually repulsive, and unfunny, not to mention unintelligent and not the least bit creative.

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  35. My lsd speaks to me and I agree…

    We can love each of us and offend each of us and learn from each of us… I know for sure the pull of advance society calls us

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  38. Eh. The Jews came very close to being exterminated as a race, and honestly, we might yet see that in the next 20 years when Iran gets the bomb, and then finished off in about 50-60 when Islamists control most of the planet (certainly Europe by then).

    Maybe pick someone else besides them for jokes? I mean, is there a more persecuted minority? I guess the Yezdis..

    1. Armenians? Palestinians? Frat boys?

      1. Pizza-craving gay Indianans

    2. After the progs, maybe the muslims need to be sorted out next.

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    1. Brains are wet, warm, and slippery.

      1. And delicious if fried with green onions.

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                1. My dear sir, either your medications are seriously out of balance or it’s high time you put your Analyst on danger money.

                  1. He’s just agile.

                  2. Forget that…help me find the ‘right’ sound for Agile’s, erm, pondering.

  45. I live for the day that one of the Perpetually Offended, hopefully a tenured twit at some Liberal Arts diploma mill like Yale, objects to some “offensive” speech and gets told

    “I’m glad what I said offends you. Your entire existence offends ME.”

  46. Hi David,

    Help me out… I don’t know what “concern trolling” is, but I have a feeling this is what you are doing to Lena Dunham and the daily show in this piece. Did I get the definition right and, if not, could you use the term in a sentence? Thanks, man.

    1. *yawn*

  47. There just isn’t a lot that offends me. Well, the way so many of my fellow citizens are offended by everything under the Sun is very offensive.

  48. I don’t know, some of these jokes were actually borderline offensive or touched on some old Jewish stereotypes.

    Some gems from Dunham’s list

    13. He doesn’t tip.

    14. And he never brings his wallet anywhere.

    32. He has an obsession with bellhops that is troubling to me.

    8. I feel that he is judgmental about the food I serve him. When I make something from scratch, he doesn’t want to eat it, but he also rejects most store-bought dinners.

    9. This is because he comes from a culture in which mothers focus every ounce of their attention on their offspring and don’t acknowledge their own need for independence as women. They are sucked dry by their children, who ultimately leave them as soon as they find suitable mates.

    10. As a result of this dynamic, he expects to be waited on hand and foot by the women in his life, and anything less than that makes him whiny and distant.

    Taking offense at something is harmless by itself. You cross a line when you burn down cars and businesses and lob death threats at a pizza joint .

    1. What happens to all those “tips”? There’s rumors they’re being processed into high end cosmetics for rich old women.

      Pardon me, madam. Is that my son’s foreskin on your face?

      1. The fact the government taxes tips now really fucking pisses me off.

    2. makes him whiny and distant

      Well, if he whines from a distance that’s better than if he whines from close up.

  49. Yes, right-wing expressions of moral outrage to stupid jokes and trivial insensitivities seem phony and reactionary, and obviously it is just giving back what the leftist have done for years. But it should be remembered that the liberal narratives like Dunham’s false rape accusations in her recent memoir are used to justify state actions abridging individual rights–in this case Dept. of Ed’s Russlynn Ali’s “Dear Colleague” letter which used Title IX regulations to force college administrators into forgoing due process for those (young men, mostly) accused of rape.

    In light of how these leftist narratives are used to attack liberty, I think right wingers can be forgiven a little for being oversensitive and over-reactive to them. These narratives are truly killing liberty, it is not just hypothetical.

  50. Outrage is the new normal.

    It’s a disease that’s affecting the entire continent:…..-1.2309810

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  52. I am offended and outraged by this author using the phrase “teeming with Jews,” as it clearly has echoes of Der Sturmer-esque Nazi propaganda. Which routinely compared Jews to cockroaches and other “teeming” insects. (Often with footage of same.)

    There, sensitivity Stasi. Did some of your job for you.

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  54. I emPHATICALLY agree with the above article. Some people view having a sense of humor the same way that they view a light switch (I.e they turn it off when it suits them). #TheBipolarizationofConvenience

  55. this question applies to reason writers more so

  56. My problem lies not with comedians making jokes that may be deemed “unacceptable”, but with the audience. Lets not forget how the SJW crowd reacted when Tosh made some rape jokes.

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  58. “Rooting for Hamas” would be an indication of militant anti-Zionism, but not necessarily anti-Semitism. Linking political support of the nation state of Israel with perceived “anti-Semitism” is a cheap neocon talking point and unworthy of this Magazine.

  59. When you are self-appointed thought police, you have to stay on the job!

    Good article.

  60. it Lena Dunham you can’t get much more offensive then that

  61. Can we just trade this Dunham bitch to ISIS? Don’t care what we get n return.

    Hilarity will ensue.

  62. I can’t agree that Jon Stewart is a “didactic scold” whose “shtick” is taking people out of context. Not that this is a ringing endorsement but his show has more news validity than anything else on television as far as I’m concerned. This is from someone who rarely agrees with the man. The Daily Show easily bests Wolf Blitzer, Bill O’Reilly and Ed Schultz combined. O’Reilly repeats the same material on a 4th grade level, that is no exaggeration, so persistently even John Woo would have to legally qualify it as torture. The word “Benghazi” was repeated a minimum of 20 times a day on the “Factor” every single one of the 50 some days between the event and the 2012 election, and he’s not done. The DS is the only media organ that has been willing to demonstrate that Wolf Blitzer has no qualifications for his position. If TV is your only source and you only have half an hour for that The Daily Show beats any other option.

  63. Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
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