Gay Marriage

Memories Pizza Made $700,000 in Sympathetic Donations

Send in the pizza truthers.



The owners of Memories Pizza may have had to close down shop, and they may have had to go into hiding because of death threats, but at least they made $700,000 (so far) off sympathetic donations through Go Fund Me.

Some in the media were quick to wonder—to varying degrees of seriousness—whether this was the result of an elaborate plot on the part of the O'Connors to make some quick cash. A typical response, from Gawker:

Did the O'Connors take a principled stand? Or was their now-infamous interview part of an elaborate ruse to scam a small fortune from stupid but generous bigots and then skip town? Is there a faster way to make $500,000 in America in 2015 than by refusing to cater a hypothetical gay wedding? Only time will tell.

We'll call them pizza truthers, I guess.

But no, the O'Connors really did give their honest answers to a reporter commissioned to write a story about an anti-gay business. They probably didn't expect that their Christian-based refusal to cater a hypothetical gay wedding would result in waves of venomous criticism on Yelp. And they certainly didn't expect to ultimately profit from the experience.

While I'm sure the money is very nice, having to close (possibly forever) and put up with death threats is not. But of course, Gawker skims right over that:

The online blowback to their stupidity was immediate and overwhelming, and the pizzeria temporarily closed its doors yesterday as a response. Good!

It's not good. It's never good when people—even people you don't like, whose views you find ugly—are threatened.

Over at The Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf asks whether all small restaurant businesses that hold conservative views on gay marriage (of which, he argues, there are likely many) deserve to be targeted for shaming:

What do white evangelicals, Muslims, Mormons, blacks, conservative Republicans, and immigrants from Africa, South America, and Central America all have in common? They're less likely to support gay marriage than the average Californian. Over the years, I've patronized restaurants owned by members of all those groups. Today, if I went out into Greater Los Angeles and chatted up owners of mom-and-pop restaurants, I'd sooner or later find one who would decline to cater a gay wedding. The owners might be members of Rick Warren's church in Orange County. Or a family of immigrants in Little Ethiopia or on Alvera Street. Or a single black man or woman in Carson or Inglewood or El Segundo.

Should we destroy their livelihoods?

If I recorded audio proving their intent to discriminate against a hypothetical catering client and I gave the audio to you, would you post it on the Internet and encourage the general public to boycott, write nasty reviews, and drive them out of business, causing them to lay off their staff, lose their life savings, and hope for other work? If that fate befell a Mormon father with five kids or a childless Persian couple in their fifties or a Hispanic woman who sunk her nest egg into a pupusa truck, should that, do you think, be considered a victory for the gay-rights movement?

Before this week, I'd have guessed that few people would've considered that a victory for social justice.

He also wonders whether any of the people who left hateful messages on the Yelp page for Memories Pizza would have done the same to their own grandparents, many of whom likely hold similarly antiquated views on gay relationships.

The answer to that question is no, of course. And that's because we're all hypocrites when it comes to boycotts.

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  1. Imma stay off Gawker – I am leaving that for professionals like Derpetologist.

    1. You should use your, I assume Sig, to threaten gawker and make them close their doors. Evidently that is what they think decent people do.

    2. Yes, Where is Derpetologist? I bet some warriors for social justice just had their head explode.

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  3. f I recorded audio proving their intent to discriminate against a hypothetical catering client and I gave the audio to you, would you post it on the Internet and encourage the general public to boycott, write nasty reviews, and drive them out of business, causing them to lay off their staff, lose their life savings, and hope for other work?

    Only if it were white folks who owned the business.

    1. Fucking white people! Always opening businesses with the explicit intent not to serve customers.

      1. What I’m saying is, a prog head would explode at the thought of, say, an Ethiopian immigrant refusing service to a gay couple. It would be like this.

        But when it’s white folks, it’s open season on hate.

        1. I’m just breakin’ balls. It’s what do.

          1. And a variety of things involving alligators vs. pythons???

  4. My wife actually accused them of just that on our ride home from work last night.

    Then she was shocked when I blew the fuck up and went off on her

    1. I would refuse to to hypothetical gay weddings every day if I could make that scratch. Why would you blow up and yell at your wife for that?

      1. but is it a “profit” – or going out of business insurance money, to cover lost revenue?

  5. The answer to that question is no, of course. And that’s because we’re all hypocrites when it comes to boycotts

    Am I still a hypocrit if I’ve never participated in a boycott?

    1. Yeah, does it make hypocritical that I don’t believe in boycotts?

      I purchase goods and services from someone based on the properties of the good/service. How is gthe quality, the price, the customer service, etc.

      Honestly I don’t give a fuck they think or do in their spare time.

      1. Same with me. Do they sell what I want at, I price I like? That’s about as much thought as I put in purchases.

        1. I’m boycotting this post because of the misplaced comma.

        2. I tried to point that out, to a guy writing a glowing review of an electric car. He tried to ‘zero emissions” selling point. I asked him where the electricity came from, and he quickly said “that’s easy, solar, water, wind and nuclear” so I reminded him that TODAY in the US, that would make the car 31% zero emission! I didn’t get around to reminding him how environmentalists complain about all those renewable energy sources that kill fish and birds and make us glow in the dark.

  6. ” intent to discriminate against a hypothetical catering client’

    because that’s “a thing”

    I think “WrongThink” is shorter

    1. I think the newspeak term is “wrongfeel.”

  7. While I’m sure the money is very nice,

    Uncle Sam will get his cut.

    1. The idiots in the Gawker comments seem to think gift money is tax-free.

      1. you don’t need to refer to the “people” who comment on gawker idiots, as the label is implied by the fact that they comment there.

      2. I hope some idiots there set up a gofundme campaign for themselves. That may be the only way they learn.

      3. It is, up to a certain amount per person. I have no idea if there is tax pass thru using GoFundMe.

        1. $10,000. Gawker seems to think that all the donations are all separate and therefore count as numerous small gifts. This is a crime called “structuring.”

          1. HAHA OH GOD

            1. I look forward to the day when they are eaten by the monster that they happily helped create.

              Assuming that I’m not eaten by it first.

              1. Come now, JW, these people will never start businesses.

          2. The gift tax limit is $14,000 per person per individual. You could give $14,000 to five different people, and your spouse could give $14,000 to those same individuals. As long as you and your spouse filed separately, the gift is tax free. Amounts over the limit are subject to tax paid by the givers. The donations may be separate, in which case the money may very well be tax-free. I don’t know, it would require research which would help me procrastinate what I should be doing. 🙂

            1. Isn’t that only if your making the donation while hopping (or is it hoping) on your left foot while scratching your right testicle?

            2. like the government should be dictating to people what they do with their own money that they have already paid tax on – NOT!! Talk about and insidious loss of privacy and freedom- far greater than the loss a gay couple has when they cannot have one or two photographers out of thousands not shoot their wedding. But, what is important to the clueless masses and the moronic press and politicians – real issues or mere distractions like this one?

          3. Don’t know, for sure, but I would think “structuring” would be if the small donors did it in concert with each other to avoid taxes – not the case with thousands of unrelated (in any manner) individuals.

          4. I’m sure this isn’t the first time a GoFundMe went over $10k

      4. should be but, that’s for another discussion

  8. Obviously the government will have to confiscate this hate money.

    1. Civil Forfeiture while they investigate them for Hate Crime.

      1. Of course. Never mind the people who made death threats against them, nothing to see there.

    2. government owns everything – it just lets us borrow property until it collects it.

  9. If you want them to close down their pizza place, then by extension you want them to be unable to hold down any job.

    1. At which point they should be shot for vagrancy. What don’t you get Ted?

      1. First the bitchslap, then the nutpunch.

        1. We call that the “sneak attack, combo!” at my house.

  10. or a childless Persian couple in their fifties

    What, we’re not calling them Iranian anymore?

    1. Nah, we’re enlightened.

      Why call somebody by their nationality, when you can label them by race or ethnicity?

      Because labeling people by race or ethnicity has never lead to problems.

      1. I thought maybe it was because Persian sounded more victim-like than Iranian which means they are terrorists.

        1. A lot of Iranian expats since 1979 refer self-identify as “Persian” to distance themselves from the various goings-on under the mullahs.

          1. And they’re all here in Tehrangeles!

            1. there are many in Northern Virginia too. A guy who I’ve worked with for over 25 years claim that the Mullahs have turned the Iranian population into one of the least religious on Earth, because of seeing what happens when politicians run a church.

    2. He’s talking about a couple who think of their Persian cats as their children.

    3. What if it was still called Persia when they left?

      1. Before 1935?

        1. The Shah put both names back in use in 1959.

    4. Also, if you think this is an “anymore,” you probably don’t know who goes by “Persian.”

    5. Persian’s an ethnicity*. Iranian is a nationality. Not all Iranians are Persian. Lur, Kurd, Arab, Balouch, and others in Iran are all Iranian.

      *I think. I could be wrong.

      1. ^^This, there are more Azeri’s in Iran then there are in Azerbijian.

      2. Technically, a nation is a group of people sharing a common culture and language. So their nationality is Persian and Iran is a multi-national state.

        1. Oops, yep…hence nationalism being the cause of the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Duly noted.

      3. Yes, barely over 50% of the Iranian population is Persian. The guy I mentioned above has an Azeri wife. He told me the other Iranian guy who sued to work for us didn’t care much for his wife, in part because of her thick accent when speaking Farsi.

      4. in other words Persians want to be identified with their culture and ethnicity not the abomination that is the government of Iran.

    6. Childless??? Hmmmm, seems implausible….unless its a GAY Iranian couple!!!!!

  11. So the Gawker people now think the death threats against Anita Sarkeesian were a good thing?

    1. She sounds Armenian, not Iranian, or I mean Persian.

  12. I obviously hate myself for posting this a 2nd time, but I have to.

    Bakeries of Hate

    Where’s the outrage?

    1. Muslims are somehow a designated victim group, so there will be no outrage.

    2. When Muslims do it it’s out of peace.

      1. Religion of Pies.

        1. no —-Religion of Lies

  13. It’s not good. It’s never good when people?even people you don’t like, whose views you find ugly?are threatened.

    Gawker thought it was good when a 70 year old man was assaulted and robbed of his guns in the parking lot of a Philadelphia gun range because ha ha, gun nutz and their belief guns make you safe!

    They are lowest form of scum on Earth.

    1. Holy crap, that happened?

      I’m guessing the old guy wasn’t carrying a loaded gun ready to use. I’m thinking they wouldn’t have been so ballsy if he’d had a holster on his hip.

      Guess what, morons, no one said just being near a gun makes you safer. It has to be (or at least appear to be) loaded and accessible.

      1. Yes, they practically view the robbers as heroes for making ‘gun nuts’ look bad

        Of course the dude was unarmed and had his guns secured in cases, in compliance with the law.

      2. Philadelphia is a “city of the first class” which means they can have tougher gun laws than the rest of PA.

        1. As a Pa resident I didn’t know that living in a large city deprives you of rights.

  14. “People certainly have the right to post those reviews (and Yelp has the right to remove them, leave them be, or do anything else with them). In fact, supporters of gay equality :can do anything they want (short of violence) to combat the views of the O’Connors.”

    –Fast forward —

    “It’s not good. It’s never good when people?even people you don’t like, whose views you find ugly?are threatened.””

    yes yes, i know…. value judgments and supporting people’s “rights” are discrete….

    but the point is, Who really gives a shit about the value-judgements part? I don’t. Thats the Gawker game.

    Is openly defending “Freedom of Association”, no matter how tepid, really this hard to do?

    1. Apparently.

    2. For people like Fesendorf, yes it is. This whole affair has one thing going for it, it has allowed the true cowards to self identify. Fessendorf, if defending freedom becomes hard and perhaps dangerous, will be even more useless than he normally is. That entire essay is nothing but an exercise in two faced cowardice and equivocating. You see Connor doesn’t want people to be threatened and to lose their livelihood, He is just that nice of a guy you see. He is, however, totally okay for the mob to do anything short of violence to ensure that people it doesn’t like go bankrupt and are run out of society.

      I have always considered Fessendorf one of the most dishonest pieces of shit in journalism. His response here further confirms my opinion. In some ways, I have more respect for the honest fascists who admit to wanting these people destroyed. Fessendorf is clearly okay with that happening. He just doesn’t want to get his hands dirty or be associated with supporting it.

      1. John, those quotes are Robby. And I assume you mean Friedersdorf?

        1. My mistake. I guess Robby is the useless one. That is not surprising. Robby said yesterday that the woman at the pizza place was “not sufficiently gay affirming”, which raises the question; is thin crust or deep dish the more gay affirming pizza?

          1. The Personal is Political and Pizza

            Soon you will be able to order a slice of intersectionality to go

            1. The Personal Pan is definitely the gayest type of Political Pizza.

              Ordering as a “Meat Lover’s” is just trolling, though.

          2. Yeah, that “not sufficiently gay affirming” is the kind of horseshit that I mean when I say too many Reason writers uncritically peddle SJW assumptions and memes.

            1. Reframe, Deano. It’s not SJW shit, it’s gay superiority shit. The SJWs are merely on board, because they love having a victim (other than themselves) to defend with spite, vitriol, judgmentalism and hate.

              You know, those traits they accuse cracker conservatives of holding.

              Used to be reason was about liberty, these days reason is about Teh Gaze. Perhaps The Nickster could tell us more about that, like some BS “marketing strategy” that says, “teh Gaze love to tweet and snark, and that drives clicks, and clicks are money, honey.” Meanwhile, fuck principles.

          3. I’m kinda thinking the extra sausage and pepperoni is gay affirming…

    3. There’s absolutely no contradiction here. I said it was okay to be mean (not that you should), and not okay to threaten or commit violence.

      1. How is sabotaging their business to such a degree that it can no longer function any better than throwing a rock through their window? Do you think these people have a right to own a business or not? If they do, then how is it right for these people to prank call it and sabotaging it on Youtube? That is not violence. But it is a hell of a lot more than just not eating there too.

        1. Apparently, according to a link Karl Denninger posted, a Christian called up some bakeries run by gay bakers asking them if they’d make a cake saying “gay marriage is wrong.” The bakers reacted pretty much how you’d expect them to. And from a libertarian perspective, that’s fine, because no man should have the right to your labor at the point of a gun or under the threat of a mob.

          Notice however, that SoCons didn’t start internet jihads trying to get these people shut down. In fact, I suspect that not one credentialed “reporter” is going to have the stones to ask gay bakers if they’d provide a wedding cake to people like the Westboro Baptists without sabotaging the order, or if these bakers think the government should force them to do so. Nor would any of our current cultural Jacobins get their panties in a bunch if the WBC folks were denied service. Because if there’s nothing else the left has proven since the French Revolution, they’re the world’s biggest special pleaders. Principals, not principles.

          The only saving grace is that eventually they’ll turn on each other in their never-ending bullshit quest for “authenticity”; it’s just unfortunate that they’re going to end up hurting a lot of innocent people in the process who would rather be left alone. But such is the inevitable endgame of progressive politics.

          1. according to a link Karl Denninger posted

            Notice however, that SoCons didn’t start internet jihads trying to get these people shut down.

          2. good point

        2. Saying mean things about peoples beliefs on the internet is immoral, says John, WHILE he says mean things about peoples beliefs on the internet.

        3. Freedom is messy and ugly, John, including the freedom to be an intolerable asshole with few redeeming qualities. (Note here, that I’m reserving my right to drive Illinois Nazis off the bridge.)

          I’ll take the private mob over the gubmint mob, any day of the week. The private mob will soon lose interest and have their attention diverted by other shiny injustices.

          1. Freedom is messy and ugly, John, including the freedom to be an intolerable asshole with few redeeming qualities.

            Posting that you don’t like the political views of the owners of restaurant, in a yelp review, is fundamentally different than falsely claiming that their food made you sick or that you were subjected to harassment in their establishment.

          2. I’ll take the private mob over the gubmint mob, any day of the week

            Government and “private” mobs are functionally indistinguishable in purpose, and in the worst cases of government are highly interchangeable. It’s not as though anti-Semitism in Europe (largely mob-directed prior to the Holocaust), socialist agitation in Tsarist Russia, or the mob violence in pre-Revolutionary France were anything but harbingers of the government violence which libertarians deplore.

            Mobs have one purpose: intimidation. When they don’t get what they want, they escalate in violence until they do get what they were there for. They are not better or worse than “government” in the abstract, because within the localities they usurp they *are* government in its starkest form — they are judge, jury and executioner.

            Why any libertarian would act as though this is an appropriate expression of mere assembly is beyond me.

        4. Customers have the right to not go to their store, and to encourage others to do the same. In the short term the goal is loss of revenue. If there is enough loss of customers, they store very well be forced out of business. I have no problem with that.

          As Robby said, it’s very different to threaten or commit violence.

          1. So you’re okay with people calling in fake orders and putting up fake reviews in an effort to destroy them because of wrong think?

            Good to know you support those wonderful qualities

            1. Some people seem to think the time to vigorously assert support for the “principle” of “free association”…

              ….is when a mob of people are “freely associating” for the purpose of causing immediate harm to a specific individual for the crime of having the wrong opinion

              … meanwhile the “right” of that person to have that opinion?…. and to even *act on it*? (tho never in fact done)… is to be denounced loudly and breathlessly, reminding readers that, regardless of this so-called ‘principle’ of freedom to associate.. that actually saying you might be inclined to not cater to a certain kind of event is WRONG WRONG WRONG… and “even God Agrees”…

              – basically, twisting this “principle” to fit the principals that have the most politically-correct view. And coating it all in a heaping of PC value-judgement about what We Should Really Care About.

              Sure, the ‘digital lynch mob’ has their rights too. But pretending that there’s a super-wide grey-area between this “everything short of violence” and “(fake gasp), *threats?* well i never!?” is intellectually dishonest in the extreme.

              As is portraying people 1000 miles away from Indiana as “boycotters”… rather than a mob specifically intent on suppressing minority views, and destroying an individual and their business simply because *they can*.

          2. “As Robby said, it’s very different to threaten or commit violence.”

            Are you saying that the “libertarians” here on Reason don’t comment in ways which are exactly like “social media threats”?

            I really have a hard time imagining that these were any kind of serious threat. On the other hand, I see the KKK actually entering and threatening businesses around here regularly……and God Knows they are serious.

      2. If I wanted to get a millenial lecture on what was “Okay”, I’d be reading Gawker.

        being libertarian, I’d think something like “Freedom of Association” would actually warrant at least a mention in context, rather than danced around and apologized for.

        1. reason is the new Gawker and sometimes the new Jezebel, even if the commenters here seem to imagine themselves talking with liberty fans, they’re talking with SJWs, misanders and gay supremacists.

          1. D- troll

            1. Nope. Just a recently registered commenter who’s been reading for 4+ years. Try again, Fake-Omniscient.

      3. Robby, maybe it was a different writer who wrote this. If so I apologize.

        When the story of the pizza place first broke I believe you called the owners bigots because they didn’t want to be part of a ceremony that violated their religious beliefs. Setting aside the fact that rhetoric such as that gives cover( in their minds) to the kind of people who make death threats and run people out of polite society, its flat wrong. Would you say a Rabbi was a bigot if he didn’t want to perform my Christian wedding at a Methodist church?

      4. There’s absolutely no contradiction here. I said it was okay to be mean (not that you should), and not okay to threaten or commit violence.

        Your shallowness combined with smugness is typical of callow youth, Rico Suave. If I took the quoted statement literally, I’d watch you tighten the noose around what is “mean” sufficiently to stifle anything but passive-aggression. You hint at this when you bristle at “threatening violence,” which generally can be done only with physical intimidation and not words.

        But nobody can tell a smug metrosexual the truth about anything, can they Rico?

        You’re one insufferable douche. How fucking bloated is your ego due to the spot you have here? It’s like you think you’re a prince and daddy King is about to die, or something.

  15. I can’t imagine this was a deliberate plot. But I must admit that on reading the headline I immediately thought “how can I get in on this action?”.

    1. Join the Westboro Baptist Church?

      1. I’m working on establishing the Eastboro Church of Latter Day Scientologists.

        The first campaign will be protesting births of soldier’s children at maternity wards in the south while holding signs that say “Fags Hate God” and “Thank IEDs for Allah”

      2. They put in way more effort.

  16. IIRC the Chick-fil-A thing came out more or less the same; they made money off the backlash. Apparently the SJWs don’t understand that even though they have a complicit media on their side they can go too far.

    1. I don’t normally eat Chik-fil-A, so when I took my son there for lunch on a Saturday recently, I was blown away by the crowd. They were *mobbed.*

      But, they were pretty damn quick, even considering the crowd. Very efficient operation.

    2. they don’t care – the emotional reward of righteous indignation is too great. Even if it ends up killing their cause.

      Case in point – blacks (and white liberals) who will never admit that Obama had been and continues to be an unmitigated disaster for the country because then it would end their righteous indignation/validation/ release of white guilt reward and saddle them with the shame of voting for an anti American black racist who has completely screwed up everything he has touched.

  17. my friend’s step-aunt makes $73 hourly on the internet . She has been out of a job for seven months but last month her income was $19815 just working on the internet for a few hours. pop over to this web-site….,

    1. She doesn’t earn her money posting threats on Yelp and Gawker, I hope.

  18. Hey Robby, or someone at reason who gets paid for this sort of thing.

    Here’s an idea for a story for you.

    Compare and contrast the supposed rape and death threats made against women in the gamergate kerfuffle with the threats made against these people in this case.

    Show how the SJW crowd wants it both ways, random mean statements on the internet are absolutely a credible threat when made against someone they like but justice when made against someone they don’t

    1. That would be like shooting fish in a barrel. It is a story of course that likely will never be written. The truth is not something that is very popular.

      The entire Progressive movement is based on violence committed with plausible deniability. See, when they engage in violence and you complain about it, you are just being a victim. And if you dare to stand up for yourself and fight back, then you are just an evil thug whose violence discredits your cause.

      This is on like page two of the handbook for fascist political action.

      1. Not for nothing, but has Myth-busters ever tried to shoot fish in a barrel? I expect it would be harder than made out to be.

          1. Scary thing is that SUV was on loan from the Secret Service. Try to imagine a situation where it would be used and how many innocent bystanders would die.

    2. For extra lulz, see if you can identify the threats made against women in gamergate that were actually SJW false flag deals.

      1. Some of the “threats” in that kerfuffle did strike me as suspicious, but really, what reason do we have to think that those were “false flags” and that the threats against the O’Connors were not? (That’s not to suggest that the O’Connors themselves made the threats, but conservative activists seeking to discredit their political opponents *could* have)

        1. They could have but to this point there is no real evidence that they have played the game that way.

          There are numerous documented instances of progressive SJW carrying out false flag operations both in gamergate and during the Tea Parties beginning. To this point I have never seen a credible instance of a conservative doing so.

        2. I’m of the opinion that it takes some time to think up a false flag. Gamergate and the Tea Party activities cover months and years. Gay Pizza has only been a thing for a few days.

  19. Oh my god how is this bullshit still eating news cycles?

    1. It is either talk about this or notice Obama being too big of a fuck up to even surrender properly or that Hillary is guilty of massive and systematic obstruction of justice. The media had to do something and you can only put so many dead black men on the front pages.

      1. liberals (socialists) never will admit they are wrong on anything. That is why they are hard to defeat. Totally incapable of being honest to themselves or anyone else.

    2. Everybody loves pizza. And hate. Everybody loves pizza and hate.

      1. Hate is just like pizza – there’s good pizza, and there’s really good pizza.

        1. In this analogy, where does deep dish go?

    3. OH god i love that video
      Watch the crawler at the bottom of the screen
      Porno Better Than Movie It Was Base On.

  20. Editorial policy proposal =

    When citing/quoting a “Gawker” writer in a post here @ H&R?…

    … you are required to also cite the “2 most recent” other contributions that same person has made to that publication.

    In the case of the cited ‘Taylor Berman’? …those would be =

    Lovestruck Man Pleads Guilty to Masturbating Into His Co-Worker’s Coffee


    These Happy Pandas Won’t Stop Fucking

    It is our belief that providing this additional context will help put Gawker’s contribution to the journalistic landscape into clearer perspective.

    1. I second the motion.

      1. Any amendments? No?

        Further discussion? No?

        Motion passes by acclamation! So let it be written, so let it be done.

    2. (*confession of ulterior motive = it will also shame anyone from ever citing a Gawker writer again in a serious context)

    3. As the panda names are in Chinese, I can’t tell if they are heterosexual pandas, gay pandas, or transgendered pandas…
      Than we could tell if they had a gay panda agenda…a pangenda

  21. The comments on the Gawker story are OUT-standing. Total lack of intellectual curiosity on the subject at hand.

    1. I would honestly like to ask the cowardly sociopaths that comment on Gawker their thoughts on the recent targeting of Christians in Kenya. I wouldn’t infer anything, just sorta let them fill in the blanks. I’m guessing at least a quarter would somehow justify it.

      1. “I’m guessing at least a quarter would somehow justify it.”

        You are kidding, right?
        It must be fun to make up your own little scenarios and then come to “conclusions” based on your superior intellect and knowledge of the world….

        On the other hand, – we pretty much know that MANY right wingers have called for nuking millions in the middle east until the countries turn to glass. We don’t have to guess about that one since it’s been stated a number of time.

        Furthermore, we know that many right wingers totally justify the offing of liberals and progressives – heck, they state it over and over again in these comments.

        You are a silly man.

  22. What I really don’t get is the level of vociferous hate directed at these people, over something that is not even explicitly bigoted against gays, but mostly a statement of religious disagreement with gay marriage. Being against gay marriage is not functionally equivalent to hating gay people.

    It wasn’t that long ago that overt gay-bashing was fairly common. That has fortunately become less and less so. But in this case, people seem to be treating someone who merely doesn’t want to participate in a gay wedding as if they were the Westboro Baptist Church. It’s completely out of proportion.

    Saying you don’t want to participte in a gay marriage is not remotely comparable to stomping aorund waving a “God Hates Fags” sign.

    1. I have found that many people seem to think that being against gay marriage is “hating gay people”.

      I mean, you’re right, it’s not functionally equivalent.

      And I disagree with their belief that the cause of the former must be hate.

      But people do seem to have the idea, in any case.

      It’s increasingly evident that the most popular way to respond to that lack of favor for gay marriage is “screaming mau-mauing”, not “trying to show them that gay people/weddings are in fact utterly banal and harmless”.

      The more that happens, the more backlash we should see, and the more negative effect.

      Which is counter-goddamn-productive to the goal of, well, getting people to not care that someone else is gay and wants to get hitched.

      (Links to the idea, seen elsewhere and variously, that at this point, the politicized gay movement [distinct from ‘the set of gay people’, most explicitly; we refer here to the screaming activists] demands not merely acceptance, but approval.

      That’s problematic for a free society, coming from any group.

      Everyone has the right to demand they be “accepted” – not kept down by the Man – as long as they don’t trespass on others.

      Nobody ever has a right to demand approval.)

      1. ‘Sigivald|2015/04/03 16:06:10|#5204323

        I have found that many people seem to think that being against gay marriage is “hating gay people”.”

        More than this =

        People are construing “support for gay marriage”…. which includes the caveat of “not wanting to force individuals to participate in it if they have objections”… “hateful bigotry”


      The truth is, I am sure many gay people have been hurt, often times by their own family members. But as the incredible number of states where gay marriage has been legalized, the overwhelming majority of people don’t CARE if you gay.
      And its not worth the effort, and it is counterproductive, to try and make everybody come to your wedding…

      1. So fucking what? Every fucking parent “hurts” his/her child(ren) somehow. Every god-damned one.

        Let’s say your name is Gay Bruce Ritz and your parents are Butch and Bertha Ritz, 4-Square Pentecostals who believe homosexuality is a sin. Their views on gayness “hurt” you. So what do you do if you’re Bruce?

        You blame all Christianity. Not your parents as 2 individuals (the extremest but most logical result).

        If you were a tolerant sort you’d recognize EVERY human has prejudices about this or that thing. You’d realize your parents aren’t perfect. This would be what we call, “growing up” or “maturing intellectually and emotionally.”

        If you were a whiny piece of worthless humanity, you’d run around looking for targets to humiliate with swishy bitter snark, simply because you can’t accept that the world isn’t perfect and because you can’t fathom that some people just may not give two shits about your happiness, mostly because they owe you no sentimentality, mainly because, y’know, they’re not your god-damned spouse.

        People with such fragility should be spending time getting their heads normalized, not finding people to accuse of “hate”.

    3. liberals are always over reacting to everything -swatting flies with baseball bats. They think it makes their argument more convincing and to some stupid people it does — the rest of us just see it for the illogical groupspeak that it is

  23. This is the exact same thing opponents of gay marriage have always said would happen. “Libertarians,” if I remember right, said it was a “strawman.” But it wasn’t a strawman. It’s who these people really are. It has never been about “personal liberty” or any of that. It’s always been a political war against the traditional people and culture of America.

    1. the traditional people and culture of America.


      1. Nah, they’re the *indigenous* culture, not traditional. Plus, like, they don’t count.

    2. Yes, I’m sure everything is a giant communist conspiracy….

    3. You have to admire a man who sets up a strawman to belittle a strawman.

    4. Stalking horse, not straw-man. Not surprised the commentariat here would get it wrong, given the drift of sentiments here in the past 18 mos or so. Circle jerks and daisy chains are right around the corner. Ask the Nickster and Rico Suave.

  24. While I’m sure the money is very nice, having to close (possibly forever) and put up with death threats is not.

    I don’t know about that.

    I could put up with a lot of death threats from people who are too lazy to ever lift a fuckng finger to carry them out for $700k.

    I don’t know what these guys were taking home before but I bet (assuming they actually ever see a dime from this ‘goFundMe thing’) that’s a good decade + worth of take home.

    1. That’s what I thought of when I read the headline, i.e. that that’s more $ than they made operating a pizzeria!

      So everybody wins! The antis get to feel good for putting them out of business, the donors get to feel good for donating to a worthy cause (and sticking it to The Man), Memories make out like bandits, & we get something fun to bat around here.

      1. “everybody wins! ‘

        As i noted yesterday = this optimistic outlook is like suggesting that

        well, nazis burned your synagogue to the ground – but think of the Insurance payout!

        just because they will benefit financially isnt any excuse for an ideological mob driving them out of business.

        1. What if it was over-insured?

          The analogy’s not perfect, though, because the insurers are not in the bi of losing $. However, donors to GoFundMe are specifically looking for causes to donate to.

          1. Have to be a shitty underwriter to allow the coverage to go forth overvalued.


      1. Thanks for sharing your education with us!

  25. I think I will start a GoFundMe drive on behalf of Eric Garner’s family, so I can tell everybody that its existence invalidates their suffering, and sneer at “liberaloids” for being so stupid and deluded as to contribute.

  26. but at least they made $700,000 (so far) off sympathetic donations through Go Fund Me

    I’d note that the Go Fund Me page was not actually set up by the O’Connors, but rather some essentially random talk radio guy. Is there any evidence the O’Connors have actually received any of the money supposedly donated to them?

    1. A pending class action fraud lawsuit against the talk radio host should he not give them the monies?

      1. He probably is going to give it to them, since he identified himself up front and is a publicly known person. But occurs to me that you could very easily create something analogous to the Nigerian e-mail scam using news stories like this.

        1. So there’s yet another winner from all this! He passes along the $ in good faith, gets favorable publicity, they get more $ than they’d ever make from pizza. & their erstwhile customers save the calories.

          1. I don’t know about this gofunding stuff. It sounds perilously close to all the people who are going to move to Canada after the last US presidential election. Canada should have something like 699million people by now….
            Or at least as many as the number of Vietcong we killed….

            1. The link is here.

              It averages about $30 per donation.

              Meanwhile, a SJW who is on the social media staff of an Indiana TV station has filed a colaint with GoFundMe, accusing Loesch of fraud, and making all kinds of snarky comments on the SJW’s verified account.

              Dana Loesch @DLoesch ? 3h 3 hours ago
              After baselessly accusing us of fraud, @alixbryan and @CBS6 change their Twitter bios. @BenHowe @LawrenceBJones3 #MemoriesPizza
              173 retweets 114 favorites

              Miss Bryan added “Opinions are my own, not employers”

    2. I wonder if they even know about it, since they probably have their phone unhooks and are avoiding watching the news or reading any blog posts about the subject.

      1. FIFY

        I wonder if they even know about it, since they probably have their phone unhooks and are avoiding watching the news or reading any blog posts about the subject. are ritually sacrificing gheyz to their strange half-nekkid man-god in a sign of disapproval with modernism.


  27. I will not provide any services at a gay wedding!!!. (unless free booze is involved)

    send checks to AlmightyJB

    1. and cupcakes…
      chocolate ones….Godiva dark chocolate….
      and I should be allowed to bring at least a half dozen naked strippers (XX – DNA) as what should the gays care? If they did, that would be SEXIST!

    2. better one would be ” I will not provide my services at a Muslim weeding that doesn’t serve pork BBQ or a Baptist wedding that doesn’t serve me alcohol. “

  28. Well, I’ll admit to tossing a few coins in the bucket. I’ll further admit the impulse wasn’t charitable, I just recognize every nickel they get will be thumb in enlightened eyes. And I miss no opportunities to jam thumbs in enlightened eyes.

    I hope they collect enough to buy ABC57 and burn it to the ground.

  29. Gawker are a disgusting outfit that GamerGate has bitten a large chunk out of by getting advertisers to drop them 🙂

  30. It’s funny. The left used to be big on how McCarthyism and the blacklist was bad.

    I used to think it was because of the tactics used. But now I realize they are just upset that it was used against communists and Soviet stooges.

  31. If that fate befell a Mormon father with five kids or a childless Persian couple in their fifties or a Hispanic woman who sunk her nest egg into a pupusa truck, should that, do you think, be considered a victory for the gay-rights movement?

    Gawker seems to think it would be. I may be going out on a limb here and say it is possible most of the folks who lash out against Christian pizzeria owners and the like are not really that concerned about the gay-rights movement and its good standing, rather engaging in this destructive bomb-throwing because they take morbid pleasure from it regardless of who is it they hurt.

    1. … when saying. Not ‘and say’.

    2. I love pupusas.

  32. Now it goes the other way. Trolling?…..story.html

  33. If it was a business that refused to serve Christians, theyd have already been burned to the ground.
    If it was a business that refused to serve Jews, theyd already be arrested for antisemitism.
    If it was a business that refused to serve Muslims, theyd already have their heads cut off.

    But a business refuses to serve gays and people give them a million dollars

    1. They didn’t refuse to serve. Fallen at the first fence, eh?

    2. Citation needed.

      D- trolling

  34. Businesses should be able to deny service for ANY reason. It’s their fucking right, no matter how “despicable” another person may find it.

    Otherwise gay artists will have to do drawings for people who them to do draw depictions of gays being murdered. Liberals definitely don’t agree with that.

    1. Ah, so if I walk into a hospital having a stroke, they should be able to say “we don’t like bald guys” and just push me to the ground on the public sidewalk across from the ER?

      Brilliant. I can tell you are a real thinker….

      Or, if I pull into the last gas station before a 120 mile stretch of highway, the owners should be able to say “I don’t like your kind” and call the police to remove me from his pumps?

  35. I’m sure most of the negative comments were coming from Southern California from people claiming to be from Indiana. I wish the people who donated money had also taken the time to flood the astroturf opinion sites with their opinions also.

    If the grievance industry keeps this up, there will be a backlash. If Apple wants to lose business to Samsung, their CEO can keep commenting on laws he knows nothing about while selling his wares in countries that don’t allow their citizens to have a gay wedding, let alone have “some” of their citizens not want to cater them for religious reasons.

    There’s a war coming and I’m not sure the left is ready for the battle to ensue.

    1. “If Apple wants to lose business to Samsung, their CEO can keep commenting on laws he knows ”

      That’s pretty funny. You know what the chances are of Rushbo giving up his precious apples? Or the same with 99.9% of the world?


      And – Tim has pledged his entire fortune to charity. I think we can guess which types of charity it will go to – probably not to this pizza owners.

      Sorry, Bro, but in this case it’s you that’s got the log in your eye. The haters may be loud but it’s the same ones talking over and over again. Very few of the “makers” in this country (and, yes, many of them are in California) are going to shut their mouths about what they think is right. Sometimes it offends the left , sometimes the right – but at least they don’t get bought off cheap.

      The world has come a long way when the most famous Confederate living is a gay man who is smarter than just about anyone, runs the world’s largest corporation perfectly and is going to give his entire fortune to progressive causes.

      Ain’t no war coming. Capitulation is pretty much complete when the “Christians” cannot survive without their Communist Chinese made goods that contain Intellectual Property and Design created by progressives. But I heard some of them can make a decent pizza…although I guess I’m gonna miss out on this one.

  36. My friend’s step-aunt makes $70 every hour on the computer . She has been out of a job for seven months but last month her pay was $17651 just working on the computer for a few hours. website link.
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  37. Leave it up to the ignoramus fucktards over at “Gawker” to have a huge derp-fest. The PC crowd act like a bunch of spoiled two year olds that don’t get the exact toy they want, throw a hissy fit tantrum and cry as loud as they can until they get their toy. Boo hoo. Fuck them in their statist asses.

  38. Reason on gay marriage: onward State marriage!

  39. Re the “holy up-lifters” or whatever terminology H.L.Menken might use to describe them, and what they demand of others, the following question comes to mind. What would these obviously superior types, just ask them, do if someone came along, demanding that they engage in “social intercourse” with people or persons they did not wish to associate with or do business with.

    Imagine how such groups or individuals, it would turn out, simply bristle with rights and prerogatives, all of which would be grievously offended by such requirements. Isn’t it strange however, that these “social uplifters” feel free to demand of everyone else, that which they would find objectionable, were it visited on themselves.

  40. By the way, while this entire bit might be a fund raising scam perpetrated by the owners, that is another matter entirely. Nobody was, in any way at all, compelled to contribute.

    1. “Nobody was, in any way at all, compelled to contribute”

      Of course not. However, it’s possible they are idiots who were preyed upon – in fact, I’d venture to say that’s a surety in many cases.
      Using people’s fears and biases to extract $$ is nothing new.

      Now I just have to think of an angle to extract money from rubes….gotta be able to come up with something…

  41. Now they can start a hate group, call it a charity and keep all the money – plus, raise more for being such heroes. This is, of course, the modus operandi of thousands of groups out there. Heck, one pastor wants his flock to buy him a G5 Gulfstream – a G2 or G3 just won’t do the job!

    But there are good things about this deal also…

    1. Less money to go to actual political right wing causes….since Joe Dirt already committed his last $20 to the pizza folks.

    2. One less business that preaches to me….

    I really dislike businesses that put their “I’m making money and profit for God” stuff in their menu’s, web sites, etc……they are putting their profits exactly where we all do, into housing, food, entertainment, etc.

    Do what you want inside your own head….but don’t preach to me on my dime.

    Do I really believe they are getting REAL death threats? No. They are likely getting the same social media venom that we’ve all seen…I’m certain it’s not worse than the Reason comment section “eat shit and die” threats.

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