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When British Students Play Video Games, Teachers Will Sic the Cops on Their Parents

Does the state need to save kids from violent video games? NO.


Call of Duty
Call of Duty

British parents are on notice: If you let your kids play a mature video game, it will not go unnoticed by the state.

This new level of micromanagement comes to us from school officials in Cheshire, England. ITV reports:

Parents have been told by headteachers [the British word for "principals'] that they will be reported to police and social services for neglect if they allow their children to play over-18 computer games, according to the Sunday Times.

The newspaper reported that a warning was issued by primary and secondary schools who found children had been watching or playing games like Call of Duty and Gears of War or Grand Theft Auto. [Gracious me! How ever did they find that out? They must have amazing research powers!]

The group wrote to parents, saying sexual content and violence and sexual content in the games are inappropriate and could lead to "early sexualised behaviour" and leave children "vulnerable to grooming for sexual exploitation or extreme violence".

Clearly, all those children are in immediate danger and need the state to save them. Now let's see. According to the Pew Research Center, 97 percent of kids 12 to 17 played some type of video game, and two-thirds of them played action and adventure games that tend to contain violent content.

So that means about two-thirds of families would be reported to the police. Maybe the state could just move each child one house to the left, so they could all be reared by someone who is not their parents?

Crime—even child abuse—has been going down as the consumption of violent video games has increased. But pay no attention to that pesky little correlation. Who cares if there isn't any actual problem? Remember the 3 D's of child safety: Deplore! Dement! Demand action!

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  1. I don’t know about you, but ever since HL2 I’ve been terrified of crabs and had this strange desire to beat my neighbors with a crowbar.

    1. Ever since Google put Pac Man on their Maps, I’ve been running over more and more ghosts.

      1. It doesn’t like concentration camps, tho. I’ve tried like 5 North Korean gulags and no go. Pac Man plays not on dirt roads it seems.

    2. Just use the modified gravity gun that got you through the citadel. A crowbar is so uncivilized.

      1. I hate that thing. Ruined the whole endgame. I kept trying to get real weapons back.

        1. As the Vortigons might say, “The Freeman should be thankful they didn’t work Dog into the endgame.”

  2. The group wrote to parents, saying sexual content and violence and sexual content in the games are inappropriate and could lead to “early sexualised behaviour” and leave children “vulnerable to grooming for sexual exploitation or extreme violence”.

    I teaching mine extreme violence specifically to make them less vulnerable to exploitation.

    1. Just teach them to act crazy. Push a shopping cart around, wet their pants, mumble. ..

      1. Heh, ‘I teaching’.

        Caveman talk no crazy good for you?

        Where Reason “make change” button?

        1. Reason no hear plea.

          Button be like in forest.
          Next to big tree.
          Tree fall.
          Crush button.


    2. I just did another Crota’s Raid with a couple of – obviously – young English kids.

      Should I turn myself into the authorities?

      1. you fiend…self immolation for you

  3. Another note warned parents not to let their kids hang out with Pakistani youths, since that was statistically more dangerous than video games.

  4. Well we certainly can’t take any chances with the safety of THE CHILDREN. So I think the UK would be justified in installing cameras in all the telescreens to better monitor the situation in each home. And maybe encourage the children themselves to inform on their parents.

    1. The interesting thing about children is they are in actuality adults in training. By treating them as entirely different life-forms they don’t learn the lessons necessary to become mature adults.

      1. Feature, not bug. Mature adults are harder to micromanage.

        1. Exactly. For ease of manageability they choose permanent infants over the risk of productive, independent mature adults capable of questioning their authority.

  5. The frightening part is pretty much any anti-liberty stance taken by the Brits is shortly thereafter adopted by US progs who shortly thereafter do their best to cram it down the throats of all Americans.

  6. In fairness, since the state grants us the privilege of being parents, we must obey their wishes.

  7. The group wrote to parents, saying sexual content and violence and sexual content in the games are inappropriate and could lead to “early sexualised behaviour” and leave children “vulnerable to grooming for sexual exploitation or extreme violence”.

    That’s what happened to all those girls in Rotherham, right? Too many violent video games?

  8. Who cares if there isn’t any actual problem?

    It isn’t about problems or solving problems. It’s about CONTROL. The evolution of Child Protective Services agencies and the like has merely evolved into a way to use children as hostages to control people’s behavior. And now it’s expanding into the schools, which makes sense because the children are prisoners there with increasing overlap between what the schools and its administrators think is under their purview.

    Everything about modern government encourages control freaks and people who want to control others to become a part of it. It incentivizes the worst possible people to gravitate to it. Of course this happens in the public, government controlled schools as well. We already know that horrible people gravitate to the position of prison guard or cop. Well, schools are essentially semi-benign prisons for children. Should anyone be surprised when a similar gravitation occurs in them as in real prisons?

    1. You get a tax credit for having children only because the government will happily pay you to give it that huge extra leverage they have over all aspects of your life when you add a child to it. That and ‘the children’ are the property of the ruling class and they’ll be damned if they’re going to allow future generations of Americans their human property to ever question their authority the way a some do now.

      1. *a few do now.

      2. Unless both spouses work in an expensive area of the country, then the tax credit goes away.

  9. I’ve been playing rated M games since I was 7. Started with Halo. Somehow I managed to distinguish between real life and aliens with plasma rifles. With the arguments the school gave I should have gone on 10 killing sprees and have 3 kids by now.

    1. I assume you’re writing from prison.

      1. Close! A public university. ASU

        1. Same difference?

        2. Close! A public University.

          You mean a rape training center!

          1. Males are not trained to rape, Mr. Anderson. Men are birthed as rapists. The public university is simply an enclosure where we prefer to stalk our prey, according to all the jezebels and salonistas.

          2. Ah, the good old days. I used to stay up reading my narcotics and anesthetics textbook and skip Concealment 101 so I could sleep in. Sometimes I used the time to work on my thesis defense in Looking the Other Way. I couldn’t sleep in too long, I had the morning Victim Blaming session and the prof. was a bitch.

    2. Crime?even child abuse?has been going down as the consumption of violent video games has increased.

      I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the first first-person shooter game, Doom, debuted in 1993,which was the peak year for violent crime in the U.S. As the games spread, the crime rates dropped.

  10. All I know is that all those years of Oregon Trail gave me an inexpiable urge to travel west and die of dysentery.

  11. What a trending travesty. Instead of immersing themselves in violent video games children should immerse themselves in violent literature like the bible and Shakespeare where rainbows and kittens dance on the bellies of pink porpoises giggling in the crystalline waters of harmony, love, and forever peace.

  12. I remember a while back Tom and Jerry reruns had a warning about violence. If anything I winder if the lack of violence in western society has skewed our priorities.

    1. I think you’ll find windering difficult to do unless you invent its definition first, Mr. Anderson.

    2. If anything I winder if the lack of violence in western society has skewed our priorities.

      I don’t wonder for one second.

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    1. The place where you get ID’d to buy a plastic fork if you look 18…

  14. All’s you need’s plausible deniability, and what parent doesn’t have that?

  15. Teach your children that the teacher is not their friend.

    Teach your children to trust nothing about the education system. Take the education they give you, but only believe the “hard” stuff like mathematics and physics. Parrot the rest back, but never believe it. Be subtle as snakes. Give nothing back to the system. Whatever you say will be taken down and used against you. Treat them as if they were enemy captors interrogating you as a POW. Know that the teacher is a cop who wants to destroy you; a tyrant who wants to enslave you, a spy who wants to betray you.

    Sorry about that, good teachers, and voters, but you have the responsibility to take the schools back. So do the district’s voters. Harangue, harass, and if necessary, terrorize the Liberal Vermin out of the system. Otherwise, you’re part of the problem, too. No prisoners. No quarter.

    ????? ????

  16. I think a fine game 🙂

  17. That’s a little too extreme. Teachers shouldn’t do anything like that. Video games are not bad, they are just not for everyone. Same works with the TV and even books. The thing is, some people are just easily influenced and they should stay away from games that can damage them. It’s better to motivate students do their best studying and that’s up to parents and teachers. A lot of teachers there can’t even write good well-structured custom college essays but they keep pretending like they know something about education. It’s important to understand that some students are mature enough to play those games.

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