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Fascism Much? Dixie State U. Prohibited Flyers That Mocked U.S. Presidents

It's disparaging.


Administrators at Dixie State University prohibited libertarian students from handing out flyers to promote their club because the flyers featured images that playfully mocked U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Mockery, even of national political figures, is considered disparaging behavior and is forbidden under school policy.

Here are a few of the offending images from the flyers, according to The College Fix:

That's right: Using memes and catchphrases to lamely poke fun at kings Bush and Obama was deemed impermissible at a public university in the state of Utah.

If that wasn't enough, the university also denied the students' request to set up a free speech wall outside the designated "free speech zone." After the wall eventually did go up, a campus police officer monitored it for hate speech.

Dixie State has so transparently violated its students First Amendment rights that it's borderline absurd, but the campus's Young Americans for Liberty chapter has to sue the school before those rights are recognized. Students William Jergins, Joey Gillespie, and Forrest Gee did so earlier this month with the help of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. I expect them to win, and win quickly.

Even so, I shudder to think what kind of education students could possibly be receiving at an institution that doesn't allow even mild criticism of people in positions of power—or anyone else, for that matter.

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  1. “I shudder to think what kind of education students could possibly be receiving at an institution that doesn’t allow even mild criticism of people in positions of power?or anyone else, for that matter.”


    1. A state-approved education, that’s what kind.

      1. The frequency with which I’m reading these things concerns me that the “end” of widespread freedom and independent thought in this country is rapidly approaching.

        I think I’ll start a “GoFundMe” campaign so I can afford a small island.

        1. Given the like-minded folks on this board, you’d need a big island. I propose North America.

  2. Astounding!

    The left and its progressive, politically correct allies have become so ridiculous that it is impossible to parody them.

  3. Given that this is Dixie State, I imagine they would have been okay with it if the students had made a poster in which that vulgar, mass-murdering usurper Abraham Lincoln was burning in hell alongside William Tecumseh Sherman.

    They just picked the wrong subjects for the poster is all.

    1. Dixie State, inexplicably, is in Utah. I don’t understand it either.

      1. Dixie (Utah) reefers to South-Western Utah, because in the 1850’s a lot of the settlers attempted to grow cash crops such as cotton in the area. It also had ties to the “Old South”. However Today Dixie State is considered to be largely a party school for kids not really interested in getting an education (at least that’s the way Northern Utahans feel about it.) I have heard the the Administration has been working lately on trying to improve the image and it helps that the communities in S. Utah/ N. Arizona have been growing as of late.

        1. “…reefers…..growing cash crops….”


          1. OK, that was funny….

  4. “””Real Rebels Don’t Support Centralized State Authority””””

    Which means that Che Guevara was no rebel since he was very willing to slaughter people to support Centralized State Authority.

    1. Or just for being gay.

      Paragon of human virtue, that Che.

    2. And “real rebels don’t support centralized state authority” does also contradict the “Why aren’t you in prison?” cat meme immediately below it as well. Guevara was famously a prison warden himself, overseeing the executions of some 63 political prisoners, bourguoisie, and kulaks.

    3. Yes. I took that to the the direct meaning of that section. I actually would buy shirts with that on it.

      1. Yeah its badly designed and cropped but that is supposed to be a circle with a line through it. For some reason the line goes behind his head instead of over.

  5. OT, kind of:

    Congratulations! We’re part of the “Right leaning national media” that ridiculed Ithaca College’s idiotic “microagression” policy!

    1. I am trying to decide what that article means. It seems to be pretty straightforward reporting expressing no real opinion.

      1. It means the reporter is actually doing his job rather than forcing his editorial opinion into everything.

        Unless he can learn to slip his opinions into straight news stories as a means of subtly propagandizing, he has no place in the modern media.

        1. My thoughts exactly.

        2. Indeed. Objectivity is a tool of the 1% teabagger oppressive patriarchal racist homophobic hierachy.

          1. “Cis”-objectivity, is the word you are looking for.

      2. Well, it does have the factual error of calling Reason a “national news publications with conservative reputations”.

        Of course, they might not be able to distinguish between conservative and libertarian…

  6. Even so, I shudder to think what kind of education students could possibly be receiving at an institution that doesn’t allow even mild criticism of people in positions of power?or anyone else, for that matter.

    Do not question authority, do not question if it’s right or wrong, just treat those in power like you did with your parents as a child. Your life will become so much simpler without all that critical thinking anyway.

  7. In other 1A news, AR appears to be making it a crime to post photos of public places if any AR resident might be in the photo without their explicit consent. I did not read the entire bill. I’m mainly relying on a photographer friend’s interpretation.…..ureno=sb79

    No idea if our governor plans to sign.

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