Passenger Plane Crashes Over Alps, UVA Frat May Sue Rolling Stone, Cops Shoot 1 Person Per Week in Philly: A.M. Links


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  1. "A libertarian must necessarily be a feminist," writes Cato Institute Vice President David Boaz.

    This is why there are no female libertarians.

    1. I was going to ask if he knew what words meant.

    2. Hello.

      "Phi Kappa Psi is considering a lawsuit against Rolling Stone magazine"


      1. You float that out, to see if you can get a peremptory settlement offer (cuts the lawyers out of the contingency fee take).

        1. They'd still be well-advised (SWIDT?) to retain a lawyer even if RS rolls over and offers them a settlement, particularly if that settlement comes with conditions such as a gag order.

          1. I have a feeling there is a team of former brothers who are now lawyers that are happy to represent Phi Kappa Psi without charge and who also wish to fuck the university good and hard.

            1. "Pro boner", as it were.

              1. Paging Switzy, white courtesy phone....

            2. Well-played, lads.

            3. I think they lawyered up immediately with said brothers, and have just been waiting for the police investigation to finish. I hope they now sue everybody involved, taking advantage of Banzhof's theory that they can even go after university officials personally under Title IX..

    3. +1 Y Chomosome...the testes trigger

    4. If by feminist one means "having equal rights as men", then he is of course correct. Alas, that isn't what feminism means to a lot of people.

      1. Exactly. Feminism circa 2015 includes a great deal of deluded stupidity.

        1. It's been that way for a while, BP.

        2. And outright hostility, BP. Recently one self-declared Feminist unabashedly said that although she doesn't hate men it would be perfectly fine if she (or others) did.

      2. And I think that a lot of people who casually identify as feminists do just mean that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men. But of course, the people who are really into it tend to be somewhere else entirely.

      3. This.

    5. But he is right. Feminism is not about statism or equality. It is about the freedom of women to shuck norms and act like the sluts they want to be. That is why conservatives hate feminists.


      2. Someone's been cheated on.

        1. That's kind of a stretch, to assume that anyone would willingly enter into a relationship with Shriek in the first place.

    6. Boaz probably made a bet with someone over who could get the most angry tweets.

    7. It is more that feminism is subsumed by libertarianism. Unless, of course, the purported definition of feminism is not the same one being followed by most non-libertarian "feminists."

      1. If feminism isn't freedom from accountability then I don't know what it is.

        1. A union job??

      2. Ironically, feminism as practiced tends toward a seriously illiberal agenda.

        I guess that's not so ironic, since they've learned at the knee of their lefty counterparts and modern liberals have a serious illiberal problem, too.

      3. About six months ago I was on a date with a girl who was a self-described "libertarian." Alarm bells should have been ringing at this point that, A) she was not, in fact, a libertarian, or B) she was not, in fact, a woman. Heedless to the danger, I proceeded with the evening, which at some point turned to "feminism." I relayed that I grew up in a household with a mother who was "classical feminist." My date asked me what I meant by that term. I responded, "she believed, and taught me to believe, that 'feminism' meant equal treatment of men and women, not equal outcomes." My date then began to attempting to pull me down the rabbit-hole of "but you have to adjust for a history of society treating them need laws to do that."

        Having come to realize she was not A) a libertarian, or B) a "classical feminist," I'd like to say I ended the date then and there. But I am a weak creature. At least later in the evening I discovered she was, in fact, a woman.

        1. If it still went well after that conversation, it sounds like a pretty successful date.

        2. "but you have to adjust for a history of society treating them differently"

          *motioning to waitperson* "check, please"

    8. For certain values of the word Feminist he is right.

      Unfortunately those values stopped being valid definitions for that word sometime in the 1990's

    9. "A libertarian must necessarily be a feminist," writes Cato Institute Vice President David Boaz.

      An imbecilic and pandering statement from a guy I know is smart enough to know better. A libertarian must necessarily be an individualist. For a long time, that coincided with the goals of feminism, as women were unfairly treated by collective judgements. But, there's no particular reason why libertarians should give a particular damn about the relative status of one collective versus another, which has been the central theme of feminism for at least the last thirty years.

      1. Eh, he says so in the very same sentence of the FA:

        "A libertarian must necessarily be a feminist, in the sense of being an advocate of equality under the law for all men and women, though unfortunately many contemporary feminists are far from being libertarians."

        1. So, the defense of his argument is that he took a consequence of individualism (equality under the law) and equated it with a definition of feminism that, in contemporary parlance, is idiosyncratic at best.

          Not really much to hang one's hat on, is it.

  2. Inside the Kafka-esque world of redacted complaints against Amtrak cafe cars.

    Those aren't redactions. Jittery from coffee and a moving train makes the pen slip.

    1. Kafka-esque world

      Riding Amtrak can be a bit like waiting in line at the post office. I've done it cross-country (twice!) with little to bitch about - it helps to plant yourself in the drinking car.

      1. I took the advertised "scenic" ride along the California coast from San Fransisco to LA. It was not the worst travel I've ever done, but it was a waste and I would never recommend it.

        Despite the advertisements the nice coastal views are only 20 minutes of the 8 hour ride.

        A stewardess came on the intercom all in a huff because people had the audacity to drink on the train and that is not allowed and passengers that do so will be kicked off. To drink and see the coastal views were the only reason I took the train. I had a growler of beer with me, and drank a cup before they made the announcement. I had a bad cold at the time, and couldn't even taste the beer well, so I didn't plan to drink anymore anyway.
        But what's the point of riding the train if you can't drink?

        The train did run out of food, but my wife and I brought our own.

        1. I would recommend the scenery in the Rockies instead.

          Maybe you were in the wrong car. I played drunken cards in the bar car from Chicago to somewhere in upstate NY once. I can't imagine them taking that kind of fun away.

            1. I had to look that up. I can't imagine how I managed to miss seeing that.

          1. "Maybe you were in the wrong car"

            Yup. I was just in a regular car. Still a bummer though.

            Private stock
            You may bring aboard your own private stock of alcoholic beverages subject to the following limitations:

            You may consume private stock alcoholic beverages only in Sleeping Car accommodations for which you have a valid ticket.
            You may not consume private stock alcoholic beverages in any public areas.

  3. You can buy a hyper-realistic human foreskin sculpture for $1,000

    An artist has created a hyper-realistic adult human foreskin sculpture in order to raise awareness about the 'true cost' of male circumcision.

    HUFO, which stands for HUman FOreskin, has been created by Vincenzo Aiello, an Italian artist and founder of Foregen, an organisation that plans to use stem cell technology to "regrow" foreskins lost through circumcision.

    Aiello is an 'intactivist' - a person who believes that circumcision is an unnecessary mutilation that diminishes sexual pleasure later in life.

      1. Out of boredom at Christmas service, I randomly opened the Bible and read the David v. Goliath saga.

        So gay. A real strange obsession with circumcision: "...the uncircumcised Philistine..." (used as a pejorative). Saul requiring David to bring him 100 foreskins of the enemy with David bringing 200 moist critters to Saul. David sneaking up behind Saul as he's taking a shit and cutting his robe. Real creepy, man.

        1. That is why Jesus invented cell phones - for desperately boring situations like shopping or church.


        2. It's somewhat amazing that people allow kids read the Old Testament. There is some really nasty stuff in that Holy Writ.

          1. Funnily enough, they mostly *don't*.

            From my experience with it as a child, most of religious education at that level is focused on the New Testament (where God is not such a *dick*) with heavily curated selections from the Old - nothing too violent or too jewish.

            1. If only all the world's religions ignored the nasty stuff in their tomes.

          2. Why would you not wanting them reading the scripture? Is not the revealed word of God Almighty(tm) for everyone? And since this same almighty God has been known to smite children for making fun of a prophet's beard, it would seem they would need to know about that shit so as not to set off that easily-angered, all-powerful being?

          3. The gnostics had it right, to just chuck the Old Testament except as proof that Jesus came to save us from a despotic Demiurge.

            1. Dang it SF, beat me to the Demiurge.

        3. Holy shit, Mongo's back!

          1. Yes/No.

          2. Changes (for the better) at my job. Was too busy to spend hours surfin' the net like before.

          3. What do you expect from a pawn in life?

              1. And also, 'of.'

                MOAR COFFEE STAT!

    1. the 'true cost' of male circumcision.

      I suspect it's between that of deep dish pizza and abortion.

      1. Going to Chicago in September. Going to hit Lou Malnati's and get some decent pizza finally.

        1. Pick a fight with one of the city's psychopathic cops.

        2. Malnati's is great but IT'S NOT PIZZA.


            *sobs, shuddering*

            1. The Swiss influence has corrupted you. Deep dish is not pizza.

            2. It is not. It's deep dish tomato pie. We eat it regularly but we don't fool ourselves into believing it's something that it's not.

              Then again, we aren't Swiss, so we actually know about food.


                My servitude to the Swiss has not made me forget good pizza!!!

                1. Clearly it has, if you call what Malnati's serves "pizza." Or maybe it was a lifetime of breathing in the atmosphere of corruption which infiltrates every cubic millimeter of the metro area.

                2. I AM FROM THE CHICAGO METRO AREA!

                  Ah, so that's why you don't know any better.

                3. I am from upstate NY - they can't get any variety of pizza right. I had one friend I liked to hang out with because his mom always called Dominos instead of the shitty local chains.

          2. Either it's all pizza, or the only real pizza is the style served in Naples. Pick one.

            1. The latter. But that's a false dichotomy and unnecessarily limiting.

        3. Going to hit Lou Malnati's and get some decent pizza tomatoey, casserole thing finally.


          1. "Open-faced calzone"

            1. But calzones are closed-face pizzas. QED.

  4. Chicago police officers stop and frisk at a much higher rate than NYPD counterparts...

    But in fairness, CPD just does that to pick pockets.

  5. Japan opts for massive, costly sea wall to fend off tsunamis

    Four years after a towering tsunami ravaged much of Japan's northeastern coast, efforts to fend off future disasters are focusing on a nearly 400-kilometer (250-mile) chain of cement sea walls, at places nearly five stories high.

    Opponents of the 820 billion yen ($6.8 billion) plan argue that the massive concrete barriers will damage marine ecology and scenery, hinder vital fisheries and actually do little to protect residents who are mostly supposed to relocate to higher ground. Those in favor say the sea walls are a necessary evil, and one that will provide some jobs, at least for a time.

    In the northern fishing port of Osabe, Kazutoshi Musashi chafes at the 12.5-meter (41-foot)-high concrete barrier blocking his view of the sea.

    "The reality is that it looks like the wall of a jail," said Musashi, 46, who lived on the seaside before the tsunami struck Osabe and has moved inland since.

    1. Really, it's to slow down the lesser Kaiju when they try to come ashore.

      1. Category 1 kaiju, sure, but not Category 3...

        1. +1 go go Godzilla

            1. It would certainly stop him from stomping around Tokyo city like a big playground. Then you wouldn't need Batman and Shaq to come to the rescue.

              1. That poor Tokyo Tower. It's always on the casualty list.

            2. More cowbell!

              1. It's the only prescription.

            3. Helpless people in Amtrak cafes redact their screams as he looks in on them?

              1. +1 cities on flame

                1. I'm just waiting for Swissy to give us a purposeful grimace (and a terrible sound).

                  1. and pull the high tension wires down?

    2. On the plus side, they might also keep out Titans.

      1. Loved that anime.

        1. There's a season 2 coming next year, apparently.

          1. Nice!

          2. Blech, hurry up. They ended it with so little resolved.

            1. The comic wasn't finished when they ended season one. They had to wait until the guy wrote more before they could animate it.

              If you think that's bad, I'm the butthurt Black Lagoon fan who's been waiting a half decade for Rei Hiroe to write more.

    3. Only the Jaegers can defeat the Kaiju.

      1. I must have missed something. How are lightly armed German recon units supposed to stop kaiju? I mean that could probably stop the shitty 1998 American version of Godzilla, but King Ghidorah, Rodan?

        1. You apparently missed something awesome.

  6. Chicago police officers stop and frisk at a much higher rate than NYPD counterparts, according to a new report from the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois.

    Those damn red areas of the country, always violating peoples' rights.

    1. Cook County is a red area? I think you may need to retake the political Ishihara Test. Or is my Sarc Meter glitching out again?

      *frowns at Sarc Meter, gives it a tap and shake.

      1. Those damn red areas of the country, always violating peoples' rights.


  7. Oregon man cited after trying to board plane with bear paws

    Authorities say they have issued a citation to an Oregon man who tried to board an airplane with bear paws in his luggage.

    The Transportation Security Administration agents discovered the bear paws earlier this month in plastic grocery bags in the luggage of Hong-Shiou Chiou at the Eugene Airport, the Eugene Register-Guard newspaper reported. He was cited for unlawful possession of game parts

    1. The Constitution gives us the right to bear arms! Paws have to be included in that, right?

      1. Wrist to shoulder, Andrew.

        1. Soon to be downgraded to just bear claws. Cherry and blueberry being your only two options.

          1. It it's not cinnamon, it's not a bear claw.

    2. This story should give us pause

      1. The TSA has rules, gaijin, and in them there's a clause....

    3. Bear Paws? The cookie? My daughter loved those once upon a time.

    4. Unlawful possession of game parts? If he would have had the entire bear would it have been ok? I'm really confused about what this law is attempting to accomplish.

    5. Unlawful possession of game parts? What kind of games are these people playing?

      1. Must have been the cannon from Monopoly.

        1. Of course the TSA idiots would actually consider that a 'weapon' and confiscate it.

        2. Or a box of armies from Risk.

      2. I hear this in a Jerry Seinfeld voice

  8. University of Virginia fraternity Phi Kappa Psi is considering a lawsuit against Rolling Stone magazine...

    Just don't let the magazine try to pay you in credibility.

  9. new version of greasonable.. Please let me know of any issues.. can now uneventfully async reply to a single post more than once.. also, can select text and tag it.. (cite will use just about any selection on the page)

      1. Link is the url in attached to my name. If you are using greasemonkey, it should auto-update. Manual upgrade procedure at the github page readme.
        If you are installing for the first time, you need to install greasemonkey (for firefox) or tampermonkey (for chrome).. Instructions are at the github page.


      2. Click the handle.

  10. British police hunt thieves who stole 38 pythons

    British police said on Monday they were hunting for thieves who broke into an apartment in northwest England and stole 38 Royal Python snakes.

    The non-venomous snakes, which included eight pregnant females, were taken from a house in St Helens last week, police added. Two men were spotted leaving the scene carrying two sacks.

      1. Mountie Python's competition often has to resort to. . .unsound methods.

    1. eight pregnant females

      Um, Ima calling BS on this since Pythons lay eggs as do most reptiles.

      However, I just learned that their cousins the Boas do bear live young. But this is different than mammalian gestation and birth - there is no placenta or transfer of nutrients or oxygen to the eggs, they just sit in a cavity and eventually hatch there and slither out. [grows queasy]

      1. *has Warty nightmare

      2. When you look at it closely, the miracle of life is actually pretty horrifying.

        1. 4K porn??

    2. Snakes can be pregnant?

  11. "A libertarian must necessarily be a feminist," writes Cato Institute Vice President David Boaz.

    It depends upon how you define "feminism", I suppose.

    1. Traditional feminism, I'd say yes. Modern day 3rd wave (or is it 4th wave?) feminism, obviously not.

      1. It depends upon how you define "feminism", I suppose.

        Or "libertarian." (Or "necessarily." Or "must." Or "be.")

      2. Even then I don't like the idea of group rights. I think Libertarianism loses something when it's focus moves from individual rights, and toward talking about rights for women, gays, blacks, etc. Let's not join the victim group bandwagon.

        1. It loses the simplicity of its proposal.

        2. Even then I don't like the idea of group rights. I think Libertarianism loses something when it's focus moves from individual rights, and toward talking about rights for women, gays, blacks, etc.

          It's exactly how classical liberalism sacrificed itself on the alter of collectivism. Sad to see so many libertarians eager to repeat that mistake.

        3. Even then I don't like the idea of group rights. I think Libertarianism loses something when it's focus moves from individual rights, and toward talking about rights for women, gays, blacks, etc.

          It's exactly how classical liberalism sacrificed itself on the alter of collectivism. Sad to see so many libertarians eager to repeat that mistake.

    2. Labels, labels, labels.

      I thought we were above that.

      Just do right by people and be done. I don't have to be told what 'ism' I should adhere to or not.

      1. I want somebody who doesn't know the difference between an ism and a kangaroo.

        1. Kangarooist! Marsupialism running rampant!

          1. Wait, you actually know something about biology? Were you punking me all that time, bro?

            1. +1 seabug!

              I was a microbiology major until junior year...

              1. [degenerates into spluttering indignation]


                Well done.

      2. I have miniature brain hemorrhages when people bitch about "labels". Labels are just adjectives. They are descriptive things that enable us to have conversations about abstract concepts and still understand each other. Someone who doesn't want to discuss these concepts using "labels" would apparently rather have an incomprehensible discussion about nothing at all.

        1. I have miniature brain hemorrhages when people bitch about "labels".

          Even when it's the Friday Funnies thread?

        2. Someone who doesn't want to discuss these concepts using "labels" would apparently rather have an incomprehensible discussion about nothing at all.

          That's... pretty much the point of it, I think. I always assumed obfuscation was a product of muddle-headed sentimentality masquerading as high-minded concept, but I think you may be right. Obfuscation is the point, not a product.

    3. At this point, trying to take back "feminism" is a lot like trying to take back "liberal." The desire is understandable, but probably not worth the time or effort, although there is value in pointing out the evolution of the terms.

      1. Feminists from the get-go were nuts. Read the British version back in the early 20th century.


        1. Thank you. Feminism can't be traced back to women like Laura Ingalls Wilder. It's crazy cat ladies all the way down.

      2. I tried to take it back, once, but they wouldn't give me a refund.

    4. If it were 1908, I suppose that would be true. In 2015, however, I don't think so. Everyone should stand for the equal dignity and rights of each individual. I think we are beyond worrying about sex and race.

      1. I think we are beyond worrying about sex and race.

        (Looks at media for .5 seconds.) Apparently not.

      2. What about mexican butt sex?

  12. Beijing to Shut All Major Coal Power Plants to Cut Pollution

    The facilities will be replaced by four gas-fired stations with capacity to supply 2.6 times more electricity than the coal plants.

    The closures are part of a broader trend in China, which is the world's biggest carbon emitter. Facing pressure at home and abroad, policy makers are racing to address the environmental damage seen as a byproduct of breakneck economic growth. Beijing plans to cut annual coal consumption by 13 million metric tons by 2017 from the 2012 level in a bid to slash the concentration of pollutants.


        1. What the fuck is wrong with China?

          Can't they see that carbon pollution is a giant UN plan cooked up by Marxists? That pollution they see is just Jesus weeping about their heathen ways!

          I read it on!

          1. Again. This has nothing to do with carbon pollution and everything to do with particulates in the air. On a bad day in Beijing you can't even see far enough to cross the street safely.

            1. I was in Shanghai 12 years ago and it was horrible then. Everything turns black from soot.

              1. Beijing is worse, from what I hear. Worse than Shanghai and worse than 12 years ago.

                1. I have been to both cities in the last several years several times each. It is really bad. Beijing seems to be a bit worse, probably because it is more inland. But even the central and midwestern cities I have visited (Shizuishan, Yinchuan, Taiyuan, Datong, etc.) are hazy with pollution. It really is a major concern.

                  1. I saw it in Xi'an in 2001 - I had never ever seen pollution like that before. And I grew up in Kodak town, where the smokestacks belched out a different color every day.

                2. Yep. Owned a condo in a Shanghai suburb with the ex. It'd rain and things would be fine, though that was a nicer, residential part of time.

                  Only went to Beijing a few times. You could see the particulates, white ash and such, floating down towards you. Was a little better by the Forbidden City, but not much. Could never imagine living there.

                  The industrial cities north of Beijing are even worse...

              1. BUUUUUUTPLUUUUUUUG!

              2. Coal is filthy.

                Who knew?

                Swingandamiss, strike two.

                Does your TEAM know you're throwing the game?

      2. Ever seen pictures of Beijing? That city is facing real, measurable consequences of pollution right now. And it has nothing to do with carbon dioxide.

        These moves by the Chinese political class also have nothing to do with carbon dioxide. The pressure they face is from their own people, who would like to be able to see more than 10 meters when they step outside their tiny apartments.

    1. Why don't they just install the scrubbers that we were using 20 years ago? Coal plants stopped darkening the sky in the 80s. Bonus is that the byproduct of sulfate scrubbers is gypsum. With lower uranium content than what the Chinese have now. Win-win.

      1. I think Bejings problem is mainly caused by hundreds of thousands, perhaps more, of tiny cook fires going on all at once. Cars and power plants contribute sure, but it's mostly a smoke and soot thing I've heard.

      2. Sadly there is no market for gypsum anymore. Most power plants make a lower quality of gypsum than required for good drywall. It's getting stacked out in landfills instead of used as construction material.

        1. Those of us who use hydrocal, ultracal and hydrostone would beg to differ.

          1. Scathing, those gypsum products are of very high quality. Only a few select power plants have gypsumbproducts capabilities that can meet the strict requirements for color, purity, crystal size, and moisture content they demand. I know because I used to be the chief engineer for one of those gypsum making plants. In general, limestone forced oxidation scrubbers have issues with the quality required. Lime based systems are better.

            1. Um, "Scathing" s/b "Azathoth."

  13. http://www.forwardprogressives.....nderstand/

    From comments:

    "I'd like you to name one lie Obama told. If it's keeping your old healthcare, that one doesn't count because allowing people to continue bad and worthless healthcare policies that don't cover hospital stays would be immoral. So go ahead and tell us another "lie." We are all waiting for that one."

    /presses trap door button under desk in homage to Mr. Burns.

    1. Again we're back to the old "Who decides what's 'worthless'?"

      1. Top. Men.

      1. "Smithers, what's wrong with Crippler?"-Mr. Burns

        "Well sir, he is getting up there in age. He's been here since the Nixon administration."-Smithers

        "Ah yes. I remember when he bagged his first hippie. That young man didn't think it was too groovy."-Mr. Burns

        1. We had a funny guy with us in Korea. Tail gunner. They blew his brains out over the Pacific. Nothin funny about that....

    2. "No lobbyists will serve in my administration."
      "We will have the most transparent administration in history."
      "There are no red states or blue states; I'm a moderate who is seeking to united the country."
      "Accumulating trillions of dollars in debt is immoral and unpatriotic."
      "Ambassador Stevens was killed because of a crappy YouTube video."
      "The I.R.S. is not singling out conservatives."
      "No one making less than $250,000 will have their taxes raised."

      There are so many more, everyone jump in and add yours to the list.

      1. That's good, Mike. It'd be entertaining to see a very long documented list.

        1. Wouldn't it be simpler just to mail you the compiled edition of all his speeches?

      2. "All of the above energy policy"

      3. ...this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal...

        One of the most preposterous and ludicrous sentences ever uttered.

      4. "I promise to use public campaign financing if my opponent does".

      5. I'm thinking that the "most transparent administration" claim is the one that would be most difficult for proggies to elide, spin or otherwise discount. This bothers them, too, and it particularly outrages them when others talk about that.

        1. To be fair, every time the administration makes a statement or speech I see right through it.

      6. "Those don't count either!"

        *stamps feet*

    3. "that one doesn't count because"

      "you just hate him for the color of his skin."

    4. Damn, these people are delusional.

    5. LOL! The Onion is still better, though. At least they try to be somewhat realistic.

      1. Stupidity and mendaciousness are very, very real.

    6. It all depends on how you define the word "lie".

      1. And what the meaning of the word "is" is.

    7. Goalposts. Moved.

  14. FEMA To Deny Funding To States Without Global Warming Plans

    Next year, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will start denying disaster funding to states that don't incorporate global warming into their emergency preparedness plans.

    Governors looking for disaster preparedness funding will have to start reporting on how man-made global warming will impact their states such as "more intense storms, frequent heavy precipitation, heat waves, drought, extreme flooding, and higher sea levels," according to FEMA.

    1. What would their response be if the plan said "After careful scientifici analysis of the available data, we concluded that Global Warming posed a negligable to nonesitant risk to the state of..."

      1. I'm sure Minnesoda would be in trouble for having a plan that involved a new state holiday celebrating the fact that we only have 5 months of winter instead of 6 months like the bad old days.

        1. An extra month of mosquitos? Can your veins survive that in the DDT ban era?

          1. Real Minnesodans don't worry about the mosquitoes.

            After being chowed on for years and years, I don't even get bumps from mosquito bites anymore. My wife on the other hand still gets giant bumps from bites even after 20 years here.

            She doesn't appreciate my sage advice of "don't scratch it and it will go right away" at all.

            1. Also, wait until the critter is just about done feasting on your blood. That way, it will have sucked back up the anticoagulants (that cause the itching) that it initially injected into you.


    2. such as "more intense storms, frequent heavy precipitation, heat waves, drought, extreme flooding, and higher sea levels," according to FEMA.

      So not just report on it, but use the exact words they are handed too?

      1. If global warming has continued and accelerated as the true believers say, I'd say that the Gulf States will have lower disaster expenses in the future.

      2. So, by definition, GW causes only problems and there are no benefits? What if we were entering a new ice age (as we were told about 40 yrs ago)? Would there, again, be only problems, no benefits?

    3. Arizona - global warming will change the average temperature during the summer from 'Damn its hot' to 'Fuck! Shit! Goddamn!", which will have no effect because no one goes outside the range of an air conditioner for more than 2 minutes if they can help it. And the winters will be even nicer than they are now.

      Can we have our money you took from us in taxes back now?

    4. I'd love to see the Feds actually follow through with this. I want to see them publicly justify withholding funds to a hurricane ravaged state because there isn't enough ideological commitment to the global warming prophecies.

  15. A U.S. Justice Department review of Philadelphia policing between 2007 and 2014 found 364 officer-involved shootings, or a little more than one per week.

    Which is why its police chief serves on the United States Homeland Security Advisory Council.

    1. Can't keep the Homeland secure if the peasants aren't kept in line.

  16. Kevin Williamson: Utopia's Jailers

    "Let's ban private schools," Gawker cheerily suggests. Writing in that esteemed journal, John Cook argues that "there's a simple solution to the public-schools crisis." If people make choices that complicate the Left's agenda, then ban those choices: "Make Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama's children go to public schools," Cook writes. "From a purely strategic and practical standpoint, it would be much easier to resolve the schools crisis if the futures of America's wealthiest and most powerful children were at stake."

    The Left's heart is still in East Berlin: If people want to leave your utopia and have the means to do so, then build a wall. If they climb over the wall ? as millions of low-income parents with children in private schools (very commonly Catholic schools) do ? then build a higher wall. If they keep climbing ? and they will ? then there are always alternatives.

    1. "I believe we can solve the problems of urban education in our lifetimes and actualize education's power to reverse generational poverty," Rhee wrote. "But I am learning that it is a radical concept to even suggest this. Warren Buffett [the billionaire investor] framed the problem for me once in a way that clarified how basic our most stubborn obstacles are. He said it would be easy to solve today's problems in urban education. 'Make private schools illegal,' he said, 'and assign every child to a public school by random lottery.' "

      Buffett, loving grandpa authoritarian wannabe

      1. Make public schools illegal and you'd have better results.

      2. Buffett is right. It would improve urban schools - but at the expense of other schools until suburbanites would revolt and demand something different for their little crumb-crunchers.

        Ultimately voters would reject his stifling plan. There is nothing else like mixing the races that would motivate high-income white voters to vote GOP.

        1. BBBBUTTPLUG

        2. He's full of crap. Public schools in urban areas regularly spend more per pupil than suburban or private schools do. It's lack of choice and reduced options in dealing with education labor that makes those schools worse on average.

          And you're a sack of shit for bringing race into it.

          1. Oh come on, Scruffy. That's not the only reason he's a sack of shit.

          2. Forced busing upset white America greatly back in the 70s. Get real. Public opposition to plans like Buffett's have a large race component. There are other factors too.

            I think Buffett is not serious with this suckass suggestion myself.

            1. Let the race in question leave the political plantation your ilk have so carefully constructed for starters.

            2. My, what a classical liberal you are!! Shouting "RACIST!!" as the starting point for all human motivation...



        3. I don't see well-to-do Democrats packing up their families and moving into the inner city to be with their fellow voters, do you? Oh, they are staying out in the suburbs, living in their McMansions and sending their kids to expensive private schools too? Funny, isn't it?

          1. That is what I said in essence.

            But RACIST! They don't see racism in school choice!

            1. It's not racism, it's the fact that urban public schools are worthless. And they are worthless because of policies created by liberals who have held the voting rights to those neighborhoods for over 40 years and look where it got them.

              1. Funny, neither your comment or mine addressed the cause of shitty urban schools.

                We both did comment on how suburbanites would react to forced busing and a lottery. They would hate it.

                Learn to read please.

                1. And they are worthless because of policies created by liberals who have held the voting rights to those neighborhoods for over 40 years and look where it got them.

          2. Well there's always one acceptable school for lefty white people to send there kids to in an otherwise unacceptable district. Grady High in Atlanta and the two elementary schools upper class whites go bat shit crazy to make sure their kids attend. Or the whole Decatur City Schools which is carefully crafted to be super affluent and left wing with a dash of colored folk so they can feel all tolerant and shit.

        4. Buffett is right. It would improve urban schools - but at the expense of other schools until suburbanites would revolt and demand something different for their little crumb-crunchers.

          Ultimately voters would reject his stifling plan. There is nothing else like mixing the races that would motivate high-income white voters to vote GOP.

          You're clearly projecting. The same racist classism you so casually accuse white voters of is on full display as you demean suburban children as "little crumb crunchers" and malign wealthy white people as inherently evil because they want their children to have an education.

          You are pathetic.

          1. Not "evil" - just enlightened self interest. If I am pathetic for that so be it.

            1. Please pint out, dipshit, WHO is NOT self-interested nor acts in such a manner...

              I'll wait.

              1. That is my point, idiot.

                Someone else called it "evil" just above.

                1. You're the one who would support damn near any fascist policy proposal that disrupt the self-interest of those of whom you are envious.

                  1. DING DING DING

                  2. Nonsense. He would support any fascist policy so long as it disrupted the self-interest of the GOP and its voters. Totally different.

            2. Butt? Plug!

      3. Make public schools illegal and assign every child a private school by parental choice.

        1. Public schools are fine, they just have to fund them without using govt coercion.

          1. We need to start calling "public schools" by the more proper name: "government schools." As Ed Clark wrote 35 years ago, we'd be up in arms if government published 90% of our books -- so why are we not upset that it runs 90% of our schools?

      4. Congratulations, you have been assigned to the school 30 miles from your house!

        1. The logical conclusion of old man Buffett's musing is a national policy where students are sorted into random boarding schools and the parents are removed from the child rearing process for 10 months per year.

          It's always camps with these people.

          1. Hillary Clinton's Fun Camps?!

        2. Surely you are a racist for objecting to that.

    2. I believe that Hawaii has a single state school district, and crappy schools.

      1. I can vouch for that. I had about 40% good teachers who cared enough to try, and 60% lazy/incompetent/gave up a long time ago teachers, and I was in all the advanced classes, which means the ratio was much worse for students in the regular classes.

    3. Private-sector "monopolies", which really only exist because of government distortions, are evil.

      Government-sector monopolies are virtuous.

    4. Eventually it is easier and safer to dig under the wall. And after that it eventually becomes easier and safer to just tear the wall down.

  17. Greece promises list of reforms by Monday to unlock cash

    Greece's left-wing government and its euro zone creditors agreed last week that Athens would come up with a list of its own reforms, which must achieve a similar budget impact to measures agreed by the previous conservative-led administration.

    Athens is rushing to get the list ready before state coffers run empty, which is expected to happen in a few weeks without more aid.

    Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Monday but Sakellaridis said the two only discussed the outline of the reforms without going into depth.

    "I believe points of convergence were found," he said.

    1. "I believe points of convergence were found,"

      There was a little old Chinese man at the meeting shouting 'Pay me now!'

  18. Will You Be Murdered By a Robot?

    With a bit of technical knowledge and a good imagination, any malevolent person may soon be able to eradicate the human race. This is a mildly exaggerated version of a fundamental claim in The Future of Violence: Robots and Germs, Hackers and Drones?Confronting a New Age of Threat, an alarming and informative new book by Benjamin Wittes and Gabriela Blum.

    By combining the elements of the subtitle in sinister ways, Wittes and Blum conjure a number of nightmarish scenarios: a drone hovers above a packed sports stadium and sprays invisible anthrax spores into air breathed by tens of thousands, a miniature robotic drone that looks exactly like a spider assassinates a businessman as he showers, a malign molecular biology graduate student modifies the smallpox virus to enhance its lethality and overcome vaccinations.

    1. That still sounds like murder by humans using tools.

      1. Remember, dude, animists who think people are murdered by guns are rampant. They really don't understand the difference between willful actors and tools.

    2. As a kid, I was told that this would not be a concern until 4000 AD!

      Magnus-Robot Fighter

      1. I thought it dated back to 1964.

      2. Thank you for that, gaijin. An old fave...

    3. a drone hovers above a packed sports stadium and sprays invisible anthrax spores into air breathed by tens of thousands

      An example of something that can happen once before all stadiums are equipped with their own anti-drone lasers.

      a miniature robotic drone that looks exactly like a spider assassinates a businessman as he showers

      If this becomes a problem, you can bet there will quickly be a market for cat-bots that hunt down smaller bots with a vengeance.

      a malign molecular biology graduate student modifies the smallpox virus to enhance its lethality and overcome vaccinations

      Because that's soooooo easy for a single person to do. Sorry, but Bond-style evil geniuses don't exist.

      1. The scary thing here is that these people think that by making this stuff *illegal* we can protect ourselves from it.

        When the truth is, if the general public can't get it, it will still exist - only no 'open-source' research on defensive measure.

        So your state will have the robotic spiders to assassinate businessmen or the flying drone to spray anthrax surreptitiously over an enemy's population but no one else.

        Security through obscurity only works as long as the obscurity lasts.

        1. That's very true. "Why would a common citizen need a 50-Watt anti-drone laser, or an EMP-hardened mouser-bot?"

      2. Sorry, but Bond-style evil geniuses don't exist.

        You'll rue the day you said this!

        /maniacal laughter - strange looks from next cubical over

    4. Someone needs robot insurance.

    5. I work with actual robots. Trust me, this hand-wringing is way premature. Today's robots fucking suck far too much to be a threat.

      1. Today's robots fucking suck far too much to be a threat.

        Those sound like sexbots... Dungeon helpers?

  19. Good Morning Peanuts!

    Are you all ready for a day of my pro-market secular freethinking?

    1. Are you all ready for a day of my pro-market secular freethinking


    2. It'll certainly be a hell of a change from your usual pattern. I say go for it. Spice things up a bit.

    3. Good morning.

      Are you taking requests? Because if you are, could you please do that BLOOP DERP thing?


    5. Good Morning Peanuts!

      Sad. He's talking to his own turds again.

      1. Testicles.

    6. Are you all ready for a day of my pro-market crony secular slavery freethinking worshiping?


      1. Really. How in the fuck is ANYTHING he jabbers remotely "pro-market"? This is a man who would fellate Liddie Warren...

        1. I have mentioned the Squaw only once or twice here. Personally I think she is just a wayward populist who hates big banks (which I like) just because her fans do.

          1. Which shows how wrong you are about her.

            She's not a 'wayward' populist - populist *is* her thing.

            She doesn't hate banks - she just pretends to because it makes her popular (see the 'populist' but above). She's shown her love for cronyism loud and clear with her support for the Ex-Im.

            1. I think we agree. I only said "wayward" because there is nothing constructive in her populism. Populism is neither good or bad per se. It just is a political reaction to the times.



  20. News report would like you to know rape victim was drinking
    A news story out of New Orleans shows yet again where the focus on rape reporting goes

    Instead, for writer Heather Nolan's slender 79 word report, the words "night of drinking" manage to appear three times: once in the story headline, once in its photo caption, and once in the article itself. This is what "police said" about the 30 year-old who was raped in a vehicle by persons unknown.

    Tell me, Ms. Nolan, what the most important aspect of this information is. Tell me if you've run similar stories, suggesting for example that a man was beaten and robbed after a night of drinking. Tell me, NOLA PD, if you've learned anything at all since the searing November report that revealed your special victims unit failed to investigate over a thousand sexual abuse reports over a three-year period, that you failed to follow protocol an impressive 60 percent of the time. Tell me, anybody, that you understand that even in New Orleans, when a person is unable to give consent it legally constitutes rape. Not rape with an asterisk, just rape. Or just keep telling me what you've already told me, three times. That she was drinking.

    1. It's pretty relevant. If this were a missing person story, would it be irrelevant to mention that the missing soccer mom was a known heroin dealer? If it were a murder case, would it be irrelevant to mention hat the crotchety old victim was a total dick to everyone in town? If it's a rape case, I think it's relevant whether the victim was drunk off her ass in an unfamiliar place with no friends. That doesn't mean a crime wasn't committed against her, but it's entirely relevant.

      1. "The male victim was killed in a brawl inside a bar by another male patron who was wielding a broken bottle of Jack Daniels. Both men were apparently (redacted, because, hey, murder is murder) at the time of the fight."

    2. They generally mention quite prominently if somebody who died in a car crash wasn't wearing a seat belt.

      Well, except for that bitch Diana Spencer, since they wanted to blame paparazzi for her death.

      They also like to mentino that people who died of lung cancer were heavy smokers. (They don't mention it when people who died of AIDS liked to engage in risky sex patterns, however.)

      1. Correctomundo. Lung cancer patients get what they deserve, to be ravaged by a terrible disease! Rape victims however, were all snatched out of their beds in the dead of night and raped by the International Patriarchy Conspiracy.

  21. Quick update:

    We buried Mom yesterday. Those of you who saw the Napolitano thread last Thursday will recall that I announced her death there. It's been a difficult time, and I'm feeling physically lousy. I woke up yesterday morning at 3:00 AM and couldn't get back to sleep; Dad, as aways, didn't get up until I sent the dog in to wake him up around 7:30 AM. The funeral director took a family photo just before visiting hours on Sunday, and I look in even worse shape than I thought. 🙁

    Dad's 77 and in about as good health as you can expect for a 77-year-old who's been taking care of an Alzheimer's patient for six or seven years, but we all worry about him, even if for different reasons. My sisters worry about him living in the middle of nowhere even though I'm around to help out, while I worry that he too is going to get sixk at some point sooner rather than later.

    I'd like to thank all of you again for your condolences back in the Napolitano comment thread.

    1. My condolences. I wish you luck in dealing with the aftermath of a family tragedy like that.

    2. Good luck Ted.

    3. Best regards and good wishes, Ted.

    4. I'm so sorry, Ted. Best wishes.

    5. Sorry to hear of your losses, Ted. Keep forging ahead.

    6. Hang in, Ted. Try to get a little exercise. Peace.

    7. My sincere condolences, Ted.

      1. Thanks everybody. I thought Rufus might get a little enojyment at the fact that after the visiting hours on Sunday, we went to a restaurant with the mildly Eye-talian name of Frank Guido's Little Italy. Slightly Italian, I guess.

        That having been said, when I ordered the side of penne to be served with garlic and olive oil, they didn't drown the pasta in sauce like almost every other restaurant out there does.

    8. Condolences to you and your family. Best wishes.

    9. Be well, Ted. Peace to you and your dad.

    10. Strength, Ted. Strength and forebearance. And better days ahead.

    11. Ted, it's great that you had a good relationship with her, and the "old" her will live on in your memory and the way you lead your life. Cherish your dad, I'd give anything to be able to have mine around for just one more conversation.

    12. Good luck Ted

    13. My condolences, Ted. Hang in there.

    14. Sorry to hear, Ted S. Hang in there.

    15. Sorry to hear this, Ted S. My condolences.

    16. Ted,

      Regarding disrupted sleep and the other the things you're experiencing, I think you need to let yourself go through this at the pace that's appropriate for you. I don't think that you can possibly know what that pace is, so don't set an artificial timeline for yourself.
      This will take time.

      Best regards,


    17. Aw, shit. Sorry Ted.

  22. You can't ban douchebaggery: Kill the frats, sure, but you can't stop entitled white bros

    So let's ban frats, right? Let's empty their houses and pressure the national organizations to donate the space to be turned into something else. (Repurposed dorms open to all students or maybe, you know, the headquarters for a chapter of Men Can Stop Rape.) Let's push the thousands of former Greeks to join other public service groups if they really want to help their communities. Let's open the doors and let sunlight disinfect the whole mess.

    Racism and misogyny on campus won't suddenly disappear if this happens, but shuttering the Greek system could be seen as an institutional commitment to lowering the number of dead drunk kids, women assaulted or otherwise dehumanized and racist parties defended as harmless fun.

    This is the side I ultimately come down on, but here's where I get stuck: You can ban frats, but you can't ban large groups of entitled white men from living together. You also can't simply ban toxic masculinity and white supremacy. These are frat problems, of course. But they are also our problems.

    1. If they would just lock white people up, they wouldn't be a problem. Really, isn't locking unacceptable white men up and out of society the logical implication of that article?

      1. Because prisons are places where you never find racism or sexual assaults.

        1. We just need to have special prisons where we can re-educate these evil white men.

          1. Somewhere they could be concentrated together to make supervision and reeducation efficient?

            1. You know who else... aww fuckit.

              1. Hillary Clinton?

            2. Like a . . . 'concentrated school'?

              1. Yep, that's the ticket. per Ed Driscoll, at pjmedia:

                Quoting doctors, friendly activists, social workers, and random real Americans ... she argues for interventions on behalf of children from literally the moment they are born. Children need "[g]entle, intimate, consistent contact" to reduce stress, which can "create feelings of helplessness that lead to later developmental problems."Even well-to-do parents need help because after all everyone feels stress, and "we know that babies sense the stress." It's fair to say that a state empowered to eliminate parental stress is a state with a Huxleyan mandate. And a state with an extreme mandate must logically go to extremes.

                Hence Clinton argues for the diffusion of parental training into every nook and cranny of public life. Here's one such suggestion: "Videos with scenes of common-sense baby care?how to burp an infant, what to do when soap gets in his eyes, how to make a baby with an earache comfortable?could be running continuously in doctors' offices, clinics, hospitals, motor vehicle offices, or any place where people gather and have to wait." Imagine if these sorts of ideas were fully implemented at the Department of Motor Vehicles, the passport office, and other places "where people gather and have to wait."Giant flat screens at the airport pumping breast-feeding advice? The JumboTron at football games? At what point would the Brave New World seem to be heading down the pike?

            3. And if they work at it really hard, someday they could be free....Hey, that could even be a camp slogan! "Work Makes you Free", or something.

      2. Your solution would also help bring much needed racial balance to our prisons.

    2. Salon articles are supposed to get trigger warnings, you know.

    3. The author strikes me as a self-loathing white.

      1. Ugh I think I would prefer if he was just a racist black guy. Racists I at least understand they're just assholes, but pathetic self-loathing just makes be nauseous. Bleh.

      2. He's not self-loathing. He thinks quite highly of himself.

        1. Exactly. He is positive that it is the other white guys who will be sent to the camps. Right thinking white guys like him will get a special pass or something and be allowed to roam free.

          Then - maybe - without any competition he could get a date with a real woman. She'd finally stop dating jackasses and go out with a sensitive guy like him.

          He will be so disappointed when he learns that most woman would volunteer for conjugal visits with the white guys in camps brigade because they naturally are attracted to men and not to beta males.

    4. Can't remember but someone asked if the left had suggested banning frats and I posted the link to Gawker from November 2014. This is just the latest iteration of the left's desire to ban freedom of association. It is always from the left and it will always be from the left and it will only get more frequent.

      1. You can still freely associate with anyone you choose, just as long as they're already on the state-approved list of possible free associates. What more do you want?!

        1. Always the left's definition of "freedom" - you are free to do as we say!!!

    5. And the frats actually provide a degree of external control.

      Not going to mince words here - young men (of any race) are fucking arseholes if they think they can get away with it. doubly so if they're immersed in a group of like-minded peers.

      The fraternity org offers a way to exert some control over that , somewhere between 'don't do that again' and 'you're going to jail for the rest of your life'.

      1. There is a reason that older men will use the phrase "young, dumb and full of cum" in an exasperated tone when dealing with groups of young males.

    6. Pretty sure frats were banned at SUNY colleges until the 70s or 80s. They were back when I attended by the 90s - not my crowd but at least they provided easy access to beer for the underaged children among us.

  23. In China, a fad among little old ladies is to go to the local park and line dance. [don't ask, they're bloody foreigners]
    Of course the "Sports bureacracy" needs to provide proper guidance to any fad.

    "Twelve government-approved dance routines, complete with "scientifically designed gestures that will bring people positive energy", according to state media.

    1. "scientifically designed gestures that will bring people positive energy"

      So that's where they're taking the electrons to replace the coal plants from! They're stealing it from the little old ladies and leaving them with positive ions!

    2. "scientifically designed gestures that will bring people positive energy"

      Ha it never ceases to amaze me just how primitive these people still are.

      1. "Stop it, Moriarty, with the negative waves"

        1. "Hey I've had nothing but positive thoughts about that bridge."

          1. And then he went on to skipper the love boat.

  24. George Washington University officials made a racist or religious mistake but, instead of promptly correcting it, they have blamed a Jewish student for "bigotry," banishing him from the campus, threatening him with arrest, keeping him from Passover services, and also threatening to expel him at a hearing next Monday, says John Banzhaf, a senior law professor at the University.

    Campus officials, mistaking an ancient Indian symbol representing peace, prosperity, and other virtuous qualities for a Nazi swastika symbolizing racism and hate, blamed the Jewish student who posted it on the bulletin board of his own largely-Jewish fraternity, claiming incorrectly that it was in fact a swastika which expressed "bigotry and hatred," and strongly suggesting that his act might constitute a "hate crime."

    1. Ignorant assholes. And of course their first reaction is to banish the kid from campus and threaten to expel him. I'm so glad that I graduated college almost 10 years ago and didn't have to deal with this level of bullshit from the college administration.

      1. In fairness this isn't in India, it's in the United States. Surly the kid must have known that the symbol might not be interpreted the way he wanted.

  25. I read's coverage of the germanwings crash. Unlike the AP,'s writers couldn't be bothered to spell D?sseldorf correctly. spelled it "Dusseldorf" every time.

    1. Curse this american keyboard and it's lack of an umlaut key. Quick what's the unicode for that character I can't type?

      1. You can also write it "Duesseldorf", which is what the AP did.

        1. "Dussel" is wrong, it means "jerk" or "fool".

      2. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. My stupid keyboard doesn't do umlauts, or accents, or those weird Swedish symbols that looks like tiny Os or above letters.

        1. Windows and Linux both have ways to show those characters with keyboards that don't have those keys. I don't know about Mac. I'm on a Mac (my work laptop, I'd never spend my own money on an Apple product). I cheated and cut-and-pasted the u with umlaut from a webpage.

          If I was on my home computer (a Linux machine), I'd type the character with my US keyboard. Compose key + u + ".

          1. What the Fuck is a "Compose Key"?

            1. You set it under your keyboard configuration on Linux. It allows you to merge characters together to come up with all those foreign characters. I forget what the default setting for the compose key is.

              1. Are we going to get into one of these perennial online debates about desktop operating systems?

                I'm a UNIX admin and use Linuxes on servers both at work and at home, but I do not regard any as suitable for everyday desktop work. Both at work and at home I sit in front of a Win7 box. (at work because that's what I'm issued, at home because it's my gaming rig). I have had the argument over the issue more times than I care to.

                1. Are we going to get into one of these perennial online debates about desktop operating systems?

                  You asked a question, I answered it.

              1. I forgot it was standard on Sun keyboards.

                If you have a Linux system, there are several keys you can turn into a compose key. Check your keyboard settings.

                1. ?

                  is alt 0252 for windows

          2. Mac = option-u = ?

            option-o = ?
            option-n = ?

            ... etc.

    2. I was born in D?sseldorf and that is why they call me Rolf!

      1. My father is head of the gum works in D?sseldorf!

      2. Don't be stupid, be a smarty!

      3. You know who else it's Springtime for?

        1. Spring Byington?

        2. The entire population of the Northern Hemisphere?

          1. Except apparently the Northeast, temps are still in the 20s here in Jersey.

            1. Yeah, but fuck Jersey, yo. There's no reason for anyone to live north of, say, the Chesapeake Bay anyway.

        3. Major league baseball teams?

    3. I told them it was a bad idea to reassign me to the copy desk. Do you think they would listen?

      1. It's CNN, so, no, I didn't think they would.

    4. So what's N?rnberg, Leberwurst?

      1. nice.

  26. "A libertarian must necessarily be a feminist," writes Cato Institute Vice President David Boaz.

    For what it's worth, every single instance where women attained suffrage, the electorate in question lurched to the left.

    1. So what are you suggesting? Women should be denied voting privileges?


    2. And then went broke. That's not a predictable consequence at all.

    3. What is it worth?

      1. An interesting factoid. Perhaps an indictment of democracy. Most definitely an indictment of the potency of socialism within feminism.

    1. Next u p, Zimmerman will accuse John Calipari of recruiting basketball players who really are not there to get a degree.

    2. NONSENSE.

      Everyone knows mulattoes can't be racist.

      Ask Heroic.

      1. I thought it was "Mulattoes have great taste in DAT ASS"? I mean, I learned that from Heroic.

        1. Yeah, so did I.

    3. Somewhere a prog's head just exploded from shock and anger.

    4. He needs to check his White Hispanic Privilege.

    5. George Zimmerman... isn't that the guy who killed Obama's son?

      1. Saint Trayvon of the Purple Drank?

        1. Hollowed be thy name. Thy skittles come, thy drink be done, dat cough syrup be fun. Give us this drank, our purple drank and blast them homies as them homies blast us. For thy race baiting is the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.


    A group of Democratic senators is urging the Obama administration to delay a key portion of Obamacare because the results could be "harmful and disruptive."

    In a letter exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller, Senate Democrats pleaded with Health and Human Services secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell to delay an Obamacare rule change that puts companies with 51 to 100 employees in the costlier "small group" market instead of the "large group" market. The rule change, which will result in higher premiums for many companies, goes into effect in 2016.

    Why do these Senators hate America and want to deprive them of the gifts of Dear Leader?

      1. The devastating event took place on our planet many millions of years ago

        This is clearly the work of Pro Lib in one of his earlier business ventures.

        1. Ah, OK - you are off the hook for this one...

          1. I suspect it may have something to do with Australia's python population.

            1. Man, Pro L did have a long range plan for Mountie Python's!

    1. "The two asteroids must each have been over 10 kilometers across -- it would have been curtains for many life species on the planet at the time."

      Seriously, get on the stick about strike prevention, humans.

      1. How tragically ironic would it be if we spent billions on BS global warming prevention only to have all our efforts wiped out by an asteroid impact?

        1. "Yet another species too stupid to survive."

          /Space alien anthropologist

          1. "Perhaps the planet's crust had a high concentration of lead..."

            /Another alien anthropologist

        2. Impact winter? Or extinction?

      2. The progs will never go for that because it will mean giving more money to those evil aerospace defense contractors. CAGW is as much about funneling money to Right-Thinking People(tm) as anything else.

  28. Evil 1%-ers and their luxury buses in San Francisco.

    1. Eddie Murphy in whiteface discovered that bus existed years ago.

      1. That was a hilarious skit.

  29. A group is gathering signatures to amend Ohio's constitution to legalize marijuana.

  30. http://www.washingtonexaminer......le/2561911

    Think Progress; the flat tax is just another example of the rape culture.

    1. Is there anything rape culture can't do?

      1. Its why Steve Smith has super powers.

  31. Hitler watercolor to go under hammer in US

    You know who else had a watercolor auctioned off in Los Angeles?

    1. Georgia O'Keefe?

      1. My favorite restaurant in Nuremberg

    2. Say what you want about a dictatorial bloodthirsty maniac, he finally got the artistic notice he always wanted. 😉

    3. Buy it and burn it. It is of no value other than ghoulish pleasure. The world will not miss a lousy painting.

      1. It's too bad he was such a crappy artist. Had he been able to make a living by painting, the world might have been spared so much.

        1. I tried to get him into art school, but SilverFox316 kept fucking undoing it every damn time.

      2. Justified had an episode about a creepy guy who collected Hitler originals. The upshot was that the guy's dad had been a Nazi and this guy bought and burned every authentic Hitler painting he could find and kept the ashes.

      3. I don't like the idea of destroying bit of history, even if it is just a shitty painting done by a psychopath. It would be like grinding off all the Waffen marks on a K98.

  32. From the Boaz feminist article:

    "A libertarian must necessarily be a feminist, in the sense of being an advocate of equality under the law for all men and women, though unfortunately many contemporary feminists are far from being libertarians."

    Look at it this way - if pirates seize a merchant's ship and sail the seven seas in in it, wreaking havoc for years, then when the merchant sees that ship on the horizon is he going to say, "hurrah! It belongs to our firm, it's one of ours!" Or will he say, "oh, crap, it's those pirates again!" Sure, the ship *ought* to belong to the merchant, but it *doesn't.* Do I need to elaborate on my comparison?

    "...Sarah Grimk?, also a campaigner for the rights of blacks and women, criticized the Anglo-American legal principle that a wife was not responsible for a crime committed at the direction or even in the presence of her husband in a letter to the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society: "It would be difficult to frame a law better calculated to destroy the responsibility of woman as a moral being, or a free agent." In this argument she emphasized the fundamental individualist point that every individual must, and only an individual can, take responsibility for his or her actions."

    Abolishing a legal immunity enjoyed by women, in the name of individual responsibility? Yeah, that's not exactly high on the modern feminist list of priorities.

  33. "A libertarian must necessarily be a feminist," writes Cato Institute Vice President David Boaz.

    Sorry Ser Boaz, but you are wrong. A libertarian must necessarily be for *equality under the law* while not buying, for one damn minute, all the other SJW crap that has attached itself to mainstream feminism.

    Women and children hardest hit, my arse.

    1. Yes. It is about the dignity and rights of the individual.

    2. I think a libertarian is necessarily a feminist in the 80% of the world where women still aren't really equal. There are places where feminism still means favoring equal rights, it's just that this is no longer the case in the west.

  34. Today's example of media malfeasance.

    "A phone message threatening President Barack Obama's niece, a player on the Princeton basketball team, prompted authorities to increase security at Monday night's NCAA women's tournament game between the Ivy League school and Maryland, USA Today reported.

    An eight-minute voicemail was received at the University of Maryland athletic department offices on Monday afternoon in which a woman said a man was driving on the College Park, Maryland, campus with a Glock handgun in his possession, the newspaper reported, citing a person with knowledge of the threat.

    The caller linked the man's appearance on campus to the game and Leslie Robinson, a freshman forward at Princeton and the daughter of Michelle Obama's brother, USA Today said."

    So it wasn't actually a death threat, it was an example of an anonymous person claiming that some dude with a Glock (who did not himself threaten anyone) was totally on campus to kill Barack Obama's niece.

    I've seen this reported everywhere as a 'death threat' to Obama's niece, but when you actually read the articles, there appears to be no evidence she was ever threatened by anyone.

    1. Has anyone who's phoned in a threat ever acted on it?

      1. Has anyone ever actually attended a women's basketball game?

        1. Let's stop playing fast and loose with the words "women's" and "basketball" together, huh?

  35. "A libertarian must necessarily be a feminist,"

    This is like saying a libertarian must necessarily be a socialist.

    1. Of course! Socialists are for the best interests of *society,* and liberty is in society's best interest, QED.

      It's just too bad that all those statists have taken over the socialist movement.

      1. Especially those guys who had to go and set world records for genocide. They really give the good socialists, like Santa Claus, a bad name.

  36. A U.S. Justice Department review of Philadelphia policing between 2007 and 2014 found 364 officer-involved shootings, or a little more than one per week

    2007 to 2014 is an eight year period containing 417 weeks. The rate is a little less than one per week

  37. Rand Paul: Cruz is cool, but I'm Mr. Electable

    "Ted Cruz is a conservative. But it also goes to winnability," Paul said on Fox News' "The Kelly File."

    The senator said that he didn't watch much of Cruz's Monday morning announcement and declined to take any major jabs at his likely rival. But he did suggest on several occasions that the party needs to do more than throw out "red meat" to its supporters and rally the conservative base ? an apparent attempt to differentiate himself from Cruz, a darling of the conservative wing but a polarizing national figure.

    "We kind of come from the same wing of the party. And if you look at our voting records, you'll find we're very, very similar," Paul said. "I guess what makes us different is probably our approach as to how we would make the party bigger. And I'm a big believer that you should stand on principle and be true to your principles, but I also think that we should take those principles and try to bring in new people with them."


    "I'm the only one that beats Hillary Clinton in certain purple states. I'm the only one that also scores above all the other Republicans in whether or not I can beat her," he said.r

    Exactly. Cruz would be an awful administrator because he hasn't shown he can work with other people who disagree with him.

    1. That is true. That being said, there is nothing to say he might change and be better about it as President. Not everyone is like Obama. Some people are capable of growing and adapting.

      1. Also true. But Cruz has chiseled out an image for himself, an image that is extremely off-putting to independent voters and people who, sensibly, might actually be sick of Hillary Clinton and want an alternative.

        Cruz fits the mold of "right-wing extremist" far better than Rand Paul does, and we both know that's the drum the media will beat when they fall into save Hillary mode next year.

        1. He can play the expectation games. The media will play him up as some right wing crazy, which will in turn make it easier to sound reasonable. That is what Reagan did. He let the media go on and on about how extreme he was only to cut their legs out from under them by appearing so reasonable during the debates and campaigning.

    2. I'm surprised Paul said this. In a way, it's better for him to have Cruz out there spouting off. Fence sitters who are sick of the Dems constantly messing up the economy but scared by Cruz's impulsiveness could definitely see Paul's calm manner as a much better alternative. But why say it?

      1. They can play "good candidate, bad candidate."

  38. The White House head florist is gone and rumors are flying about why

    When White House chief pastry chef Bill Yosses left the executive mansion last summer, the president publicly mourned the loss of "the crust master's" mysteriously addictive pies. And when the first family's personal chef and pal, Sam Kass, left in December, Michelle Obama heaped praise on Kass's "extraordinary legacy of progress" in an official White House statement.

    But the recent exit of head florist Laura Dowling, who'd been in the job since 2009, has been a much quieter affair. So hush hush, in fact, that most outside of 1600 Penn knew nothing about it. There's still no official comment on why Dowling is no longer at the White House, but according to a source with close ties to current residence staffers, she was escorted from the building on Friday Feb. 13.

    1. She was caught eating cheeseburgers, french fries and milkshakes for lunch every day. The trans fats did her in.

  39. Where Are People Most Optimistic About Their Children's Future?

    Pew Research: "In general, countries that have experienced higher economic growth since 2008 are more optimistic for the next generation than publics that have had less growth. For example, in China, which has experienced an average GDP growth of 9% between 2008 and 2013, 85% of the public says young people will be better off financially than their parents. Meanwhile, Italians, who have seen their economy contract by an average of 2% per year over the course of the global recession, are much less optimistic (15%)."

  40. Jesus tap-dancing Christ: Inconsistencies in Jackie's UVA story does not mean she wasn't raped

    "No evidence" of a rape does not mean that a rape didn't happen. But try telling that to any one of a number of media outlets who, when the Charlottesville Police Department released their findings on "Jackie" (the University of Virginia student whose alleged rape was at the center of a widely-disputed Rolling Stone article) essentially indicated to their readers that nothing happened to her.

    But at a press conference, even Police Chief Timothy Long refused to go that far. He told reporters that the police found inconsistencies in the story Jackie told a UVA dean and what she told to Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely and that they could not find any evidence to support the story as reported in the magazine. (Jackie declined to speak to the police for this investigation.)

    Longo echoed what anti-rape experts have been saying all along: while holes in Jackie story could mean that she lied about some things, either to the reporter or the dean to whom she originally spoke, it doesn't necessarily mean she lied about being raped.

    We also don't know if she was abducted by aliens or not. WE JUST DON'T KNOW!

    1. Rape culture is officially a religion

    2. I see it's the Guardian so I'm taking a wild guess - Jessica Valenti.

      1. I don't even have to click on it to know that she wrote it. That's about an obvious statement as "the sky is blue".

    3. Inconsistencies alone don't make her a liar. The complete lack of any supporting evidence that she was even there when she said it happened, however, does.

      1. The complete lack of any supporting evidence

        Not only is there a complete lack of supporting evidence, there is some evidence she made the whole thing up.

        Sooo, no evidence that anything happened. Some evidence that she made it up.

        We're way out of understandable inconsistencies territory here.

    4. ""No evidence" of a rape does not mean that a rape didn't happen."

      Yes, there is no evidence which could persuade her that a rape didn't happen.

    5. Jessica is very sad that this girl wasn't brutally raped by seven men for three hours. How much easier Jessica's life would be if this girl had just taken seven for the team.

      1. That's eight when you include the bottle, SF. Remember, inanimate objects possess human agency.

        1. I believe that was just thrown at her face some two years later.

    6. She could have been taken out to dinner and served a white wine with red meat.

      WHITE WINE!!!1!

  41. Over at airstrip one


    Anti-Ukip Protestors have hounded Nigel Farage, his wife and his two young daughters from a pub near their home in Kent whilst the family was enjoying a Sunday lunch.

    The two girls, aged just ten and fifteen, fled in terror and were missing for some time this afternoon before returning home. Mr Farage has labelled the crowd "scum".

    The crowd of between 60 and 100 activists first turned up at the George and Dragon where Mr Farage has previously been spotted having a pint. When they heard that he was actually at the nearby Queen's Head in Downe, Kent, they relocated, mobbing the family as they were enjoying a quiet Sunday lunch.

    They chased the family from the pub, jumping on the bonnet of Mr Farage's car as he drove away. The self styled "cabaret of diversity" was said by organiser Dan Glass to comprise of migrants, HIV activists, gay people, disabled people and breastfeeding mums, all of whom claimed to have been "targetted by Ukip."

    1. Incidentally, a number of the participants are being outed as people who are published by the Guardian.

      If early reports are to be believed, the mob was organised by a guy called Dan Glass, a former leader of the Student Union at the University of Sussex, but who was also involved with the green group Plane Stupid. They too had a dubious relationship with the concept of law and order.

      He is also a "Guardian Youth Climate Leader" and an occasional Guardian columnist. One can't help but wonder why so many writers at the Graun seem to be mixed up with violence and thuggery these days.

    2. I'm increasingly persuaded of John's thesis that the radical left relies on mob action to rout its enemies, and the ability to mobilize mobs presupposes the victims being disarmed.

      A H&R commenter recently posted a video of "youths" attacking a synagogue without reprisal.

      If Farage and the Jews had guns, the mobs would crawl away with their tails between their legs.

      1. You're predisposed to wingnuttery too?

        1. OK, you're right, those leftists didn't rely on mob action, and they didn't drive Farage out of the restaurant, and they didn't scare off his daughters. It's all made up.

          And those "youths" didn't attack the synagogue, either.

          1. ? It's not sentient! ?

            1. *clicking fingers to the beat*

            2. What tarran said.

              The response it posted is proof it isn't sentient.

          2. Netanyahu's reelection seems to have possibly driven the cretin completely off his rocker, much like his hero.


    3. Way to prove Farage's points about the dangers to society resulting from these idiots. Too bad people can't carry guns in the UK.

      1. This isn't even about open carry, which is too much to ask of our eurotard friends. In a sane universe the bar owner would have a weapon and could have subdued the thugs.

  42. Gulf Stream slowdown is faster than ever: Fresh water from melting ice sheets may make European winters colder, warns study
    Scientists at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research found the sea in the North Atlantic ocean is far colder than computer models predict
    They say ocean currents that drive the Gulf Stream has slowed by 15-20%
    The researchers claim fresh water from melting ice sheets may be to blame
    They say flow of melt water has accelerated recently due to climate change
    Weakened Gulf Stream may mean more severe winters in northern Europe
    Water temperatures around Florida and east coast of US could also suffer
    Climate change, is there anything it cannot do?

    1. Water temperatures around Florida and east coast of US could also suffer

      Lower water temperatures, leading to less severe hurricanes? Sounds good to me.

    2. I'm still waiting for it to get me a beer from the fridge.

      If it had a face I'd slap it...

    3. Climate change, is there anything it cannot do?

      Make the globe warmer?

  43. Bottoms up! Huge $50 Bloody Mary features vodka, Worcester sauce, prawns, celery sticks... and a WHOLE fried chicken
    A $50 Bloody Mary offered at Sobelman's Pub and Grill in Wisconsin, US
    Comes with a 4lb fried chicken, bacon-wrapped cheese balls and celery
    10% of each sale goes to Hunger Task Force, a charity fighting hunger
    I want.

  44. Fritz, the hapless golden retriever who can't catch: Owner films dog who lacks paw-eye coordination taking hot dogs, tacos and pizzas to the face in doomed catch attempts
    The dog named Fritz initially looks composed before the camera
    He fails to catch a hot dog, taco, strawberry and slice of pizza
    He has some success by catching a single chip at the end of the video
    I larfed.

    1. I have a bulldog like that. Toss him a piece of food and he watches it bounce off his face and then eats it off the floor.

      1. My pug is like that.

  45. He's ova the Moon Moth: Stunning African insect lays two eggs in news anchor's ear during live broadcast from zoo
    Washington Fox 5's Bob Barnard got an earful from an African Moon Moth in a live spot at the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History on Monday

    1. America's ear rape moth culture.

    2. I once knew an insect from Nantucket ...

  46. Hillary Clinton cracks a joke about her illicit email account in wake of scandal as she promises 'no more secrecy'
    Former Secretary of State made light of accusations over her emails
    Has been castigated for using personal account for government business
    Spoke tonight and hoped for 'new beginnings' - and a new account
    Appeared at journalism prize-giving ceremony in Washington, D.C.
    Promised transparency - then joked everyone had to sign a gagging order
    Shame? What does that mean?

    1. I wonder what jokes she'll be making when she gets primaried in a landslide.

      1. Be careful what you ask for. The women vote could put Warren in the White House, and she will take that as a mandate for progressivism not an effect of identity voting.

  47. Surf's pup! Adorable moment baby sea lion hops on a surfer's board and rides the waves with him for more than an HOUR
    Sea lion pup jumped onto surfer Dan Murphy's board off San Diego coast
    Then 'hugged' him from behind, before crawling into his lap 'like a puppy'
    For next hour, pair floated on board and rode waves at Cardiff-by-the-Sea
    Finally, Mr Murphy had to nudge pup away because he was going home
    'I was literally in tears... I waved to him,' said Mr Murphy, a father-of-one
    Comes as rising numbers of famished pups wash up on California shore
    Mr Murphy believes his new friend may have been treated and released

    1. No force in the world could have kept me from taking that damned cute thing home with me after that....

      1. Howzabout a Canadian with a club?

        1. Canadian Club? Yes please.

  48. Perhaps they'd had purple rain? Residents of Taiwanese town wake to find local river that supplies their drinking water has turned a rather unnatural colour
    The river is located in a residential area and is the area's freshwater supply
    Locals were shocked by the unusual sight and took to social media
    A nearby factory dumped waste into river directly, causing the dye
    Officials issued a fine of ?2,580 to the factory with a possible suspension
    Netizens joked the water matched the colour of a taro-flavoured milk tea
    Unfettered free markets! Capitalism! Profits before people! This is what libertarians want!

  49. Stretchy fabric, no underwiring or padding, and real women as models: The 'Feminist' lingerie that's NOT meant to be sexy
    Hayat Rachi, 25, founded 'unapologetic feminist' lingerie brand Neon Moon
    First collection 'Mon Dieu' offers comfortable styles without padding
    For women of all sizes and body types as well as those who like body hair
    The New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel endorsed the designs
    John approves.

    1. The New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel endorsed the designs

      Because she does not at all achieve any success based on her looks.

    1. "Before 1976, First Amendment challenges from corporations generally involved companies in the business of free expression, like newspapers, book publishers and film producers. More recently, companies have filed free-speech challenges to laws regulating how ordinary products may be marketed or advertised."

      Corporations aren't people! Check out this corporate charter - to think that they claim First Amendment rights! (I never tire of posting this)

      "[First Amendment] lawsuits, [Coates] wrote, have pernicious consequences for both free enterprise and the rule of law. Corporations are diverting resources from research and innovation to litigation, he wrote."

      Because if there is one principle the Left stands for, it's not allowing abuse of the legal system so that corporations have to divert resources to court battles and regulatory compliance.

      Classic concern-trolling.

      1. And they divert those resources to litigation because they really enjoy litigation, not because they have to fight totalitarian fuckwads trying to force them to say or not say certain things.

      2. Of course the First Amendment says nothing about only being applicable to individuals and not corporations.

  50. Cops also destroy one alt-text a week.

  51. I don't really understand the need from some people to attack sports. If you don't want to participate, don't, but stuff like this is really annoying. (I took part in both sports and robotics competitions in high school. Most of these difference are not valid)

    1. Me too. Too much derp to fully rebut, but this one I just can't even:

      1. OK let's try again:

        it's not uncommon in baseball, basketball, football, and hockey to see a fight erupt on the field.

        Oh noes! Boys fight!

  52. Chicago police officers stop and frisk at a much higher rate than NYPD counterparts...

    This is why we don't have Chicago meet-ups like the ones in LA. Cops get wind of it, and BOOM, anal probes for everyone!

    1. I thought we didn't have Chicago meet ups because the first one to show up would be frozen to death before the rest of us arrived?

      1. This is why God invented alcohol.

        1. You can't smoke in Chicago bars. If you can't smoke while drinking there's no point is there?

          1. Weed isn't legal, either, but still, an evening fueled by gin and vodka couldn't be all bad.

      2. I thought it was the pizza - or lack of.

        1. There is great pizza here. I mean world-class great pizza. It's just that the tomato casserole-pie that Chicago is famous for dilutes the trademark by pretending to be what it isn't.

    1. I refuse to listen to anything by this band because of how annoyed I am by the placement of that exclamation point.

      1. The car's on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel.


      3. I don't mind the placement so much as the placement changing.

    2. But people would normally pay money for that?

    3. Cool, I didn't even know they were still together. I think it's been over 5 years since I listened to them. Good background music.

  53. Cops Shoot 1 Person Per Week in Philly

    He must get awfully tired of that.

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